Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 05, 1917, Page TWO, Image 2

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Cleanses the teeth thoroughly dis
solves quickly purifies the breath
Dr. Lyon's
For The Teeth
Powder Cream
A Standard Ethical Dtntifrk 4
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L W. Ljro A Sob, In
W.27th 3t,N.Y.Cly
A "ia II group of little girls gathered
aa the guests of Miss Dorothy Idves
ley. the small daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas A. I.iveslcy, .Saturday after
noon to paitii'iputo in the "movie par
ly" which her grandmother, Mrs. G
W. Delleek of Vancouver, B. C., plan
ned in honor of the anniversary of her
After tho pictures the little folks
returned to the Ijiveslcy home for a
frolic and refreshments.
Tihc daintily appointed table was all
doae in pink with an array of pink
tulips ami a lovely birthday cake
adorned with candles.
The little guests were: Janet I'limp
ton, Nancy Thielsen, Margery and
lionise McDougal, Kovena Kyro and
.Alicia Hunt.
Dr. and Mrs. Harry K. ('lay went to
i ortlsnd Sunday, accompanying Asa
bel Bush, who motored down for the
Misg Gertrude Taylor who lias been
the guest of fier sister, .Mrs. Harry
Hawkins since Saturday returned to
day to her home in Albany.
Miss Vera Dilley,, whose marriage to
Lawrence ti. Itulgin Of North Caro
lina will take place Wednesday has
been enlertdini'd with several pre
nuptial attentions. One of the affairs
in honor of the bride elect was a mis
cellaneous shower lor which Miss Greta
To get the genuine, call for full name
for signature of M. W. GROVE. Cures a
Cold in One Day. 25c.
Misner was hostess several days ago-
Friday night Miss Dilley was again
the honorce for a surprise kitchen
shower given by Miss Laura Marr.
The evening was delightfully rounded
out with music and games.
Miss Beatrice Dilley assisted the
hostess in the serving.
Those gathering for tho evoning
were: Miss Dorothy Dick, Miss Mar
jorie Brown, Miss Greta Misner, Miss
.Evelyn Heigelman, Miss Laura Pur
vine, Miss Celia Wilson Miss Maxine
Buren, Miss Ester Bailey, Miss Gladys
Pcmberton, Miss Helen Hayne, Miss
Florence Kumro, Miss Helen Mclnturf
Miss Selma Kumro, Miss Beatrice Dil
ley, Miss Laeey Leonard, Miss. Gladys
Harbert, Miss Bertha Bouch, Miss Eliz
abeth Leonard and Miss Uuth Gibson.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Melvin Plimpton
had as their week end guest, Dr. T. L.
Perkins of Portland.
Clarence Bishop of Pendleton pass
ed the week end in Salem with his par
ents, the 0. P. Bishops.
The 1'rlngle and Pleasant Point so
ciul club was entertained several days
ago at the home of Mrs. Roy V. Oh-mart-
The afternoon was spent infor
mally and the roll call was responded
to by data from the life of George
Washington. Later music was enjoyed
In a contest Mrs. Ernest ( lark and
Mrs. L. W. Potter were awarded the
Assisting the hostess in serving the
refreshments were Mrs. Ernest ( lark
and Mrs. J, M. Cohburn.
The dub members present were Mes
dniiics C. C, Best, J. M. Cohburn, L. W.
If you are
in purity first
is what you
should always
There Are mtny
other reasons
whybut try a
can and see for
Beautiful Bust and Shoulders
are possible if you will wear a scientifically constructed
Bien Julie Brassiere.
The drssitina Wright of sn nnrnnflned oust so stretches the
supporting muscles that the contour of the figure is spoiled.
put the hust back where it be
longs, prevent the full bust from
listing the appearance of fiab-
ttc-An M.i.rri hoicks, eliminate the dancer ol
BRA55"! E HjtS ''""f"' muscles ami confine the
flesh of the shoulder giving a
graceful line to the entire upper body.
They are the daintiest and most servleenblegarments imagi
nable come in all materials uiul styles: Cross Hack. Hook
Front. Surplice, Bandeau, etc. Honed with "Walohu," the
rustless honing permitting washing without removal.
Have your dealer show you Bien Julie Brassieres, If not stock
ed, we will gladly send him, prepaid, samples to. show you.
BENJAMIN & JOIINKS, 51 Warren Street. Newark, N. J.
Coast Guard Boats Swamped
While Trying to Help
Washington, March .V The death
list of Cnited States coast ;ruard sea
men who perished in a heavv sea while
i going to the resc ue of :i stranded steam
cr off Ocean City, Mel. Inst night, was
today believed to have reached fif
teen, when additional reports to the
roast guard told of the swamping of a
second small boat.
The second boat, containing six men,
was lowered from the const guard cut
ter Yams raw when a first boat con
taining nine men had been swamped
just as it reached the towering sides
of the Texas oil steamer Louisiana,
laboring on Winter (Quarter shoals.
Kurt her dispatches this morning told
of the safe beac.hiig of a small dingy
with four men. Coast guard officers,
however, did not believe this boat was
from the Yamacrsw, as it bore a
strange lettering.
iiaiiifimini wit ill niiuiuiiniiiiii nn i i i n r n
.M i.i .... Hint I ... ... ' .Ln. mil mr.uiui
"Where Shopping Is a Pleasure'
But Little Hope Left
Norfolk, Va., March 3. Small lioats
and dingys weru today scouring the
sea olf Winter (Quarter shoals, near
here, for traces of the seamen of the
coast guard cutter Yumacraw, who are
believed to have perished when their
lifeboat was swamped as they were
fighting through a choppy sea to the
rescue of the stranded Texas oil steam
er Louisiana.
Small hope, however, was held out
when at daybreak no trace of the miss
ing men had been found.
Hope is also dwingling that thej
Louisiana, now tirmly fixed on the sea
lashed shoals three miles northeast, of
Ocean City, Md., can be saved. The
vessel has sprung serious leaks and
her hold and enoine rooms are filled.
I She ran ashore in a dense fog.
I'otter, Krnest Clark, W. II. Oraben
horst, W. R. Kobbins, Schoppert, W.
Vanderbilt, E, S. Coates, Harris, A. (!.
Nteiugrube, Bethunc and several chil
dren. S H
That the Oregon Federation of Wo
men's clubs is taking a great interest
in the promotion of art in Oregon is
repotted by the art chairman, Mrs.
Alice Weister- The General Federation
of Women ' clubB is sending an exhibit
of American paint inns throughout the
western stntes ami the collection will
be shown in various schools and com
munities of Oregon.
The list of pictures proved so inter
esting to Miss Anna B. Crocker and
Miss lone Duulnp of the art museum,
that they expressed a wish to have
them displayed in the art nil scum in
"There is no doubt but that Port
land will have the pictures, but the
city is rich in exhibits at the art mu
seum " said Mrs. Weister, "so what
seems partieplarly important to the de
partment is that the smaller towns or
the state will have this exhibit, and
(hat the public school children will be
given an opportunity to see in colors
some of the great works of our coun
try 's artists. ' '
The work of handling this exhibit
mid sending it from town to town will
be in the hands of the newly organized
art department of the State Federa
tion of Women's clubs. It was for this
purpose that Mrs. Weister organized an
J" MgB3B7m?jrssxn
lsi inwTfffiTnirniiTriysii
f&MM&ttOBL tot IIIIHIll8nsn
allfl1' llaVIUttHHtKII
New Sp Silks
Requisite Sport Stripes in Spring shades,
colors: Jade, Ci atiens?, and Lime.
Iteautiful shades, fresh and new. flold, Chartreuse, Mais, I'iak. Hose,
Flesh, Gray, Purple, Hum, Burgundy, Navy, Copen, Blnek, Cream, Reseda,
Dark tireen and Delft Blue. This elothis uuusunllv pretty far Waists and
Dresses. Also for sleeves, uinipos, collars, cuffs, etc.
Dozens of New Shades desired to match New Spring Fabrics. Also manv
Silk Nets anil Silk Marquisettes in plain Spring shade"
Black Chiffon Taffeta, M and 40 inches. $J.i5, $1.50. $1.60, $1.65, $175
$1.86, $1.95. $2.00, $2.50, $2.85 per yard.
Black l'eau de Soie Silk. )lti inches, $1.45, $2.00, $2.15 m-r vnrd.
Black All Silk Satins. inches, $1.26, $1.35. $1.45, $1.65
per yard.
attack II) inch. Crepe de Chine, $1.40, $1.65. $2.00 par yard.
Batea Silk und Wool Poplins, li) inches, $1.25, $1.50, $1.85, $2.25
$1.75, $1.85
art department comprised of women
from every federated club in the state.
Sunday Oregonian.
Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Kva Himes
gave a children 's party at her home,
608 North Liberty street, for her small
son, Dee Himes, on the occasion of his
eighth birthday.
Fourteen little playmates were as
sembled for the celebration and tho
afternoon was merrily spent playing
games. Later the party closed with a
birthday collation.
Mrs. Himes was assisted in the serv
ing by Mrs. William Powell and Mrs.
Mae Estes.
The Pythian Sisters club will meet
on Tuesday (tomorrow) afternoon at
the Moose hall. The afternoon will be
spent informally and refreshments will
be served by the hostesses, Mesdames
J. C. Perry, & Lueker and II. G. Sel
lars. All members of the club are urg
ed to be present.
Mrs. (ieorgc T. Gerlinger who has
been vassing the winter in Portland,
left there Saturday with her family
for her home in Dallas.
'Continued from page one.)
square of police.
President and Mrs. Wilson had been
waitiug in the great East room of the
white house, when, at 11:59. Vice Pres
ident and Mrs. Marshall the escorting
delegation of senators and representa
tives, Colonel Robert N. Harper, chair
man of the inaugural committee, arriv
ed at the white house lo form an of
ficial escort.
The official escort accompanied Wil
son to his carriage and the procession
left for the capitol.
streets a aeetning urowa
As the president, with Mrs. Wilson
seated beside him, swung through the
mansion gates, Second Cavalry bug
lers shrilled forth the presidential sa
lute. Just before that, however, a
slight hitch, unnoticed by the execu
tive, occurred the horses on a car
riage behind the president, rearing
and falling.
Back of the president swung into
line the carriage bearing Vice Presi
dent Marshall. The black horse troop
of Culver Academy, Indiana, spirited
and precise, escorted Marshall while
behind came Chairmau Harper's car
riage and the "president s own cav
alry" as escort.
Thousands swelled tue cneers as tne
president and his escort swept majes
tically down the avenue past the court
of honor and on to the capitol-
Thunderous applause and continuous
cheering greeted the presidential party
throughout the mile long trip to the
As the president arrived at the great
legislative pile the greatest cheer of
all arose troni the enormous crowds
in the stands which stretched all the
way across the front of the building.
Movie Men Busy
The movie men taken care of as
never before in a special stand direct
ly in front of where the president
srinkc were a irreat source of amuse
ment to the crowds as they waited.
Hurrah! How's This
Cincinnati authority say corns
dry up and lift out
with fingers.
Hospital records show that every
time you cut a corn you invite lockjaw
or blood poison, which is needless, says
a Cincinnati authority-, who tells you
that a quarter ounce of a drug called
freezone can be obtained at little cost
from the drug store but is sufficient to
rid one's feet of every card or soft
corn or callus.
You simply apply a few drops of
freezone on a tender, aching corn and
soreness is instantlv relieved. Short
ly the entire nuu can bo lifted out.
root and all. without pain.
This drug is sticky hut dries at once
and is claimed to just shrivel up any
corn without inflaming or even irri
tating the suivouudiiig tissue or skin.
If your wife wears high heels she
will be glad to know of this.
Revealing the Vogue
in Apparel for Spring
New Shipments Women's Suits
$14.75, $16.50, $18.50 to $15.00
New Shipment Novelty Coats
$7.50, $10.00, $14.75 to $42.50
New Shipment Women's Dresses
$9.75, $15.00, $24.75 to $15.00
New Shipment Lingerie Waists
98c, $1.48, $1.98 to $15.00
New Shipment Silk Petticoats
$2.48, $3.95, $4.98 to $12.00
New Shipment Sport Skirts
$3.98, $5.95, $7.50 to $20.00
Neckwear, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons, Underwear, Infants
wear, Yankee Notions, Novelty Jewelry, Stationery,
Toilet Articles, Umbrellas, Leather Goods
Liberty Street
Around the
Corner From
State Street
The photographers trained their ma
chines on ever) se t ion of the crowd
and everything they could see one
man even took a picture of his movie
colleagues in action.
The president entered the capitol!
Mrs. Wilson, walking by his side, i
wore v. black, simply made dress, a
great sealskin coat and black hat. Her j
senii-monrning veil ws thrown back.
She, too, was smiling.
The breeze that swept the huge plat-j
form in front of the capitol carried aj
sting, despite the sun whh-h broke!
through the clouds about noon. avor-
ed occupants of the stand many nan
been there for hours were prepared.
A ntnni n 1. Ill nitkets and robes were
brought into piny. Women wrapped!
their blankets 1 ' Indian style aoout
them. Some pulled the robes over their
In an effort to keep their feet warm
they stamped. Occupants of the front
row were more exposed to the winds,
so they opened their umbrellas and
placed them on the floor in front of
them as a barrier to the wind.
A regiment of marines marched by
the stand, headed by I handful of
buglers- The buglers seemed to play
'martial music'' with a significance.
Tree Pilled With Boys
The grandstand crowd caught the
spirit and, standing, "marked time."
The crowd in front of the movie
stand surged forward when the marines
Boy scouts were helpless. In a mo
ment the crowd was within a few feet
of the president's stand.
Mounted police hurried to the assist
ance of the boy scouts in wedge for
mation and soon had tne surging
mass back in their places almost fifty
feet from the stands.
A minute later the crowd made a
seeond and successful attempt to get
within hearing distance.
This time the police gave in.
One woman, bareheaded and with
three small children was in the front
row of the crowd. Each youngster car
ried an American flag, which was wav
ed with vigor every time a policeman
looked at the hearer.
A husky New York militiaman his
back to the crowdpermitted the
youngsters to crawl out into the front
where they watched the proceedings in
Every tree near the stands held its
full quota of young Americans.
Two boy scouts, arriving late, reach
ed their posts when the crowd good
naturedly permitted the youngsters to
crawl over their heads to the front.
Women whose hats suffered irrepar
able damage by the "short cut" taken
by the boys, laughed.
INTOXICATION? The best and dearest definition is
" Self Intoxication, or poisoning by
compounds produced internally by one
self." Physicians agree that the vast ma
jority of all illness is due to this cause
brought on by accumulated waste in
thP lower intestine.
The one sure, natural and safe way
to keep the intestine clean and free
from this waste is by an occasional in
terual bath with simple warm water,
jjivaa tx the ".I. B. U Cascade."
You will be astonished at your feel
ings the morning after taking an in
ternal bath by means of the "J. B. U
Cascade." You will feel bright, brisk,
confident, and as though everything is
'working right" and it is.
Half a million Americans are now
using this method, with resulting bet
ter health and greater vigor. This ineth
od will be explained to vou by lntiiel
J. Fry s drug store, falem. uregcn.j
who will also give ytiu I most interest
ing book free on .he subject by aft
eminent specialist. Ask or send for thisj
booklet, called "Why mini of today is
onlv .V) per cent efficient." white it
is on vour mind.
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Women's New Cloaks
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Unusual Variety
and Quality
Women with about
$12.50 to spend on
their new Cloaks will
like this splendid col
lection. Models a host of
different styles rang
ing from quite dressy
to rather plain. All
have a great amount
of swing and style.
Loose, of course, with
various latest trim
ming effects.
Materials are ex
cellentin light and
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so mixtures and
Cloaks, in a few
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Prices ranging from $5 to $25
4i6 State St-