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fQAn Economical, Delightful, Light Place to Trade2
Sport News
Look at the brown outside
covering of your Owl. That
wrapper was imported from
Sumatra, nearly ten thousand
miles away.
Why does the manufacturer im
port wrappers for the OWL cigar?
Here's the reason why:
The wrapper of any cigar should
be as mild as possible in flavor, so as
not to overthrow the balance estab
lished by the carefully blended leaves
of the filler.
Sumatra wrappers are the mild
est grown.
The wrapper should burn "true"
in perfect time with the rest of the
The Sumatra wrapper of the
OWL burns true, as it should.
Add to this the fact that Sumatra
wrappers are the silkiest and best
fitting possible, and that they help to
make a well-appearing and well-drawing
cigar and you get the final reason
why the OWL is made, always, with
an imported Sumatra wrapper.
The Million
Dollar Cigar
M. A. GUNST ft CO.
i ili niL iun ULnun
Annual Event Is Called by Ex
perl, a "Football Fuss"
which Is Suggestive
By H. C. Hamilton.
(1'iiited I'ress staff correspondent.)
New Yorli, Nov. 20. Yule nnd Har
vard today began filial preparations for
the football fuss of the year, l'oiiit-n will
lie driven home liy the rival coaches,
secret practice will be held and every
energy will be bent toward turning up
victory .Saturday.
But the glory of victory this year will
be empty. At 1'roviilence. K. I., there
are justified c In ion that top those of
Yale, Harvard, Princeton and all the
rest of the gang. Browu, with the husky
negro, Pollard, as n mainstay, lias whip
ped both Yale and Harvard, who have
victories to their credit over Princeton.
Brown still has a game on its schedule
and it is a tussle of considerable im
portance. J n Colgate t lie Providence
eleven will find u worthy opponent on
Thnnksgiving day.
It is unfortunate that schedules did
not call for a meeting between Pittsburg
anil Brown. These two elevens are the
class of the east right now. Neither
lias seen its standard trailed in the dust
this year and what is more they have
won their games by a preponderance of
figures that leaves no room for argu
ment. Pittsburg hasn't met Harvard nor
Yule, but it probiibly is just as well for
the elevens of those two chesty univer
sities that she didn't- The principal
winter sport probably will be deciding
whether Brown or Pittsburg is entitled
to the title.
Yule's victory over Princeton by a
touchdown and a field goal gives the
Blue a decidedly ml vantage in fixing a
basis on which to spread the dope for
the meeting next Saturday at New
Haven.- Harvard was unable? to cross
the Tiger goal line. The best that could
be accomplished wus a field goal mid
Yale was good enough to register one
of those also. Yale's attack proved
stronger against the Princeton defense
than did Harvard's and Yule showed to
a better advantage in picking up the
Tiger inisplays.
Albany High Too Speedy
For Salem High Boys
Albany, Or., Nov. li).Albaiiy high
school smeared their lighter opponents
, from .Salem high yesterday afternoon
.with mini ami a score of 24 to 0.
Hound I'p field was a wallow, inalt-
ing good football impossible. Albany
got the breaks anil scored IS in the
lirst half. Salem fought hard in the
J last and all Albany could do was one
j touchdown, which was made after Tub
j Davis intercepted a forward pass and
mil 40 yards to hnlcni s three yard line
On the next pluy -Miller fumbled, the
ball bouncing over the line and was
filially recovered' by a blue mid gold
The game wus closer and harder
fought than the score indicates. While
Sulcm could not make yardage con
sistently, they held Albany many times
and played a great defensive game. The
lirst score came in five minutes after
Knsthhuru's 2. yard return of the kick
off, his 25 yard end run, and after
two 13 yard gains by Sennit. Bilyeu
went seven yards for the goal. The
next score came in the second quarter,
after Salem had ;leld Albany's 40
yard line and J'ete -Miller rail (id
yards on n fake punt. The next wore
was made soon after Albany kicked
off again. Miller punted 20 yards, Sa
lem fumbled anil Captain Schult. re
covered and ran 'Mi yards. The second
half was a see-saw, both sides being
in danger.
Albany suffered heavy penalties for
off side ami holding. avis' fluke run
was the only score.
Albany is now in line for state cham
pionship. The officials were II. Abra
ham, O. A. C, referee; Kd Bailey, II. of
., umpire; Allen Carson, W. P., head
linesman. Salem ' Albany
( lark C Davis
Mass Meeting Forwards Bit
ter Resolutions to President
and Congress
Notice is hereby given that we, the
ndcrsigticd resident tax payers, rep
xcscutiiig ten per cent of the resident
tax payers in roud district no 27 C,,
"Marion county, Oregon, hereby give no
tice to the tux payers of said district,
that there will be a meeting of the resi
dent tax payers of said district, at
Kunnyside school house, in said district,
t 2 o'clock p. in., on the 27th day of
Kovember, HUG, to vote an additional
tax for road purposes, ns provided by
an act of the legislature of 1UK1.
Signed, I). S. Pearson, C. Winkcliunn,
W. T. Davidson, C. Tucker, S. Newby,
J. J. Morguli, J. Xeunselinnnder.
Nov. 17-20-2-1-27.
Miaa Volinn (i. Davis was elected
ounty recorder and Mrs. Ida Maxwell
Cummlngs was elected county school
upcrintendent In I. inn County.
Dr. Kdwin Clyde liobbiiis. of the
luiversity of Oregon, will lecture next
' Kridtiy evening as the second number of
jthe public library lecture course. His
j subject will be "Health Insurance,"
which is the state subject for high
; school debute this year. Dr. Hobbius
litis studied at Columbia university.
Inhere he took his doctor's degree and
is now on the faculty of the Iniversit.v
of Oregon. He speaks with authority on
his subject and you nro invited to at
tend his lecture which is free. It will
be in the auditorium of the librnrv ut
,8 o'clock.
I State Biologist William 1.. Vinlev is
milking final plans for the. publication
'of a general survey of tho wibl life of
'Oregon, especially the birds.
After Thanksgiving Game.
Heikeley, Oil., Nov. 20. "Victory on
Thanksgiving day" was the slogun of
the California student body today when
the Bear football sipiad resinned its
t mining and preparation for the final
contest of the season. Couches Smith,
Mulinu and Zicgler, whose worn trans
formed in two weeks a squad of indif
ferent players into a fighting, speedy
puck, do not expect to defeat Wash
ington when the two elevens have their
second game of the season nt Seattle,
November Itll. They do believe, how
ever, that Saturday's contest, which
Washington won by a score of only Pi
to .1, will fill the 'Bears full of confi
dence and "pep" and sent them into
the next game determined to do or
Dobie, the well known gloom,
departed fur the north with his sipittd
lust night he littered n final "I told yon
so" us vindication of his prediction be
fore the game that California would
prove exceedingly strong.
The California squad will leave here
next -Monday. The bovs were allowed
to break training Saturday night, but
resumed the training table today. To
morrow or Wednesday field work will
be resumed.
Across the Sierras
Ogden Route
To The East
Four Through Daily Trains to Chicago.
Extra fare.
Automatic Block Signals protect. Liberal stopovers.
Ask local agent for information
John M. Scott, Gen. Passenger Agt, Portland, Or.
Southern Pacific-Union Pacific
Want Then to Meet.
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 20. Fight fans
here are clamoring loudly for a promoter
who can offer Billy Miske and Tom (lib
bons enough to get them together.
Miske has challenged (iibbons and ap
parently all that stands in the way is
money. Both boys are St. Paul pro
ducts. Miske beat l.evinsky and i
heralded us light heavyweight chnn.
piou. (iibbons beat Miske twice in Min
nesota years ago and is anxious to do it
i again.
Out at First.
I Aurora, 111., Nov. 20. Having gazed
i down the barrels of a brace of gnus,
' Mike Prendergnst, Cub pitcher, feels
' greatly relieved today. He was relieved
of his Mitcll aud money by two inotor
I cycle robbers, who pulled up in front
of Kdwaid Higgius' home at l.add. 111.,
I last night, near here, and made thom
j selves right at home.
College Frosh Teams
Play Scoreless Tie
diversity of Oregon, Kitgene, Nov.
Ml. In one of the best games playett
(in Kincnid field this year, the Oregon
Aggie Irosh played the Iniversity
frosh to a scoreless tie yesterday after
' noon. Knch team appeared on the field
.in excellent condition, and despite the
muddy gridiron tin teamwork was of
regular machine fashion.
I "Tufty" Conn, the sensational open
j field runner of the Aggie aggregation
this fall, showed his shit ty action every
time on the long punts dolled out by
; Hill Steers, of Oregon, but on offensive
i work he was unable to pass the bne of
. scrimmage.
I Oregon's backfield men. Steers,
j St row-bridge, Brnttuiti and lteiiihnrt,
Starred to a man each playing n smash
ling bang-up game. Steers of Oregon
land Uidell of the Aggies outshone their
ten minutes, as the gaiue was featured
I bv many punts, Steers having the best
of the deal with II punts, an average
of US yards, while l.odi'il punted l.t
I tunes for an average of .12 yards, three
I iunts for each man were registered
in the first five minutes of the second
Few Pastes are Attempted
Owing to the wet condition of the
ball, few forward pusses were attempt-
Siinms litil. ....
Boise ItTI, ...
Van Osdel RKL
Kansoni I.tiH ...
White 1Tlt ...
Beck man ...I.Kit ...
Ackeriniin ....
I'lichin If HI.
l ap. Ilugcdnru ....I. IK .
. Pete Miller
. Paul .Miller
Cnp. Schult.
..Met line, (troves I
Seat lie. Wash., Nov. 20. Resolution,
adopted by the largest muss meeting
ever held oin Drciimlaiid pavilion here,
were forwarded today to President Wil
son, congress, Secret ur.v of Labor Wil
son, I'nited States Senator Miles l'oin
dexter of Washington and Meyer Lon
don, socialist congressman of New York,
urging congressional iuvestigalion of
the killing of seven and the wounding of
fill men ut Everett, Wash., on Sunday.
November !i, when the steamer Verona
carrying 250 I. W. W. members from Se
attle was met by citizen deputies in
The meeting held Sunday afternoon
was called by the Central Labor Council
jointly with an Industrial Workers of
the World, us a demonstration in behalf
of the right of free speech, which, the
speakers contend, wns lawlessly abridg
ed by the authorities at Everett.
A crowd of 5,000 persons participated
Mayor Gill's statement that the sher
iff, mayor and citizen deputies of Kver
ett hud no righ4 to prevent the Verona
from landing its passengers, was enthits
iustically endorsed by the speakers. The
report of the federal industrial relations
committee was cited several times in
support of the contention that the Kv
erett incident was similar to other cases
where employers, aided by the authori
ties, trampled on constitutional rights,
law and order. The latter were de
nounced ns the real anarchists who re
sort to "direct action." In this class
was included the "law and order" com
mittee organized lust week in Seattle
by 100 prominent citizens who de
nounced Mayor Gill.
Practically all the speakers declared
confidently that not one of the 74 I. W.
W. held in the Snohomish county jail
charged with murder could be convict-
Hev. Sydney Strong, chairman, ex
pressed the hope that the authoring
would liberate them all, in the interests
of peace, before any trial was called
and thut the whole mutter should then
become a closed incident.
f lcii-rr
-Ci Out
at surprising Prices.
in assorted fancy
Large Collars and
Cuffs, full sweep, all
newest and latest
Dobie's Worriers Win
Victory Over California
California Field, Berkeley, Cub, Nov.
10. tiil llobie's gloomy foieciist fniled
as usual to come true yesterday utter
noon on California field anil Washing
ton's football eleven took from Cali
fornia by a score of 13 to H.
The blue and gold 'men fought val
iantly but were vanquished by n strong
er eleven. WnshiugtoHscttred a touch
down in the first quarter when Murphy
was pushed over. Pnulk failed to kick
gotil. Three minutes after the second
quarter opened, CalilHi nia, by a series
of pretty passes, carried the ball to
Washington's 10 yard 1 i no, where Mont
gonery put a pretty field goal between
the posts.
Washington scored again in the. third
quarter when (iriinin recovered a lilock
ed kick and three line smashes by
lluinesworth over a touchdown. Kaulk
kicked goal.
Straight Football Wins
It wns u contest of straight footbull
against the open game and the former
won. Only once during the entire con
test did the northern eleven attempt
a forward pass and that one was
smeared. They confined their efforts to
powerful pluiiges through the line and
skirting of ends. ;
Despite the fact that the Bears fin
ished with the short end of the score,
there was a great jubilation on the Cali
fornia campus tonb'ht. The feeling
was general that the Bears were more
outlucked thnn outplayed. Blue and
gold students declared " Washington 's
superiority was not nearly so marked
as had been anticipated, while they as
serted Hint the Hears were able to use
the forward pass with great effect.
Multnomah Defeats
Whitman College Team
Portland, Or., Nov. 10. Displaying
an offensive punch thut ripped big
holes in the Missionaries' line and put
ting up a wonderful defensive game,
the Multnomah Amateur Athletic club
crowned itself with glory yesterday af
ternoon in the "Winged M" stadium
with a 0 to 0 victory over the Whitman
college aggregation.
It wns a grand comeback for the
club men after they hud been trampled
over by the wonderful machine nt the
I'nivcrsity of Oregon and had been
"conned" almost out of existence by
the Aggie freshmen. The game played
by the clubmen against Vincent Bor
leske's team brought buck the old en
thusiasm and fight which character
ized the playing of the old club teams
of several seasons ago. '
jed. the Agies connecting once for a
l.'i yard gain. Steers attempted two
nrop kicks i roni me -in yarn urn,
the Oregon line was unable to hold and
the kicks fell short.
Knch team found difficulty in making
yardaie on straight football hud was
forced to attempt many end runs. Ore
gon succeeded in making yardage five
times, while the ether rooks were suc
cessful three times. Kach lute put up
a stone wall defense, Oregon having a
little edge.
Society Dancers Come
To Ye Liberty Theatre,
Maurice nnd Florence Wulton, the
intcruntiomillv celebrated dancers who :
are making their motion picture debut
in the 'Famous Players iiroduction "The:
truest of Life." hnve the distinction nl'i
having overcome the prejudice of the
Oueen of Knglnnd against the tnngo. i
Her inujesty had only seen the dance,
performed by people of inferior nbilitv
who hud accentuated the objeeliounble !
features of the dance to such an extent
thnt she banned it in London society.'
It wus at n big court function tha' Mau
rice and Mis.' Walton were dancing by
invitation when luccn Mary wns per
suaded to allow them to do their ver
sion of the dunce. At ihe completion of
the performance her inujesty applauded
the dunce and the ban was iiumcd'ntc-:
ly lifted, with the remark that she
hud never drcumcd that it could be per-,
formed so gracefully. "The truest ol
life' is the Paramount picture ut Ye'
Liberty Tuesday, Wednesday and
The S. P. crew, which is electrifying
the railroad from Whitcson to Corvnlli;-,
have i"uched Independence. As the work
is completed from CorvalliH to Wells,
there is but u few tnilea left. No an
nouncement litis been nindo by the Kspeo
when the electric service will be started.
Independence, Monitor. , tj
I Joe Chown and W. R. Sevens, of
Buena Visia, made a frenk bet on Wil
j son nnd Hughes, Chown being on the
Wilson side. The loser was to rule a
trailer attached to an automobile from
Be.enn Vista to Independence and return
'without cushions er blanket. As Bev
jens lost, he took the tide dust Saturday
'nfternnon nnd up un'il this time n far
ns known has not had to call in a physi
cian. Independence Monitor.
Vor the week ending November !.
n total of 20S accidents were reported
to the state industrial accident com-
-.1. : .u v: ... f-i.l
mrcsuiii, ui uuivu nc ncre ihiui.
rag tvjia
tires si
During a recent visit to the factory our buyer was able to purchase a limited
number o fextra fine 50.1b. A-l long staple cotton felt Mattresses at a price
which will enable us to sell them for considerable less money than they can be
bought for at wholesale in the present market. (Sce our west window)
Mattress de Luxe
Made from Long Fibre Cotton. These fibres are felted into thin layers and ::
twenty-four of these layers are crossed and re-crossed one upon another,
lorming a large "batt." Nine of these batts are made into each Mattress. The
elasticity of these batts is sogreat that they must be compressed from forty
inches to six inches before being encased in the ticking. Special care is taken
that the tufting is made most durable.
This mattress needs no renovarr.g only an occasional sun bath. Guaran
teed for 10 years.
Pi J ill j LLI ' ' ILU ,t' UtVIU'-UI-l ijjjTnTl
. $15 50-lb. Cotton
relt Mattress
As the supply of these Mattresses is limited we will sell them Tuesday and it
lvcanesuay oi.uns ween oiny. ana omy one to eacn tamily, at $5.75 each.
404 Court St. Stiff & Soil,489 rf
FnonelM the busy store 7 Phone 508