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THURSDAY, DEC. 13, 1917.
i i
Miss Alma Grindie was in town from
Bilverton today.
Mrs. Chas. Cooler of Concomly was
a shopper in tho city today.
Joe C. Robertson of Clackamas was
in the city yesterday on business.
Dr. H. 0. Hickman of Oervais was
a professional caller in town today.
M. K. Roberts of Monroe was a busi
ness visitor in the capital yesterday.
F. 8. Tetter and daughter left today
for Kelso, Wash., going over the Great
Mr. and Mrs. F, Fry of Bilverton were
in the city last night and attended the
Yocraen's dance.
Mrs. C. McConnell and Miss Flor
ence of Scotts Mills were in the city
yesterday, registered at the Capitul;r " . , , . .
hotel Twenty loans have actually been
J. M. Wilkerson of Gooch, near Mill ma4e "'ar and the applicants have
City, was in the city today on busi- i received the money. The total amount
ness. Mr. Wilkerson says the lumber, ?! th??e loans is $3,600, which has
business in his section is booming. beon distributed among the farmers of
Wayne Ashby of Stayton was in the Marion and Polk counties, the larger
citv on business todav. Ineidentnllv ho . amount going to farmers in this
planned on staying over and attend
ing the Elks' show this evening.
Attorney General
Refused to Pass On It
Edwin Baldwin, secretary of the Re-
jiubiienn Central Committee, is advised
m K letter mailed by Attornoy General
prown today that inasmuch as the com-
mittee is not an official state body, he
is unable, under the law, to rondor him,
en opinion on a number of questions
asicea as to now mat Douy may proceca
in tne ansonce or a cnnirman.
An act of tho legislature prohibits
the attorney general from furnishing a
legal opinion except to duly qualified
find acting state officers.
)c j( 5$ SC 3jc
Rome, Dec. 13. Pope Bene
dict is intensely gratified at
Christian liberation of Jerusa-,
lem from the hands of the Mos
loms, the United Press was told
told by Vatican authorities to
day. The holy father, it was
said, is greatly concerned as to
tho city's future.
Some suggestions have been
received at the Vatican that the
pope loave Rome and re-establish
the seat of the Catholic church
in tho holy city. It was stated
authoritatively that the pope
did not approve of such a plan.
6 Farm Lcsss 6
Five and seven years laaas
with privilege to repay 10
or multiples on any interest
J. M. and H. M. Hawkins,
Local AjwiM
VnVMnn. In ft HVmol r
I VI lltlUMl MMWU M A I wa w
814. Masonic Bldg., Salem, Ore.
Pill 700
J. A. RECK, Mgr.
Used Furniture Tfetd
Highest Cash Price Faid for
Used Furniture
Phone 941 or 506
t The Capital Junk Co.
Pays the Highest Price for all
kinds of junk
Phone Sm
f I I A
Marion and Polk County As
sociation Now la Work
ing Order
Applications for loans aggregating
upwards of $200,000 have been received
to date by the Marion and Polk Coun
ty National Farm Ioan association.
Of this amount approximately one
half has been granted, the balance
awaiting the action of the federal ap-
county. Applications for additionul
loans amounting to approximately $50,
000 have been granted and are now
awaiting the signing of papers, verifi
cation of titles, etc.
Attorney Roy I,. Smith secretary of
the association. stated todav .t.hat. In
addition to the above , amounts that
have been granod the association has
on hand applications for loans totaling
$10U,000 which have been appraised by
tho local loan committee and are now
awaiting tho appraisal of the federal
representative. This official comes
from the federal land tank at Spokane
which has charge of the farm loan
j business of Oregon, Washington, Idaho
ana momana. Mr, nmiio nas Deen as
sured by tho bank that a federal ap
praiser will be sent to Salem just as
soon as one is available.
Mr. Smith says he has received no
official notice lot the proposed in
creaso in interest rates on federal farm
loans from 5 to 5 1-2 per cent. Until
he has roceived such notice he will con
tinue to receive applications on the
basis of 5 per cont interest, subjoct of
course to government action.
Social Service Center
Hears Many Reports
and Elects Officers
At the mooting of the Social Service
Center lust evening several interesting
reports wore heard on the progress ot
tho work. Mrs. W. E. Anderson, chair
man of the relief committee, reported
that bundle day had resulted in secur
ing a fair quantity of clothing which
was being worked over, and that the
society had received a check for 20
por cent of the proceeds of the recent
Cherrian dance.
It was also announced that the Chcr
riaus would have an illuminated Christ
mas tree and tako over the Christinas
work as heretofore in conjunction with
the Social Service Center.
The following officers and board
were elected: president, John W. Todd;
first vice president, Max O. Buren;
second vice president, Mrs. A. N. Hush;
secretary, Mr. Mo.Daniel. Board Judge
Bushoy, Joseph II. Albert, Mrs. W. E.
Anderson, chairman of relief committee;
C. M. Roberts, Mrs. F. A. Elliott, Rev.
H. N. Aldrich, R. A. Harris, Dr. Roland
and Mrs. Geo. Brown.
Movie Pictures To
Show Auto Accidents
Chief of Police Cooper has received a
letter from the Universal Film company,
of New York, urging him to join in
the nation-wide campaign, already in
full swing throughout the east, of
, "safety ''first, being an effort to re
duce the number of automobile acci
dents, by exhibiting on the screens of
every theatre in the whole country,
views of auto accidents, aud their re
sults. Publicity is also to bo given
through the nowspapurs of the country,
in descriptive articles, aud demonstra
tions of proper road rule observance,
which have the approval of every sec
retary of state. Mr. Cooper replied by
sending to the New York company a list
of the theatres of Salem, and their sent-
I iug capacity. It is tho inteution of this
film company at once to send on films,
j to be shown, as well as newspaper ar
ticles to be published in tho papers. The
film company is doing this at its own
Very Little Fighting
Berlin, via London, Dec. 13. "Lit
tle fighting because of snow and mist'
wa reported from the Italian front in'
today's official statement.
! All Around Tow
December 12-13 Annnal Epis
copal Junior Guild Bazaar, at
St. Paul's church.
December 12 and 13. Elks
play "The Man From Home."
December 15. Northwest So-
eiety Highway Engineers in ses-
December 10-15. Annual Corn
December 29. eeting Marion
County Taxpayers to discuss
county budget.
Patten Plumbing Go. 355 Chemekwta
Phone 1906. We do repair work. Stoves
and furnae8 coiled. tf
Springer & Taylor, owners of the pa
cer, Lady Hal, have returned from
Phoenix, Ariz., where they attended the
recent state fair. Lady Hal won first
and second money.
Dr. Fred Ellis, formerly with Dr.
Griffith, has moved his dental office
to 302 V. S. Nat. bang bldg. Phon-j
2106. 1-4
B. L. Ccharf, who has been employed
as truck driver for the state peniten
tiary, has been appointed to the posi
tion of city traffic officer, taking the
place of George Beatty.
Special meeting of Salem
lodge No, 4, A. P. & A. M.,
this evening. Work in the M.
M. degree. Visiting brethren
A tomb in Mount Crest Abbey Mau
soleum costs $225, $230 or $275, posi
tively dry and sanitary. H. V, McClain,
Mgr., 532 N. High St- Phone 1060W. tf
Thursday, Friday and
2 Pounds -Xmas Candy
Guaranteed Eggs, per
5 Cans of Milk for
Small size. Limit 5 to
the customer
Bacon Chunks, per
Heinz Pure Malt Vinegar
35c size, scecial
Everybody's Grocer
855 N. Commercial St
Phone 68
No Rent Low Prices
W. B- jitney dance at armory Sat
night, 8:30. Everybody welcome.
Dr. Mendelsohn, the eye specialist,
will return Jan. 1st. tf
The lecture course at the public lib
rary this winter will be on various
of Russian life. Russian literature, Rus
sian music, pictures of Russian life, the
revolution and evolution of the great
empire, etc., will constitute the group
of lectures. Fuller announcement will
be made later.
First class piano tuning. Call 197 or
1465. J. E. Hockett. 12-13
Robes, plush robes and other automo
bile robes, the very finest. Watt Shipp
Company, 12-Jd
Tho rains of the past couple of days
have checked the falling of the Willam
ette and given it an upward turn. Four
and two-tenths feet above low water
were registered early this morning, a
rise in tne past 24 hours of 2.4 feet.
Mrs. O. G. Shellberg will hold a fan
cy work sale, Dec. 13-14-15 at Huron's
Furniture Store. 12-13
Auto gloves lined with warmest wool
or unlined as preferred- Watt Shipp
Company. 12-13
Today was the thirteenth day there
had been "nothing doing" in City Re
corder Race's of ice. There had not even
been a fine imposed upon an offender.
This is an unusually long period of
peacefulness. says Recorder Race. But
notice that number 13. What may it
not presage T
Have your rubber boots half soled
with tire fabric. Watt Shipp Co. 12-1 J
- o
Evening sittings by appointment
Trover Weigel Studio. tf
The fire department was called out
a few minutes beforo 1 o'clock this
morning to the home of Ab Magers, 1130
Oak street. Flames had broken out in
the wood-lift in the kitchen and the
department arrived just in time to pre
vent serious injury . to Mr. Magers '
I will pay the highest market price
for good hogs. Phone evenings 2357J.
C. D. Burdick. 12-15
Dance at Highland hall tonight.
A reception will be given on Friday
evening at the parlors of the South
Salem Friends' church in honor of the
appointment of the pa9tor, Rev. H. E.
Pemberton, for the following year. This
is the fourth year that Rev. Pemberton
has been appointed to the pastorate of
the church, which speaks for the high
esteem with which he is regarded by
the members of the church.
Margarita Fischer at the Liberty
theater, last times today-
"The Girl who Couldn't Grow Up"
Margarita Fischer at the Liberty, to
day only.
Faith without works Is dead. Yick
BrotherH have faith' that there will not
be any serious shortage in gasoline and
that they will be able to secure the same
in sufficient quantity to supply the de
mand. That is the "faith" part of
the old aphorism. The "works" is this:
Vick Bros, are installing in front of
their garage four new storage tanks
of 300 gallons capacity each, a total
capacity of 1,200 gallons. Two of the
tanks will be used for distillate and
two for gasoline.
"Putting it Over," Margarita Fisch
er at the Liberty, today only.
W. & B. dance at armory Sat. night.
If you have a cripple cMld that needs
braces for its ankle or knee l can give
r,.l;..f mi,l iiioIa (hill child halHIV XlllflS
j can make braces to assist nature in!
all kinds of different deformaties. V.
A. Smith, 1720 Chemoketa. Phone 1126- ,
o j
Clarence C. Cory of the Prudential j
Insurance company has received a tele-,
gram from tho quartermaster general's j
department at Washington, D. C, re-,
questing him to notify the department ,
as to the date on which be could get.
his affairs in shape and be in a position j
to respond to an order to report for
duty. His appointment win ne in un
civil service.
A limited amount of Fleischer yarn,
olive drap and gray. Just received.
Kafoury Bros-
"The Girl from Home," Margarita
Fischer at the Liberty today only.
The temporary trouble with the light
ing svsteni last niirht was caused by a
fierce storm which swept up the Clack
amas river aud did considerable damage.
I Among other of its stunts was the
I wrecking of about 1,000 feet of the
i line that supplies Salem with its light.
I The management was able in a short
time to transfer the load to the Oregon
I City Line, and thus prevent a real light
(shortage. The line will be in operation
i again before night.
i Iir Chief Hutton would caution the
X residents of the city against careless-
i ness in decorating and wiring their
homes for holiday festivals, and par
ticularly with respect to children, can
dles and Christmas trees. This is a
bad combination, says the chief, and
every year the department is called out
as a consequence. Last year three calls
were turned in. Another bad practice is
the placing of colored crepe and tissue
paper about electric light globes. The
effect is pretty, says the chief, but the
result is ofttimes disastrous.
An Interesting and perhaps signifi
cant feature that has been noted by the
examining officer at the Salem army
recruiting station is the greater chest
expansion shown in most instances by
the Indians enlisting from Chemawa
than by the whites. The chest expansion
of the Indians runs from 5 to 7 inches,
says the officer, their expansion in the
majority of cases being nearer the last
figure than the first.
The following officers Of the Young
People's alliance of the Evangelical
Association church, 2b North (Seven
teenth street, were elected at a meeting
of the alliance Tuesday evening. Presi
dent, Frank Strausbaugh; vice president
Fred Siewert; recording secretary, Mrs.
Frank Strausbaugh; corresponding sec
retary, Priscilla Otterbein; misisonary
secretary, Mrs. Jacob Stoekcr; treasurer
Elmer Otterbein; organist, Mabel Opto
graph; assistant organist, Alta Zinn;
librarian, Frankie Edwards; assistant li
brarian, Rose Otterbein. A social, time
followed the election and refreshments
were served.
The surgical department of the Red
Cross at the postoffiee building has re
ceived 3,000 yards of gauze to work
up into dressings, etc. Nine workers
were on the job yesterday and turned
out 239 pieces. The ladies in charge of
the department are expediting matters
as much as possible in order to turn
out as great an amount of work as
possible before the 20th of the month
their reports covering from the 20th
to the 20th of each month.
Rumanian Armistice.
Berlin, Via London, Dec. 13. Nego
tiations for an armistice to replace the
present truce on the Busso- Rumanian
front began today an official statement
" 2$9 N. Commercial St.
118 S. Commercial St.
New Store 387 Court St.
Our regular 26c Bulk Coffee,
1 day, per lb 23c
Our regular 21c Bulk Coffee,
1 day, per lb. : 19c
Power Coffee, per lb 23c
Crackers, per lb. 15c
Cinnamon, Alspice, Ginger,
2 oz. cans 6c
Ann ft Hammer Brand Soda,
package 6c
Matches, package 5c
Royal White Soap, 10 bars . .48c
Crystal White Soap, 10 bars 48c
Ivory Soap, bar , 6c
Citrus Washing Powder, pkgf. 27c
Gold Dust, large pkg 27c
Large Crisco ; $1.60
Medium Crisco 87c
Large Crisco $1.69
New Crop Brazil Nuts 22c
Post Toasties, pkg 10c
Kellogg 's Corn Flakes, pkg. 10c
No. 10 Graham 55c
No. 10 Whole Wheat 55c
9 lbs. Rye Flour 65c
48 lbs. sack Corn Meal .... $3.28
48 lbs. Graham Flour $2.65
48 lbs. Whole Wheat Flour $2.65
48 lbs. Rye Flour $3.00
Pacific Hard Wheat -Flour $2.60
Diamond C Flour $2.45
No. 5 Vegetable $1.30
No. 10 Vegetable $2.50
Creamery Butter 50c
Peanut Butter, lb 15c
A new shipment showing dozens of pretty styles
for your choosing.
A Practical Christmas Gift.
Each SSc
Gale k Co.
Commercial and Court Sts., formerly Chicago Store
SAA UKDAi, DEUUMUtiK 15, iu:3U ana i:3U r. ji.
4f 4f Lf b
i r 1 P 'I'
State House News
s(c 3C 5(C 3! 5C 9fC 5c d6 5(C SC 3fc 5C )( dl
Woodburn has asked the Public Ser
vice Commission that it be relieved of
the obligation of erecting warning signs
within the city limits.
The town of Echo in eastern Oregon
filed today with the Public Service
Commission a protest against the high
way being built under the control of
the state highway commission from
passing that, place by and not going
through tho city. It sets forth that this
section is taken by the highway com
mission according to its statement to
avoid making two crossings of the rail
road track at that place. The present
route selected passes outside- the city
Articles of incorporation were filed
today as follows:
The First National Bank of Albany
reduced its capital stock from $50,000
to $30,000.
The Gas Fumeless Heater Company
of Portland increases its capital stock
from $1,000 to $10,000,
Tho 'RnTier Cnmnanv. of Corvallis with
o .anital otiwlc nf .1 .600 will ensacc in
(mining and all business pertaining
i thereto.
I ...
! fniivt Hnnca Nourc T
Things "sort of averaged" at the
court house today, there being four
marriaae licenses issued late yesterday
and today; while there were two ac
tions for divorce commenced- The lat
; tor were Margaret Kingsbury who asks
: she be given her treeaom. irom oniney
! Kingsbury. They were married in Ida
ho in 1906 and have two children, the
older being an invalid following an
! attack of infantile paralysis. She al
; leges her husband is engaged in busi
; ness in Independence and is making
between $200 and $300 a month. She
alleges cruel and inhuman - treatment
and asks tho custody of the children
land also that the defendant be re
'.. strained from taking the younger child
, from the jurisdiction of the court
iThis order was granted this morning,
j Leon Kaufman versus Floyd Kauf
man is the title of a divorce action
in which the complaint was filed this
'morning. The parties were married in
'McMinnville in 1910. Tlaintiff alleges
l cruel and inhuman treatment. There
;are no children, and no property Tfghts
.to be adjudicated.
Two marriage licenses were issued
' yesterday afternoon and two more this
j morning, whi);h shows Cupid realizes
; the near approach of the holidays. The
luckv ones are, Kobert C. Hunsaker
and Gertrude Lloyd Hixson; Frank A.
Tavlor and Grace C. Johnson; James
Tavlor and Esther Hinea end Philo
Cantata Next Sunday
at Leslie Church
A cantata will be given Sunday
afternoon ut 3:30 o'clock at the Leslie
Methodist church. Following is the
program :
Bass solo ''Incline Thine Ear."
Chorus "Sing, O Heavens."
Baritone solo'The Heavenly King."
Chorus ' 'And There Shall Come
Tenor solo "Fear Thou Not."
Chorus "Son of God."
Contralto solo "Hail!, Bethlehem."
Male chorus "O Holy Night."
Trio "Hark! What Mean Those Holy
Voices. ' '
Soprano solo "There were Shepherds"
Male chorus "Glory to God."
Baritone solo" Joyful All Ye Na
tions Eise. " i
Soprano soh "Christmas Song."
Soprano and Alto Duet "Bright Star
of Hope."
Male chorus "March of the Magi."
Ladies' Trio "O Jesus, We Have
Chorus Blcsseji Be the Lord."
Offering for the piano fund.
Italian Counter Attacks
Recover Lost Trenches
Rome. Dec. 13. An Italian counter
attack around Coldellaberetta regain
ed a erreat vtart of trenches previously
lost to the Austrians, today's official
statement asserted. Fifty nine prison
ers were taken.
Around the Calcino valley two vio
lent enemy attacks were repulsed. -.
At mid dav the enemy renewed at
tacks east of the Brenta.
The fighting continued fiercely
through the afternoon in the valleys
and mountain slopes and at night the
enemy, owing to his heavy losses, aban
doned the attack.
Around Coldipopappex a new and
more powerful attack broke Sown.
Glenn Brown and W. Mae Baker. ,
The following compose the "honor
guard" at the war registration lord
today: Mrs- Merlin Harding, Mrs. Deo
Gholson, Mrs. T. II. Galloway, Mrs.
Lida Carter, Mrs. Charles Knowland,
Mrs. B. W- Simeral and Mrs. Frank
MILLER Mrs. Sarah C, age 73, this
morning at 11 o'clock at the home of
her daughter,- Mrs, Sowers, 1283
Deceased is survived by two daugh
ters, Mrs. Sowers of this place, and an
other daughter in California; and by
one son, Elmer Miller, in Seattle. Ar
rangements are in charge of Webb &
Clough. Funeral services will be" an
nounced later.
Sale NOW