Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 08, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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    "W. B. Corsets"
Salem's Big Department Store
"Butterick Patterns"
iiuuiuuiumtunummiutuj umwMummtiummuimit'imuuwummmutiuuu
Hnnnnnnniiiiiiiiuiiiiimiiiiiiiii))iiiiiiiiii)iti ;;r.
Immense Value Giving in Women's
Ready -to- Wear Garments
A sale of Silk Dresses and Wool Dresses in a variety of splendid models,
former prices to $36.85, now $19.65
A Sale of Women's and Misses Suits including serges, cheviots, poplins,
broadcloths, etc, some fur trimmed. Dozens to choose from. Sale
Price $18.35
A Rack of Dresses and Stylish Skirts
In the season's newest effects. Dresses
formerly up to $30, skirts formerly up to
$17.50, and one Jersey knitted Suit in a
pretty shade of green, former price
$27.50. Take your choice from this rack
for - $9.95
New Coats'
Some beautiful new mod
els in smart Coats just re
ceived from New York;
the latest word in dressy
garments, all marked
special. You'll be sur
prised at the elegance of
these at such attractive
This Week, 10-Piece Guernsey Ware Set and
a White House Cook Book all for $1.69
This brown, white lined kitchen set consists
of two bowls, bne casserole and six rame
quims or custard cups. The White House
Cook Book is oilcloth covered and is a usual
$1.00 seller. The Gurnsey set sells in many
stores at $1.75. You get the entire outfit
for $1.69.
New Shirts for Men Popular stripe patterns
in a wide variety of effects. Shirts with at
tached cuffs and Golf models at $1.00, $1.50
and $2.00. $5 Silk Shirtsspecial at $3.50
A beautiful showing of New Neckwear for
Men, 50c, 65c and $1.00
Why Dry. Goods Prices Are
This is. a daily question. Prices
of most commodities "are ad
vancing, many to the highest
prices in years. While dry
goods figures have advanced,
they are not as high as com
pared with groceries, drugs,
shoes, hardware and furni
ture. The chief cause of dry
goods advances is the present
price of raw cotton, indica-.
tions point to a very short
crop with prices two and a
half times higher than 2 years
ago. Cost of dyestuffs and
bleaching and finishing is far
higher and every item includ
ing labor has greatly in
creased, the enormous demana
from every section at home
and abroad is so large as to
greatly exceed the supply. The
manufacturers of auto tires
are using a tremendous
amount of cotton, and the sup
ply of cotton goods ai'e scarce,
stocks are small; there are
hardly enough to go around,
and none can tell how much
higher prices will go.
Our prices are being held
down to the lowest level pos
sible. You'll get your money's
worth at Meyers, just the
Another Rumanian Advance
Made In Dobrudja
Fnris, Nov. 8. Positions captured lit
Ablaim-ouit and Presnoir yesterday
were subjected to heavy atrillery bom
bardment by the Germans last night, the
war office reported today.
In the Orient, the sttaement said, Bul
garians were repulsed in three desper
ate attacks on Serbian positions in the
bend of the Cerna- They finally fled
to their own trenches, leaving many
dead on the field.
Auction Sale
On Mondav Xov. 13, 1910, at 10
a. m. sharp, at the Chns. Sebmid
farm, located 3l miles south of
Salem, on the Kiver road, near
Livealey station, Marion county,
Route 3, 'consisting of 25 head of
.lairy cows, 13 head young stock,
1 matched team mares, weight
2000 lbs., age 5, yrs, 1 bay geld
ing, age 7 yrs. wt. 12oO 1 reg.
Standard bred mare ago 12 yrs.;
9 fat hogs, weight 175 to 200
lbs.; Chester Vhito brood sow in
pig; 1 Poland China boar; 1 pure
bred "Big Pane" female dog,
weight 150 lbs.; 10 pure . bred
Hock hens.
Terms 9 months. Free lunch
at noon. Bring your cups. See
bills for particulars.
Xote Farmers and dairymen,
it will be to your interest to at
tend this sale. "
CHAS SCHMID, Auctioneer.
Owner. Phone 811
Plinne B4F2. novll
. Admit Allied Gains.
Berlin, via Sayville, L. I., Xov. 8.
The war office statement today admit
ted French and British claims of yes
terday that the entente allies had cap-
tltured the villages of Albiiiiu'ourt and
Presoir and mentioned counter attacks
delivered against these places last niyht
without success.
Rumanians Advance.
Bucharest, Xov. H. Another Ruman
ian advance hns been made by the Ru
manian Dobrudja armies, the war office
I announced this afternoon. In the Prn-
hova vnllev there was onnstnut atril-
lervine and enemy infantry attacks
which were repulsed.
Household Furniture. Woodry
the Auctioneer will pay highest
cash price for saino. Phone 611.
Shell American Steamer.
London, Xov. 8. S. O. S. calls were
sent out by the American steamer Col
umbian, out. of Brest, about 7 o'clock
yesterday evening, it wns learned today.
The -call said the Columbian had been
attacked by two submarines, one of
which shelled her.
Special Pre-Christmas Showing of the American
Model Builder
A most instructive and interesting - outfit for that
boy of yours. Bring him to see the window display.
. Sets from 50c Up
v3 j VjT
In the Boys' Section, Xtra
Good Suits and Overcoats
You'll make no mistake in
outfitting the boy here.
We guarantee satisfac
tion with every purchase.
Bring Back Color, Gloss and
Youthfulness with Grand
ma's Recipe of Sage
and Sulphur
niiitirmtiintituiiiuniituiKnmniiiiiuintnnntmnurrmnrrniiririnnimnrt mnmim;mwniiHi;iinintiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiii)iiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)i)iii rnnnHiwii i w
All Around Town
Nov. 10. Victrola Grand Opora .
Concert, 11 Trovetore, at Pub
. Ho library.
Nov. 11. Football, Salem high
school vs. Eugene high..
Nov. 18. Football, Willamette
.November 11 Football, Wil
lamette university vs. Pacific
university, Willamette field.
November 22 Prof. MacMurray
lecture at opera house.
Dee. 4. City Election.
Dee. 4-9. Third Annual Marion
County Corn Show.
Dr. Mendelsohn, sped Mist, fits glasse-
correctly. U. 8. Bank. BldJ,
i The United Artisans will hold their
regular meeting tonight at the Moose
hail. Along with other important busi
ness matters to be taken up will be the
proposal to change the meeting night.
- Dr. F. H. Thompson of 416 Bank of
Commerce bldg., specializes iu Eye,
Kar, Nose and Throat. tf
' . Btudenta of the high school were en
tertained this morning with a musical
program given under the direetion of
Mis Alinetta Alngcrs. the oreacstra
was directed by Frank Zinn with Miss
M..,. A M..kll Ha ar,l, viiiliniat Minn
Schultm was repeatedly enchored.
A change ftr the ietterfrm'
ftittd an J tiler It met with Kgbf
utmt H tht t'rtr Arypttt Icami
The double vision glasses worn
by the man or women of middlo
tigo look exactly like the single
vision glasses worn by young
people of twenty-five if tho
double vision glnsses are
Ask for them by name.
' Optometrist
20S9 Hubbard bldg.
Phone 109
Electric Restaurant, open all night
141) North High St. novlO
The funeral of George S. Downing
will be held Thursday afternoon at 1
o'clock from tho parlors of Bigdon &
Richardson. Announcement was made
in error yesterday that the hour was 3
There will be a special meet
ing of Snntiam lodge No. 25,
tomorrow at 1 p. m. at the
lodge room here to attend the
fuueral of our late Bro. Geo.
Downing. Salem lodge No. 4
and Pacific lodge No. 50 arc invited to
attend. Visiting brethren welcome.
o '
The 11 days cince the rains began
show a total rainfall of 4 34 Inches. The
river now is 4.5 feet above the low wa
ter mark with a rise of .8 of a foot' yes
terday. The temperature yesterday
ranged from SO to 4rj.
' o
If you win buy a Sonora talking
machine nnd have your home complete.
Myrtle Knowland, 421 "court St.
Street cars are now running through
to the fair grounds today as last even
ing the street car company found th
cement between the trucks was solid
enough to justify trnffic. The road was,
cleaned up and barricades removed.
Be a good sport pay your election
bets with l.a Corona eigars Salem
Prof. Wallace MacMurray, of Wil
lamette university, will deliver the first
lecture in "TheCluss Room Theatre"
at tho opera house Wednesday evening,
November 22, at the opera houso. The
lecture will deal with "The Drama of
To The Voters of Salem: I wish to
express to you my thanks for the hear
ty support' yon gave me for city re
corder at the primaries last Monday.
1 also wish to thank you in advance
for your votes December 4, which will
be necessary to plnce ine in tho office
of citv recorder. Karl Race.
Dr. Stone's Drug Store for trusses.
The ladles and members of the First
Methodist church will give a reception
to Dri R. E. Avison and family at the
church parlors Fricjay evening at 7:30
O'CIOCK. i i
What 25c Will BUY at DAMONS
Large Rolls or Toilet 5 lbs. of New Prunes 4 lbs. of Curve Cut 1 lb. of Steel Cut Cof-
Paper . for Macaroni for fee for
25c - 25c 25c 25c
S Cans of Best Corn for 8 lbs- of Bm jP Rice One 2So Can K. O. Bak- picnic Hams, pound
for . lng Powder
25c 25c 20c 16c
lbs. Sweet Potatoes 18 Lem0M for Fresh Creamery Butter S'o'w Creamery
for Butter
25c 25c 38c 33c
895 K. Com'l St.
, Cor. of D. St.
Cor Miller and
S. Com'l St.
Dr. Stone makes no charge for con
sultation, examination or prescription.
Advices were received yesterday that
the price of all lubricating oils would
advance within a day or so. 80 far the
figure hns not been advanced in Salem
but dealers unnounce that within a few
days they will be obliged to get in on
the advanced price. ''
Johnson's Hat Works, phone 1979,
Glen hotel. Hnts cleaned,, blocked, ren
ovated. Hats calledSfor and delivered.
R. T. Peters is in the city today ship
ping the stock of Vietrolas he carried
with the Wilev B. "Allen stock to Port
land. Mr. Peters will go to Latiraude
and open a business. Ine Wiley 15. Al
len company will scud a man here today
to take charge of their piano business.
Dr. C. Hartley, specialist, inflamed,
bleeding gums and pyorrhea. 41(! U. S.
Dank bldg. Phone 1 SO,
The Ferry street sewer has been
blocked for several days - since thel
heavy rains began. Efforts have been
mule by Commissioner l.ow to locate
the trouble. The obstruction seems to
bo between tho river and the Spaulding
Logging company office, caused porhaps
by a crushed pipe. A force is busy
today working to remove tnc oostruc
tiou. There is an 18-inch sewer from
Commercial street to the river.
Poor luck in baking will ruin the
best disposition. With Cole's Hot Wast
Range vour luck is always spicmna.
E. L. Stiff & Son, agents.
The government continues to coll for
male stenographers to accept service
through civil service examinations,
which are held in SSeattle every month.
The positions pay $70 a month as a
starter with opportunities for advaace-
ment. The circulars posted in tne post
office lobby announcing civil service
examinations states that "tho govern
ment service offers a desirable iield to
bright and ambitious young men.
Tour gift with our imprint needs no
further recommendation. Set your
watch bv our street clock. Gardner t
Keeue, Salem 's most reliable jewelerB.
The city paving plant that has been
working on (South Commercial street
will be taken off the work today tor
the winter and stored in the city barn.
Street CommMsiouer l.ow says that the
unpaved part of South Commercial
street will be cleaned up, holes filled
and crossings re-built to put it in con
dition for traffic during the winter
months. Four and one-half blocks were
paved, begiuning at Mission street and
extending to Miller and a half block up
the hill.
cars or
Any kind
Any time
First-doss work. AH' kinds
of repairing. All work guar
anteed. Twenty-five yoars'
experience. Leavo orders at
Wylie B. Allen Co., phono 1187.
Residence phone 14ti5.
' 915 Highland Avenue.
Chicken Pie Supper at the Presby
terian church Friday evening, Nov.
10th at six o'clock. iiO cents.
Two automatic Reed spot shot targets
ordered by the Salem Rifle elub hay
beea shipped from Springfield, Ohi
and as soon as thev arrive the shooters
of the elub will have the" pleasure ot , W. M. Hamilton, A. H. Lee, G,
. 1 . l. . . . ' , r- V U'Ml
Irving mrir iucr who lur i.irin, n.iu, . ........
which automatically announce the J 0
scores made. A new .22 target rifle has
also been ordered This rifle will weigh
seven pounds while the regulation army
Krag-Jorgensens weight eight and one
half pounds.
The Woman ' Alliance w ill meet at
the residenoe of Mrs. Arthur Moore at
2:30 p. m. Friday, Nov. loth. A lull at
tendance is desired.
The funeral of Geo S. Downing will
be held from the First Christian church
tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock instead
of at the Rigdon & Richardsou purl oft
as formerly announced.
Don't miss musical treat the Misses
Helen and Kvelini Cnlbreath and Wm
Wallace Graham in concert at Grand
theatre Nov. l.rtb. Do not miss this
The committee from Chemeketa Sa
lem lodge, No. 1, I. O. O. F., appointed
to arrange for the home coming pro
gram of the Odd Fellows to be held
Wednesday evening, November 22, will
meet tonight nnd as far as possible pre
pare the program for that evening. As
there wns no annual home coining last
year, the committee hope to bring hnnee
many members from a distance at the
coming meeting. Those on the commit
tee are J. A- Patterson, chairman; C f..
Know-land and C. E. Albin.
S. H. Snyder, rental agent, successor
to L. Hechtel & Co. If you have a va-
ant house list it with me. If you want
to Tent a house come and see me, 341
State St. ."
The army authorities have discovered
that a recruiting office removed from
the general street traffic is not the
proper place for a recruiting office, as
Sergeant Schuman who has had charge
o fthe marine corps recruiting station
in the second floor of the posloffice
building will close his office and re
turn to Portland. Once before the navy
authorities opened a recruiting office
in the poBtoffiee building and had to
close it on account of no recruits. The
recruiting office for the army located
in the down-town district has enlisted
about 50 men since its opening, July 1.
Fair warning about your eyes. Ton
can abuse them. You can trifle with
nature. But listen! You can't handle
soft pitch with your bare hands with
out smirching them. You can't take a
diet of poison and expect to live. It
can't be done. You can't see plainly
without glasses if your sight is impair
ed the more yon try, the worse your
sight will become The wearing of sci
entifically' constructed glasses will' end
your eye troubles. Trust me for the
help you require. Ir. M. P. Mendelsohn,
Rooms 209-210-211 IT. 8. Nat'L-Hank
The following names have been added
to' the membership of the Salem Floral
soeiety: Mrs. J. C. Leggett, Mrs. Buirgy,
Fannie Kay Bishop, Judge Kelly, W. H.
Cook,"Arthur A. Keene, R. W. Hartman,
H. C. Marvin, Mrs. W. W. Moore, Dr.
M. P. Mendelsohn, Mr- and Mrs. J. a
Austin, Mrs. O. E. Price, J. B. Young,
Louis Silverman, W. H. McElroy, W. W.
Craig, F. 15. Shafer, W. W. Yantis, D. C.
Burton, Ray L. Farmer, Aug. Hucke
stein, William Esch, Dr. and Mrs. O. A.
Olson. U. G. Shipley, William Gahls-
dorf. Mrs- C. S. Hamilton, P. I. Ilibler,
P Put-
Coinninn garden sage brewed into a
heavy tea, with sulphur and alcohol
added, will turn gray, streaked and j
faded hair beautifully dark and luxuri
ant. Mixing the Sage Tea and Sulphur
recipe at home, though, is troublesome.
An easier way is to get the ready-to-use
prepa ration improved by the addition
of other ingredients, costing about 30
cents a huge bottle, at ding stores,
known as "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur
Compound, ' thus avoiding a lot or
While gray, faded hair is not sinful,
we all desire to retain our youthful ap
pearance and attractiveness. By dark
ening your hair with Wyeth's Sage and
Sulphur Compound, 110 one can toll, be
cause it does it so naturally, so evenly.
You just dampen a sponge or soft brush
with it and 'draw this through your
huir, taking one small strand at a
time; by inorningall gray hairs have
disappeared. After another application
or two your huir becomes beautifully
dark, glossy, soft and luxuriant and
you appear years younger. Wyeth's
Sage and Sulphur Compound is a de
lightful toilet requisite. It is not in
tended for the cure, mitigation or pre
vention of disease.
Boy of Three Years
Killed In Portland
When In SALEM, . OREGON, stop St
Strictly Modern
Free and Private Baths
tATES: 75c, fl.00, 11.50 FEB DAT
The only hotel in the business district
Nearest to all Depots, xneatres ana
Capitol Buildings. -A
Home Away From Home.
T. G. BLIGH, Prop.
Both Phones. Free Auto Bos.
Mrs. A. Austin, of Albany, is iu tlio
S. H. Heltzel, of Stayton, is register
ed at the Bligh.
J. 1). Ishtim, of Amity, was n Salem
visitor yesterday.
S. J. Smith, of Mt. Angel is in tho
city transacting business.
Mrs. Florence .1. Chapman was in tho
city yesterday from Corvullis.
E. W. Moreland was registered yes
terday at tho Seward hotel in Portland.
E- E. Nichols, of Long Beach., Wash.,
was registered yesterdav at the Capital
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lnchmund were
in Portland yesterday registered at the
Portland hotel.
Mrs. Dora Clark, of Senttle, is visit
ing at the home of G. V. Litchfield nnd
other Snlein relutives. She lias not visit
ed the city for 20 years.
Portland, Ore., Xov. S. The three-
year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. ijt
kuehnel, 150S East Nineteenth street,,!
was accidentally shot and killed about
4:15 p. m. yesterday while his mother
was gone to the polls to vote.
The lad was playing with William
Campbell, aged seven years, of 734
Umatilla avenue, and the police were
unable to determine which of the chil
dren held the rifle when the shot was
fired, although the coroner expressed
th belief that the child could not have
held the weapon himself.
Mrs. Kuehnel found her son lying on
the floor, dend, with a bullet wound
between the eyes, when she returned
home. The Campbell lad, who had
been with her son ithen she left, had
fled and had not been found.
By tho dead baby's side lay Mr.
Kuehnel 's .25-calibre rifle, with which
the shot had been fired- Mr. Kuehnel,
who is proprietor of the'Sellwood Gar
ue. had left the rifle loaded, with the
! safetv lock on. It is presumed that
the children got out the weapon and
loosed the safety while playing with it.
The bociv was taiien to Kenworthy 's
undertaking rooms. No inquest will be
Fargo, N. P., Xov. S "North
Dakota is undoubtedly in the
Wilson column," the Forum,
republican newspaper, stated at
1 o'clock. Half the state ballots
counted showed Wilson 21,791;
Hughes 21,7:-12. Farmers non
partisan league candidates won
50 to 40.
New York. Nov. 8. Reports that
bnukinir interests which bad expected
Hughes election conceded his defeat,
were current in wall street this after
noon as the market was closing a 2,-
O00.OO0 share dav. Prices which had
climbed earlier in the uay slipped back
in some instances to -Monday s closing
Vnited States Steel closed at 124'4,
a net gain of one point, having sold at
12t, a record, earlier. Central Leather
was up 4Vt at 10i-4 and at that figure
was down three from the day's high.
Crucible was off 1'4 for the day.
The close was irregular.
Lenders declined to prices two or
three points under their best at 2
o'clock. Sales were shares,
indicating more than 2,000,000 shares
for the day.
Extensive deposits of coal have been
discovered in Kongo by Belgian engineers.
3Q M
The tablet form oHhis old
reliable remedy makes it possi
ble for you to check any illness
at the very onset It is a safe
guard against coughs, colds and
other catarrhal conditions, no
matter what symptoms are
manifest. Catarrh is an inflamma
tion of the mucous membrane that
lines the breathing apparatus and
the digestive apparatus. PERUNA
relieves catarrh. fr In tablet form it is
Its prompt action makes it in
valuable for men and women ex
posed to sudden changes in the
weather or compelled to be out in
slush and rain.
It will also be found most satis
factory as a tonic following an at
tack of illness.
where ret you 40. Travelers and others com
pelled to lake lout drives in ihe cold and
anyone wboee occupation subjects him to
the danger of sudden colds tony use It as
preventive wiib the assurance that I ha
tablets made are from the same formulary
asthe liquid medicine with its 44 years of
success before the American Public
TlMrraaaCsaaay. Calaaeaa, Okie 1