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8AMSOWN for richn.u CAVAU.A for
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an J yet they're MILD
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and action with suck unusual concontra
tii.ii and success upon tho groat problem
of domestic legislation to which wo ad
dressed ourselves four years ago, other
matters havo mate nud more forced
themselves upon our attention, matters
lying outside our own life as a untiou
ami over which we had no control but
which despite, our wish to keep free of
them, have drawn us more nud more ir
resistibly into their own current aud in
fluence. Are Kin of Warring Nations.
It had been impossible to avoid them.
They have sft'ected the life of tlie whole
world. They have slinkon men every
where with a passion and an apprehen
sion they never knew before. It has
been hard to preserve calm counsel
while the thought of our own people
swayed this way and that, under their
We are a composite and eosmololitau
people. We are of the blood of all the
batman that arc at war. The currents
of onr thoughts as well as the currents
of our trade run quick at all seasons
back aud forth between, us and them.
The war inevitably set its mark from
the first alike upon our minds, onr in
dustries, our commerce, our politics nnd
our social action. To be indifferent of
it or independent of us was out of the
And yet all the while we have been
conscious that wo were not part of it.
In that consciousness, despite many di
visions, we have drawn closer together.
We have been deeply wronged upon the
en but we have not wished to wrong
or injure in return: have retained
throughout, the consciousness of stand
ing in some sort apart, intent upon nn
interest that transcended the immediate
issues of the war itself As some of the j equally responsible for their mniiiten-
jin" i Hum- us mi vt' nccome intoier- , o'"
aide we have still been clear that wo
wished nothing tor ourselves that we
were- not ready to demand for all i:iu
kind fair dealing, justice, the freedom
to live and be tit ease against organ
ized wrong.
Want Nothing At Others Cost.
It is in this spirit nud with this
thought that we have grown more and
inure aware, more and more certain that
the pnrt we wished to play was the part
of those who mean to vindicate and
fortify pence. We have been obligee o
arm ourselves to make good our claim
struggle itself. But nothing will alter
our thought or our purpose. They are
too clear to lie obscured. They are too
deeply Tooted in the principles of our
national lifo to bo altered. We desire
neither conquest nor advantage. We
wish nothing that can bo hnd only at
the cost of another people. We have
always professed unselfish purpose und
wo covet tho opportunity to prove that
our professions ore sincere.
There are many things still to du at
homo, to clarify our own politics nnd
give new vitality to the industrial pro
cesses of our own life, and we shall
have done them us time and opportunity
serve; but Ave realize that the great
est things that remain to be done must
bo done with the whole world for a
stage nnd iu co operation with the wide
and universal forces of mankind, and
wo are making our spirits ready for
those things. They will follow in the
immediate, wake of the war itself, and
will set civilization up again. We are
provincials no longer.
Are Citizens of tho World.
Tho tragical events of the ;!0 months
of vital turmoil through which we have
just passed have made- us citizens of
the world. There can be no turning
back. Our own fortunes as a nation are
involved, whether wo would have it so
or not.
And yet we are not the less Ameri
cans on that account. We shall be the
and solemn oath to which you have been
audience because 'the people of the Uni
ted States have chosen me for this
august delegation of power nnd have by
their gracious judgment named me their
lender in affairs. I know now what the
task means. I realize to the full the
responsibility which it involves. I pray
God I may be given the wisdom aud the
prudence to do my duty in the true
spirit, of this great people. I am their
servant and can succeed only as they
sustain ami guide me by their confi
dence aud their counsel. The thing I
shall count upon, the thiug without
which neither counsel nor action will
avail, is tho unity of America ,-lid
America united in feeling, in purpose
nud in its vision of duty, of opportun
ity and of service- We are to beware
of all men who would turn the tasks and
the necessities of the nation to their
own private profit or use them for the
building of private power; beware that
no factions or disloyal intrigue break
the harmony or embarrass the spirit of
our people; beware that our government
be kept -pure and incorrupt in all its
parts. L'nited alike in tho conception of
our duty and in the high resolve to per
form it in the face of all men, let us
dedicate ourselves to the great task to
wuien wo must now set our hand. For
myself,' I beg your tolerance, your coun
tenance nnd your united aid. The
moro Americans if we but remain true i shadow tlmt now lie dark upon our
iu nie principles iu wnicu we uuve- occn
bred. They t.re not the principles of a
province nor a single continent. We
have known and boasted all along that
they were the principles of a liberated
mankind. These, therefore, are the
things we stand for, whether iu war or
in peace:
That all nations are equally interested
in the peace of the world and iu the
political stnbilitv of free peoples and
That the essential principle of peace
is the actual equality of nations iu all
mutters of right or privilege;
That peace cannot securely or justly
rest upon an armed balance of power:
That governments derive all their just
powers from the consent of the govern
ed, and that no other powers should be
supported by the common thought, pur
pose or power of the family of natious;
Seas Must Be Free.
That the seas should be equally free
end sate for the use of all peoples, un
der rules set up by cominou agreement
ui a certain minimum of right and of nml consent, and that, so far as praett
f reedom of action. We stand firm in cable, they should be accessible to all
armed neutrality since it seems that in upon equal terms;
no other way cau we demonstrate what I That national armaments should tic
it is wc insist upon and cannot forego. ; limited to the necessities of national
We may even be drawn on. bv rir.M order and domestic safetv:
stances, not by our own purpose or de-l That the community of interest and
Birr io a more active assertion of our or power upon winch peace must Iionce
tights as we see them and a more im- forth depend imposes upon each nation
mediate association with the great 'ho puty of seeing to it that all iuflu-
cures proceeding trom its own citizens
j meant to eucouiage or assist revolution
j in other states should bo sternly aud ef
; tectuallv suppressed aud presented.
I need not argue these principles to
you, my fellow countrymen; they are
your own, part and parcel of your own
thinking and your owu motive iu af
fair They spring up native amongst
us. I'pou this as a platform of purpose
aud of action we cau stand together.
And it is imperative that we should
stnud together. We are being forged
into a new unitv amidst the fires that
Shut Out by Red Tape In New
York He Leaves for His
Old Home
Br H. C. Hamilton I
(l'nited Press staff eorresoiideiit) j
New York, March .V .la.T. Dillon
of Indianapolis and Woodrow Wilson
of Washington today are In much the
same beat. Kach is willing to fight if
necessary but neither can do it with
out disturbing the red tape and beliefs
of some other folks. Dillon, like Wil
son, can't stand it, so he is on his way
hack to Indianapolis today.
As a result, Sam Murbarger, Dillon's
manager, is hanging around Acw iork
explaining why there will be no gory
exhibition tonight between .lack ami
the ancient and decrepit order of Jim
Kly nn.
Dillon's departure from New York
may menu the end of his appearance
in local rings. Since he fought Billy
Miske off his feet here and then found
New York newspapers, with few ex
ceptions, giving the edge to the St.
Paul boxer, he lias been depressed.
He tried to wipe it out by battling
Miske again, but the same thing result
ed. Then he tackled Al McCoy and al
though he slammed Al nil over the ring
at the Broadway Sjiorting club, he had
the misfortune to again become the
subject of gibes by the Xcw York
It cut deep into Dillon. He couldn't
stand it, so he went hack to the more
gentle methods of Indianapolis scribes.
Chinese Beat Beavers
IWilanil (Ir Mnr.-h fl Kchlatz-
loin's wilderness enabled the all-Chi-nosn
team of Honolulu to beat Portland
once more, 4 to 3, according to wire
less reports trom Hawaii touny. 1 ne
game was staged Sunday at Honolulu,
imfnro a li itowiI. Sc h la t xleiii. a semi
pro recruit from Los Angeles, walked
five men, maito tive wim pucnes was
unable to ricut un position aim run
tf.;iiit.l n liUrh Vipnve to first, lettinc
three Chinese score. He blew up in the
r, il
Eczema Is Conquered
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It penetrates, cleanses and soothes.
Zemi is a clean, dependable and inex
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Try it, as. we believe nothing you have
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mt 1-epUron JHIIs, these valuable
remedies possess unequalled health
value, for the alleviation and cure of
long train of ailments common
anionic our people in this :oth century.
In these days of rushing and push
ing, tteyond the endurance' of even the
JiiomI robust, nearly mrv iiMn n.,i
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of the heaHh-srlviii powers of this
combination of medicines t.i anmun
mt sustain normal health tone. It it
is not supplied, the depletion of the
Mood and the broken-down nerve will
HMn Rive way to permanent invalid
ism and mined health.
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great tonic properties of Iron. They
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t.i Combination Hood's S.irsap-r-
kofor meals, IVpuron Tills after.
their ardent heat we shall, in God 's pro
videure, let Us hope, lie purged of fac
tions aid divisions, purified of the er
rant humors of party nnd of private in
terest, and shall tdaiid forth iu the days
to come with a new dignity of national
pridt aad spirit. Let each man ee to
it that the dedication is iu his own
heart, the high purpose of the uation in
his own mind, rather of his owu will
and desire.
Askj TJuity of America,
I stsnd here and have taken the high
path will soon be dispelled and we shall
walk w ith the light all about us if we be
but truo to ourselves to ourselves as
wo hnve wished to be known in the
counsels of the world nnd in the thouaht
of all those who love liberty nnd justice
ana tne ngnt exalted.
Amity, Or., March 5. The Holly
Condensed Milk company of Amity has
invented a new product rice and milk
wliieh is gaining popularity with a
bound, aud many housewives' are wel
coming it into their list of table deli
cacies. The idea is entirely a new one
and the Holly people of this place are
the originators and only manufactur
ers to put out the article. It is rice
cooked and canned with condensed
milk and is ready for the table with
little additional preparations.
The Holly people have just received
a full carload of rice and expect to
manufacture a largo quantity of the
new product for the trade. The rice
used is of the best quality of the Ori
ental product.
GOT.T) MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules
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Bike Records Smashed
San Francisco, March 5. Kecords
were smashed by the riders in the six
dav bicycle race today when the judges
announced at 8 o'clock that the eleven
teams remaining in the race had cov
ered 2'23 miles, at- the end of eight
hours of riding. This is six laps ahead
of the record.
Hill, of the team of McXnniara and
Hill, set the pace during most of the
morning. The extraordinary speed of
the early hours was caused by the of
fering of numerous prizes for sprints
bv the fans.
"The first bad spill of the race came
during the 100th mile when a tire of
Madden 's wheel punctured, piling -Mad
den and six other riders on the boards.
Madden 's ankle was injured, compell
ing the retirement from the race of
the team of Madden wul Magin. All
the other riders appear to -De in ex-
....Unnf Ciirm.
McNamara and Hill are the favorites
with the rail birds tor the victory.
Rosebure Is Champion
of State High School
Roseburg high school won the cham
pionship Of the tiasKetuail tournament
Satardav night by defeating Salem
high school in the final game by the
score of 21 to Hi.
The game was one of the best of the
series and was characterized by fast,
clean playing. Excellent teamwork was
displayed bv each team.
.lewett starred for Roseburg, while
Ackerman showed to best advantage
for Salem.
Trophy Cup Awarded
Hy winning this game, Roseburg
took the trophy cup presented by Wil
lamette university.
This game ended the first animal
basketball tournament which proved to
be a great success in every way.
The lineup;
Roseburg Salem
Osburn F ....Ackermau( Cap)
YVillett F Fry
Jewett(e) C Latham
Bemis (5 ko.s
Tmmbo G Gill
In the preliminary games Woodburn
defeated the Monroe team, 31 to 18.
Salem had little trouble m eliminat
ing Amity. 31 to 13. Salem used two
teams in the game.
The real game of the evening was
when the Stlverton team lost to Rose
burg. 15 to 14. Silverton was leading
bv one point until in the last 10 sec
onds of play. Jewett tossed the win
ning basket.
Monroe Takes Consolation
A consolation contest was won by
Monroe over Amitv bv a 39 to 16 score
In the semi-finals In the afternoon.
Roseburg had but little trouble with
Vn..lhnrn and won. 4S to 11. Salem
lalso had an easy time with Oakland
high school, score 5.i to la.
The lineup and scores in the semi
finals were:
p (16) Osburn
V (.-) Willett
...O (19) .lewett
.0 (ti) Trumbo
ft Bemis
Plans To Set Rose Bushes
Along Street Leading to
A meeiing of the Salem Floral so
ciety to be held Monday evening the
5th of March at the Commercial ilub
rooms, promises to be of unusual interest-
At this meeting the project of beau
tifving the parking of Marion street as
well as the parking on either side of
this sttiicet will be discussed. It is
hoped by tho officers and members
ef the society that the property own
ers or this street will lie well repre
sented at this meeting and will join
in the discussion of this project; that
a discussion may be made as to what
kind of improvement would please the
majority of the property owners. The
question of selecting an official flow
er for the city will also be taken up
at this meeting, we now have a state
t lower and it is thought by ninny thai
wo should also have nn official flowci
for the city, which could be used by
our Commercial club in its advertising
literature. It is hoped that all who can
will attend this meeting and take an
active part in cooperating with the so
ciety in making this city the Salem
Several thousand rose bushes are bo
ing propagated by the society which
will be ready for planting this fall or
early in the spring of next year, and
the society wishes to have all details
work out before that- time.
Another plan will bo taken up soon
to plant a rose hedge along the park
ings of some prominent street leading
to the fair grounds this will likely be
either Capitol or Summer street, de
pending largely to what, extent the
property owners of these streets show
a disposition to help the society bring
this about.
It is the purpose of this organization
to assist, the city and its citizens to
make this the Capital City, orle that
every resident will be proud in which
to live.
pie's party, added:
"The noble traditions of the Amer
ican country are set with our assailants,
as the eleventh adversary against us,
already engaged in self defense' against
10 enemies."
Bulgria With Germany.
London, March 5. Bulgaria considers
she must adopt in whole the attitude
of her allv, Germany, and break with
America, according to dispatches reach
ing here todav from semi-official Bul
garian press agencies- These advices
declare the Bulgarian government will
shortly send a note to the l'nited States
explaining Bulgaria's adherence to
Germany and instructing the Bulgarian
minister at Washington to demand his
Belgium Divided.
Copenhagen, March 5. That part of
Belgium in Germany's hands has been
divided into three provinces, with the
cities of Brussels, amur and St. Anus,
designed as capital, according to Ber
lin advices today. German governors
have been appointed for each of these
districts, the scheme of government be
ing the same as that in German ocu
cupied Poland.
Sixteen Bombs Found In Ho
boken Hotel -Plotter
Hobokcn, X- .1.. March 5. A whole
sale bomb plot, including a possible
plan of attack on President Wilson,
was believed to have been revealed
here this afternoon in the arrest of
Pritz Kolb, in a local hotel room, in
which were found several bombs and
quantities of explosives.
In Kolb's room, the police said,
enough explosives' were found to have
destroyed the entire city. Articles for
the manufacture of bombs and several
of the completed missies were discov
ered. Nitroglycerine and picric, mid
were found in considerable quantities.
No detonating caps were on the com
pleted bombs.
The arrest was made by polico and
members of the neutrality squad, who
took Kolb to detective headquarters
immediately to be questioned.
Sixteen bombs were found in the
Commercial hotel room where tho ar
rest was made.
At police headquarters it was said
Kolb had confessed he and his accom
plice, who is now being sought, intend
ed to go to Washington soon as possi
ble to "get President Wilson."
It is understood the arrest followed
investigation into the Black Tom and
Kingsland, X. J., explosions; that the
police were trailimr clues as to the plot
angles of these explosions when they
closed in on-iolh.
Companion Escaped
Kolb is understood to have had one
companion, working directly with him,
who got away. The extent of tho police
and federal agent concentration on the
case and remarks of a desk sergeant
at Hobokcn police headquarters, indi
cated Kolb's activities probably form
onlv a part of the plot.
The Commercial hotel, where Kolb
was arrested, was the base of opera
tion of Lieutenant Fay who confessed
to plots against ships sailing from Am
ericau harbors. The hotel is directly op
posite the Xorth German-Lloyd Steam
ship piers.
A lieutenant of police said the man's
room had been watched since yester
day morning, officials considering it
significant that he should have one
bomb fully loaded with a time fuse at
tached at a time when attention was
centered on the inauguration ccrcmon
ies at Washineton.
Chief Hayes. Captain Garrick, two
Hoboken detectives and one member of
New York police neutrality squad
made the arrest.
Kolb told them he came to America
from Germany in July a month before
the war started and that he has since
been in Mexico. He said friends of his
had been coming to his room and work
ing for ten or fifteen minutes each
evening. Chief Hayes refused further
to reveal the man's story. He was ex
amined and sweated at length.
That he had been kicked shameful
ly, scratched, and had pieces of wood
hurled at him by his wife are some of
the allegations made in a complaint
filed Saturday by George W. Stoner
against his wife, Signcy Stoner, for a
complete divorce.
He states that she has refused to
live with him and has treated him in
a cruel and inhuman manner, and made
life a burden to him. He says that he
has been operating a general store in
Xorth Salem and that to annoy him
and cause him humiliation she would
break open boxes, abuse the clerks in
the presence of customers and make
herself so obnoxious that customers
would leave in disgust.
The complaint states thev were mar
ried June 21, 1911, at St. Cloud, Minne
sota, and that there has been one child
George Larson Stoner. The husband
It's Easy If You Know Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets
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your liver and bowtls tin-re's no n. id
of having a sallow complexion ii.v.k
rings under your eyes pim;dcs a bil
ious look in your face dull eyes w.sh
no fparklc Your doctor will tell you
ninety per cent cf all sickness coiv.ei
frcim irir.ctive howelj and liver.
Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician
in Ohio, perfected a vegetable com
pound mixed wi-.li olive oil to act ou
the liver and bowels, which he gave t
his patients for years.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the Sub
stitute for calomel, are gcnilo in thrr
action, yet always effective. They britiit
about that exuberance of spirit, that
natural buoyancy wliieh shotilj be en
joyed by everyone, by toning up the liver
and clearing the system of impurities.
You will know Dr. Edwards' Olive
Tablets by their olive color. 10c and
25c per box. All druggists.
asks a' decree of divorce.
In the case of Winwood Kobins
against Irene Etta Kobins, an action
for divorce, a reply to tho answer of
the defendant was filed by tho plain
tiff in which he admits certain allega
tions made iu the answer and deniea
others. He admits the allegations made
wherein the defendant is accused of
conduct not ordinarily sanctioned in
society, amounting to indiscretions.
Marriage licenses issued by tho coun
ty clerk Saturday afternoon were
Charles Asa Smith, a farmer of Balem
and Durali Hazel Corey, a Salem sten
ographer; William C. l)e Celm, a city
fireman of San Diego, and Kthel M.
Brunk, of 53f North Winter street, a
Salem stenographer.
O'Leary Pays Bets On
Presidential Election
Chicago, March 5. By 10 a. m. today,
James O'Leary 's strong box, said to
have contained anywhere between $200,
000 and .r)00,000 in election bets, was
practically empty. O'Leary announced
yesterday, after the president took tho
oath, that he would begin paying off
today. When his saloon opened, a long
string of winners were waiting.
O'Leary, famous betting commission
er, refused to pay bets last fall after
Wilson's election, contending that the
issue would be in doubt until after tho
electoral college had assembled.
Later he decided to wait until the in
augural. "I'll pay every bet," ho said to
day. "I've been here 30 years and no
man ever knew me to welch on a bet."
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a Little Musterole
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Ackerman (11) F
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Gill (2)
.O : Hick man
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Homer Jamison of Portland refereed
all of the games.
(Continued from pf out.)
in order to prevent a conflict between
us and the Vnited States. They fully
understood Germany's struggle for ex
istence. Terse-ciited by Wilson, they
have maintained idea of German-Americanism
until now. Wilson once wel
comed them as those men who could be
proud that their country was Ger
many." Herr Hsusniann, member of the peo-
"Feeling Tough, Jim
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