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est IReceiratl
A splendid
New Coats
assortment of
made of finest quality
Salts" Plushes, lined throughout with
Sol" guaranteed satin, neatly trim
med with fur and Chase Beaver
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Monmouth News
(Capital Journal Secial Service)
Monmouth, Nov. 6. Both the senior
and jttuior classes of the normal give
their Hallowe'en parties on Friday ev
ening. , The seniors held forth in the
big gymnasium, which was guarded on
the outside by real ghosts anil was dec
orated on the inside bv an abundance
of iack o' lanterns, bats, witches and
black cats; these together with the
noi.se of the rustling corn and the semi-
darkness, created a most spooky atmos
phere: fortune telling, robbing and
dancing were indulged in and appropri
ate refreshments were served. Prof.
Butler and Miss Parrot assisted
merry making of the revelers.
The junior party was held in the
training school building with the usual
decorations of the occasion, a special
feature of which was the serving of
cider from pumpkin punch bowls and
apples and doughnuts from mysterious
pooling bags, miss layior ana Air.
Atrocities of Villa's Bandits
Cause Panic But Four
Americans There
Formerly the Chicago Store
SALEM'S biggest popular priced Department Store Not connected with any
El Paso, Texas, Nov. 7. Only four
k i ... ... : i ru.il i .-,!...
in t he ' vl 1-u B lruliu iu Vjiiuiuauuu Vll.v
today, hroin every part of the state
Americans and other foreigucra are
flocking to the border panic stricken by
the atrocities of the Villista bandits.
The entire portion of Chihuahua state
west and south of the capital is domin
ated and overrun by Villa followers.
Alining compauies with offices here to-
land Mrs. Ostein favored the class with day were tending messages to tjieir few
their presence and other members of remaining employes to ilce from .Mexico
the faculty divided the time with both! immediately. Anxiety for the safety of
parties; the sophomores were guests at tho 10 Americans in Parrol waa leasen
the junior party. ed by additional reports from refugees
Miss Frances Gardinied represented that it was believed they started for the
the senior class at chapel Wednesday border in the "Big Bend" district of
raorniu". taking for her subject "The Texas.
lufluenee of Our Personality" the ap- Alarmed by reports of the impending
plause she received indicated that the evacuation of the Chihuahua capital by
talk was much appreciated. Gen. ral Trevino, the foerign consuls in
Rev. F.lkins of the Monmouth Chris- that city waited upon him in a body to
tian church addressed the normal stu- ascertain the facts. The de facto corn
dents Friday morning during the chapel i niander assured them he had no inten-
period on tae suDjcct ot "overcoming tion of abandoning the story, but on
Difficulties:" Mr. Minns is wide! , contrnrv. n urennrim, f.,r n rA,t.
I A Musical Treat I
awake and progressive and his talks
teresting and' instructive. Students aud
faculty weleomo him.
Thero arc ninety-four students en
rolled in the Monmouth high school to
date and everything seems to be going
along nicely with fine co-operation be
tween students and teachers. The chor
us period is given over on Friday after
noons to a miscellaneous program which
is a new and much appreciated feature
from which, no doubt much benefit will
be derived, .as everv student will be
: eiven a chance to develop along this
As the next regular meeting of the
i parent-teachers association falls on elcc
Ition night of next week it has been
! postponed to Tuesday night of the fol
lowing week; nmong other interesting
things on the program there will he
moving pictures. A good attendance is
I desired.
I Mr. and Mrs. Fred lluber gave n
pleasant and rather novel Hallowe'en
nnrtv last Tuesday night in honor of
For Salem People by Well Known Artists t
Misses Helen and Eveline Calbreath and William X
Wallace Graham will give a concert at the t
i , - .
Grand Theatre, Nov. 15 1
Miss Helen Calbreath. Pianists: Miss Eveline Calbreath. t
Mezzo Soprano; Mr. William Wallace Graham, Violinist. f
This will be one of the greatest musical treats of
the season. No one should miss this treat.
Save the date Wednesday Evening, November 15th. :
Tickets at Music Stores. i
Despite this assurance, everv fnreicner
who can reach the railroad is moving to j
Juez- . lot Tnrral bv General Herra's Carran
xrom many sources L luted states
government officials have obtained re
ports that Villa's forces now number
more than 4,000 men, split into many
bands iu west and south Chihuahua
state. . Mvrfki.jgjljjj
Official admission of the evacuation
mother Mrs. C. W. Stengel.
Mrs. Hartley Mulkev was anions
other shoppers ot Independence Sntur-J
i lay.
Mis. Boothby went to Kugene to see
the new grand daughter, bom last week
to her daughter, Mrs. K. K. Merby.
The Misses Allie aud Mnggc Sutler
arc enjoying a visit from their cousin,
Mrs. 1). C. Butler of Long Beach, Cali
fornia. Miss Morgan of Portland wns down
one day this week to visit Miss Hensen
at the llulier home.
Willamette Valley News I
Independence Items
(Capital Journal Soeeial Service.)
Indepenencc, Or., Nov. 7. Benefit
party given for City Library on Hal
lowe'en night, the ladies gnvjo a silver
benefit, at the beautiful home of Mr.
K. O. Kldridge on Monmouth street.
The home was decorated with hal-
.Inc.k o' lanterns, corn stalks, and au
tumn leaves. The evening was spent
in five hundred, and other games. A
dainty luncheon was served during the
((veiling. There were about 1-5 guests
during the evening.
Silver Tea.
A silver tea waa given at tho M. E.
church, on Thursday afternoon, by the
Ladies Aid Society. A pleasant after
noon was spent by the guests, and it
was a decided success.
Reeves-Millhousor, at the home of
the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. I.
Keevies on Tuesday, October 31st, Miss
Nellie Christine; Reeves became tho
bride of Z. K. Millhouser. Only the
immediate relatives of the couple were
on , Wednesday, November. 1, for a few days lust week. -a
son. Mother and son doing' Tho residence of (hot Long
I Railroad street, was destroyed by fire
Ion Sunday morning. Tho firo having
..vt Kotitniiiv ,,v wti, .;n i,
their daughters Mayda and Ilia. About (he re((unr me,nn of the Monmouth
thirty-tivo boys and girls responded to .,, i. .i,i,i,, .!,, w u,..-
thc black invitations, first gathering at Wy wif be gllpst of thc KrailRe 'nt ,,is
,,: nuucr numi- oim k'k ' meeting and will make an address
cinity where they were entertained
with ghost stories by one of the spooks
while three witches served nuts to the
young guests: then they were taken by
the ghosts to anotner nome near i.y j key- Ai)ollt t011 it!le K;rB ,vore tn,.r(.
wm-rc im ir lunuues weiu ioiu .iu ..i u-, 1Ild u 01,jovoU the games and refresh
er refreshments enjoyed by the fne- 111(.lltH .,, wlltM thut Mullowe'ei
side, after which they returned to the ,;, conic ot'tener.
uuine vl me uusivss mm apuiit iuo m-
mainder of the evening playing games,
eating doughnuts and drinking cider.
The car shortage is felt very keenly
.ista command was contained in a bul
letin issued at Chihuahua City iu which
it was stnted that Herrera was "con
centrating his troops near Ksculon to
meet other generals."
3C 3(
Heneath that soiled, discolored, fad
ed or aged complexion is one i'nir to
look upon. Mci'coliKcd wax will gradu
ally, gently absorb the devitalized sur
fuce skin, revealing the youthfully
fresh, white and beautiful skin under
neath, t'scd by refined women who pre
fer complexions of true naturalness.
Mercolized wax in one ounce package,
with directions for use, s sold by all
rural credits. i
A little folks Hallowe'en party was
given in Mrs. Stengel's barn in honcrl
of her little grand daughter, Murv i
Louise Myers, and little Fiances Mill-
" Making of Sorghum
Proving Profitable
(- Bom.
Bogan To Dr. Loran
Bogan and
camp iire uins tmenain. ...... . m ori ,., .. .,.. in Monmouth of lato as tho street pav
On Thursday evening the Camp Fire,, , , .,.,.. ... . 'ing is held up on account of it, the con4
Girls were entertained at the home ofi'""" "'", "'"'
cotcjiiig u part oi me loss.
their guardian, Mrs. George Carbray.
The (,'arbray homo adorned the Hal
lowe'en decorations, and the evening
was spent in hallowo'en games, ami
fortune telling. Harvest time refresh
ments were served during the 'veiling.
Hallowe'en Party.
Tho T. E. Club of tho Baptist church
gave a Hallowe 'en party, on Tuesday
evening, in their social hall at the
church. It was reported ' to be ' a
financial success. - '
Mr. Faye Dunsinore returned hoino
from fkngnay, Alaska, on Tuesday,
where ho has been spending tho sum
Mr. Hlenn Pereival. of Portland
nn lii.lnnnii.lon.1. .'luitni in 11, l,ru,t(l V
J. M. Htaats and
Newport this week.
Mr. W. V. Pereival was removed to j
his home on Thursday, from the flood
Samaritan Hospital, whore, he has been
for the past week. .
Mrs. Hattie Meyers, of F.ast Inde
pendence visited Miss Pearlo Pereival
tractors being unable to get muteiihl
to begin the work; the three blocks to
he paved have been ready for some
time but now everything is at a stand
still. There is some talk of graveling
the street for the winter as the side
streets are already gettiug bad and
the merchants aro beginning to feel
the effect of the inconvenience to traf
fic. The recent rains have made the rotfd
south of town at the new fill on the
Luckiamute very bad; the" work which
has been going on for several mouths
was scarcely finished when the rains
began and put a stop to it for a time
at least.
O. T. Boothby has just received no
tice that he has been elected vice pres
ident of the West Sidn Pacific const
highway association. There will be a
meeting of this organization in Mc
Minnville on Nov. l"i.
Jerry Husk of Kastem Oregon who
was sent as substitute for Win. Hanley
who could not be present, spoko to the
citizens of Monmouth last Wednesday
niirht in the Norm theater. .Mr. Husk
Among those attending were: Dr. C. V. I made a idea for non-partisanship, yet
JUr. Jess ualurcath arrived here a
few days ago from Reno, Nevada. Mr.
Unilbrcath has leased the Independence
race , track and will have sixteen head
or running horses there this winter.
Mrs. W. W. Pereival was a Portland
visitor last week.
Editor W.,.1. Clark and wife went to
Portland on Thursday. Their youngest
son, Robert, underwent an operation at
the St. Vincent .hospital in Portlnnd on
I Mr. R. Bacon and wife of Tillamook
'visited at the home of Mrs. Bacon's
mother, Mrs. Chas. Smith, for a fewi
days last week,
i Mr. George L.- Rose of Salem, was an
Independence visitor on (Saturday.
n'as . Hf . 1?pn,.l, Til,, La nnA (.milt, i...
moved to town for tho winter. They
family moved to have rcntcd tho Davi8 residence,
' Aorth Independence.
. A number of Independence peoplo at
tended the Washington-Oregon foot
ball game at Kugene on Saturday.
All you do is iron the starch pieces
We Iron the Flat Pieces
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Capital City Steam Laundry
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Correct Lubrication
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he Standard Oil or Motor Cars
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a' all Service Station! ot the
Standard Oil Company
Sropp, Ross Nelson, Ray Walker aud
Moss Walker.
Miss Zelpha Cross was a week end
visitor at Portland.
Mount Angel Items
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Mt. Angel, Ore., Nov. 7. Wednesday
morning, November 1, the sad news of
Mrs. Kirtxe'e death reached us. She
had been failing in heulth for some time
when she went to the St. Vincent ' hos
pital in Portland to undergo an opera
tion. Shortly after the operation she
November 2 a pioneer of Mt. Angel,
Mr. Kieber, aged SS, died at the home
of her daughter, Mrs. G. VanHatten.
She was taken to Gervais and buried
after services in St. Mary's church at
fl o'clock.
A baby girl arrived at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zollner.
Mrs. H. and Mrs. R- Bermng went to
Gervais for a short visit. ,
Ralph Skonctzni was home over Sun
day. .
Saturday evening at n o'clock Mr. C.
C. Wood and Judge Thos. Burke, of
Portland, gave a democratic rally iu the
city hall.
. ."Sunday evening at S 0 'clock .Mr. td
gar Winter of Portland, and Mr. Davey
ot Salem, will give a republican rally in
the city hall.
strongly advocated the re-election of
Mr. Wilson, pointing out that his rec
ord of tho st four years merited it.
Mr. Ellis of Dallas spoke here last
Sunday p. m. in the Christian church
in oti'iositiou to tho brewers' amend
ment; the meeting was held under the
auspices of the temperance union and
was well nttenuea.
Or. and Mrs. .Mutthis left Saturday
p. m. for a short visit with relatives
at Amity.
Mrs. A. ti. ilyers came down trom
Portland Monday for a visit with her
It is becoming more and more evi
dent that the onion set raisers and on
ion seed raisera of this sectiou will
sooner or later realize the need of an
organization of effort to protect them
selves from the increasing menace of
smut. The disease is in the soil and
not. in the seed as was first supposed.
Smut can be carried from one field to
another on the shoes of men, on the
feet of animals and on the tools used
in cultivation. Rotation of crops does
not kill it. The only way to keep smut
from being communicated to new fields
is not to contaminate the new field with
tools used on infected ground that
cannot be purified with fire. Hubbard
The Jonrnal Doei Job Printing.
Fairfield News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Fairfield, Ore., Nov. 7. Mr. J. B.
Lovegrcn is erecting a modem dairy
barn on his rnuch, which will accommo
date 24 cows.
Miss Celestine Muhony, who is at
tending high school in Woodbuin, spent
the week end at her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Congdon, of Portland,
the parents of Mrs. I). i). Smith, spent
the past week in Fairfield."
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zcrgan and lit
tle daughter, apeut Sunday at tho Ak-sar-heii
ranch, having motored from
Portland Saturday evening.
Michael Mahony, Jr.. left for Seattle
Saturday, where he has employment for
the whiter.
Misses Rita and Margaret Marthny
Icr, who are attending Salem high
school, wero home over Sunday.
F. R. DuRette, road supervisor, is
grading and smoothing the roods for
winter travel.
Mr. A. W. Breed visited at Frank
Mahony ' Sunday.
The farmers iu this vicinity welcome
the rniu, as so far, they have beeu un
able to do any fall plowing, on account
of lack of moisture.
M. W. Mahony sold a cnrload of
young Hereford stock cattle, the past
week. They were shipped to Heleun,
How To Get Relief When Head
and Nose are Stuffed Up,
Count fifty! Your cold in head or
catarrh disappears. Your clogged nos
trils will open, the air passages of your
head will clear and you can breatlm
freely. No more snuffling, hawking,
mucous discharge, dryness or hendachc;
no struggle for breath at night.
Get a small bottle of Kly's . Crea'n
Balm from your druggist anil npply a
little of this fragrant antiseptic cream
in your nostrils. It penetrates through,
every nir passage of the head, soothing
ami healing the swollen or inflamed
mucous membrane, giving you instant
relief. Head colds and cuturih yield
lilrn mtiir'i,. lint, 't ufnv si nf ('..il.tti, atnl
miserable. Relief is sure.
city election todav George W. Kvans
To reports to the labor commissioner's j ' elected mayor over O. D- Scott liy
office, it has beeu discovered that sol-1 253 majority. Glenn Hall for council
gliuiii is a highly profitable thing to j man won by U3 votes over 11. G.
raise. Statistics show that one factory, Davids. Other eouncilnien chosen were
capacity 1,2."0 gallons iu 10 hours, nnd;,T. Gordon Baker and K. 1.. Bnllnid.
an evaporating capacity of 110 gallons j The amendment for $!H),000 water
finished product, in 10 hours, located iu bonds carried by a vote of 57.1 for And
Lane county has au output of (iO gal-1 2N2, against; to compensate volunteer
Ions a day, and has .'10 people growing i firemen for services, 571 ayes, 2.'iS noes,
sorghum cane. Although the yield va- Leo Peters won over Ira Biashvar for
lies from HO to 120 gullons per acre, Ichief of police,
the average for lOlti was It.) gallons,! 1
which, at a value of ! per gallon yields i By hurnessing a fly to a tiny wagi.n
$11.1 per acre, the cost of production, j nil Lnglish scientist found it could
all expenses counted in, amounts to $38 - i draw 170 times
74. The 1HUI production wns 2,000 gnl-! smooth surfaces.
Ions, which did not come up to the de
mand, and brought a return of $2,000.
It is believed that sorghum raising
would be exceptionally profitable in
parts of the Willamette valley where
the soil is moist.
its own weight over
MeMinnville, Or., Nov. fl. At the
Dennis Eubalyptus Ointment
Tubes aec Jans boo
Prepare This for a Bad
Cough-Wt Fine
Cfcraplr mm Easllr Made, bat
Dorm Ike Work Quickly.
Ttw dn..l 1, .vrn , ,,.
f n tl V n i n r. nnlv' uU.i.ii ...in (tl, mat
miten as reauv-maue preparations, can
easily be made un at home. The way it
taken hold ana conquers distressing
coughs, throat and chest colds will
really make you enthusiastic about it.
Any druggist can supply vou with
2ii ounces of Pincx (00 cents worth).
Pour this into a pint bottle and fill the
bottle with plain granulated sugar
syrup. Shake thoroughly and it is
ready for use. The total cost is about
M cents and gives you a full pint a
family supply of a most effectual,
Jdi-axant tasting remedy. It keeps per
ectly. It's truly astonishing how quickly It
acts, penetrating throimh every air
passage of the throat and lungs loosens
and raises the phlegm, soothes and heals
the inflamed or swollen throat mem
branes, and gradually but surely the
annoying throat tickle and dreaded
cough will disappear entirely. Nothing
better for bronchitis, spssniodio croup,
whooping cough or bronchial asthma.
Pinex is a special and highly concen
trated compound of genuine Norway
pine extract, combined with guaiacol
and is known the world over for its
prompt healing effect on the throat
Avoid disappointment bv asking your
Imggiat for "2 ounces of Pinex" with
lull directions and don't accept any
thing else. A guarantee of absolute sat
isfaction or money promptly refunded
ioc with this preparation. The Pinex
Jo., Ft. Wayne, lud.
Stayton News
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Stayton, Xov. 7. The son and daughter-in-law
of A. T. Brewer are visiting
the llrewer home. The visitors live
near Kugene.
Mrs. Cliff Stayton is home from a
California visit.
Mis. Joseph llnmnion is recovering
nicely from her illness.
Mr. and Mrs. , Horace Lilly spent
several days in Portland last week,
L. II. Mi'.Miihau of Salem was here
Mondnv on his wav home from Mill
Last Sunday was prohibition day nt
tne ,i. r.. cnureii, anil ninny attended
the fore election sermon in the morn
ing by the pastor and the V. C. T. V.
program in the evening.
I ho matter of a gymnasium in con
nection with the hiuh school is being
discussed here.
Friduy while n bunch of high school
lads were skylarking, one nanied Feb-
len was thrown into the Stayton ditch
as a reward for some stunt unperform
ed. It is said ho had to swim ashore.
so deep was it where he was chucked
in by his playful fellow student.
lira. J. r . Wilbur entertained the
Birthday club at her home recently iu
a most delightful manner.
S. L. Stewart has resigned his posi
tion as cashier of tho Farmers bank.
He has not decided upon his future
course. J. W. Mayo is filling the va
cancy. A well attended parly of the Twi
light club was one of the features of
Stayton social life Inst week, at the
home of Felix Von Krmen.
Mr. and Mrs. Kd Young entertained
a Sunday sclioul class at their home re
cently and tho young people had a very
en iovable evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Tefft nf Union Hill
have traded their place to Joseph Lin
coln of McKee, Oregon.
Miss Nellie Stowel nf Salem visited
her parents home in Stayton one day
last week.
L. A. Thomas shipped two carloads
of bogs to Portland thc other day.
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