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    Editorial Page of The Capital Journal R
m l.lNVliY n i'MNi:.
I Ma !' I'.'K.
, .. .........
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
L. a BAEXES, cnAs
Vice President.
to. and Tret.
Daily by carrier, per rear
Piilr by mail, fer yesr
Per month
IV r month .
tr..l t- Ti-wU ew York. Tribune I'liiMing. .....
W.ird 4 Uw w i r , t.hit.Bg0t w. H. Moekwril. People 'i CM Building.
The Capital Journal carrier boys are instructed to put the per on the
rorch. If the carrier does nut do this, misses you, or neglects getting ho
oaper to you on time, kindly phone he circulation manager, as this is the
Sw Vit w can determine whether or rot the carriers aw following in
fraction.. Phone Main SI before 7:30 o'clock and a paper will be sent you
by special messenger if the carrier has missed you. -
There is a little newspaper printed at the Oregon State
Prison, called very appropriately :"Lend a Hand." It is
the work of the prisoners in all its department?, and its
work is excellent in all of them. Mechanically.it shows
some first-class printers have found their way iilto the
prison, and its editorial and new? columns indicate some
editors, real ones, are also doing penance for missteps.
It is printed monthly and those in charge are trying to
enlarge it a little and to make it cover the field more
fulh- Tn tlu m isnnms if is !i ronl hnnn itat.-iilintv the lit
tle happenings within the wall and also giving them some
information as to what is going on in the world from
which they are shut in. No one makes a cent from the
iiiiilirnt lin tliia ivlinln pffnvt twiner tn nml- it Kplf-KUO-
.IIU..X.IHHM., W.N. ......V V V . V ..v...., ...U..V . ----
i porting, and as it depends entirely on subscriptions for its
i support this is a rather difficult undertaking just now.
! The wrice of nrint naner makes the task doubly hard for
l i A a,
.i i It. 1 1 11 ( 1
li you nave a Kinaiv leeung joi
Farm labor is becoming scarce ana aear inn on ac- or (
tnnndinr it.
tsants steady work, because there are two "peak load"
seasons, when labor is in demand and the laborer is
worked harder and longer hours than at any other occu
pation. One of these seasons is the spring when planting
i rn hp done and the other the latJ summer aim iuu uen i - . ----- -. -
IS to ue uont, ai u lutiii ci i:..ii vnn rtlp.nsnvp lust, lwnusp it. is such. Trv it
the harvesting is on. ages at tnese nines are uiuj - - -
good and there is plenty of work. When the harvest is j
over, there is a slack period in which there is not work The east with its monster munition plants loads the
for all and the wage goes dowiu This is peculiarly so of j cannon anc the soldiers' guns. This is good and patriotic
relied on as the mami
i flirt iiT.fnvfnT.nfa ivwl o Viinnrl vipt nf rinmnnifv Pnnnlpfl
It ceases to attract the industrious man who j wjth a sympathy for weakness that yielded to temptation,
you can express your sympathy by sending a dollar to
'"Lend a Hand", box 1, Route 0. The little magazine will
be sent you for one year, and you will find in it enough
fr v"ir.-n fVion m-i vnn Tllnn Vfirp5Trw1 Tn vniir IIKUIPV
Besides you will be doing a real kindly act that will give
. 1 i m l
work: but it is the nart of the west with its big farms to
load the soldiers.
iCVllVll-J .. v.v, r
n-.. i i. -lr-.-ioH nfimorliP Innfll'
one lhe great wneat ukcliuiis uciuaim iiuiuuuak
for they especially are subject to "peak loads." Here m
Oregon with our diversi hed mng tne tr s not on
ca ffvpat for thfi work lasts longer. Commencing m tnej &
, , j r,v,in,.m.inf fAllnwpH Kv tales are seeing an snips mm uniius, it is a kil.ii sans-
spring the berries give abundant employment ved b . faction to .8 Qf bMnegg f
hc.r oTiri o-rnin narvesis aim uien uuwa. , j...n
& ol- i nnnrn tbPrP is a onH VN W tamuH see UOLlOie.
OlCnaiUS. Oiin, wim Liitot nvA.A.vt, , -
season even on the Oregon tarms, wnen laoor must pei
idlP. find work for small wages. These things.
naturally drive labor away from the farm, and into the
cities and once it finds employment there it will not go
back to the farm unless almost compelled to do so, or an
extra wage persuades. This is really one of the most
serious phases of farm life, and it is one for which there
seems no remedy. Diversified farming will help some, but
at the best there are times when there is nothing to justi
fy the farmer in employing labor. He will be a true phil
anthropist who finds a practical solution of the problem.
Our French visitors have surely been shown every
consideration, by their hosts. At Chicago a big fire was
S only a few blocks from the hall where a reception
was held cn their account and they were given a demon
stration of the efficiency of the Chicago fire department
k 1,, ; 1,0 wnvlrl Thn. Mondav night, lust
while they were taking dinner in their Pu lman, a broken;
rail gave them the experience oi a imi um. ...w..
train travelling forty miles an hour. They were a so
shown the perfection of the steel pas senger car hich
stood for all the shaking up unharmed and brought them
fVii-nn ah without a scratch. It is hKeiy mis was uie iuum uuu'ia"u giajrucuius, um, ironi me ninows oiue
thl'OUgn Wimouu a htiaiui. o j , nAyvio ,.:,.i i.,i ,t ... i ...
ctortlintr of their experiences, DUt It IS one uie wm - .vuil- l" ' vwn:eie nanus aim at nun
WoPt Mavbe it was iust a bit of shrewd advertising by point their dead, white hands. He's wet the world with
Ihl rov builders to show the French what could be done blood and tears; and when have passed a thousand years,
wh JhP steel cars and so build up a demand in France men still will shudder at his fame, and damn the German
for them when the w ar is over. ! butcher's name. He's aged a score of years, they say ;
101 inu ! he's haggard, nervous, racked and gray. Not for his
The kaiser's face looks sad &.nd worn; his
eyes forever seem to mourn; his features
have a bloodless hue, his hair is white, his
whiskers too. He's aged a score of years,
they say, since that important, fateful day,
when forth he sent his steel clad host, his
war machine, his pride and boast. Think of
thf- thin fs thnt, hp. hns rlnnpt Whn wnnlil
1 not age ten years in one? I would not have
the kaiser's sleep for all the treasure in the
deep; for to that sleep what dreams must
come what shades of victims, dead and
dumb! The women lost in sinking ships
babies and the graybeards old, rise from the billows blue
At Ball Park, Foot of State Street
1 y Wimmm
t 1 1 vFrST r- 1:
2 110
, ml
w.,iriCh.iL. OA-LI O NS ?nrtThrtlMHd
'"'y IN ONE ACT t titan.
Llons.TlgM-a, Bears
Leopards, Jaguars.
Elsphants, Camsls,
Zebras, Ssa Lions,
Zubus, Monkeys.ltt.
Causss Thrills of;
gC Inatructlvs,
Amutlnj, Amailnf
Thrltllnc Acts
Horasa and Ponlai
All Actors
U Animal Clown
Big Bill, Wrtatllnc Crlnly, Tango
Dancing Horses, Fares Comedy
Elephants, HorseRldlng Lions,
Leopards and Boars. 200 Military
Ponies.' v HlgtwDlvIng and Jumping
Dogs and Monkeys.
( ,Onlv Real Wild Animal Circus on Earth
Glittering) Kewj Mlle'-Lcng Street Parade at 1 0:30
KAniuiuwHB ifBi'jf fifjifi vr anint f c o r.m. vvn vpmn9 a jjm
. a ..
i you didn't S
i ChambersifW! !
! 7;
Most all -Vj' !
. Our Rug DepartiBE. f
J attracting
from far andneari
spring. Immense!
an.d very mofa i
' prices on all rujj
49,000 Prisoners Are
Taken Since Last Drive
I ilny li ice ting t Its t their iiilintimn
he liclil for poiiHiili ralinn in hc!
, men for ftitnro trninin; rninpti
rvi... -:.. - . . . . n .
1 r It
I -HIM" . (
1 1 V
Our line nf r.n.r.w ?
and Carriages k 4 ;
little onesisfeijKsr
plete; overtoil
dred different sMk
tfnrron In Unfich I loim HPnooi wore Riven (imirt.Ts at lie 're- . " " vuiuwii,,.:
cegan is Dnusn Uaim;Siji0 today, n... .w uir.iy i... ta
. j I'liiiiniiMNiiint'il in tlic ri'm'rvo I'dips. To-1
Iiuldii, May t. Sinpc April 1, lirit v"f t1"' wcKtcrn army dc.:irt-, f . . I
ish forces have raptured more than niont there wn a Hcnrryiny of men who j f (
twoiitv thonsnnd lierinntiM nnd taken ' were nprniinted to the rump, yelling 31crchantS tmrrl'
2:7 guiiH, '2-:7 treneh mortars and 470 , rendy to report this week. U-yi ,,. . ;
marliine cuns, Chnnci'llor of the Kx-1 'iitained in tin1 list of men solei'tnl;. ,.'!
rump are many of prominence, COndltlOnS plfe SOW
lU'un !,"vi.'! t.t Dlevinir J
a a y vuiuill i i
present Merchandise
many lines is scaiceaii'
ha;-d to get. Transp
tation slow and unrer f
tain. Prices unsettle:
and fluctuating, Fan:1
these facts, it inn!
real pleasure that r
announce to ikp.
people of Salem, vk
paling adverse coi
tions and rising jirir
we bought great quant I
ties of sti
A warning comes from . the agricultural college ot
Michigan against planting too many potatoes, lhe of
ficials of the college are afraid there will be over produc
tion and yet potatoes are the best substitute for bread
and they can be shipped to the armies of the allies just
the same as wheat. The evaporated spud is an ideal
product for this purpose, containing plenty of sustenance
in small bulk, and it certainly is a food that would be ap
preciated and enjoyed by the men m the trenches as well
L the civilian population. There is little likelihood of
there being too large a crop, but should there be an ex-
cess it can be used prontawy oy lunuug u imV'u'Il'a7i
there is no danger of there being an over supply ot that.
With average conditions the United States this year,
should stow the greatest potato crop in its msiory. wiuie
some of the agricultural sharps are expressing fears of
over production, they are being frightened needlessly.
The potatoes will all be used, and will all be needed. If the
war should end this year they will be needed all the more
for it will be up to us to help relieve the conditions in
Germany and among the other Central allies.
Germany 'considered it sufficient cause for her to go to
war because a crazy Serbian killed an Austrian prince;
but believes the United States should not go to war over
the deliberate murder of her citizens by German orders.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18G8
CAPITAL - - - - - - - $500,000.00
Transact a General Banking Business
Safety Deposit Boxes
kingdom would I know the kaiser's load of guilt and woe !
cliouucr Bonnr kw iiniioiiiieed in the i 'or the
hoiiHO of coinmoiiR todnv. iineludin
The chancellor said thn British cms- ! t ln
unities in Field .Marshal llaigV recent j
offensive had liceii from fifty to seven-j
ty-five ier rent less thnn those incur i
red liy lirit sli troops nlonij the Soniine'
earlier in the war.
t'niversitv of California anil Hen
ry ('. lireekeiiriil(;e, former assistant
see ret a rv of war.
fliinook, AVllsll., Miy S. Complete
lny-ntery todav surroimils the l"uulin; of
the body of an aged man, his hands tied
together, in the Columbia river near
Fort Columbia by fishermen. Evident
ly the body had been in the water 'for
some time and was vasliod up by the
tide. County authorities, suspect inn
foul play, are al tempting to identify
the body.
What Does
Catarrh Mean?
It means inflammation of a
mucous membrane some-
bronchial tubes, stomach, bil-
rarv uucis or Doweis. it a wnvs
means stagnant blood the i
Diood that is full of impur
ities. Left alone, it extends
until it is followed by indigestion,
colds, congestion or fever. It weakens
the system generally and spreads its
operations until systemic catarrh or
au acute illness Is the result.
Is the nation's reliable remedy for
this condition. It restores appetite,
aids digestion, checks and removes
inflammation, and thus enables the
membranes, through which we breathe
and through which our food is ab
sorbed, to do their work properly.
Forty-four years of success, with thou
sands of testimonials, have established
it as the home remedy Ever-Ready-to-Take.
Its record of success
holds a promise for you.
You can obtain Peruna In tablet form
ior convenience.
A recent announcement by the
French war office asserted the French
drive since April lfi had resulted in tho
capture of 1:9,0110 Hermans.
The total since April 1 in the Franco,
liritish ui tensive therefore has now
reached fortv nine thousand men.
ino only oilier operations in the war
uhnn have resulted in such hlie;e cap
tures of men were those in which Vou
llindcnliui was enyaifed in the Muz
uriiiii swamps early in the war.
Consolation for 3,000
Disappointed Ones
Ban l-'ranriseo. May i). Consolation
for the disappointed ones of the .1(1(10
applicants for enrollment in the of
ficers reserve corps training rump, to
begin at the Presidio, wns contained in
order from tho war department to-
REGULARLY Hood'f Saraaparilla
Befora Mealt Paptiron Pills After.
Tbla combination is bavins wonder
ful RiiceesH everywhere.
Ft Is sweeping poor health nnd fear
of mental and physical breakdown oat
or many homes.
It is restoring lost appetite. Riving
the k1w of health to the cheeks, mak
1iifT fnocH bright and complexions clear,
and literally KivliiR worn-out. hrain-
, t.. ...... . t nf Iron.
lamjeii ieoin- in- .-...-..r. .
Kor It combines that most useful oi
all metals iron In a course ol medi
cine that Is peculiarly effective.
Hood'H Saisnparilla Is made from an
unmiipnsert formula of blood-pui'iiy-inm'
mid Htomacb-toiilnK remedies, in
cluding HHisaparilla, mandrake, dan
delion, yellow dock, wild cherry, rmj
tiun and oilier valuable alteratives
and kidney and liver remedies.
-feptiron Fills, named from peps n
and iron. Include these with n and
other blood and Htomaeh tonics jum
what physicians prescribe.
W Jame. Phelps
CJIAl'TKB XXXIX. ! always told me. and I never dreamed I Troublesome Debts.
Mother Banrr. Jthen of qMtiolling it I flusl.red as I thouRht of tl.c - o
l.nf .,i,. .. ; " "v'l'o iiuy,; " i wisn you wciuiu ten mo unont. this I owed of wnicn ne j.." ,,
I.Ut alW!l. 3 Cit t ie bnhv- Siln. no .....II ;., ...l.u nr. -. i i . . t...t n mllllhl'f "
u Tr.,11 ' " Kuonii-nn, Jl jn v l u Jill. Viailueil ISO IjiNOt laiue Olies, UlU ""- - ,, .
d-iintv .St-B.'l l SUIlt 11111 "' it?" I asked one night when he wuh thoin. I had figured tliein up o"'.V '''r
nrro t? i ii i 1 ""uer cue even later tnan usual. afternoon and ttie agKn-Knn
iuis. itaiHlall ha, (iUi(;e surnrised me. "Yes. flrnndnll tiou nl.n,, ,1,w.i,l,.,1 in i: t ...o
I want you to keen tho ten dollars in I,nrv
lorn had soilt mo mnnthlv ti,,, in .i.:,.i. i. . ..l.j v. x " . .,v limned
MttUVi X. U USf tir Iti-nt I 1- .. ..... 11. i ' .1.. i i a ii'' , .
able :stocks of to
iure, Rugs, Iinota
Shades, Ranges j
general lines of merci
andise, and noivwe;
fpr them at miicW
tor prices than mid.
think nfdoin2liDir
at this time. I
A Ml In
"So. if it's to
with food so h
mo month
for him. I
so hieh. milk
Bive, you will need all Tom
to Keep going, and to
cicDt. JJon't !feel
know that docs carry out his plana he has offered
so expen- me a pretty ernod notation. I am not
can cn rn sure that I shall better nivself in the
keep out of end, but just at present it means a lot.
VOII ni'n ,1... Tlia Gftk... In uln.f 1m 1......I.....1 ..
i .i t i i gives "ie ail 1 month-"
reea. I ahull be happier to know "Two hundred a month!" I re-
t)?A taVC i . 81,re tll! ,)aby I'"" Peated. "Why, Tom, how can you
mil T 7 "llIk P'octirable' she hesitate when you're only getting one
aUmC(1, - , hundred and thirty-five?''
i',Ti T , ' he rcfta ,,le 1('n,M'i "Wcl1 if- win decided tomorrow,
Zr!n ,ad.!!,J "I'lishtod me. Hudn't'and if there's no slip up yon advise me
mother siml she l!,1,.'f ,,nn,i ,... a ,i l ri,.. ...., .i..
monej, jiud we suroiy m. I could, clerical job, you know."
beLr0 ,,y fom wmild insist "I'""! "Indeed I do advise you to take it!"
v-m,u l S X ,'"t lnonpy matters. We I explained. "I am so sick of living
,', '1 ne llnifh uappier if lie were dif- tip two flights of stairs and beiiiR no-
rn. . . uuujr, J.UUII. ioo, xicien una waiicr uie
in il ii n i BAtfinn (i,n(. ; j.
finnnl AM V" tl1"1' cun" KluS l" move:
or there is refurn
lOUCUUiit, "v ..- ,
,l 1. nilP V'
you greatly ro-j
vantage, not only
ample, Pleasing,
date stows w
rVOvr t r ! ti rr in i (in
L ".,, arolP'nK will wear away a elevator apartment further downt own.
-4. ,co,lld pe hat To,n was Walter says he enn't waste so much
?"lte fMrf"l of spending as he time in the subways."
, ,Z. ' 1 srauuaiiy he was becom- "And you would like to go along
liiR more in sympathy with my ideas of with the Thuratons?"
kZVuM! ,,t,.ll"etni1 do' 80 Xl "Indeed I would! Helen says there
dninnro t" , no ol,.1c(,tl0s IVs the dearest little apartment on the
I triea i t t' i r h"d l,rI'osoJ- Yet, floor below them for only fifty dollars
plainly whe 7 -a ' i"eiiro too a montn. and mat includes light."
"T 0,,t, : uo, that's double what wo
I suppose we'll have to do ns she pay here!"
says lor a tune at least. SIia will bo l,,nfi nv ,:n r. ,.4.t:.. i
if Wfl don 'till uc P L LIJIJ UUUUIB UIU Bui-
Ttncino ,nry you get when we took this."
I should T, ? lataS Tm- I " Wel1 we'U 8(el " Tol returned as
rnt !lvcbc11 v"y lonely haditihe yawned sleepily. "There's one
auentlv o,ft aby' lom was ; thing in our favor, we don't owe nnv
quentlj out until late- "Business" he body." ...
.J,.MI1M1 Still
carriage, leaving iirteiu """" ,v(,
due. I owed the grocer nbot ,
dollars. I hurt novcr ent.reh v id
up, but had doled out enoug ' k
1, m quiet. I had bought jeve in 1 tlW.
for myself out of my n Iowa ,
which had cost double what IjJ '
and so I had charged them. Ht '
hitroduced me at a small exc us ve pI. op,
and they bad readily opened an
count. . thinua
I had needed shoes and oil m W U
for which I umkI tne "'""V' t;f,
thincn in eveiy
llioi c t-fcn. ... " rv or wise-
than wns at nit e""- ' ; :". lnnpor,
I figured that good things 1
but I was fooling -niywK. It
stylish things winch cost moie
plain serviceable ones. flf my
1 bad spent f '. n0tlv
month's allowance and I owed (
sixty-eight dollars. That nmy no t -
much, but to me u was
amount. Where should I get
It may seem strans" linnilHn(T
never had been accuio,... - p-
money should be the fxl.'" ,7 br0,istit
had been most w "'', ,,,! ,,o
t.i. t .nori'ieo i ..
in.,.. -
nrines '
r .
:i covin?. - .
m u'u " . T.nlieve
of mv own. I thnrougin.y ,
' - i-n.i.i.v nun ii"""
;t la (ho flntv or every !" ,
er to give both sons vU,o.
allowance, and so teach them tne
nnd the buying power oi rorf
(Tomorrow-Tom takes the nf 1
mL. HffiSl t":
uctions.w v
woods, m .,.(
finish 4.
i-mk thr