Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 30, 1918, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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    -v- '
You are assured of getting all of these points when
you buy at the J. C. Penny Co. Store, with accent
on the great savings you make.
New Silk Foulards, 36 inch $1.75
New Silk Taffetas, 36 inch, stripes and plaids. .$1.75
Georgette Crepes, nice collection of colors .... $1.71
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J. C. Penney Co., the Place to Save Money.
ifiiTi im-fli flVf ii III ilftS
5 5C Sjc jC c )fe
W. Vinlng came down from Mill City
yesterday aud 1b speuding a couple day:
in the city.
F. D. McDonald of the Salem Fruit
eompany, left this morning for l'oitluniJ
on a business trip.
U. Q. Holt, of tho logging department
of the Hpaulding company, left this
morning on a trip or Inspection to thu
Luckiumute logging ramp.
Dr, Fred Kllis and wife and Dr. I),
X. Bcochler and wife splint Sunday at
Bilvr Crock Falls.
The Southern Paolfic put a painting
ernw to work this morning on .Jii)
lionaes located on tli.0 block between Lib
erty. and north Commercial streets owl.
ed by the company.
. Mrs. G. C. Doau loft for Oregon City
Sunday evening where, she is spending
S'jveial days with her sator.
Used Furniture Wanted t
Highest Cash Prices, Paid for
Used Furniture
E. L. 8TIFF ft SON
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Phone 77
Try Our Checking System on Baggage
Claim Checks for Every Parcel
care of
Yick So Ton
t Chinese Medicine and Tea (V I
Has medicine which will cure
any known disease. '
T Open Sundays from 10 a. m.
X until 8 p. m.
ir.3 South High St
X Salem, Oregon. Phone 283
Compound $1,20
A, & II. Noda 5c
8 gallon Crock with cover 30c
6-gaUou Crock with cover , 9.c
8 gallon Crock with cover $1.00
Me Coffee 25c
2rc Coffee l!)o
Corn .... 12c
Tomatoes Jj. , , 12c,
Peas 12c'
1 gal. Puritan Salad Oil '. $1.94
All above goods we guarantee or
money will be returned.
Why Pay More?
Opposite Court Hons on High Street
MoS Bertha Waldorf rtturned Sunday
.evening from Slierdan where she spent
the iutter par.j of the week visiting her
parents, Mr. aud Mrs. T. K. Waldorf.
aV. U. Ooodin, secretary of the state
loaiu of control, left this niornmg fo
1 uilLuul on a business trip.
Ivaiph Dawson, son of the late Wil
liam J. Dawson, arrived this mowln(
fuiu Sun Diego, Cnl., to attend the fun
oral services of his fa.fier, which wl'
be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock
from the Kigdon, chapel.
Mrs. John Sholund is spending several
Uajs in Portland with friends.
B. M. Gilbert returned Sunday even
ing tp Portland to resume" his duties
in liie shipyards after a week's enforc
eil absence caused by Receiving several
crai&ed ribs in a fall.
uev, K. M. Burke is pxpectng hit
miiihor to arrive from California in f
few days for a visit iu Salem. She is .hj
e titer of a millinery magazine.
Miss Ethel Walling r.'tuined to Port
hunt today after a week cud vist with
relatives in this city.
MiRS Grace Bean was up from Port
lnau for an over Sunday visit with her
phMiils, Judge and Mrs. Henry J. Bean
Mis. Bean is employed in the draught-
iiig department of the Willamette Bteo1
yarn?. .
William Enslcy was up from Portland
yesterday on busncss.
Charles Sturgis, of Brooks, was a
i,u.;iness vilstor in Salem yesterday.
Mrs. 8. B. Vail returned home yester
day, after a week's visit with relatives
and friends in Portland.
Guy Walker was in the city yester
day from Independence on a Ims'intst
John Kirk has returned from easteri
Oregon,, where he has been for sum
Vffliiks. F. G. Deckebnugh was a business pus
istiigflr to Por. Snnd this morning.
Alex Merrlfield was a business visitor
In fialem today from Aumsvillo.
Mrs. F. M. Burks nnd daughter, Misi
Rosomay, returned yesterday afternoon
to their homo in Montana after a .visit
of several weeks with tht former's bro
ther, S. B. Elliott, ensher of the Salem
Bank of Commerce. "
1 1 1 ...
City Recorder Eace mailed today to
the registered voters of Salem fl,00u
copies of the proposed charter nmend
mon'.' which is to bo submitted to the
voters of the city at a special election K
be held on the date of the primaries,
May 17. Tho proposed amendment alters
the city charter to correspond to the
new stale law consolidating c(y and
stale (elections, '
II Around lown i
April 29. Music Recital at
Willamette Chapel, Walter hall,
8 p.m.
May 2 Dedication of Cham
poeg Memorial Building.
May 3. May Day Festivities
begin on campus at Willamette
University at noon, May 4,
Blanche I., crowned at 1:30 on
May 6. Opera "Chimes of
Normandy" High Sehoot audit
orium, by Music Department of
High school.
June 8. Total eelipss of
the sun. World's Almanac gives
hour as 1:38, but new time
schedule will make the hour
' Dr. M. P. Mendelsohn fits eyes cor
rectly. C S. National Brnk Bldg. tf.
0 '
The Willamette has remained at a
stationary leviel the past two days,
standing at 2.6 feet above low water.
"The funeral beautiful" Webb &
Clough Co. , tf.
"The best" is all you can do when
death comes. Call Webb & Clough Co.
Phone 120. tf.
The Salem Floral Society announces
that another exchange day will be held
probably Thursday of this week in an
unuecupW building on State street. The
exchanges will be especially of war gar
den seed and plants. ,
Patton Plumbing Co., 385 Chemeketa
Phone 1090. We do repair work. Stoves
and furnaces coiled. tf.
AU carpenters belonging to union
No. 1005 aro requested to, attend Thurs
day night for important business.
The May day exercises of Willamette
University will begin at exactly noon
Friday of this week. Queen Blanche I.,
will be crowned on the enmpus at 1:30
o'clock on iho afternoon of Baturllay.
Breakfast will U served! on tho campus
between 6 and 8 o 'clock Saturday morn
ing. O i
Special meeting of Pacific
lodge Mo. 50, A. F. & A. M.,
this evening. Work in the
A. degree. Visiting brethren
Welcome. -,,
Dance at Cb)nmawa Wed night.
The Ladies' Glee club of Willamette
University will give a concert Wednes
day evening iu .'lie Portland First Meth
odist church. The club will leave for
Portland on the 4 o'clock Oregon Elec
tric, returning home tho samo evening.
Tho club includes 20 of the best ladies'
void's in jha University,
Lest ye forget there: is to be a big
dance ot Bickreall next FrMay, May
3d. Music iby Hunt 'a orchestra. 5-1
Dance at Chemawa Wed. night.
For the benefit of the housekeper
who may not notice the item published
today, ii may be fluid that after tomor
row, potutots will not be a substtute for
wheat flour. 1 rom now on for a time
potatoes aro just potatoes to be eaten
on their merits and not because so many
pounds of potatoes permits the purchase
of a certain amount of wheat flour.
Dance at Chemawa Wed. night.
The Capital National Bank baa re
ceived a supply of window flags for
third liiberty loan subscribers. Any
subscriber may obtain one by culling
at tho bunk. Remember, the last day
siillscript.ioii' wiill be received is Sat
urday May i'li. 5-1
Louis R. Steelhammer, a brother of
Oscar Fiteclhamnier was in the city yes
terday for a short visit with friends and
relatives before leaving for the ord
nance training camp in Georgia. For
many years he was wtm tn a!em
Woolen Mills Store in Salem and for
the patfJ five years with Bond Bros, of
Pendleton. Although beyond tho draft
ago, ho felt it was up to him to get
in and do his share. Lieutenant H. W.
Stcplhammcr of Silverton is already ii,
Dance at Chemawa Wed,
The Lakebrook dancing pavilion, six
miles north of Salem will be opened for
tho first dance of the season Thursday
levelling of this week. There will be
a four piece orchestra and everything
! dono to make the dance a success. For
; those who do not own automobiles, ar
rangements have been made whereby
auto busses will carry passengrs at a
'nominal price. The dance Thursday
levelling is but one of a series to foi
; low,
Walter A. Denton thinks that If the
'government adopted a policy regarding
tho cultivation of laud similar to ic
one now in force in England, there
1 would be mighty few uncultivated spots
; In Oregon, lie is just in receipt of a pa
pivr from Yorkshire, England, with o
notice that a prominent woolen aianu
jfaeturer had been fined $430 for his
failure to cultivate land in accordance
wi.fi a notice given him by the West
Riding War Agricultural Committee. It
seemi that the head of the big wool-n
'mills owned a house ana farm but that
he had not cultivated the land accord
ing to instructions from the Agricultural
eommUjtee, :
The lecture to have been given by C.
W. Neii" yer at Hazel Green this even
ing fyr t been temporarily postponed.
eGreat Northern Express company
in jif'pi has figured out that horse
feej tonics a little too high at present
prievg. Heince beginning tomorrow it
will 'lispens with the two boras and
wngo, or delivery purposes and sub
stitu if a Ford truck.
Ivan C;. Martin, candidate for re-elec
tion as '.representative from Marion
county, left s'Jiis morning for Monmouth
to take in the Sfmuions stock sale near
that place today. A nunViher of cond
dates from Salem and vicinity are rcJ
portca to nave f lockca toward the same
particular sale today.
Agent X W. Ritchie, of the Oregon
Electric, stated this morning that O. E
passenger trains Nos. 5, 10, and 16 would
stop at Wilsonville on Thursday, May 2
and make- connection with boats fo'
Oiampoeg, to accommodate passenger;
of the Spauldiug company, left this
dedication of the pioneers' memorial
building at Champoeg on that date.
The Women's Home Missionary society
of the First Methodist church will meet
this evening at 8 o'clock at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Baker, 545 Court
street. This will be the occasion of the
annual mail box opening' mid a splen
did program has been prepared, follow
ed by a social hour and refreshments,
The husbands and friends are invited to
lie meeting.
, o
Two more recruits signed up at the lo
cal army recruiting Btation today and
left for Portland for assignment to theii
respective divisions of the service. They
are David Woodfin, aged 18 years and
living at Falls City ,who enters the
cavalry, and Perry Lyle, age 21 years
and living at Turner, who goes into ,.he
quartermaster ' corps.
In answer to a request as to exact
ly what has been done by the local ex
emption board of Division No. 1, Marion
county, Chairman W. I. Ncedham sent
the following telegram today to Adi"
tnnt General Williams in Portland:
Total number in class 1, finally accept
ed for general military scrvico, 297;
delinquents, 14; emergency ilce-, 30:
limited military service, 55; remedied
group B, 21; men inducted since Decem
ber la, 1917, 60; men called but not
inducted, 8; class I cases unfinished by
district board, 7; class I men not phy
sically examined, 38. No negroes, ell
whites. Total number in cluse ono, 530
Thursday of this week, May 2, has
been set by the Salem floral society as
the date for its second exchange day.
The event will bo held iu the vacant
store building on norfli Commercial
street located nex door south of the
Max O Burcn furniture store. The flor
ul society is holding a second exchange
this spring to further stmulate activitv
iu war gardens and urges all members
and all who have, vegetable plants and
seeds to spare or flo exchange for soma
other variety to bring the same to tho
buildiug on Thursday, Flower plants and
seeds arc not to be neglected entirely,
however, but the greater interest is to
be placed on war gardens.
Once more will the people living lu
the vicinity of Salem havo the pleasure
of hearing Captain Bichnond P. Hobson
speak on the proliibi.Kon quostion as it
is announced that he is to appear at
t....he armory on tha evening of Thurs
day Mny 16. Tho subject of his address
is "America in War," and he comes
under the ausnices of the Anri-Hnlnnn
j League of Aiherica. Captain Hobson 's
tame comes of course from the Merrimne
adventure and later the kissing episode
in Kansas. He denies the latter and is
eonteii'l to let his famo rest on his ser
vices ns a naval officer during the
Spanish American war. Howovor, he is
a forceful speaker and made a very
favorable impression when he visited
Salem a few years ago.
W. M. Hamilton, of the P. R. L. ft
P. company, is sponsor for the follow
ing. On a certain day recently his .lo
phone bell rang and on taking down
the receiver these words poured into hi.i
ear by a woman in extreme haste:
"What's the matter with you folks f
I've been trying to get your trouble
department for the last ten minutes and
not n single answer. One of tho electric
wires in tho attie is on fire and I want
you to send a man out quick to attend
to it. Our number is north Sum
mer street. Now, hurry, pljase." Mr.
Hamit(on lost no time in despatching a
"trouble man" to south Summer street!
lhe latter was welcomed by an eager
lady" and shown the wav to tho attic.
j Beaching there, ho found a tinv hole in
th.0 shingles where a ray of sunlight
was shining through. That was the
"electric wire on fire". The good Jady's
name is withheld.
Within a week or so, it is probable
that Salem will have a battalion of its
own of the Oregon militia, to be known
as the second battalion. The coiu-pany
in Salem that has heretofore been
known unofficially as Co. F, will be
now known officially as eompany G.
lit was mustered into serwo last ev
ening. Other rompanies will pro-lxably
futtow in Morion county. Already Sil
verton is about ready with a com
pany. The jcomipanics! now mustered into
service .in Salem are known as E, F
and W. Company- K meet Tuesday ev
ening at the armory, eompany F on
Friday evening and eompany O on
Momlar evenings. The enlistment in
the Oregon militia to for two years or
for the duration of the war and no
ervice is required outside of the state
arrested for larceny
Charge Made la- California
May Kaye Been Trumped
Up By Husband
A young Italian woman giving her
name as Bosa DeMnrco was arrested at
the depot this morning as site stepped
hom the 6:05 aorthbouud Seuthern Pa
eific 'Irain, on the chargo of grand lar)
ceny. The girl's mother, Mrs. Jack Boss
lives at 3153 north Liberty street, t'
whou. she was coming to live with from
Sisuns, Calif.
"liie young woman formerly lived iu
Sk.:d aud about two months ago went
to tissons to cook and keep house for
lur father. According to her 8 ory, she
had only been there a few weeks wheu
her father forced her to marry another
Iiuiiau who was a friend of her father's
She wrote to her mother here, saying
she had been forced into the marriage
"i:it she did not care for the man Bhe
had been made to marry and that she
v.- very unhappy and miserable.
P.r mo1ier wrote for her to come
horn and live with her. Tho young
woman, who is confined at the police
station awaiting -Jhe arrival tonight of a
constable from Sissons to take her back
to California, says that her father and
l.iishand watched her and would not
;ive her a chance to run off." She finally
?iici ecded in doing it, however, and
boarded Jie train at Sissons yesterday
arriving here this morning.
tMic brought hor clothing and all her
belongings in a little satchel. Among
!;ci effects was a 32-calibre Colt's auto
inato levolver which her husband elaim
"l was his, on which claim he had her
arrested here for grand larceny. The
nonstable of Sissons, an Italian' named
I'iluso, wired the oflicers here to hold
the voung woman here till he could ar
rive and take her back to Sissons. Pi
l;so will arrivo at 6:05 a. m. .omor
The young woman is about 18 yearp
of age aud nnlil being indiicVfl to go
to California .lived with her mother in
Palem. Her mother is an Italian, the
l-i'fer's present hnsbnnd being the girl ':
San Francisco, April 30. Sentences
of two years each in federal prison anii
$10,000 fine the maximum penalty, un
der the law were pronounced today pn
Franz Bopp, former Oeisnnn consul,
Eric Voa Scbaack, former vice consul,
and Lieutenant Wilhclm Von Brinck
en, military attache, for conspiracy in
the Hindu revolt plot.
In pessing sentence, Judge Van
Fleet declared the penalty was entirely
too small, and urged United Statos Dis
trict Attorney Preston to nsk Washing
ton to draft a new law with a mor.
severe penaltv attached.
I Tho 26 others convicted were sen
tenced to variant terms up to 2'2
months in jail and $5,000 fine.
Jud sentence was passed, Attorney
Theodore Bocho for the German de
fendants, make a final appeal, declar
ing the sentencing was not within the
province of the court. Judge Van FWt
said that any such legal objection
should be taken up in-a higher court.
Former ( hnneellor Knufmann's sen
tence was postponed until May 4.
"A. jail sentence for Kaufman.)
would be a, deart sentence," pleaded
his attorney. Judge Van Fleet then
said he would fine his $5,000 and
eliminate the jRil sentence. Kaufnuen
said he had no money. Bopp offered
to put up. the money, but Prosecutor
Preston declared Bopp's money wns '!il
t;ed up by the alien property custodian.
The sentence of S. Ulialli, a Hindu,
also was postponed when Preston sa M
Ghf.lli was wanted as a witness In the
federal grand jury investigation.
For Biliousness, Bad Ereatl,
Colds, Indigestion and
Enjoy Life! Liven Your liver
and Bowels To-night and
Feel Fine
aiaai nrm
Our Prices Always the Lowest
Beginning with Monday, April 29th we ill make no
more free deliveries.
Meats of all kinds have taken a decided jump but in
order to keep them as low as possible we have adopt
ed the "No delivery system" being used by other
markets in different cities and in accordance with
that recommended by the United States Government.-
However, for the convenience of those who
may wish it we will for the present maintain one
delivery car and make your delivery the same as
usual for the nominal charge of 5 cents.
'Meats of Quality anu f
Ikstoa's Withdrawal
Cause Much Trouble
In Te'gafd toJhc withdrawal of 8.
B. Husftou as canlTWatA. for United
States senator and as to wh
county clerks shall do in regard to
placing his naime on the ballot, the
iaittor has progressed no farther than
a request iby county clerk U. O. Boyer
to dartriiit attorney Max Gohlhar ask
ing for advice. Today Mr. Itehlliar has
the niiititor under advisement. In tho
meantime, county clerks from nil parts
ctf ,tho statei are -holding up the print
ing of their ballots awaiting some le
gal advice from stato authorities as
to whether they -can legully omit the
name of Mr. Huston, auiice his name
i on tho official- ballot. Ajt the office
of district) 'attorney is part of the
iogal machinery of the stato, it is
,more ithan probable that Attorney
(tenero.1 Brown would give an opinion
.should the se be referred to him- In
the meanttdmo county clerks are wir
ing into tho office of Secretary of
.Sitato Ben W, Olcott asking what
shall be done. As the matter now
I'anJo,-tho matter is beyond the of
fice of secretary of stale and up to
the legul departments.
teeral Foch Sends
Greeting to America
New York, April 30. The fol-
lowing eaiblo from General
Fcwh, commander in chief of
' the allied -ai-nnies in Franco,
waa rerived today by Govern-
w Strong of the Neiw York
federal reserve bank:
"With magnificent ardor.
America has thrown herself
lata the war. Her soldiers are
fighting valittiUtly on our front,
2-ut, aibove all, money is the
wnerer f war.
"I am convinced thnlt Amer-
ican thrift will respond to the
call of my country and will
tontribute to her the help so
important in this combat " ,
Good Bye Broadway
Coming to The Grand
The cast of "Good Bye Broadway";
the Boylfl Woolfolk song and dance re 1
vue numbers some -of the best musicoi
comedy and vaudeville eomedians, sin ,
gers and dancers of the day. This i-uow ,
which will come )o the Grand theatre
oa Sunday, May , matinee aud .evening,
is headed by Joe Roberts, - a widely
known comedian. Others in the east are: '
Lillian Stewart as Bonnit O'Day, the
cashier of the Owl's Eye Cafe; Bobby!
Roberts as Bofcby Allan, in lov.? with
the former; George Vr. Perkins as Pierre
head waiter; Mabel LaCouver as Vales-,
ka Gray, queen of the eabarets; Guy;
Rarick as the Best; Tom Cornelius as,
Ampara, a native of Panama, and Joe1
Roberta as Joe Sample, a poll. Seal boss;
who help to earry the plot from eur-j
tain, to curtain. j
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in Two Tone.
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tier cur prices oeioze you seii.
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Calls answered all hours day
and night.
Res Phone 111; Office Phone 183
252 N. High St.
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