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    Editorial Page of "The Capital Journal'';
Editor and Manager.
November S, IP 10.
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
n . n a vilflirT
President. Vice-President.
$5.00 Per month
3.00 Per month
Daily by carrier, per year
iJaily by mail, per year
nr.- v,t w.nl l.pwin Williams
Chicago, W. H. Stockwell, People 'a Gag Building
" The Capital Journal currier boy. are instructed to put the papers on the
porch. If the carrier docs not do this, n..ssea you, or neglects get jug the
taper to you on time, kindly phono the circulation manager, as this is the only
IT.y we Yn J "determine whether or not the carriers are following truetion
?one Main 81 before 7:30 o'clock and a paper will be sent you by special
messenger if the carrier has missed you. n
It would be interesting as well as surprising if the
amount "Style" costs the United States yearly could be
ascertained. While the men would have to- answer for a
small portion of it the greater part would be chargeable
to woman; for it is the ever changing styles in her wear
ing apparel that is responsible for the larger part of the
CSThe merchant, especially the merchant of the medium
and smaller cities, dealing in women's goods has in the
changing styles his greatest problem. He does not know
how long any given style is to be the proper thing, and
hence has no means of judging as to the size of his stock.
For this reason he takes big chances if he orders much,
and consequently is handicapped in carrying as large a
selection as he would like, or as the demands of his trade
actually require. On top of this he must jump the price
pretty stiffly to protect himself against a sudden change
of fashion. A short time ago the ladies, God bless 'em,
were hobbled and practically hog tied so far as their
skirts were concerned. The material in those hobbled
skirts was practically worth about what it would bring
as rags when the fashion changed. What the merchants
had left in stock was dead waste, for a woman might as
w ell be out of the world as out of style.
It is the same with every change of fashion, the mer
chant is left with a lot of dead stock. It would be indeed
an interesting story if the sum total of the loss thus
caused could be learned. Not only the actual loss in the
dead stock but the increased price the wearers must pay
in order to protect the merchant against this loss.
In the early days of Kentucky a rich English squire
came over to this country, and purchasing a large tract
of wild land, found his principal amusement in chasing
foxes, which were numerous, with his big pack of hounds.
One day the fox having given the hounds a long run, the
old squire got lost in following the pack and riding hot
haste trying to pick up the trail again he ran across a
tall, lank Kentuckian who was chopping wood. Pulling
up he sputered out: "Say, my good man, did you see any
thing of a pack of hounds after a fox, pass this way?
"Wall," said the native resting one foot on the log and
squirting a mouthful of tobacco juice at a mark ten feet
away, "I reckon I did squire." ,
"'Ow were they running?" asked the impatient Eng
lishman. , , . , , . i
"Wall, Squire," was the reply, "it was kind o nip and
chuck, but if anything, the dogs was a lettle ahead.
It looks as though wheat had about reached its limit.
Fluttering around $1.82 in Chicago, going up or down as
outside influences bear upon it. Heavy rains in Argen
tine saving or partly saving the crop now getting well on
toward maturity. A short time ago this crop was looked
upon as a failure, and this possibly cutting out of the
world's markets 15,000,000 bushels of its bread supply,
was one cause of wheat's climbing so near the $2.00 mark.
The assurance of at least half a crop, or perhaps more,
caused the reaction. While no one can forsee what
speculators may do with the cereals, it looks as though
the price would be lower rather than higher.
Bread having been advanced in price, or the size of
the loaf reduced in most places, on account of the high
price of wheat, it will be interesting to watch the re,
luctance with which the price will be reduced should
wheat drop back to normal again.
While Carranza has imposed high duties on many
products he has made most food stuffs free, in an at
tempt to relieve the condition of the starving in the
bandit infested states of northern Mexico.
No matter what the final result for president is there
is every indication in the returns that the wild and
wooly West purposes to have its say in national affairs
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1863
CAPITAL $500,000.00
Transact a General Banking Business
Safety Deposit Boxes
Sec. and Treas.
Special Agency, Tribune Building
Since all the campaign flags are furled, the
last spellbinder's bleated, the saddest thing
in this old world is one who was defeated.
Until the last he hoped to win; now drearily
he hikes it, and wears a weird and wintry
grin, and would
my best while in the game," he says, his
eyes a-brimming; "there are no sore spots
on my frame, since in the soup I'm swim
ming." Will he get back to honest toil, to
wise and sane endeavor? No! One cam
paign's enough to spoil a patriot forever.
The lust for office in his blood he'll never quit his run
ning, although he meets a nasty thud whenever he goes
gunning. To save the dear old spangled flag, and serve
the darling people, all through his years he'll chew the
rag, on forum, stump and steeple. For weeks and months
our weary ears to piffle have been treated; now for the
winners we have cheers, and grins for the defeated.
By 8. W. STRAUS v '
PrtiUtnt Amtrican Ssciitj fir Thrift
In the
home should
the seeds of
thrift be
planted. A
nation cannot
rise above the
level of its
home life,
and the pub
lic lite of a
nation is the
reflection of
the home life.
We should
that the
thrifty nations are the hardest to
vanquish in war or in any other
great crisis.
. There are numerous ways in
which a housewife may save, small
ways, a few cents at a time, hardly
worth while in the opinion of
mme, Many women with large
families would be too proud to ask
their milkmen to deliver skim milk
to them and thus save a few cents,
because the milkmen might think
th ey were poor or stingy, or be
cause they are under the Impres
sion tha skim milk has little or
no value. Yet it is a very econom
ical food material... To be sure, it
has lost its butterrat by being
skimmed, but there are left the su
gar, the mineral substances and the
protein. Skim milk is classed with
such food material as eggs, meat
and cheese. Two quarts and a half.
Both Prohibition Amendments
Defeated In State of
Sun Froncisco, Nov. S. Complete- re
turns from nil sections of California
will show defeat of both prohibition
amendments submitted to the voters
Tuesday according to announcement
this afternoon by representative of the
I'uited California Industries. Execu
tive Officer McDowell declared all re
ports indicate that the wets have won.
It was evident, however, iu spite of
this statement flint the result might
prove to be very close. (Scattering fig
ure tabulated dining the morning in
dicate that amendment No. 2 might run
more strongly tlinn had been expected
and some of the drys were predicting its
The returns show that- cities are ev
erywhere voting against both amend
ments, while the rural district are fa
voring them.
Keep Dreams Quiet.
Ion't tell your dreams if you have a
skeletou in your closet.
To mauy graduates of experimental
psychology the psycho-analysis of
' X aV
imiaii lift It'll
Significant you never find a drug
gist, anywhere, who does not carry
For'The Teeth
Powder Cream
PrmprtJ ty m Doctor
Bond 2e stamp today for a ("roas trial package of either
ut. L.70Q I rertsct Tootla
LW.Lyea & Sea, be, 661
pretend he likes it. "It did
of skim milk, at four cents a quart,
contain about as much protein or
energy producing substance as a
pound of round steak at twenty
cents a pound. Oyster stew made
with skim milk is good to the taste
and very nutritious.-
By buying a scale and weighing:
her purchases, a housekeeper found'
that in one week, through short;
weights, she had lost 16 cents
which means $8.32 a year. When
boiling water to cook food, it wouldl
he well for the cook to remember,
that no matter how fast the waterj
boils it gets no hotter and the heat,
used in boiling away more water'
than is needed is wasted. Many
housewives throw away suet,
which, if rendered, has the same
value as lard.
What makes the city garbage
contract so valuable is the great
amount of fat left after refining.
Analysis of raw garbage shows
that grease constitutes 3.S per cent
and fertilizer, ingredients 0.3 per
cent. The value of a ton of raw
garbage is about $5.00. the grease
being worth $3.00 and the fertil
izer ingredients $2.00.
It's these little things that count
with the economical housewives,
who really have more time to think
of how they can save than their
mothers did, andtiicy should not
forget to instill in their children
ideas of thrift in the use of heat,
light and all household conitnod.
itiea. v
Kansas Gives Wilson
Plurality of 10,000
Topeka, Kas:, Nov. 8. Kansas has
given Woodrow Wilson 10,000 to 13,000
plurality over Hughci, possibly more-
It has chosen four democratic and four
republican congressmen, gave a rcpub
liean governor the largest plurality and
candidate has ever received, elected a
republican legislature and then picked
democratic ami republican local offic
in Is iudi-scriminntelr.
The worst split ticket Kansas lias
ever known became apparent with more
complete returns today. Counties couut
ed Bolidly republican . went to Wilson
and democratic comities went to
B. B. Anthony, republican in the First
district; b. t. Little, republican, in Uec
ond district; P.. P. Campbell.
Governor Capper apparently has plu
rality exceeding of 125,000 in the state
with the republican state ticket running
50,0(10 to 00,000 over the democrats
etnts ticket.
dreams is as simple as solving algo
braic problems.
In fine, medical men, under the tute
Inge of Professor Sigiuund Freud of
Budapesth; Ir. Carl Young, of Zurich,
Switzerland; Dr. John . B. Watson of
Johns Hopkins University and others,
seriously demand the narration of
dreams, not only of sirk persona but of
those in perfect hculth, with a view
both to find the causes of nituiv phy
sical and mental ailments as well as
to clear up many threatened dangor
or prevent troubles to oome.
mf Cwtfaf Smrgtry
Powder 01 Dental Cream.
Houston,' Texas, Oct. 15. To the
Editor of the Capital Journal: As a
student of sociul justice I am interest
ed in knowing if it is right and proper
for the supreme court of a sovereign
state to extend a heavy examination
fe"c from n young man who seeks ad
mission to the bar upon examination,
then hold an examination and official
ly admit through written evidence that
the young man passed the bar examina
tion, yet refuse to grant him a license,
and also refuse to return his examina
tion fee.
I am only seekingjenlightcnment. I
am groping iu the dark for that which
is riglir. Can supremo court judges
permit this practice and still hold the
sacred confidence of the people!.
Perhaps the applicant fur admission
who paid his fee nud passed the bar
examination was obscure and of little
influence. Would this alter the-un
yielding law of right .Should this fact
lie sufficient to deny him Ills birth
right of justice? .Should not justice be
accorded to the weak us well as the
strong'! Is nny system of justice tliut
fulls short of this ideul worthy of the
1111 me?
It is not my purpose to chiimiiiou the
cause of this particular young man. 1
desire rather to call attention to a gen
eral principle. Is it right? 11 it. is right,
then let every struggling young man
who applies to the privute committee of
lawyers who examine applicants under
stand that if this committee desires to
throw him down and keep his money,
that 1-s their privilege, as well as their
authority. If the young man is told to
try again, and is thrown down again
and again, let him understand that he
has 110 body or tribunal to which he
may appeal except that sense of justice
Hint lies in the hearts of the people
and which is the source of all law and
the authority of nil courts.
. Let me be specific. A certain young
ninn took the bar examination in Ore
gon in May, J 1 5. The examination was
conducted by a committee of lawyers
who luul been chosen for that purpose
by the supreme court. On the opening
day of this examination the youug man
was writing answers to questions in
grammar and composition when one of
the examining committee came to his
desk and took all papers and answers
from him, because it wus the noon hour.
The young man was suffering from nn
n thick ot acute iiiuigestiou. (Ibis, of
course, will evoke a smile of incredulity
troin any crooked lawyer). Urammar
and geography the youug 111 nil did not
romplete, but supposed that he would
be allowed to complete them in the aft
ernoon. Having completed all other af
ternoon examinations he asked to be al
lowed to answer the questions he could
not rench while iu the grip of pain. The
privilege of answering these questions
was denied him, although he had several
hours of idle time on his hands and the
examination was still iu progress. He
was assured, however, that his, failure
to submit answers to questions in gram
mar and geography would not be held
ngain-st him, under the circumstances, in
grading his papers. He passed the law
examination and made passing grades in
every academic branch iu which he was
examined. But the committee of law
yers refused to certify his name to the
-supreme court for a license because he
submitted no answers to the questions
he was refused permission to answer.
The chairman of this committee wrote
the young man a letter in tfhieh he used.
this language: "1 find that you passed
the bar examination satisfactorily."
Still the young man was not granted a
certificate, and the clerk o'f the supreme
court has definitely refused to return
Fir Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
"I Bin going to Chicago on busiuess,
Mildred. Would you like to go with
met" Clifford asked.
"I surely would!" I quickly replied.
It was the first time since our marriage
that he had offered to take me any
where with him. "But what about
Edith t"
"Why she will stay at home with
Kate and Xlaudy, of course."
"But I have never ieft her Clifford,
ant once since she was born have I been
awav from her over night."
" It 'a time you have then. For heav
en's sake, Mildred, use a little common
sense if you have any which I some
times doubt. I am going on a business
trip- Tf you care to go I will take you,
but I don't want to hear any fussing
about Kdith, either before we go or
while we are away. If you don't want
to leave her, why etay at home your
self," Clifford finished impatientlv.
"Oh, I'll go, dear!" I hasteaed to
say. "Mnudv is entirely trustworthy,
and Muriel Franklyn will, I am sure,
drop in occasionally.
But even as I said it I knew I should
fret for Kdith, yet I determined to go.
A Complete Wardrobe.
I was so glad that my wardrobe was
iu such good condition. Clifford would
have no cause to be ashamed of me be
fore his business friends, I thought, ex
pecting of course to meet them. I pack
ed my trunk with the rrentest rare, se
lecting only things which were new, so
in the latest style; or were exceptionally
What You Can See On
Three Daily Trains-Portland to San Francisco
No. 15
No. 13
8:20 A. M. 3:50 P. M. 8:00 P. M.
5:50 P.M. 6:50 P.M. 7:30 A.M.
Illustrated booklet showing scenes along
the Shasta Route sent free on request.
General Passenger Agent, Salem, Oregon
the money collected as an examination
fee. Is it right?
(Former Secretary Oregon Hotel Asso
ciation.) A Freak Plant.
Eleven fully matured tomatoes and
as many good-sized potatoes ' growing
nn 11 single plant in the vegetable gar
dens of the Pennsylvania (State college
constitute a new wonder of the vege
table world.
The expeiment was conceived by C.
K. Myers, professor of experimental
vegetable growing at the college. A
potato wns planted, and on the stalk
produced a young tomato shoot was
grafted. The union wus potected with
The dny before we were to start, I al
most banked out. Every time I looked
at Edith a lump would come iu my
throat, and I had to swallow hard to
keep the tears back- But in the morn
ing, we left before she was awake;
aud the excitement of going, Clifford '
evident approval of the dross I wore,
helped me not to give way. I wore a
handsome, dark, cloth tailor suit and a
small hat to match. They were very
quiet, but quite stylish and elegant. And
although I wiped a few tears away
when I bent over Edith to kiss her
crnrut -tivrt T nil ohM tn anwap PliflnrA
I ; . J - - -
! rh(Mrfiillv w)iin hh railed ia m.
"Hurry, Mildred, or you will make
me miss mv train! "
"All right, dear, I'm all ready I " I
called back, then, with a last patring
injunction to Mandy anent F.dith, I ran
out aud jumped into the taxi beside
I almost felt as if I were going on an
other wedding trip.
I said so to Clifford ai we rolled
along, and he laughingly kissed me sav
ing: "I believe that's what a groom is ex
pected to do as toon as he has his bride
alone, isn't itf"
A Disappointment
We had a pleasant trip but arrived
in Chicago in a pouring rain. Clifford
immediately commenced to fuss because
he had brought me with him.
"A man's a fool to take a woman
with him on a business trip! " he graum-
MM t
Salem (Capitol Bldg) .
Eugene (University of
Roseburg (Cow Creek
Grants Pass
Ashland (Iithia
Shasta Springs
Sacramento Canyon
Red Bluff
Sacramento (State
Port Costa
wax and bound with raffia, exactly as)
is done in the ordinary grafting of
fruit tress.
On the vine were many tomato blos
soms, and these developed into normal
tomatoes. Underground at the s,im
time the potatoes thrived as if they
were growing under the stimulus of
their own vine. Philadelphia Noth Am
erican. The Baltimore inventor of a- new
pneumatic gun claims it will hurt
dynamite shells weighing 20 pounds S3
ntraviolct rays' aid digestion for
persons with weak stomachs, according
to a French physician.
bled, when I rather insisted, we wail
and take our trunk to the hotel on the)
taxi he had called. "Next time IU
know better."
"But,Clifford, we are going to a big
hotel. Yon don't. U-nnt ma -. . - t
dinner in a traveling dress, do you!" I
luuiuuir Bsnea, uuaote as usual to keep
still when he was out ot sorts; and ma
nsnal bringing more trouble upon my
self. ,
"What has your looks got to do with
it, compared to my ability to transact
the business I came uponf " he asked
sarcastically, just as the cabby appear
ed with my trunk.
We had lovely rooms he had wired
to reserve them and as he went out im
mediately we had taken possession of
them, I unpacked, bathed, then made my
toilet for dinner. I took plenty of
time, and when at 7 n'truk T .
wi nd waiting, I felt satisfied with the
I sat down by the window and gazed
out at the lights of the city while I
waited for Clifford to return. Seven
0 clock, a quarter then a half chimed
from a nearby tower. . Then the tele
phone rang. With a sinking heart I
crossed the room and took np the re
ceiver. "Go down and eat your dinner, them
go to bed; I shan't be in until late,"
1 lit ford said, then without waiting for
an answer hung up the reecWer.
(Tomorrow A Lovely Evening.)