Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 31, 1916, Page TEN, Image 10

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Special Attractive Sales for Dress-Up Week at Meyers
Reduced Paces on our entire'stock of
New Party Dresses
All the favored shades and models.
New Fall Suits .
In newest fabrics and desirable colors; priced reg
ularly up to $35. Dress-up Week Price .... $18.35
New Fall Suits
In splendid styles; formerly priced
Dress-Up Week Price
up to
Entire stock at Special Dress-up Week Prices
Dress-up Week Sale Prices on our entire stock of
For Mother
A new Suit, Coat, Dress,
Waist, Gloves or pair of
Shoes will be in keep
ing with ''Dress Up
For Father
A new Shirt, Neckwear,
Hat, Gloves, Hose or
Shoes will improve his
looks for "Dress Up
For Sister
A new Dress, Coat, Rib
bons, Middy Blouse,
Knit Scarf, Stockings,
or Shoes will help to
Celebrate ' Dress Up
For Brother
A new Extragood Suit,
Hat, Tie, Shirt, Stock
ings, Shoes or Overcoat
are bound to make him
look better for "Dress
Up Week" .
For Baby
A new Coat, Dress,
Hood, Sweater, Mittens,
Leggins, Bootees, Shoes
or Stockings will let the
baby in on "Dress Up
Week" too.
, Wednesday Surprise Number 819
lUmUrrUW A Sale of Imported Japenese
Crepe Kimonas, hand embroi- 95 EcL
dered, to sell at - - - - V
If you want to see real ' Kimona bargains, attend this sale Tomorrow
Genuine Japanese hand embroidered garments in pretty styles -choice of
lavender, light blue, delft blue, coral, light green. We; place these on sale
Tomorrow a s a special "Dress - Up Week" attraction. Wednesday Sur
prise Sale price $1.95 Ead,
Sale starts at 8:30. 1 See window display '
Xtragood Clothes
for Boys
Percy R, Kelly
, ItepublicHit Candidate for Re-election as
Circuit Judge
i! Vote for 2. Address: 117 W. Cth St.
raid Adv. Albnny, Ore.
O. C. .Tones will leave tomorrow for
Kansas City.
Karl Burr, of Hosefourg, was in tho
city yesterday.
R. C. Churchill was in the city yes
terday from Albany.
L. N. Boney, of Eugene, was register
ed at the Bligh Alomlay.
(leorgo Duusford returned yesterday
after a two week' visit at Newport.
Siduey Brown, of Great Kails, Mont.,
was registered yesterday at the Capital
Chief of Police Welsh and Police
man At Foland went to Portland this
J. A. Churchill and two daughters
were in Portland Monday registered at
ti. i,,,ti
O- E. Ray, of Cuming, Cal., is in the
cny looKing over me ciiy wiiix tne in
tention of locating here.
J. U. Richardson, of the Corporntion
a ... , i ..... l i i
u-iariiiii-ui, i:ni iu i uriiltllll Illl-S morn
ing on the Oregon Electric,
versify of Paris, who had' been here a
lew iiuys delivering lectures to local
....iwt.ii t.n..ii..u l...', :ii i...in..
for Salem. Prof. Deschiunps' lectures
111.-11, ii ij ii.i I i-1 1 v nun MIUUKIII IllllLU
appreciation from his auditors. Rose
burg Review.
. . The peopla living on Seventeenth
street between Court and Market appar
ently are satisfied with the present po
litical condition as about three-fourths
I of the houses display Wilson pictures.
Hartridge Whipp
. In Concert at
First Presbyterian
NOVEMBER 1st, AT 8:00 P. M.
General Admission 25 Cents.
Tickets on Sale at Patton's
New York Herald
Concedes Wilson's Election
-ResulUf Poll Taken
New Yoik, Oct. 31. The New York
Herald's struw vote to dnto shows Wil
son leading Hughes in states which
have 31)1 electoral votes. . Only 2C6 elec
toral votes arc necessary for election.
The states which the Herald gives to
President Wilson are Colorado, Con
necticut, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky,
Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mon
tana, New York, Ohio, Washington,
West Virginia, Wisconsin and all the
south. Kven without New York which
the president will carry by upward of
lnu.uud the Herald shows he would have
2S electoral votes.
"The drift during the week was un
questionably in the president's direc
tion," the Herald says.
Columbus, O., Oct. 29. Tho Evening1
Dispatch's poll to date: !
Wilson, :U,445.
Hughes, 22,214.
T his is thej2f5?
Buffalo, N. Y-, Oct. 2'.). The Cour
ier's poll to date:
Wilson, 1D..")70.
Hughes, 7,35(1.
GOKTTLK In the city, Monday Oeto-
uer ju, Wiii, i'red mettle, in his 35th
He is survived by his parents and a
brother. The body was forwarded to
day by Webb & Clough to St. Paul
where services were held this afternoon
in the Cutholic church.
BURPEE To Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bur
pee, at me tamiiy nome two miles
east of Salem, October 31, a son.
Mother and child are doing well.
"Th Tour Per Cent Bear Amend
ment" will be discussed bv Attorney
General George M. Brown tiiis evening
at the First Methodist church at 6:30
o'eloek, following the dinner given by
ia ni u'ciock eiuo. Mr. Brown bus
the official figures to show that the pro
posed light beer with four per cent al
cohol is about the same kind that is
made iu England and the larger German
breweries. Walter C. Winslaw will
speak on, "prohibiting the Importation
of Liquor."
Mrs. Robert Maths, who left Salem
Snturday for Newport, because of the.
serious illness of her mother, Mrs. Wil
liam H. Allen, reports that Mrs. Allen
m no better. She will remain indefinite
ly at Newport. Mrs. Allen is well known
TTS different frot
I others because more care '
is taken in the milking'
ana the materials useu are
higher grade.
Black Silk
Stove Polish
Makes a brilliant, silky polish thnt does
nut rub off or dur.t oil, an.ltliOfthinelanta
four times us loner as ordinary move
polish. Used on Rumple stoves and void
by hardwnre ami irocpry dealers.
All wo iwk la a trial. Ibcitonyoureookotore,
your pnrlor itove or your aru rnnirc. If you
don't tlnd it th tost tow polUh you ever
twod, your dealer i authorized to rvfimd your
money. Insist on Ulack Silk Stove Polish.
Mwn in liquid or puta- -oue quality.
Black Silk Stove Polish Works
Sterling, Illinois
(Tm Black Silk AlrDrylna Iran Enamol on
BratM.rcKitfrt.tivr-))tp- ppuvenu ruftinjr.
line Black Silk Motal-Potlah for silver, nickel
orbrosa. It baanooqual for imod Mtowobika.
All Around Town
l t M
Oct. 31 Senator Gore of Okla
homa will speak at the
Oct. 31. Special membership
' meeting at Commercial club.
Oct. 31. Christian Science Lec
ture at Opera House. Free.
Nov. 1. Senator Lane and
Mark Wcatherford at Opera
Nov. 1. United Artisan, home
coming. Nov. 3. Mark Wcatherford,
democratic candidate fqr
congress, at armory.
Oct. 30-Nov. 4. "Dress Up
Week" in Salem.
November 6. City primary
November 7. Presidential elec
tion. Nov. 10. Victrola Grand Opera
Concert, 11 Travatore, at Pub
lic Library.
Nov. 11. Football, Salem high
school vs. Eugene high.
Nov. 18. Football, Willamette
University . vs. Pacific Uni
versity, Willametto Field.
Moose dance tonight. Good music,
good time.
A committee of 30 business men were'
appointed last evening at a meeting of
the directors, physicians and business
men interested in the Salem hospital, to
investigate the procedure to be taken
iu regard to the buildiug of a new Su
lcm hospitul.
Moose dance tonight. Good music,
good time.
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, flu glasse-
eorrectly. U. 8. Bank! Bid..
The Yantis property which has been
purchased by A. B. Heeley is undergo
ing extensive repairs. '
Drink Cereo, the liquid food, the
health drink. Ask your grocer. tf
Tomorrow is All Saints day and serr-.
ices will be observed at !l:30 o'clock in!
he morning at fct. Paul's church. I
o I
Frederick S. Lamport, lawyer, has
moved to No. 21213, Hubbard bldg. tf
Notwithstanding the unfavorable i
weather last night, two squads of the
Salem Rifle club reported for the Mon
day night drill nt the old armory.
Chas. B. Hodgkin, genera insurance,!
301 Hubbard building. Phone 386.
novl7 l
Senator Gore will arrive in the city
this evening on the (i:40 Oregon Klectric
from Portland. He spoke last night at
Astoria. ;lle speaks ut the armory at
8 o'clock tonight.
Dr. F. H. Thompson of 416 Bank of
Commerce bldg., specializes in Kye,
Ear, Nose and Throat. tf
Sandy Trier was picked up by Officer
White last night on a .charge of being
drunk. 1ft was given a hearing this
morning in the police court and fined
$10, which he paid.
Dr. Stono's Drug Store makes free
delivery. Phone 3.1.
The work being done by the city on
Bush creek is progressing rapidly. The
brush is being cut out and the channel,
struightened. The work is being push-1
ed forward rapidly and from the ex
penses so far incurred, it is figured
that the work can be done nt a much
less expense thun at first estimated.
Moose dance tonight. Peerless orches
tra. Ucuts 50c. Ladies 23c.
, o
Three ducks and two drakes in a
miniature lake with cnttnils in the cor
ners and real mud on the floor forms
the interesting window display of Watt
Miipp's sporting goods house this week.
The ducks are real live ones and are
of the family of Mallards. They at
tract quite a" bit of attention as they
splash about apparently as contented as
can be.
He Came back If . you have any old
carpets you wish woven notify S. A.
Dobner,,' phone ISOliK. nov2
Chief of Police Welsh and Police Ma
tron Shank are in Portland, today to
briiij back to Salem the men caught in
Portland and arrested on a charge of
burglarizing Ward K. Richardson's
store on Front street some time ago.
It is believed by the officers that this
capture will clear up other burglaries
that have taken place recently in Sa
The spools will walk at Aumsville
tonight. Mig masquerade iliince. Salem
music. Masques on sale at the hall.
The republicans wiH hold their final
rally of the campaign at the armory
next Monday evening. All the republi
can candidates from Marion county who
wil come before the voters next Tues
day will be asked to tell why the af-
fairs of the state should be entrusted
to their tender mercies. The rally w ill
be preceded w ith a parade aud plenty of
red fire and also baud music.
Pull together Tor a better Salem and
a better home with a Sonora Talking
Machine. Mvrtle KiionUuid, 421 Court
A chimney- fire last night at . the
home of L. L- Williams, 1S04 Ferry,
about 6 o'clock was reported to the fire
department. The department responded.
No damage was done.
Don't forget the Hallowe'en mas
querade ball at Aumsville tonight.
The Loyal Sons aud Daughters of the
First Christian church observed Hal
lowe'en with a combination party last
evening in the church parlors with re
freshments including cider and pumpkin
Boost Salem Smoke up. Hygrade
Salem made cigars.
The month of October was not such an
awfully dry month after all, accordingj
to the records of the weather bureau at
the O. C. T. dock. There was a rainfall
of 1.43 inches, compared to l.'U) inches
for October of 115. It just happened
that this amount of rain fell during four
days, while a year ago the 1.00 inches
were spread over 14 days. The highest
temperature for October was 74 on the
15th of the month and the lowest 32 on
the morning of the 4th. Kleven days
were cloudy, seven foggy and 13 clear.
The river rose .6 of a foot yesterday
and now tho guage reads, .3 of a foot
below ero. The river average for the
month was one foot below low water
n l
There Is only
It Is the first
wheat food
with a deli
cious flavor.
a r : 1?.... - -1?
r. m
Look for "
Tonight the Stayton people will hear
the republican issues discussed by Gov
ernor Withycombe, Ivan G. Martin, Sey
mour Jones, N. I). Klliutt and others in
terested in what the voters are going to
do a week from todny.
Moose dance tonight. Peerless orches
tra. Gents "0e. Ladies 2.1c.
Ivan O. Martin, John H. Albert and
the Hev. James Klvin spoke Yesterday
morning at Willamette chapel before the
faculty and student body on civic pride.
civic improvement and city loyalty. The
addresses were part of the Salem week
Mark V. Weatherford, democratic
and prohibition candidate for congress,
will speak at the opera house Wednes
day, Nov. 1 at 8 o'clock.
Prosperity is all right if so many
didn't get it at the siime time. Just as
the Salem Fruit Union has an abund
ance of orders to ship, the people who
are manufacturing boxes for the Union
have so ninny orders on hand that those
of the Union cannot be properly filled,
and as a result, the Salem Fruit Union
forces have been laid off four days
just waiting for boxes iu whic h to pack
prunes and npples.
For a good time attend the Hallow
e'en masquerade ball, Aumsville to
night. Special music. Masques for sale
at the hall.
The car shortage is helping boost the
price of potatoes. California commis
sion houses are now offering higher
prices with the hope that by this means
they will receive the shipments of po
tatoes so bndly needed. This week com
mission houses have paid $1.25 and $1.35
a hundred. Mangis Bros. Wv are 32
cars behind on their orders aud have
received only one during the past three
Mark V. Weatherford, democratic
and prohibition candidate for congress,
will speak at the opera house Wednes
day, Nov. I nt S o'clock.
Wonderful laundry work Since Feb
ruray the Salem Steam laundrv has
Jbecn using the eloctric process in their
washroom, to demonstrate, see two
shirts at Joe Haines' store window,
305 State street. After sixty washings
they are hardly distinguishable from
new shirts of the same pattern. Why
not get the best laundry work to be
had. It costs no more. The Salem Steam
laundry, oldest, lurtcst, best. tf
To the friends of our brother who
were so kind to him during his long
affliction and for their assistance in
performing fhe Inst sail rites, we ex
tend our sincere thanks.
Mrs. A. Marvin,
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Dun no.
Silverton, Oregon.
Mark V. Weatherford, democratic
and prohibition candidate fcfr congress,
will speak at the. opera house .Wednes
day, Nov. 1 at 8 o'clock.
It was announced yesterday that flour
would advance 20" cents a barrel yester
day in Portland aud of course, Portland .
quotations are always reflected in 8a- -lem.
But there seemed to be a hiteliv.-fm
somewhere as several of tho Portland '
mills refused to get in on the proposed
advance, and the result was that no one
advanced the figure five cents a sack.
Hence flour in Salem is soiling at tho
figures of Yesterday. Score one for the
good housekeeper.
Any coming to my offices can rest
assured that there will be no experi
menting with your eyes. My 34 yearn
of practical experience is always- nt
Your service. Dr. M. P. Mendelsohn,
rooms 20H-2I0-2U V. 8. Nat '1 Hunk -Hldg.
The trial of Asa Tindall, on a charge
of petty larceny, which was scheduled
for 2 o'clock tliis afternoon in the po- .
lice court, was postponed until 10
o'clock Tuesduy morning. The following
are the jurors drawn this morning at !
o'clock: H. S.- Poisal, W. II- Dancy, II.
C. Hunter, J. P. Heed, L. H. Compton
and B. B. Duncan. Asa Tindall, the ex
pressman, 'feels that the similarity of
name has caused him to lie looked upon
with suspicion. It is only justice to
sny that he is not charged with mi?
The French Shop at 3S9 State etreci
wishes to announce that Wednesday ev
ening from 7:30. until 0:110 o clock thnt
there will be a display of all the latest
millinery creations on Hying models,
these will include dancing and evening
huts of all special designs, made an I -designed
by .Mile. M. Buffo. A display
will follow later at the Oregon theater.
No man who can work need be a sub
ject of charity this winter as there is
plenty of work for all. Bight now theio
is a demand for workers by the fore- ,
man who has the job of cleaning out
Bush creek, the work beginning neiir
Cross and Fourteenth streets. The city .
council appropriated $1,000 for this
work to be done under the direction of
tho committee on sewers, A. B. Huddel
son, Glen Unruh and G. C. Millet. Brush
will be cleared out ami the creek will be
straightened so that it may curry off
the water and avoid the possibilty m'
floods this winter. Work started tf
uuy. A moot court was held last evening
in Judge Galloway's rooms at. the cour
house by the students of Willamette '
university. Jt was a case of replevin
of a detachable fireplace mantle taken,
out of a house during a fire. The do- '
'fendant was represented by Merrill
Lamport and Miller Hirydcn and tho
plaintiff by Kusscll Brooks and Daniel
Hill. The jury after solemnly think
ing over the situation for ID minutes,
returned a verdict in favor of the plain
tiff. Those sitting on the jury wero
Bruzier Small. Russell Fields, Joe Mc- ,
Arthur, Hubert Belknap, hennetn
bavnr and Fred Smith.
Household Furniture. Woodry
the Auctioneer will pay highest
cash price for same. Phono 511.
amy kimd
ijc 56 ikjfi )c Sjf )C SjC 3C 9c )t 5
First-class work. All kinds
of repairing. AH work guar-
anteed. Twenty-five years' ;
experience. Leave orders at
Wylie B. Allen Co., phono 1187.
Residence phone 1405. '
015 Highland Avenue.
( ( fr
When you want to go in
baste with a clean car and
small faro and you niiijst get to
a place, Phone to uie, I'll take v
yon there. -
Phones: Day 13; Nights 882.
Oct.3t Hubbard Bldg.
Now Located at 469 State Street
Opposite Oregon Electric Depot. Everything in the
store is new and choice. We gave the people of Salem
best values at lowest prices for 16 years and are still
doing it. Pay your old friends a visit.
A. McEvoy, Prop.
iu Salem.