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JETH "WHITMAN and his wife had
lowly driven more than three
mites from the vlllare toward
home without speaking.
Such prolomted slle nee between -tnem
was not unusual, and they felt
no awkwardness In It.
i Jeth was a man who spent hit con
versation with discrimination at If
lie wanted to save all speech until
nome eloquent future and retain hli
.words In a. bank of mentality that
pliould yield a compound Interest.
Jn all his forty years he had never
desired to see beyond the horizon of
h material world. He feared to read
he poetry of life lest the veil of
Idealism should dim his vision of the
Ho was temperate In all things to
the degree of appealing negative. ,
Even when love for the woman at
tils side qaiiio to him, he made It
aubject to his reason, which he
thought most sane In denying all
deinonstratlveness. It was Ave years
since he lind married her, and nil
the county nnd wondered why he
rhose Margaret Fielding for his wife.
"She ain't no fit wife for Jeth Whit
man." Mrs. Rrundy rasped upon the
vlllugn curs. ".Shu be too young nnd
t'i'ull-lll;?, nn' reads iiii'mopea without
Buyln notnln' when she ought to be
inuinln' butter."
,T!ut Jeth considered her the more
vjminnly lor her youth and fragility,
nnd deemed her addiction to sllenci
ii mere frugullty ot words, like his
own. Not once In their married life
lid he been conscious of any psycho
logical dlfferolice existing between
As the sun dropped behind the dis
tant hilts Jeth thought of the chores
at the farm to be done before supper
time and bade the horse "Git up!"
Ills eyes wandered from ft con
templation of the brilliant foliage ot
middle October to his wife. She was
Hooking out over the expanse of deep
eountry, whoso vegetation was seem
Jnt'ly cniinumlng" Itself III a fire of
color. Her eyes rested on the glow
ing landscape, yet seemed to look be
yond nature's miracle of autumn. All
bsr ocii-i'S had become as one souse
a.atrango n.-iv atnn? tiiat thrilled
t:: Willi a cr'-tn't of soul that was
tea noss of soul.
list of Statements
of Expenditures in
Recent Election
W. S. ir 'lieu favoring full rcntnl
vii l ie land tux niiieiiilmciit t)7!!-!f4.
Oregon State Federation of Labor K.
Ui'o. T. Iluldn in state senator, (Sev
enteenth district democratic $157. 00.
has. Mulir represontnl ive, Ninth
district hoc in list Nil.
t.'yniH II. Walker presidential elec
tor prohibition $10 M.
Win. II. (lore representative. Ninth
district republican tr2.
t.oo. K. l'rutt slate senator, Thir
teenth district prohibit ion Nil.
t'. I'hiisteitsen representative,
Twelfth district--socialist Nil.
Win. (iullowny circuit judge. Third
Judicial district democratic $'170.10.
Arthur Clarke district attorney,
lleotou count v democratic progressive
I II. McMahuu -f district attorney,
Merino county independent $l!'5.fitl.
II. B. Tongue district attorney,
"Washington county rcpulilit'tiu Nil.
W. ('. lMinii'ils. slate senator. Fifth
district independent .12.87'.
Marian II Toivnc representative,
Tiiihth dist riet democratic $:I2.00.
W. T. Miller district attorney,
.lo.epltinc county democratic $"l.70.
K, ,1. lloodo representative, Kigli
I ei-.it h dMriel republican $3.
'. N. Mc Arthur congressman, Third
ili-triet republican 2,i02.!i2.
A. W. I.til't'orty ennnressiiuin, Third
. il i .1 riet proressi ve $t 13.
.1. .stack, secretary favoring fuM rout -nl
value laud tax amendment, etc.
father rohl l.ovejoy njjeiit for Mrs.
Oco. Hints, superintendent Woninn's Na
tional Democratic Ciunpaiiiu committee
stipport of Woydrow Wilson for presi-.
donl 14 17.C".
ltalph A. Willison representative,
Tliulitccuth district democratic $11. I
Benjamin C. hiicldon representative. I
Klghth district republicau-prnunwsivo
H.5P.05. I
1,. V. Conn circuit Judge, Fourteenth
Judicial district republican l l.'t.S".
A. K. Voorliies representative, iSev ,
entli district republican $27.7.1. j
l- V. ISkipwortli circuit judne, Sec
ond Judicial district democratic ,
:ifirt.07. I
J. M. Dcvcrs district attorney I. tine'
county rcpiililicnn progressive
Stomach Well?
It's the Secret
of Good Health
Jeth cleared hit throat preparatory
to speech, and Margaret changed her
position a little, by way ot showing
herself ready to listen. She was ever
ready to listen to him ever expect
ing, perhaps through hungering de
sire, some Intimate words of his love
for her. A sensitive pride had re
strained her from reminding hlmthst
he had scarcely given any expression
to his love since their wedding.
. For nearly five years all the pas
lonale youth within her had longed
for the tender nothings of a lover's
vocabulary, for the gentle caresses of
a husband nnd the subtle sympathy
of a twin soul. There was some
strength of personal magnetism about
him to which she always yielded, but
which fulled to satisfy her.
Jeth again cleared his throat, and
extended one hund In a short, sweep-,
lng gesture toward the hills.
"Turning' fast," he remarked, la
conically. "Tes," Margaret agreed; then add
ed: "The fall, Jeth don't It never
make yo' feel kind o' sorrerful like?"
Her husband leaned forward and
looked at her searchlngly. Ills bushy
eyebrows met ivltli scowling concern.
"Yo're not unhappy over an'thlng,
Margaret, be yo'?"
She evaded his question,
"What do yo' reckon happiness Is,
"Happiness happiness," he repeat
ed; "why, I calculate It's Just llvin'
"And It's a satisfyln' feelln' here."
The woman pressed both hands 'to
her breast. She spoke In a low, quav
ering voice, and looked down at her
lap for fear ot encountering the In
tent gate of her husband.
He clucked I to the horse nervously
and fidgeted with the reins.
"fo' never talked like this afore,"
lie said. "An'thlng gone wrong?"
Suddenly a fearful possibility occur
red to him. "Yo're not repentln' yo"
married me, be yo'?" he asked,
"Oh, no! Not that. Jeth; no!" she
assured him with Jerky conviction.
Bllence fell between them ones more
a big, ugly silence, in which each
felt like an lntlmatj strantor to the
oilier. Onco Jjth ask.Hl her It she
felt cold, and s'.i? told him no, al
though he had soeii h;r shiver several
John S. Coke circuit judge Second
Judicial district repulilicuuprogres
sivedeniocratic $1118.40.
M. Frances Mwopc presidential elect
or prohibition Nil.
Jl. A. Dcdnuiu reprcseutative, .Six
teenth district rcpubiicu n-dcuiocrutic-progressive
I.. Adams support uf candidacy of
(illicit Hedges for district attorney for
Clackainas county $ 104.05.
Wni. K. Kcliimpff representative,
Nineteenth district republican ileuio
c ra t ic -proKiessi v e $ 1 5.
A; II. Axiilson representative, Kigli-
leetil II (list riel diuHilikt N il
II. V. Metule representative, Fi?'
toentli district democrat ic $211,40.
.1. II. Alicklc dairy mid food commis
sioner rcpiildicau ilciuur i n tic-progressive
It. V. Stokes representative, High
tecnth district sociulist Nil.
John I'. K a van a ugh circuit judge,
Fourth Judicial district, department No.
1 republican-progressive $11.3. S4.
(leu. C. Brownell representative.
Sixteenth district reputdican-ilcmo-era
tic progressive $Pt,30,
Harold C. Stephens representative,
Sixteen! Ii district rcpul liciin 2V
Hubert S. Achesou --representative,
Second district rcpiililieau-pi ogiessivc
$10 -IS.
.lames Culvert representative, Third
district democratic $Ml.sil.
Jay L. Cheney representative,
Foiirlh district democratic $7.50,
11. I,. I-Mily slate neimtor. Fifth dis
trict republican .progressive $2y 20.
Karl A. Nott district attorney, Yam'
hill county prohibition .4104.57'
(I, M. Hobcrts district attorney.
.Tacksou county rcpubliiiin $l(i'.i.0H.
I,. 1.. Hay district uttorncy, l.unc
cuuuly democratic 1 ID. SI.
Itoss M. l'luiuuier, treasurer campaign
committee l'orlltuul Ketail Hruggists'
association, supporting S. A. Matthews
for representative, Vlighteeutli district
I5. I
Cluis. filos district attorney, Hcntoii
county repalilioiiu $!'4.1lo. I
l.ou Ilodgen representative, Twenty
lliinl distiict independent $!5.S. I
H. M. (iill senator, Sixteenth district
republican $14,110.
Hodney ,1. Kitchen distriit attorney,
Union couulv rcniiblicnu progrcssiv c
llU.2!i. I
John (1. Hoke representative-. Twen
ty-sixth district democratic $.14,110. I
(ieo. H. Wilbur state senator. Six
teenth district democratic $74.73. I
T. A. Jfinehart circuit judge. Third
Judicial district democratic $1.11. 13, 1
A. ,1. Derby 'district attorney, Hood
Hiver county dcmocrnlii $4S.47.
Frederick Steiwor state senator. '
Twentieth district republican $30.
H. F Morehouse behalf of socialist
party of l uioii emutv i'JO.OO.
F.. 11. nianclutriPdistiict attorney.
Josephine enmity republican $117 73. (
Cluis. Child" representative. Second!
district rcpubiicu n 3114.40.
I'endletou normal school committee,
by ,1. II, fiivinu, secy trens. hivoring
I'endletou normal school bill. $1 1,1102. 30
Oregon state prohibition committee,
by H. I.ee I'aget, treas., caiiipniy.li ex-j
K'iio of the prohibition purtv, J2.
3IH.70, '
Committee of one hundred of Clack
timet. : Neither spoke again until
after they had reached home and had
finished supper.
"Orange raeetln' t'night," Jeth ven
tured as he carried some of the sup
tcr dishes from the kitchen table to
til j sink. "If yo'll be lonesome while
I'm gone yo'd better walk over to
Mandy's with me. I'm goin' to rid
dawn with Sam."
"No; I don't mind. I've got the
dishes to do, and some reddln' up."
Margaret's voice sounded" "thin and as
If It came from a distance.
Jeth took down his coat from the
hook by the door and swung It over
isL Sfc
amas county, by (.'. If. Dye, Ireaa., op
posing brewers' iiincndnieiit nod pro
moting bone dry unieudiueiit, $1G3.1H.
liussell Hawkins, opposing rental val
ue land tux and humcni.'i Iters' loan fund
amendment $27.1.00.
1-1. It. Ilurber, opposing six per cent
tux limitation amendment $2S1.72.
,f. F. Stoivurt, district Attorney Lin
coln county, democratic $111.30.
' (.'. W. Mullius, district attorney,
Clatsop county, democratic-progressive
11. I,. DeArniond, icpreseiitativo 8th
distiict, democratic $10.30.
J. I.'. Campbell, circuit judge Otli ju
dicial distiict, rep dem -prog. nil.
T. II. tioytie, district attorney Tillu
nioiili county, repulilicaii $07.70.
Itoswell I,, Conner, district attorney
Vauihill county, republican progressive
I. A. Iliichanau, circuit judge 2d ju
dicial distiict, republican $222.10.
F. II. Hurler, representative 2d dis
trict, lepubliean $20.23.
.1. W. Day, distiict attorney Coluiu
liiu couulv, indcpeinleiit $0.10.
W. SI. Duncan, district attorney
Klamath county, democratic $H0.113.
Uregou .lotiinul, by (ieo. M. Trow
bridge editor, advocating candidacy ol
Woodrow Wilson lor president $1,-204.7-1.
Myrtle Smilhson, in support of Wood
row Wilson for president $1111. SI.
I. 11110 county democratic central com
niittee, by I,. M. Travis cliairuian-treas.
Marion county democratic central
committee, by Kenneth Haync, secy
treus. $3is.3u!
lieiuoerutic state central committee,
by C. .1. Smith treas. $1,814,113.
II. M. Fsterly, iteniocratic national
committeeman $1,020.1 1.
Denton (1. Hurdick, stale represen
tative 21st dist., rep dem prog prohi.
Ben W, Olcott contribution to repub
lican stliate central committee, account
.rustico Hughes' campaign $.10,
Herinon A, Lewis titate senator,
Fourteenth district independent $05.
,T. O. Krickson district attorney,
Clatsop county republican $78.55.
Burnett 11. Goldstein rcprcscusTli
tive, Eighteenth district democratic
W. C. Tfawley congressman, First
district republican $730.74.
Arthur Mcl'liillips renresentative,
Tliirteeuth district democratic $0 75.
I. R. Schultr. representative. Second
dist I'iet-vh'nioera tic $1 1.40.
Kd K. Kiddle state senator. Twenty
first district republican $102.75.
T. K. J. Duffy circuit judge, F.igli.
teenth Judicial district democratic
James S. Stewart representative,
Twentv. eighth district independent
W. N. (latens circuit judge. Fourth
district, department No. 5 democratic
I'M win O. Hotter circuit judge, Sec
ond district republican $.101.23.
T. S. McKiune.v district attorney,
Luke county republican $28.05.
Liiiuielt Callaliau-Tpresideutial elec
torprogressive $ Id, 30.
Daniel W. Sheahan presidential elec
tor democratic $75.
Dal ton Higgs circuit judge, Ninth
dist riet democrat ic $30,
his broad shoulders. He glanced at
hit wife, who was mechanically put
ting dishes Into the dlshpan. Her
cheeks were unnaturally flushed.
"Yo're feoiin' all right?" he ques
tioned as he thrust his arms Into his
coat and milled on his hat.
"Yes; I'm all right"
Jeth unclasped the door, . "Well,
I'll b' back 'bout 10." He hesitated
a second, and went out
Margaret did not even look up.
When she had finished her dish wash
ing she slipped over and bolted the
door and pulled down tha shades.
I'hu Ashtord district uttorncy,
viraui county republican sill).
Juliuu A. Hurley state senator,
Tweuty-second district republican
ftw. -
W. T. Hecves representative, Twen
ty third district democratic $120.15.
Mux Uehlhar ilistrict attorney, Mu-
non county republican $200.07.
W. M, Hudson : representative,
Mgli teenth district demur ra tie $17.
J. A. Best representative, Twenty,
third district republican $90.50.
L. C. AlcLeod treasurer, Clatsop
county, democratic central committee
uinl Woodrow Wilson rlub of Clatsop
county 4309.00. 1
A. F. Flcgel treasurer Woodrow Wil
son league $1,050.
Itoduey J. Kitchen District uttor
ncy Union county republicau-progres
tive, $30.00. ' r '
Dorter .1. N'eff Hrcsidential elector
democratic., nil.
Hubert M. Duncan District attorucv
Malheur county republican, $74.80.
Thomas H. Weble.v rereentalivc
1.1th district socialist, nil.
J. It, Weaver Secretary republican
cenlral committee of Malheur count v.
Prepare for Sailing
of Christmas Ship
New York, Nov. 25. Boxes, bales
and bundles of supplies to form the car
go of the American lied Cross Christinas
Belief ship for the benefit of Syrians
jrerd arriving tit Eed Cross Busk Ter
niinnl in Brooklyn today the last day
of their availability. The Bed Cross
Belief Ship is to sail for Beirut, 8yiiu,
about December 1. The 'shipment w ill
te chiefly clothing.
Persons who intended to make gifls
but delayed too long still have oppc
tuuity. On account of the fighting on
tho Sommc immense stores of hospital
supplies are ueeded. Money donations
made the Bed Cross for thosN,upplies
w ill bo nppbed promptly.
There's u difference between being
well informed and knowing it all.
8 uennis tucaiyptui wuiuheiu
Tusim S5C JRS soc
Sixth and Kverett streets, Port
land. Ore., 4 blocks from Union
Station. Vuder new manage
ment. All rooms newly deco
Rates: 50c, 73c, $1, $1.50 per day
Then she took down front the mantel
over the sink a large lamp with a
green paper shade. This she lighted,
and after crossing the sitting room,
which adjoined the kitchen, she car
vied it Into the little parlor, at the
front of the house, and placed It on
the center table there.
The parlor looked stiff from disuse."
It was never used at night, and look
ed almost strange to her In the lamp
light. On the front wall nunc a mir
ror, resting upon a low shelf that
supported the family Bible. Slowly,
almost timidly, she advanced toward
Born When Jefferson
Was President She
Celebrates Birthday
Wnxaliachie, Texas, Nov. 25. Mrs.
Nursis Burns, born when Thomas Jef
ferson was president of tho United Sta
tes, will celebrate her 110th birth anni
versary tomorrow. Her three daughters
the eldest of whom is 80 and many of
her 110 grand and great-grand children
will be nt the celebration. Mr. Burns
died thirty years ago.
Born ia Madison county, Tenn., Nov.
20, 1800, the now Mrs. "Burns, whose
maiden name wns Yarborough, moved
to Texa3 with her father's family at
the age of ten. She has lived in tho
Lone Star state since. Her earliest re
collections go back to the time- of lier
arrival. She married John Washington
Burns, n veteran of the Texas-Mexican
and the Mexican wars of 40-48. He la
ter fought on the Confederate side in
the Civil War.
Lumbermen Working
to Have Product Used
San Francisco, Nov. 24. The Pn-j
eifie eoasKs lumbermen are ' today j
right in the fight against those seek-j
ing to have lumber discarded ns
building material. Through the local;
ofticers of their organization they nro
today filling a "war chest'' to be uscdi
in otlsetting the "knocks ' against
lunibear by participation in a monster
campaign for universal use of lumber.
The wooden container, the fire proof
ed shingle and other lumber products
especially under lire will be put be
fore the public in n better light by the
campaign. A start was made today as
a result -of the visit of K. II. Dowman,
president of the National Lumber com
pany, New- Orleans, and other eastern
and southern lumbermen, who arc tour
ing the nation to create interest in
lumber advertising for the lumbermaiis
jjc st fc jfc sjc c s)t )Jc ?(c j(t tifc ?jt sjc
Washington, Nov. 24 The
population of the Toiled States
nnd its possessions January next .
will be ll;t.:wii,2Sj, against 111,
579,51)2 in l!Ui. according to .
eensih bureau statisticians to
day. The continental Tinted
States' population wus placed at
Some of the state estimates
New Yorkl 10,:iti(1.77S; Penn
sylvania. S.5!ll.02l; Illinois, 6,
l!i:l.(12:t: Ohio. 5.1S1.220; Texas,
4.472.404; Massachusetts. 3,747,
"ni4; Michigan, 3.074.5110: Cali
fornia, 2.!is;;,S4;l, nnd Indiana,
"George acts like a fool." "No. An
actor could never come as close to na
ture as tlyit."
If, and stood looking at her reflection.
It was a l'.the, graceful form, clad In
a dark print, whl?h she saw. In the
glass a pretty, piquant face, with
flushed cheeks and dark eyet that
shone with the desire ot life and love. .
She pressed her face close to th mir
ror. "Why don't he never tell ye' yo're
pretty?" she said. "Don't he see?"
She thought of the last five years
how he had lived . within herself,
drugging the rampant ego to a pas
clve sjlf. Would all the tomorrows
be like that? "No! No!" she cried
The sound cf her voice startled her.
She pressed her hands to. her. hot
cheeks and ran out Into the lark lit
tle hall and up the steep . narrow
stairs to her room.
Half an hour later, when she again
appeared In the parlor doorway, she
seemed another woman. She wore a
sheer muslin dress of virginal white.
It was the dress In which she had
been married. But where snowy lace
had covered neck and arms in her
wedding day her flesh, not les3 snowy,
Invited admiration. A few artificial
roses, hastily cut from an old li.it,
lay crimson at her boeom, and .lie
nestled In her curling black hair.
"Jeth, Jeth!" she whlsper?d, mys
teriously. She shook her finger at the
Imaginary figure of her husband, who
lmaginarlly' advanced to meet her.
"No, no, no!" she laughed, "yo'
ain't goln' t' give me any o' them big
bear hugs t'night. I'm dressed up
too fine."
She clasped her hands over her
breast and Inclined her head to re
ceive an Imaginary compliment,
"Yo' must not say such things,"
she pleaded, a blush suffusing her
face and neck, as If she really heard.
Then she tossed her head, a deny
ing yet regal little gesture, and point
ed to an afchalr by the fireplace.
"Sit b' the Are," she commanded,
"an' tell me again when yo' lbved me
flrst Yo' tell It so ot'en " She
sighed the sigh of a coquette sur
feited with adulation. "Yet I never
got tired o' It."
She pulled an old hassock In front
, cf the chair, and, seating herself upon
It, elarped her hands over her knees
I and -.rested her cheek caressingly
against the chair arm. . .
Athens, N'oit 24. Cown rdnce
Alexander of Serbia accompanied Gen
eral Scrrail, Wednesday, in his victor
ious entry into Monastir, according to
advices here today. The populace of
tho Serbian city received their prince
with wildest joy,
London, Nov. 24. The Belgian min
istry of justice declared todny that the
Germans are deporting many small ag
ricultural land owners from Hainhault
and have also sent irom Ghent work
men who arc the heatls of large families
and about 200 women textile workers.
Rome, Nov. 24. "Wireless dispatches
received here assert that there is great
suffering from lack of food among tho
people of Dobrudjn.
Salonika, Nov. 24. The British of
ficial statement today anpnunccd tho
pushing back of enemy patrols with a
loss around Doiran in tho Struma sec
tor. British aeroplanes have damaged
Poland $2.00
-Albany l.io .
mmsburg 2.15
Tualatin- 1.50
jl5 Ride on the Oregon .Electric Ry.
,Pgk Low Fares Nov" 29 and 30
Salem to- Sk
And proportionately to other places.
Excursion Fares to California via North Bank Road
and the speedy, elegantly equipped S. S. Northern
J.W.RITCHIE, Agent, Salem
"Bo!" tht murmured. "An' sag
again how yo' onvy the little curie)
that kiss the toft white flesh o' ma
neck. Ah!" She raised her head let
look Into an imaginary face rem -close
above her- "It's tweet V listen.1
At this point the wat conscious oi,
a real noise a noise outside. Bureljt,
It. could not be Jeth. It was barely;
8.30. Some one rapped on tht front
doer. In a panic the rushed Into the
hall toward the stairs.'
"Margaret!" she heard her hus
band's voice call, "be yo' ,'lone? I
i,.ade a mistake 'bout the meetln'." .
There was no escape. She pushed?
back the bolt from the door and
:U'tcd Into the darkest corner of the .
ill,! door creaked on Its rusty,
lilaj js and Jeth came in. He glaneeS
at the unfamiliar light In the parlor
mid looked blindly around htm. Aftee
a accord or two he caught sight ot
the white dress and went over to her.
"What's It mean the front roont
lit?" he questioned In a voice of stern
Margaret made no answer, but hung
her head like a transgressing chiU
caught In an act of guilt. ' Gently hs
drew her Into the parlor. When shs
stood in the glare of the lamplight ha
saw the white dress, the warm, whita
flesh, the tjcauty of tie troubled face
nnd his wonderment was lost In ad
miration. "Gerushy!" he breathed, "but ain't
jo' pretty, Margaret!" The prose of
his love translated Itself Into a poems
nnd the hour was hers.
She put her armt about his neck)
In a way that was at once humble)
and triumphant. !
"It ain't no matter, Jath, whether '
am or ain't, yo' must say to. An,'
Jeth, Jeth!" She spoke with a fever-'
lsh eagerness. "Yo' must tell me yo
lovo me now, an' every day of our
lives." - '
A great light broke In upon Jc'Ji's.
mind. He understood, and put !:.
arms about her.
"Why, Margaret, course I will. Eut
I never thought yo' cared "bout worfit
an' fondlin'. I thought yo' knowcJ.
without that I loved yo' better'n my,
life." I
' Her clasp tightened on his neck, j
"A woman don't never know wlih-j
out It," she murmured.
the enemies' lines in aeroplane bom
bardment. Amsterdam, Nov. 24. Heart rendinff
scenes accompanied tho deportation of
Belgian male civilians from Tirlemont.
according to the correspondent of tho
Tclefraaf. All men from 17 to 55 were
deported, being taken to Germany ia
freight cars.
Journal Want ads nil! .jell it.
There Is more Catarrh In this section
the country man all other diseases put
together, and until the last few years
was supposed to be incurable. For
fireat many years doctors pronounced It a
ocal disease and nj-escribed local reme
dies, and by constantly falling to cure
with local treatment, pronounced It Incur
able. Science has pi-oven Catarrh to be a
constitutional disease, and therefore re
quires constitutional treatment. Hans
Catarrh Ci
enffify &
Cure, manufactured by F. J.
i Co.. Toledo. Ohio. Is the onlv
ItUttOnat CUr nn the mnrknt Tt l
taken Internally. It acts directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the system.
They offer one hundred dollars for any
case It falls to cure. Send for circulars
and testimonials.
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