Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 22, 1917, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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No Transaction Complete Until the Customer is Satisfied
January Clearance Prices
Continue This Week
On Many Lines
' It will pay to visit each section and see the special offerings on display
1 1 ; See the Final Clearance of Women's Garments at $5.00
5 Clearance of Men's Shirts up to $2.00, only 89c Each
i! Clearance of Women's Shoes up to $5.00, only $3.35 a Pair
: Clearance of Women's Shoes up to $4.00, only $2.95 a Pair
MMMMt January Clearance Prices on AH Muslin Wear.
A Great Surprise Sale of Hand Bags
at Half -Price
t Here's the biggest and most sweeping Sale of high grade Handbags in many different shapes and
i varieties 01 learners, it you need a new handbag by all means see the window display and attend this
1 sale next Wednesday. Your choice at . . .? ONF-HAI F PRIPF
Sale starts at 8:30 a. m.
J. C. Perry in in Portland.
Conrad Ntafrin in iu the citv from
J. M. Mocum was a Portland visitor
T yesterday.
J. . Summers, of Tigmd. is a visitor
in the city.
(i. W. (triffiu. of Kugenc, is registcr-
II ed at tiie Pdigh lmtcl.
.Nick Brill lett for Seattle this morn
ft Ins for an Indefinite visit.
JI T. W. White h:is in Portland -1 i
day, registered at the Seward-
.Mis. M. Smith was in Portland Sun-
X day registered at the Multnomah hotel.
O. T. (iilbert and Mr. ami Mis. D. I).
interesting and in- .
IT, Miller, of Woodlnirn. were ooi Sundav
II guests of Miss Cora Oilbcrt- i might M termed a capacity house at
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McCnllv. of Poft-i? rm Congregational enures. Besides
llniul, returned to their home "this after-1 telling ot his work in fighting fires.
I noon after a short visit at the Patton " Stevansgave practical advi. e aa to
home. ; how to prevent tires and lion Jho nin-
Miss Jennie Hovt and Mis, Prances ' , ri,.v lir,s started. His address
Long. f Portland, were or Sunilav illustrated with Itereoptiean
No phone orders taken
Early Spring Showing of
Women s Suits, Coats, Dresses, Skirts
Always the first with the new things we show a few of the styles that will be popular for the coming
Advance Display of
Newest Wash Fabrice
Women of Salem and vicinity will be delighted with this larere and well selected assortment of fahrirs fnr
it Spring and Summer 1917. New Cloths, Novelty Cloths, Roman Stripe Cotton Serges for Sport Coats,
it Sport Skirts, etc. New Dolly Madison and Reception Voiles in many pretty patterns.
You Can
Do Better at
Union Suits
Washington, Jan. 22. Nine-
teen siateen was ' Tnrle Sam's
greatest year" ia foreign i
Jrade. Korts reacbed the un- !
ireeedented total of $5,481,- j
OOO.OOO, according to a depart-
meat of commerce statement
today. This eseeeds by $1,926,- ',
ooO ,(Oi the total for 1910. j
Household Furniture. Woo dry
the Auctioneer will pay highest
cash price for same. Phone ill.
During the balance of the session of ;
the legislature the colored ioiiutaiu wiilj
' play Tuesday and
i beginning at 7:15-
Thursday evenings'
J. W. Stevans, fire marshal of Port-
laud, delivered ail
Clean, Fresh, Airy Rooms
(.Formerly Hotel Keith)
4" State 8t.
Phone HOD
Rooms 50c to $1.00 a Day
Si ial Rates by the Week
MRS. M. M. LAY, Proprietor
guests of Mrs. V.
Front street.
Kev. ,los. Onston, of Werner. North
Dakota, was a visitor over Sunday at
the '. 1). Purdy home on Mill street.
He is on his way to Southern Califor
nia. Stacoy lieeves. formerly w ith the .T.
C. Perry drug store, is visiting in the
II city. For the past year he has been
manager of a drug store in Juneau
TT 1 AiasKa.
C. Young, of Wei" and moving pictinc
Representative Bean Will
Lecture at Public Library
C. V. Faulkner, police officer for the
in, oi .-aiciu since luc new au in uiisi I a- ( ..rNfi -tjo'n
went into effect, Saturday tender I QsKO Of'
et his resignation to Clin Cooper on j , vjw iirsir
account of his acceptance oi a position! All 1x1111
as hearse driver lor Webb 4c I lough, an
dertakers. lleorge Beatty was appoint
ed by Chief Cooper to fill the vacancy.
Buetty was fonuerliy in the United
states DAVy and did duty at the time of
the San Francisco earthquake as one
of the federal police. He is a Salemiie
from the first word as he was bora here.
any time
The public library is taking advant
age ot the presence ut I.. K. Hean in
attendance on the legislature to secure
him for a lecture on the library lec
ture course. .Mr. Mean will talk on the
subject of "Oregon and California land!'
grants. it is a matter, of interest to
Felix Kordiua, the tailor, who is well i
known in Salem, having Leon employed I
by a local tailoring establishment fori
some time, has returned lo tins city ami
is open for business at 372 State street,
second floor. Mr. Kordiua is a graduate
of the Chicago Cutting schools and is
i it expert m tailoring of garments for
men and women. It is Mr. Kordina's
kiu .1.1 i . L...I a a 1 . 1 ! i
(I, n na , ,u ....... . ...-,.. "oi'c tiiat lie ma, uuiui up ail esiauusu
fro,,, UM countv is espeeinllv qualified mw ' 2J '""!?
to speak on it. He has followed it With!f" .thl'!', cta? Wwkmjn m addi-
keen interest, attending the sessions of "j"" ' th onM ta em-
congress last year when the bill was in-U '
trod need there. m . l; ""7 0
The lecture will be held in the audi- To who have availed themselves
rariutn of the library at 8 r. m on Fri- iot tht opportunity and to all Salem peo-
dav, dan. 26, PJ17. The admission is i 1'"' " 1,0 Bre interested in sell improve
free and all who are interested are in- mea we strongly commend the remain
vited to enjoy this privilege. I mg lectures in the short course on sales
' j man-ship being conducted .under the aus-
The proposed law, to which the doctors Piee of the Salem Commercial club by
are opposed, makes it a little more trou- j l'rf. (i. R. McPhersoii, of the Univer
blesome. It provides that when a doct- j sity of Oregon. He takes for his general
or writes a prescription 'for alcohol itSUbjeet this week the fundamentals of
must be stated on the prescription the j fabrics and tonight will explain button
name and address for w hom the aleohol j f'Onl the fiber to the fabric, using oil
is intended and what the ailment is steieoptkau slides. The meeting will
that requires alcohol. Also, that the, he held at the auditorium of the Coni-
doctor must keep a duplicate or carbon I mercial club at S p. iu. and all are in
1 Quick, safe and a comfortable
Taxi-Launch line. Modem pas
senger boat at our command day
and night. Permanent Taxi
passenger service to all points
on the West Side via our new
stand at West Salem depot.
Phone 700, same as city call.
IfUiri .-VULQl
Better Known aj Jimrnie
copy of each prescription, each must be
numbered, and before the tenth of the
succeeding month, the prescriptions
must be filed with the county clerk and
the doctor make affidavit that those
filed include all the prescriptions of the
month for alcohol.
Just now rooms are at a premium in
Salem. Besides the large number that
is brought to the city when the legisla
ture meets there are other demands for
accommodations. Beginning today and
to continue until Wednesday Bvenina,
of 580 North! the Oregon State Federation of Labor
Mrs. J. Fred Iddings
Liberty street, received a telegram this is meeting in the city, bringing 150 dele
morning informing her of the sudden j gates, .tomorrow toe uregon state Be
death of her brother, W. N. Watson, of j tail Grocers' association will begin its
Sioux City, Iowa. i three day sessions, bringing to the city
0 1 j between 150 and 200 delegates. Anil
Mrs. Alexander Thompson, democrat-j then Tuesday evening at the opera
ic representative from The Dalles, will house "The Lilac. Domino" will be pro
deliver an address next Sunday even- sented and this show will briuir to the
All Around Town
State Federation
meeting at Union
January 22
of Labor
January 2:1. Address of Prof.
Mc.Vuslnn, comparing Oregon
and Belgium flax, at Commer
cial club.
January 23, 24 and 25. Oregon
State Grocers' Association ut
Commercial club
man. M Atldress on ''The Ore
gon and California Lund
Grant" by Louis E. Heitn tit
Salem Public Library, 8 p.
Jannury 20. Convention of
State Thresbermeu 'a associa
tion. Jan. .1(1- Jersey cattle club of
Marion county meet iu Salem.
February 8. Midyear graduat
ing exercises, high school au
ditorium. February V. Animal theatrical
at state penitentiary.
February 12. - Prof. J. O. Hall
lecture Willamette university,
"Hemcdios Against Pover
Give your eyes the attention they He enlisted at the local recruiting of
deserve. Consult us first. No time like (ice and left this afternoon for Van
the present. No place as reasonable as , . ...
ours, Gardner & Kecne. cottvw "ekB or preliminary tra.u-
O 1'!,rl 't- Schortgen, age 18, of Cor-
The machinery has now been installed vallis; has also enlisted and will be sent
jin the Waite Memorial fountain in Will- to the training barracks as soon as he
On park. During the session o'f tCelf0 official discharge. He was
1. (1... e .,: Ill ..).... T.....I i l"-V '
I n 1.-1,111111:, i in- louiii.iiii it ui p'v urn-
! day and Thursday evenings beginning
! ut 7:15 o'clock.
Marksmen, riflemen and sharpshoot
ers of the Salem Rifle club who have
made a. record entitling them to rank
above the average shooter, will be
mg at the Fust Congregational church,
taking for her subject. "The -New Wo
nn and the New Way."
Two cases were started in the justice
court today. They are: George Borg
t'eldt Co. vs. Spencer Hardware Co., in
an action to recover $108.50; and E.
R. Houston vs. Howard Churchill, in a
suit to recover $34.45.
A resohvtion passed the house of rep
resentatives this afternoon, giving the
members of the Oregon tSate Retail
Grocers association the use of the house
Wednesday evening. The grocers in
tend to fully organize the house for a
mock trial and show the legislators a
few things.
city between 00 and 70, and already I he
hotels are doing a capacity business.
Simples of Oregon flax will be com
pared to the famous flax of the Gotouri
district of Belgium at the lecture to be
given tomorrow evening by Prof. G. R
McAuslan at the Commercial dub, iu
Clears Blotchy Skin
Dont worry about blotches or oilier
skin troubles. You can have a clear,
clean complexion by using a little lemo,
obtained at any drte store for 25c, or
extra large buttle at ?1.00.
Zemo easily removes all traces nf
A lecture will be given at the First ! PtnjPj?8' b,ack ,,cails blotches, eczema,
, aim uiiKwurni aim makes tne skin clear
and healthy, emo is a clean, ncnetrat-
his course of lectures for better sales
manship. Mr. McAuslan sa. s the Ore
gon sample is much finer and bcl
adapted for the manufacture of tint
linen than the, world famous Cot Ou ri
flax and he will rTemOiistrate this in It's
lecture tomorrow evening. Tonight lie
will talk on cotton go. ids and his lec
ture will be illustrated by 50 stereopii
can views.
&CHWABAUER In Portland, Jnnuai
20, 1017, Cecil Alexander, the iiin
year-old son of Mr. and Mrs- Alexan '
8r Kcli ivabauer, of Portland.
The body will I"' brought to Kalom b
morrow morning for buriel ill the fin
View- ccuieteiv. Mr. and Mrs. Sell u a
auer were formerly residents of Salei .
sale a good home in Salem: houi
barn, two good lots, fruit, paved streets! - , ,
' , , ' . ; . ! Dr. F. H. TTioinpsnn. 410 Batik of
two mocKs iioiu car line, i none no or !,..,. p .;,. i;,;,.,.i ... ,ii.,.. i.. , j.i i t
i vvihvivvi . u. i v loinuii iv UMatova 1tOIUOij mi tl I Lilt. 1111 fillip IU U
e Square Deal Realty Co., 202 U. S. of eye, ear, nose and throat, and goner- held this evening at the old armory
liank Hldg. tf-al surgery. tf over the city hall. Twenty-two men
0 j 0 have SO qualified during the year 191ft
Salem policemen will soon appear in: "Remedies Against Poverty," thA I Wednesday evening of this 'week the
their new blue serge suits, with the ,0l'tm''' t delivered by Prof. John O. marksmanship contest of the national
regulation brass buttons with the word . 1,1 Bs 01 1111 '''"'' course 01 : nil,, shoot will begin. 1 only lit all mem
"police thereon. Tin- hat is of a I
nicilium broad brim, with gold braid
.Presbyterian church iriday evening of
this week by Professor A. R. Swcet.ser.
of the University of Oregon. He will
speak on. "Christ, the Teacher." His
talk w ill bo of especial interest to those
interested in Sunday school work.
E. G. Reed, college editor of the Ore
gon Agricultural college, spoke to the
high school students this morning on
the subject of "The Heroic Life," and
la the course of his remarks touched
upon the late Admiral Dewey, His
talk was immensely appreciated by all
the students.
mg, antiseptic liquid, neither sticky nor
greasy and stains nothing. It is easily
applied and costs a mere trifle for each
application. Tt is always dependable.
The B, W. Roct- Co.. CHrctaVnt, O.
Take Advantage of a Salem Woman's
When the back begins to ache,
Don't wait until backache becomes
Till kidney troubles develop:
'Till urinary troubles destroy niglil '.-
Profit by a Salem's woman's exper
ience. Mrs. Emily Edwards, 1107 S. Thir
teenth St., Salem, says: " couldn't
speaa too highly iii praise of Doan-'s
Kidney Pills for 1 have never found
anything equal to this old reliable kid
ney medicine for regulating the kid
neys and stopping backache, I am o;i
ly too glad to tell others who arc sub
ject to backache, as I used to be, that
Doan's Kidney Pills are very 1 0 1 1 a l e
and effective for that trouble''
Price 50c at all dealers. Don 't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
1 "oan's Kidney Pills the same thet
M.rs. Edwards had. Foster-Milbui n
Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
j Many an hour's comfort in a good
pair of glasses, if fitted by Gardner
& Kcene.
j 0
I George M Post has received notice of
lhis election us a member of the Oregon
Chapter of the American Institute of
Architecture. He is the only member of
the institute in Oregon outside of Port
I laud.
! Dr. T. X. Beechler, dontist, located
i S-4 milo north of the fair grounds, Port
land road. Owing to no office
nnces reasonable
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Vesey, the
' singers who have been with the Rev. r
R. Muthis
, i ices at the
morning over the Oregon
Great Northern for Huntington, Indi
lectures of Willamette university, litis bers will shoot. Potatoes grown on vacant lots owned
i been postponed until Monday evening.! 0 by private individuals in various parts
February 12. The lecture was original- ! Wednesday evening Itit committee 011 of Salem have been sold by Snnerintim.
ly scheduled for this evening. j health and public morals w ill give a pub- j dent Steiner of the Oregon State hos- i
o lic hearing in the hearing room of theipital, to the amount of 2.500 bushels for
Just arrived car of Wyoming Rock 'public service commission on the mer-! which the sum of $2,800 has been re-
Springs coal. Phone Salem Puel Yards, its 0f house bill No. 4, relating to dc-keived- In grow ing the potatoes the la- j f
t'. i-Y) . pendent and dehnouent children mid "or of the inmates of the hospital was
' 0 changing the policy of the state in ear i used. The potatoes will be shipped to , 1
nuuucii suues, t-Axiuy iiRo muse uscu far luen ehililrou. The bill Came i UKianOma. the tubers brought $1.12
111 Holland may become fashionable If Log tot final consideration Friday and I bushel,
the price of leather continues to ad-; was re-referred to the committee on i o
ranee, J. U Stockton reeeiyed a ship-; health and public morals to remedy j The committee appointed by Joseph f
ment mis morning, iney are made ny faults in construction, on which basis it: H. Albert to give the Southern Pacific
a man living in Woodburn and the shoe WM attacked in the house. I officials definite information as to
SMS says two or three dozen pairs nrej 0 what the city wants in regard to jdank- i
sold every year, ami that the price is' Joseph Simmons and Frank Butte, of 'g the 8. P. bridge, met this morn
quite reasonable, j Seattle, each lit vears of age. were ar-; '"K- f'as. A- lalli UW P a proposi j
O I rested here RatnnikV aftemnon on n 1 tiou iu writing which w ill be submit-
A good rich farm of river bottom I charge of larceny of an automobile. d 1v the committee tomorrow morn-!t
land, w ill be offered at auction sale which thev am !-hnvir,..l with h:iviiu. 'K to the officials in Portland. 1'pon i I
nns :
finite do- X
-o ;,if.i..,.i;.., 1..0I haM .,, ,,;.. cision as to whether the cits will he
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits oUsse
as eorreetly. U. 8. Bank. Bid..
Poiucrov and Wallace, 1
Te Elks lodge will give a dance at Commercial. tf
Jw loilge rooms next Mondnv evening, 1 . .
..,... .I , , ' Portland will send 40 delegates to the
Jaauary 20. The dance is tor Klks, 0,,,tf() S,.U ,irw,.rH, Roti, ,.,mv,.n.
their families and friends. tion to meet for three days in Salem be
0 Igiuning tomorrow. Not only will the 40
Boa supper at the Hsyesville school regular delegates attend, but there will
louse Friday evening, January 20 1-23 be others from Portland, interested in
; i the success of the convention. It is es-
Ike river is rising today and Out tlmated that probably 150 delegates will
gauge reads 2.5 feet above low water, i attend. The sessions will be held in
during the evangelistic ser j ' -,,h- Somebody will get a bargain. stoieu ; battle and driven through to their return and after the mat;.
I Methodist church, left this r I"" ti' iilai s call 170 or see Square this ,.it, Tho an08t was made bv Of i l,(H'" ffVt 'biassed, it is more
er the Oregon Electric and I De1 lty Co., 202 U. a Bank Hldg. tt fil.or .m.ius 0B pifteeuth street, after! probable there wiH be some defini
Iff Hurlburt at Portland through pT?4 ',V P"1!! "( planking the :;;
Weedham's office. Immediate-i V'1' ' ? .A teuslott. ( has. A. ..
r the arrest was made. Sheriff i '" 'dJ ''' I "
m informed the Portland of-; 1 or.,a,ul tl'm(,rlow normng for the
The Willamette university freshmen 1,.. vi,r;,-,-u, ,'n
- toaaaeiMU leani win play tue saiein sheriff
Promptness and neatness in watch 1 SM ,!"',u"! t,anl at.,ll n"'ory on u, at,,,
- lut'Ptiity iiiu'iiinnii uu uanu' Deinii can
The record Sunday was 2.4 feet above.-i
Tkf range of temperature yesterday was
tram 41 to 32.
Bargain: You can buy at auction
MnCornnek's hall
ee. 1 li ri 111
ed at 4 o'clock. These toanisMinven 't (.... k. .1.., 1 ....... v...:....
had the pleasure of taking a try at each Tht. stoU. machine is a Ford and it has
other, but since the high school boys t Wl(shington license tag. According
ueiea co .. ugeue inei siock is quote,. , ,h(, st,v ,hov ,,,ft Taeoma When in SALEM, OREOON, Stop at t
considerably higher than at any tune iv:.i ;.. ..1 l 1. j I ' --4-
lived here Saturday afternoon. Julius I D L 1 il U H 0 1 C L
v on uers.e, deputy sneriir ot King
county, Washington, took the boys back
to Seattle this afternoon.
during the
Special meeting of Multno
mah chapter No. 1, R. A. M.,
thisl evening. Work in the
Mark Master degree. Visiting
Companions welcome.
Life in the coast artillery has its at- to be held in the house of renresenntive-s
cure. K. W. GROVE'S signs- tractions for Richard H. Yates, age IS, at S o'clock. The present law provides
n each bot. 25c. j who has been living ou rural route eight, for the sale of alcohol by affidavit.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Tablets. Druggists refund money if It
fails to
turn is on
Strictly Modern
Free and Private Baths
RATES: 76e, 31.00, 31.60 PER DA'S
The doctor, the druggists and the ! J.he on'v htel n the business district
dentists of Portland will come to Sa
lem this evening to appear at a public
i hearing before the committee on alcohol.
Nearest to all Depots, Theatres and
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away From Home.
T. Q. BLIGH. Prop.
Both Phones. Free Auto Bus
1 VI WB9vKM3V$Ali nssssHI asssBSBSssssH
No Matter
what your size or
shape, tall, short,
thick cr thin, we
guarantee to fit you
perfectly. Fit, style,
and long wear-are the
unfailing qualities of
our suits.
For $20 or $25 we
will make a suit for
you for you person
ally tailored from a
blue print of your fig
ure. $30 to $:5 will
not buy a better suit
anywhere. 250 new
Spring fabrics to pick
With every $20.00 suit
an extra pair of $6.00
With every $25.00 Suit
an extra pair of t7 QO
That Extra Pair Means Double Wear
Come in and leave your measurements TODAY
2395 FRONT ST. ;
MMt4eeeeeeet -