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Styles in .
Minton, Haviland & Co. and Austrian China,
Johnson Bros, and Grindley & Co.
English Semiporcelains.
Homer Laughlin and K. T. K.
American Porcelains
Every one an open stock pattern so that you can
replace breakage and add to your set from time to t
Its a pleasure to show you our goods.
The Store of Housewares
135 N. Liberty
Pure Blood means Perfect Health
Will Make Your Blood Pure yffff,r
,Th Swift Specific Co.
tar k
I Mrs. L. F. (iriffith returned Friday
evening from a lew days visit in Port
land. m m
About ltl young girls who nre mem
berg o the' Kitrhi Oaninii Cainpfiro
club, gathered at tho home of Mr. and
Mrs. A, li. Johnson recently to pnrtiei
te in the gnycties of nn informal ev
ening given by Miss Thulma Johnson
and the MiBses Winifred KcHihnrdt and
Ilessie Hretty.
The ar(y wns hold in the basement
of the residence and tho evening was
rounded out with Hallowe'en games
and refreshments.
Mrs. J, W. Si'lmller was tho recipient
of a pleasant surprise luncheon on
Thursday, when sevorul of her friends
gathered at her home on Uerry avenue,
to celebrate the anniversary of her
birthday. After luncheon tho guests
enjoyed an afternoon of music and
Those present were: Mrs. James Mat
hews, Mrs. Lloyd Hamaden, Mrs. Karl
Kace, Mrs. Jlenry Sauer, Mrs. 1'. Koss
nian, Mr. ami Mrs. K. 1. Hynn, Mrs.
(.'. 0. Witzel, Mrs. William ilngedorn,
MrB. C. Mundinger, Mrs. Jessie Lucas.
Mrs. Alycone Hill of Fruit Vale, Cal
ifornia, who has been tho guest of her
undo and aunt, Ucneral and Mrs. W.
II. Hyars, left today for a several days
visit iu Eugene before returning to her
home in tho south.
On Wednesday tho members of the
i .-un.-j.li u 1I
The Careful Dresser
Selects his Shirt with the same amount of care as
he would a suit or an overcoat.
He Considers
Not only the Coat, but also the style, the quality,
the workmanship, and the way that it harmonizes
with the rest of his apparel.
How Can This Be Done?
By making his selection at the store which carries
a line of Shirts possessing all the merits above men
tioned plus those additional qualities resultant from
master workmanship.
Such a line
Of Shirts can be fonnd at BARNES' CASH STORE.
By Ida M.TarbiU
Doe any American today see
bigger, or more dispassionately or
more clearly thai. President Wil
son? I believe that Progressives
will see this;
ygw'" " Jfj if they dont it
jf is a reflection
I on their intel-
hS licence.
Jf - President
rrijson n a s
proved his fit
ness to lead
not yet
fJ aJ "me to
I II convert t h e
II man vlin irino
for his pound
of flesh, nor
alter the vicw.q
of him who fails to see that
bloody war is but the primitive
expression of savage weakness
promoted by the ignoble desire of
conquest or revenge. But he has
forced respect for neutrality, and
he has handled his delicate Mex
ican inheritance with tart and
Jolly Neighbors "club "enjoyed the infor
mal afternoon for which Mrs. Davis
Kees ami Miss Harwich were hostesses
at the home of the former on IS'orth
cottage street.
The house was prettily decorated
with bright lined autumn leaves and
Hallowe'en novelties. During the after
noon n contest was hold and prizes were
given, l.atcr the hostesses served a
luiiity repast.
Those present were: Mrs. M. H. Xet-
ter, Mrs. John Fisher, Mis. Mary Hoise,
Mrs. Walter Hatch, Mrs. K. H. I'rothcro,
Miss t'arrie Orabenhorst and Miss Flor
ence Mcl'leerv.
Tonight the Nnlcm Floral society will
celebrate it's first birthday with a
Hallowe en partv at the Commercial
club. A splendid programme has been
arranged tor the evening and several
other features also will make the cele
bration an interesting one.
r.vervone who is interested in mak
ing Kalein beautiful is invited to at
tend. .,
The Silver Bello circle of the W. ().
AV. held a meeting nt the McC'ornaek
hall on Friday evening. Officers were
elected during the evening and later re
freshments were served.
A number of members from out of
town chapters attended the meeting.
.Mrs. Uertha Leach, granil hanker ol
Portland, wus among the visitors.
Thursdiiv evening the vommer mem
bers of the South Nufem Friends church
entertained the older members ami
their friends nt a chicken pie supper in
the church basement.
Mrs. J. W. Woodruff of Kaiser Bot
tom, left Saturday for Eugene, where
flip will lie the guest of her daughter,
Mrs. frank .leuKins (Kae Woodruff),
for a couide of weeks.
Salem girls who take part in the
Dress l'p Week S.'yle Show at the Ore
gon theatre on Wednesday, Thursday
anil Friday will be able to say that they
nave appeared with a head-liner, it
will be the truth for Miss Mabel
VHughan who is ono of the professional
models to be featured in the merchants
show comes from one of the foremost
garment shops in America. Kvery wo
man has heurd of "Lucille ' (Lady
Duff (iordon) and her wonderful Fifth
avenue shop. Kvery woman has hard
of the grace, the superb carriage and
tne winsome beauty of the living man
nikins who have done their share in
making Lucille creations true works of
Miss Vaughan was with the Lucille
establishment before coming to the I'll
citic l onst. She is supKsed to bo one
of the best, if not the foremost, model
thnt has ever appeared on tho Pncitic
coast nnil has taken a prominent part
in all of the big style shows held Hi
the Pacific northwest this season.
She is ipiiet and refined, not a bit
inclined to talk about herself or her
work just anxious to do everything
possible to make the big co-operative
merchants show a complete success.
"Yes, 1 am from the east. 1 havo work
ed in some of the bigger establishments.
Hut what does that matter," was Miss
Vaughan "s answer to a request that she
tell Salem folks something about her
work in the tug shops. "1 am through
with Mew York and modeling as a
profession tnat is after this Swtem
show. My contract with Mr. Allen
closes with thie appearance and I have
plans tor the future that I can hardly
confide to the public," and so saying
she moved her. hand just a wee mite
enough to display a beautiful solitaire
which would imply a world of ex
planations to auv girl.
- .
Mrs. Lawrence T. Harris is visiting
friends in Kugene and is tho house
guest of Mrs. H. 8. Hrvsun. Thursday
night Mrs. Harris was a guest at the
brilliant charily ball giveu by the
Thursday afternoon charity club, of
wuicu sue lormerly was a member.
Miss Bernice Craig has returned from
Kugcue, where she was the week cud
guest of friends at the Kappa Kauua
uoinma sorority nouso.
w . .
Mr. aud Mrs. A. W. Reckley (Jennie
r.agmgton) of i novoy, Mexico, who are
visiting the tatter's parents in Hood
Hiver, arc being congratulated upon the
invent or a n, born yesterday.
Hoth Mr. and Mra. Bccklcy formerly
aucnueu tne vt uiamct e University,
Lyons News.
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Lyons, Or., Oct .28. Mr Peter Xeal
on and family of Sublimity were vis
itors at Lyons Wednesday.
Johu Shelton of Jordan Valley ii
hauling oats to the feed store at' Ly
No school Friday afternoon feo.li
er and rtumla wern hiisv mnvimi , it...;.
jnpw school building.
The new school house was dedicated
Saturday night, a fine program and
lunch was served. Mr, Jenkins, the
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Onepackage
proves it 25c at all druggists.
"Old Bill Jones" for Whom
Death Has Lost Its Sting
Writes to Paper .
Los Angeles, Cal., Oct. 28. If some-
timo today or tomorrow the police "sui
cide wagon" picks up what remains of
an old broken man with the letter "C."
pinned to hi shirt, they will know it's
"Bill Jones," for iwiom death has lost
its sting.
To a local paper Bill wrote a letter
telling his life story mid asking that the
morgues be watched.
"When I was a small boy I heard
mother and futher quarreling over an
act of mine." Bill wrote. "I' don't
believe he is my son' I overheard my
father say. I-learned subsequently he
nen, ana it Drone mother's heart.
"The night he -died he said, 'Son,
your father is going rub my arms.' I
said 'No!' .
"The night after his burial I climber
the cemetery gates and beat his grave
witn my tists. l was only a boy.
"Mother's heart was always broken
and the night the wind blew so, she
died sobbing.
"I swore when I grew to be a man
I'd be different. That was 40 years
o. But I broke a sweet girl's heart
and my own son disowned mc death
has no sting, but when I 'm gone I know
I'll be listening for the 'thumping on
tho grave.'
"Why do I tell you this? Because
the price which I said 'would keep me
to the end' is gone and I am weakened
and crying and my chalice is empty aud
I am deeply ashamed and afraid and am
reaching desperately through the mail
tor the touch of a human hand.
"Oh am I mad?
architect and Mr...Jiickson, the superin
tendent, were present. All reported hav
ing a good time.
Amos Hintt and family motored from
Albany Friday evening to their home
in Lyons.
K. P. Lyons and family have moved
back to their home, after taking care
of the Santiam Midway farm for a short
Fox Valley has two teachers employ
ed in the school;-JVIta Brown, princi
pal, and Miss Edna iloldiu of Solera
primary teacher., jtv
Dr. Beauchanip' tif Stayton passed
through Lvons yes'erday on his wav to
Mrs. W. R. Surrv of Fox Valley, who
has been ill for some time, is not much
improved, who is having quite a ser
ious attack of tonsilitis.
Ben White and fumily of Salem were
visiting nt Uncle Billy I'nterson's Sun-
lav. There were two nieces in the
crowd who Uncle Billy had not seen for
forty years.
John Hentz spent tho week end lit
Lyons with his folks on the MarCulley
Mrs. Bernico Telepharo and little
son, Date, is visiting her parents at
It has been rumored that Harry
Vaughn has invested in a prune crop
for tho future. ,
Mrs. Dudley HoikIsou of Fox Valley
was called to Detroit where her little
granddaughter is ill.
Frank hlsworth is hauling lumber
rom Mill City to build a new house.
Miss Blanche White is teachiug the
Lyons school instead of Miss Elsie
Primer who is teaching at dates.
Jones What is Rogers looking so sour
about f Bones He had to swallow his
pride this morninir and I guess it's giv
eu him indigestion.
. . . . .....nnmiiii
IIHJfrl : ' I
it ess
Tailored Coats and Suits of the
better kind--at moderate prices
We pride ourselves this season on the scope of. our display of COATS,
SUITS and DRESSES the wide "choice of fabrics; and styles, the goodness
of the tailoring, and the perfect hang and fit of the garments.
Certainly we have not overlooked anything in making .
selections for Fall. Every garment is selected for . ' , ;
wear-resisting qualities, which means that they'll last
longer. . :
You'll le sure to find something here that you can use
to advantage.-
Dresses $7.50 to $50.00
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Fall and Winter Coats $7.50 to $45.00
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Which means that
minimum cost.
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Alexandre's Kid Gloves
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Kayser's Silk Hosiery
Richardson's Linens
Warner's Corsets
Modart Corsets
Hurd's Stationery
Fern Waists
Bradley Sweaters
Dix House Dresses
Maish Comforts
Colgate's Accessories
Complete Line of
Ready to Wear and Ready to Use Merchandise for Women, Misses and Children
All-University Pool
iTho count is now being made and nt
4 o'clock yesterday the vote stood. 202
Clinurc Wilcnn TronA for President Wilson to 272 for Cundi-
' ! Then seniors and faculty voted K4 to
Eugene, Or., Oct. 28. President Wil-j 75 for Wilson, the sophomores broke
son is the favorite of the students and even, (io-Uo, and the juniors voted 50
faculty of the University of Oregon ae- j to 5!) for Hughes, making the three
cording to the figures obtained today , classes and faculty split even with 111!)
in an all-university poll, conducted by j votes for each candidate. The freshmen
the Oregon Eiueiald, with Dean Eric vote is not nil counted, but shows !).'(
Allen of the journalism department act-j to "3 for Wilson.
ing in the capacity of "county clerk."! Tho students used snmple ballots and
voted. for ull candidates and. for all the
measures that are submitted to the vot
ers in the regular election. " r'rom in
complete, returns it is evident the brew
ers' amendment is defeated and
"dry" amendment is sustained.
my husbiind. Mrs. B. What is tint 1 1
Mrs-A. He will be getting out his fall
suit shortly and I've put a quarter in
one of the pockets.
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Woman Tells How Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound Restored Her
Lima, Ohio." I was all broken down
in health fromadisplacement.Oneof my
lady friends came to
ee me and ahe ad
vised me to com
mence taking Lydia
p T:i.u -m ' .
'k'' (J;;! and to use Lydia E.
- III Pinkham's Sanative
1 Wash. Ibegnatai
UJ Ing your remedies
, ' II na toon .uv worm
n ana in two monuui
l was a well woman
after three doctors said I never would
stand up straight again. I was mid
wife for seven years and I recommended
the Vegetable Compound to every wo
man to take before birth and after
wards, and they all got along so nicely
that it surely is a godsend to suffering
women. If women wish to write to
me I will be delighted to answer them."
Mrs. Jennik Moyek, S42 E-North St,
Lima, Ohio. -
Women who suffer from displaee
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vousness, backache or bearing-down
pains, need the tonic-strengUiening
properties of the roots and herbs con
tained in Lydia E-Pink ham's Vegetable
If yon want spclftlAdTle. write
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tefriir'ilni- inmr.-i
A Visit to the Kafoury
Bros. Daylight Store will
be Interesting
THE attractive displays of apparel,
fashionable dress materials, etc.,
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enthuse you.
' Our Stock Is Now in Splendid Array
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Kafoury Brothers
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