Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 27, 1916, Page FIVE, Image 5

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Thousands of Pairs of
::i All broken lines of Shoes to be closed out at greatly reduced prices. Do not ::::
::t miss this great opportunity to buy Shoes at prices below what thev will be again
i for a number of vears. Our room is limited and we must close out all short S
lines regardless of the fact that the same shoes will be much higher in the spring : ::
r; We are closing out tfnumber of discontinued lines of the
ft FAMOUS JANAN SHOES at a price below the actual whole-
i sale cost Almost a complete run of sizes left: S7 and $8
i L Still a few pairs of MEN'S RUBBER BOOTS, in $3 and $4
f:: grades, sizes from 9 to 11 only, to be closed out at
i: Five hundred pairs LADIES' FET HOUSE SLIPPERS, all
i. . t
:: colors, Comfy and turned soles, with fur trimmings, all
: sizes, grades'u'p to $2, to go at r.'. ... . . . '. . ... . .
WHY PAY MORE FOR REPAIR WORK when you can get Ladies' Half Soles for
50c: Men's Half Soles 75c: Men's and Women's All Leather Heels 25c; Best
Rubber Heels 50c? If vou can find anyone using better leather or that can give
vou better workmanship, we will do your work FREE.
Special Agents For
Hanan Shoes
Witch Elk Boots
Ball Band Rubber1
... WW
Ground Gripper
Fox Pumps
Dux Bax Oil
DUX BAX SHOE OIL . .Half Pints 25c; ,
Quarts 60c; Gallons $1.50
Safety Lecture Offered
To Workers In Sawmills
University of Oregon, Eugene, Nov.
25. Thousands "of needless accidents
occur every year in Oregon, and ecv
erai hundreds of thousuudu of dollars
Be Better Looking Take
Olive Tablets
If your skin is yellow complexion
pallid tongue coated appetite poor
you have a bad taste in your mouth a
lazy, no-good feeling you should take
Olive Tablets.
Dr. Edwjrds' Olive Tablets a sub
stitute for calomel were prepared by
Dr. Edwards after 17 years of study
with his patients.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a
purely vegetable compound mixed with
clive oil. You will know them by their
olive color.
To have si clear, pink skin, bright eyes,
no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like
childhood days yon must got at the cause
Dr. Edward.;' Otivc Tablets act on the
liver and bowels KUe calomel yet have
no dangerous after effects.
They start tin- bile and overcome con
etipation. That's why millions of boxes
arc sold annually at lite and 25c per
box. AH druggists. Take one or two
.nightly and uvrte the pleasing results.
must be spent to compensate for
"To sit idly by and view this annual
waste with complacency is no longer
possible. Tho movement 'fur industrial
safety has now spread across tho coun
try from the steel mills of the east to
the sawmills of the Pacific coast- This
movement has saved thousands of lives
and has greatly reduceTthe coot of com-!
ponsatioii in many places," says thej
Oregon federation for industrial safety, I
which was organized a short time ago'
to promote the safety movement in ;
Oregon. ' . I
"In Oregon a large number of acri-5
ous permanent disabilities occurring on;
lumber knives and power-driven saws:
in sawmills, as wen as omer types 01
painful accidents can undoubtedly be
prevented," said Ben H. Williams, sec
rctantof the new federation and a mem
ber of the State University etxension
The federation stands ready to pro
vide an illustrated talk on safety
work, with special reference to saw
mills. Arrangements for .such a talk
were recently made by the mill at Gar
dinerOre. At plant safety committee
was appointed after this meeting.
"Tho appointment of a plant safety
committee to take charge of the work
of accident prevention is a desirable
outcome of these meetings," said Mr.
Williams. Bequests from employers
for tho co-operation of the federation
will be gladly received by the secre
tary. . v
The members of the federation are
the state industrial accident commis
sion, the state bureau of labor under
O. 1'. Hoff, and the University exten
sion division. No charge is made for
the lecture.
The new home of the Christian
Science Society of Woodburn, at the
northeast corner of Second and Gar
field streets, was dedicated last Sun
day morning in tho preseince of a
large .gathering, the seating capacity
being so taxed that chairs had to be
provided. Among those present were
people from Portland, Salem, Silverton
and Oregon City.
The regular Christian Science serv
ice was held, with first and second
readers, this being the usual custom in
the dedication of all Christian Science
The music consisted of an organ
prelude, singing by the congregation
and a soro, "O Gentle Presence," by
Miss Anna A shoe, Miss McQuaid pre
siding at the organ- The only decora
tion was a vase containing beautiful
yellow ehrysunthemums. Wootrburn In
Spring Valley News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Spring Valley, Nov. 25. The recep
tion hejd last Friday evening at tae
church was well attended. The affair
was in honor of theMhrec ministers
who serve here, Rev. Pottsmith of Me
Minnvilie, Mr. Russell, a MeMinnvilie
college s'uilent and Mrs. Douglas a
Willamette university student. Rev.
Pottsmith is present on the second Sun
day in the month, Mr. Russell the third
Sunday and Mr. Douglas on the re
maining Sundays. A good program was
given, Rev. G. A, McKinlav, R. u.
Shepard, Rev.- W. T. Scott, Mr. Doug
las and Mr. Russell being the principal
speakers. The MeMinnvilie college glee
club added much to the pleasure of the
evening with their spirited singing.
Afjfer the program a social hour was
enjoyed, during which time a light
luncheon was served. The success of the
affair mi largely dup to the efforts
of ,1. K. KrenehV-the Sunday school su
perintendent, who did most of tho plan
ning. Wednesday evening Nov. 1!9 tho first
meeting of the parent-teachers assoe
tion for this year, will be held at the
school house. Tho school children wlil
give a Thanksgiving proaram. It is
! hoped that all will come out and matte
these meetings as enjoyable and profit
able as they were last winter.
Mrs. R. A. Looney entertained the
Baptist mission circle on Wednesday
of Inst week, and all passed a pleasant
Mrs. Kate Coyle has returned from
a week's visit at Nowbcrg, and is now
at Mountain View, earing for Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Patrick, who are both ill.
J. E. French was a Salem business
caller on Friday.
Miss Greta Phillips of Salem spent
last Saturday at her-home here.
Mrs. Ralph Scott and daughter, Jean
nette, arc in Portland, where they will
visit until after Thanksgiving.
Air. and Mrs. S. U. Barker have fin
ished moving their household noons
from Salem, and are again pnrniancntry
re-established at their Sonne Vullcv
farm home.
Mrs. Lynn Purvine entcretnined a
number of friends en Wednesday after
noon, in bonor of Mrs. i'rank Matthews
after a short time employed in various
Kinds ot needlework, tho ladies were
supplied with wire, crepe and tisuc pa
per, and other essentials, and inviteil
to try tlur skill at millinery. Verv
earnest were tho efforts put forth, and
inc resulting creations were something
surely never dreamed of in Paris, al
though svcral showed artistic skill. Mrs.
Kolnnd Stnt ford assisted Mrs. Purvine
in the serving o fthe luncheon, uud It
was not until then that the guests learn
ed that it was tho birthday of Mrs.
Mat thews. Tho uniquely arranged can
dles topping the birthday cake told the
tale, also the phico cards upon which
were written tho birthday date of euch
guest. Mrs. ,' Matthews whs duly con
gratulated and wished many happy re
turns or tno day.
Several guests were nimble to be
present, but among those enjoying Mrs.
I'urvine s hospitality wore Mrs. FraiiK
Matthews, Mrs. Roland Stnflord, Mrs.
w. u. Henry, Airs. J. F. 1'uiviuo, Mrs.
Win. Crawford, Mrs. v llarv- Craw
ford, Mrs. B. ('. Shepard and Mrs.
Donnel Crawionl.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilurtou have moved io
Portland, where Miss Mildred Burton
is attending high .school.
Dallas J. Sidjyell, an insurance ngen;
from Portland, was ji, business eulicr
Tuesday evening of lust week at the
home of W. II. Crawford. ,
Frank Crawford has stored his Dodge
touring car for thu winter and hus
bought a Ford runabout lor winter use.
Scotts .Mills News
(Capital Journal Special Service)
acotts Aims, iov. 2o. These are
busy tiuies. The prune packing plant is
running with a lull lorce or workers.
Having to shut down on account of
scarcity of cars will make the packing
very late. It will take until after
Thanksgiving to finish tho work. Five
car loads have been shipped out hut
this has not taken half the fruit. The
prune industry is a great financial
hnlp to Scotts Mills. It is estimated
that over ten thousand dollars have
been, and will be paid out by tho
prune growers association this yearfor
labor in harvesting and pucking the
Our school is progressing nicely. The
school children seem to tie taking much
interest in their studies. -
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Thomas, Mr. and
Mrs. ,1. A. Taylof mid niumireu fra
.ier motored to Salem lust Fridav to
attend the Friends quarterly meeting
held at the Soulh Salem Friends church
They returned Saturday evening.
Mrs. Myra Brougher Ramsay and lit
tle son returned to her home near Mo-
lalln this week.
The little eon of Mr. and Mrs. S. C.
Russell of Marion, who is staying with
-. - " - . i
- " I II
- MttmiiitnMMttttmtmtttMtnmtttHtttttnttttMH II
ft 4t
Your Photograph
Would make a most acceptable and appreciated GIFT
for Christmas.
Our Studio
Will render the service, and provide for you all the suit
able presents you feel obligated to give, and at moderate
And what could be nicer, or would manifest the spirit and
good will of the Yuletime season more than a good, well
made,, natural portrait of the GIVER.
We. submit for your approval the choicest line of Holiday
Mountings ever exhibited in Salem, including a complete
line of "Art Leather Goods" which has proven so popular
this season throughout Ihe east. ' Come in today and let
us show you what real Christmas presents we can help
you provide for your loved ones and friends.
Studio Open All Day
Week Days 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. Sundays 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Evenings by Appointment
We'll make your pictures and promise .them finished in
time for Christmas.-1
The Parker Studio
"The Photographer in Your Town"
Commercial Street Near Chemeketa : Over Barnes' Store
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A. T. Wain and II' A. Smith liindo n f
Ltrip to Sidney last week. .. ,
Air. nim Airs. .Mies visited II. A.
Smith 's-Wiindiiy.
Guy ('handler made a trip to town
Book Exhibit at
Public Library
x :
Children's boot's air being exhibited
at the library fi.r a week beginning
Saturday, November ""th. A specialty
is being made of the list "Tho (!oldc:i
Stuiriis" ami there are different
good editions of nil the books on this
list. Kvery i !:ild wans to own some
of "'ulitbest biinl and this list "Tho
Golden Slniriase" carefully compiled
by Misi Marvin the state librarian, con
tains si :r. of the very best books for
the to own from the time when
ho be;'in:i to eujny Mother (iouse up to
high sehnol age. If you lire looking fur
books for any of your children friemts
fur Christinas come and see these. You
will be uire to find something thu:
will suit your little friend.
The librariilns will bo "at homo"
Eczema Is Conquered
(ireasy salves mid iiinlincnts should
not be applied if good clear skin is
wanted. From any druggist for 25c or
$1.(K) for extra !ar;;e sic, get a bottli;
of zemo. When applied us directed, it
effectively removes eczema, quickly
stops ilcliing, and heals skin troubles,
also sores, burns, wounds and dialing.
It penetrates, cli.-msis and soothes,
Zemn is a clean, dependable and inex
pensive, peiietrat:ng, antiseptic liquid.
Try it. as wc believe nothing y.ui have
iver used is as effective anil satisfying.
Tho 15, W. Rote Co., Cleveland, O.
to come sniuclinie iluring I lie week l
see the books. Tuesday afternoon th
hnol(H will be in the dmntional room,
on the first floor but the rest oV tli
time they will be on o no nf the tables
his grand parents at this place, has
been quite sick with a cold but is bet
ter at the present writing.
J, A. Taylor is in Mt. Angel super
intending the loading of cars with
prunes tor shipment to eastern markers.
Lost night, at the Friends church
here, tho mission work of Friends in
Africa and the costumes of the people
there, previous to the coming of the
missionary, was shown by magic lan
tern slides. All of which was very, i.i-
terestinir and instructive. Mrs, Tanip,:u
of Portland and Mrs. B. C. Miles or
Salem had cluuge of the work.
The little slaughter or Mr. and Mrs.
Roy Kioe has beeil so sick with a eold
that she was threatened with pneumo
nia but is thought to bo better now.
Ihoro hus been considerable siekneus
iu this vicinity on account of colds.
Jefferson News
Tuesday afternoon iu the ediicationnl
room of tho library to talk over the in the library upstairs.
books with you and tell you about them.
Come Tuesday afternoon if you eun,
but t- you can not come then be sure
Roll it Journal want ads will sell it.
Journal Want ads will sell it.
(Capital Journal Special Sorvice)
Jefferson, Or., Nov, 27. Nearly ev
eryone in the neighborhood is laid U;i
with tho grip. "
The young folks at SunnysiiTc urc
organizing a literary society,
Uill V likening made
Jesse Treisk's family has the chick:
Mrs. Fabry visited at Mrs. Crums
The 1'ringle Sunday school chime
held a party ot 11:11 Ciabenhorst'a Fri
day night.
Charier Grubenhorst has moved onto
Mr. (tamjobnt's Jilace.
John Fnbry caine home from l$lae?t
Rock Hundny on a visit, In; has steads'
work there.
The sermon drama entitled "Tho
Woman and the (,'onvict, " as present
ed by Hev, James M. Heady at the
Unitarian church last night, seemingly
fulfilled the expectation of tho good
sized audience gathered to witness this
new departure in church service.
The thesis of the drama dealt with
the old age questioo of prison reform
and punishment generally as well as
tho theological question of whether a
man who had been punished definitely
lor his offense iu this world was just
ly entitled to punishment for the same
offenses in a world to come. The three
characters of the production were cneji
enacted by Mr. Heady in a very ac
ceptable way.
For next .Sunday evening (he subject
announced is "The Choice of a Lire
Work," the most important choice in
a person 'a life.
Mr. lleadv was in charge of the lee-
Itures on "Vocational guidance" u;
the Panama Pacific international ex
position iu 1015, and promises that he
will deliver several of the lectures at
the Unitarian church, the first one i
next Sunday. I
Arrangements are being made for a
week of special meetings, one each ev-'
eniug beginning December 4. !
Wediltnir invilntlnnn. announcements. '
trip to town ; . ,.i;ni. carog prited at tho Journal
Jqb Department Prices right. I
"Be on time for
Thanksgiving Dinner"
JJk Ride on the Oregon ..Electric Ity.
ij&S. Low Fares Nov. 29 and 30.
Dsnnls Eucalyptus tiitttmen!
at all onua Tori
Salem to
Portland ' $2.00
Albany 1.10
Harrisburg 2.15
Tualatin 1.50
Woodburn $ .70
Corvallis 1.55
Eugene 2.80
Tulsa 1.80
And proportionately to other places.
Excursion Fares to California via North Rank Road
and the speedy, elegantly equipped S. S. Northern
Pacific. .
J. W.RITCHIE, Agent, Salem