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mm 10,000
Poindexter for .Senate and
Lister Claims the
1 -?
Battle of Petersburg in "The Birth of a Nation"
Coming to The Grand next Monday and Tuesday.
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California Showing How '
Votes Go In Bandies
Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 8. Partial
mid complete returns from 1092 pre
cincts .in southern (,'uliforuiu counties
give Hughes 78,043; Wilson 05,751.
Even In San Diego
San Diego, Cal., Nov. 8. In 137 pre
cincts city and county, complete out of
a total of 220, the vote is Wilson 12,
7M5; Hughes 12,713; Benson 11(17; Han
ly 1707; Johnson 13,81(1; Patton 0203.
This shows a gain for Wilson over ear
lier reports.
Sacramento for Wilson.
' Sacramento, Cal., Nov. S. Wilson
carries' 'Sacramento county " b"" more
than 4,000. Complete returns from 151
of the 157 precincts in the county give
Wilson 14,185, Hughes 10,275. The six
precincts yet to reKrt arc strong Wil
son localities.
t s
4 , ilLflOOlSf HUM- .' i-,
"J4 I
a sister to Mary
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democrats claimed the state by 1,000,
while the republicans said they had
won by 000.
New York, Nov. 8. Telegrams being
received todav from democratic lead
ers in the wes; ana middle west con
firm all democratic claims in the early
morning statement of Chairman Me
t'ormick, national headquarters an
nounced at 9:40. The lead of Presi
dent Wilson in tho states claimed for
liini is even greater' than was first sup
posed, it was declared. "
It was again claimed that Wilson
will bo re-elected by a comfortable
New York, Nov. 8. Secretary Mc
Adoo at democratic headquarters re
ceived a telegram from the state head
quarters in California declaring that
while returns ore coming in slowly, it
"appears practically certain California
will go for Wilson."
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 8. Mrs. Frances
('. Axtcll, progressive-democratic can
didate for eongress in the Second dis
trict, refused to concede tho election
of her opponent on early and meager
returns, ut 8 o'clock this morning.
Spokane, Wash., Nov. 8. One hun
dred and forty-eight precincts in
Spokane county give Wilson 11,281;
Hughes 10,710,' according to returns.
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 8. With 880
precincts heard from out of 3,074 in
Minnesota giving Wilson a lead of 7,
218, the St. Paul Daily News, inde
pendent Wilson, predicted Wilson
would carry the state by a close vote.
The vote- gave Wilson 72,5S7; Hughes
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 8. With 691
precincts out of 3,024 precincts, Wilson
is leading .by 8,033, the totals being:
42,172; Hughes 34,139. On the last
eleven precincts twlson has gained -815
net. These were rural precincts.
tion is assured.
In the hour before boon North Da
kota returns justified placing that
stato.in the democratic list and at 11:45
the state republican committee conce'd
ed Wyoming to the opposition.
Wyoming for Wilson.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Nov. 8. The repub
lican stuto central committee at 9:30
a. in. today conceded Wyoming to
President Wilson and conceded Demo
cratic Candidate Kend rick's election as
The democratic etate committee
claimed the state for Wilson by 5,000
votes and claimed John D. Clark's
election to congress over Mondell.
Landslide In Ohio.
Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 8. Woodrow
Wilson carried Ohio in a landslide, ac
cording to predictions early today, based
on 3,492 precincts from 80 counties,
giving him the state by 50,000. His lend
over Charles E. Hughes in those pre
cincts being 45,746.
Carried along with the landslide were
James Cox for governor and Atlce Pom
crcne.for United States senator, who
furnished a surprise by beating Gover
nor Willis and Myron T. Herrick bv
pluralities estimated at from 10,000 to
San Francisco, Nov. 8. Registrar of
Elections Zcmansky announced at 10:45
o'clock that on the face of the returns
Wilson has carried San Francisco coun
ty by from 15,000 to 17,000.
Simultaneously the Voodrow Wilson
Independent League announced that
later reports to its headqunrters from
Los Angeles indicated that Wilson was
cutting down Hughes' lead there.
Wheeling, W. Va., Nov. 8. Republi
can leaders cut from 20,000 to 8,000
their estimate of Hughes' probable ma
jority in West Virginia in the face of
returns this afternoon. The returns
from 236 scattered precincts in all coun
ties gave: Hughes 5,843; Wilson 4,907.
These counties are nearly all nor
mnllv republican and the comparative
ly slight lead held by Hughes will be
overturned bv the vote ot tnc soutn
em counties, the democrats claimed.
j- The Show
Q Know
N One Day Only
c Theatre
Dakotas Close Race
Bismark, N. D., Nov. S. Nodrth Da-
ikota is still doubtful as to the presi
dential election, returns from 670 pre
leincts, a representative one third of
I the state, showed today. These give
Wilson 23,302; Hughes 23,058.
No Bets Being Paid
New York, Nov. 8. Tex Rickard,
betting commissioner, said early today
that he had paid no bets and did not
expect to until this afternoon, at least
Most of the money he placed was on
Wilson to carry Ohio. He sail indica
tions from reports received by him
were that the president had carried
Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 8. President
Wilson carried Ohio by approximately
75,000 plurality. This became definite
ly known today.
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. S.i-'.Vith 1.029
out of 3,024 precincts in at 1 p. m.
Wilson has 92,006 and Hughes 83,201.
Wilson has gained slightly in the rural
voto since noon.
Sacramento, Cal., Nov. 8. 155 of the
157 Sacramento county precincts com
plete: Wilson 14,492; Hughes 10,533.
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 8. With 1010
precincts out of 3024, Wilson has 121.-
U2. 10 ungues- jj.i,iu. in tno last 111
precincts, all rural, Hughes has gained
i.iu net on Wilson. Wilson now has a
net lead of 7.053. At this rate Wilson
can win the state.
Wilson Has Good
at 10:30
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 8. With Pres
ident Wilson carrying Washington by
at least 10,000 votes, the democratic
campaign committee at noon claimed
the re-election of Governor Ernest Lis
ter by 2,000 votes. The McBride
forces, however, do not concede defeat.
United States Senator Miles Poin
dexter was re-elected, defeating the
democratic candidate, George Turner,
by approximately 40,000 votes.
George F. Cotterill, democratic can
didate for congress in the Seattle dis
trict and John F. Miller, republican,
are running neck and neck.
Keturns from l,0o0 precincts in the
state out of a t tal of 2,383, give Wil
son 89,674; tiughes S1,34H; Lister
69,803; McBride 68,001; Poindexter
82,025 and Turner 53,047. Wilcon car
ried King county (Seattle) by approx
imately 7,000 votes.
The constitutional amendment, refer
endum measures and the two liquor
bills have been overwhelmingly de
feated. King county voted almost 2 to 1
against No. 4, the brewery bill and
four t" one against number 18, the
hotel booze bill. Washington remains
in the prohibition column by about
50,000 majority. Two vears ago the
'state went "dry" by 18,000.
The referendum measures which
were aimed against progressive legisla
tion were defeated by 3 and 4 to 11 in
King county.
Mrs. Frances C. Axtell, democratic
candidate for congress in the Second
district, probably lost out to Congress1
man Hadley, republican. Hadley's lead
in the King county precincts is small.
All the republican county candidates
have been elected by big majorities.
All the republican state candidates
with tho probable exception of Gover
nor, have also been elected;
Portland, Ore., Nov. 8. Republicans
claimed Ore gon by 10,000 and demo
crats claimed it by 15,000 at 8:25 a. m.
"We feel that Hughes will win by a
close margin," said Secretary Baldwin
of the republican state committee.
"Wilson has carried Oregon no
doubt about it," declared Chairman
White of the democratic state central
committee. -
The count progressed very slowly, re
turns being of the most meager description.
- Debs a Poor Third
Terre Haute, Ind., Nov. 8. Iucoin
nlete renorts today showed Eugene V.
jDcbs socialist candidate for congress
'from the Fifth congressional district
B district, was running a poor third.
Saunders, republican was leading with
Moss a close second. The socialists con
centrated their elt'orts on the fifth dis
trict. The Results at Noon.
By Perry Arnold.
(l.'nitedPres staff correspondent.)
New York, Nov. 8. If President
Wilson carries either Minnesota or Cali
fornia he is er-elected president of the
United States:
Returns up to noon gathered by the
United Press apparently established
250 votes for Wilson against 238 for
Hughes, 37 being classed as doubtful.
Wilson on this basis has only 10 votes
to gain before obtaining the necessary
260 in the eletcoral college.
In the doubtful column at noon were
classified the states of California, Min
nesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico
and Oregon. California's 13 or Minne
sota's 12 would mean victory to Wilson.
If he carried the three others, his elee-
San Francisco, Nov. 8. (10:30) At
tins hour returns from 3313 out of
5870 precincts in California gave Wil
son a plurality of slightly over 9,000
votes over republican Candidate Char
les K. Hughes. The totals were Wil
son 250,259, Hughes 241,079.
In a great many precincts the fig
ures were not complete.
Tho democratic state committeemen
at this hour reiterated its claim to
California for Wilson, but declined to
estimato his plurality. They pointed
to the fact that Wilson is showing
greater strength than they had antici
pated in San Francisco county and
they believe if ho can carry this coun
tv hv 20.000 his victnrv in California
is certain.
Republican State Chairman Chester j
Rowell again claimed California fori
Hughes, but put the figuro nt 6,000 to
M00. At 10 o'clock last night Howell
claimed the state by 40,000 and at 2
a. m. reduced this estimate to 15,000.
President Wilson Is
Assured Of Re-election
Asbury Park, N. J., Nov. 8. United
States Senator Chilton this afternoon
wired President Wilson from West Vir
ginia that the state had gone for Wil
" I did not want to. wire until I was
sure," the message reads. ''Wo have
the state and will guard it."
When the message was handed to
Secretary Tumulty he waved his arms
boyfully and said, ''Well, that ends
Tumulty immediately called the pres
ident on the telephone and read him
the message. They discussed the sit
uation at length and .finally -both
agreed the president's .re-election ap
peared assured in the light of the vote
trend in California, Minnesota, Oregon
and New Mexico.
Senator Chilton's telegram read as
"I did not want to wire you until
I had something definite. 1 con
gratulate you from the bottom of my
heart and rejoice with the country that
we are still going forward and not
turning back. You carry West Vir
ginia and we will guard it and see that
you get it."
Wilson Surety Elected. '
New York, Nov. 8. At 3:15 this aft
ernoon Democratic National Chairman
McCormick stated that President Wil
son was undoubtedly re-elected.
"They eauiiot beat him by any com-1
biuation," he said. "He is , elected
Portland, Ore., Nov. 8. Wilson is
leading in Portland and Multnomah
county, the largest county in Oregon,
according to original and complete re
turns from 171 out of 326 precincts com
plete at 5:30 a. m. today. These returns
gave Wilson, 6,851; Hughes, 5,874.
"Portland, Ore, Nov. 8. Hughes led!
Wilson in the incomplete count of 18 1
Oregon counties -outside Multnomah
county, as reporMl at 10:30 a. m. to
day. The returns gave Hughes, 13,477;
Wilson, 12,909 I -
Portland, Ore., Nov. 8. Very incom
plete returns' from 10 Oregon counties
outside Multnomah county today gave
Hughes, 8,281 j Wileon, 5,220.
whether we carry the states of Califor
nia and Minnesota or not, but we will
carry both of them,. All of the reports
are favorable."
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Bethel Notes
John Zoehlcr. After the mud slinging
was over and tho Inst eulogy had been
xaid; after the prohibition and suffrage
(Capital Journal Special Sen-b e) phases of the question hud been discuss-
Bethel, Or., Nov 8. It is reported .ta " tension was relieved to some e
Henry B. Walthall
The Pillars of Society
An adaptation from the work
of Henrik Ibsen.
Also the Real
Mack Swain
A tickling Keystone
Bessie Barriscale
In "Home"
that the Gardiner place has been sold
to Mr. Hilbom and that the new owner
took possesion yesterday.
In a spelling contest in the Bethel
school last week, Miss Minnie Battal
ion spelled the school down and contin
ued to spell for a half hour more or
less, without missing a word.
O. Osborne Kwales is home from
Washington. They had four inches of
snow them wjien he left.
The "Big Four Telephono company"
are about to repair their pole line. duo.
Bahnsen was delivering poles along
the east end of the lino yesterday.
Home more poles will be delivered by
Mr. Lauitsen in a few days and work
will commence as soon as a crew is en
gaged. I The first storm of tho season took
its toll of telephone poles. There are
i several poles down and there have been
several other eases of trouulo on tno
different lines.
At a meeting of the Bethel Literary
last Friday night there was a fair at
tendance in spite of the weather. There
was a spelling contest which lasted
only until all of those on one sido had
been vanquished. The atmosphere hcins(
surcharged with politics a debate was
finally arranged on the question "lie
solved that Wiliion should be re-elected
in preference to Hughes." Speakers
on the affirmative were Harlan Hoff
man, Lucy Nichols anil Roy Marcband.
Negative W. B. Baker, Ed Schulz and
tent when the judges rendered a ver
dict of two tor the nl'firniativo and one
for the negative. But tho usual noisy
applause was not forthcoming although
from remarks made before the debute
it was supposed that the decision would
ho quite popular with those present.
Tho "New Moon' made its initial ap
pearance and shone witn much borrow
ed raidance being conducted by assist
ant astronomer .Madison Nichols. Chief
Hoy Marchund will wield the telescope
next Friday night.
Denver, Colo., Nov. 8. President
Wilson has earriod Colorado by 30,000
plurality, and has carried tho entire
democratic state ticket to victory with
him, according to estimates early to
day. Five hundred and forty eight pre
cincts give Wilson 63,400 and Hughes
For governor, 557 precincts give Carl
son, republican, 45,025; Hunter, demo
crat, 54,454.
Congressmen Keating, Taylor and
Billiard, democrats, and Timberlnke, re
publican, have all been re-elected by
safe pluralities.
Washington, Nov. 8. Lieutenant Lu
ther Welsnh and C. K. Pronson were
killed at Indian Heml testing grounds
today by the premature explosion of an
ueroplauo bomb.
A census of tho volcanoes in the
world shows there are 672 in all, of
which 275 aro described as active.
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Chapters S and 6
The Secret of
the Submarine