Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 18, 1918, Page SIX, Image 6

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Critical examination proves that the good impression created by the first glance at the Elgin Six is deserved.
Your first thought is, "Here is a different car!" .
Then, after an inspection of the various details of construction of the Elgin Six, you add, "and a better car!"
SErCo?Ve mtye: beaVty. distinction, economy and size is the Elgin Six that you are astonshed to learn that it can be bought for $1,250.
tir f Story of Elgin Winnings" contains a message of vital interest to every intending purchaser who prizes motor car stamina, endurance and economy.
Write for it today and we will include our beautiful catalog "L" and specifications.
Double Cowl Body
A famous artist has created body effects of such exquisite taste and har
monious proportions that the new Elgin Six radiates an atmosphere of "re
finement and distinction, so that it stands aloof from the monotonous design
of the average car.
The long line body, swung between 118 inches of wheel base, follows the
European fashion of double cowl, yet embodies the full yacht line effect. No
other motor car in the same price class has this stylish body effect.
The interior is noticeably roomy and loungy. The. seats are curved and
tilted at just the right angle to permit leaning back in comfort, as you
would at home in your favorite armchair.
- A Mechanical Masterpiece
The Elgin Six improved cantilever rear spring suspension has set a new
standard of motoring ease and comfort at high speeds. It gives .perfect
balance on the road, makes the car as smooth and easy running as a Pullman
parlor car, and reduces to a minimum side-rolling, jolting and bouncing. It
is an advanced engineering design, one of the most important improve
ments of the past year in motor car construction, and is found only in the
Elgin Six.
- The special construction of the Elgin vtlvet-acting clutch enables the Elgin
Six to be started on high gear, under ordinary conditions, eliminating to a
large degree the necessity of gear shifting, thus removing the last barrier to
the safe and easy handling of a motorcar by women. This design of clutch
Is not found in any other motor car selling at or near the Elgin price.
5-Passenger Touring (fc19Cfl
While the new Elgin Six is a big,powerful car, it is an economical car
to operate, and with satisfactory first cost and remarkably low expense of
upkeep, not a single Elgin SiSx owner has been disappointtd in the quali
ties of endurance and reliability possessed by his motor car.
Right From Every Standpoint
The Elgin Six delights the hearts of the mosfi artistic on account of its
style and beauty.
It has won the cold, measured approval of engineers and designers, who
think in mechanical terms and calculate materials and proportions down to
the thousandth of an inch. -
It has won the gruff regard of the grimy-faced, greasy-handed repair
men, who think only of the "insides" of a car and Who seldom have to "doctor"
an Elgin.
Because of its road ability, its easy control and quick responsiveness to
the driver's touch, its smooth running and perfect balance on the road, it wins
praise alike from the man who drives his own car and from the professional
chauffeur. -
It brings greater ease and comfort and more pleasure to delicate women
and children on longer trips and over rougher roads.
It fits the pocketbook of the average American family, and effects sub
stantial savings for them in the cost of motoring.
Elgin Sixes will advance $150. Placeyour order at once if you want to be
protected. Immediate delivery.
4-Passenger Roadster
5-Passenger Sedan
Chicago, 111.
Lee L Gilbert, Distribut or
Phone 361
156 So. Commercial St. , Salem, Oregon
Elgin Sixes will advance
$150. Place your order
at once if you want to be protected.
Immediate delivery.
If you want to know how Elgin Six
owners like their car, just ask Dr.
Pemberton, Salem ; Miss Grace Fawk,
Salem; W. C. Anderson, president
Aumsville bank; C. M. Miller, Aums
ville; Dr. Scott, Salem; F. E. Strickler,
McCoy; R. L. Turner, Salem; Ray Per
kins, Salem, and many others, if you
please. There's a Reason. Why?
The Quality Remains- long after the
Price is forgotten.