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Shake Off That Grip
When Spring comes, with its changeable weather
and your exposure, it is best to clear away all the
symptoms left after an attack of grip. That evil
disease leaves you weakened, and when its victim
attempts to "do his bit" he exposes himself to the risk of a second
attack, for which he is less prepared, and which may have graver
There's Danger in Delay
April and May are pneumonia months. In this time a weak
ened system is a constant source of danger, for the pneumonia
and grip infections are ia the air, and after a long winter the
body is so clogged with waste it cannot resist them. Fortify
the health, remove the catarrh, and improve the digestion.
For Quick
Th38 reliable tonic Is recommended to remove the waste
from the body, counteract the catarrhal poisons and allay the
inflammation that ia catarrh, restore the regular appetite and
tone up the entire system to resist disease. A well man is safe.
As a tonic after grip k bas von many commendations, while Its effect
iveness in catarrhal conditions is unquestioned. Take no chances take
Pmrtma Tabhlm arm ahaay rmady to tmkt. You may carry at box
To- and ward off told ami cAifl. Tho liquid modicina i your
homo u m groat oafogmard. Protoet your family. .
The Parana Company, Columbus, Ohio
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Howard responded, expressing his
"The exteusion of the United Tress
does not mean the injection of United
States propaganda in Brazil," he said.
"Propaganda U not needed. Tha real
need ia for tha exchange of facts, bet
ter acquaintance and revelation of the
extent of our natural -commonness of
Children dry
"The United Press is not official, not
governmental and not subsidized. But
it U happy if its legitimate functioning
will contribute to tha highly desirable
result of a furtherance, of Pan-Amer-icauism."
yoward explained the nature of the
organization and the difficulties en
countered and overcome in prohibitive
cable rates, which had boon a "Chinese
wall" between Brazil and the United
Htates. He pointed out that the commer
cial interests of both nations had been
aft'ectcd, since publicity is the natural
forerunner of the fullest development of
Pan-American trade. . . . .
Lage thanked and felicitated the am
bassador and Howard.
June Brides
Girl Graduates
What an opportunity is presented here for the
selection of beautiful materials for dresses suit
able for these occasions! The completeness of
our goods by the yard in these lines will make
it a genuine pleasure for us to show andyou
to choose. Then too, the policy and
' integrity of the store, gives you the
assurance that whether a yard is sold
for 30c or $3.00 it represents the
best in its class. The materials
are the best that are pro
duced in that paticular
Fine white Satins, in several qualities, 36 to 40 inches
wide. These make up beautifully in combination
with our rich quality Tulle, Silk Nets or the incom
parable Georgettes, yard ....... .$2.00, $2.25, $2.40
Lovely Crepes De Chine in maity qualities, 40 inches
wide at, yard $1.65, S1.95, $2.00, $2.25, $2.65
Silk Nets, Silk Floundngs, Tulles and Fine Cotton Nets I
In Varied Patterns and Qualities.
Fine, crisp, new, white f oods of all kinds.
Look at this collection.
Extra fine quality Voiles, 36 to 44 inches
wide, at yard 35c, 50c, 60c, 75c, 90c
Beautiful, Sheer, Swiss Organdies 40 to 44
inches wide at yard 40c, 50c, 60c, 80c
Bine white Mercerized Iktiste 40 to 44
inches wide, at yard 35c, 45c, 50c
But we can't list all the Persian Lawns,
Silk Mulls, Fine Crepes and other White
Goods together with the numerous trim
mings and little fixings so necessary for the
occasion. See them now.
""""" 1 V
A number of Salem music lovers
went to Portland today to hear Ame
Uta Galli-Cuei, .-the great coloratura
lita Galli-Curci, the great coloratura
a greater number were denied the treat
of bearing iter, onwng to the limited
sitting eapacitv of the Heilig, which
htm proven entirely inadequate to the
enormous demand if or titheta, many
having been unable to procure seats,
a full week in advance of the eontert
Gmlli-Cnrri U on an extended recital
tour and in every city that has been
s fortunate as io pt concert, ilt is
' ii r ramo old etory of capacity houses
a-;l cnimsiism. When she was biHed
to .'.p:.T with the Minneapolis Sym
phony rehcr..: on April 3, every seat
"3 A3, days before the concert. To
meet itho insistent demand, five hun
dred ?ats iwtere placed! Behind the
stage, and these were ell fiHed by
those who were eager to hear the ddva
without being able to see her.
Sm sajijf May 12 at San Francisco
in a Sunday afternoon Tecital to the
usual Galli-Curci audience.
Following is the program she will
(a) Caro mio ben .... Giordani
(b) That Lass With ithe Delicate
air Arne
(a) Deh vieni e non tardar (Fi
garo) Mozart
(b) Una voce poco fa (Barbiere di
Sivilia) : Hossini
Ii Oapinera (with fluts) Benedict
(a) Sybvelin Sinding
(b) .Papilkii Fourdrain
(c) Crepuseule - Massenet
(d) Bourbonnaise (Manon Leseaut)z
Concerto in D Chaminade
(a) Maman, ditx moi, (b) Nanette,
(c) Lea amours de Jean, bergeret.tce
of the 18th century, arranged by
Shadow song from "Dinorah" (with
finite) Meyerbeer
Among tho Satenn people who will
btmr Gulli Curci tonight are: Mr. and
Mrs. Midvin Plimpton. Mr. and Mrs.
John Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. T. A.
Livesley, Mr. and Mrs. Asahel Bush;
Mm. O. B. Gingrich, Mrs. George
Poarce, Miss Helen Piaiee, Miss Ger
trude Kakin, Mias Mayclo Hunter, Miss
Dorothy Hubbs and Miss Clover D
Miller of SLlviorton, Miss Lena Belle
Tartar, Miss Prance Ward, Mies Hilda
Anslor, Miss Alice .Tufld, Mrs. J. A.
C'urtias, Mrs. J. S. Austin.
Miss Muriel Steeve was a charming
hostess for a group of collego girls on
Monday night, when elio entertained
tho members of itlho Dew Drop Inn, at
a lovely dinner party at her home on
North Church street.
A haildsoniB centerpiece adorned the
taMo in the shape at a large basket
of brillianifc orange marigolds, inter
spersed with white candy-tuft. Tho
same glowing color motif was develop
ed in Ithe dainty favors, consisting of
corsaga bouquets of yellow Toses and
the golden genista, tied with yellow
Covens were arranged for Miss Mil'
dredl Garrett, Mies Blanche Baker,
Mins Vofoua Baker, Miss Freda Camp
boll, Miss Ruth Spoor, Miss Esther
Yeiid, Mis Eva Love, Miss Ruth Fer
guson, Mins Edith Bird,-Miss Mildred
Johnson, Mian Rita Hubbs, Miss Mur
il Stoevos, Mi. Ida Garrett, Mis. B.
Li. Sleeves.
Mr. and Mra. William Staiger left
today for Portland, where they will
bo entertained for the summer as the
house guosts of Mrs. J. J. Murphy at
her attractive country home near
Portland. During their absence, Miss
Marie Knight cf McMinnville will be
domiciled in the Staiger residence, 277
North Liberty stroet.
Mrs. George Rogers has eturned to
Asltoria, after a week's visit with Sa
lem friends.
Mrs, A. N. Moores left Monday for
Asltwia, where she will bo the gues
of her daughter, Mrs. Robert Kinroey,
fur several weeks.
t t
Former Salem residents who have
returned to Salem for the summer
months are Mr. and Mrs. C, O, Koltes
and daughter, Misa Gertrudo Koltes.
The family has bf-en on.joying a win
ter (jour in at Riversiile, California.
During their stay in Salem they will
reside at the Court Apartments.
Mrs. J. K. Rand has returned to Port
land after a several days' visit in
SuUmii, with her daughter, Miss Laura
Mr. and Mrs. George Lewis were re
cent Portland visiitors, going up to at
tend "a Kiss for Cinderella," which
featured Maude Adams at the Heilig.
Tho Aid sociclty of the Womaa's Re
lief Corps will meet tomorrow after
noon at the armory. -
.Mrs. Glenn Adams will entertain the
Ladien Aid aoriety of 'the rreabyter
ian church Friday aftTnoon at 2:30 at
her residence. 100 Center street. Ad
ditional hostesses will be Mrs. Hattie
Dayton, Mrs. J. P. Fri.7.cll, Mrs. J. P.
Jackson, Mrs. F. Miller, Mrs. Ida Miles.
In compliment ho Mrs. Susie Jones of
Portland, who m visiting Salem friends
Mrs. J. A. Wilson invited m few
guests informally Monday night for au
evening cf Knitting at her home on
North Cottage street. .
A very .pleasant sitternoon na en
joyed iby the members of the Woman
Kokef loraii, at. tne regular meeting
held last fe&turday ml their h&H. The
occasion aerved a double purpose, cele
brating as it did the golden wedding
anniversary of Mrs. busan Salmon, one
of the members. The newly elected de
partment officers were introduced as
fdlows: Mrs. Helen Southwick, depart-
Prominent Basmessmen WiB
Be Impressed Into Public
. Service
Petitions ar being prepared !ot cir
culation among the voters of school dis
trict No. 24 requesting the board of di
rectors to plact on the ballot the names
of Ilarlcy O. White and Chauacey
Bishop lor two directors to be elected
at the coming school election June 17.
For a time Mr. White figured that
having served five years on the board,
he had dor his duty but when it was
put up to him that the schools must be
maintained up to their present high
standard, he finally consented fo permit
the use of his name and to serve if elect
ed. The term of school director is now
for three years.
A canvass among the business men
and those interested in the school de
velops the fact that there is a general
sentiment in favor of maintaining the
schools up to their present standard and
that no backward steps be taken.
Th.3 mill tax for the support of the
schools for the pst year was 6.4 mills.
One year ago it was the same and iwo
years ago it was 6.6. For the past five
years it has been the policy of the school
board to gradually reduce the mill tax
without reducing the general efficiency
of the. schools and according to those
who are familiar with the school sys
tem, fhis has been done.
While the tax for the maintenance of
the city schools in Salem is 6.4 mills,
merit chaplain; Mrs. Florence Spencer,
meimber of the executive board; Mrs.
iattie Cameron, delegaite to the na
tional convention, whicn meets in Port
land. August 1ft and 23, and W. H. By
ars, commander of Ithe Oregon volun
teers. A short program was given con
sisting of readings by Mars. Eatress
and Mrs. Stanton, and a solo Dy tuyr-
telle tshipp. Light refreshments were
served Toy tne committee in cnarg.
Mrs. George Frederick Chambers
Jay Steusloff) left Monday for Rose
burg, where she joined her husband,
wlho expects to be called to war service
early in he summer. Mr. Ohaunber is
a member of the highway commission
and is engaged in construction work
near Rose burg. '
Misn Evelyn Conklin is being enter
tained as the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Stteusioff. Miss Conklin is a del
egate ,to the P. E. O. convention, from
' Woodburn, where she is domestic
si'jemcei inetructor an the iwoodibnra
high school.
supply the very help nature
requires. They rectify morbid
ekin conditions then from the
source of skin health, springs
loveliness ot natural beauty.
Don't confuse Marinello Prep
aration, with ordinary codmctks.
They're different. They rwwrtf aulta
and foster natural "Kose keal"
" '153 If. High St.
Children Ory
Harmless to Flush Kidneys
and Neutralize Irritating
Acids Splendid for
Kidney and bladder weakness result
from urie acid, says a noted authority.
The kidneys filter this acid from the
blood and pass it on to the bladder,
where it often remains to irritate and
inflame, causing a burning, scalding
sensation, or setting np an irritation
at the neck cf the bladder, obliging
you to seek relief two or three times
during the night The sufferer is in
constant dread, the water passes some
times with a scalding sensation and is
very profuse; again, there ia difficul
ty in avoiding it.
Bladder weakness, most folks call it,
because they can't control urination.
While it is extremely annoying and
sometimes very painful, this ia really
one of the most simple ailments to over
come. Get about four onnees of Jad
Salts from your pharmacist and take
a tablespoonful in a glass of water be
fore breakfast, continue this for two
or three days. This will neutralise the
acids in the nrine so it no longer is
soure of irritation to the bladder
and urinary ergans which then act nor
mally again.
Jad Salts ia inexpensive, harmless,
and is made from the acid of grapes
and lemon juice, combined with lithia,
aad ia used by thousands of folks who
are subject to urinary disorders caus
ed by uric acid irritation. Jad Salts if
splendid for kidneys aad causes no
bad effects whatever.
Here you have a pleasant, efferves
cent lithia watwr drink, which quickly
relieves bladder trouble.
lW-CPi 6 Bellans
I Hot water
Sure Relief
Eugene is taxed 8.2 mills, and Ashland
9.5 mills. Medford pays the highest mill
tax in the valley with 10.3 in suppoit
of its schools while Boseburg is asses
sed 10 mills for the same purpose. Al
bany has the lowest school assessment
in the valley, with 6 mills. District Xo.
24, the Salem school district, expends
about $137,000 a year, employing 110
teachers, with a total number of 130
Ray H. Barton Writes from
"Somewhere In France"
Kay H. Barton, on active service
with the American expeditionary force
in France, writes from the usual place,
"somewhere in France," to his moth
er here as follows:
"This is a pretty fair country but
the French are so far behind in things
that it would take them over a hun
dred years to catch up with the U. B.
A. and them they would still be behind
"This climate over here is pretty
bad on rheumatism. I was sick all the
way across the ocean and they had nie
in the hospital on the ship so it was
not so bad. I do not think I would
have been sick at all if it had not
been for the poisoning I got at Madi
son barracks.
"Send along all rhe papers, especial
ly funny ones as we do not get to see
anything like that over here."
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears ma
Signature of
4n HHH(tttfas4e4eeeS4i4.
New Arrivals
Among the Newest Arrivals are
Several new models. Pretty styles and all marked
t reasonably, six to fourteen years $1.48, $2.98
Dainty, distinctive, seasonable Dresses. A goodly
showing at prices decidedly interesting, from $7.48
1 Several crisp new models direct from the designers
I lace and embroidery trimmed, low prices prevail
from 98c upwards.
j; U. G. Shipley Company I
Where Shopping Is a Pleasure.
Walla Walla, Wash., May 2. One
kiss for the sake of the Eed Cross
brought $22 here. William Faxton, in
surance man, bought i't at an auction
from a prdtty show girl. It was worth
the price he said.
Sheriff Barnes paid $14 fcr a sim
ilar kiss.
The girls first tried to make the
money roll in by selling candy kisses
but got no bids.
Club women opposed the auction ort
the grounds it would be Unsanitary and
Children Gry
We have still left several lines of Shoes that we are holding down to the
prices for the time being. Besides these we have decided to CUT LOWER on
some lines to finish closing them out, particularly on Pumps. We have Pumps
of all sorts and at the most UNREASONABLY LOW PRICES but they must go
and we must have the money. For example look over this Est:
$5.00 Pumps for 95c $5.00 Pumps for $1.65
One lot of Pumps, all kinds but in One lot of Pumps in patent or gun
small sizes, worth as high as $5.00 metal, as good as any $5.00 quality,
the pair, goes for goes for
95c $1.65
. $5.00 Pumps for $1.95 $5.00 Pumps for $2.35
Another lot of patent and gun metals Another tot Patent Pumps. Many
in nearly all the sizes, good shapes good styles, some sizes gone in each
and trims, $4.00 to $5.00 qualities at lot, but all good $4 50 to $5.00 values
$1.95 $2.35
$5.00 Pumps for $2.95 $5.00 to $5.50 Pumps at $3.45
Patent, Gun Metal or Kids, French c . , - ,
and Cuban Heels, good grades, nice mPS, all leathers, all sizes,
patterns Many st'H Sreat bargains, at
$2.95 $3.45 .
iu u jum a siuau uqjuuimg m u.c giiui iusi gi DargaiHs. mere are Ladies
Black, White, Brown, Grey, Ivory, all the latest things, all prices cut . Men's
Siscs, Boys' Sbes, MissesYBig Girls', Children's, Babys', everything fcr any of
the family.
Canl be equalled. Buy while buying is good, such chances don't come often
nor stay long. Avail yourself of it while you can.
167 N. Commercial Street
Salem, Oregon