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With 46 Precincts To Hear
from New Hampshire for
Hughes 279
California Shows Big Lead
for Wilson Probably Safe
for Him
Concord, N. H., Nov. 9. All but 40
ot' the 294 election districts la New
Hampshire gave the following vote for
president: . Hughes, 37,072; Wilson, 30,
703. Hughes' plurality, 279.
This announcement was given out by
Secretary of State Dcau.
New York, Nov. . Chnrgeg thnthe
republican election officials in "New
Hampshire were unfair in the vote
count there, by which they gave the
state to Hughes by 101 votes, was made
today by Henry Alorgenthau, vhuirmnu
of the democratic finance committee.
"We will demand and pet a recount
there," lie said. "It will be very queer
if we cannot gain l.r0 or 200 votes in
this way. .The republicans control the
election machinery and it is only nat
ural that a recount would give us a gain
ynder such circumstances. These offic
ials hnve given us no vote we were uot
entitled to. .
Asbuiy Park. N. J., Nov. 9. Senator
Hollis of New Hampshire, wired Presi
dent Wilson thiR afternoon that Wil
non's "bed rock plurulitv" in that
Htnlo will be 100.
Minnesota OtTtlook.
St. Paul, .Minu., Nov. 9 Keturns from
4!t precincts in Beltrami county, leav
ing 37 still missing, 'ive Wilson, 1,232;
Hughes, Ull. This is one of the far
norm volumes innr tne Wilson men
have been Hcneitflinir An rMn.. ..'.,
V omplete: Hughes, 1,5411; Wilson, 1,721.
iic inn live precincts auued IU net to
Vinson. imrlpeu of the 14 missing
I'recincis or roiK county added SO to
i unuil n It'ttu. '
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. P With federal
investigators from the department of
justice here to investignte voting
fronds, it became known this after
noon that rentililientm an.i a..
. , hu ucriuuviuiS
liave each sent one to three men to v-
-ry county in the state to iruard arrarnst
, "rands of the other fellow. Stnto lead
ers of each party freely state they ex
, Iect the other fellow to use fraud to
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Tell Binkley melted thrvc collars in
his address t' th' tile works employes
t'day. Thr papers are full o' benuty
bints, but most girls don't seem t' be
able t' take a hint.
Chicago, Nov. 9. Discovery
of what muy prove to b the
gemmf infantile patalysis was
announced here by Dr. Moxi
luiliaii llerzog. If these experi
ments are supported by Inter
evidence, the conclusions of Dr.
Flexner or the Kockefeller In
stitute will be upset. The work
was done by Dr. Herzog as
head of the research committee
appointed by Dr. Jo b it Dill Rob
ertson here and his investiga
tion was carried on at the Cook
county hospital largely.
With fhe newly discovered
germ or coccus, Dr. Herzog has
produced the disease in-nionk-eys
and rabbits. It is possible
however that this germ is simp
ly the carrier of a smaller one,
which actually causes the dis
ease. Chairman Willcox
Still Refuses To
Concede Hughes Defeat
. . .
New York, Nov. P. "We will safe
guard our interestn in those sttaes,"
Willcox added to his earlier statement
regarding contests.
Asked if he still believed Hughes had
been elected, AVillcox said he did. He
said he had not discussed the question
with Hughes, but from the bitter's at
titude judged that the candidate nlso
still believed tbis. Willcox said h did
not contemplate mnkiui; any statement
tonight and did not plan to see Hughe
. George W. Wickershnm, who was also
present at the conference, had no state
ment to make. Previously Everett Col
by had intimated several contests were
George W, Terkins was scheduled to
join Hughes nndS Wickcrsham by S
Six More States
Voted For Prohibition
In Tueday's Election
Chicago, Nov. 9. Old man booze is
staggering. Neott itcBride, at Anti-Sa
loon League headquarters today said Ne
braaua, Aiiclugan, ttoutli JJukotn, -Men
tana, Florida and I'tah Tuesday cast a
verdict against the saloon. California
is iu doubt, but is claimed by the drys
Alaska also went dry, 2 to 1, it is stat'
ed. Missouri admittedly still is wet
very wet.
Aleusures submitted by wets which
would permit qualified mile of liquor in
sttaes now dry were defeated in Colo
rado and Arkansas. In l lnh and Flor
ida the dry victory consisted in elect
iug legislatures and state administra
tions on dry issues.
Student Suicided by
Electrical Route Today
1 Berkeley, Cal., Nov. 9. Kverett Wil
lis Morgan, aged 21, a junior at the
i. Diversity or California, was found
dead this afternoon, apparently electro
cuted by a bath robe he had electrically
w-ired. The case is puzzling the of-
Morgan boarded at the home of a
member of the university, jind this
morning, ate breakfast with the family
When be failed to appear for luncheon,
an investigation resulted in his being
louna uenu in bed, wearing the bath
robe, which was connected by insulated
wire to an electric light socket.
As Mongrnn was studying for tho
ministry and waB to be married after
graduation, the -suicide theory is scout
ed. Morgan was the son of Thomas C.
Morgnn, a well known Berkeley and
I'tah mining man.
Suicide Discredited.
Eugene, Ore., Nov. 9. The theory
that Everett Willis Morgan, fouuil
deed iu an insulated bathrobe at Berke
ley, suicided, is discredited here by a
parallel case, in which Virgil Noland,
also a student, and member of the Uni
versity of Oregon .football team, was
dead in his bed after he donned a sim
ilarly wired bath robe to cure a cold.
This death occurred in 1911.
" Philadelphia, Nov. 9. The
Philadelphia North American,
one of the strongest republican
papers in the state posted a
bulletin this afternoon ronced-
t. It Ilia lAMlifln Pd.t:l.i.l
... . - . . . w u i J, irwiirui dp -
Wilson. id I
Wilson's Lead 2,345 at 4 P. M. -Editors.
Los Angeles-Registrar Mc-
Aleer announced tbat the 2,000 votes
-which should have been credited to
Hughes iu Los Angeles county, were
credited to him In the last official re
turns made from that county. This re
turn was included in the United Press
tabulation of 6,716 precincts. Thus
Wi'son's lead in 6,716 precincts still re
mains at 2,345.
Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 9. Charles
12. Hughes gained 2,000 votes in Los
Angelef! comity this ntternoon , vrncn
Registrar McAleer declared that as the
result of a faulty machine 2,000 ballots
which should have gone to the republi
can candidate were not counted in hid
favor. McAleer announced that 2,000
would be added to the Hughes column
giving him a majority of 21,174 in Loa
Angeles county on the face of 1,209
precincts officially tabulated. -
The adding machine error occurred
after 1,202 complete Los Augelea couu
ty precincts had been tabulated. It was
discovered by a clerk checking the ma
chiue figures. Exactly 2,000 votes were
involved in the slip-up.
Bulletin Says Wilson..
San Francisco, Nov. 9; Iu an extra
issue at 2:30 this a'fternoou-the Man
Francisco Bulletin declared that. Wil
son has carried California and claims
his re-election as president.' ' - :'
How Mistake Was Made.
Los Angeles, Cul Hov 9. Hughes
was leading Los Angeles county by a
21,174 majority as a result of mistakes
iu the vote count having been discover
ed after 1,202 precincts had completed
A sudden gain by Wilson caused the
check, according to Frank Bryan, who
discovered the error. The fault was due
to nn old, unreliable I machine, Bryan
said. He stated he could not say posi
tively that the mistake announced was
really an error, but that he bad every
reason to believe it was. A second checK
is progressing in which the exact result
wilt be proved.
Majorities are Reduced
San Francisco, Nov, 9 Completion of
tuo count in a few Los Angeles pre
cincts and revision of figures iu Sonoma
fflnd Butte counties at 2:15 this after
noon redured Wilson's lead over Hughes
in the presidential rnce to 2,409 votes
according to returns from 5,712 pre
The totals of these precinct were:
Hughes, 45lS,3; Wilson, 459,402.
Iu Sonoma county the county clerk
announcing the returns from three scat
tered precincts revised the earlier fig
ures on a number of precincts, increas
ing Hughes'. lead and indicating a
Hughes plurality in that county of
about 1,400.
Keturns from four additioual pre
cincts in Mendocino county at 2:30 p.
m. reduced Wilson's plurality to 2,345.
The figures of 5,710 follow: Hughes,
BothClaim Minnesota
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 9. Democratic
National Committeeman Lynch positive
ly claims Minnesota for Wilson by
1,000. Kepublican Chairman Thornton
claims the state for Hughes by 3,000.
He says he has heard from all but 200
precincts. w
New Hampshire for Wilson.
Concord, N. H., Nov. 9 Wilson 'e lead
over Hughes in New Hampshire was
announced as 81 this afternoon with all
sections reported. Recounts are, con
stantly being received at (Secretary
Bean' office and in many instances
they "show considerable changes from
the first reports. j
"We have requested the clerks in all
sections to send in the original ballots
at once," was the announcement of the
secretary of state's office, shortly aft
er noon.
A recount win be commenced as
soon as they arrive and a further
chauge is quite possihle," the secretary
added. The official vote is yet to be
received from 60 precincts of the state.
Bean said. Unofficial retuns have been
received from these missing towns and
it'. is hoped the last of the final official
results may be in by tonight.
With the vote of the state complete
except for the 60 precincts and basing
his. figures on the unofficial reports
from them. Bean said, a lead of 100
was indicated for President Wilson.
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' St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 9.
With 2,130 Miimcj-ota niilitia
men's votes cast at the border
and not expected to be counted
before next Tuesday, the world
may wait another week to
know who will bo president of
the United States, if Minnesota
is to be given the privilege of
deciding that issue. .
Six commissioners who took
these ballots to the border to
J)e marked by the militiamen
are enxouto back to Minnesota
today. They are due Sunday.
Both parties claim the militia
vote. Division of staff officers
in recent political ventures is
half and half.
Classified the Vole Election
. Night and Apparently
' Correctly '
Bobert W. Woolcy, chairmnd of the
democratic national publicity bureau, at
10:30 Tuesday night asserted in a form
al statement that Wilson will win with
300 electoral votes.
''Every western return now coining
in is favorable to the president," he
declared. "In the face of a tide set
against them for Hughes that the re
publicans asserted was a landslide, the
democratic leaders pointed out thai
with Ohio carried for Wilson there was
still a possibility that, the president
would be re-elected, despite loss ol
New York, Illinois, and Indiana, three
of the pivotal states.
"We are not stampeded bv tho wild
claims of the Hughes people," Wooley
said- "Remember 1892, when the re
publicans claimed a sweeping victory
and were theu compelled to revise the
statements when the late returns show
ed the election of Clveland."
Here are the figures Ohio not being
Considered as cited at democratic head
quarters: Wilson has the solid south Alabama,
Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana,
Mississippi, North Carolina, South Caro
lina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia a to
tal of latt votes.
Of the 531 votes in the electoral col
lege, 206 ere necessary for a choice.
Wilson thereiore has 140 .votes to gain
ufter the solid south.
Of the .191 votes remaining: after the
solid south is deducted from the elec
toral college total, Hughes, on the face
of returns at this hour, has carried. J
New lork, Indiana, Kanras, Conenc-
ticut, Iowa, Maine, New Hampshire.
Massachusetts, Vermont, New Jersey,
ichigan and Rhode Island a total of
56 votes. This, subtracted front 391, i
leaves 235 votes. From this, 235 Wilson '
must obtain 120 votes to add to his 140
from the solid south if he is to obtain
a majority of 206. To obtain this 126
votes Wilson would have to carry the
following -states claimed by Chairman
McCormick in his ante-election state
ment Colorado, Arizona, Kentucky,
Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nebras
ka, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Washing
ton, and Wyoming a total of 107 votes
and several of the following states
listed iu the . same McCormick state
ment as "possibly democratic Cali
fornia (13 votes): Idaho (4j New Mex
ico (3); North Dakota (5); South Da
Hughes' Lead Steadily Sliced
Down In Minnesota by
Last Returns
i ." ...
Hughes' Small Lead In New
Hampshire, k Same In -New
New York, Nov. 9. The Evening
M-U, which has supported Hughes, late
this afternoon issued an extra declar
ing: Wilsoit' re-elected and giving him
269 electoral votes. . , ,"
Sew York, Nor. 9. Indications of
SSMif""" .,"., wyiv.-FflHwres) wor- seen
Ubout ' the headauaxtera at Charlea "ft
Hughes at the Astor hotel this after
noon. Everett Colby and Former Attor
ney General wickersham were in con
ference with Hughes and National
Chairman Willcox. Colby was the first
to leave and intimated a 'statement
would be made by Willcox or Wlcer
sluun later. He Indicated contests were
likely. . .
New Tork, Nor. 9. "I believe there
will be recounts In California, New
Mexico, North Dakota and Minnesota"
Republican National Chairman Willcox
declared this afternoon following a con
ference with Charles E. Hughes.
New York, Nov. 9, At 4:50 Demo
cratic Chairman McCormick announced:
"We have got the thing sewed up.
President Wilson is re-elected without
a doubt'
By Perry Arnold.
(United Press staff correspondent.)
New York, Nov. 9. The tide 'for
Wilson set in so strong in California and
Minnesota this afternoon that ti up-J
peared probable at J :4a this afternoon
returns from these two stutes would In
dicate the president's re-election.
Two Philadelphia newspapers which
have strongly supported Hughes in the
campaign this afternoon conceded their
candidate's dereat. They were the ev
ening Ledger and the North Ameri
can. ' i
The belief that the Wilson drift
would result in his choice was based on
these developments: .
Hughes must carry both Minnesota
and California to win.
Wilson's lead in California Is steadily
Hughes' lead in Minensota is being
cut down as further returns come In.
The precise drift in these states and
in the other smaller doubtful states of
New Hampshire and New Mexico, show
ed, on the United Tress returns avail
able at 3:45:
California, 3,092 out of 5,807 pde-
Wilson leading by 5.055 votes; to
come: 10 precincts i
New Hampshiro: 248 out o'f 294 pre-
cinctsi Hughes leading by 279; to,
come 40. Democrats preparing to back
up Claim of carrying, state by court
"Hughes' lead was 811 in Minnesota,
no increase despite of addition of iium-
uer ui suiiiiusruiv nni'iirt iirecuicis ic-i
ilea upon ny republicans greauy iu
swell his total.
New Mexico: 33(1 out otLC.18 pre
Hughes leodiug by 258; to come 302.
McCormick Says Its Certain
New York, Nov. 9. Democratic Na
tional Chairman McCormick this after
noon sent a telegram to all state chair
men declaring President Wilson has
now positively been re-elected. McCor
mick told the rhnirmen to get out all
the bands anil red fire they could and
go ahead with democratic celebrations
kota (5), and I'tah (4) which all to
gether total 34 votes. .
ilut the frailty of the democratic
hope -was indicated la the fact tbat if;
Hughes carries California and one oin-
er 01 tne stares last enumerated wuson
cannot win.
For Wilson: Alabama 12,
Arizona 3, Arkansas 9, Florida
6, Georgia 14, Idaho 4, Kansas
10, Kentucky 13, Louisiana 10,
Maryland 8, Mississippi 10, Mis
souri 18, Montana 4, Nebraska
8, Nevada 3, North Carolina 12,
North Dakota 8, Ohio 24,
Oklahoma 10, South Carolina 9, '
Tennessee 12, Texas 20, Utah 4,
Virginia 12, Washington 7,
Wyoming 3. Total 230. ,
For hughes; Connecticut 7,
Delaware 3, Illinois 29, Indiana
1.1, Iowa 13, Maine 6, Massa-
chuaetts 18, Michigan 15, New
Jersey 14, New York 43, Ore-
gon 5, Pennsylvania 3ff Rhode
Island 5, South Dakota 5, Ver-
mone 4, West Virginia 8, Wis-.
consin 13. Total 243.
Doubtful: California 13, Min-
ncsota 12, New- Mexico 3, New .
Hampshire 4. Total 32.
- Portland," Or., - Nov. 9..
. Hughes' lead in Oregon contin
ued to grow as the returns be
came more detailed this after
noon. Six Oregon counties com
plete and 29 incomplete Inelud- 1
ing Multnomah (Portland) show
ed Hughes 111,277; Wilson 103
830. Hughes lead was 7,447.-
Portland, Or., Nov. 9. Democratic
headquarters conceded Oregon to Hugh
es this afternoon by 2.1U0 votes. Three
republican congressmen have been re
elected. The count on eight counties complete
including Multnomah, and on 27 in
complete at 1:30 p. m, gave Hughes
113,717, Wilson 105,820; a lead of 7,
847 for the republican candidate.
Representatives W. C. Haw ley, N. J.
Sinnott and C. N. McArthur were re
turned to office by good margins. Tho
two liquor amendments, one making
the state "bone dry" and another per
mitting sale of bottled beer, were beat
Asbury Park, N, J., Nor. 9. Gavin
McNab, democratic! Rational commit
teeman from California telegraphed
President Wilson late this afternoon
that the state had gone for hint. His
telegram said:
"I have the honor to Inform you Cal
ifornia had decided Its thirteen votes
for the man who stands for the right
of men, women and children, first, ana
secondly for the rights o fproperty
Wood row Wilson, California feels that
Its thirteen votes are a lucky, number
for humanity, progress and the nation"
The president this afternoon has re
ceived hundreds of telegrams antici
pating his re-election. Many of them
are unique. The shortest received was
two words. It said: "Our president."
Indianapolis, Nor. 9. The Indianap
olis News, strong Hughes supporter, this
afternoon stated:
"Incomplete and unofficial r eturns
from California, New Hampshire and
North Dakota this afternoon indicated
the re-election of President Wilson. !'
New York, Nor. 9. The Boston Trar
eler which has been supporting Hughes
announced Wilson's re-election this af
ternoon, granting him 273 electoral
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 9. The St. Paul
Daily News printed an extra 1st today
announcing the election of Wilson.
St. Paul MinnZ Nov. . With 140
precincts missing Hughes is leading by
oU in Minnesota. .
Latest California Figures
San Francisco, Nov. 9. Keturns at
1:30 p. m. from 5705 precincts in Cal
ifornia out of B867, gave Hughes 4.14,
210; Wilson 4,-H,709. This gives Wilson
a lead of 4.1.t 011 the face of these re
turns. These figures Include a revision of
the complete Alnmeda county figures
which Increase Hughes lead by nearly
500 In that county, and an official cor
rection In the LI Dorado county com
plete returns which gave Wilson, a
slight gain.
Steamer Arabic Was Tor
pedoed Without Warning,
No Lives Lost '
German Attacks On Somme
Front Repulsed In Fierce ;
Fighting '
Berlin, vlu Payvllle, L. I., wireless,
Nov. 9. Confirmation of the teported
death on the battle - field of Prince
Henry tit Bavaria has been received at
the war office, it was announced to-'
day, ' ' ... i
Prince nenry, who was a major In the
iving.wwa inraiury regiment, was a
nephew of Bavarian King Louis. Hia
death resulted from wounds received
during a reconnoiterlng expedition on
Tuesday last.
The dead prince was 32, an only chilil"
and a bachelor, tats June he was re
ported to have been wouaded ia action,'
: Had No Warning. "
Washington, Nov. 9." The British":
steamer Arabia was torpedoed without
warning, Vice Consul Westicott, Lon
don, cabled tho state department today.
Two engineers are missing. All the pas
sengers were saved.
' The text of the dispatches follow: .'
"The British stenmer Arabia from
India torpedoed without warning No-"
Vemhbci 6. All it(iBinna
7' I " "".. IVOVUCU,
Two engineers missing. Norwegian-
steamer Heine sunk. British steamer
Bentonl sunk November 1. Danish '
steamer Hif sunk bv German submarine
27th. Crew saved."
Trench Raise Coin.
Paris, Nov. 9. Minister of Finance
Ribot announced in the chamber of dep
uties today that 2,250,000,000 had been
subscribed to the last lonn. Of this,
more than 50 per coat is new money.
Bulgarians Retreat. 1
London, Nov. 9. Tho Bulgarians are
retiring along the whole Dobrudja front,
wireless dispatches from Bucharest said
this afternoon. The retreating foreee
ftl-H hurnillfT villiiona thimiftk, kirth
they are falling back.' Before retiring
1 nun uirsova mo uuigurs burned tne
German Attack Stopped.
Paris, Nov. 9 A tieiman infantry
rush on the French forces at Baillisel oa
the Homme front last night was broken
up after sharp hand to hand fighting,.,
according to the statement ol th
French war office today. Artllery
action was continuous and heavy
though the night. The Germans betray
ed nervousness in their curtain fir
Rumanians Advance.'"'
Bucharest, Nov. 9. Rumanian forces,
have rcoccupied the border town et
Harsova, the war office aunounced ter
Walts for Reply
Washington, Nov. 9. The United. .
States is awaiting a reply from Gar- -many
to an inquiry regarding the pur
lose of the visit of the submarine V-53
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Oregon: To
night and Friday
partly cloudy;
coouer northwest
portion tonight;
w i n d r mostly
westerly, moder
ate te frerh near
the coast. ,
fTHtSE OrlOSJislMllil