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Shake Off That Grip
When Spring comes, with its changeable weather
and your exposure, it is best to clear away all the
symptoms left after an attack of grip. That evil
disease leaves you weakened, and when its victim
attempts to "do his bit he exposes himself to the risk of a second
attack, for which he is less prepared, and which may have graver
There's Danger in Delay
April and May are pneumonia months. In this time a weak
ened system is a constant source of danger, for the pneumonia
and grip infections are in the air, and after a long winter the
body is so clogged with waste it cannot resist them. Fortify
the health, remove the catarrh, and improve the digestion.
For Quick
This reliable tonic is recommended to remove the waste
from the body, counteract the catarrhal poisons and allay the
inflammation that is catarrh, restore the regular appetite and
tone up the entire system to resist disease. A well man is safe.
As a tonic after grip it has won many commendation!, while its effect
iveness in catarrhal conditions is unquestioned. Take no chances Take
Parana Tabloti aro alwayt roady to tak. You may carry m box
Wf A you and ward off cold and chill. Thm liquid mtdicino in your
homo it a groat tafoguard. Protect your family.
Hi Parana Company, Columbus, Okie
Up In Ba'oon In AD Kinds of
Weather Target for Artil
lery AsWeO .
Br William Philip Siinnu
(Tutted l're Utf correspondent)
With the British Annie in the Field
Kfb. 4. (Kv mail) You remember the
eounty fairf Kenicmber the tremor of
exvtancr in the crowd gathered a
round the dingy old hot air baloon as
she swelled, oh, so slowly, with the
xnioke and lomes of the barrel stare
Will you ever forget the thrill she
gave you as she lazily lurched into thei
atr, dragging with her the fellow in
the darned but spangled purple tights,
the parachute jump man with oiled
hair plastered down on his forehead'
and others who labor indoors
should always take the strength-
compeliiiig tonic-food in
to keep up their strength,
nourish their nerves and
increase their energy.
SCOTTS is helping
thousands - why not you ?
Scott ft Bowuc Bloom 6c Id. N. J. kr23
(Coatiaae4 from page one.)
Mrs, Frederick DeVorc entertained
At her apartments in Tha Court, Hat
urdajr aftornoon, with a delightful
Kensington in honor of hor grandmoth
er, Mrs. Mary Crura of Eugene, who
returned to her home Sunday.
Ouring tho afternoon Mrs. A. J.
Baha favored the guests with several
charming readings and vocal solos.
Mrs. DeVore was assisted by Mrs.
Clyde C. (iraham.
Those asked to meet tho visitor
w)ere: JM'rs. "jlliaiu Walton, Mrs.
Clyde tirahnm, Mrs. Harry Hawkins,
Mrs. A. J. liuhn, Mrs. licorge 1'ost,
Mrs. W. 1). Fletcher, Mrs. Lvnn Smith,
Mrs. .lohu V. While, Mrs. i'aul John
non, Mrs. Kohert 1'nulus, Mrs. J. W.
Ferguson, Mrs. Charles Durkeu, Mrs.
Claude Stevenson, Miss tleitrnde Tay
lor of Albany, Mrs. Clarence Hartley
and Mrs. T. Kd wards.
Mrs- Merrill It. Moores has returned
from Portland, where she passed sev
eral days as the guest of friends and
Tho marriage of Miss Vera Dilley
and Lawrence (I. lltilgin of North Caro
lina will take place tonight at tho
home of Ihe bride's mother. Mrs. Mae
J filly, SM Ktatc street.
Only relatives and a l'ew friends
have been asked for the ceremony
which will bo a small simple affair.:
They will be unattended aud ouo of
the briile's close girl friends will sing
during the ceremony.
The young people aro going north
on a wedding trip and may go to North
Carolina later to make their homo.
Mrs. Prank 1". Schmidt aud small
eon, Teddy, are passing a lew days
visit in Portland.
Hatiirdny afternoon the' members of
the Hameili club gathered at the home
of Mrs. Amos Vnss to enjoy the in
formal afternoon for which Miss Julia
Jverson was hostess.
The early art of tho afternoon was
passed with sewing and later Mrs.
Sheldon gave an interesting talk on a
few of the wonderful pictures display
ed in the Louvre art gallery iu Paris.
Mrs. Walter A- Denton went to Port
land vesterdiiv 1 'or I lift mil I imm n,l
evening performance of grand opera j
at the Kleventh street theatre. In the
afternoon Mrs. Denton heard "Iris"
aud in the evening "Faust" which
wag the closing performance.
Thomas T. Hennett a prominent at
torney and banker of Marshfield, who
haa been isning a couple of days in
Halem, returned homo today. Mr. Hen
nett was accompanied by Charles Hall
also of Marshfield, and both were at
tha Hotel Marion.
Mr. and Mrs. George Stoddard enter
tained Saturday night at their home on
tho fairgrounds road, with an informal
evening of cards.
Five tables were arranged for the
games and tho guests included the
close friends nf flio f.im;u. At . .....
hour a buffet supper closed the festiv
ity, wnicn was mane, most enjoyable
by the graciousness of the host's.
Those urcsent werer Mr ,i fr
O. N. Ireland and son William, Mr.
Him aits, nert lates and daughter
Crystal, Mr. ami Mrs. Monroe anil son
Albert, Mr. and Mrs. White and son
Hernard, Mr. and Afrs. Doerfler and
daughters Lucille and ISurniee, Mr. and
Mrs. Taylor and daughters Velnin and
Veil, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stoddard,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles ThnmiKnn vi,.
and Mrs. Worth, Misses Alma Monroe,
t.i i , . i . . . ... '
riorenee niouciard, rsarali M inzenniier,
Myrtle Ireland and Fred Zimmerman-
Mr. and Mrs. Mnrtin V Siitlw.vTf....1
and baby son, .Donald, who have been
me guests or Air. J-Hitnerlnnrl 's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John I). Sutherland,
returned to their homo in Portland
Saturday afternoon a group of lit
tle folks revelled at the birthday par
ty iriveu Winifred Woodruff nf tin.
home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Dwight L. Woodruff. 1259 Chemeketa
The afternoon was merrily rounded
out with games and music, and later
mo puny cioseu witn dainty refresh
incuts. A ltirthitsiv cnlti n.l'.i-iwi.l -Wli
seven pink caudles centered the table
arouirn wnicn mo youngsters were seat
ed. Tiny pink tapers marked the ldnc-
Cn for the little irmtuta wlin wni-rt Vli's.
abeth Lewis, .Margaret. Olinger, Lillian
aim c.ugeno waiters, Mary nnd Mabel
Cupper, (Iwena and Jr'rnncnlln, Mnddoek
Hubart aud Donald Wilson, Homer
Kiehards nnd Luman Woodruff.
Commissioner After
Insurance Companies
State Insurance Commissioner Wells
yesterday served notice on seven fire
insurance companies to file with his of
fice a report of insurance risks written
by them from January 1, lit Hi, until
March 1, 1917. He requests a duplicate
copy of all daily reports giving the
name of tho person insured, the term of
tho risk, tho rate charged, tho premium,
and tho description of tho property.
In this way the insurance commission
er hopes to ascertain if certain insur
ance companies are making secret rates.
If such is found to bo the case he plans
to demand that all policy holders re
ceive equal and like treatment. Ho de-
J life -
aJ5'W .-J. ' ...1.1.8 PBSRH
That it a most important statement, and,
when considered in connection with health
ni medicine, its meaning it enlarged tremen
dously. Mineral medicines always leaye their
ravages in tha system.
Your blood require m purely vegetable
Medicine when it it upaet. That it why S. S. S.
tiaa done to much to build health during the
past fifty yeart. It it purely vegetable, and
not only drivet poitont out of the blood, but
builds up the tyttem at the tamo time.
Catarrh, Ecxama, Rheumatism, Malaria, Skin
Eruptions are evidences of disordered blood.
3. S. S. doet tha greatest good for all blood
disorders. Itt tuccett hat caused many substi
tutes to appear. Don't take anything but the
genuine. Write for booklet on any blood die
sMte, and for Medical Advice. No charge.
rat swrt sfcciric co.
, STUHt. is,
Mm, I'M Nr frtfUa.
Thl SWtf T SKCtFlC ct
atuhis. Stti.
lou secretly Ualf hoped be would fall ni 7h. t1I,, ", . i. .. j Vi
and half feared He would. w.' in .'v' lt ha! 1..,h,'
And then, at alwut fifteen hundred t h"' rl L f 'TV" '?
. i ' ......i . i.- i I j that we are a divided nation and,
i , iriuuaiii e uieii ii'H i. me uruu
worst of all, at the most critical mo
ment has given comfort and assistance
to William of Germany, the open, in
veterate and barbaric' enemy of this
The resolution also demands that the
parliamentary cloture of debate be im
mediately adopted by tht senate so
that the filibuster "may never again
bo used to humiliate our national honor."
drop of 300 to 500 feet, the slow own
ing of the parachute and the swinging
drift to the ground; remember?
Suppose you had to leave your job
iu the office, shop or on the farm, and
begin such performances tomorrow f
Suppose you had to go up in a balloon,
in any and all sorts of weather, to be
shot at by artillery and lunged at by
hostile aircraft! Suppose you had to
leap from burning balloons, or get
tossed out of the basket of one while
passing through the clouds?
From Clerks to Aeronauts
What if America should suddenly
find herself in a war and the billboards
should say: "Your country noods
you;" Think you could do these things
for her? British boys aro doinj the lit
tle trick every day. Yesterday they
were clerking in stores, working in
shops, bookkeeping in offices or go
ing to school. Today they arc making
parachute leaps from balioons and oth
er more thrilling things still.
Yesterday that lieutenant you find
yourself talking to, was a pink aud
white youth at Eton preparing to go
up to Cambridge. Today ho considers
duels above the clouds" with Uermaus
as mucn a pari 01 nis job as yes er ay From thc. reports that have reached
e considered eaieuuia to r.e. i ester.iay tho taml,U!,( tho tiee chlb is so far none
... ...... .,. '""j". the worse for their trip and the first
about flowers. INow ho handles a ma- eoncert d a lt attraction to
chine K"n like a demon as he hurtles its patrons. In fact people came for
through the sky two miles a minute, miie9 to hcar the far f.amcJ warblers.
i , T i V- 7 i ."arclened ( Ono brief report says, "after travel
Calls Norrta Traitor
Lincoln, Neb., March 7. A resolu.
tion branding Senator Xorris of Ne
braska as a traitor to the people of his
state and of the I'nited States, is to
be taken up by the Nebraska senate to
day. Got Some Iron Cross
Biloxi, Mass., March 7. Thomas
Collins, local blacksmith, forged a for
ty pound iron cross and sent it today
to Senator James K. Vardaman with
the inscription: "Lest the kaiser for
Ket." '
University Notes
youth like himself whom he is trviiur
to kill. ' "
Hero's an example. The incident oe
eurred in the observation balloon sec
tion. Two. youngsters, carrying out ob
servations over tho German defenses,
suddenly got a shell through their bal
loon. It began to fall, slowly at first,
then faster. Thev were about a mile
A Real Thriller
"We're hit and falling!" one of the
observers phoned down to the ground.
"Thc hostile gun is'at X-a'.'-lXii! " A
moment later thc second observer
phoned down tho position of the hostile
ing all day. covering 2."6 miles, clee
club gave first concert at Madras, Mon
day night. Made a good hit before a
fine crowd. Everybody in town and
withiu 20 miles came on their enyuses
to hear us. Fellows all feeling fine.
At Portland the men succeeded in
finding a piano small cough to get in
the ear. It is four foot high and four
foot long. Everyone seems taken up
with the porter,, and he is surely the
man for tho job. as he traveled with
tho Yalo glee chib from Chicago to
San Francisco last year.
Eight men are the recent recruits ot
U" V. u I . , , , ,JJi" iiiuii niv lilt; Ifll'llu rtMTUllS Ol
a tery which had punctured them, but tho Chestophilian literary society. Af
cave the position U K WWmif i - ' . . ' ?
ier me initiation eacn ono was orancl
gave the position slightly different.
Then both bovs iuinned. Their nam.
chutes opened about the same distance
down nnd, not more than fifty feet
apart, they were wafted earthward together.
"The blithers!" ono youth called
over to the other as thuv dauuled half
a mile above the earth. "Thev coulilu't
do that again iu a million shots."
"Rummy lot of stale cheeses!"
growled the other, waving an arm in
the direction of the Germans. " Pure
accident. They couldn't hit a bread
wagon if they tried." Thus chatting
they landed in a field about a mile
from their winch, and patiently trudg
ed back.
"I'm sorry to note" said the com
pany commander as they entered the
hut serving ns balloon section tele
phone central "that you two genttc
nien failed to agree on the locntion of
the hostile battery which brought you
down." And though thero was a
twinkle in his eyes, his voice was se
vere. "Sorry, sir!" one of tho young offi
cers replied with a smart salute, "but
perhaps our error was due to the ob
servations being taken at different al
titudes." Throughout tho British army
one finds boyish looking officers. Anil
they have again and again proved
themselves up like this, when tho pinch
has come.
Two other young officers while at
an altitude of about 4,000 feet found
themselves caught in a windstorm be
fore they eould be hauled down. Just
betore reaching earth a violent gale hit
the balloon, which pulled the winch on
the ground completely over, snapping
the wire cable. Tho sausage wen up and
oft among the clouds like a bubblo iu
a whirlwind.
At a tremendous height the balloon
was struck by lightning and set on
fire, throwing one of the officers out
of the basket. His parachute opened
but as the balloon, now fnlling like a
rock, had its rigging tangled up with
tho lower cords of the parachute, the
latter began descending at frightful
velocity through the storm clouds. The
officer might have cut the balloon
loose, making his own escape a certain
ty, hut he would have doomed his
brother officer to certain death. So'he
refrained, preferring to take the mil
lionth chanco along with tho other man
The velocity of tho fall extinguished
the fire which had burned a great hole
in the balloon and wind, getting iu
through this opening, caused the fab-
I ric to swell out thus forming a para-
cnute ot itself. I lie ground was reach
ed with a thud which broke a collar
bone or two but both young men walk
ed to the nearest dressing station
where they "reported" before rcceiv
ing first aid.
ed with the Chresto symbol J. The in
flates were Spiess, Bailey, Notson,
Chittick, Itahscopf, Lawson, Dough
ton and Lyman.
Installation services of the Y. W.
C. A. will take the place of the regu
lar devotional meeting tomorrow after
noon. To assist her in tho work of tho
cabinet the new president, Miss Fan
nie McKennon, appointed Miss Gladys
Nichols chairman of tho Biblo study
department; Miss Reta Hobbs, mis
sions; Miss Edith Bird, social; Miss
Mary Findley, summer conference aud
rest room; Miss Mabel Garrett, devo
tional meetings; and. Miss Blanche Ba
ker, extension.
Merrill Ohling, editor of tho 1919
Wallulnh, has already selected the ma
jority of his staff members, and formu
lated the general policy of the edition.
It is his desire to have the annual
standardized in -form, so that each
year it will have the same general ap
pearance. Raymond Attebery .and Maude Mac
lean will be his chief assistants- The
contract for tho engraving work has
been let to Hicks-Chatten Printing
company of Portland. Thc work in the
1917 Wallulah is a sample of their pro
duction. They also have the contract
tor tho 1918 publication.
Woman Thought She Would
Die. Cured by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
emieu jiint certain companies were
making secret acquisitions and ho was
going to show the citizens that these
companies were misrepresenting tho sit
uation, lie slated that he would not
stop the investigation until the rates
are reduced or shown why they should
not be reduced.
Why the Journal is popular
It prints the world's news to-
day while it's news. I writ tha I.vriia P PinL-i.'un.
Ogdensburg, Wis. "I suffered from
female troubles which caused piercing
pains line a Kmta
through my bach:
and side. 1 finally
lost ell my strength
so I had to go to
bed. The doctor
advised an oper
ation but I wbuld
not listen to it. I
thought of what I
had read aboutLydia
E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound and
tried it. The first
bottle brought great
relief and six bottles have entirely
cured me. All women who have female
trouble of any kind should try Lvdia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound."
Mrs. Etta Dorion, Ogdensburg, Wis.
Physicians undoubtedly did their best,
battled with this case steadily and could
do no more, but often the most scientific
treatment is surpassed by the medicinal
properties of the good old fashioned
roots and herbs contained in Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
it any complication exists it pays to
! II
i Ma i
Big Lumber Shipments
WiD Lme Portland
Portland, Or, March 7. Lumber ag
greeting ..OO.O0O feet aud valued at
about I-.100 was sold yesterday
morning for shipment from Portland to
Shanghai and Australia. The deal is
the heavimt to I closed in a single
day rforiaf the year.
or the total. "4.."iki,imk feet will be
shippfd to Shanghai ou a Ja pa
steamer, which is scheduled to reach
here March .'1. The steamer was
chartered by the China Import and Kx
port Lumber company from 11. K. Os-trander-of
Seattle, who has not re
vealed her identity. She is about due
on the Sound from the Orient. There
is a possibility that she is the new
steamer Soincdono Maru, which is en
route from Manila. She will load at
thc inman IVnlscn mill, which is to
begin at once to get out the big order
for her.
The other orders comprising 5.000,-
000 will be exported to Australia on
four sailing vessels. Their names have
not been learned by Pant it Russell.
who will furnish the lumber for them.
Kaeh of the sailers will take out about
1,250,000 feet. The first cargo of this
order will be svt afloat near the first;
of June.
This new business will make about
17,000,000 feet of lumber, which will
leave Portland and the river for for
eign shores in the next few months, j
The basket ball team will go to Ku-!
gene Tuesday to play Eugene high. Ku-;
gene was defeated by Salem in a game!
earlier in the season so thc Salem team
hopes to repeat its earlier victory again
There is but three more games left on
the schedule and all of the games are
away from home. The games to be
plnved yet are Eugene, Franklin high
of Portland and McMinnvillc. Mc-
Minnville now claims the Willamette ;
valley championship, having defeated!
Salem in a previous game. If Salem!
defeats McMinnville it will have as!
much of a claim to the championship j
as McMinnville. !
Dramatic work seems to appeal
strongly to tho students of the high
school. At present four plays are beins
planned for thc near future. The exact
date has not yet been selected for any
of the plavs.
"Strongheart" sometime this month
and the Herman club will present a
This popular department, now opened for Spring
business. Nice dress hats, shapes, ornaments, flow
ers, fancy ribbons, and all kinds of hat trimmings.
Big display. Expert trimmers ready to supply
your wants. Moderate Prices.
R. & G. Cor- Amoskeag Out-
Kayser s new setg new &tyhs ing Fiannels,
Silk Gloves just in, 65c, $1, ?e'
$1.25, $1.50, Pmk and
50c and 75c ' ' Heavy ."8,
Jl.,a and ?J.OO yard, 10c ..
New Ginghams J New Percales New Fancy
10c, 12'2c 15c I 10c and 15c Voiles, yd. 20c
Men's heavy I Af, Heavy Black
See- Us for Blankets, Best Values in CJty
Big Blankets, Plaid Blankets Blankets
pair, $1.35 . $2.50 72x80, pr $1.75
Nice Line Boys' Suits Special Good Value
38c Brassiers Children's 3 lb. Cotton
25c Union Suits, 2
65c ones for 50c to 6, 25c Batts 65c
For Itching Scalp
Vou do not want a slow treatment
for itching scalp when hair is falling
and the dandruff germ is killing the
hair roots. Delay means no hair.
Get, at any drug store, a bottle of
zemo for 25c or $1.00 for extra large
size. Use as directed, for it does the
work quickly. It kills the dandruff
germ, nourishes the hair roots and im
mediately stops itching scalp. It is
a pure, reliable, antiseptic liquid, is not
greasy, is easy to use and will not stain.
Soaps and shampoos are harmful, as
they contain alkali. The best thing to
use for scalp irritations is zemo, for it
is safe and also inexpensive.
Tho K. W. Hose Co.. Cleveland, O.
(icrman play before the assembly some, mel arc preparing a Latin play. A Lat
time in April. I in play has never before been attempt-
The Snikpoh Dramatic society gives! ed at the high school and is so much
a pla3- each semester and is at present j out of the ordinary that tho students)
preparing to select a play to give some i are, eagerly looking ioiward to tbo
time in ifay. j date when it will be given.- The date
The Latin students under Miss Hum-; has not been selected.
It's an awful thin to lose your hair!
One of thc first signs of unhealthy hair is dandruff. You must get rid
of it or your hair will suffer.
has been used for 100 years by men and women everywhere for
dandruff, itching scalp and falling hair. Use it faithfully and prevent
baldness and at the same time make your Jiair bcamjful, lustrous ami
strong. Try one bottle. Ask ;,our druggist. You can test ED.
PINAUD'S by sending 10c. to our American Offices for a little bottle!
Note how pure and fragrant it is.
ParfumcrieED.PINAUD.DcptM - ED. PLNAUD BLDG., New York
This Is Orange Week
rar. uranges for Health
Srn?T- t03y t0 enjy th5s 2reat' anmial f it festival.
l,AS, FanKe week everywhere, and Saturday,
March 10th, is National Orange Day. You can buy
delicious, healthful Sunkist Oranges at sped, prices alt this week
from almost any dealer. ' Order a dozen now, or better, buy a box.
Uniformly good oranges such as Sutikist will keep.
Sunkist Orangej are juicy, firm, and practically seedless uniformly eood
orange,. They tome in varying sizes ar.d prices. Ak that your Sunkist ht
'SunlTsu- 7U riginal Cl"n- Cri8p tiKue ""Pl-r. which are sumped
Cslifornls Fruit Growers Exchange. A Co-Operative Non
profit Orgam.atioa ol 8OS0 Growers, Los Angeles, California.
Uniformly Good
) Co.,Lynn,Mass.,for9peciljeBdvi.