Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 21, 1916, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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Capital 'Journal will not be re-
isible for more than one Insertion
errors in Classified Advertismenta.
your advertisements. thf first day
bpear as notify us immediately.
fiuimum charge, iSc.
and 24th.
Ferry St.
J'lutform floor scales. 442
HIDES WANTED 197 S. Commercial.
Phone 3!9. doc-18
FURNISHED Aoartments, also bars
uitable for garage. 491 N. Cottage
FOR KENT Modern furnished room,
close in. 700 Trade. - nov22
FOR RENT Good farm, 1T0 aeres. Ad
dress owner, l !!;. South Twelfth.' tf
WANTED A girl to do cooking and
itowu stairs worK. mono t. s. nov2:
fE HAVE Baled hav and oats for
ealo. George Sweiglo, Garden road, tf
rOB BENT SIGNS For sale at Cap
ital Journal office. tl
HARRY mndow cleaner. I'hone 70S
. decl4
IFOR SALE 2 young cows, fresh in
few days. I'hone LIF13. nov27
OET PRICES On farm sale bills at
The Journal office.
WANTED Fat and fresh eows. 1125
M. nov2i)
TRESPASS Notices for sale at Jour
nal office. t;
A FRESH COW For sale, giving about
1 gnls. of milk daily. 4U0 Xortli 24 th
GOAT MEAT For sale, first elans,
only 5 cents per lb. at 0. K. Grocery,
delivered in city. deeil
JfV. AXTEf) Furnished 4 or ( room
house, close in, permanent. Address
"Wanted" caro ilournal. imv2f
PHOXE 200 When yon Lave wood
awing to be done, all work guaran
teed, Jim Rogers. nov24
TOARD With or without room, reas
onable rates. 010 Winter, 4W. blocks'
from state house. I'hone iri. no21
YOl'Xli MAX Wishes work on farm
or in town, for his board, room and
small wages, ( all phone 1100. nov21
OAFC AND FIR Stumpngc for sale,
will also trade stnmpago lor auto
mobile. 793 X. Capitol. nov21
CARPET And rug weaving done at
reasonable prices. Mrs. l.illie Do
IJord, ISfiS i urrnnt Ave. no,v2'
GET YOUR Trospass Notices, new
upply of cloth ones at Capital Jour
nal tf
WANTED Plain sewing, children's
clothing special! v. Mrs. Lnvton,
phone 1123, 4S2 S. High St. n'ovl'4
FOR SALE New crop English walnuts
20 cents per lb. and 2nd hand wheel
cheap. Ph.me 2374W. nov23
CORD WOOD W. F. Proctor will be
gin Wed. morning unloading 2 cars
of obi fir and 2nd growth on Front
St. Phone 1322J.
"WANTED1 All round man wishes po
sition setting up Xmas toys or ma
chinery. Add. H. Layton, 42 S. High,
or phone 1123. noy24
JACOB A'OOT 970 South Commercial
street, invites his old friends to call
on him when in need of shoe repair
ing. Best of work at lowest prices.
. declO
2!0 ACRES For rent; 110 in ciiltiva-'
tion. bnl. pasture; J.T-3 acres peach
es, 7 acres loganberries, well watered
bv springs, 2 houses, 3 barns. Phone
84F2. nov22
MONEY LOANED On furniture, hors
es, vehicles, merchandise, etc. Trans
actions private. Possession retained.
Union Loan Agency, 217 Souih High
street. decl4
CHOICEST. 10U acres on limils of
Vails City, cultivated, unencumbered,
beautiful view, trade for home in
Salem, Dallas, Corvullis or Portland,
uick. George Walling. Hotel Gail.
Dallas. i nov22i
WILL SKI.Ll HEAP Rubber tire op
en buggy, 'single - buggy harness,
Bingle wagon harness with collar: op
en hack, parlor organ, Kitchen cabi
net, i2s Marion St. nov21
GOOD BFY 200 acres land, Waldo
hills, about -220 in cultivation, bal.
in timber and brush, spring and
creek water. $00.00 per .acre.. II. A.
Johnson & Co. .- nov22
MONEY TO LOAN On second hand
jewelry, men's clothing, musical in
struments, tools, nuns, bievcles etc.
Also bought sold and traded. Capital
Exchange 337 Court St. Phone 403.
... .. decl7
' ;
FOR SALE Complete fixtures of dry
poods store, including shelving, conn-
rooi1 store, including slielv
ters and show eases. Store
o for rent.
i..M Av-i
IClll, .'IM''
finest location in .Marsh!'
feet in firo proof building, steam
heated will lease, fine trade worked
tip, owner retiring. Address box 800,
Marshfield. Oregon. nov21
HORSES FOR SALE 15 head of hors
es never before inspected or offered
for sale. We are selling all of our
horses, weights run from one thous
and to seventeen hundred pounds
Prospective buyers welcome uuytiiue
on or after Tuesday. November twen
ty first. E. Clemens Horst Co., Eula
Ifanch, Independence, Or. Hione farm
4002. ov24
?I'KTFre91' cow with e'er calf
. . . nov21
0IJ?JFFr"0oBt "lcat for 8u'e cheap at
1230 Ferry street. t
OLD FIR Wood for sale, delivered in
(own. i'hono 092 K. A. Way. tf
ILRMMIED House keeping rooms
for rent at low rates. -Address K. 11.
caro Journal. nov21
IOR RENT Housekeeping rooms clean
and well furnished, modern conven
iences, GS7" North Front: novltl
FOR RENT A suite of housekeeping
rooms, well furnished at JiSC N; Lib
erty. Inquire at residence. I'hone
COMPETENT Young lady desires em-
pioymeni as stenographer or office
clerk, i'hone 037, -or address 410 S.
14th St. ov21
SXAP 100 acres, 10 miles enBt of Sa
lem, ll'i in cultivation, lumber on
ground for house. Price $00.00 per
in re. ii. n. .lunnson tc lo. nov22
ands of farmers in Western Canada
have sold their crops this year for more
than the to.al cost of their land. Laud
at $1! to $30 an acre has produced
erops worlh $10 to $75 an aero, Stock
raising and dairying arc equally profit
able hogs and beef highest "in coun
try 's history. Irrigation districts pro
ducing more alfalfa and fodder cropB
than ever before. Get your farm home
from the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Last year I asked you to take advant
age of this opportunity you might
hnve paid for your farm" with the 1910
crop again I extend the invitation,
(loud land from $11 to $30 per acre;
irrigated land from $33; 20 years to
pay; government guarantees land and
water titles. Pay in full at any time if
desired. We will lend you up to $2,000
in improvements in certain districts,
with no security other than the land.
Ready made farms sold on speciul easy
terms. Loan for live stock after one
year's occupation, subject to certain
reasonable considerations explained on
request. Low taxes; no taxes on im
provements. Free schools; full religious
liberty; good climate, and tho best
neighbors in the world. Other farmers
becoming rich in Western Canada; you
have the same opportunity. Buy direct
from the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Write for free book and full informa
tion. J. S. Dennis, nsslstnut to the pres
ident, Canadinu Pacific Railway, 77
Xinth Avenue, Cnlgarv, Albertn, Can
Prunk was in Portland yester-
Judge Chas. S. McNary was a Port-,
land visitor yesterday.
E. W. Moreland was registered at the
.Seward hotel in Portland yesterday, j
Otis liriswold left yesterday for a
prospecting trip on the upper Suntiam
near dates.
George K. Bryant, of tho Capital City
Flouring mills, 'wns in Portland yester
day transacting business.
Miss Ruby Ingalls returned yesterday
from Portland where she has been visit
ing for the past three months.
Jason E. Frizzcll, of Amity, son of
a pioneer farmer of Polk .county, re
turned home yesterday after a short
visit nt the home of his uncle, Jason
Dr. David B. Griffin, wife and child,
left this morning for San Diego, sailing
this afternoon on the steamer Northern
Pacific, to San Francisco. They expect
two make their home in San Diego.
Miss Edna Endicott. of Salem, form
erly a popular Roseburg high school stu
dent, arrived in this city Friday to
spend a few days as the house guest of
Miss Mae Burr, of .North Roseburg.
Roseburg Review'.
Mr. and Mrs. I.afe Hill will leave this
evening on the Southern Pacific for San
Francisco. After spending a few days
in that city, they will suil on the steam
er Yale for Sau Diego where they ex
pect to remain during the winter, re
turning to Salem' about April 1.
Market Vacillating
But No Great Changes
New York, Nov. 21. The New York
Evening Sun financial review today
Trading in today's stock market was
variable. Not a little selling pressure
for profits was exerted in the early
session which carried the general in
dustrial and railroad list a point or
more below Monday. Trading was active
in selling but with these early or
ders out of the way, the big market was
quiet for n period, after which there
nas a better undertone nud by the early
afternoon considerable strength devel
oped in many issues.
The market, as a whole, was not
tablc for long at any period.
I'nited States Steel very well illus
trated the swaying movements of the
whuln mnrket. ' That issue opened at
128, advanced to 12S 3-4 and then sold
ItOVVll 10 l-t 1-1. IHiuwii.., fc uupi.vu.
ed its record price of yesterday, nt
12!) and thereafter sold off a point or
more. The other sieel and copper stocks
were equally unuble to sustain given
jr."""!' .Zvo v an
f,",,,K,"d 'PThe
vanccd to a new nigh level, inci
and sugar shares displayed the
lUII'l 11UU Tllli;il tug ...
and- till-
.consistent streiiL'th. American Meet
!.. I I. ll.T l.d l.inh.
M ' " . " , .
"1 "," " -
tin Cane and American Sugar crossed
... , ..... . . . ... ...... I-..:. ..J iit..taB
i.( and J-u respecuci. l un-
Rubber touched-a new high level for the
venr at 07.
The steel and copper stocks were slug
gish in the late trading. The sugar and
rubber issues, as well as th Corn Pro
ducts Refining shares held well at their
top prices. -
Settled Bread Price
Now After Others
Tacoma.. Wash., Nov. 21. Mayor
Think . Americans Were
Caught by Villa But Their
Fate Unknown
Nogalcs, Ariz., Nov. 21. What real
ly happened at Parral was told hero
today by four wear-' Americans, cpi;
aciated and bedraggled after, 17 days
of travel over mountains and desert,
making hurried spurts .by night and
hiding through the day time who
crossed tho border here at 9:30 last
Safo and sotind in an American hotel
between American linen, the four min
ing men who fled; from Parral, after
12 hours sleep told their story today.'
. Francisco Yilla entered Parral un
opposed at th head of an army of
5,000 men November 3. His first" act
was to imprison all foreigners.
Leslie Webb, F.' J. Hawkins, Jr.,
Bernard McDonald and A. W. Morris
the four Americans, told their story
here today.
The do facto troops stationed at Par
ral offered no opposition. Many re
mained behind efter the main body of
Carranzistas had evacuated the place.
Led by Hawkins, the Americans
escaped from Parral tho night before
the Yillistas took the city. They re
mained in a camp outside the city hid
ing while the Yillistas were establish
ing quarters there. The American men
exchanged messages with foreigners in
side the city through a gap in the
Yillista guard line. The miners stated
they wero unable to ascertain whether
eight Americans wero include among
fifty-odd foreigners in the place" when
Yilla took possession. Tho Mexican
messenger who kept the hiding Amer
icans posted secured several mules and
some supplies. With these the four
Americans started afoot for Culiacan,
250 miles distunt. After crossing
mountains infested with Yaqui indians
and Yillista sympathizers, Hawkins and
his companions reached Culiacan Nov
ember 18 and from that point reached
the American border by railway.
' Webb and McDonald declared they
were certain that eight Americans wero
caught in Parral when Yilla swept iu.
They failed to heed the warning of
Edward Koch, Cfermnn vice consul, who
fled with a number of foreigners
October 23 on a special train loaded
with supplies. Tho train was headed
for Santa Rosalia.
When informed that Santa Bosalla
had been reported taken by Villa the
refugees were unanimous in the opin
ion that the German is probably a
prisoner of Yilla.
The names of the eight Americans
believed trapped at Parral are:
, W. K. Palmer, superintendent Dur
nngo railroad; Howard Gray, Jako
Meyer, a merchant; Thomas Flanagan,
a phvsician;-W. Cv Bryan, reputed to
be a' cousin of William J. Bryan; C.
Colwellmill foreman; Andrew Urqu
hart, mine foreman and William. Scott,
. Tho Americans who remained, as
well as the entire white foreign popu
lation of Parral, the refugees declare,
have' been massacred or are prisoners
of Yilla. Fifty Chinese and 20 or more
Syrians and Turks were massacred,
according to word brought to the four
Americans while hiding outside Parrul.
Kecountal of tho four Americans was
confirmed by Dr. Cordova, a Mexican
phvsician, who arrived hero today from
Parrel. He exhibited a "string of
ears" cut front the heads of Car
ranza soldiers by the bandits at Tar
ral. Dr. Cordova brought word of the
execution of a German named Hoc
nuiller. Cordova declared Hoemuller
mistook Villa for a Carrauza official.
Hawkins and Webb expressed tho firm
belief that all of tho eight Americans
nt Parral have been slaughtered. They
admit there was a possibility that
some of them might have escaped.
Tax Rates of Counties
Is Fixed by Commission
Tn the announcement of the official
tax rates of the counties of the stale,
the state tax commission gives Lincoln
eouutv the highest and Yamhill conn
tv the lowest. Tho tax rate of Marion
eouutv is 07 per cent tor tins year
uliiln" lust venr it was OH per- cent.
The ratios are the proportionate part
of the assessed to the actual valuation
o ho urouertv and are to be used in
determining the taxes. Lincoln county
ratio is 93 per cent while Yamhill is
as low as 50 per cent. The following
the ratios bv counties:
linker 7l. llenton 02. Clackamas 5H.
Clntsoii 5S. Columbia Oil, Coos !, Crook
53, Curry S7, Douglas 74, Gilliam 7s,
Grant 00, Harney 05, Hood River 4,
Jackson 02, Jefferson 72, Josephine 71,
Kliinrntli Oil. Lake 73. Lane 53, Lincoln
93, Linn OS, Malheur 42, Marion 07,
.Morrow NX, Multnomah o, Polk 5I
Siiermnn OS, Tillamook !1, Cmatilla 7S,
I'nion 71, Wallowa i, Vtasco i., asn-
. . , n Vumhill 30.
New York, Nov. 21. "I'm feeling
fine," . Miss Ruth Ijiw said toda,v. "1
feel no ill effects whatever after my
trip from Chicago. I feel ready to try
it all over again any time."
Miss Ijiw saiil she had no plans' for
he future. Her manager, Charles Oli
ver, who is her husband, arrived early
toilav from Chicago.
Fawectt, who started out last week to
bust the bakers trust, announced today
ho would appoint a committee to study
the food price situation, devise econom
ical menus and otherwise promote
household efficiency.
Mayor Fawcett declares his war on
the bakers has been won. The 15 cent
loaf, he says, is meeting with almost
no sale; the five cent loaf has been re
stored and both it and the ten cent
loaf are larger.
At the mayor's urging hundreds of
housewives have been boycotting the
bakers and making their own bread.
,''". '
l'ha following prices tor fruits
and vegetables are those asked by
the wholesaler of the retailer, Ld
not what 'i paid to the producer.
All other p.ices are those paid th
producer. . Correction are made
No changes are noted today in quota
Hons. The cold weather is holding up
he price bt eggs and the turkey market
remains unchanged, it is just a contest
between tho farmer who has the tur
keys and tho general public who wants
the turkeys as to whether the price
will hit tho, high spots.
' omuna. ,
Wheat - $1.25(5 1.30
Oats, new '.:.-.. 4245c
Rolled barley . (40.00
Bran .tit. $27.50
Shorts, pel ton $30.00
day, clover -..'. $1112
Hay, cheat .V-, .. $1112
Hay, vetch $12
Hay, timothy .. $16
t Bntt,
Butterfat -.-a.. 40c
Creamery butter, tier pound 41c
Country butter 2S(a32c
' Eggs ana Poultry.
Eggs, case count, cash 42c
Eggs, trade 45c
Huns, pound 1314c
Roosters, old, per pound 9c
Broilers, under 2 pounds 14c
Turkeys, live - 19&21c
Turkeys, dressed 23(5'21c
Ducks, live ll(S13c
Geese, live t 810c
Pork, Veal and Mutton.
Pork, dressed ; 12 l-213c
Pork, on foot $8.50foB.10
Spring lambs, 1918 77c
veal, accorumg to quality 10c
Steera cot
Cows ....... v 8 l-204c
Bulls S3 1-4
Ewes . . 4c
Wethers I 1-2
. Figs and Dates
Figs, 70 four oz
Figs, 30 12-oz. .,.
. $2.60
Figs, 12 10-oz. .. L
Black figg
White figs
Dromedary -dates . .
. - Veaetablaa.
Tomatoes $1.25
Cabbage 40c
String garlic 1012 l-2c
Potatoes, . sweet 8e
rotatocs, per tuo poumls....$l.20(i 1.25
Green onlona 7 n.
Green nenncrs 7c.
Carrot, dozen ..V.T. 40
Artichoke : .'.; .4 . $1
Lettuce, local ....... , 40c
Lettuce, California, crate $2.50
Eee nlnnt 7c
Celery 75c
Caulitlower 2.50
Grapes . .
.... S0c$1.00
Orangos, Valencies ;
Oranges, .Tapaiiese
Lemons, per box ......
Banana, pound
California grape fruin ,.
Florida grape fruit
Cranberries ..'.'.:1.:
.... $fl.00(S0.50
Eetall Prices.
Eggs, per dozen, fresh ranch
Sugar, cane ...
sugar, beet ....7. ,
... 50c
Creamery butter
Flour, hard wheat
Flour, valley
Portlund, Ore., Nov, 21. Wheat:
Club, $1.48.
Hed Russian, $1.40-
Fortyfold, $1.50.
Bluestom, $1.50.
Oats: No. 1 white foed, $35.75.
Barley: Feed, $38.50. .
Hogs: - Best live, $9.flOfC5.
Prime steers, $7.30.
Fancy cows, $5.75(5 8.
Calves, $7.
Spring lambs, $9.
Buttor: City creamery, 40c.
Eggs: Selected local ex., 50c.
Hens, 15c.
Broilers, 10(ol7c-
Geese, lie.
We want veal and will pay
tho top price for good fat stuff
Phone 10, 100 S. High.
Will Hold A One-Day
Missionary Convention
Thursday, Nov bcr 23rd, there w ill
be a missionary convention in the First
Christian church of this city. Dr. L.
F. Juggard of Africa and David
Rioch of India will be present and will
speak. Dr. Harlan P. Beach of tho
Yale school of Religion speaks of tho
Mission of the Disciples of Christ on
the Congo as one of the greatest Mis
sions in the world. Dr. .laggard will
tell .about the methods employed and
the results obtained. Mr. Rioch comes
from India, and will tell of the pro
gress of Christianity in that laad. The
maps and charts and literature will be
worth going a long way to see. Several
of the ministers and lavmen of the
vicinity will speak, also. B. A. Doan,
Ls4man' Secretary of the Foreign
Christian Missionary Society will have
charge of the program. The service
will open at two o'clock and continue
' throughout the day. Christians of all
I communions will bo welcome. There
will be no call for jdedges. Admission
is free. At night there will be a sup
per .for all who care to attend. After
the supper short addresses will be made
and pictures to attend. After the sup-
J per short addresses will be made and
pictures will he snown. lhe conven
tion will b&jin event in the life of the
Miss Emma B. Crosno, organist and
pianist 1 the Oregon theatre left this
morning for Portland. She will be suc
ceeded by another Portland musician.
A marriage license was issued this
afternoon by the county elcrkto Arthur
Bennett Deardorf f, 'a farmer"bf Lents,
and Amzel Lilleth Moores, of Silvertou.
Word was received this morning from
Mr. andJMrs. Mel L. Hamilton, former
residents of tho city, that they are now
located in Spokane, Mr. Hamilton is
engaged, in the grocery business.
Carl Mason, bookkeeper . for the
Saleui-WoOlen Mills company, who has
been ill .with la grippo since Thursday,
reported at the office today. Ho gays
that 'grippe"; is Something . that cer
tainly takes the "pep" out of a fellow.
Answers In the following divorce
cases were: filed today by District At
torney Kingo in lieu of the appearance
or answer'-of the defendants: Edith M. i
'Franklin against Irfc Franklin, May
Flniman agamst Arthur Flatman, Sara
Mitchell against O. W.. Mitchell. j
According to figures furnished by the
Hbor commissioner, each acre of logan
berries furnished 300 gallons of juice,
which at 55 cents a gallon, give the
grower $198 an acre. The berries yield
180 cations to the ton and each acre av
erages two tons. The picking season av
erages about 30 days and the men and
women pickers average about ?z a any
while the children average about $1 a
The eight-part film, "Ood'a Country
and the Woman" as a special at the
opera house tonight is what might at
termed one of the strongest plays now
being shown. It is a Yitagraph feature
taken from the book of James Oliver
Curwood. The feature of tho picture is
the famous Siberian dog teams and of
the bie Alaskan Bnow fields- Many re
gard tho pictures as even better than
"Tho SnnflnrH."
Members of the Commercial cnb art
invited to bo present at tho monthly
meeting Wednesday ovoning to hear dis
cussion of the proposed street paving
bond assessment and to hear what Con
gressman Flaw-ley will gay on Salem's
claim for attention from congress in the
way of asking for $80,000 for tho im
provement of the Willamette river and
$187,000 for tho Salem Indian school at
Chemawa. There are also one or two
other problems that have long been be
fore the club that will be discussed.
Not only members of the Commer
cial club are invited to attend the imi't
ing Wednesday night nt the club rooms
but the public in general. Several sub
jects of vital importance to the rity
will come up for discussion, such as
the proposed bonding of the city and
the address of Congressman Hawley as
to what he -will do in endeavoring to
secure an appropriation for the Wil
lamette liver and the Salem Indian
school. As these are subjects affecting
everyone, tho club rooms will be thrown
open for a general mass meeting, r'
Now that the Ckerrian dances are
coming on and the Clierrinns getting
ready to brush up their whito uniforms,
Fred Mangis has gone into mourning.
It seems that Mr. Mangis wore his
Cherriiin suit at Marshfield and as he
was returning to Roseburg, placed
said suit in tho 4)ggnge car to bo re
turned along with other things to the
Commercial club. The suit arrived all
right, but shortly afterwards myster
iously disappeared and now Mr. Man
tis is looking for the "friend" about
his si who appropriated the suit to
wear during the stato fair.
The annual corn show held at Wood-
burn last week was not only a juccess
ful corn show, but ono wherein the
farmers were given an opportunity to
show tho best vegetables that had been
raised this year, and also tho merchants
to display their goods in the 21 special
booths provided for them. The schools
also put up a creditable display of what
was being dune in tho industrial and do
mestic courses. Addresses were given
bv Georgo R. Hilsop, of the O. A. C.,
and Luther J. Chapin. To tho merchants
of Woodburn must be given credit for
the success of the show this year as they
had charge of all details and tho award
ing of prizes-
Salem golf players and those who do
not play golf but would like to sec some
expert playing may witness the best
that the Portland players can do, as
next Sunday half a dozen of the Port
land club professionals will play each
other at the Finzer links-. Among those
who will play and who arc well known
here are Rudolph Wilhelm, open cham
pion of the northwest; C. F. Cnrskad-
Idcn. William Gotelli, Roscoo Fawcett
and Harry L. Plant. Arrangements will
be made by the Illahec club to enter
tain the Portland visitors. The Oregon
Electric limited will stop at Finzer and
a lunch will be served before the aftcr
noon's pluy begin. There is a general
invitation extended to nil who are utter-
ested in golf to attend and witness the
best golt playing m the stale.
HECKMAN' At the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. M. Davis, 175 South Com
, mercial street, Monday, Monday, No-
1 vember 20, 1910, Mrs. M. E. Heck
j -man in her 70th year.
Her death was sudden as she had
! been attending to her usual household
duties until yesterday afternoon.
Besides Mrs. Davis and Miss Heck
man, she is survived by three other
daughters) Mrs. James Smith, of
Grand Forks, B. C-; Mrs. Georgo Good
hue, of Portland; Mrs. James Turner, of
Oregon City, and a sun, Sherman Heck
man, of Salem. -
Funeral service will be held at 2:30
o'clock Wednesday afternoon from the
chapel of Webb & Clough, with burial in
the Citv Yiew cemeterv.
churches that participate.
This rally will be under the auspices
of the Foreign Society of the churches
of Christ. R. A. Doan, Laymen's secre
tary of the society, will be iu charge.
For Stomach and Liver
Don't take medicine for your stom
ach ailments morning, noon and night,
a usually such medicines only give tern
porary rolief and simply digest the food
that happens to be in the stomach. ' "
Don't permit i surgical operation.
There Is alwavs serious daneer in op
erations and in many eases of Stomach,
Liver and Intestinal Ailments the kuite
can be avoided if the right remedy is
takon in time.
Don't go around with a foul smelling
breith caused by a disordered Stomach
and Liver, to the discomfort of those
you come in contact with. '
If you are a Stomach sufferer, don't
think you can not be heled; probably
worse cases than yours have been per
manently restored by Mayr' Wonder
ful Remedy.
Most Stomach ailments are miinly
caused by a catarrhal condition. Mayr'fc
Wonderful Remedy not only removes
the catarrhal mucus, but allay the'
chronic inflonntion and assists in ren
dering the entire alimentary and intes
tinal tract antiseptic, and this la the
secret of its marvelous success.
Don t suffer constant pain and agony
and allow your stouiich ailment to
physically undermine your health. No
matter how severe your caso may be or
how long you have suffered one dose
of Mayr's Wonderful Remedy should
convince you that you can be restored
to hcaltn again. Mayr s Wonderful
Remedy his been taken and is highly
recommended bv Members of Congress,
Justice of the Supreme Court, Educa
tors, Lawyrs, Merchants, Bankers, Doc
tors, Druggists, Nurses, Manufacturers,
Priests, Ministers, Fanners and people
in all walks of life.
Send for FREE valunble booklet on
Stomach Ailments to Geo. H. Mnyr,
154-156 Whiting St., Chicigo, Illinois.
ulayr's Wonderful Remedy is sold by
leading drugigsts everywhere with the
positive understanding that your money
will be refunded without question or
quibble if ONE bottle fails to give you
absolute satisfaction.
For sale by J, C Perry, druggist.
Elk Bowlers Defeated
the Oregon Team
The Elk bowlers defeated tho Ore
gon in a warm game last night on the
Club Alleys iu a match of tho Salem
City league. Although the Oregous had
only three plnycrs in the gamo that
held the Elks "to a tic in the first
gamo-. The high score went to Hussy
of tho Elks who got 223 points. He
also got tho high avernge with 11K5
The scores follow:
(1) (2) (3)
Frank 118 100 183
Suudiu .190 lfil 100
Fnflar 1S2 189 151
Abseuteo ....154 154 154
Absentee 154 154 154
' 525
Totals 802 767 807 2370
Team average 792.
B. V. O.
(1) (2) (3) Ttt. Ave.
Kav .....191 15 300 372 157
Lewis 128 , 12-1 l.J7 443 148
Rnloh 135 163 115 443 148
I'ratt 151 143 153 453 151
Hussev 197 105 223 085 195
- -
Ttuls 802 820 874 2490
Exnlosion Caused
Damage in Millions
Berlin, via wireles to Sayville, L. I.,
Nov. 21. Several Munition steamers
were destroyed in tho recent explosion
at Archangel, several large ships were
damaged by tire ami dv collisions, aim
damnce to' buildings will bring the to
rn! loss above -one hundred million
roubles, 'according to Swedish reports
receive il bv tho semiofficial news
not.nci toilliv.
"War Miuister Shumuyene colled the
explosion "one of Russia 'b worst de
feats," according to these dispatches
Cleveland. Ohio. Nov. 21. The sies-
mogrnph at St. Ignatius college here
registered an earthquake beginuing at
1:24 this morning nnu conunuiiiK uinu
2:13, Indications are that it was on
the Pacific coast.
For the nast twentv-four year I
have been selling Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Hoot with excellent siitisfnction to my
customers who have used it. They nr
alwavs pleased with the results oh
tained and speak very favorably re
garding tho preparation. It cured me
of a bud case ot l atarrnai iniiainnui
tiou of the Bladder eighteen years ago,
after two months treatment with the
pharmaceuticals recommended for in
fluuimatiou of the bludder. It is un
ilrnilitfilW- n rcmcdv nt irrent merit in
the diseases for which it is so highly
Verv t ml v vonrs,
J. W. HAN AN, Druggist,
, East Lyune, Mo,
November 3rd, 1015.
Letter to
Dr. Kilmer Co.
Binghamton, N. Y.
Prove What Swamo-Root Will Do
For You.
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Binghamton, X. Y., for a sample size
bottle. It will convince anyone. You
will also receive a booklet of valuable
information, telling about the kidneys
and bladder. When writing, be sure and
mention tho Salem Daily Capital Jour
nal. Regular fifty-cent and one-dollar
size bottles for sale at all drug stores.
FOR EXCHANGE 77 aero farm, 4,
acres cultivated. Buildings, team,
cows and full equipment. Will accept
small tract as part payment. Square
Deal Uealtv Co., 202 V. H. Bank
like new. All leather used in repair
ing. Fair price to all.' Modern ttnoe
Repair Co, 484 Court St. Uaiem, noi!8
OlDER By the barrel or in an quan
tity at luc a gallon at the mill, cus
tom work at 2c a gallon. Commercial
Cider work. Phone 2194. lOlO N.
Commercial St. nov2s)
(Drugloss) inc. 428 Hubbard Bldg,
Salem. All drugless methods taught.
Flora A. Brewster, M. D., Dean.' Pri
vate patients 1 to S p. m. Examina
tion free.
JREGON Wholesale and Retail Hide
and Metal company. Highest cash
price paid for hides, pelts, rags, used
machinery and junk of all kinds. A
good stump pullor for sale. 197 South
Commercial. Phone 399. nov27
now open for business at ll'gn ana
Ferry St. Full line of nursery stock.
Italian prune a specialty. Nursery
located one mile east of penitenttiary.
I'hono 23F21. - tf
from all points, east, on all houshold
good, piano, etc Consolidated car
load service. Capital City Transfer
Company, agents for Pacific Coon
Forwarding company, 161 South Coaa
meroial street Phone Main 983.
terman, Prop. Chemekota street be
tween Com. and Liberty, telephone
900. Absolutely clean, thoroughly
homelike, strictly modern. There are
larger hotels in Salem, but no hotter.
Rate from 50c a day to $1.50. Spe
cial rates by week or month, dec
Money to Loan
ON Good Real Estate Security.
Over Ladd k Bush Bank, Salem, Orego
ONEY TO LOAN--I have made ar
rangements for loaning caster
money, will make very low rate ot
Interest on highly improved farma.
3omer H. Smith, room 9 McCoraaefc
Blda-.. Salem. Ore.. Phone 9. ;
CHAS, B. HODGKIN Genorol Inrar-
ance, Surety Bond, real estate mi
rentals. Hubbard Bldg. Phone 380. tf
"TSBB & CLOUGH CO. C. B. Webb.
A. M. Clough mortician and funeral
directors. Latest modern jnethode
known to the profession employed,
499 Court St. Main 120, Main ,9888.
director and undertakers, 252 North
High street Day and niflht phono
Co., 220 N. Liberty
Phono 203. A com-
Slote line of EleetrW
upplie and fiiture)
proprietor. Garbage and refuse of nH
kind removed on monthly contract
at reasonable rate. Yard and eea
pool eloaoed. Office phon Mais
8247. Besideuc Mln 2272
50 years experience. .
Dopot National and America lenee
Size 26 to 68 In. high.
Paints, oil and varnish, etc.
Logauborry and hop hook.
Salem Fence and Stove Works, 25.
St. Phone 124. '
0RS. B. H. WHITE and B. W. WAJLj
TON Osteopathic physician
nerve specialists. Graduate ot Amer
ican school of Osteopathy, Ki'UwUj
Mo. PoBt graduate and specialized ta
nerve disease at Los Angole ecdleg
Treat acute and chromo 4,Msel;
Consultation free. Lady HendanJ.
Office C05500 U. B. National Bank
BuBding. Phone 859 Residence 84
WnJi Cnltnl street, Pho-ie -
and pay taxe. in Salem Let Sale
modUi aw your wood. Phone 269.
ETi 7un. I Keister, Wav
Voat. i
OB O. L SCOTT Graduate of Chiro
practic ' Fountain Head. Davenpor
Iowa. If yeu hnve tried everything
and got no relief, try Chi.opra
tie spinal aljirstments and get weU
Office 400-7-8 U. 8. National Bank
Building. Phone Main 87. Residrace
Main 828-R.
eorner Commercial and Trade
For water eervice pply t otnee,
Bill payable monthly in advance.
Yick So Tong
Ha medicine which will
Any . known Disease
Open Sunday from 10:00 . .
ufttil 8:00 p. .
153 South High Street.
Oregon. fnoua