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"Complete line of known merchandise at the right
prices; a pleasure to show them.
Phone 67. The Store of Housewares. 135 N.Liberty
(CoiitinueJ from page two.)
Sleeves and Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Legg
entertained the Cherry City Flinch club
at the Sleeves residence on Court
Tho rooms wore attractively adorn
ed witn palms and potted plants. Ten
tables of flini-h were arranged for the
placers, who wore for the most part
iho club members.
Dr. Kpley and Mr. Todd contributed
t-e the dolifftitful affair with Hovernl
solo and duets. Mm. W. K. Kirk ac
companied them at the piano.
Assisting in mo serving were, .ujss
Muriel Hteeves, Miss Margnrett Legg,
Miss Helen Hunt and Masters Kenneth
egg and Donald Bradshnw.
The non-club guests , were: Mr. and
Mrs. Gustavo Kbsen, Mr. and Mrs. La
bun Steeves, Mr. and Mrs. Ueorge M.
Brown, Mr., and Mrs. George Alden,
Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, Mr. and Mrs.
Lue Atchison, Mr. and Mrs, Alfred
Schramm; Miss Grace Young.
. The club members were: Mr. and Mrs.
J. !t Baker, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mills,
.Mr. and Mrs. K. Kr Junes, Dr. and Mrs.
M. C, Findley, Mr. and Mrs. E. B.
Millard, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Lee, Mr.
Lee, Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Swulford, Mr.
and Mrs. W. E. Kirk; Mr. and Mrs.
John Todd, Dr. and Mrs. It. C. Kpley,
Mr. uud Mrs. U. G. Boycr, Mr. and Mrs.
E. T. Karnes,-Mrs. B. C-Carrier, Mr.
and Mrs. A. if.- Vundvrvertj Mr. and
Mrs. t;. O. Holt. ...
Mrs. William C. Knighton of Port-
land, ut the guest of her mother, Mrs. E. ,
K. Waters. Mrs. Knighton came Friday .
by Mr. Knighton, who will remain over
the wek end. .
Mrs. Harry H. Olmger entertained
recently with a delighhtful stag din
ner in honor of Dr. dinger, on the oc
casion ol his birthday
. An artistic arru' of crimson carna
tion intermingled with greens, adorn
ed the table. The guests were a few of
Mr. CHinger's friends who aanually form
a hunting pa"?'
They were: Thomas B. Kay, Milton
L. Meyers, Dr. W. B. Morse, Homer
Smith, George G. Brown, lh C. II. Kob -
ertson and John Moir.
A chunning dinner party was given
Alondnr evening Dv Mrs. u. r: rur
vine, for her daughter, Miss Laura Pur-
vine, on the occasion ol her birthday.
The affair was u complete surprise
to the young honoree and the guests
were a lew ot ner gin menus, juige -
chrysanthemums decked the rooms and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gill and duugh
the prettily appointed table was cen-1 ter, Miss Mercella Gill of Portland, arc
tered with an artistic floral arrange-' the week end guests of Mr. ami Mrs.
nient of waxy pink begonias surrounaeu
with wmte chrysanthemum. Mrs. Pur-
vine was assisted by Mrs. W. W". Hen
. Dinner was followed by an evening land, who has been the guest of her
of music, and dancing. " sister, Mrs. W. F. Fargo, returned home
The guests were: Miss Elsie Gilbert,1 the first of tho week.
Miss Celia Wilson, Miss Celestia Brace ...
of Chemawa, Miss Lillian Olsen, Miss Miss Marie Bennett was hostess for
Emily Pulmcr and Miss Edna Gilbert, la delightful informal evening Monday
" when she entertained the members of
Mrs. Charles H. Fisher entertained the Quiuze Jour elub of which she also
inrormally Frid.y afternoon with a is a member.
charming Kensington in honor of Mis. Games and music formed the even
Tt. B. Houston, who left Inst night foi'iing's diversions. The club will meet in
her home in California. About a dozen two weeks ut the home of Miss Mar
matrons, old friends of Mrs. Houston 's garet Hodge.
were asked to bid her adieu.
A prettily appointed dinner was that
presided over last, night by Dr. and ,
Mrs. Floyd L. Utter.
Feathery yellow chrysanthemums
adorned the table and the favors and i
pointinents were suggestive of
Thanksgiving. Dinner was followed by
an evening or music.
Mr. and Mrs. Utter's guests were
Dr. ami Mrs. F. H. Thopmson, Dr. and said, expect to make their home in Can
Mrs. Roy Pemberton and Mr. and Mrs. ada much to the regret of their friends
Pe er Ginber. 1 En route Mrs. Xiemeyer visited her
fsiBter, Mrs. Arthur Lennon in Portland.
Mrs. C. G. Arnold of Portland, who ..
has been the house guest of Mrs. J. A. On Saturday afternoon, November
Wilson, has. been made- the motif of the twenty-fifth, at the meeting of the
several informal affairs during the
week. I
Tuesday Mrs. Harry H. Oliuger was
i 11 :.,f-...l l.ln.,l,Ann '
nosiess lur u nuitm iuiuiw.i .mhv .
complimentary to the visitor, and ea-
Jlc?nuy mui .ilia, r.uniji u piv
sided over a dinner in honor of Mrs.
The table which was centered with
yellow chrysanthemums, had covers for the border, Paul Wallace was host FN
Mrs. Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wil- day evening for an attractive dinner
sou, Mr. ami Mrs. William II. Dancy party.
and Mr. and Mrs. Baker. I Mr.. Wallace planned the most appro-
j priate and unique fabe decorations
A small informal dinner party was an,l appointments for the dinner. There
jiiven on Wednesday evening by Mr. was a tiny tent surrounded by a flower
and Mrs. C. C. Cory at tneir noma on (
Marion street. .niinature camp at Imperial Deach. - ! ume years. -
Chrysanthemums adorned the pretty Small individual pictures of the pTrn " l' sometimes think that God must
table which was circled by Miss Zoe ty, taken by .at. Wallace at the border! laugh to see all the cross stitches which
Olmstead, M'ss Gertrude Cory, Miss marked each place. jare embroidered on towels that serve
Lnuanna Brown, Misa Florence Cory Covers wero placed for 7. " 'chiefly to scratch the face. We should
and the hosts. j . t0 (.mi.f,,!,;,, towels and get to
j The members of the Dramatic section work on something worth while. We,
One of the delightful informal Ken-(nf the Salem Woman's elub were enter-: more than nuy other people in tho un
ingtous of the mid-week was thnt giv-,tained at their premier meeting of tln',in, are inclined to accept the tradi
eit on Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. season on Friday afte rnoon at the stu-jtimis of the previous centuries, and we
Specials That
You Need (
Pudding Moulds
Carving Sets
Turkey Platters
Community Silverware
New Dinnerware
George O. Brown and her mother Mrs.
I). W. Mathews.
The affair was fiiven at the residence
of iris. Brown and the guests were the
matrons of the Leisure Hour club. A
short programme also was enjoyed dur
ing the afternoon.
The hostesses were assisted In- Miss
Jennie Pearee and Miss Gertrude Cun
ningham. The members included in the club are
Mrs. George G. liinRlinm, Mm. U. S.
Wallace, Mrs. Charles W. Parks, Mrs.
Alice H. Dodd. Mrs. V. O. Shipley, Mrs.
l'erry H. Kuymond, Mrs. George J.
I'earee, Airs. Duninl J. Fry, Mm. Memo
uiapman, -VLrs. Lot Peurcc, Mrs. Aman-
Ida ,1. Herren, Mrs. K. C. .Small, Mrs. H.
.1. Clements, Mrs.' Davis, Mrs. William
Steusloff, Mrs. Eugenia Gillingham,
Mrs. Ada Dayton, Mrs. George G.
Brown and Mrs. D. V. Mathews.
. .
Mrs. M. H. Utter asked the members
of the Jolly Neighbors club at her
home on tho Jefferson road on Wednes
day. Lata in tho afternoon the hostess
sorved dainty refreshments.
Those present were: Mrs. M. Boise,
Mrs. Wallace Hutch, Mrs. David Koese,
Mrs. John F. Shear, Mrs. .17 K.-brothers,
Mrs. C. H. Loomis, Mrs. K. U.
Prothero and Miss Carrie Grubenhorat.
Xows of the death of K. M. Messick
of Victorville, Cal., came as a great
shock , to Us many friends hero last
Monday. Mr. Messick resided in Sulem
for many years end was formerly pas
tor of several Christian churches in
Oregon. He. has three daughters,-Miss
Virginia Messick and Miss . Margaret
.uessicK wno are at tuo lainily home in
California, and Mrs. Mahoney of Port
land, all of whom are well known in
Salem. -
In celebration of the sixty fourth an
nivnrsary of Mrs. C. F. Ijinsing's birth
day a ilver tea was given recently at
her home on Fairvicw Avo. - .
-Following a short nnsiness session,
daintv refreshments were served.
Those present were: Mrs. E. N. Starr,
-mis. Jienry voorneis, Mrs. c. 1'. Living
iston, Mrs. J. E. Ellison, Mrs. lluvey,
I Mrs. E. J. Pntchin, Mrs. Jacob Warner,
Mrs. M. C. Wild, Mrs. Fred Zimmerman,
Mrs. W. F. Xcptune, Mrs. John Conrad,
I Mrs. P. McMillin, Mrs. M. W. Gleason,
Mrs. C. F. Lansing.
Mrs. Mary Hunt entertained the
members of tho Samedi club this ufter-
noon with a line party at one of the
local theatres, wfth tea at the Spn.
l L. 1'urvine.
Miss Edna Daily, well known nurse
of the Willamette sanatorium of Port-
iiwcu ana surruuuuiii; lunus uuu
Mrs. Anna Ilogers Fish will go to subscribed 4."i,U00 to a new building
V.lrlarff Mn.J.,.. 4. ...J ,1,. I . L ffl. 13! 1 J . L -
NVwberg Monduy to read at the benefit j
entertainment to bo given at Pacific
college. Mrs. Fish will read "Tom Saw-
yer. "
Mrs. Blanche Liston Xiemeyer left
early in the week for Edmonton, Cana
da, where she will join Lieutenant Xie-iUOu
meyer. Mr. and Mrs. Xiemeyer, it is
.Salem Woman's club. Miss Mozelle
Hair of Eugene, will address the club,
Her subject will include tho extension,
1 ..1
L - m ,-imiitiiic3 siiiu. ciunses, lecwirrs
pictorial instructor and reading circle
nurn niiu wiruM -irui urrs.
Complimentary to the' members of
Uompojiy m, who were in his squad at
garden and tre
trees which represented a :
dio of Mrs. Anna Rogers Fi9h.
: During the afternoon the work for
the year's enleudar was planned and
will include interesting iip-oduto dra-
mas. Later the guests enjoyed a ehnt
over the tea cups.
Tomorrow tho Knights of Columbus
will hold their initiatory exercises, and
j visitors from the Albany, McMinnville,
, Eugene and Portland chnjitors will come
! to .Salem to attend the event.
I Following the initiation which will
itake place in Hearst hull, a programme
jof music and speaking and a supper will
I be given at St. Joseph's hall. Thomas
J Brown will be toast master for the cv
lening and responses will be made by
W. A. Barrett of Albany; ltcv. A. A.
(Moore, Frank Dnvey, Mrs. T. J. Walsti,
j Herbert Michelbrook of McMinnville,
and S. J. Lonergan of Portland,
i Tho Sacred Heart academy orchestra
; will furnish.thc music for the evening
and Albert Kgan will be tho soloist.
An engagement that will lie of iinus
i nal interest to society maids of Snlcm
has just been made known in San Fran
ieisca. The lovely bride-to-be is Miss
Elsn Deimel who for the past two sum
mers has been tho house guest of Miss
hJiznueth j.ord and has made many
friends in Salem society.
Miss Deimel kas announeeil her en
gagement to Hobert Stubbs, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Osmon B. Stubbs of Portland.
The wedding will be solemnized on Sat
urday. November the twenty fifth.
The bride-elect is the daughter of Dr.
Deimel, president of the Deimel Linen
Mesh Manufacturing Co., of London,
Mrs. Lloyd Mott left this morning
for Fort Stevens to join her hushnud
who has recently been appointed lieu
tenant surgeon at the fort. She was ac
eompnuied its. far as Portland by her
mother, Mrs.. W. II. Mott, who will
visit her son. Dr.-William Mott, who is
in the Good Samaritan hospital.
j g lt 4 tjf g jjg
All women of the-eity are, invited to
the vesper services Sunday at i p. in.
at the V.. W, C. A. rooms. These ser
vices uro to commemorate this week of
prayer being held in all associations.
The Northwuutern Field which includes
this association, supports a missionary,
Jtiss r.inerson, in Japan. Miss Ulndya
Carson will talk about Miss Emerson's
work tind tha women will have the
pleasuro of hearing Mrs. - Alden. Miss
Um Met addam and Miss Lucille Bar
ton will favor us with solos and Miss
Ethel Forbes will preside at the piuuo
It is indeed fortunate that the Willam
ette University Y. W. C. A. could co
operate with the city association at this
time and a very enjoyable social hour
is anticipated atter the services.
The board of directors held their
monthly meeting lust Tuesday morning
with the following members present:
Mrs. C. A. l'ark, Mrs. Wm. Kirk, Mrs.
A. N.Bush, Miss Florence Cleveland,
Mrs. F. A. Elliott, Mrs. K. S. Wallace,
Mrs. O. U. Brown, Miss Nina, McNary,
Mrs.- H. .Cv Epley, Mrs. R. C. Bishop,
Mrs. Fruuli Spears and Miss Veda Mae
Cross. Tho ladies reuiainin for lunch
as is their custom.
Tha general secretary gave a very en
couraging report showing. October the
banner month in, our association a his
tory. There were sixteen 30 eent lunch
es served: one hundred i!3 cent lunches:
three hundred seventy five 20 cent
luncues; seven hundred fourteen lo
cent lunches; four Jiundred twenty, one
10 cent lunches an4 one hundred forty
eight 5 cent lunches served during the
month of Uctober.
It is nlwnys very gratifying to the
board members to realize tho number
of friends the association is gaining.
The generosity of our friends is shown
by the apples, pears, canned fruits, jel
ly, vegetables and wood for the lire
place all things so vitally needed, giv-
en so loyally. If the friend that gave
the wood could look into the 1. . C.
A. living room some evening his heart
would fill with joy to see the girlB gath
er around the fire place for cheer and
comfort after the days work.
Your association is growing, and
growing fust and we dream of a home
lor our own some sweet day.
The number of bequests to tho asso
ciation grows year by year as tho people
become more fully aware of tho quali
ty of sisterhood the association offers.
fliss Louise B. Cromwell has left
if-'OOO to the boarding home department
of Brooklyn.
In the summer a bequest of nearly
407.000 was loft to the same association
by the will of Miss Maria Holstcin.
Ltreu and surrounding towns have
in that city. The final sum in the cam
Ipaign was underwritten by tho execu
tive staff and the persons belonging to
tho various teams.
Tuisu, Oklahoma, has opened a cam
paign for !fl3VlU0 for a new building.
I Auizusta. Ga.. has been Taisinir if.'HI.-
the past month,
Why not Sulem Oregon f
The Happy Hour club recently re
organized will hereafter be called tne
W. T. K. club. Much fun is being had
by non-members to guess the meaning
The club members are to spend the win
... i: - i . i. ... -1 .1 if
These lessons will bo very educational.
instructive and interesting and affords
a splendid opportunity to study the
. ' '
diTierent countries.
IT'he following is taken from a speech
by a field industrial secretary:
I1 " hile admitting tne benelit of sew
ing circles, etc., as social diversions,
there is grnve danger of neglecting
worth while things for the more super
ficial amusements. I know a girl who
belonged to a weekly sewiug society
for nine years, in which time she had
never missed a meeting. She said they
llilaved nuessing games. Imagine play-
inc Kiiessing names every week fur
Plan to Organize Junior
Commercial Club in Salem
If the plans oT the Salem Commerciiil nger of newspapers has promoted Boys'
club materialize, there will be organized clubs mid similar activities, and w ho
in Sulem, "The Salem Junior Comeinr-' ehargc of vocational eclucntinii
cial elub." This will also include tho ' w"r.ks nt,,,h,n 1'm"& l'neific exposition
. .. during 1(H5, Hoy. fleady appreciate
election of a junior mayor, junor ity(th I1CIM, of trBiB.
council and junior police force. The I was a newsboy at 11 years of age, ami
purpose of this organization is to sup-1 ho is interested in all boys for a reason
plement and assist in all education and , worth while he has a boy of his own.
to instruct boys in pratcical commercial j Hev. Heady has specialized in n class
and civic affanrs during the adolescent j of vocational educntion at the Vnivor
period. It will also assist them in earn-' "ity of California. This class was taught
mg money and teach them the value of
systematic saving. It will .create nud i
foster city pride and national patriot
ism. It will impress the truth thnt,
"the boy of today is the man and citi
zen nf tomorrow." The rjuroose. then
will be to help every boy in the most
important step in life, the choice of a I
vocation, the social problem in wh'i.ii
all the other problems of life aro root-1
ed. ;
Flan. j
Any boy between 10 and 21 years of j
age is eligible to membership( provided .
he is engaged in some work for which!
ho receives some kind of compensation. On recommendation of Ar toruey Gen
As near as is practical, the general ideas oral George M, Brown, .1. II. llawley.
of the senior organization should be formerly governor of Idaho, who ap
followed. A canvass of the boys known penrcd before the state land board yes
to be employed at this time will be tcrday on behalf of the Harney Luke
made. - . reclamation project, was yesterday ad-
The junior exposition, very success- mitted to practise law in' the state of
fully conducted in Snn Francisco nud . Oregon bv the supreme court, lie had
l.os Angeies, may ue tuipiicnicu ncre
and aside from the direct - benefits,
would serve as a factor in promoting
the growth ot the organization.
There may be created a junior city
government," with mayor, city council,
courts, police, etc., in which all of the
boys and girls of the city would be in
vited to participate. Each school would
elect a councilman and make n nomina
tion for mayor, and during the month
of January tffe election will be neia,
Arrangements' would be made for lec
tures and instruction in vocational edu
cation mid other practical subjects. It
would be tho plan to investigate nnu
when necessaryi instigate lines oi nc
tivitv in which boys might engage them
selveB for all or part of their time. Some
probable lines are: a messenger nnu
parcel delivery service; a distributing
agency; a service bureau wnere ooys
can bo secured for odd jobs, cleaning
lawns, etc., also, for work in summer
season, picking 'fruit and packing house
The oronnizfltion. would also act as a
cleariug house and information bureau
for.staiools ot all Kinds, business, oppor
tunities, etc. .
. Advantages ana seneiiu.
The bov who would not otherwise be
driven to realize the necessity of pre
paring for a. life work, is by this" plan
und organization, brought faco to face
with the practical nttuirs or lire, auci
therefore, better prepared and equipped
to take his place in "tho workaday
world," when the time in his life has
arrived. The chief complaint of .the
business man today that much of edu
cntion is not Bracticul. would.be elinp
inated. Teaching and training, ot. noys
to think and eot.lor themselves, nnu ,io
feel an individual responsibility for the
acts, is the one hope for, and of, the
proposed organization. -
The oue fear of most? parents is that
their boy's trainiug is not sufficiently
practical to assuro him of a reasonable
degree of success. The intelligent cul
mination of their plan together with the
n.nrrurinn of men who have been suc
cessful, promises excellent results. The
transforming ot a "community mum
iiy" into a "defiuito asset" early in
li'o is assuredly a decided civic, bene
fit. The advertising of Salem as "a city
of homes" where our chief concern is
the building of the moral and civic char
acter of our boys and girls, certainly
finds a response in every heart.
A Member Hag.
Tho distinction of belonging.
The use of the club rooms at certain
The knowledge that he is a coming
The advantage of special training.
A feeling of defiuito individual re
sponsibility for the success of the enter
prise. An opportunity for self betterment in
training, acquaintanceship, and environ
ments otherwise; impossible.
The right to assert himself at his
most impressionable age.
The privilege of studying his life
work at close range.
The Junior Exposition.
There will be held, soon after or
ganization, an exposition modeled after
Furger similar enterprises, but-limited
to boys and girls under 21 years of age.
Any inrgo building, preferably the arm
ory", will serve as a place for the ex
position, to Ins! not more than three
davs or r. week.
The purpose of such na exposition rs
to give nnv boy or girl an opportunity
to display" nny article that they have
manufactured, to exhibit any pet or
.keepsake or to demonstrate nny accomp
lishment that may oe meirs. uppunuin
ties for vocalists, instrumentalists,
speokers, writers, nrtistsnnd agricul-
The co-operution of the schools is
turists, will be made,
necessary, and has been nssured by S(t
prrintendent Todd-
The Salem Commercial club has had
this work under consideration for some
time, and the plans have now been
fully outlined with the assistance of
Rev. James M. Heady, n ninn who has
done active work in Y. M. C. A.'s, Boy
Scout movements; as circulation mnn-
keep on going round a circle. The posi
tion of women will be just exactly
what we make it."
Anil the W. T. K. club want to do
something worth while.
The following new members and re
newals have been enrolled since Octo
ber 2Mlh. Mcsdames w. 0. Hawlev. lies
sic Bennett. Paul Stege. Clyde Graham,
Hairv Kulph, r . r. Harlan. O. K.
Franzke, O. B. Gingrich, Ilenrv Mevers,
M. E. Pe. lt. Dwight Misner, It. E. Lee
Steiner, John Griffith, M. C. Findley,
Misses Lorilla Bolter, Frances Hodge,
lunula Chripmger. Evelyn Je Long,
Lois Okiunrt. Pauline Marniich, Xellie
I 'lark, Mabel llaivht, Hazel Barton,
Ethel L. Thomas. Estella lliirtmnn Hitu
Steiner, Delia Ilngen, Alice Lupton,
Maxine Iturca nud Eva Miles.
; "y "r. .vieyer Bloomrield, who is ac
knowledged to be chief authority on vo
cational education in the United States
A discussion of this project will take
place at next membership meeting of
the club, Wednesday, November 22,
State House News
UPcn admitted to the bar of Idaho ill
Among those who aro candidate for
the position of warden nt the state
penitentiary are Willis S. Hale, who
has announced his candidacy for that
place. He states he is in favor of
sweeping changes in the prison system,
in favor of giving the niciun voice in
governing themselves, in fnvior of
keeping them busy and interested and
in favor of humanitarian methods. He
is now superintendent of the boy's
training school.
Articles of incorporation were filed
this morning with the corporation com
missioner by the Bennett Meat company
of Portland. The capital is placed at
ir'.'iOOO and the incorporators are J. E.,
E. M. and G. H. Bennett. The purpose
of the business is to 'buy uud sell all
kinds of men fa. Supplementary articles
were filed by the liitter, Lowe and Del
Forrest coninuv chnuiniiir the nainer
to the Hitter, l.iwe, company. The bus- j international Grand Prize race hero to
iCS is real estate. lay. Besides Jackson ami his meclian-
The annual- report of the Northern
Pacific railway company was filed yes
terday afternoon with the public ser
vice commission by II. A. Cray, comp
troller of the company. The report
shows-that the total operating income
was ;ill,4:i, 1 hl.s:i, which was an in
crease of ,'psJ!iu41t;tH).14 over the same
period last year. Tho gross income is
liven as :IH.!72.447.7S, . which with a
deduction of 13,2I2,")74.i:i for expenses
leaves a net incomo of ip25,72!l,S7;i.0o.
The report of. the Great . Northern
was filed by U. K. Martin, vice presi
dent, and it shows a total operating in
come of $3'J,2;i-,Ho-t.:iS which was an in
crease over last year of 0,.":il,r!i:t.72.
The gross income was ff'M,i lo.",7.0.1,
which with a deduction for expenses of
$12,OSii,I.S7.77, leaves u net income ol
27,02.-., I01I.2H.
Yesterday the car shortage dropped
from ;i0i'.(i to 2021. Regarding this situ
ation -information received by tho pub
lie service commission states that in
tho hearing of the railroads at Louis
ville, Kentucky, L. J. Anthony of the
Boston and Albany railroad stutcd his
line was not. experiencing any cur short
age but that it. had a surplus of curs on
its trucks. He agreed it would bo only
lust to relievo the other roads by re-
turniiur the excess and said ho could I
return 2S per cent to owning lines with
in ilO days without iiiconveni u to
the shippers his line served, lie believ
ed the situation could be relieved if
shippers would only order the curs lib j
solutely needed. It was urougni out ui
this hearing that there were 2,.10(i,0ii(l
cars in the country but that they werei
not sutlicieut to bundle I lie uiiiioiinui
The report of the Pacific Cur Demur-
, . ' .i i.i:
mission showed that the total nun.berlis asked and whatever further relief,
of cars reported for lending and unload-1
inir in Cnlitomn for September IOI'ii
was Hiii,(ir! and for September P.HH it
w.ik 1 70.2 1 fi. Comiiarimr this with the
lotal 'number for Oregon for the same
period shows us follows: September,
IWlj a total ol 10,2i., anil in sepiem
ber 101U a total of 8000. This report
contradicts tho statement of tne South
ern Pacific, that there is no discrimi
nation between Culitonua and Oregon
At a meeting of the highway com
mission lust night a request from Ex
Senator Johnson, F. B. Ingalls, H. H.
Mil-hard and Dr. Dodgo of llul'ur, Was
co Co.for a portion of government funds
to match the money put up by Wasco
county for the improvement of the
road from The Dalles south through Du
t'ur, Tygh valley to the Wasco county
line was received. The county of Wasco
has appropriated l.'."i,0,,n !' recent
bond issue for the improvement of the
above road and it is desired to have
government help on the eight mile
stretch south of Dufur on the Dulles
California Highway. The commission
explained to the delegation thnt under
the rules provided for tho handling of
fedornl money in the state it would
probably be impossible to take up this
project this yeur and it advised the
men to see B. J. French of Portland,
of the Unite,! Slates forest service in
the matter. The members" of the coin-
mission present were Governor Withy-!
combe. Secretary of State Olcott, Treas
urer Kay and C. hd Hobs, acting secre
tary. "
Court House News
Industrial clubs in the scUffils of
Marion county are numerous and great
,,, erest ,s bemg taken in them by the
children according to County Hup.-r.ii-
tendent Smith, who, with li. IV I r
ringtun, industrial club representntivo
Terwilliger Funeral Home
No Publicity, No Signs, Homelike.
The only establishment of its kind between Seattle. and
San Francisco
Telephone 724
;Big Car Leaves Track and,
Crashes Into Tree, Up
rooting It
lince Course, Sunta Monica'. Cnl.,
Nov. IS. Four persons were lulled and
two are dying as n result of Lewis
Jnckoii's Murinon ear hitting a tele
phone pole On Snn Vincente rond in the
i. iruiiuiii, une spectator, a
milium, nuose name nuu not been
learned, was killed. The two dying al
so were spectators.
At the end of 20 laps, Aitkeu, who
substituted for Wilsox ill a Peugeot,
was first. Uickenbnche.r second and
Cooper third. Itesta was foreod from
the rnee temporarily by spulk trouble.
Cameraman P. T.. Jenkins, of. the
Keystone forces, sent out to film (lie
race was' one .spectator killed, accord
ing to unofficial report. This would
make four dead. . . . . ; . ...
. Accordion to Ann retiArl . li-nm llm
Scene of the accident lhn nmX.ntH'i..,!
woman who was killed in the crush!, i'rincetoii began some effective over-;,
was tendHg a confectionery atuud u-"0ul1 work 'a tho game waned, .but it,
longsido the race course. .. ": j was too late, Dave Tibbott was twi.-c
The hurtling Murmon, buyoud con- "ed in from the rl'inceton side lin.s
trol of Driver Jackson, struck a tree.!"1 un attempt to score for the Tigoi.
Uirooling it and crushing the frail 'le ,,''e1 'wiee but each effort failed.
stnud. Two slightly fin.jured sHeta-l ! .
tors were removed" to St. Catharine's'! '"Is'"ess, with one of these tours in
hospital. Others more, seriously hurt ! lir"Kect, are not uituuncing ; tliemsclv. s
were taken to tho temporary first aid '''" ' extent. However, tho
station on the rield. j following have been suggested as go.!.)
of the state school department, yester
day evening returned from u visit of a
large number of Marion county schools.
In the districts visited it, was found
that the students had clubs formed or
in process of formation. It is the plan
of Superintendent Smith to have each
school hold a local lair and the best
exhibits of this fair be shown at a
general central fair
to be hi Id in this ;
Cllmslnint was filed this morning byi!"1)"1 l'o;qoiimon bill, was uwanbd
Grant Mnrphv, administrutor of the ,'"'"v ""' ""'er Slnpliuildic-j
.Ktnte of 11. W. Murphv, deceased, a-! ""lP'V".n " (i"l''.''v; -M ;
gainst C.
E. Ashlev, lor a breach of,
I' l. ....I.. ..( I I T I,
i .... ii-liio 1...I
tho court may grant
A pitition to Judge Biishey for the
uiiiinitt iiii-ut of Arthur Reynolds, a do-
pendent child, was filed this morning
by Mvi'ii Shank and Mis. W. J. Porter.
It is alleged he has no proper piireutul
care, that lie roams the streets, begs. .
uud is out aii hours of the night. Keports from India '
An order for the sale of real prop-j pnrl Wrioof Ilnu'n
erty ill the estate of G. W. Murphy, de-j iJCUU llUCdl UUWII
censed, was affirmed this nioriiing bv
Judge Hushey. The limd hus been sold' Chicago, Xov. 1 S. Wheat took a. .
to M. I,. Eskew for the sum of 2IH.I2 "harp drop today when tho pit received
and the deed was ordered delivered. ; reports that India is believed to haie
In surplus of 100,000,000 bushels ..f
.V motion to compel the defendants ' wheat ready to be shipped to allied
in the i use of T. A. Livesley ngniust F. ! countries. After a slightly low. r
W. Buell, the Oregon Hop Grower us-.opening, December closed down I! X 1 ;if
socintion, uud the Silverton Hop Grow-, 1 7X1,4 ; May down .'I at JS4 and July
ers warehoiiso association, to state tlieir'down il at I'm.
defenses separately was filed in the cir- Corn was lower on general selling of
-iit court this morning. mM lots. December was down 1 ut
The Next King Bing
Will Have Much Work
T..Ai i. .1..:....
UUnt 111,1V IX'' UUIIlUMf nil- lli'lll H M.VpHMMa.n
lot of thinking over the election of,
their next King Bing, which will beTlAHV PA PIT A? IftlTVrilJiI
decided at a meeting culled for tlie Urtllil LATlIAL JuUnimL
evening of Monilay, December I.
This booster organization now
efin- ' rinir ui,'(i-fil liifr ti-ttiR fnr next i
sum .' and tho job of serving ns King,
Bing will -incur more than usual re-,
sponsibt'ities. The Alaskan trip h 1
been discussed as well ns the weel
stay in the Notional Velbiwstone par
But now there is talk of making n tout ,
of the Coifed States, one that will
really advertise Sulem, and one that,
will not cost much morn than the i
Yellowstone trip. The plans are to goj
east over the northern route, puss;
through Chicago, on to Xew Vork uud'
il'.. 1. :...... n.l ...I.I.-.. ,ll..IWrll 111.. I
. . . ,,,,. ,.mU:
, . . praises
;im nm
, w K- ,
Game Was Fiercely Contested
and Was 0 to 0 Until
Last Quarter
By H. O. Hamilton, ;
(United Press. Stuff Corespondent.) ..
J'aliuer Field, Princeton, .V. J., Xov.
IS. The first, 'touchdown of the yiur
to cross Princeton's goal line- na
scored this afternoon bv- Vnlo as the
Blue hung a 10, to 0 "defeat on. 'the
Orange nnd Muck. ....
Ilobey Baker in an aeroplane, aei'uin
pained by another machine, did stums
over tho field ns the Vale students
Kwarined under Princeton's goal' pos-s
and started a parade over the fieid
after the game. .....
There was scarcely a' hero 'of this
afternoon's stnigggle,-" but Ledor.v
Hmden, Neville tnd .liicque, Vnlo bnet:'
field men, did excellent duty' ns 'they
smashed and tore in iho Princeton lino:
It was Legore who drew the honor ;f
currying the' ball across Princeton's
una aim iirndon gave; Vale three
with a field goal from the 2S yir.)
Uniterm! -and the next King Hiug will
probably be selected from this list: C.
S. Hamilton, t hus. II. Dick, Hailev 1.
While, A. . Wilson, V. tl. shijd.v,
William Lercheii and Hal 1). Pinion.
Contracts Let For
Eighteen Destroyers
Washington, Nov. IS Contracts for
eig-ht desi rovers, authorized bv the hi-r
'" "". ' "lu" """ company, mm
J I II M, -l-.fi,.
' ."'is cuin iicies
oiitruets fur M nf
" -' ' 'n'!'"' i' ' i''"eci,i,.
by contract or bv
the navy vnnl.
Hie Fore Idler contract culls ..r
l,liili,IHUI fur ouch destroyer. While the
first four of the Union Iron Works n Ml
cost l, 1110,11(111, the lust two will cot
i)l,lx,VM0 each.
H2 1-2; May down Vt at 84 1-2 ar.d
July down 1 14 nt 94 1-2.
Z'Z ? 'S 7 , '
mIdi rtil v
Classified Ads
ntuma Rl Prompt Service
- m
We ChalJeE&s uou lo Act
Better rwuJb wan VKcaniwe
Ujo,, Wh IlllloWnl Arl
U WUIQ JllUe Want Ad,
. . io-lTlOrrOV
i7 ittiwijwv.