Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 23, 1917, Page THREE, Image 3

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Full Text of "Bone" Dry
feet of this act, has been used fur bev
erage purposes or disposed of contrary
to la. Any expense reasonably ineur-
J? UJL J JL IXI D r A. J h- '1's,i'', invest!-
Din wnicn win d6 enacted xin ,ht f"ts ,o ,he p)' u'
i--." UK such Mint anali be paid by the
county court of such county upon the
voucher of such district attorney. Any
district attorney issuing permits ior the
importation ur purchase St ethyl alcohol
shall make duplicates or carbon copies
oi all such permits, and on ur before
the tonth day of each calendar month
shall tile such duplicates or carbon
copies of all such permits issued by
him during the preceding calendar
mouth with the countv clerk nf the
Quuntity sold on above statement ...'county in which said district atioruev
(House Bill No. 100.)
Be. it enacted by the people of the
shila of Oregon
am not uddirted to the umuf intoxicat
ing liquor or any narcotic drug; that I
have not, during the four weeks, last
Neciton 1. Section 5 of chapter 14ll""" "ul uur,nK lar Iour WWM. ,a!,t
f Use general laws of Oregon for the ! P"l'K. purchased any ethyl alcohol
yea 1915 is hereby amended to read I1"
.. ...ii. .... Anoliuant.
ecainn k Kceiit herei.,ftr nr.l Subscribed and sworn to before me
i ihLi ... :. 'k.iil'n' day of ..19...
vided in this amendatory act it shall
b- unla nil for any person to receive,
import, possess, transport, deliver, manu
fsctore, sell, give away or barter nnv
intoxicating liquor within this state;
anil the place of delivery of any mtroxi
Pharmacist.. .
District Attorney's permit No
Prescription of Dr No. . . for
the month of 19. .."
t lhi r-rs..Tr V. utiimi VI OU) lUUUAI'l T. till. 1 , -
eatiu liquor ia hereby' declared tho 'p " shell be unlawful for any phar-1
plawof sale; provided that it shall bej 2?f Bf nn' ,h 1'1'"h1 until
unlawful for any peraon to have in his
possession intoxicating liquor lawfully
in tae possession of such person within
this state at the time nf the takiug ef
fect of thig amendatory act-
.Section 8. Section li chapter 141 of
the general laws of Oregon for 1915, is
horrtby amended to read as follows:
H-tton b. (a) The provisions of this
resides, together with his official certifi
cate that such duplicates or carbon
copies show all alcohol covered by per
mita issued by him for importation aud
purchaso during the preceding calendar
he has filled in and read the above af-1 ,g) Ethyl alcohol may be sold bv reg
fidavit to the purchaser aid until the'istered pharmacists unly and for medic
purchaser has signed and sworn to theinal purposes only upon the signed pre
same before him; and until the pur-1 scription of a licensed physician in good
chaser, in addition, has filed with such standing, actually engaged in the urac-
pharmnoist either permit to purchase tice of his profession in this state not
said alcohol as provided in subdivision
(f) of this section or a prescription as
p.roviden in subdivision (g) cf this sec-
of intemperate habits and not addicted
to the use of narcotic drugs. Every phy
sician issuing any such prescriptions 'ior
ad shall not be construed to prevent the i ion. and u(-n "ale shall be mad- only j ethyl alcohol shall date the same as of
tne actual date ot issuance aud number
the same consecutively during each
calendar month, the number of each
making or selling of vinegar, uufernient- Kv . F l"rnm
ed wine or non-intoxicntiug cider or or 53,Wlp20S uch r,'Ki!,t,'r'' phar
id., ,l; a ,:.. 'macist or his fullv registered clerk is
j . wiv .t i ii' j nun- mi ii . , . ' I 1 . - vi
ss ramental purposes. i nereby authorized to aJmiuistcr the prescription to be plainly written upon
(hi This law shall not be construed necei!,ar.V ath-. Any person swearing , the face thereof; and the person pre
to prohibit the sale at wholesale only by I s? y ln mnklng such affidavit shall t Renting any such prescription to any
di uirgisls actually engaged in the whole guilty of a violution of this i pharmacist shall, before being permitted I
s.le drug business in this state of ethyl , LfTeI, bo,t"'. nr "'her container to purchase the alcohol therein prcscrib-
rmits shall, "':"-u "ouut is soiu except to n:eo, comply witti the provisions of this
alcohol to persons to whom permits
bo -issued by district attorneys within
the requirements of this act.
(i'0 Registered pharmacists conduct
ing or employed in retail drug stores
may sell ehyl alcohol for medicinal, me
chanical and scientific purposes, to per
sona tf wnom permits or prescriptions
druggist shall have a label firmlv affix
ed thereto designating its contents, the
name of the druggist selling the same,
the name of the purchaser and the num
ber of the affidavit. It shall be un
lawful for any person to littve in his pos
session any such bottle or other contnin-
msv hm-A been iaai.A.l , .. v' f"'1-'""' mis mine alter tne ta i-
with the terms of this act, and not oth lng1eff?ct of, this amendatory act and
erwise. No registered pharmacist shall ! 0"'aining alcohol, which is not so
sell ethyl alcohol until he has filed with ,, . .
the county clerk of the countv in which At.lht'1 Wt attorney of any dis
he resides, a bond running to" the state ' . ct 111 thls mla" "n application
of Oregon, in the penal sum of $250. j 1S8ue. to Pprs0ll residing in his county,
conditional that he will not sell intoxi-1 permita ' Pur:hasc or import into this
entire liquor in violation nf this net ! . V -wiy i aiconoi as lollows: To
lay hereinbefore set forth in relatit
to signing and swearing to an affidavit.
Each such prescription shall state on its
face in the English language the ail
ment for which such alcohol is prescrib
ed, the name and address of tho patient
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Thci bond shall be signed by two free
holders of the county, each of whom
shall qualify in the sum of $250 over
and above, his debtH, liabilities and
property exempt from execution,, or by
a surety company; and shall be approv
ed jointly by the countv itnlee and
eoimtfr clerk and filed in the office of
the county clerk, who shall collect a
of $2 therefor.
(ii) The couuty clerk of the countv
wiera, such registered pharmacist has
his place of business, or is M employed,
snsn. on application therefor and pay
wholesale druggists, to manufacturers
actually engaged in the business of
manufacturing products other thaji in
toxicating liquors, which products re
quire the use of alcohol in their manu
facture, to reputable hospitals, to pub
lio infirmaries, to laboratories, to med
ical colleges, to licensed and practicing
torneys issuing the same during the'
preceding calendar month.
Section That section 12 of ehan-'
ior wnom prescribed and of the physi- fer mi ot tne general laws 01 the state
cian issuing the same, and only one sale Uf Oregon for 1915 is hereby amended
shall be made on any one prescription, to read as follows:
be wrennd IV M BtW. () Except as hereinafter
shalT be Tin?. ? It l'PH provided, it shall be anlawfol for any
shall be billed unless the requirements ' withi tllis state to receive
herein set forth shall have been sub
stantially and in good faith complied
with. Any physician prescribing alco
hol for medicinal purposes shall make
a duplicate, or carbon copy of each such
prescription and on or before the tenth
day of each calendar mouth shall file
such duplicates or carbon copies of all
such prescriptions issued by him dur
ing the preceding calendar month with
the county clerk of the countv in which
said pnyaician resides and practices, to-
intoxicating liquor litom any common
carrier or from any other person who
has brought or earried or introduced the
same into this state; aud the possession
of any intoxicating liquor thus unlaw
fully received after the taking effect of
this amendatory act shall be deemed u
violation of this act; but this provision
shall not apply to the receipt from any
common carrier subject to public control
as a public utility ethyl alcohol by any
poison or institution '.oldiug from the
f- physicians, to licensed dentists for use gether with an aff Wait" t'o 7&Wk SltS7leZu
Pharmacists i,s permitted by this act ; alcohol prescribed by saidlSur' '3 A ZnVr,Tl. . &
to persons known to such district at
torney to be engaged in aay scientific
rncut of 50 cents for each such book, is- j Prsul ,or act or industry, aside from
me to any such pharmacist two books 1 e maklnS oi intoxicating liquor, and
of r affidavits each, all books issued i re1ui"ng the use of alcohol; but in ev-
and the affidavits therein to be consec
utively numbered. The clerk shall keep
a record of all such affidavits so issued,
snowing to whom and when issued. The
effillavits shall be in substantially the
following form:
"State of Oregon, ss: County of
I, being first duly sworn,
depose, and say that I need
if ethyl alcohol for use at for
the purpose of and such alcohol
will not be sold or given away by me
ery such case, such district attorney
Du.ui ue sausriea Derore any such per
mit, upon such reasonable showing as
he may require that such alcohol is in
good faith intended for lawful use and
will not be used or dispose of for' any
unlawful purposes. Every district at
torney issuing any such permits shall
number the same consectively and shall
keep in his. office and deliver to his
successor in office a record of such per
mits issued. Both the said permit and
saru record tnereol shall show the num
or used for any other purpose or at nnv ber' date of 'savianee, name anil address
other place than above named; that 1
ft Good Old Home-Made S
g Family Cough Remedy jjj
K Much Better than the Ready- Cj
Bj Made Kind Eatlly and Qj
p Cheaplr Prepared. pj
inn- h ,. j- i V c J . F"'1 cini anuuoi jioi cxcceuiug tne
l i. l n i Cea?r mon,h- quantity named in such permit, and such
minis, unlavlul for any phar- importer shall at the time of receiving
mac.st to sell more than two quarts oi' such alcohol file such permit with the
a cohol to any one person within a per common carrier transporting such also
oersnn w ' if utn,' H or if such hoi into tho state, and the same shall
Person has purchased any alcohol from be cancelled by such carrier and at-
cHvi, f '' t'h''80"' ? tb affi ' tni'hed u affidavit required by this
. "t" l-v...r,, niimu ronriact to be ti ed With such rnrr cr. mi, ii
shipped, and in case of purchase in this
state shall state name of the druggist
from whose place the alcohol is tobc
purchased, who shall be designated by
the applicant, and no other person shall
have any right to sell alcohol under
K toii combined the curative nrotier- 1 ?"Ln Perm"- . permit shall
ties of every known "ready-made" cough 111 'afie ot sale be taken up and can
remedy, you would hardly have in them celled by the person making sale there
all toe curative power that lies in this under anil shall be attached to and filed
simple "home-made", cough ayrup which with the affidavit of the purchaser cov
takes only a few minutes to prepare. nr; ,.u .,i0 ' , . iv:' .
Get from anv druggist 2ounces of t7e. ' 1 r?quLw1 in tn,s :'
Pinex (50 cents worth), pour it into a w'n ,the bounty clerk of the county in
pint bottle and rill the bottle with plain which such sale shall be made. Any
granulated sugar syrup. The total cost peace officer of this state or of anv
V. -1 ........ ",i .. ., .-..ii . ., '
j ruuui vKuia mm j;o y uu iim municipality mereiu having reason to
l.ii.l .f ri.ll-.- hulW Artiitrh avnm I 1...,, iii . ,
of persons to whom issued and the quan
my or oiconoi to be. purchased or im
ported thereunder and the nature of
the use to be made of such alcohol, with
any other data which such officer may
deem a material part ot such record. Ev
ery such permit shall in case of imDoi ta-
a; v . .. . ' . jiuhkuiiw itiCU I
uon snow irom wnere the same is to belach such purchaser, and in case of anv
wecics or tne date of sale, then such
pharmacist may sell to such purchaeerd
such quantity only as will make the
total quantity purchased by such person
within four successive weeks equal to
two quarts; except that such pharmacist
may sell alcohol, when authorized bv
permit of the district attorney of his
county so to do, in larger quantities, not
exceeding j any case the quantity
named in any such permit, to nnv manu
facturer permitted by the actto pur
chase alcohol; to reputable hospitals, to
the managers of public infirmaries, to
aboratories, to medical colleges, to
licensed and practicing physicians, to
persons engaged in scientific pursuit:)
or arts or industries requiring alcohol.
institution, the manager thereof, shall
before being permitted to purchase, al
cohol upon such permit, execute the
affidavit required by this act. Every
pharmacist making any sale of alcohol
shall note in a legible manner on such
affidavit the quantity of alcohol sold
thereon. No pharmacist shall sell liquor
to any minor or to any person who is ad
dicted to the use Of any narcotic drug,
oris of intemperate habits, or who shall
ue Known to
case the quantity of alcohol claimed by
the holder of such permit shall exceed
the quantity named in such permit, de
livery thereof by such carrier shall not
be made. j
(b) It shall bo lawful for any priest
or minister of any church or religious
congregation in this state using wine in
administering the sacrament, or the
commanding officer of any fraternal or
gauiaation organized and existing in
this state at the time of the taking ef
fect of this act, using wine for sacra
mental purposes, to receive from any
common carrier subject to public control
as a public utility, such quantity of I
wine as may be necessary for sacra
mental purposes only.
(c) It shall be lawful to receive from
common carriers subject to public con- j
trol as public utilities shipments of
ethyl alcohol transported from points
within this state and lawfully sold to j
any consignee within this stale under
the provisions of this act. But no per
son shall receive any intoxicating liquor
from any such common carrier iiut.il he
shall have subscribed to the awwidavlt
hereinafter reauired: and it shall be
unlawful for nnv oei-snn vwait. '
SUC'll llliarm.'lcisl I,, hnv., I lr.vw.nl in ltr,., lU ... ,' ...
I 1 , y ..uu., mi- uniisi'oi i ,1 1 ion in.
lhiw siauwtit m the affidavit, delivery of which lias been or is made a !
upon vj Inch such alcohol sale is re violation of anv provision of this act
qttmT7.l..iii n. , , fd) ) It shall be unlawful for anv cum-!
O; It Snail be the duty of every phar- ' mon carrier, or anv officer, agent or em-1
TiJA ,!P 1"'". prescriptions jploye of any common carrier knowingly
and affidavits taken by him under thin I to deliver intoxicating liquor to any net'--1
act. on T i In Il,rtl. ,,'ln,. . . 1. 11 1 I . . , 1 . . . . " . ! . . -1 1
t ii i """" oe open son m tnis state not entitled to
iv. mc. uispecuon or any officer at any th
time during business hours- On
Tore the tenth dav of each
Pint "JtR"1 tcttej emA 8?rup4!t,har.n believc that any person has made or is
you could buy ready-made tor $2.50. .,, . lb. ,
Taete pleasant and never spoils. ".bout make unlawful use or disposi
I This Pinex and sugar syrup prepara-! ho" . or I,'.ho1. wlH" mis state shall
tion gets right at the cause of a cough notify the district attorney of his cnun-
and gives almost immediate relief, it ty of the facts, and mav, for reasons
loosens the phlegm, stops the nasty reported by such officer to the district
1 MI. tll'Kit IIIlll UH IM Mint'. II M- t. ......... . 1 i. . . . l .. . At . " .-.,-.Ui
tated membranes that line the throat. B".u ST 'K"m tno 'ssu!mce ot monia, every pharmacist shall file with shall have made and Tiled will, ,. ..
chest and bronchial tubes, so gently ,l lH,ID11 oyauea uistnct attorney, to tne county clerk all such prescription Her an affidavit setting forth the fol
and easily that it is really astonishing. au.v P"n tor the purchase or impor-' received , filled by him, together with Slowing facts to-wit- The ,.. f XJ
ror-who co'ugl, aud"brohiai u h S a to n y edes iorZVZZ EI r l ,f ,J' ? 'lriiv"'' ,th mou
asthma, there ii nothing better. I ' , t l "! " ? , u ?.'. , L? ! B , Pfeeeding calender I Hquor at such time to be received, the
, Pinex is a most valuable concentrated f u'sa' , ue ,ht P""1'1 . S1H. in . month and shall at the same time abo total amounts and kinds of intoxicating
same from luch common carrier un-
be i der this act, or to deliver anv aueh
ilenda i , liquor to any person until such person
rompouna ot genuine JNorwgy pine ex- -r ; J" vu. ui . ipe couniy ciern an alfidavit Uqoors received by affiant during th
ro,.t . ..m , ,.... iv th .,,,.. ,,....! o,,, Ln snail hear sueh anneal in n iimm.irv stntinw rhnt mSA .uij.i . . .. . : '"l.
v -p-? - . , , ; miiuiuiis rerurnei iour weens last past; that riff innt
1..... i uaArk in r.ilin.t. Irt I.,..., L m. 111 n 1 1 : i , . . 1 . -. , . . ....... i I. ........ 1, ..... . 1 ,- h ' .... , I ' m n i i in n i
...v... w e "i-i-" -"-i j.ci-i-i cuuwiy a inn aua true record of
To avoid disappointment.
A (B.V vnn r ilvii rrcwi c " 1 .
ruiei" with lull directions, and don't " ' ".-"."7 '" i"" uoonn. .vr ine same tun "uch affidavit shall
accept anything else. A guarantee of !VIU such appellant shall also show on j the said pharmacist shall file with the sworn to before nnv
he .ore eJS.-" J'P for 8 la"'ful P"rPose " ,'.',nx,'ating liq-'or of anv kind sold
.ounces of i " thl a't' maV rCru"v wh lls glvpn w3' ''' daring the ore
; and don't . "-t attorney to issue such permit, pro-; vious calendar month.' At the same tim
immnW nf i vided such appellant shall also show on i the said pharmacist shnlt r;i ,. :.i, n-
ahsolute satUfaction or money prompt- such appeal that no part of any previous : county clerk upon blanks provided kimlof such common currier and
okWW.vneS Kd " 1 IT r ',PTati?n of10! '" f?r '.hat P"rp- a r"Prt ,",u"r oath, purpose such agent of the cor
ghe Pines Co., Ft. Vayne, Ind. by said appellant, alter the taking ef-i showing the quantity of alcohol which Her in this state is hereby
over ine age or l-i years and is no! an
habitual drunkard; and the purpose for
wutiin sucn iiquor is niieimeii to do useil-
he signed and
uithorized agent
d for that
ommon car-
.. .. i j
, , . .-in., i ... hi,.-. ....ur in 11. ill). il III llOII.CU
nc had on hand at the beoliniinn ,.( ik,. :t.. a.lminl.t .v t.
, ,V M I vwiiiip., i nu- u ...in. in uuillllUII
4e4 t 44 I P'ev'ous calendar month, tbe quantifies : on delivery of such intoxicating liquor
ntmi.il rritr vn,r. nn.m.v,,, iiSS!W..1i!,!! onth, the total !the consignee shall execute upon the af-
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quantity sold as shown bv said iitn.i.., Mdnif f'nrm a rAln tVn.r,. ...,i .,..
., , , - - ....... ...... .j.u nil'! BUI
us, and the quantity remaining on hand i render anv permit issued to him by the
at the. end of said calendar month, i district attorney. Any one who shall
Hweanng falsely to such Ti.r.mi .i.ti ii '.,iir. ..wil . i :.
v , . . , ..'...I ..... ... . i -., iv ...... i, , i, i run i ii mrii in
1 be deemed a violation of this net. isueh an affidavit shall be deemed guilty
U) Tbe provisions of H,l ,,,. i,ii vini..i. .v; e J
. - , n k nil yii. v n , iwuuvu ui 1 1113 .i 1 1 ,
T;not be construed to prevent anv regu-i le) It shall be tbe duty of the coun-:
I larlv 1iefiA t.lv:..:... -'- . . I... . u. J
T . ' ; r:"" n in mis siate, iy ciors. ot cjicu couniy oi tne slute to
X stan'ling in his profession and"! prepare and keep on band blank forms
T following the practice of medicine as for such affidavits, which shall be
principal and usual calling, from admin i bound detuehably in books or blocks
istenng or providing for the administer-i of 100 each. Each such book or block
.mg of any intoxicating liquor to anv 'shall bear a separate number, and each
.patient when the same is actually nec.es"-! affidavit therein shall bear the number
, tary as a medicine in tbe treatment of jof the book in which it is contained.
any disease or malady, bnt nothing in Tbe affidavits in each book shall be'
his paragraph contained shall aothorie . I
ithe sale of such intoxicating liquor by mmm rakWMP JIM hmmi '
zir;:idibi UN-EXPERT ON COLDS j
thus actually necessary as medicine or Comparatively few people realize that
Jwhere the same is reasonably liely m t Cold b a signal of physical weakness.
Z7A.,e Ut 2," " To twat a cold with weakening I
! oe deemed an unlawful sale within the t. i i l r j
j meaning of this act. In anv prosecution PCS a,Cob?lK; 6&?d
'of any physician for sueb"giving away ' P Is, may smother the cold buttheyalso
Jof liquor the burden at proof shall he ! reduce the body powers stil further and
jnpon him to show that su-h giving ! invite more serious sickness. I
ImXiall" ,,qUr 0r Scott's Emulsionbasarwaysbeenan
I (k)) In case of everv sale of i, hi e,Prt 00 coW because it peculiariy
i by a wholesale druggist he shall take enriches the blood.quickly tones upthe i
2 up and eanee) the permit on which sack forces ami atrengtuens both threat and I
Ylsale is ma.le, and not later thsui the cheat. Try Scott's. Refuse Substitates. '
tenth day of each calendar mouth trans- Boutt A owne, Blouatcld, V.i. l-2J
mit all such permits to tbe district at-
numbered consecutively, and shall be
used in the order of their number. One
or more of such books or blocks of af
fidavits shall be delivered upon request
ot the agent of the common carrier, and
upon payment to the county clerk of 75
cents per book or block. The county
clerk shall keep a register in which he
shall record the date of delivery of such
book or block to the agent of such car
rier. Within 10 days after the expira
tion of each calendar month each agent
of such common carrier shall detach ajid
deliver to the county clerk all such af
fidavits executed during such month,
and all permits for importation of alco
hol taken up during such month, and
said affidavits and permits so delivered
to such county clerk shall be preserved
for two years thereafter; and such af
fidavits ami permits while in the office
of the common carrier, shall at all rea
sonable times be open to the inspection
of any county, state or municipal of
ficer. (f) Any failure on the part of the
agent of any common carrier to comply
with any of the provisions herein cm
tallied relative to the delivery of intox
icating liquor to a consignee or the Ink
ing of the affidavit and receipt therefor
from the consignee, or the taking of the
permit to import or the delivery of such
affidavit and permit to the COUnty clerk,
as herein prescribed, shall be deemed a
violation of the provisions of this tu t.
The carrier may collect five cents from
the consignee for each oath so admin
ist ered.
(g) Any common carrier which shall
at the time of the taking effect ,,t' this
act have in its possession within this
ttate any intoxicatiiiir Honor intended
for delivery, uhich if, cannot lawfully
deliver because of this act, shall with
in M0 days after the taking effect of
this act transport the same out of the
(h) The material alteration bv any
person of any permit issued by any dis
' riot attorney under the requirements
of this act shall be deemed a violation
of this act.
(1) It shall be unlawful for any per
son other than a common carrier which
is under public control us a public util
ity, keeping such records and complying
with the provision, hereinbefore set
forth, to bring or introduce any intoxi
cating liquor into this state for his per
snnal use or for the use of or for deliv
ery to any other person, or to deliver in
toxicating liquor into this state to any
other person, and it shall be unlawful
for any agent of any such common ear
lier or other person knowingly to de
liver Intoxicating liquor to any minor,
or to any person known by the agent of
such common carrier to be an habitual
drunkard; or to any person in an intox
icated condition; and it shall be unlaw
ful for any such common carrier or nnv
officer, agent or employe of such com
mon carrier knowingly to deliver in
toxicating liquor to any other person
than the original consignee whose nam
is marked on the package containing
the same, lis required by the provisions
of chapter LTill of the general laws o,
the stale of Oregon enacted by the leg
islative assembly for tin- year 1913; and
it shall be unlawful for any person to
haul, transport or carry on' or through
any street, road or other public highway
within this state, for the purpose of de
livery to any other person, any package
containing intoxicating liquor, unless
such package shall be marked as re
quired by section 1 of said ehapter -''ill
of the general laws of the state of Ore
gon, enacted by the legislative assemb
ly of the year 113; and it shall be un
lawfUl to haul, transport or curry any
such package containing Intoxicating
liquors on or through any street, road
or other public highway within this
statu unless such liquor shall be in the
lawful possession within the state of
Oregon at the time of the going into ef
fect of this amendatory act, of the per
son thus, in person or by agent, hauling,
transporting or carrying the same, or
shall have been lawfully received with
in the provisions of this tu t; and In -nn
prosecution for such hauling, transport
ing or carrying, or for receiving intox
icatiug liquor in violation of this act,
the burden of proof shall be on any per
son having such liquor in his possession
to show that it was thus in hiN posses
sioii within this state prior to the taking
effect of this uct as amended or has
since bceu lawfully received.
Section 4. Section 35 of chapter 141
of the general laws of Oregon for 11115
is hereby amended to read as follows:
Section 35- Ih any action or proceed
ing under this act or under any other,
law relating to the unlawful disposition
or possession of intoxicating liquor, no
person shall be excused from testifying
concerning any offense committed by
another, in any court or before any
grand jury or before any prosecuting
officer on the ground that his testimony
ahall not be used ugainet him in any
prosecution for any crime or misde
meanor under the laws of this state; nor
shall any person who may be compelled
Only ten per cent of the population of the United
States are taking any interest in their teeth.
Only ten per cent brush their ivories, use mouth
washes and keep in hailing distance of the tusk
inspector. The other ninety per cent don't care a whoop
whether their fangs crumble to pieces through
decay and fall out or have to be snaked out by a
journeyman snag-hoister.
Think of ninety per cent of what are supposed to be
an intelligent nation letting the most useful ap
paratus in the human body go to the dickens like
a grand piano left outdoors all winter.
A man will keep his face shaved regularly and a
woman will zealously brush and comb her hair,
but both, like as not, will let a healthy tribe of
germs roost in their jaws year after year, keeping
house and raising fat families of trouble-breeders.
The reason why such large percentage of human
beings ignore their teeth until it is too late is be
cause most of them don't know any better. The
Dental Trust doesn't believe in educating the pub
lic about tooth-caution.
And, then, lots and lots of others fear the dental
chair, the forceps and the buzzing dental engine
just as a four-year-old fears papa's slipper. That's
because they don't know about painless dentistry
or don't believe in it.
Perhaps you are not in either class. Perhaps you
are just putting it off, waiting until you can brave
the dentist, prepared to let him stand you on your
head and shake the last stray nickel out of your
pocket. That's because you don't know of one
tooth-smith who is willing to defy ' the Dental
Trust and charge a fair price to fit a slim pocket
book instead of demand the dizzy fees, prescribed
by the amalgamated porch-climbers.
State and Commercial Streets,
Salem, Phone 296
Portland, Ore., Tacoma, Wash.,
San Francisco, Los Angeles,
Oakland, San Diego, Fresno,
Sacramento, San Jose and Bak
ersfield, Calif., and' Brooklyn,
N. Y.
to testify under tllis section be prosecut
ed ill any court in the state of Oregon
on account of any offense concerning
which he ay be thus compelled In tcs
Section 5. Chapter In5 of the general
laWa of Oregon for 1011, being an act
entitled 'An Act to prohibit the, use of
intoxicating beverages in or upon the
engines, curs, trains, or depots of any
common carrier within the state and to
prohibit any intoxicated person from
entering any engine, car, train, or de
pot," and the whole of said got is here
by amended so as to read us follows:
Section I. It shall be unlawful fin
ally person to enter or be found in a
state of intoxication or to drink intoxi
eating liquor of any kind as u beverage
in or upon any engine, cars, train nf
ears, or depot of any common currier
within the state of Oregon; and it shall
be unlawful for any person to be drUnfe
in any highway, street, or in any public
place or building, or for any person to
be drunk in his own house or any priv
ate building or place and disturbing his
family or others. Any person violating
this section shall upon CWVictlon there-
of be fined any sum not less than
land not more than $100, or be Impri
ed in the county jail for a period
exceeding 50 days.
Section (i. Wherever the words '
uct" tire used herein, thev shall be
en to mean said ehapter ill of the .
cral laws of Oregon for 1IM5, as he)
j amended; and any violation of
amendttory net shall be a misdemee
and unless the punishment thereof
u.ontinuej on page seven.)
'lull Stones. Cancer and Ulcers of the
Stomach and Intestine, Auto Intoxica
tion, Veitow Jauadloe, Appendicitis and
other fatal ailments result from stun
;aoh Trouble. JPaousands of Stomach
iSoffereta owe their complete recovery
tp Ma.vr's Wonderful Remedy. Un
like any other for Stomach Ailment-..
For sule by J. C. Perry and druggiiti
e erywkere.
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