Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 01, 1916, Page TEN, Image 10

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Dr. C. Hartley, specialist, inflamed,
bleeding gums and pyorrhea. 410 U. K.
Bank Bldg. Phone 1S6.
Wanted a small telephone exchange
with 200 or 30(1 subscribers. Stato par
ticulars, price, income, etc., in first
writing. Ross L. Franks, care of Capi
tal Journal. novl
8mntmmHninnniiiimnKimtmtinnmimniii)iimtnninuuituutnnimi tTUttmnmntmmnmiiinnmmmmKnnmiminntmnnntmntiintmmnmi;
All Around Town
Special Attractive Sales for Dress'Up Week at Meyers
Reduced Prices on our entire stock of
New Party Dresses
All the favored shades and models.
New Fall Suits
In newest fabrics and desirable colors; priced reg
ularly up to $35. Dress-up Week Price .... $18.35
New Fall Suits
In splendid styles; formerly priced
Dress-Up Week Price
up to
Entire stock at Special Dress-up Week Prices
Dress-up Week Sale Prices on our entire stock of
For Mother
A new Suit, Coat, Dress,
Waist, Gloves or pair of
Shoes will be in keep
ing with ''Dress Up
For Father
A new Shirt, Neckwear,
Hat, Gloves, Hose or
Shoes will improve his
looks for "Dress Up
For Sister
A new Dress, Coat, Rib
bons, Middy Blouse,
Knit Scarf, Stockings,
or Shoes will help to
celebrate ''Dress Up
For Brother
A new Extragood Suit,
Hat, Tie, Shirt, Stock
ings, Shoes or Overcoat
are bound to make him
look better for "Dress
Up Week"
For Baby
A new Coat, Dress,
Hood, Sweater, Mittens,
Leggins, Bootees, Shoes
or Stockings will let the
baby in on ''Dress Up
Week" too.
Xtragood Clothes
for Boys
Butter ick
Unveiling of Window Display
7:1)0 p. in.
Newcomers ' Night at Commer
cial (,'lub.
Nov. 1. Senator Lane and
Mark Weatherford at Opera
House. .
Nov. 1. United Artisan homecoming.
"Dress Up
Oct. 30-Nov. 4.
Week" in Salem.
November 6. City primary
November 7. Presidential elec
tion. Nov. JO. Victrola Grand Opera
Concert, H Trevatore, at Pub
lic Library.
Nov. 11. Football, Salem high
school vs. Eugene high,
Nov. 18. Football, Willamette
University vs. Pacific Uni
versity, Willamette Field.
Percy R. Kelly
j Republican Candidate for Re-election as
Circuit Judge
Vote for 2.
Paid Adv.
117 W. 0th St.
Albany, Ore.
' '
SJ.0PER At the residence of his pa-
rents, 1085 North Cottage stroet, Tues
; liny, October 31, 1916, A. Gilbert Slop
' er, in his 10th year.
Mr. Hloper enme here about a month
ago from Salt Creek, Oregon, and has
been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Hloper.
He ia survived by his parents, a four-year-old
son, a sister, Mrs. I.illie Lofton
of Waterloo, Oregon, and two brothern
Rosa Hloper of Fresno, Cal., and Leon
Hloper, of Sulein.
funeral services were hold this after
by the Rev. F. T. Porter. Burial was
in Leo Mission cemetery,
KRANTZ In Portland, October 31,
1D16, Nels Olson Krauts, in his 07th
year. '
The body will arrive in the city
Thursday morning and funeral services
will be held in the afternoon at 1:30
o'clock from the chapel of Webb &
Clough- The Rev. George F. Holt will
conduct the services and burial will be
in the City View cemetery under the
auspices of the Artisan lodge.
Save money and your wife's back by
getting Cole's High Oven Range. It
makes work easy and coal bills light.
E. L. Stiff & Hon.
Journal Want Ada Get Besulti Ton
noon from the Sloper home, conducted ' Want Try one and aee.
mnrr A I I
For Winter Colds
You need a ml tonic. Strength It required to overcome
thl troubla. Lai that tonic tw one that U prcially valuable In
catarrhal conditions, and you can eonqutr the cold. A cold la
acuta catarrh : It may become chronic. Chronic catarrh fre
quently become ayatemic, Involving the stomach and the Intes
tinal tract as wall aa Uw noaa or throat It nrwna stagnation.
It clears away the waste matter, diapeli the Inflammation
and tone up the eystem. For forty-five yean it haa been used
in catarrh by thouunda of grateful sufferers, who willlnuly
tell the world of their relief. Pcruna'a long history of helpful-
neat la the bent evidence that it IS
imgg-ngM. 1 "hat you should take.
aTTrrrr-r I Liquid or tablet form for your con.
EIinOEall venlence. . .
Manaiin ! the Ideal laxative and
liver tonic. In tablet form It Is deli
cious to take, mild and cITecttve, with
out unpleasant effects, and will not
form a habit. Liquid, SGc and 11.00 1
UDlets, loc anil zoc.
-11 aeSHV,":nw'MI imtmtmm
' rrtceftOQs. .t.J
THE PERUNA CO, Columbus. O.
A. Licluy and wife, of Silverton, are
regisiereu at tne align.
-Mrs. C. J. Brady returned to her homl
at Ashland this morning.
C. T. Hcln, of Aumsville, was in the
city on business yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Murphy, of Sacra
mento, are visiting in the city.
Mrs. R. C. Butler left for Rnvmonil
! this morning, where she will make her
home. 1
Mr. and Sirs. R. E. Carlton were reg
istered yesterday at the Multuorauh ho
tel in Portland.
G. C. Jones and wife left this morn
ing for C'hetopa, Kansas. They bough
a one way ticket-
F. E. McAllister, cashier of Coolidge
& Median bank, of Silverton, was a Sa
lem visitor yesterday.
J. W. Hnckett, W. J. Bishop and Leo
Edwards, all of McMinuville, were Sa
lem visitors Tuesday.
Elmer J. White, of Scio, enrolled for
the Commercial course of the Cepital
Business college yesterday.
Miss Caroline Davis, of Salem, left
for her home last evening after a visit
here with fricnds.---Ro8eburg Review.
B F. Ryan and wife, of Salem, ar
rived in Roseburg Inst evening to re
main for a few days. Roseburg Review.
Mrs. M. Grout, of Salem, arrived here
last evening to visit with Chas. Grout
and family a tew days. Roseburg Re
view. '
Mrs. H. B Houston arrived here from
Salem last evening and will spend a few
days at the home of Mrs. H. D. Graves.
Roseburg Review.
Mrs. Clyde L. Sherman and small
daughter, Frances, a:e visiting at Jo
dnn Valley, with Mr. and Mrs. Hnivey
Shelton, parents of Mrs. Sherman.
T. A. Livesly, head of T. A. Livesly &
Co., hop buyers, of Salem, spent last
night in Eugene, looking after his busi
ness here. Frank Heyer is his local buy
er. Eugene Register.
Information is wanted regarding Ar
thur K. Sevits of Oregon City who left
his home on the morning of Thursday,
(Vtolier 2tt, for Clieinawa where he ex
pected to secure work. Ho was ill suf
fering from neuralgia. Since leaving
his hmne nothing has been heard of
hi in. He is -" years old, five foot ten
inches in height, weight ISO pounds,
was dressed in overalls, blue flannel
shirt, blue hat and blue coat. Any in
formation about him will be thankful
ly received, by his wife. Address .Mrs.
Arthur F. Sevits, Salem, Ore., rural
route 0, care Mrs. M. H. Sim.
Hartridge Whipp
In Concert at
First Presbyterian
General Admission 25 Cents.
Tickets on Sale at Patton's
3 Both Near and Far
Vision in One Lens
with No Line of
Kryptok Lenses
There la no cement to
cloud the vision no
rough edges to catch
the dirt, the surfaced
is entirely smooth.
Miss A. McCulIoch
208-9 Hubbard Bids.
Phone 109
Johnson's Hat Works, phone 1979
room 4 Glen hotel. Hats cleaned block
ed and renovated. Hats called for and
Chief of Police Welsh and Sergeant
11 iuimo, who went to Portland yester
oay to nring buck the boys arrested 'for
the burglary of Ward K. Richardson's
store recently, have returned with their
quarry. 1 he prisoners are Winter Wil
lis, Max Hoaglni, and Fred Bronigan,
who were caught with the stolen goods
iiii-m. me cinei orougnt back a sack
mu, tuovviiijr gum, tooacco, choco
late slabs, socks, etc., which was part
of the loot taken.
Honey to loan on farmlind city
property on reasonable terms, no com
mission, by the.-,Mutiial. Savings and
Lonn Association, 275 State street. n4
Judge Galloway, in his talk last night
before the Moose lodge, said that the
rapid city life, the kind they live in
Chicago, might be all right for some
folks, but for himself, he "referred the
quiet of the Willamette valley. When
in Chicngo while taking a litte joy ride
on the Eevnted, he was packed in so
ugnt with a few other thousaind human
beings that he could hardly breathe, and
in the excitement of trying to get off,
in the grand rush, lost Mrs. Galoway
and had a hard time finding her in that
city of two and a half million souls.
Mrs. Kitts will be with us Thursday
and Friday with a sample line of suits
and coats from Xew York. Fullertou's,
415 State, 114 Liberty.
O r-
Dr. Moore, district superintendent of
the Methodist church, Dr. Parkinson of
Eugene, and Dr. McCulIoch of Portland
are in conference today with the direct
ors and those interested in the Old Peo
ple's Home. W. W. Brown, of eastern
Oregon, has offered the Home fMO.OOO
provided a liko amount be raised by
next July and tho plans of those mostly
interested provide for the raising of $5,
000 in Salem and a like amount outside
of the city. When the 10,000 is sub
scribed the board of the Old People's
Home will be in a position to begin the
erection of the proposed 25,0110 home in
Mrs. Kitts will be with us Thursday
and Friday with a sample line of suits
and coats from New York. Fullerton's.
415 State, 114 Liberty.
Due to the congested condition in the
iron factories of the east, the new gas
generator ordered by the Portland Rail
way, L,ight & Power company last June
has not arrived. It will not be installed
and in operation until November 12.
Hence, gas cannot be made fast enough
to supply all consumers. As many cus
tomers of the company are wholly de
pendent upon gas for cooking, lighting
and heating having no other mean of
light or heat, the company will find it
necessary to cut off the service of those
who have wood cook stoves and other
means of light. In a letter to its cus
tomers, the company says no minimum
charge will be made during the period
that gas is shut off.
All diamonds and jewelry worn by
livin models at Merchants Dress-up
show at Oregon theatre are from the
stock of Hartman Bros.
The window committee of "Dress Up
yeek" called on every merchant in the
city this afternoon in order to get a
complete list of those entering for the
two awards of the window dressing con
test to be decided when the windows
are unveiled this evening at 7:30
o'clock. Two eups will be offered, the
10 silver trophy of Hartman Bros., and
the 12.50 silver cup offered by the U.
S. National bank. Both of these awards
may be seen this evening iu the display
windows of Hartman Bros. Any mer
chants not called on this afternoon are
requested to notify the committee at the
Commercial club by 6 o'clock this even
ing, as it is the intentions of the com
mittee to secure the entries of all who
have on special window displays. '
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glauue-
correctly. U. S. Bank. Bid.'.
A chimney fire at the Kimball College
of Theology yesterday evening at 7
o'clock colled out the department. No
damage was done.
Frederick S. Lamport, lawyer, has
moved to No. 212-13, Hubbard bldg. tf
Warren Fruits, of Merrill, Klamath
county, Oregon, has enrolled as a stu
dent in the commercial course at the
Cupital Business college.
Chas. B. Hodgkin, general insurance,
301 Hubbard building. Phone 386,
Joseph H. Albert bought a house and
lot yesterday on South Twelfth street,
tlivoiiL'h the acency ot W. ii. Urafien
borst & Co. J'red H. Waters was the
grunt or.
Dr. F. H. Thompson of 416 Bank of
Commerce bldg., specializes in Eye,
Ear, Nose and Throat. tf
Marriage licenses were issued this
afternoon to Russel Edward Edincads,
irculation manager of the Capital
Journal, and Delia Livena Warren; and
Albert Eggman, a Silverton tanner, and
Olive ueruer.
He Came back If you have any old
carpets you wish woven notify S. A
Dobncr, phone IHOliR. rtovll
In the matter of the estate of Edward
Whedbee, deceased, Mrs. Emma A,
Whedbee was appointed administratrix
this afternoon by Judge Bushey. The
estate is .valued at $3,200, real and
personal property.
Mark V. Weatherford, democratic
ami prohibition candidato for congress,
win spenK'ai ine opera nouse ivcuuea-
lay, 2ov. 1 at a o clock.
Miss Myrtle Grace Connor and
George M. Becker, living near Gervais,
were married tnis morning oy tne Jtev.
F. T. Porter, at the Christian church
parsonage. The ceremony was witnessed
by Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Becker.
Mark V. Weatherford, democratic
and prohibition candidato for eqngress,
will speak at the opera house Wednes
day, Nov. 1 at b o clock.
Police Matron Shank, who went to
Portland yesterdav on business connect
ed with the Florence Crittenden Home,
returned to the Capital City early yes
terday evening. She went up on the
Oregon Eleetric.
Wonderful laundry work Since Feb-
rurav tho Salem steam laundry nas
been using the electric process in their
washroom. To demonstrate, Bee two
shirts at Joe Haines' store window,
305 State street. After sixty washings
they are hardly distinguishable from
new shirts of the same pattern. Why.
not get the best laundry work to be
had. It costs no more. The Salem Steam
laundry, oldest, lamest, test. tf
S. C. Kightlinger, who lives on Miller
street between Commercial ami Liberty
streets, reported to the police this morn
ing that a gang of boys about IS years
of age or more broke down his fence.
The chief took the matter up and will
go the limit with the perpetrators of the
leed. Jew cases of rondvism were re
ported although it was Hallowe'en.
l.-.- r .-.-TC-'r.y i, tt
in Trip ?risiov
I with two
A purposes
Look up look down, the distant
scene becomes sharp and distiuct, and
the printed page is clear and easy to
Sm-h is the Comfort and Helpfulness
of Dr. Mendelsohn's Kryptoks.
I only fit genuine Kryptok lenses
nnd replace your lens free of charge
for one year if necessary.
Booms 209-210-211 V. S. Nat'l Bk. Bldg
Mark V. Weatiierrora, democratic
and prohibition candidate for congress,
will speak at the opera house Wednesday,-
Nov. 1 at 8 o clock.
Patriotism and civic pride were the
subjects of addresses made this after
noon at the theatres, as part of the pro
gram of Salem week. Paul R. Smith
spoke at Ye Liberty, Fred S. Bynon at
the Bligh aud Benjamin Brick at the
Dr. Stone's Drug Store for trusses.
Elmo S. White, as attorney for peti
tioners asking tor a road to ne graveled my kfjh
in the Garden Road Home district, pre- !w WIIU
sented a petition this afternoou to the
county court asking that a dirt road in
that district be graveled. The petition
is signed by lli.
Dr. Stone makes no charge for con
sultation, examination or prescription.
Household Furniture. Woodry
the Auctioneer will pay highest
cash price for same. Phone 511.
Herbert Hoefling, age 16, of Route
No. 1, R. F. D., and Frank Walluee Stev
enson, age 21, of Independence, have
filed applications to enlist in the V. S.
navy. They lire straightening out their
business at home and when the crops are
in will complete the enlistment.
All together boost Salem made ci
gars La Corona and llygraile.
Members of the Salem Poultry asso
ciation met last evening to consider
plans for the annual show. The general
opinion was that the month of Decem
ber was n better time for the annual
show and it is probable that some time
early in the month will be chosen. The
association is in communication with
those selected for judges.
The home is nov complete without a
Sonora Talking Machine. Mvrtle Know
land, 421 Court St.
October was a dry month in more
than one respect, as the records show
that only 544 affidavits wece made by
those iu need of the kind of alcoholic,
stimulants sold at Hornibrook, Cal., and
other points that ship booze into Ore
gon. This is considerable of a falling
off from the September record when
1,478 quarts were received at Salem,
compared to the October record o'f l,uss
Special showing of splendid new
iiirnles in millinery, dancing lints espe
cially featured on living models in
window display tonight from 7:30 to
!) p. m. and later to lie displayed at
Oregon theatre style show. The Wench
Shop. 3."i!l State street.
Any KiriD
Any time
First-class work. All kinds
of repairing. AH work guar
anteed. Twenty-five years'
experience. Leave orders at
Wylie B. Allen Co., phone 1187.
Residence phone 1405.
915 Highland Avenue.
hen you want to go in
haste with a clean car and
small faro and you must get to
a place, Phone to me, I'll take
you there.
Phones: Day 13; Nights 882.
Oct.St Hubbard Bldg.
When In 8ALEM, OREGON, ttoa at
Strictly Modern
Free and Private Baths
KATES: 75c, fl.00, 11.50 FEB DAT
The only hotel in the,, business district.
N'earest to all Depots, Theatres and
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away From Horn,
f. O. BLIGH. Pros.
Both Phones. Free Auto But.
Salem's Best Market Place
Attractive features of quality
products not easily found.
Martin's genuine Xew York
Cheddar Cheese, pound 40c
Wisconsin fresh Block Swiss
Cheese, sweet and moist, 11). 40c
Pineapple Cheese, always good,
each .... 75c
Finnan Hoddie, jar 25c
Copres Xonpnriel, bottle 25c
Anchovies in oil, bottle 35C-50C
Imported Mushrooms, van .... 30c
Jamacha, Ripe Olives, quart
can 50c
Milcher Herring, gal, keg. ..$1.75
Pomegranates, 3 for 25c
Persimmons, 3 for 10C
California Grape Fruit, each 10c
-New Stock 'arriving daily that
will please the fastidious palate.
Xew crop fancy California
seeded Raisins, 2 pUgs ....25c
Xew Crop Fancy- Recleaned
Sicilian Currants, pkg 15c
Xew Crop Fancy Blenched
Thompson Seedless Raisins,
pound 18c
Imported Citron, pound 30c
Orange mid l.einnn Peel, lb. 25c
Sweet Apple Cider, gallon. ...25c
Boiled Cider, bottle 20c and 30c
French Prune Butter, jar 15c
Chestnuts, home grown, lb 18c
Cranberries, pound
Xew Sauer Kraut, pound 5c
Special For Saturday
A liimted number of country killed
and dressed hens and young roosters
at 2lic and 2Sc a pound respectfully
Westacott-Thielsen Co.
426 State Street
Salem, Oregon, Nov. 1, 1916
To the Public of Salem:
We wish to thank you for the patronage you
have accorded us during the past year and again
beg to call your attention to the fact that the
Midget Market is still adhering to the policy we
adopted when we first opened.
During this time our business has grown be
yond our expectations, which we think is the best .
indication of your appreciation.
Our object has been to furnish you with meat
of the best quality at the lowest possible prices.
To convince yourself as to whether we have suc
ceeded ask any of your acquaintances from any
other city the meat prices prevailing in their
home town and compare them with what you
pay in Salem. Do you remember the high prices
you paid before we came? Cattle are higher
now than then and the retail price of meat is
lower. Why? Think it over and the reason will
be apparent.
We have all the facts to show that we orig
inated the low meat prices in Salem.
This is our first anniversaiy week and we are
going to celebrate it by having a few surprises
for Saturday. Watch Friday evening paper.
Respectfully yours,