Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 27, 1916, Page TWO, Image 2

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    " TWO THE BAIL I (JAflTALi JUUrCIN ALi, mtgiomt mwni, v..
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Dinner Table Needs
Make your Dinner complete.
Low bowl table decorations, Wax Candles and Shades
in pumpkin and all colors, Table Glassware, Minton
and Haviland China Ffh and American Dinnerware,
Carving Sets.
The Store of Housewares
Phone 67. - 135 N. Liberty St.
jnionths visit in Salem,
Mrs. Armin Stciner went to Tort
I land for a short visit Saturday, accom
panying Mr. and Mrs. Earl AnderBon
who motored down.
Rev. J. M. Heady of the Unitarian
church is arranging to give a series ol
interesting sermon dramas at trie
church during the season and will be
assisted in his efforts by Mrs. Anna
Honors Fish. The dramas will be a fea
ture of Sunday evenings and a number
of Mrs. Fish pupils wi.ll appear in
the productions.
j Mrs. Mary Ellcrsick, who has been
Ivisiting at Iho home of Mr. and Mrs.
i Edward Looso for a couple of mont'ia,
will leave Thursday for her home in
Spokane, Washington.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
. State House News
Fire broke out at' the' penitentiary
this morning about three o'clock and
burned a hole through the floor of the
A merry little party of Friday night 'auditorium into the.eommissary depart
ment. No further damage was done anu
it was extinguished befort it had time
will flock to the
n"ONIOHT society
1 Grand theatre to attend the open
ing of the theatrical season with
the distinguished comedy, "Fair anil
Warmer" which comes direct from
New Vork after a successful two years
run at the Eltiugo theatre.
Miss Rita Steiner and Miss Margery
Marvin wero nmong those going to l'ort
land Saturday to attend the perform
ance of "The'Cnrdvn of Allah,'' at the
Hcilig theatre.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Johnson, wero
hosts Tuesday night when they enter--tained
the members of the T. A. N. O.
club and a few additional gusts at an
informal "500" party.
I'layers circled five tables of tho
game, card Jionors fulling to Clyde
Johnson. -Mrs. Clyde Johnson and Mrs.
Frank Ward assisted Mrs. Johnson.
Tbn members included in the club
arc: Mr. and Mrs. Miller IJevier, Mr.
and Mrs. Konin Hunter, Mr. and -Mrs.
Cnl Fatten, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L.
Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. Hay F. Rich
ardson, Mr. and Mrs. Frauk Ward, Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde Johnson and Mr. and
Mrs. A. L. Johnson.
Tnc additional guests were: Mr. and
Mrs. J. Bernnrdi, Mr, and .Mrs. Charles
F. Elgin and Mrs. L. K. 1'nge.
jwas tnat given ny me .Hisses r,suiei
land Hazel Anderson when they cntor
itaineLa group of their friends inlor
Imnlly at their home on Court street.
The lore part of the evening was
I passed playing games, after winch, a
; marshiiiullow roast was enjoyed,
i -Those participating in the evening's
fun were: the Misses Hazel Blake,
'Catherine Lynch, Marion Allen, Alma
; Henderson, Helen Ogdcn, Annctta Shio
jder, Marie I'ogy, Cora Kovelstead and
Adolph Htccves, Josepli Arapps, jr.,
and Uustave Anderson.
Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Ranch have gone
to Corvallis to visit for several days.
Professor E. C. Bobbins of the U. of
O. accompanied them and was their
guest at the O. A. C.-Oregon game Sal
urduv. ...
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Brown pre
sided over an informal dinner yesterday
in honor of Captain and Mrs. C. A.
Murphy, who arrived in Salem Satur
day night from Pendleton. Captain
Murphy who has recently been appoint
ed warden to fill John H. Minto's
place at the state penitentiary, is a
brother of Mrs. Brown. Captain 'and
.rs. Murphy formerly lived in Salem
and their return is the source of mucli
joy to their many old friends.
To inspect the W. R. Cat Stnyton,
Mrs. Alice E. Caldwell, assistant in-
Ispector of the Salem corps and Mrs.
Eugene Houston lias returned from j Marion Wells. Mrs. Bessie Martin anil
a several days sojourn in California. jrs Kfito Wright punlap, motored to
Mr. Houston went south to accompnny that city on Saturdav, accompanying
his mother, Mrs. H. B. Houston, who ' rr(1. Caldwell's cousin. i A. Porter
returned to Suuta Rosa, after a few
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te tup csMtne m i w . . - H
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when lick at you are anxious about the disease it it taken for
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In a vegetable product like t. S. S. there is no violent alter ef
fect -u il found in mineral medirinti hut a natural an f-
ficient meani of reaching the blood and purifying it, to
mat ii may pertorm ms lunctioni reauuy. j SgSjH
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j ray;
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id the
ly vegetable am
Jiluod Kcmedy,
Swllt Specific Co. Atlanta, Ga.
of Fresno, California, who has recently
comn to Salem to spend tho winter. Jn
Stnyton the party was met by Com
rade Khcphuru and a dinner was cn
joved before the corps inspection.
At tho W. R. . bazaar on Saturday,
Mrs. Florence Lewis was tho fortunate
winner of tho handsome silk quilt, for
which the corps sold chances during
tho day.
Scuttle, Wash., Nov. 27. The Nor
wegian steamship Nils Neilsen, 12,000
tons, launched hero two weeks ago, and
bound for Vladivostok with a cargo of
munitions for the Russian government
wns reported in distress 100 miles west
Of Cape Uluttery today.
to spread. It is believed it originated
from cigars thrown- into a cuspidor in
tho auditorium while the committee ap
pointed to make a survey o" fthe peni-'
tentiary was visiting the institution.
The cuspidor was a wooden one and
was filled with sawdust, it is believed
the cigar coals set the sawdust afire,
which smouldered until early this morn
ing. The committee making the investi
gation is composed of F. W. Mulkey,
E. E. Brodie of the Oregon City Enter
prise, and L. I. AVeutworth.
Rulph Watson, political writer for the
Portland Journal, was a state house
visitor this morning. He is looking into
political matters and was interviewing
people. He left for Portland this even
ing. Frnuk K. Welles, assistant state
school - superintendent, is in Astoria,
Clatsop county, today to attend a teach
er's institute. He will be absent today
and Tuesday, and is scheduled to give
several addresses.
Realizing that people are living in
the last days and that the second vis
ible, personal coming of Christ, is at
hand and that evil men mid seducers
are waxing worse and worse and that
nil men will be lost who do not hear
and obey the teaching of (od as re
vealed in tho Bible, the Bethel Mission
Association, of Woods, Tillamook coun
ty, filed articles of incorporation with
tho corporation commissioner this morn
me. The great object of the association
ig to warn mankind of the coming judg
ment day. The capital is given as 1,
000 and" the incorporators are Rev.
Leigh A. Northrup, I). C. Collier,
Charles Blum, E. P. Thun nud Mary
E. Woods. ...
For the purpose of engaging in the
manufacture of lumber, the Sitka
Spruce company filed articles of incor
poration today. The enpital is placed
at $20,000 and the home office is Port
land. Tho incorporators-are It. W. Wil
bur, 8. C. Spencer and H. B. Beckett.
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- w-'
State Engineer Calls Atten
to Necessity of Perfecting
If the state of Oregon is to secure
the $Miiii,!iO(i of federal money available
for the construction of good roads prior
to July 1, 1919, the coming legislature
must provide a state load plan ami
adequate funds to meet federal re
quirements, aecordniK to a statement
of State Engineer Lewis, whb attended
a businessman's luncheon in Albany
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ED. PEiAUD Bldg New York
Saturday declared that the minister of
justice had resigned. With the demnnds
made by Admiral Fouinet, of the al
lied fleet, for disarmament of Greek
forces and the "provisional," or rcvo-
l lurioinry government unoer iormer ito-
takmg a de
the neutral
mier V emzelos at Crete,
termined pro-ally stand,
Quiet on British Front.
London, Nov. 27.-Artillery fighting
mound LnBassec, but otherwise quiet
nil along the British front, was reported
by (jenernl Hir Dunging Haij; today.
Bulgarians Repulsed.
Taris, Nov. 27. .Sunguinniy repulse
of a Bulgarian counter attack made on
Saturday." He indicated it was necci-1 , stand. The l.nmros ministry is the
ministry is evidently hard put to keep Hcrbiau forces in the Cerna sector of
sary for the statu to have an organixa
tion capable of executing a plan or a
road program that might be adopted
by the legislature. This because the
federal money available will be turn
ed over to state organizations for ex
penditure, in the opinion of Mr. Lew-i
is the state has too many conflicting
road laws and too many road officials
who work more or less independently
of each other. It is thus impossible to
get a general standard scheme of road
buildinr to cover a series of years.
Accordingly at -the meeting in Al
bany Saturday a resolution was drawn
up asking each organization working
for improved roads to appoint a dele
gate to meet on the last day of the
annual meeting of the county clerks
and judges, which will be held in Port
land. It is aimed to form a joint asso
ciation under whose nuspiccs a general
meeting will be flirnuged for some
time early in .limitary to arrange plans
for meeting with the federal road act
demands. Tho resolution was carried.
fourth formed
in Greece in as many
Refused Safe Conduct.
London, Xov. 27. It was officially
announced today that the British gov
ernment has refused a safe conduct for
Count Tirnow Tarnowsky, recently ap
pointed Austro-Hungariau ambassador
to the I'nited States.
the front near Mouastir Sunday night,
was announced in today's official state
ment. On the allies' loft wing the Italian
forces continue their progress in the
mountains of tho region about Dihovo,
Rumanians Retire.
Buchnrest. Xov. 27. Retirement from
the Alt and also from Topnlos, a little!
eastward was announced in today's oi'-.:
ficinl announcement.
I Cannonading at Verdun.
Taris, Nov. 27. Cannonading at va
! rious places along the front, particular
j ly in the sector of Vaux and around
jVorp Dmiauniniir, wns reported iit to;
day's ofiicial statement. "
ui. .UJ, Bduioq -uunoa nouapi
iju ut (niMiiof dqj ui puoi
aa tiiav aav avuoj, mhn
. (Continued from pago one.)
crossed the Danube in an effort to turn
at their flunk. Still farther cast along
this southern front is (iurgin where nt
tempt luis been made to force a crossing
of the Danube by the Bulgarian-German
forces. This point is a bare it) miles due
south of Bucharest.
Bulgarians Co-operate.
Sofia, Nov. 27. Complete co-operation
with Gerinitn troops was rendered
by Bulgnriau forces in Hiding the in
vading army into Hunuiniii. Today's of
ficial statement asserted that it was
Bulgar detachments, en-operating with
Falkeuhnyn 's German forces, that were
first to cross the Diinube near Sistova.
There, Simnitza fell into the Bulgnr
ianss' hands with a big store of grain.
Falling Back But Fighting.
Tetrograd, Nov. 27. The retiring Ru
manian army in western Wnllachiii is
taking advnutnge of all the natural fea
tures of that terrain to resist the enemy
advnnee, according to the war office
itii'eeinit today.
Having crossed the Danube near Sim
nitza, the Teutonic forces have placed
observation posts on the river Vede,
occupying positions between Valent and
In the north Wallachia r.one of fight
ing, the report dctnjled artillery combat
in the Tabla Bulz.i and Prahova valley
valley regions, also in the Drngoslavele
sector. In the direction of Swardiosa
there were violent engagements.
To Fight Still Harder.
By John H. Hearley.
(United Press staff correspondent.)
Rome, Nov. 27. Firmer consolidation
of all forces for an even more vigorous
conduct of the war will probably result
from discussion of Italy's part in the
struggle expected to be precipitated im
mediately the envening of tho chamber
hp will demand that Italy make an im
mediate peace. There is every indica
tion that he will be savagely attacked
for such a suggestion and that all forces
will unite against him in approving con1
tinuance of the war and greater vigor
to Italy 'a participation. . ,.
Alexandria Taken.
Berlin, via Sayville, L. I., Nov. 27.
Alexandria has been captured from
the Rumanians in Wallachia according
to today's official statement.
German and Austro-Hungarinn troops
under Lieutenant General Krafft Von
Delmensingen, advancing down both
sides of the Alt valley from the north,
threw the enemy behind the Topologn
sector, said the official report.
Greek Cabinet May Quit.
Rome, Nov. 27 Dispatches from Ath
ens today declare the resignation of the
cabinet ia imminent.
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Drspntchee from Greece during the
last few days have indicated impeuding
dissolution of the cabinet formed on
October 10 by M. Lanibros. A report
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