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JUST 1 fill
President of North American
Division Conference la
City Today
Said Mr. Newhome:-- We are snugly warm no matter how the wind blows or how stinging
the cold outside! This IDEAL-AMERICAN heating makes life out here in the suburbs, or the
country, comfortable for everybody. The coal-money I spent this year is the most satisfao
tory-and the least, despite the new high prices. The outfit will outlast our lifetime-an
investment, not an expense.?'
il Radiators IBoilers
I pitiituiig
I RjMB!in
IDBAL Boilers have
large fuel pots in which
the air and coal gases
thoroughly mix as in a
mod era gas or oil man
tle or burner, thua ex
tracting every bit of
the heat from the fuel.
Basier to run than
CJZ." - -
No exclusive agents
Sold by all dealers
! a .
Cases Before Public
Service Commission
Casos set for hearing by tho jmblir
service comniission are as follows:
March 5, application of George
Fisher for a farm cvofsiii?, courthouse,
Hillsboro, at 1 o'clock p. 111.
March (i, crossing case, Warrenton,
j:.iu p. 111.
March K, crossing case, Canby, 5:10
i. 111.
March 12, a r-hearing in the valu
ation of the i R. Ii. and P. company,
court hoiiHe, ' I'ortland, at 10 o'clock
. m.
i March 13, rate case of the P. R. and
I'. company, court house, Portland, 10
a. m.
March 19, advance rate suspension
eases of the Oregon Kiev trie and .South
ern Pacific on rates on sacks and cans
from manufacturer to canpery, state
house, Salem, 10:30 a. 111. "
March 21, valuation of the TacirV
Telephone and Telegraph company,
eourt house, Portland, at 10:30 a. 111.
The valuation is to' be made for deter
mining rates. Inventories have been
submitted and checked by the commis
sion's engineers and unit prices ap
plied. The company will appear to up
hold its present rates and valuation.
Journal Want ads will sell it.
Use Journal classified ads
Shows 2, 3:45, 7:15,
9:15 p. ra.
1 ,
Investment I ever
No other feature of a building repays so much its cost-or so many times its cost-as an Idfat
AMERICAN outfit-which easily outwears the building. The heaver fadSE the aosence of
Ktaof!Wttkh6 " the deanliness that saves hoework i toSSi?
the-ideal bargain in heating
It you are weary of everlasting blackening, repairing and coaxing, dis
card at once the old way and put in an IDEAL-AMERICAN outfit at this
season, when you get best attention and most favorable prices. Send
for free booklet-" Ideal Heating" which explains how to get full returns
from every heating coal bill.
permanent Vacuum Cleaner is best to buy
inau.ca m any new or 01a Cuilding without tearing up anything. Now also made in two
sweeper size for apartments, hotels, office buildings, etc. Lasts for years-always ready for most
thorough cleaning. Fully guaranteed, in size i 7 cij p.... r .
- - ' " -1"
.: ""-,",f" Cleaner is best to buy.
American radiator company
Vork. BoMoo. Providence. Wa.u ti.it.j.i.t.:- n,. ... ..
. vu..,, uu rrsucisco, 1.0S AngelCS.
... v-Mua, tv-HiTcr, amn rnociKO. L AnselM.
Thrill of WarRan Through
(Continued from page one.)
capitol to the platform.
He was accompanied by Mrs. Wilson
and his aides.
By this time a new breeze was aweon.
ing the crowded stand and the stamping
Of thousands Of feet, as the nem.lo Qtnm.
gled to keep warm; changed to a roar of
Simultaneously tho sun burst, out from
en overcast sky. The president looked
up and smiled.
"Well, that's fine," he said.
The president was preceded to his
place on the platform by members of
the United (States supreme court in
their sombre judicial robes.
Then followed the flirtlnmof;,. AAvnn '
...v,: 1 1 I x V, ' ',"i"'i
which took seats to the left of the plat-1
rorm. f
The senate and house marched down
in a body- and sat at -the Tear nf tho
Cabinet Is With Him.
Wilson's nresenr. cnl.im.f tfrn.1o.l
him as he imrtic.ioated in the vico-iirnai.
dential inaugural in the senate previous
to his own induction a sign, as the
crowds saw it, that they will remain hi
advisers. For it is eiistnninrv tn ti,n
new cabinet to accompany the' incoming
The president wore no nvercnaf n-l,a
he took his seat nntuide hut -;ti,;,.
j very few minutes the raw wind proved
Miss Anita Stewart
e Girl
By Robert Chambers
s 1 r
...Hi 1.
' mw ,i as
These outfits guarantee
highest quantity and quality
of heat per dollar of cost
wwiu vu Msy rayincni ruin, oend
Seattle. BneAmn Pr,ri.nj t ' "
, . aviWUIV, Diamuura
M W MI a irVaV 2
too much and Mrs. Wilson ordered him
to don an overcoat and his hat
He did.
Then, apparently feeling the crowd
needed a little exorcise, he stood up and
waved his silk hat.
"Go on Woodrow, why waitf" some
one called out as the president, with his
hand in overcoat pocket, shifted from
one foot to the other, as he tried to
keep warm and looked as anxious to get
into action as the crowd would have
Ceremony Was Simple.
At the conclusion of the formal cere
mony there was a brief cheer from the
thousands and the president began the
delivery of his address.
While sneaking, he kent on hia tnll
silk hat.
"'! prevented nis works reach-
ing far into the crowd and between the
. 3 . .1 ., .
The wind prevented his works reach
2 far into the crowd mid betwoon 4,a
wind and noise of the crowd, few heard
tne administration of tho presidential
Tho simple rites enacted wore the
same as those of yesterday, when the
president first swore to follow out the
duties of his offiico in his room at the
The president stood before Chief Jus
tice White, of the supreme court, and re
peated slowly after the chief justice, the
presidential oath.
There was indication of the presi
dent's thoughts in his face as he repeat
ed the justice's words.
A look of profound solemnity held
?- J:
c s? C
, r -
J"J.9.IDEAL Boiler "0 ft. of
38 in- 5ICAN Radiators, costing the
owner $ 1 8 0 were used to heat this cottage.
At this price the goods can be bought of any
reputable, competent Fitter. This did not
Include coat of labor, pipe, valves, freight,
etc., which vary according to climatic and
Write Department S-48
Yeon Building,
his features throughout the ceremony.
Tho president spoke loss than 15 min
utes. He ended his address at 1:04
o'clock and left the platform immedi-
fltelv. Oninrr dlvo.t tt hta nnrntntra i Vin.
Jt Hi "ft ..w vyj ...o v..,uv ut.-
giu the long parade bae'e to his review
ing stand before the White House.
The crowds were immediately swept
back from the stands by mounted police
as the president entered his carriage.
ji coraon 01 marines protected Jus departure-Mrs.
Wilson carried an immense bou
quet of red and white carnations.
Mrs. Marshall in the second carriage
with the vice-president, carried a sim
ilar bouquet.
As the two carriages drove away from
the stand, the. Black Horse troop from
the Culver Military institute swent' intn
Ubiquitous aides in glaring sashes
dashed wildly along the route. Follow
ing Culver Academy, the West Point
ers 'fell in. The officers of the corps
wore tho regulation crimson sashes over
their gray coats. '
Annapolis cadets followed the West
Classified Ads
M Prompt Service
Playing to Capacity
Come Early
I aster T. H. Evsns.VpresMent of the'
-North American Division Conference
of Seventh lW Adventists. Washing. I
toil. D. C. urrlv,.,! i . ,
. im- cut 10I:1V. '
H1 is i visiting the leading churches of:
that denomination in the northwest and
wl speak at their meeting house to
night. Mr. Evans has been connected1
with the Seventh-Day Adventist people,
for a number of year s and is ' 1
thorough liiblo student. ,
These people have established quite'
reputation for the
tion of liililo i..r,t..:.. n . -
i "I'" ' TP1 iiu was
asked why the Adventists give so much !
study to the prophecies of the Bible I
and replied, "The Lord cavo t W !
prophecies as a suit nf I, ..
view of the future, so that the church
might know the times in whiah she
lives. Thev were iw,t i, lm
, , " ft w uu Hid
den or held from understanding. We
;.e some great world-wide prophecies
in the book oof Daniel, outlining n,o
rise and fall nf nntirvn. 1., i.
eleventh and twelfth chapters is the
proprecy concernine our iiree 'P.t.
em question' and the events immedi
ately following its culmination. Tn
Revelation we hnve
World events. Ainnnrr nl
' f", mil UUf
plainly brought to view is the United
oiHifs ur America, and it Is very plain
ly declared that this nation is to he-
eomc a world Doner, whose r.ln
policies will be followed and imitated
bv other nations. UnwM-or if ;u
v ... . v . v . , it, 1U
a jdeasing outlook of what the United
laira wni no in tne tuturc. A close
study of these various lines of prophecy
makes one intelligent, concerning im
portant world events."
Wlion asked reeardino- the
war situation, he said, "There are some
proophecies in the Bible which clearly
indicate that in the Inst dnva no.
tions will bo antvrr. and (lint (liio Ann.
dition will continue to the very end of
mis wontrs History, 'the ISaviour also
associates these wars nnd the fn tiling a
pestilences, and earthquakes, with the'
nurruws atienuing mo close of the age.
Surely wo could ask for no movo defi
nite fulfilment than we see in current
events. AVe do not know to what this
war will lead. Wo have expected a
time of peace before the end, when the
nations would prepare for the groat
name or Armageddon. Every Chris
tian ought to pray She Lord to save
the United (States from becoming in
volved in this awful international
''But do you not think that tlie ef
forts now being made will lend to a
permanent and international pence?"
he was asked. ''No," he said, "It
would seem from my knowledge of the
teachings of the scriptures, that this is
not to be exnected in the Inst dnvsi I
do not think that we can look for any
permanent peace in the future. The
times will become more and more
troublous, though we may for a little
season have quiet. We must expect a
greater conflagration than has taken
place, for in the book of Revelation we
learn that the whole world is to be
aroused to a last crrent buttle which
merees into Armageddon, and culmin
ates ultimately in tho second coming
or our i,ord."
In renlv to the ouerv as tn the mil
lennium following this struggle, he
said. ' The word of fio.l i vei v nloin
in regard to the millennium, and the
liiuie student does not need to bo mis
taken. So much has been said concern-
nc a temooral millennium, nnd such
vast numbers of church membera mill
professed christians believe there is to
be one, that it seems as if the delusion
ia nltnnsf imiupi-upl TTta Illliln vtinvlsa
the opening and close of this thousand-
jvni iiirumi ul lime mm uciltl.c
events. Vnllrm'tiif 1 . Vin((ln &-,
geddon, Christ will appear in the clouds
of Heaven and receive the righteous
living and resurrected nirhteous dead
the wicked will be slain, and the earth
reduced to a chaotic condition, wiH
only Satan and Vis angels as Its In
habitants. The earth will remain so
for a thousand ears. At the expira
tion of that time, Christ, with the
Holy City, and accompanied by the
saints,- will return to this eni'h. Tlie
dead wii! be resurrected, and :n an at
tempt to secure possession of the city,
will meet their doom in the iake of
fire, with Satan and his hosts. Tli
earth is then recreated an-'T com"!:
forth from the hand of Cod fire from
every tiice of sin rnd wickedness.
This is the omy milleanirl period
s,riken of in the Bible."
'ViHi constitutes --lei' e.nuinir of
l l.nsr ' he udh tisl.-..I. (,e iln. net
belie?f Christ ' second nd "it is a
sp ritual, invisible coming," he re-
) -eii tut a real, li. -lal i.um'3 -l iny
s;:.plLrt.s affirm this, 'he 'in:!-'! ,ii td
the disciples this at the time of the
is".r.ion. There ni covin i u era
events still to take place ii;v.-.ng the
nations of earth before this second ad
vent, but we believe we arc in the ful
filment of these great chains of pro
rkt.n.v on1 4t)i)f 4ltii nml i. 'tw ti.i'ii.
- v n.n hskcu wny ine nevenin-iay
jAdveniists oi serve xee. so'viitu day oi
the week for the Sabbath instead of
tlio fit-dt Ativ nt ihn ivenV no uutil 'lt.
cause the Bible definitely teaches that
tne seventn uay is tne oniy weeKiy
sabbath- recoogni.ed by (iod. The
seventh day sabbath was given to man
before his fall. It is an Kdenic insti
tution, and would have been kept by
tho people of the earth through all the
ages had man never sinned. Being
such, the seventh day must' be the
sabbath which Cod intended His peo
ple to observp forever. In Christ's
life and death the perpetuity and im
mutability of the law of Cod were
established, and by His own example
in obeying the law, he taught that all
mo .ilrln.l cilimtl.l fiirflv.tr Iroei. Ite.irt the
commandments of Jlis Father."
i astor Lvans will leave the citv to-
morrow nu win niiij. i nit- i.titi tiiu-!.
of the northwest on his way east. I
. .1 :ll .1. - 1 ,.;.;,.
Upon purchasing a Suit or Overcoat or Mackinaw at our
store during the eek of Peb.-.Z5th to and Including March
3rd, to the amount of $12 or over, and presenting this Cer
e.pfrl5r signed addressed, the holder may
rir. l.f meTchaildis immediately or may retain
".I andvat tim8 Prior to June 30th may
select the merchandise, which consists of Hats, Shoes,
BRICK BROTHERS, at Brick's Corner
Corner State and Liberty Streets, Salem
The above Certificate, when properly endorsed by
Brick Brothers, will be good for $5.00 in trade any
time up to and including June 30, 1917.
It's finding $5.00. Be sure to come in before the
end of the week and make your selections.
Brick's Corner . State and Liberty Streets
"The House That Guarantees Every Purchase"
Never Before Realized Pecul
iarities of America's Com
plex Government
By Ed. L. Keen
(United Press staff correspondent)
London. Mmvli S Vnv (l.o
time today the Hritish liress nnd pub
lic seemed to have arrived at a full
understandiiiB of the eoiiiiilev urisitinn
which President Wilson faced because
of the senate rules iieruiittiHC filibus
tering. Consequently, comment, both
public and in the British newspapers,
reflected a more sympathetic attitude
toward the American executive and his
problems than any timo in recent,
On the other hand the "handful of
senators" who blocked passage of the
armed neutrality bill in the senate
came in for universal execration for
"thwarting tho national will," as
most newspapers expressed it.
Tho average Briton finds it hard to
understand the Amprienn lerriulndve
and political system and in such a mix
up as the American senate found itself
inning me msr two nays neiiner tne
British newspapers nor the public
were able to fathom the matter.
Dispatches detailing the close of the
congressional session, "featured" here
bv the newsnmipi'H. uervn.! in i.linii nn
much of the mystery of the situation.
i nited rress dispatches from Wash
ington Saturday and Sunday aided in
giving the public a clear, comprehens
ive view of the dramatic close of con
gress and soiiio conception of the situ-i
ation in which President Wilson now i
finds himself. j
British newspapers were churv about
suggesting a "way out" for Wilson,
but most of them seemed content, to
leave the problem in his hands, profess
ing the belief that the American peo
ple were behind him in whatever he
Market Fluctuating
But Stronger In Tone
TCcw Yorh, March 5. The New York
Evening Sun inaniial review today
The level of prices in today's stuck
market presented an undulating sur
face, due to miscoitceptioii of news
dispatches from Washington as well as
to vfarying emotions arising from tho
disgraceful spectacle witnessed yester
day in the hall of the senate of tho
United Stbtes. '
The promise of an amendment fo (he
senate rule doing away with unlimited
debate in the special session called to
day and the ffauk presentation of the
situatioon in the inauuurul address, did
something to offset the indignation
and depression that are univiu'sul in
securities frnd, financial Hides.
After numerous una. and downs, the
market assumed a strong tone, which
was attributed iiiaiulv to the coverinir
of shorts as a result of pood snimort
rendered by important interests.
i mtea wtateg iiteel pushed through
110 and Bethlehem Steel A nml Ft
shares advanced 12 points for the form-
i . ...
er and five or six points or 90 for tl e
latter, with a gain in the subscription :
rights of sevflal points.
After a brief setback at the opening,
tho copper, group' was consistently
strong. .Naturally the shipping issues
suffered. Marino ccnimnn held reason
ably well, but the preferred dropped
about four points, with later reenveiv
of some three points. ,
Trading quieted down toward tle
In one of ..her greatesf
Ye Liberty Theatre
Extraordinary Bluebird
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