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talent Electric Co, Masonic Temple, 127 North High
Main 1200
red any flaee city or country.
Phone M w 2081S. W. W. Fisher.
DO YOU WANT new awninga for
itore or horsef Call or write C. Dill
man, 850 ITighlaud Ave. 5-18
413-414 Bank f Commerce bldg.
Phone 606. 114
On Good Real Estate Security
Over Ladd & Bush bank, Salem, Oregon
THE F1XIT SHOP Lot us repair and
sharpen your lawn mowers. 201
Court. Phone 1022. tt
TON Osteopathic physicians and
nerve specialists. Graduate of Amer
ican school of Osteopathy, Kirkville,
Mo Post graduate and soocialized in
nervous diseases at Los Angeles Col
lege. Offices S05-508 U. 8. Nat. Bank
Bldg. . Phone 859. Residence, 1620
Court. Phone 2215. Dr. White Res.
Phone 409.
'NEW GRILL OrEN-Opposite Oregon
iiit-tin arpoi, luncncs and imeals at
all hours, from 6 a. m. to 11 p. m.
Sam Louie, 136 8- High St. 6-21
McCornack nail on every Tuesday
t 8. P. Andresen, C. C. W. B. Gil
ton, K. B. & S.
-Oregon Cedar Camp No. 5246.meett
every Thursday evening at 8 o'clock
in Derby building, corner Court and
High street. B. v. Day, V. C; J. A.
Wright, clerk.
Keeler, president; Mrs. Lou Tillson,
secretary. All cases of cruelty or neg
leet of dumb animals should be re
ported to the secretary for investigation.
"Oregon Grape Camp" No. 1300,
meets every Thursday evening in
Derby building, Court aud High St.
Mrs. Pearl Coursey, 214 Court St-,
oracle; Mrs. Melissa Persons, recor
der, 1415 N. 4th St. Phone 1436M.
FOB RENT Business location at 162
north Commercial, will remodel to
uit tenant. See E. M. Klinger, 463
State street, Salem. 6-9
BILLIARD PARLOR for rent, with or
without fixtures; will remodel to
euit tenant; best location in city. E.
M. Klinger, 463 State street, Sa
lem. ' 6-9
FOR" RENT-t-The' storeroom at 'l N.
Commercial street, now occupied by
Compton's 15c & 25c store, will be
for rent May 1st next. For particu
lars inquire at room 22 Breyman
block. tf
FOR RENT Five acre of choice land
with good buildings," on good road,
about four mile out from Salem.
Will rent for two thirds, or cash.
Call on Square Deal Realty Co., room
202, TJ. 8. bank bldg or phono 470. tf
tSr tlf 4t ifc 4e 4t J lt A
p oW p p
bly No. 84, meets every Thursday at
8 p. m. in I. O. O. F. hall. Norma L.
Terwilliger, M. A-; C. A. Vibbert,
secretary, 3-40 Owens street.
WILL YOU WRITE to lonely young
wiaow worth 3o,000t Would marry.
Address Mary, Box 5S4, Los Ange
les, Cal. . 7
WANT TO BUT for cash, modern 7
room no use, wit targe lot; 135 acres
all tillable, ear .Muleshoe, Texas,
for Salem acreage; 240 acres, 200
cultivated, 40 pasture, good soil,
lays well, running water, 3 miles
from town, will take t-'MO in trade,
price 23,000; 60 aereg all cultivated,
19 acres prunes, fair buildings, 1
mile from town, $8,000. Owner, room
1, 341 State St. 6-17
I Mill Ml ;
Willamette Valley News j
Memorial Day WiB Be
Observed at Monmouth
FOR SALE 200 cord oak wood $3.50
per cord on place, or $6 per cord at
Crowley station. Address John Young
Rickreal, Ore. . 6-30
FOR SAbE Five acres with good
house, barn and out buildings, fonc
ed, cross fenced and most of the
ground seeded, good water from
pump, fruit for family use; on a
good road 2 miles, from eity lim
its and car line. .Square Deal Real
ty Company, U. S. bank building.
Phone 470.
350 ACRES, 100 meres cultivated, 100
bottom, 35 beaverdam, 225 brush and
timber, good pasture, no white land,
living water, river front, land prac
tically all tillable, 1 miles from
Waconda, Or. Price $85 per acre.
640 acres, millions of feet of fine
saw timber, lays well, affords good
grazing, living water, 3 miles of
railroad station. $15 per ... Own
er. Boom 341 State St. Salem, Or.
Polk County Pomona
Grange Met Saturday
(Capital Journal Speeinl Service)
Monmouth, May 28. Poik county
Pomona, grange met at Lewisville Sat
urday with th loeal grange in their
hall there. Mcmuowth grange wag rep
resented by a number of prominent
members, including Mr. and Mrs. P. O.
Powell, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Arant,
E. R. Ostrom, Mr. and Mr. Win. Rid
dell, Mrs. Ernest RiddeH, Mrs. T. J.
Ectwar.H, Mr. and Mr. Ed Rdgers and
the Misses Mabel Riddell and Maggie
and Allie Butler. The request of th
food administration to conserve wheat
for our allies was discussed and the fol
lowing resolution was adopted:
Resolved, that Polk countv Pomona
grange ig heartily in favor of conserv
ing all wheat eeeasarv to wi the war
by abstaining from the use of wheat
flour until astter harvest. That we rec
ommend that the sale of wheat flour
be 9toipel and that all wheat and
wheat flour lb requisitioned by the
government at once so that all must
abstain from the use of wheat until
after harvest.
A resolution asking the state grange
not to endorse tho N on-Partisan lea
gue was, after considerable discussion,
laid on tho taWo. The sum of five dol
lars was donated to the Y. M. C. A
toward the next drive for funds- A
most excellent dihner, prepared by the
ladies of tho local grange was dispos
ed of and enjoyed by all. The next
quarterly mee'ing of Polk couuty Po
mona will bo at McCoy tho last Sat
urday in October.
' Men's clothes, shoes, hats, jewelry,
watches, tools, musical instruments
bicycles, guns, rifles, revolvers, suit
cases, trunks, cameras, typewriters
and furniture. Capital Exchange, 337
Court street. Phone 493.
proprietor. Garbage and refuse of all
kinds removed on monthly contracts
at reasonable rates. Yard and cess
pools cleaned. Office phone Main
2247. Residence Main 2272.
50 years experience. Depot, National
and American fence.
Sizes 26 to 58 in. high.
Paints, oil and varnish, etc.
Loganberry and hop hooks.
Salem Fence and Stove Works, 250
Court street. Phone 124.
Wheat, soft white $1.85(31.87
Wheat, red $1.83
Wheat, lower grades on sample
Oats 90c
Barley, ton $50
Bran $36
Shorts, per ton $38
Hay, cheat, new - $2223
Hay, vetch, new $2223
nay, clover, new ... WW
Dry white beans
Butterfat j .,
Creamery buttor
corner Commercial and Trade streets
Bills payable monthly in advance.
110 ACRES, 80 cultivated, 30 timber
pasture,. 40 acres In crop, good Duua
mgs, on rock road, two miles from
town, soma stock and Implements,
price $1100, will take $3000 Salem
residence, some cash and easy terms
on balance. 100 acres, 90 cultivated
50 bottom, 5 timber, all fenced, good
road, new 6 room bungalow, barn,
close to school. 11,000. 20 acres
Yamhill county, exchange for D
room bungalow in Salem. Equity in
40 acre Idaho irrigated farm fo
ranch near Salem or Dallas, not over
$3000, price $6000. 20 acres close to
Salem", 6 cleared, good improvement,
rock road, $4000. 58 acres, 45 culti-'
vated, 25 beaverdam, 12 pasture, 1
orchard, good barn, fair house, join
ing town, running water, $6200 easy
terms. Modern 5 room bungalow,
furnace, paved street, $1500. Mod
ern. 5 room bungalow, furnace, fire
plaoe, bath, Dutch kitchen, close in,
$2000. $8500 worth of acreage and
residence property U exchange for
ranch any where, fiooolofsky, 341
For the Cost of Improving High Street
in the City of Salem, From Mill
Street to the South Una of Bush
Pork, Veal and Mutton
fork, on foot ...... 15'-i 10V4e
Veal, fancy .". 14(n 15c
Steers 79c
Cows . 67c
Bulla .'. 57c
Spring lnm'tMi 12 Vic
Ewes 57cj
LaniTis, ycarliags 9c
Egg and Poultry
Epgs, trade 34c
Egg., cash ...... 33c.
Broilers, live 309
Hens, pound - 22!
Turkeys, dressed 283Cc
Turkeys, live, No. 1 ... 21(2)230
Hens, dressed, pound ...... - 30c
Old roosters 15(a l6e
Potatoes, old 75c
Potatoes, new 5'26c
Onions, green .. - W
Onions, Bermuda 2
Artichokes - 75f
Portland, Or., May 28. Butter, city
creamery 44c
Kfitsa, selcrtcd local ex. 38(a.40c
liens 23(a)35e
Broilers 3032c
Geese 20a
Cheese triplets 2o2Gc
Daily Livestock Market
Receipts 61
Tone of marliet strong unchanged
Pri me steers $13.50 14.50
Choice to good steers $12(al3
Medium ' good steers $10.50(a 12.50
Fair to medium steers $10(011
Common to fair steers $8.50(n9.50
Choice cows and heifers $10.50
11.H0 . , ...
Medium to good cows and neuters
$7(o 8.50 . . ..
Fair to medium cows and heifers
Canners !f3.:UW o-ou
Bulls $6.50C10
Calves $8.5012
Stookcrs and feeders $S(S;10
Receipts 250
Tone of market strong unchanged
Prime mixed $11.40 17.50
Alodium mixed 1 7.2;)fol7.3j
Kough heflvics $10.2.-16.35
Pigs $1516
Receipts 327
Tone of
East of mountain rambs $165017
Valley lambs $16(tfl6.50
Yearl'inss $12.50(al3
Wethers $11.5012
Ewes $10010.50
Lettjce, crte
Oranges ....
Grape fruit
lemons, box
Dromedary dates
$6 50fa8
To Ellen L. Hazelton and Elizabeth
E. Him:
You, and each of you are hcreby no
tified that tho city of Balem has, by
ordinance No. 1536, levied a reassess
ment vtpoa youf respective properties
hereinafter described, and In tho
amount hereinafter i.et forth for such
property' proportionate aaro of the
cost of imnrovinif High street in the
city of Salem from Mill street to the
south line oz huso sxreoi, lugwuer
with six per cent interest thereon from
the date of delinquency of the original
assessment, A description of each lot
or part thereof or parcel of land, tho
ownor thereof, and the amount assess
ed and levied upon it is as follows,
Tho north one half of lot 7 in block
10 of the ity of Salom, Ore. Ellen L.
Hazelton, cost $239.00. Interest $61.38.
The north 47.5 fcot of lot 2 m
block 17 of the City of PaVm, Oro.
Elizabeth E. Hunt, coot $222.f'4. Inter
est $57.03. .
Staid assessment wero entered tin
volume 3, docket of city liens, on the
Ifith dav of April, 1918, as a charge
and lien ogaiust tho said properties,
and are now due ma peyaoio to me
citv treasurer.
Thi- notice is served upon you by
Ttublication thereof, for ten days, in
the Uaiiy apuai juuiwu, "r
per published in the city of Salem, by
order of the common council.
Date of first publication tiereot, is
May 28, 1918-
Recorder of the City of Salem, Oregon
Retail prices
Del.. May 28. Light
nn prlv today struck a nitre-glycer
ine mill t the Repano Chemical plant,
np,ir subsidiary, at Cnhbstown, a,
.T Three tons ot nitro glycerine in the
- S9.50 ;,,-,,,,; m,l0ded tearing a hug a-
8Vic I . rrflnlj. The mill was not in
operation at. the time and no one was
$ -': , cvrni hiiildinna were destroy
cd. The total loss estimmcq an j,vw.
Creamery butter
Flour, hard wheat
Flour, soft wheat .
Country butter
fcggs, dozen
Sugar, 11 lbs. for
.. $2.85a31w
. 45c
. 35
: . i
TI-. tn fv 28. The ftats ie-
partmriit tew een notified of the
ttair nt Theodosius Botkin.
1p Snlt Lake City. American consul
Tho nndersioned will receive bids
r. tin fiv o'clock t. m. Juno 8, 1918
for improvement doikis oi iu-j v
Salem, Oregon, to the amount of $8,
633.50, interest at the rate of 6 per
cent per annum, payable semi-annually
at Salem, Oregon. Such bond will be
sold for not less than par and twraed
interest; date of bond May 1, 19l.
The city reserves the right to rofase
any and u bios. .,.,
529 City Recorder.
Local Items
At the regular meeting of the Odd
Fellows Monday night, the sum of $20
was donated to iho Red Cross for the
second annual drive. Irving Grand re
ported that 'ho had received official
notice to hold himself in roamness to
be called for the service any day. His
evina will plaice another star in the
service flag of the I. O. O. F. An in
teresting letter from T. R. MeClellan,
who is in itho ordnance department at
Camp Hancock, Ga., -was read and en
ioved bv brother Odd Fellows.
Monmouth Co-operatiVo Creamery Is
doing a splendid 'business these days
Since tho purchase- of the truck which
in used for gathering cream irom re
mot suctions thn business has increas
ed 40 per cent The averago monthly
output of Ibuttor i now about 35,000
Dr. J. O. Matthis and fninily of Wil
lamina called on friends hero Thurs
day p. m. They came and returned by
auto the same afternoon. The doctor
reports business as being very good
there as ho is the only doctor in that
section. '
Jack Daniels has completed his stu
dies at the O. A. C- d expects to
leave, soon for Tillamook to work in
tho spruce industry for the govern
ment. Clark Hembrce shipped hogs to Port
land Tuesday.
Bruee Rodgers, who has been work
ing in a sawmill at Falls City, had the
misfortune to be injured by a log roll
ing agninfut a apre leg, causing blood
Miss Alice Scott left Sunday morn
inff for her father's 'home at Rowohn,
Oregon, where she expects to remain
indefinitolv. Elizabeth Scott is attend
ing high school in The Dalles, ton
miles from Bowena.-M ' "
Miss GaneHe Shore has seeureu a
position as teaeher at Drain, Oregon,
for tho coming year at a salary of
$100 per month. Mies Shore is only a
innior in the Normal.
J .. . i
JS. T. Jivans lost a -vaiuauio uinre isv
Monday night.
Mrs. J. . Prune spent several iius
m Portland visSting friends this week.
T. C. Willsey anj family of K. i u.
No. 4, Salemi, motored over for a visit
with the Ostrom's Sunday.
Braxton Powell has been suffering
for neveral weeks with an abeess on
one of hi. fintrers. which has prevent
ed him fTOin doing his farm work. On I
this account, the brother, rcrry, naii
txt .give up his irtudie at the O. A. C-
ano. return noiue w mnu mwu
A tenmis tournament between Mon
mouth and Independence high schools
took place Friday fttternoon . on tno
Monmouth court A girls' double was
played toy Eleanor Portiwood and Eliz
abell amith of Monmouth high and
Dorothy Paddock and Francis Town
send of Independence high and result
ed in victory for Monmouth, the score
boine 6 to 2. Girl's single, played by
Una Wdnegar for Monmouin ana jrau
Townscnd for Independence re
sulted in ncore of 6 to 0 in favor of
Monmouth. Boys' double, payee oy
Hugh Bell and Dettierl Skeen for Mon
mouth anrl Charles Oalbreath ami
Yornng Eldridge for Independence was
another victory for Monmouth, score
9 to 7. In the boys' single, however,
ntoyed by Hufch Bell for Monmouth
and thanes loion-inu or iimi.--.-ence
the latter school won with a score
of 6 to 3.
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Monmouth, May 28. Preparations
an being mado for a fitting Memorial
tsay celebration at the Oregon Normal
school on Thursday. program win
be in accord with th p!a of President
Wilson. All veterans and army orgaai
mtimis are especially invited, as well
a the general public. A detail of aol-
ilier boys from Vancouver is expeevea
tt bi present.
Plans for commencement t the Nor
mal re almost complete. Beginning
with the prjsident's luncheon on June
155; junior prom on the same nay. m
Sunday the 16tlh the baccalaureate
bunion will 'be preached by Rev. J-
Stanficld of Portland. On Monday the
17th. come tho faculty reception ana
os, Tuesday the last chapel and class
day with the alumni picnic, and tho
imiini mwi-am and banquet in the ev
ening. Commencement proper will be
'hold on Wednesday, June 19th. B. '.
Irvine, editor of the Oregon Journal,
111 deliver the address- The summer
session begins on June 24.
Farewell Beception
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Ostein were ten
dered a farewell reception Tuesday
evening by memtberg of the O. N. S.
fiieui'ty aim their lamiues in uie !
of the domestic science, department
Mr. Ostein is to leave in a few days
for France to take up his duties as Y.
M. C. A. secretary. The ta'bles for tho
dir.ner were tastefully dtaeoratod with
roses and flags. Tiny bouquets of red,
white and blue and unique place cardsi
featurinc tho Y. M. C. A nuts, helped
out tho itriotic scheme in decora
tion. President Acker.man acted as
toast master and several of the racuity
responded with Interesting toasts.
Children Cry for Fletcher's
She Kind Ton Have Always Bought, and which has beea ,
la use for over over 30 years, has borne the signature of
and has beea made ander his per -fJ-ftL
' sonal snperridon since Its infancy.
yi-cUcAtfA, Allow no one to deceive tku in this.
AH Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-at-good n are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Ixprienc against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Crops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its
age is its guarantee. For more than- thirty years it has
?een in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishness arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
tHf etwnus e o a sv n k . v on k e try
Will Train for War
Miss ALbertm Green and Miss Laura
Kennon both leave a the en4 of tht
present term to take up training for
war work. Miss Green goes to Reed
college and Miss Kennon will take a
nurso'e training course at Vassur col
lege. Miss Hoham, Miss Morris, Mr. and
Mrs. Alva Craven and Mary Rree were
among those who attended the Gnlli
Curci concert in Portland Wednesday
Monmouth high school closes Juno
Hth. Prof. E. L. Kcowl, who was prin
.;ol h.rA lnt. vear. will deliver the
commencement address. Mr. Keezel has
:een taUing post graduate worn ai iuc
U. of O. this year.
Goverdale Notes
(Capital Journal Bpecial Service)
Cloverdalc, Or., May 28. Mr. 1 A
Wood and family motored over in Polk
county and spent Sunday with rela
tives there.
Mrs. Delia Blaco spent the evenings
last week in taking the school children
to the carnival in Salem.
Arthur Kunke and wifj will spent
the week end iu Kalem with Mis. Jessiu
Moored. ...
- A heuvv hail storm struck this vicin
ity about 6 o'clock Sunday evening, tno
ground was whito with hail in a few
minutes. This was followed by heavy
showers of rain. ,
Miss Arnold, and Misg Blackmun wers
among the Salem visitors Saturday.
. Strawberries are beginning to ripen
in Mr. Fleetwood's strawberry patch.
They hnve been taking them to mar
ket this last ween.
Mr. Herbert Fleetwood was in 8a
Iem Saturday on Business.
Tho W. C. T. U. here won the prut
for gotting the most new members the
last year.
SUverton Hills Com
mittees Do Good Work
ftilvcrton Hills people have been
inrf stoma irood work in the Red Cross
drive this week. 249.50 he.ving already
been collected and 43.00 in pledgM
mnUlnn a total of 02.5O. The follow
in ff.imniittees have been doing the
work of soliciting: ij. w. nmurj, .
J. C. Bonner. Horns Moser, a. n.
Davis, .1. H. Maulding and J. Jl. Moser.
Only ono party is reported having
turned down the request. Appeal.
thing, by the way I am Keeping my
promise with regard to; writing. Got
hero fine and dandy and with the rest
of the 'rookies' fiulcd up the long
h'll to D barracks.
'I y.:sl I could shake hands with
vo:i row that Jl am a little imiMier in
tho seivlct I sure feel fine with :he
ucw clt'iiea on as I got a fim fit nil
aioi nd 1 have lost my pretty hair at'.!
got a pcod tanning up. We get the b'st
grub for 'chow' and dnlntles like ico
cream, fruits and the like.
"We aro drilling every day and we
expect to be out of here by Juno 4.
We have au excellent commander In
our company who tells us the right
thing to do and then makes us do it
I am beirinnine to discern the ranks of
officers, the buglo callB and tke right
and left sides of myself now among
other things. I am still in the hospital
iix ton in another flock, 133 in another
mid tli other night at 11:30 1 was ia
-:iy office and someone called up and
teld me to get ready to see a whole
army go by. t Well, they started to coma
ubng iu tiliuut five minutes and it was
a sight. The town awoku on the sixth
in inn lo aud on the seventh had plenty
of flags mid red fire for them. . There
wat I lit fiv -'on trucks loaded with ma
chine guns nnd soldiers. They were all
equipped with revolving searchlights
and some hud machine guns all mounted
on them. You can bet they made some
noist) going thiough. Most of thp troop
tram j go through here about It p. m.
gt into New York about 3 a, m. and
go right abourd the transports. There
imi 't au hour .viK bo day or night
ihnt tho toad i clear of trucks carry
inif war material to the ports. We are
surely nuiklng a tremendous amount of
corps. There is a lot of good brains I war material aud the preparations that
here in the win orancn ana i am try w are jim&inK is Bimvai um,uiiI
ing to pick up all I can from th unless you are ngnt nere ana caa see iu
start," , "This airplane Investigation that we
newspapers say so much about is an
camouflage. This government is making
tlb'.'m by the thousands snd I know
where there are thousands all finished.
Those Dutchmen are going up some
morning and see the largest flock of
uirdb over their heads that they evo
saw, and then is tho time they are going
to get it and get It good and plenty;
that's my prediction. We have au air
plane factory 13 miles from here, that
was nothing but some old carbarns lis
months ago, that is turning out 30 new
plnnes per w.oek and I wish you couU
S"'ii them fly! they are beauties."
Tells of Building Many
Airplanes In the East
That the governrr.nt airplane inves
tigation about which the newspapers
have snifl so much about lately Is all
cnmonflnge, is the statement in a ltter
of George Rising, a cousin of Mrs. El
"t.cr Roberts, of this city tind who llv
3t Windsor Locks, Conn., in the inldst
of the district where airplanes and other
engines of war are mnde, says the Eu
gene Register.- Mr. Rising is manager
f the Southern New England iiopnono
flimnanv. In his letter he says)
"I don't supoe you see as mucn
ivnr material there as we do here. Alliulate and remain on the principal
the motor cars that are mndo in the ! stroets from baturday morning tiniu
Middle West and in Michigan are- run 1 Monday morning, then the pubue
ovrr the rond fd through here to At-, health officials and tho citinens ot inai
lontie ports. They go by in droves, we city smouiu oa inuruug..,,,
saw 310 five-ton trucks in one flock, 123 themselves.
t r.mnhelUnn. N. B. He was born at
Cotaibla, Ohio, in 1840, and served in
both tho Utvil nu opamu
New York, May 27. All hope was
Aivoa fin tndnv for Anna Held, the
actress, who is dying of multiple
nt-nlema. a disease which causes dis
integration of the bones.
Red Cross Sale Netted
Seventeen Hundred Dollars
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Monmouth, May 28 Now that all
returns are in anrt checker up, u is
found that the big Red Cress salo held
Saturday, the 18th, netted over sev
enteen hundred dollars. On account of
this generous response Monmruth nas
found it difficult to secure the sixteen
hundred dollar quota for the national
Roi f.riuM nnii i n ? as it did immediate
ly after the sole. A meeting of the lo-
cal imemnersmp whs ncin uumj u...-
for the purpose or voting an amwim
fmm ! reTim's of the sale, suffi
cient to make up the deficit. The vote
was favorawe.
Tho Hood RiveT eity council has
agreed to pnrchss two acre plot in
the Heights tmidenee district for use
es an automobile camping park and to
provide water for the grounds, if the
eounty court will equip tie plot with
ovens, electric lights and lavatories.
If there Is in tho United States n
othor city the si'-e of Portland -where
in muck and filth In allowed to accunt-
LfT "v" Heavy Winter Layers
I m'.K l ... (n I) .MH. WnH MdAV t
lbcri Rcber Writes
from Naval Trainmg Cainp
Albert E. Riber who recently join
cd the navy through the local recruit
ing i'ation, write .1. r,. Anams,
t Salom a-t follows:
Wp1I. t Inst I am one of T'ncle
Sam's men in tho making, stationed
t the naval tialuine school near Snn
rmnc.isco. This detention rump
great stuff. Just had a shot in the arm,
t.hroat culture and a vaccination this
morning. Peel rather groggy just ai
"We are scheduled to get out of
camp about June 9, and 'believe me,
when I get on lanfl. I am planning vi
tear up and down 'Frisco a bit. I ex
pect to gam in wei:,'nt oeiore deten
tion period is trp as they sure throw a
fellow a great line of grub and then
besides, don't work him Very bard."
Oscar N. Overlund, who enlisted in
the navy recently from Bilvcrton thru
the local recruiting office, is another
young man who finds things about
right in the navy- He writes Mr. Ar
am as follows: ,
"Well, I snppose you think I have
rbeen swaibwed by a Si gull or some-
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