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    1 4400 DAHA J
J Explosions Visible From Bridsh Lines Through
"(fa-It Is Believed From This Hiiidcnburg Is Pre
sto Abandon, It Fearing To Be TrappedRussian
Jes Settled and Fighting On Eastern Front Resumed
an Drive Winning
By William Philip Sims,
v (United Pre'ss Staff Correspondent)
fthe British Armies in the Field, May 18. Lens
set aflame. Fires and explosions in France's
v" were plainly visible . from ; the British lines
out last night. The Germans plainly know the
they are running now of a British sweep that will
a circle about the city and trap them there.
:e-It is possible the destruction of buildings in
ay indicate a withdrawal from that city. The
ogram of burning and blowing up of buildings has
llowed by the Germans in every city and town
;e evacuated.) ,
for the past few days has turned the battle field
1 ml 1
into one ot mud. mere were only minor oper-
j progress early today. Around Bullecourt, just
t whole by the British, it was quiet.
h of the Scrape the mud was so thick that there
; infantry operations reported today.
Vis dispatch is filed a small action is in progress
;vrelle, which is apparently going well for the
, No details are available yet.
af the first aeroplanes of the day was bagged low
ivrelle just before this action began. Machine gun
qj the trenches brought thf Boche down.
Washington, May 18. The
iNational Guard will be railed
into federal ncrvice in three
groups on July 15, July 25 and
August 5.
Iu notifying Mate adjutant,
general of thin fact today, the
war department authorized the
recruiting of the guard organ
Uations to war atrength. The
war atrength of the National
Guard in about 440,000. It not
tified them, however, that re
gardless of whether they reach
tho war strength, the organiza
tions must report on the date
aligned, to be sent immediately
to training camps ior intensive
instruction in modern warfare.
In cane existing organizations
have insufficient equipment,
full equipment will be assured
when the troops arrive at the
training camps.
J! Nationally Known Food Pro-
fllltAV 111 I AO, lllOKfa iratk
uubti i utd vuaigc nltll
;epariiig to Retreat. J
May 18 Learning at terrible
-j-thst the British and French
Himlt'iiburg outer linn at
aud Orsonne cannot be shak
J seems to be niu';iiig rondy
t "strategic retreat."
trench front today came
the enemy was adopting pre
same tactics in "covering,"
ing towns niiil villages and in
g forces as those which pre
other faiuotn retreat to the
t line.
of the latest British success
at Bullecourt, .strengthening
igiipon the Uiinlenburg line,
.OTts hero predicted a Oer
Mient would probably be
two pivots of the Hind en
-at Lens and l.aon, possibly
i r.ninpJete movement between
tities to the Donni-Camhrai
' section of the long prepared
1 front.
At has been rainv. hamoor-
wrations during the Inst two
'filing to British front dis
Field Marshal Hnig's
rt today bore out this in
! inactivity. ITe said:
st of Armentiores two hos
'i farties were beaten off
if night."
An was made of further
4 Bullecourt or elsewhere on
nkrj, line.
"e greatest interest out
' nn fighttnfj front was ecn--oij
the great success which is
: M Italian drive toward
fcncfficml disuntches rnnde
Washington, May IS. A
knotty problem before the navy
department bus been the ques
tion of what to do with a pic
ture of the kaiser aboard a navy
The captain wrote in under
the title "disposition of pic
ture of V. Hohenzollcrn" in
forming the department he had
stowed the picture in the hold
and asking permission to burn
After due deliberation, the,
department today replied that
the stowing process ought to
Commission Men Fed :Vege-
1 1 ' t r .i
taoies to nogs Katner
Than to. Cut Prices
San Francisco, May 18 Lieu
tenant Frank Wolf, alleged Ger
man spy, is suffering from a
nervous collapse and not from
poison taken with suicidal in
tent, federal officials declared
today after physicians investi
gated his rase. He is now at a
hospital in a serious condition.
While Wolf is in the hospital,
his story is being checked and
the government representatives
re not yet ready to give it full
credence. Discrepancies inject
the possibility that he was act
ing in order to save himself
from the death penalty.
Washington, May 18. Charges of cx-
istence of a nation-wine trust of mid-
I dlemen, whose operations are said to cx-
i tend to almost every state in the union,
were laid before the department of agri-
j culture here today.
The charges, made by a nationally
1 ...... . .nn ji n ..: .. i : i
! supported by "exceptionally positive in-
formation," and apparently establish
London, May 18 In their
first engagement with enemy
submarines, American destroy-
ers beat off a German U-boat
which sought to attack the
White Star liner Adriatic, ae-
cording to the London Chronicle
The Adriatic was convoyed
over a certain distance by the
American was vessels on their
sfc way to Quecnstown.
Proclamation, Long Prepared,
It Is Expected Will Be Is
sued Without Delay
?l once
and advancing hour by hour, while iu-1
flirting: heavy losse ofi-the enemy- -1
, Russia Again United.
London, May IS. Encouraging news
that Russia h'nd settled her domestic
troubles and that tho Russian army's
power is by no means lost, gave ground
for belief hero today that the nllies can
soon count on Bussia bearing her part
in the general onslaught on Germany.
The prediction was voiced in several
quarters today thnt Germany might
soon find this necessity of hurrying
back to the Russian front some, if not
all of the reputed 000,000 men she is
recently reported to have withdrawn
from thoso sectors to bolster up her
dwindling lines on the west front.
The restoration of complete amity
between the duinn government and the
soldiers' and workmen's council, fore
shadowed in Petrogiad dispatches to
day indicating acceptance o'f the coali
tion cabinet, will be immediately re
flected in the Russian army, it was be
lieved here.
Fraternizing botweeji. Teutons and
Russians on the northern front has
teased. There has been a resumption of
htnndv fiiihting. although' not of ma
jor intensity anywhere. General Brusil-
off, held in highest esteem among mc
allies for his military ability, has with
drawn bis resignation. Brusilotf, Alex
ieff and other high army commanders
were returning to the front after con
ferences with the new governing groups
in Russia. Representatives of their sol
dierythe plain fighters were likewise
getting back to the trenches after con
sultations in l etrogran which cuuim.yu
Washington, May 18. Hon
duras has broken relations with
Germany and "taken her place
by the side of the United
States," according to official
reports to the state department
this afternoon.
$200,000,000 MORE
Washington, May 18. An ad
ditional block of $200,000,000
of short time treasury certifi
cates was announced by the
treasury today. This issue brings
the total up to $700,000,000.
Hood River that , last year produced
1,250,000 boxes of apples, is now apple
less, some being left. for local use.
"beyond doubt" existence of a conspir
acy to boost prices. !
The department of justice was at
ia nrvfiiA.l an aummnnafl lha in
formant for immediate conference. The
Council of National Defense was also
AVritten evidence, in the form of let-
tnrn unit dnpiini"Titfi it in finirl ift now
in the hands of the department-
At tne same rime, appeals reacnea me
ilnnAi-irvVanf fnv tialn f mm lrnrinn. baa.
tions where food speculation and price
i. . i j
uooauug in cruieM.
Minneapolis charges told of alleged
acreements between commisison men
j i .. . j .i A.,
: unu producers iu uiauijiuui ic awu wp
i i: .. .. : t' : : 1 .iAvi
pilliS BU BB IV CimiO lUma-iB ouui v
apos in certain section "with acetm
nonirinn fiaoa in niMAi.4
...,,., ........ ... , .
In central Illinois cities, he charged
commission men nre it-ruing wirc uuu
Htios nf vegetables to hogs, rather than
sell at lower prices. Thousands of
bushels of potatoes arc said to be go
inrr In ttin finininlfl.
TlAUliriAvn fhflrfrpa snv. RneculatorS
have cornered 15.000 bags of potatoes.
Speculators, it is charged, are preparing
to evade food control legislation.
Widespread destruction of iruit to
maintain prices was also charged.
Danforth, Maine, reported general
(Continued on nage two.)
m bom
Fundamental Item la War
rrograni Is Care of Sol
diers Families
Work of Erecting j Canton
ments to House Recruits
Is Already Under Way
Washington, May 18 President Wil
son was to sign today the selective ser
vice bill the measure whereby the
United States Will raise a fighting
force for European duty.
Before ho could do this however, the
sneaker and vico president had to at
tach their signatures. Then the bill was
to go to the white house by messenger
and receive the president's name.
Little, if any ceremony was antici
pated over this momentous event.
Tho task completed, the president
will issue a proclamation, long prepared
calling upon the youth of the nation to
gather at appointed registration places
on a fixed day and sign tho war de
partment cards from wnich the process
of selection can be deduced.
The bill includes provision for tiring-
inir tKn vAniilAa, DTTinr n ui CJ f rtl II rr t Vl
drafting of the national guard into fed-
i nj - ; .... ; n
Fim oil i ill; aiiu imoiiif; ib ,v
strength; procuring 500,000 men from
21 to 30, inclusive, for the first great
a? , .-i enn nin
iiailuiiHl army aim uuutui-r
V, '
,i. ;.r' 1103 .n,?a them their interests would be maintain
i.mm nZS:Lr?LX:?cA in the new coalition government.
"-ui9 uuvo int icnto.
Says the War Will Not End
Until America Throws Her
Full Weight Into Conflict
By Lowell MeUett. "It has been, and still will be a ter-
(I'nited Press staff correspondent.) rible fight Lord Kitchener sitting in
london, May This war will this very chau, said it would bo a long
, the full weight of war. Not until the tnglish people felt
America na. be n thrown into the ! themselves exerting their full strength
scales- not until Amcrca begins making did they realize how wisely he spoke,
war as though she alone faced Germany, Mav America's realization not be so
will there be a possibility of predicting j ious delayed! Kitchener's message
when the end will come." comes to Americans afresh. I hope they
i t Tl... T,iilnml 1a SCC-1 1. l.f mauvii TP "
tnrv of state for war Kitchener's it was late in the evening Thursday
tliar I nisi uwivv. n,i
Ship Standard Wrecks On
Alaska Coast-Only Z9 of
Passengers Picked Up
8an Francisco, Way 18. More than
130 men are missing and many have
perished following the wrecking of the
three masted ship Standard of tho Lib-
by McNeil and Iibby cannery fleet on
the shoals of tape constantine, wnsioi ""'"-' .- - . . y , T,,-.
. a :..jiwhen reauired: raisin? four volunteer
hur nimnpiiiTiir in nniiiirnirn!! riiir nu 1 - . "
ti..e,T!i..j ci5 i a.,.; divisions the Roosevelt plan if the
Tociav dy ine uuueu oinirs uaiai om- .. . , . ....r.
lion ai ouai isiuuu. t -. . ..
The missing men were adrift in life
boats which were launched when the
vessel struck at midnight on tho night
of May 14. Only 29 men . had been
picked up when the last dispatches
were received by the naval radio. The
exact number of those missing cannot
be definitely stated until the uncer
tainty as to the numDer or. cannery
employes aboard can be cleared up
One report here is that 150 persons
in all were on tne vessel, Dur. a omum
dispatch asserts there were 150 cannery
men on board in addition to me crew
of 77. ' ,
ti, stTiivfl wbs under commamt-ot
-; n !irisfinnson. with C. Swan-
tlaniu vj. .
Knn f rst mate and l-. iranasen
mate. She left here April 5 for Bristol
bay carrying new employes to the can
neries on Britisn Day.
ttt:.i. .j:, frnm St. Paul. Prob
iloff Islands, in Bering sea, declare the
rne KJDOscveir rrooiem
What the chief executive will do is
general belief here is that JRoosevelt
n.;ll Kn Airlnf rnnl( ttA fnr thn tirnn Vteinir
while the selective draft system is put
inio eiieci. -
Signing of tho bill will automatical
ly put into effect a perfected war ma
chine evolved bv master minds in the
war department. '
first, tne youtn must rcgisier.
Certain exemptions will be made,
moinlv hnscd unon elimination of those
with dependent families.
The new army must comply wun rigid-
physical standards.
Iia vnniafratinn will uliAW a VAnt-
ly greater number of men than arc re
quired for the tirst army, tne jury sys
tem of selecting the men by lot will be
invoked to pick out those who are phys
ically acceptable and unexempted.
Meantime, tne worn or erecting can
wevn iw1at h.
are 12 mrles from Trieste
'M's forces
',11, .
The German Version.
Berlin, via London, May 18. "The
ruins of the former village of Bullecourt
were evacuated according to command,
and without disturbance from the en
emy, -who established himself there -4
hours later," declared today's official
statement. ,
The war office also reported repulse
in hand to hand fighting of nn English
attack on the Gavrellc-FresneB road,
made after midnight. Around Arras,
the statement said, there was artillery
iug on" both sides.
On the irencn ironr uenci m
.Hi: ...A-,, wmnvtnil. with B COlTeS"
UUIlullluun iiviu wr ..,
ponding increase iu artillery tire, l ar-
of Cramello and near Craoune were all
repulsed. . ,t t. atnin.
On the jwaceuoniun iroi :
meat said tho enemy was again defeat
ed yesterday in the Coma bend, norm
of botigneno.
Ordered Civilians Out.
n nr..,, is Anatrin has ordered
all civilians to evacuate the Isonzo sec
tion in which. Italian troops are bicuu...
. . so 1.1
er si;i. ,i""i"i'c iney
: .ptric bin T't en 11
" o' uul an vest
yi ,J'n8 "Is in th' world
And then he added,
successor today.
"The bigger blow America is able to
deliver, the sooner she delivers it the
quicker will the war end and tho new
order of things be nssured.'
The United Press correspondent went
to Lord Demy ior soum
belief on the duration of the vvar and
Tho room was slowly darkening. The
war secretary, as lie spoKe tnese iai
words, paused and smoked furiously.
His face and form were half hidden. In
the haze of tobacco smoke and dusk of
the room, it was easy for the imagina
tion to conjure up the piercing grey eyes
a tha s lent man wuo kuuwb
belief on tne uui.m - - - t the snm
nf what part America saoum ivucnciiKi -- --
?L fiul ti e. He found the war secre- dMlt follght and defeated British apa
f irmlv of the belief that the end , thv when that etrort seemeu uoi -.
"America," he said, "has a big part
to play in this struggle to abolish the
world menace of militarism. America
must Btrike hard. We hope she will
1.1.. ft
St Here tiie British war head suddenly
reused swiiii about in tns cnau,
he blank wah of his office and reiter
ated, as though seeking to project his
thought acros? the ocean:
"This war will not be over until the
full we'ght of America has been thrown
into the scales. Her full we.ght
VtltAnevU be misled. Ocr-
oops are Btcodi y directed to tn i : 't te
forging ahead today. Trieste pamc , Pib , u -a ,
' "'"" ., "l" ' ' ...Li i;Va tn s to 00 so.
Uotr tsianas, in "-Vr; ,t I tonmente to house the army will pro-
Vessel began tobreak up May lo, atter hg f.,led
DV volunteers ann tne new army inn
.. . , . n. i I 1
IC"V1 -I . , . , .
: i,aa ! iirpceedinir midnight
UllllK iic"". I "ill
i:fKr.ota n then launched, only
one of which had been picked up at
last reports.
This is the second disaster to snips
of the Libby, McNeill and Libby fleet
in a few weeks and tne loumi ii.
in the same region this season- The
Libby windjammer St. Francis went
ashore in IJmman i ass nuu
mt. i i, a fothorine and the tender
Thistle have also been wrecked near
the same spot. ' . .
Cape Constantino is the western point
of the entrance to the estaury ...
Xushagnk rivW.
Emercy Dyke Is .
Hokhns Uut the Lane
Columbia betting
stncKen at me Bppiuv --
i.. i 1 waiva here... All
according to nuiu --- , .,
banks there have been closed and the
government officers and the leading
business houses have hurriedly shipped
all records to Vienna.
Most of th! Austrian prisoners taken
so far by the Italians were from di
visions recently detached from the Ku
sian front, it was announced today. -
General Von Falkenhayn is still at
the Austrian front, attached to the Am
ine i i-Ki. he so.
Germany would V '""'.:" i.i f-
ic,.neh are less stolid ana n "
Afinan l-.oii lii-k " i -
feet them even grmic.- nined i one which American . soldiers
.'Germany has achrf-if not p. ' , '".rthemsclves, but I have
the crest of her military JXfbV w r"5bt o'f ?n. effect it 'would have
n k ori nniRkor at somt
things than the British," Lord Derby
resumed, after a moment. "I believe
: ,:n not a nuickcr start than
Alllliri sl - .
we did if the r?oplc appreciate the
size of the job." .
nn... .. American armv be trained
as rapidly as the new units of the Bri
tish army that is, in three months?"
was asked. . . ,
"There again American quickness
...mi .!.i.k. aliow itself." the war
secretary returned. "The fact that the
British 'are now able to train men m
three months is partly due to their deal
ing with seasoned organizations from
"BuTl should say that three months'
t1u8 a certain
amount of necessary training in France
would make the fittest kind of soldiers
from entirely raw-material.
"The matter of getting a small Am-
. i n.rno Unvl AIT ATI
- nnntll'ffA T UVC1 UCIU r - v..
Uontinued on p8B t10 '
knows every uay sue .
,nhris ready to quit-on her own
ter"he U ready to fight a long long
time vet before accepting the teims
that the world's democracy demands to
safeguard the future.
must tlfuiuw -
no doubt of the effect it would have
on the British . iU
"What about Americans on me u.
sian front t" Lord Derby was asked.
"That is entirely a matter for ol
diers to decide. It fertainly could not
(Continued on page two.),
Coeur d' Alenc, Idaho May IS.-An
emergency dyke today is keeping the
steadily rising the.f1lakeT,fvrrs
.1 . i . ':.,.. ayo nf the city. Kivers
running from Coaur d'Alene lake con
rinue to rise, and the crest of the flood
"jTriSSl&tR and other Idaho
towns are still partly under water and
without Hght3.
Columbia Rising Rapidly- ,
The Dalles, Ore., May 18 The
Columbia river passed the 30 foot mark
early this morning ana inj .. - j
feet, thedangermark
Snow in tne inu.. ,
15 feet deep and is beginning to melt.
The highest water in many years is pre-
Ji 'Sorts received here are that the
Snake and Clearwater rivers subsided
sx inches within the last 24 hours be
cause of a cold wave throughout smitb--.i.i..
...u:h unntied melting- tnese
streams, it is thought, will exceed the
high marks early in tne "
thaw sets in again.
All children who have attended the
story hour at the puDne
vear are especially umr,, -
urday morning, when Miss Paxson will
choose those who are to take part in
the little library play the '"o
Saturday. The story hour wil 1 be held
at the usual time, 0:30 to 10:30.
llerl iihntit- Spntemher 1
WlU taix iTaininK
Within a mnntll nr two months, the
national guardsmen will bo called into
federal service.
Intensive training of the new men
will start immediately after the call
and continue a few months, when the
troops will be ready for service in the
trenches of Europe. . '
The regular army as now constituted
will form the basis of the, training
0, .l,ii.niiiT the recruits into
shape on new lines, drawn from the
lessons tauglit ny our ouservers Buruau.
rrhn A,.mir will liiive CTrintpr trv than
Aiiu niui; ..... r-.,
ever before, as the rank and file will
receive $15 a month above the present
It will be necessary to shift some or
tho recruits into the south as the bulk
of the training cantonments win ue
there. , ...
The fact that twelve of them will
be in the southern department win.
make that division under General
Leonard Wood, far more important
than the public anticipated when ne
was shifted from the Eastern depart
Booze Wrecks Two of
Would-Be Officers
Will Be Provided- No Sol-
(tiers' Family Will Be Al
lowed to Suffer Wast
By Robert J. Bender.
(T'nilcd Tress staff correspondent.)
Washington, May 18. How the gov
ernment may help "war mothers"
loomed large today out of the great,
whirl of preparing the nation 'for 'its
struggle against Germany.
Both in eongress and in the cabinet
tilt, nrnblem t nrntivlinf mnlliAvi K.
hind the lines is under discussion.
"the public protection of maternity
111 1 T lit Ha 111 O il A a fnnilomnnlnl SIaw ill
the war program, for soldiers' families,"
one government official declared today.
T.ecriHtntion is nemlinc in prtMrreitn tAv
help to a certain extent
"The problem is one of the most se
rious in war," Senator Kenyon aaid to
day. "It is one oi tie things that
makes it seem inevitable that when war
comes all progress in civilization
The children's bureau of the depart
ment of labor, howevv, eas been study
ing the matter of maternal and child
welfare and has suggested the following
program as a siurier.
center in. Eaca uouniy.
A mill n 11 1.1, 1 n rr unijll findroll Il(T An
of each eOunry scat to care for moihera
needing attention and assistance.
An accessible county center for ma
ternal and infant welfare at' which
mothers may ontain simpio lnrormaimn
as to the proper care of themselves and
their babies!
A county maternity hospital aeces
sible to all parts o'f the county bed
1. . 1 . l IL
in a general nospitai ior care oi mom-
Provision for skilled attendanee, ob
tainable by each woman in the county.
Proper care of "war mothers " is a
i.Ua! mattar -fn crnvernment eonflidcra-
tion Miss Julia Lathrop, chief of the
children's nureau or mo department, ui
labor, said today.
' , n. in n J t
uannot oe nnsiuiuj.
"It is for the public good and its
Mil must he metbv public appropria
tions, not by private philanthropy. If
this war is waged to mane uuniii.j
prevail, the families of soldiers must be
safeguarded as never before. In old
wars it was taken tor granted that fam
ilies of soldiers must suffer from pesti
lence and famine. This war must pre-,
serve the health and education of chil
dren and tho government compensation
for soldiers must take these great items
into account.
"As soon an the armies are mobiiiaea,
many young fathers are going to be
drawn from their homes. No govern
ment can feel its duty to the soldier i
complete unless it protects the family
from which the father was taken. Bo
in the beginning of this war, it wouU
be a sin to put an army in the iiel
without protecting, aa never before, tn
nation's life at home ,.j,
"America can ill nltorn n niggar
attitude toward the mothers and chil
dren." .
San Francisco, May IS. Orders call
ng for a second physical examination
i. oi.wiAn AffiAi.m nt the I'resiaio
1UI BlUIIVHl v. -
training camp have been issued and al
ready have resulted in tne mmi"'
aa f a,, nlivuienl defects, it was
announced today. Five of these were in
the engineer corps.
At the same time two men were dis
honorably discharged for drunkenness.
Rigid enforcement or oruem s"""
having liquor on the grounds was an
nounced today. . .
The new examinations nesigneu i
reveal anything overlook in the first
tests are in progress, together with
plans for the ro-oTgnnization of e.om-
: ..- ;n n.,., ,.t-1 villi ilia i-ii nip orders.
jiainvn, in oviiim nn. 1- ----- - .
v.iutnriiow tliA men were mven their
first taste of "kitchen police" and-
many for the first time mane vnv m.
ouaintunce of mops and dish rags.
Ralston T. Wilbur, of Spokane, famous
... .,. . . . a AqA Ann
athlete, wun an income ui ,Puu,v..
mnnililv iii.lnutrinnslv scrubbed the
floor of the engineers' quarters while
his three automoDiies siouu ".'
Petrograd, May IS. us
sia's new coalition cabinet was
completed today and accepted
by both the duma and tho sol
dier's and workmen's council.
Six of the fourteen cabinet
places are to be f illed by social
ists under the new cooperative
plan of government The execu
tive committee of the soldiers
and workmen's council has ap
proved the personnel as an
nounced yesterday an.l. this
choice will. undoubtedly be -ratified
by the congress of that
OrecoR: To
night and Satur
day . u n 8 e ttled,
probably - show
ers; motherly