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DISTINCTIVE oicganee and sim
plicity M detail were happily
coaifciofd in 4ae patriotic iuauhi
eon given, by Mr A. N. Bsh at her
residence, on North Capitol street Wed
nesday, 1 farewell compliment to Mrs.
Aon ltogera Fish, who is leaving Sa
les the latter part of the month for
Hoiks, Idaho.
The trio of red, white and blue was
effectively maintained in a
ceutorpieee of rich, red tulips, white
snapdragons and the deep blue corn
flowers. As (artistic arrangement of
ryatallizedi grapes in the delicate pas
tel shades, placed ai either end of the
tafcle and aunptomeated by other dain-
cf novelty to the complete harmony of
table decoration.
. The patriotic, motif was most suc
cessfully developed in the varied menu,
which conformed througuout to the pre
avibed etJicta laid down by Hoover,
i'hie, little aatia pet ailed boutonierres,
unfolding in a gay liloem of red, white
and! blue afforded exquisite iuvors for
tho gueats.
The occasrion was an especially pleas
urable one, assembling n tt did, a most
congenial irroiip of the honor guest's
friends, who enjoying a common bond
of versatile interests, shared a welcome
"opportunity of renewing such acquaint
anceship. Covers were arranged for Mrs. Fish,
Mrs. (Jarl Gregg Donev, Mrs. William
K. Kirk, Mm- F. A. Elliott, Mrs. R. H
Wallace, M.rs. 0. A. Park Mrs. H. J.
Talbott, Mrs. Alice Dodd, Mrs. George
H. Aluen and Mis Edith Hazard.
Halem, society as falling into line
with the trend of social life in other
metropolitan eoruutunitiet and taking
u early cue from the first May hints
f approaching mirotiier, is retreating
to the lllaiiee Country club golf links
a the ideal field for vacation activi
ties in the sphere of Borialdom. Though
numerous impromptu parties have been
formed throughout the spring Bundavs
aunong golf devotees, the marked exo
dus 'to the links will formully begin
Sunday, My 26, when tho club will
Jiohl open house ull dJi y-
Aa a fore runner of this "open
bouse" hospitality to be extended the
friends of the club by the members, an
informal dance will be held Thursday
night a the club housewhen a steeinl
program land a regalia of spring deco-
True Economy
The question of Clothes should not be HOW
CHEAP but HOW GOOD? With the condition
the woolen markets, even staple patterns of suit
ings almost entirely off the market, and the Gov
ernment taking over the wool supply woolen
goods will be almost impossible to get. My large
stock of all-wool materials is at your disposal.
Order now for future needs. 1
Tailor to Men and Women.
474 Court Street Salem, Oregon
Edison's Favorite Invention
432 State Street
r&doa will Inaugurate a series of 'these
delightful parties to be given at fre
quent intervals throughout the sum
mer. The entertainment committee direct
ing the arrangements for try? dance
est week includes Mrs. A. 0. Locke,
Mrs. J. J. Roberts, Mrs. E. L. Baker,
Mrs. H. H. Olinger, Mrs. T. A. Lives-
B. Webb.
Mrs. Frank M. Jordan of Seattle
will arrive in Salem tomorrow morning
. ... ....
ior a ween stay as tne guest or Airs-
Henry W. Meyers at her residence oa
j v.rtJ a,,a; rr. i...Q
a frequent halem visitor, and her ar
rival in the. city is always heralded
with much delight by her Salem friends
who invariably entertain at numerous
informal affairs in her honor.
Accompanying Ms. Cbauncey Bish
op and littlo son, Charles Kay, who
left yesterday for Palo Alto, Califor
nia, was Mrs. Percy Young of Albany,
a frequent Salem visitor. Mrs. Young
will be the guest of her daughter, Miss
Isabel Young, who is attending Stan
ford University and will remain south
until the elate of college, when Miss
Young arnl her mother will return
north together. Mrs. Bishop will visit
in I'alo Alto for several weeks.
Mrs. lialph Glover was a charming
hostess tor the Monday Bridge club
this ween, " at her home, 1094 Court
street, the gathering assuming pleas
urable, significance for the members,
being in the na.ure of a farewell com-
plimeut to Mrs. George Watson, a pop
ular elm member, who Ittt Salem to
make her homo iu New York city, the j
past week. A lovely arrangement of
narcissus and whilo lilacs greeted the
gucKts in the drawing rooms.
Additionally bidden tor the after-
uooa were: Mrs. William Amnieurist,
Jr., Mrs. Merlin Harding, Mrs. John
Brophey and Mrs. Henry C'ornoyer.
Tho club will be entertained next week
by Mm. Frederick Lamport.
A pretty event of this1 afternoon was
the gala children's party, it which
Mrs. Kalpa White entertained the pu
pils of her juvenile dancing class, who
recently participated iu the brilliant
May Dance recital, staged by Mrs.
White at the opera house.
The merry assctuiibluge of sixty little
people gathered at Cotillion hall for
an hour or two of dancing, later going
to the Rose room of the Spa, where
dainty refreshments were served the
throng i f small hello and beaux.
Assisting Mrs. White were: Miss Lu
eilo DcM'itt, Miss Frances Ward, Miss
Mar vie Hunter and Miss Margaret
Edison's Diamond Disc
Geo, C. Will
With the social calendar bearing
full weight of patriotic entertainments
these days, it would seem that only
liraculr inspiration on the part of
the committee in charge could pro
duce any marked diversity or innova
tion of program, but tho general an
ticipation (entering upon the function
ti be given by 'he Chemeketa chapter
t!e Daughters of the American
('-' lu'.im the last of the month.points
;owads a:t event of considerable in
re -r:t aud regalement. Mrs. E. S. Til-
''itst has offered the spacious ae-
1 !.,.:.... , i. it.... v. ,. i . '
eonuiiodations of the Mute school for
the occasion, which will comprise the
regular meeting of the Daughters of
the American Revolution in the after
noon, followed by a picnic supper, at
which the husbands of the "Daughters'-'
and the Sons of the American
Revolution and their wives will be the
guests cf honor.
The evening hours are to be devoted
to a jitney dance and musical program,
which will be open to the public.
'HuntTa orchestra will play for the
dance numbers. A moving picture show
is also to be included as one of the
novel attractions. The object of the af
fair is primarily a patriotic one, in
view of which, Judge Walter McCain
ant will give aa address on a subject
of a patriotic nature.
The committee supervising the ar
rangements numbers Mrs. J. G. licit-
ncl, Mrs. Seymour Jones, Miss Elith
Benedict, Mrs. George M. Post, Mrs.
Homer Smith, Mrs. Homer Goulet. Mrs.
Frank Spears, Mis. Russell Catlin,
Miss. Nell Thielsen, Mrs. U. G. Ship
Mrs. W. 8. Mott was the inspiration
of la lovely surprise partv Thursday,
nucu uis mciuurn w mo i nsiiua tiuu
gathered at her residence, tWO North
Commercial street, for an afternoon of
kfuitting and Red Cross needlework
Mrs. Mott who has been ill for a num
ber of weeks was the recipient of sev
eral baskets of flowers and goodies.
Those joining in tho festivities were
Mrs. D. J. Fry, Mrs. C. B. Webb, Mrs.
Frank Myers, Mrs. F. W. Steusloff,
Mrs. Ida Babcock, Mrs. A. T. Brown,
Mrs. John Oaig, Mrs. H. (.'. Fplev,
Mrs. W. 0. Allen, Mrs. S. S. Fast.
The benefit prognam given Tuesday
evening for the Katern Sinr Red Cro3g
auxiliary by Mrs. Blanche Howard, as
sisted by Miws Ruth Bcitrerd and Miss
Vcnita-MeKinney, was a very artistic
and satisfactory affair. The" decora
tions of the stage were lovely and
breathed the charm of spring. , Mrs.
Howard's selections were varied and
rendered with a taste and dignity that
delighted her hearers. Miss Bedford's
piano solos and her dainty musical set
tings to the Riley poems were given
with a grace and integrity that would
'add credit to a seasoned professional,
Miss Miciunncy'g piano nimubers were
interpreted: with much fire and spirit
Tho program was as follows:
"My Eyes Have Seen His Coining"
Col. Cradlebaugh
"Three Little Men of the Sea"
i . E. Baker
Mrs. Howard
Piano Romance, op. 45, No. 1
Alfred Grunfeld
Miss McKinney
Reading on baseball
(a) The Game J. W. Foley
(b) Dorian 'g Home Walk
Arthur Guitertnan
(c.) Baseball in de Park
Arthur Guiternian
Mrs. Howard
Readings with musical background
(a) That Old Sweetheart of Mine
(b) Out to Old Aunt Mary 's....Riley
(c) Life's Lessons Kiley
Mrs. Howard
Miss Bedford at piano
Fiano group
(a) Elegy Nolle
, - .v f
t- ni
. s as
(b) U Busignubo Kevin
Miss Bedford
Dialect readings
fa) SeotcA, A' Aboot It Anon
(b) Negro, Lit' Brown Baby..Dunbar
(c) lush, Finnegan to Flannigan .
(d) Italian. Great fiama Basa-
ball T. A. Daley
Airs. Howard
Monologue, How Ruby Played ....Bagby
Mrs. Howard
Piano, The Pompadour Fan.... Cadman
Miss Bedford
Duologue, Told Over an Ice Anon
Mrs. Howard
If - Rudyard Kipling
Mrs. Howard
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Alden were
luncheon hosts Wednesday for a party
of Portland friends, who were enroute
to Eugene for a short risit. The guests
included Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Stan
field, Mrs. -F. D. Hazeltine and Mrs
B. Shipley.
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Mott returned
to Fort Columbia, Washington, this
morning, after week 's stay in Salem
as the guests of Dr. Mott 'a parents,
Dr. and Mrs. W. S. Mott. Dr. Mott is
a member of the medical corps, sta
tioned at Fort Columbia. Dr. and Mrs.
Will Mott of Stevenson, Washington,
were also guests at tho Mott home
earlier in the week
The incoming officers of the student
body association of Willamette Uni-
veTsity were the guesta of honor at an
enjoyable gathering of college stu
dents, sponsored by Mrs. Carl Oregg
Doney Monday night, at her resident
on State street. Professor and Mrs. 0.
m,. Kl.l.l . .k.,..u .
I... ,.; r.m t-, f!..: r
T. .i.- , .:
Uoney at. the serving hour. The new
officers thus complimented were: Har
old Aichols, president; Miss Leila
Johnson, vice president; Miss Helen
Rose, secretary; Robert Story, treasur
er; Homer Tasker, editor of the Colle
gium 0
Mrs. Walter Denton presented heT
piano pupils in a series of exception
ally enjoyable and artistic recitals
last week at her residence on North
Twelf.h street. Mildred. Brunk and
Charlotte Horning appeared . Friday
afternoon. Friday night's program
was given by Donald Allison and El
bert Lachele, assisted by Ethelwyne
Kelly. Jcnnolle , Vandervort and Flor
ence Elgin gave a program on Monday
night, Ethelwyne, Kelly also assisting
them. ,
Mildred Brunkand Charlotte Horn
ing proved themselves interesting and
musicianly in a program of MacDow
ell, Sibelius, Kevin, Cadman and oth
ers, the young ladies, won tne apprecia
tion of their guesta and received much
encouragement and commendation. A
lively) diversity was lent the propram
by the entertaining readings of Miss
Ktnoiwyne. a.euy, a taientea mrue cn
lem reader.
Following is the programw
Piano duett Engelmann
Donald Allison, Elbert Lachele
A number of the mot I
noted Beauties of;
Snttetv have obtained
their pur toft pearlyV'JA
white appearance thru iJ
the constant use of rll
Oriental Cream
Stmt 10c. hr Trial Sin
' v .
J V f '
: " :K:-
- --
Whoai departure to Boise, Idaho, this
month was made the occasion of
vote of appreciation and regret by
the members of the Salem Woman's
club at their last meeting, in behalf
of her club activities.
The Troubadour Reinecke
Donald Allison
Valse Krogmann
Sparklets Miles
Elbert Lachele
Whispering Pines - Petrie
Summer Breezes Bischot'f
Donald Allison
Blue Bells of Scotland Richards
Listen to the Mocking Bird....Hoffman
The Murmuring River Webb
Elbert Lachele . '
Vabe Brillan.e Leybach
Donald Allison
Piano diiet -
DonalU Allison and Elbert Lachele
gave a most pleasurable evening to
their many friends. These young boys
are most premising, and deserve great
credit for their splendid efforts. Each
number was given a fine (interpreta
tion. Donald Allison gave an ear test
by request: this young tov possessing
the gift of! what is terim .1 by musi
cians, absolute pitch.
Jclnnello Vat lervort. a.il Florence
Elgin were delightful entertainers in
an excellent program. These young
ladies also deserve credit for their
goctf work, rendering each number
with splendid! and finished interpreta
tion, Jennelle) Vandervort was most
pleasing in a vocal selection a "May
Mwmjiig." vpiging ifor an encore
"Sunshine" by Carrie Jacobs Bona.
She in stud vine voice with Mrs. J. 8.
Here is the program
Mjurehe des Tambours Sidney Smith
Florence Elgin
Rose of Virginia ... Bischoff
Twilight : Friml
jenneue vandervort
Seng of the Nightingale Filipovsky
Florence Elgin
The lark's Morning Bong. Koelling
The Swallow's Message Seybolu
Je-nnelle Vandervort
Venetian. Love 6ong Kevin
Caprice - Huerter
Arabian Night Mildenberg
Florence Elgin
Recitation Selected
Ethelwyne Kelly
Russian Romance Smith
Jennelle Vandervort
Tarantelie, op. 77 Vollet
Florence Elgin
A May Morning Dcnza
Jennelle Vandervort
Little Julia Johnson was merrily as
sisted in the celebration of her ithird
birthday yesterday, when her mother,
Mts. Paul Johnson, invited in a num
ber of small folk for an afternoon of
birthday frolic, at the Johnson home
on (South Uixh street. Masses or snow
:ball bloom graced the living room,
.wMe tunning littlo May baskets
i adorned the small refreshment tables
!in the dining room.
The juvenile guests numbered: Mil
dred Shields, Virginia Marvin, Evelyn
'Shields, Adeline Shields, Helen Claire
iSchmidt, Roberta Mills, Jla Mills and
Ralfe NeiU.
The following officers were elected
at the meeting of the Aid society of
the Englewood United Brethren church
j hold Wednesday afternoon at tho home
of Mrs. Ehner Thoroon at Salem
Mr Frank H. .Ne.tr, president; AM.
Carrie M. Chase, vice president; Mrs.
Cetoia C. Pkscoe, secctary; Mrs. Effie
Puestman, treasurer. Tho short busi
ness session wherein it developed that
the kdiee had inixd the amount for
the plevlge of' $10 to oe 1 aid in before
ccBfereflie meets, was tciiowea uy a
social hour.
Mrs, Thompson's baby daughter. Fay
Louise, was the recipient of a lovely
gift shower, from the friends present.
A. pleasing program was given, in
cluding a reading by Mrs. I'ascoe; a
vocal selection, "Carry Me Back to
Old Virginia," by Mrs. Chase, Mrs.
Fiwstman, Mr K. Rcwe, and Miss Df
Neff, Mrs. Guy Fitth actompanist;
recitation, " Breaking it Gently," by
Mrs. Elbert Thompson; piano number,
Mrs. K. Rowe; duet, "11 Trovatere"
by Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Rowe: oiusie
al numbers, " Japanese Wedding
March," by Mrs. Fueetman; dialogue,
"A Doleful Visit to 4 Sick Friend,"
by Mrs. Chase, and Mrs. Neff.
i A. refreshment hour was enjoyed by
the guesta, who numbered: Mrs. C. M.
Chase, Mrs. M. Rowe. Mrs. E, Nafti !
grr, Mrs. & P. Hale, Mrs, E. A. Rich
mond, Mra. E. Fuestman, Mrs. F. H.
Keff, Mrs. G- F- I'fcelps, Mrs. E. Hox
He, Mra. S. Custer, Mra, Eagdahl. Miss
A. Half, Misa D. Neff, Mrs. M. Kowe.
Utt. K. Rowe, Mrs. AicxkIv, Mrs. Kath- i
Information bureau ot
the Woolen Mill Store
We are in the greatest of all Wars. Either we are ;
going to lick Germany so thorpughly that she can
never disturb the peace of the world. Or she is
going to lick us to where we have nothing to say; :
and the sooner we all .realize this simple fact, and ;
each and every one of us mak-2 it a personal matter, ;
and do our share and a little more, the sooner we ;
will know the final result . -
Are you reading this .space every day?
rvn Rowe, Master Glenn Moody, Mrs.
Pascoe. Mrs. EUiert Thompson, hos'.ess.
On Friday evening a surprise party
wag given by the music, pupils of Prof.
Harr at the' home of Mr. and Mrs. V.
1. Grant, in honor of their granddaugh
ter, Hazel Pierce.
The early part of the evening was
devoted to musical numbers by the
class assisted by Miss Mary Schecttle,
a pupil of William Wallace Graham of
Portland, who gave a Tioilu solo upon
special request.
The program consisted of the fol
lowing: Scales, finger practice) and technic
By -the class
Sonatina, Op. o3, No. 5....FV. Kuklau
Hazel Pierce
Procession of Lanterns E minor..:...
Dorothy Zimmerman
Exercise .". F. Beyer
Donald Young
Sonatina, Op. 53, Xo. 1 Fr. Kiihluu
Ciladys Anderson
Allegretto Xo. 17 .... F. Beyer
Robley Linville
Moonlight on the Hud-wii Wilson
Hazel Pierce
Battlo of Gettysburg Tan!!
Winifred (,'ontrcras
The Robin's Call Frcidman
Dorothy Zimmerman
Summe Scenes Spencer
Donald Young
In the Sweet Bye and Bye Webster
Hazel Pierce '
Golden Stars Strcubog
Clara Hastings
My First March Harr
Robley Liunville
Heather Bells Langc
Gladys Anderson
Poet and Peasant Sunpe
Hazel Pierce
Following the program a dftinty
lunch was served by Mrs. Grant assist
ed by Miss Willetta Welch.
Miss Lela Belle McCaddam, who'
will graduate this year from the de
partment of musie at Willamette uni
versity will be presented in senior re
cital by Dr. Frank Wilbur ( hace at.
the First Methodist church, Monday
evening at 8:15 o'clock. Mis Mct'act
dam will be assisted by Miss Lyra
Miss Hazel Hill was the motif of a
jolly surprise party last night, when a
number of friends met at her home,
2173 Broadway for a gala evening ot
games and musie. The gathering woa '
in the nature of a farewell attention j
to Mis Hill, who, accompanied by her
small sisters and brother, will leave
for Portland tomorrow, to make their,
home with their
rith their father, Charles
. V. Thompson was chaperone ,
Mrs. G,
for the octasion.
Those present were: the Misses Vera
Kezar, Jennie Thcoipwn, Beatrice Bib
son, Florence Pape, Thelma Owen, Ella
Beecroft, Geraldino and Marraret
Collins, Iis Thompson, Mildred West,
Pearl and Opal Hill, and Messrs. Don
ald Ringle, Byrd Tucker, Clair Tuck
er, Wiilliam Frazier, Austin -Frailer,
Perry Pickett, Leonard Porter, Harold
Socoloftiky, Aubrey Tiawirk, Earl Bee
croft and Dwight Hill.
Mrs J. T. Kinney of 1394 North
Church street left Thursday evening
for Valparaiso, Indiara, having receiv
ed word of the serious illness of her
father. Mrs. Kinney will be joined at
Portland by two sisters and a brother,
and also by a sister at Snlt Lake.
A rousing meeting of the Salem Rc-
bckah lodge, number 1. will be held
Monday evening at eight o'clock. A
special program will be given and all
ineqiilbera of the city are urged to at
tend. State Institutions.
Services at the institutions Sundav
will be held as follows: 2:30 p. m. CUfl
umwa Indian school, by G. F. Holt; 3
p. m. Girl's Training School, bv R. X.
Avison; 3:15 p. m. Tuberculosis Hospi
tal, by A. Wells.
(Continued from page one)
of Toul were shot down probably by
hostile anti-aircraft guns."
By Fred 8. Ferguson
(I'nited Press Staff Correspondent)
With the Americans in Picardy, May 17
The bravery of tha Americans in Pi
cardy already has been proven by more
than thirty croix de guerres conferred
to date.
Major Rasmussen of Portland, Oregon
High Class ladies' Ttilorlng
474 Court Street
(Continued from pags one)
Nurse Lucy N. Fletcher, Coneord, X.
H. '
Sergeant Dan M. Storieg, Menominee,
l'ri utes Ralph A. uonnsou, Houston
John Peete, Holly Grove, Xa.
Died of wounds:
Privates Charles W. Dubouchet, Paria
Marvin W. Smith, Koshkonong, Mo.
Giuseppe Vinci, Foirbaw.'n, Vt.
Wounded severely:
Privates Edward C. Carter, Chicago,
Philip Frost, Bradford, Vt,
Homer U. McAnally, Cincinnati, la,
Harry L. Miller, Hopkins, Minn.
Le mo nt li. Ruffing, Paterson, X. J,
Wounded slightly:
Privates Roy C. Boone, Alameda, Cnl,
James Johnson, Reynolds Station, Ky
Kodney C. McCallum, Stockton, Cul.
' James G. Pipes, North Venice, 111.
Joe Schroeder, Chicago.
Raymond Williams, Edinburg, Ind.
Private Boyd M. Gillispie, Indiauapoi
Missing iu action:
Licutuuant Sherman Demore, Chictv
Sergeant Joseph P. Nolan, Hartford,
Conn. ,
Corporal Joseph Sabatinl, Brooklyn,
N. Y.
Privates Lester B. Clark, Xcw Haven,
George E. Collvcr, New Haven, Conn,
Drueato Demartino, Hartford, Conn.
Herbert V. JoJiuson, New Haven,
Conn. . . .
John T. MeCartip, New. Haven, Conn
Albert L. Mason, Friendship, N. Y,
Roy R. Mason, Gainosville, Fla.
John J. Milan, South Boston, Mas).
i Austin M. Ready, Jersey City, X. J.
Prisoners (not previously reported
First Lioutcnant Abraham J. Gordon
Newark, X. J.
Private Paul Holder, Hastings, Neb.
With The Canadians.
Ottawa, Out., May 18. The follow
ing Americans are mentioned in to
day's Canadian casualty list:
Killed in action: 8. C. Hanson, Brain-
Wounded: R. B. Fitzgerald, Seattle
J. F. McGee, Brandy, Neb.
who was kil!(,n Mflv n. BWflr(le(1 .
posthumnous decoration. The. eital
wllk.h wae (orwarded to his fflnii,
.... i
that despit,') a heavy "bombardment ho
attempted to save important papers.
Major R, B. JPaddoek of the signal
corps and twenty two members of hi !
battalion, were decorated because of
bravery during a bombardment and gna
attack, May 3. Paddock, although
wounded, remained in an exposed po'
sition under, heavy fire, maintaining
communication with other units through
out the night. Tho members of Pad
dock's command who remained with
him and who also received the war
crosi w,?re:
Sergeant R. C. Phillips, Corporals F.
J. Mondou, J. E. Daly, F. P. Ries, B. 1 1
Byrne, C. E. Chase, Privates J. 0. Rob
ertson, W. Thompson, A. F. Miller, M.
R. Mullen, L. E. T. Judkins, E. W.
Harbor, B. H. Welty, B. Nudd, R. H.
Reese, E. H. Lansborough, S. L. Carl
son, B. Harrop, K. E. Gabert, 0. F,
Drabeck, H. M. McKay, E. S. Werdfer
ger, Others who received the croix do
guerre, were:
Color Sergeant T. J. Fink, Sergeant
T. J. Phillips and Musician E. W. Estft
brook, their citation reading that al
though wounde by flying debris they
assisted during a violent bombardment
in rescuing comrades from tb.o fallen .
timbers of a wrecked house.
Corporal T. A. Carroll, although
wounded, fought off an enemy patrol.
Private L. Leythan, w-'th a compan
ion, encountered three German patrol-
lers. They killed one and wounded an
other. Leythan 's companion was killed
whereupon he bayonetted the third Ger
man, lie attempted to bring his com
panion's body back but was foreed to
desist becaust of hostile fire.
Oscar Griffith, an ambulance driver,
remained with a number of wounded un
der heavy fire until all wert killed.
Devout observation by the editor of
the Polk County Post: "As one stands
n the banks of the beautiful Willaia
(.lie river and medirntjs, he first think
b. thnnkful that he lives near it."