Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 02, 1916, Page SIX, Image 6

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FIR WOOD For sale. Phone 53F3.
TBE8PA88 Notices for sale at Jour
nal office. tl
HARBY Window clcanor. Phone 768.
ORDERS FILLED For homo made
apple butter at 365 N. High. tf
WANTED Girl wants general house
work. Phone 2500.14. nov3
FURNISHED IlouseJieopliig rooms,
The Gem, 160 Union St. nov3
FURNISHED Apartments, also barn
suitable for garage. 491 N. Cottage.
WE HAVE Buled hay and oats for
sale. George Sweigle, Garden road, tf
TOE BENT SIGNS For sale at Cap
Hal Journal office. tl
BOABD And room at 280 N. High
home cooking. novii
lOTATOEa WANTED Phone 203 or
call 220 N. Liberty, nov2
GET PRICES On farm sale bills at
The Journal office.
FURNITURE Of 10 room house for
sale. 401 South High. nov3
FOR SALE Bicycle and boy's over
coat. 404 South High. nov2
WANTKD Eat and freah cows. 1425
M. nov
FOR SALE Hamltiomo new plush cont
never worn, i-lione 633. nov2
FOR SALK Baled hay and baled straw
Hubbard farm, Salem. novll
WILL THE PARTY Who took the
boy '8 wagon from 160 Court street
return samef No questions asked. If
WAXTED Driving horse and buggy
for the winter's care. Route 7, box
202. nov2
CORN H USHERS Wanted, on shares,
with teams, also want !i stock hogs.
Phone evenings 8F23. W. Sttuet. no3
LOST Pair wheel chains for Ford
truck, please notify Capital City
Transfer Co. nov2
WOMAN COOK With boy of 5, wonfs
work in camp. Write Mrs. H. E. Dow
ney. Corvallis, Or. nov6
OLD PAPERS For sale at Capital
Journal office 10 cents a bundle, tf
WANTED A position as nurse girl.
Phone 1810. nov7
GOOD TEAM To trade
Phono 34F21.
for auto
5. worth more. Dr. May, Hubbard
bldg. novlO
FOR SALE Or trade auto in good
running condition. Salem Garage, 660
N. Capitol. Phone 1010. ov8
al housework. Phone 2061 beforo 7:30
this evening. novl
to trade for Ford auto. H. A. John
son & Co. novo
!IX)B SALE Byfycle, call evenings,
209 8. 10th St. nov2
('HAS. B. HODGK1N- Insurance, sure
ty bonds, real estate, rentals. 301
Hubbard bldg. Phone 386. deel
nov2 UUW WA.M'au rresn jersey prerer-
reil, guaranteed gentle, not over i
years, Must give 4 gallons. Stute
price, (irote, box 5n routoS. nov2
flOAT MEAT For sale, first class on
ly 5e per lb. at O. K. Grocery store,
delivered in city. nov 4
; TOR RENT 3 well furnished Iiouso
keeping rooms, 694 N. Commercial.
Phone 2454 W. nov2
rilONE 200 Whon you have wood
awing to be dono, all work guaran
teed, Jim Rogers. nov24
BET YOUB Trespass Notices, now
supply of cloth ones at Cup'tul Jour
nsi tf
1'OB SALE A good team, suitable for
delivery, driving or saddle and single
and double set driving harness and
double set heavy harness; also 2(1
thoroughbred Minorca chickens.
Phone 764.1. nov3
II AVE. CLIENT Wanting $2000 at 6
per cent for five years, on farm se
en ii. v. No expense to lender. John
II. Scott, 404 Hubbard building. nov4
WANTED To buy 6 or 8 choice milk
cows, must be fresh now or soon, none
but parties owning choice cows need
call. Thone 1431 or 491. tf
MONEY TO LOAN On second hand
men's clothing, jowolry, musical in
struments, tools, guns, etc. Also
bought, sold and traded. Capital Ex
change, 337 Court St. Phone 493. nol7
FOR SALE At a bargain, if taken at
once, 1 work team; 4 milk cows, 2
to freshen soon; 2 yearling heifers;
sow iiikI four pigs; farm wngon;
single buggy; heavy harness; single
harness. Route 6, box 119. nov4
Says the President Having
Denied Story He Must
Be Believed
North Adams, Muss., Nov. 2. Sen
ator Lodge, speaking here lust night,
made the following statement:
'Tho president of the United States
has denied that there was auy post-.
Bridge Restrictions
May Be Enforced
With the view of being as easy as
possible on the Salem bridge I. L. Pat
terson, folk county's representative,
has made the following recommenda
tions to County Judge Bushey of
1. That the bridge be planked
lengthwise, thus removing a good deal
of the vibration.
2. That traffic be restricted to one
direction onlv, at one time. Mr. Pat
terson would make certain periods,
ten, 15 or 20 minutes, for traffic to
uass over the bridge, west, and then
the same period, to . pass over the
bridge, east.
3. That the maximum load be re
duced still further.
4. That the 'nresent restrictions as
to the Lusitauia note und we I , .iintnnc between vehicles be con-
the distance in-
nil Kn I ...... ...... ... th. ....
o.c ,i uuuuu, i,i u r,-,, " tinned and perhaps
Ihd HHWiiInn, il.k.iiiil mat .1 a li .1 .m.buu1 - 1
,,' , V J"l """""creased,
it, said the senator. n. That tclei.hones be installed on
I need hardly sav that I would noti.. i.:.i.. ,,. ..;.,, :., ,.,,,,i,,f ;,,
willingly bring an unfounded eliarg" jrttffc
In this way Mr. Patterson hopes
tho bridge may be kept open for tiaf
fie until tho new bridge is ready.
Feeling over the danger of the
bridge is arising throughout the two
counties and it is believed that Polk
county will not be permitted to longer
delay the construction. Marion coun
ty's fund has been available for the
pust vear and hna not been touched;
Polk "county raised 7 1,000 last year
for the iiiter-countv bridge but the
court has already used part of this
Begins Campaign to Bring
Membership Up To An
. Even 1000
against anyone, high or low, and it
misled into doing so I should be quick
to retract it. The president makes one
mistake. The statement which he char
acterizes as untrue, that there was
such a postscript, was not mine, but
was made by Mr. Breckenridge, a for
mer assistant secretary or wur, ac
cording to the evidence of two inde
pendent witnesses, both gentlemen of
high churn i' tor, responsibility und ve
racity, and Mr. Breckenridge was m
a position to know, if, ns he is reported.
to have said, he hail seen the postscript
"Bearing in mind the public anil
hitherto iincontrovcrted fact that Mr.
Bryan had informed the Austro-Huu-
guriun ambassador that the strict ac
countability note of May 15 meant
nothing, which fact was at once cabled
by the ambassador to Berlin, it seemed
to me that Mr. Breckenridge s state
ment as testified to by two independ
ents ought properly to be laid before
the public."
Mexican Duties Are
Almost Prohibitive
Juarez, Mcx., Nov. 2. A new scale of
duties on imports into Mexico went into
effect today, under a decree issued re
cently by First Chief Carranza. Duties
on many staples, including food and
clothing, have been raised to almost
prohibitive figures and it wns predicted
today importation of some articles
would be stopped altogether.
lhc duty on oats, of which largo quan
tities are being shipped to the Amer
ican expedition, has been raised to $7.-
o(l per ton. Wheat, corn and hnv, how-
over, are free.
The heaviest duties hnve been placed
on milk at 20 cents per kilo (2 1-2
pounds); 10 cents per kilo on soap and
flour and 20 cents per kilo on canned
Take Chamberlain's Tablets and a
lopt a diet of vegetables and cereals.
Take outdoor exerciso daily and your
complexion will be greatly improved
within a few months. Try it. Obtainable
Pendleton Normal School
Proven Necessity
(Copied (rem Portland Oregonlan.)
MONMOUTH, Ore., June 26. The Oregon Normal
school opened this week . . . students enrolled 781,
largest on record for itate Normal In Oregon ....
how to care for large student body a problem ....
800 belug crowded into auditorium with seating ca
pacity of 660. Oallertes filled with extra chairs In
aisles. More than 160 student seated on platform.
New boarding houses completed, addition to room
ing bouses built and tents used. One hundred girls
sleep on upper floor ot school.
The official school report gives 160 grade pupils
la Monmouth, for teacher practice.
Read what thost you have . elected to handle the
affairs of your Btate and who are thoroughly informed
regarding school conditions in Oregon have to say
concerning measure 308 on the ballot at the coming
By Jama Wlthycombs, Governor of Oregon:
"Oregon ta tinqusstlonubly In used vf miiru normal
school work and. Fondlin Is tha logical pluce for a
school of tRIs clt In Iftisurn Orgon.
By J. A. Churchill, State Superintendent of Public
"I trust that th votara of (In Slats will assist In
raising (ha standard of our schools by nstabllnhlng a
blata Normal School at Pandltlon."
By P. L. Campbell, President of the University of
"At least ens additional Normal School la urgently
aaaded In Oregon."
By W. J. Kerr, President of the Oregon Agricultural
"Hlnca tha paopta of Pandlaton ara Intituling n measure
for tha establishment of a Normal Scboul at that place,
II wilt give ma plaaaura to support this measure."
By J. H. Ackerman, President Oregon Normal School,
at Monmouth:
"A careful analysis of the situation will convince any
one that Oregon needa a Normal ttchool In Eastern Ore
gon and Pendleton (Ills all tha government requirements."
By the County School Superintendents of Oregon:
"Heaolved. that It Is the sense of the County School
SuperlnlondeiKs of (he S(ata uf Otcgon, In convendon
assembled, that the best Interests of tho schools of the
titata demand Increased facilities (or the (raining of
teauhore, aud (hat we, (here (ore. eadoraa (he Initiative
moaaure to establish a Normal School at Pendleton."
By Mr. Charles H. Castner, President of tho Oregon
Federation of Women's Clubs:
"I most heartily endorse tha loeatlen ot aald Normal
School at Pendleton."
Prof. Robert C. French, Former President of tho
Normal Sohool Located at Weston:
"An Immediate establishment of such a school at soma
raatral point audi as Pendleton would proee a great aaset
ta tha State of Oregon."
B. F. Mulhay, Ex-President Southern Oregon Normal
"I shall support tha location al an Kastarn Oregon
Normal Bchool at Pendleton."
State Board of Regents of Oregon Normal School
declares that "the necessity for additional Normal
school facilities iu Oregon is apparent."
-Portluiul Chamber of Commerce endorses measure
308 and say Pendleton most logicul location for Nor
mal school in Eastern Oregon.
308 X YES IS A VOTE FOR YOUR children
Kastern Oregon 8tle Normal Schwil Committee.
(Paid Adv.) Iiy J. It. (iwlnn. Secy., Pendleton, Ore.
-A good carpenter.
fund for other bridges, roads and fer- j Commercial club.
. . . . it 1 M ' A Q YY fB J
rics. When Polk is reaily .Marion win
be waiting . '
Railroad Hearing
Set for November 24
Friday, November 24, has been set
when tlie railroad commission will hold
a hearing of the railroads of the state
of Oregon regarding demurrage nnd re
ciprocal demurrage, as the sume affect
Oregon intrastate traffic. The commis
sion states in its notice to the railrods
that it is satisfied grounds exist to war
rant a hearing being ordered to deter
mine whether such rules nnd regula
tions as are now in force are reason
able or unreasonable, adequate or in
adequate, or in any way unjustly dis
criminatory, to the end that is such
rules and regulations nie found to be
unreasonable that an order may be
made fixing and prescribing such rules
as may be reasonable and just.
The hearing will be held in tho court
house in Portland at 10:30 o'clock in
the morning.
President Wires
to California Club
Los Angeles, Cat., Nov. 2. President
Wilson extended his campaign to Cal
ifornia today in a telegniin to the Wood
row Wilson Independent League here
in which he called upon California to
support the democratic party.
The telegram rend:"
election is to tie
With the whirlwind membership cam
paign of the Commercial club just
twenty five per cent over at noon to
day a comparison of the various com
mittee reports showed 42 new members,
the rejuvenation of 40 memberships
which hail lapsed und the payment of
I !)0 in dues.
This afternoon many of tho commit
tees are working, as it wns decided at
noonday luncheon at the Marion that
the work should go on this afternoon
and tomorrow afternoon instead of for
tnreo hours in each torenoon as wasT
ungiiiuiiy piauneii.
That the mark of 2110 memberships
set as the goal before the campaign
started will be easily passed by to
morrow night is predicted by those in
charge. Chairman Rotlgers is giutified
at the progress made thus fur and feels
that the response given by the citizens
of Maleni shows a lively interest in the
city's welfare and in the work of the
A Visit to the Kafoury Bros.
Daylight Store
will be interesting f
Hv test of this
determined that tpiestion of whether seen to it that the visitors will be well
Teams Are Hustling,
Scurrying in and out of doors, hustl
ing through the big office buildings
nnd whirling around the suburbs in an
tos, some eighty of Salem's leading
citizens today began the two days' cam
paign of the Commercial club to bring
its membership of eight hundred up to
an even thousand.
(icorge P. Kodgers, chairman of the
central campaign committee, is direct
ing the campaign and is personally do
ing much to line up new members. He
has thirteen lieutenants under him,
each of whom eoininuiids a detail of
seven men.
To each of the thirteen tennis were
given cards containing the names nnd
addresses of prospective members. The
entire city has been charted and routes
laid out which will permit of the great
est efficiency in getting around. The
campaign is scheduled to end tomor
row noon when a luncheon will be serv
ed at the Morion similar to that given
With the finish of the campaign to
day for new members and the public
reception tomorrow night nt the Hotel
Marion the first annual "Sulem Week"
will officially end. Tt began Sunday
Charles K. Miller, mnnnger of the
Marion Hotel, has made preparations
to royally welcome the people of Sa
lem nt the house warming Friday night.
The occasion signalizes the formal
opening of the splendid new annex to
the hotel which became a necessity on
account of increasing business.
Pretty near everyone in the city will
be at the hotel for the reception. Mus
ical entertainment has been provided
for by .Vlniinner Miller anil he has also
GIRL OH WOMAN Wanted for gen
eral housework. Phone o.lr2J. nov4
SECOND II AND Lumber and corru
gated roofing wanted. Phone TOKIl.
APPARTM KNTS For rent, desirably
located, partly furnished, reasonable
rent. Phone :i7(i. tf
WANTKD Men and women to patch
sacks. II, Steiubock Junk Co., 302
312 N. Com 'I. novl
WILL.THK PAHTV Who took the
boy 's wngon from 100 Court street
return same! No questions asked, tf
Iho United States can go forward with J
equnl courage, faith and self possession
in the paths of adjusting her laws to
the needs of humanity and progress or
.1.-Lt ..I.- i ..K.. l...lr ni.ni.i mill
wueiuer sue muni nii' ai n .... -
repeatedly collect her forces afresh by
successive stages or more anu more
revolutionary reaction against class
and privilege. The country will, T am
sure, look with confidence to the peo
ple of tho great state of California to
once more vindicate their claims to
belong unmistakably to the forces of
progress by sustaining the democratic
party the only party now known to
be organized for the triumph of. these
taken care of in the line of refreshments.
Just Arrived:
New Wirthmor Waists
in extra sizes
These Waists were designed for the larger size
women in sizes 48, 50 and 52--and by them can be
worn most becomingly. As Wirthmore Waists in
regular sizes, they are priced at just $1.00, and as
everyone must realize they're worth much more.
FOR SALF. 2 yearling sows, title to
t arrow in January. Price $20 each.
Phone tleo. Rniusden, HSF2I. nov4
TAKKN" I'P Ronn pony, star on foro-
Steel Stocks Climb
In Very Active Market
New York, Nov. 2. The New York
Kvening Sun financial review today
Tinted States Steel common and pre
ferred were conspicuously the leaders
of the market, trading in the common
wns brisk, that issue advancing to a
new high record price for all time at
122'A. while preferred toucneo, i;., me
i Wheat Climbs Back
Is Quoted Above $1.85
Chicago, Nov. 2. Wheat showed a 1
sharp recovery today after a heavy do-'
dine yesterday, due chiefly to closin.f
out sales. Buying again became goner-1
al when the market opened nt yester-.
day's prices and steady gains were'
inntle, tlespite reports of rain in Argen- j
tine and indications that some Austra
lian wheat would be marketed in the,
United States. December was up over
today's opening 2 7-8 nt $M 8-H; May:
up :t 5-8 nt ifl..S" 5-8 and July up 2 3-8 j
at 1.4fl :i-8. I
Corn had a good recovery on general ,
commission house buying. December
was up 2VJ at Xliii and Mnv up I 3-8
at 88 1-8. I
Oats were easy and failed to show
the gains along with the other grains.
December was tip 5-8 at 54 1-8 and
Mny up ono at 58,
Provisions were lower on account ot
a grenter amount of stop-loss orders.
DressUp Week
Makes It necessary for clean and
proper Laundry. Our electric process
accomplishes that and mora. It doubles
the life of your linen. See two shirts
at Joe Hains' Store, 305 State street,
after 60 tripe to the Salem Steam
Laundry; can hardly be told from new Bhirts of the same pattern.
It is a good time to change your laundry and let us have that, new
linen, and get the best work to be had It costs no more.
Salem Steam Laundry Co.
head, 2 white hind legs, brand XI on i highest level this year. The minor steel
left shoulder, Jesse Treisch, Rt. 4, 1 shares like Lackawanna and Republic
box 112D. nov were likewise strong and Bethlehem
. : Steel moved forward to a record price
TKN" ACRKS Land for sale, located; also at $070, 25 points abovo the el-
4' miles southwest of Salem. If sold
hv" Monday, $W0 cash will take it.
ciill at 2(i"i S. ISth St. nov4
WANTKD Man to work in bam and
nesiliiv closing.
All of the equipment nnd specialty
issues joined in the movement with
vigor and the certificates of the Mer-
untile Marine were liKewise strong.
milk 12 to 15 cows, lihoiie 14H7 or call Knilrnml shares were more restrained
at Pinckney Bros, duiry, west end although most of the leading issues in
of steel bridge. nov4 j that department ruled firm.
in tlie late session ironing us n-
FOR SALF, Brown Leghorn rooster; what quieter and an easier trend in
40 bushel client feed; 2 young Po- prices was noted. Steel receded frac
bind China boars, Blood Royal breed. ! tionally and Crucible Steel declined a
W. 11. Humphreys, Jr., Shaw, Ore.,
phone 22 F5. ' nov4
Also Called Tetter, Salt Rheum, Pruri
tus, Milk Crust, Water Poison,
Weeping Skin, etc
I believe eczema can be cured' to stay.
I menu just what V sny C V R-K IV anil
NOT merely patched up to return a
gain. Remember, I make this statement
after handling nearly a half million
cases or eczema ami ucvoiing i. years
of my life to its treatment. I don't
care what all you have' used nor how
many doctors have told you that you
could not be cured, all 1 ask is just a
point or more. United States industrial
Alcohol yielded four points from the
day's high.
Canada's Homes
Devastated by War
This is an extract from a letter writ
ten bv Miss Nell llollenbeck, sister of
Mrs. 1). A. Unripe of this , city, to a
friend. Miss llollenbeck has but re
cently gone, to Cornwall, Canada, to
spend tho winter.
"Everything: is war here. You out
in Oregon have not u ghost of an idea
what the people here are passing thru
There is scarcely a home in this town
thut hns not a son or sons and a hus
band away iu the thick of it. More are
enlist .ig and going all the time. 4000
luiiu... tn i.rnvn mv uliiiins I f roii wrile i are-on (heir way over seas now. one
me TODAY, I will send vou'a FREE I hundred fifty four passed thru here en
TRIAL of mild, soothing, guaranteed I route Saturday night, so many were
treatment that will surely convince you
as it has nie. If you are disgusted and
discouraged, J dare you to give me a
chance to prove my claims. By writ
ing me today I believe you will enjoy
more real comfort than you really
thought this world held for yon. Just
try it, and. 1 feel sure you will agree
with me.
Dr. J. E. OANNADAY, 335 Court
Blk., Sednlia Mo.
References: Third National Bank, Se
dalia, Mo.' Send this notice to some
eczema sufferer.
Miller Estate May
disappointed in not seeing their boys;
mothers, wives and sweethearts, all out
at the det. They did not allow the
liovs to leave the train. There was weep-
iug and some fainting iu the crowd,
but war is war as well here as over at
the front and rules are enforced to the
letter. Kve rv of my tricmls seems to be
knitting, hut I said 1 would make band
aires and dressing instead.
"1 will send you a paper some day
.lust to let you sec the long casualty
list, that comes in our every day a pa- lousness.
per. It's dreadful, and how the people i especially valuable. Obtainable every
here watch the list." I where.
Barker, Mr. Clifford.
Brown, Mr. .loo
Clayton, Harry
Chance, Mr. Mirtell
Chniullor, Melvin
Emniort, Mr. Chas.
Esparcia, Mr. Philip
Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. KdJ
niinson, 11. K.
Hall, Mr. O. V.
Ilecker, Mr. Philip
Herb, Mrs. U R.
Hill, Miss Mavme
Hobs, Mr. O. B.
Holt, Mildred
Jackson, Mrs. Johnnie
Jurgcns, Edwin W.
KanimlcrJ as. A.
Kent, Mrs. Win.
2705 Lee St. (Material Mail Order;
Co.) -Lewis,
Mr. K. C.
Martin, H. O.
Miller, Mrs. Myrtle
Moore, Miss Loueose
MoMthouse, Aden
Mnyne, Mr. Victor
O'Connor. Mrs. Stella .
Perry, Mr. Boy
Pettit, Miss Laura
Reese, Mr. Harry
Robert, Mr. and Mrs. Chnrlcj
Russell, Joe A.
Sands, Mr. P. B.
Shoate, Mr. Elgine
Smith, Miss Bessie M.
Stanton, Miss Argyl
Steele, Robert
Sweet, Mr. Wm. H. " I
Thompson, Mr. Dean
Weltv, Mr. Abe
When you feel discouraged and de
spondent do not give np but take
dose of Chamberlain's Tablets and you
are almost certain to feel all right
within a day or two. Despondency is
very often due to indigestion aud bil-
for which these tablets are
mors that the estate consists of land
and money to the value of only $20,
000. It was then learned that in 1913.
r..... T D i before tho nassago of the inheritanco
LidlAJIC IttA I dVHieill law, Miller made a trust deed by which
holdings worth 25,000,000 were trans-
San Francisco, Nov. 2. California : fererd to his son-in-law and daughter,
will fiifht for its share nt tin, full n. i Mr. and Mrs. LoRov Nickcll. who wero
tnte of the late Henry Miller, repre-' empowered to sell property to fulfill
sentntives of the stato controllers of-'tbe bequests made in Mliler's ..will.
;.... ... . i ii... i !o t i Viw tliia
mi- uiiiiuiiui-cii lOOHV, TOtloWIIlg aeC 1 k ""7 nuie!i cuiiieiiu tiiui. nj
liirn'ions bv the late cattleman's exee-1 transfer, both the state and federal in-
.heritnnce tax claims havo been escaped.
University of Washington
University of Oregon
Reduced round trip fares from all Oregon Electric
Stations, November 2, 3 and 4. Return limit Nov. 6.
To Eugene,, from
Salem ... $2.80
Woodburn 3.50
Quinaby 3.10
Oakville i 1.35
E. Independence... $2.55
Albany 1.75
Orville 2.50
Donald 3.75
J. W. RITCHIE, Agent, Salem, Ore