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    Editorial Page of "The Capital Journal"
December 1 IPl'i.
Mi tor an4 Uuifw
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crops are not so
the government experts state they are. What makes the j aUgh at?
crops seem unusually short is the fact that last year there
were bumper yields ot nearly all products, and tne great
The European war is blamed for many things, for
most of them probably rightly so. Among this class is the
turning of American, ideas toward socialism. Little or
nothing is said of this tendency suddenly springing into
life but it is tine just the same. Car shortage has sug
gested "government ownership" and given the idea a
strong boost. High cost of living has suggested the
placing of an embargo on foodstuffs, of the government
taking charge of all such and regulating prices therefor.
Government ownership of our merchant marine is an-j
other socialistic measure. Municipal stores, municipal!
wmi .-ti.mjr; luuwiuiij wiicie a vjuijici us suspecieu or
proved and selling the stuff at fixed prices is still another
socialistic measure.
The real important feature of all the suggestions made
for the purpose of bettering conditions, is that all of them
are along the lines of socialism. Strange isn't it that for
estimates just issued as to theeountry s ; every supposed evil the people should all turn to these
discouraging as Uhey at first seem and as theories which at other times they were disposed to
ovnoi'fc efntiu thtiv qvp What mnbe thpn i J 1
Tkrt fttAMAMI SEW L?viMr,,r 1,., ) i. 1 A. 1 - V
falling off is noticed. Compared with the five year .?lrfj "X' JX "'"T
araes the crops .re with the exception of oats con- gl? ' k J&J1 SLt
D " --J w-s. . i i v aaavviJlvui v. 1 lU V. 1 1 1 C J I V V 11U111 11
so that taking the other years as a basis the country is tne ugnt mswei without stuttenng.
only some 40,000,000 bushels shy on wheat. Last year's! "
corn crop was nearly 400,000,000 bushels in excess, and The lu2J& alP'?e? 2 ,stateL h
raised the five year average so much that this year's crop assessors is $878,7o. 5,944. This is $55,731,087 less than the
seems light when in fact it is about an average of the valuation last year. This amount would last England in
yield for the five years previous to 1915. paying her war expenses, for one month. If the assessors
The oat crop is larger by nearly ft hundred million i had not reduced the valuation the sum would have paid
bushels than for the oast five years. Potatoes are short,!6""1 iwu lungei
The bones, the muscle's, and all (lie
organs of the body depend for their
strength and tone and healthy action
on pure blood.
If the blood is very impure, the
bones become di sensed; the muscles
become enfeebled, the step loses its
elasticity, and there is inability to
perform the usual amount of labor.
The skin loses its clearness, and
pimples, blotches and other eruption :
Hood's Rarsaparilla makes puro
blood. It is positively unequaled it 1
the treatment of scrofula and other
humors, catarrh, rheumatism, dvs
pepsia, less of appetite, that tired
feeling. Be sure to pet Hood's nr. J
get it today. All druggists.
University Notes
showing only 285,000,000 bushels as against the usual
yield of :!(0,000,000. Apples snow an increase ot aoout
iwo million barrels, and oranges of nearly three million
boxes. Hay makes the best showing of all the year's
crops increasing from sixty-six million tons to eighty-six
million. It will be seen from even a cursory examination
of the estimates that there is an abundance of foodstuffs
for all, with a liberal surplus for export in most lines.
The shaking up of the wheat market in Chicago yesterday
showed that it is not scarcity of wheat but foreign demand
and speculation that is keeping prices up and making the
American loaf dear.
Wheat prices have dropped about twelve per cent since
last Saturday and are scheduled for still lower prices.
It would make an interesting array of figures if the
extra cost of living in America could be figured out so
that it could be seen how much this country is paying on
account of the war. It is safe to say the consumers pay
more extra each year than the value of all the munitions
and war material exported. It is quite probable that the
amounts paid out by American consumers since the war
started in the way of increased prices is larger than all
our boasted increase of capital.
Poor old John Barleycorn is surely having a hard row
to hoe. The latest jolt given him is the recommendation
by a congressional committee that all liquor advertise
ments be refused the use of the mails. The committee
also recommends that the penalty for violation of this
proposed law be a Jfine of $1,000.
The Spectator modestly says "it is a high class weekly
that appeals to people whose minds have not become
atrophied by permitting editors, politicians, soap box
orators and other kinds of demagogues to do their think
ing." According to this the gentleman who publishes the
Spectator is not an editor. Perhaps he is right.
The Dictator has dictated for the second time this
week and has pleased two capacity houses. The house
was sold out again yesterday by noon, which shows that
Salem people appreciate their home talent and also a good
play well presented.
The Association of County Judges and Commissioners
at a meeting in Portland recently, passed a resolution
condemning the widows' pension law and asking its re
peal. They were of the Opinion the law failed to provide
the relief intended, and besides was cumbersome and ex
pensive. It-was the unanimous opinion that the old sys
tem of county aid was far superior and more business
like besides producing more real benefits and preventing
fraud, or at least the helping of the undeserving.
Only eight more days untill Christmas, and the chances
are you have not done all your shopping yet. If not begin
at once and don't stop until the last present is bought or
your Christmas money is exhausted.
One of the amusing features of the stock market al
most panic is that some of the employers a few days ago
gave their employes a bonus for Christmas, and most of
these at once invested their present in stock and of course
lost the whole business, and in many cases more with it.
There is an old saying that "the burned child dreads the
fire," but it is evident that seeing others get burned does
not cause the same dread.
According to the government reports the tobacco crop
this year is considerably above the average. This sug
gests a nice box of cigars or a humidor of tobacco for the
favorite pipe, makes a fine holiday gift. You can't go
wrong in your selection, for while some brands may be
better than others they are all good.
The peace proposal coming from Germany and the
other Teuton allies was somewhat of a surprise, but that
Turkey should desire peace with Christmas looming up
large and near, is quite natural. The wonder is the pro
posal was not made before Thanksgiving.
The trouble with that submarine over at Humboldt
Hay was that it tried to submerge where the water was
too shallow.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18fiS
Transact a General Ranking Untitles
SafVtv Deposit Hoxeo
The price of bread has not gone up in Salem, but the
size of some loaves indicate they have been left too long
in the oven and have shrunk. In a platinum setting some
of them would make fine necktie pins.
Mill orders are getting more and more plentiful, but
this is not the case with the cars necessary to enable the
mill orders to be filled.
Let 'em Rave"
I Have Tried Since I've Been in Salem
To be on the level and friendly and all that kind of
thing, and not put on any airs or be STUCK-UP AND
CHESTY, and speak to everybody that I meet on the
Some of 'em don't speak back, but they might as well.
Most everybody was and is just like MY FRIEND MR.
They treat me nice and smile and tell me "How do you
like Salem?" and "I'm glad you're here" and they mean it.
But once in a long while I meet SOME BIG STIFF with
an ingrown disposition and a chronic grouch THAT
And when I see him if he shakes hands at all I've got
to look up to see if I haven't got A DEAD COD-FISH BY
THE TAIL. And then he looks at me kind a superior
like and he "registers" to himself (as he looks we over
condescendingly), "YOU POOR BOOB, I DON'T LIKE
All I want to say is this: I feel sorry for the fellow
that can't keep things to himself any better than that
Don't you?
If you happen to see "THE GUY I'M THINKING
ABOUT" tell him he ain't SORE, he's just SICK and
to cheer up, CHERRIES WILL SOON BE RIPE; and
thank him for moving to Salem, because if he wasn't
here I mightn't have had anything to write about.
"Who believes its The Knockers that make THE BOOST
ERS the Best People on Earth."
By a margin of 10 points svnro at
tM finish, the sophomore class of the
university won the annual cross country
run yesterday afternoon on Sweetland
Hold. The mile ami a half course con
sisting of six laps around the cinder
imth, w;is run on a slonnv track, t here
by making it impossible to secure goo,!
IIinic. Added to this was tho frccziuL'
tog which hung so low over the field
thai it w:is Impossible 'to see the run
ners while in action on the opposite
side of the track.
Koine Jackson, winner of first place
in last year's ruu, again bagged the
essential distance for first place hon
ors. Ho ran neck to neck with Victor
Taylor of the freshmen for approximate
ly five laps, but in the final sprint suc
ceeded in nosing out a lead of SO feet.
With Taylor thus getting second, the
strife for third place between Collins
of the frosh and Stewart of tho sophs
was keen and a delight to watch. Col
lins took the honor by half a head's
hollowing close in the rear were
Morse, I.awson and It ex ford of the
sophomores who took fifth, sixth and
seventh places Respectively. Chiltick
and Eegge of the freshmen came iu
later as did Crisp of the same class.
Craven did not finish. Tasker of the
sophomores was lost.
By the scoring in vogue of the race
the team qualifying in the least num
ber of place points was the -winner.
This gave the sophomores the second
winning of the Hauser Brothers' silver
trophy cup by tho score of 23 to 33.
According to the terms of its donation
the cup must be won three successive
times to assure permanent possession.
N'o teams were entered by the upper
classes. Coach R. L. Mathews was of
ficial starter and Harold Tobie, Le
land Austin and Arlie Walker judges
of the course.
An Important amendment to the con
stitution and by-laws of the associated
student body was made In Friday mofn
inn's student meeting. Provision was
made that the $100 due to the athletic
manager for services rendered during
a single scholastic year should be paid
in tertiary installments rather than iu
B lump sum at the conclusion of the
year, under the former provision the
manager was forced to wait nearly a
your before receiving his remuneration
for his services. Arlie Walker, a grad
uate of the 1910 class and now a junior
in the college of liberal arts, is the
present manager.
Butter Nut
appropriate program
hour on Washington's
for the
birth da v.
Challenging all comers of any nation-;
alityj shape or form, a new semi-Be-!'
cret society has been formed among L
prominent athletes of the varsity Which
the members hope will in time take onj-
the aspects of u national organization, i J
Believing that any possible candidates i.
for membership should be given oppor-i
tunitv to meet the standards of the so- i
ciety, the members have chosen basket-
ball as the best tester of appropriate-1 T
...... .. i,.-
personal writing
neaa for affiliation. Their array on th
gymnasium floor consisting of Bartlett
and dates, forwards; Booth and Tobie. f
guards, and Carson, center, is sufficient
to strike terror iuto tho hearts of the
opposition. Initial tryouts for member
Snip will be a feature of January's ath
letic calendar.
Price $50
Place your order now for Christ
mas delivery. Call or write to
210 X. Com 'I St. - Salem Or. t
Among the many social organizations
of the campus is the II -A club of lovers
Of mild sportsmanship in keeping wil'n
the Willamette ideal. The meetings of
the club are strictly formal and are,
held at the discretion of the charter
members fconsisting of LeRoy Card.
Arvid Peterson, Chester Womer, Max
well Hall, Dwight Kloster, Seine Jack
son and I.estle Sparks. Checkers, rook
and sweet eider help to while away the
hours uncouducive to serious contem
plation of tho curriculum's problems.
One evidence of the approaching ses
sion of the Oregon state legislature was
evident this week when the state hi.'ii
way department was forced to abandon
its committee room headquarters at the
state house. Accommodations for the
department wore secured in the science
hall of the university located on tho
nortnwest corner ot tne umversitv cam
pus. Now housed on the first floor of
the building are to be found the J. H.
Scott and S. H. Probert parties of high
way engineers. At the adjournment of
the legislature the offices will be again
in their former location in the state
The latest members to pool their des
tinies with the Philodorian society of
the university are War fen Booth and
Willis Vincent. Their iniation into full
fellowship was a. hilarious event of the
Especially attractive to all lovers of
teal Christmas frolics is the formal se
mester joint party of the Philodosian
and riiundorian societies this evemugi
;.. tiw, .. &! k it- i A :u I
in int uif.nii''ii nuns iittjis. vuimitiecs
have been at work for a week on the
plans which assures an evening of care
free jollity such as always character
izes the social affairs of the two societies.
Donald Matthews, ex- 'If' is at pres
ent engaged in slashing brush in the
rural district near Pratum. Oregon. I'n
dor the snappy Oregon weather his
health is very much improved since
he was compelled to abandon his uni
versity course a few weeks ago ou ac
count of a nervous breakdown. In all
upon the Jewish people provoked a bit
ter revolt in which the Jews, led by the
famous Judos Maccabeus and his bio
thors, finally defeated the Syrian arm
ies, re entered the Temple and rededi
catod it as the center of Jewish worship.
Iu honor of this re-dedication, the feast
of C'hannukah (dedication) was estab
lished, its eight days to be holidays,
days of song and thanksgiving.
The holiday is" marked by special
prayers of thanks and psalms of praise
inserted into the daily ritual, und by
thc kindling of the Channukeh lights.
The usual custom is to light one light
on the first day, two on the second,
three on the third, and so on, udding
one each successive day of feast. As to
the reason for this custom of kindling
the lights, legend tells that when Judas
Maccabeus and his victorious army re
dedicated the Temple and cleansed it
of all the impurities of idolatry, he
found that there was only enough pure
oil to keep the perpetual light burning
one day, and it would be long before
new oil could be procurred. But mi
raculously, this small amount of oil
probability he will not resume his stud-1 lasted tor eight days, and the perpetual
ies until next fall. ght was not extinguished- For this
I reason it was ordained that every year
Starting off the forensic season will lights should be kindled for eight days
be the debate tryont next Wednesday I in every household. It became ensto
afternoon of all men intending to as- niarv for the light to be placed in the
pire to represent Willamette on (he windows and the doorways, so that tho
platform this winter. Tie affirmative streets of tho cities be lighted up. Thus
will be given 10 minutes for construct-1 the feast came to be known also u,s the
no argument and three minutes for re
buttal. The tryout will be private.
Taut T iU
The Jewish date for the beginning of
Although latent during the school
sessions, at the time of recesses and
holidays tho booster power of the
Washingtonian society makes itself of
front rank important o. Membership is
'.imitod to all students and faculty
members attending Willamette who
claim the state of Washington a sthelr
home Mate. The Organization exists
merely for advertising the varsity in
the respective districts represented and
that it is an important factor in Wil
lamette extension work, the member
ship of 35 is ample testimony. Charles
Randall was elected president and Ruth
Peringer vice president at the meeting
yesterday noon. A committee of three
students was appointed to outline an
How WiHamette university students
reciprocate for the favors tendered
them by the business men of Salem was
shown Thursday and Friday evenings
by the large number of students attend
ing tho Cherrian play, "The Dictator."
Very favorable reports of the sterling
merit of the play are in circulation on
the campus. Of particular interest to
the upper classes was the fact that
"The Dictator'' was selected to bo the
annual junior class plav three years
ago. but troubles over tho prospective
cast and the royalty prevented its stag
ing at that time.
An enjoyable comeback to the num
erous indignities heaped upon the class
of 1919 last evening at the semester
party by the freshman partisans was
tue songtest Held in the corridors of
Waller hall soon after midnight. Fresh
men lodgers were ousted from their
trundle beds and compelled to sing in
honor of the sophomore class. Those
freshmen contributing - to the amuse
ment of tho conquerors were Collins,
Lyman, Payne. Carpenter and Pollock.
this toast is tho twenty-fifth of tho
month of Kislev. According to one
tradition, the reason that Judas selected
this date is because it fell exactly three
years after Antiochus had defiied the
Temple; according to another tradition
it is because that was also the day when
the Israelites, after being delivered
from Egypt, completed the Tabernacle
in the wilderness.
The Feast of Dedication fChaunu
kah) commences at sundown Tuesday,
December 19th. and lasts for eight day's.
It celebrates the successful ending of a
war against the religious tyranny. Its
predominant message, therefore, is re
ligious liberty.
Iu the year 162 before the present
era, tho .Syrian kink. Antiochus Epi
phones, sot up a statue of a pagan deitv
in the Jewish temple of Jerusalem, and
tried to compel the Jews to worship it
and abandon their own historic faith.
This effort at forcing an alien religion
Ed McDonald, one of our prosper
ous and enterprising farmers who lives
on Howell Prairie established a splen
did record from a two-acre field of corn
this year. He fattened 23 shoats for
market almost entirely from the field,
commencing to feed as soon as the corn
was large enough to feed in the stalk.
Besides this his cattle received many
"smiles" from tho field and to cap the
chmax after accomplishing all this he
gathered his 1917 seed corn from the
field. Who says corn is not a profitable
crop in Oregon ? Silverton Apepal.
After Meals
It prepares the stomach to receive food,
assists digestion and keeps the bowels
mm JmvAA
Owing to delayed mails today's instalment of this
story faded to arrive It is expected it will
be here by Monday.