Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 30, 1916, Page TEN, Image 10

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"Munsing Underwear" - ''Merode Underwear" - "Onyx Hosiery" - W. B. Corsets
Special Attractions, Commencing
For Dress-Up Week
Reduced Prices on our entire stock of
New Parly Dresses .
All the favored shades and models.
, New Fall Suits
In newest fabrics and desirable colors; priced reg
ularly up to $35. Dress-up Week Price $19.85
For Mother '
A new Suit, Coat, Dress,
Waist, Gloves or pair of
Shoes will be in keep
ing with "Dress Up
Xtragood Clothes
for Boys
At the next regular meeting of the
city eouncmil, November 0, a resolution
will be introduced providing for au
amendment to the rules of the council!
whereby important legislation and hills
lor ordinances may be placed on final
parage at the sumo meeting of the
council at which they are introduced,
without the unanimous couseut of the
council. According to the present rule,
"4 jmm
are the only bifocals in
perfect taste because
they look exactly
vision glasses.
clear glasses free from any
sign of a line or seam add a
touch of distinction to your
appearance and help to keep
you young luoking. And they
enable you to see near and
Motttliwcliorisblr lint
far objects perfectly.
miss A. Mcculloch'
208-9 Hubbard Bldg. Phone 109
Are You Going to Celebrate
During Dress
Dress Up Week is Salem Week. It includes everyone
A week of improvement in the appearance of the home
and its surroundings and a week of "dressing up" the
personal appearance of every member of the family.
Buy Your "Dress-Up Togs" at Meyers
You get the best styles and guaranteed quality at a rea
sonable price.
For Father
A now Shirt, Neckwear,
Hat, Gloves, Hose or
8h0CB will improve his
looks for "Dress Up
Week." .
For Sister
A new Dress, Coat, Rib
bons, Middy Blouse,
Knit Scarf, Stockings,
or .Shoos will help to
aclcbrate ''Dress Up
Improve your person
al appearance by hav
ing : your Clothes
made, to your individ
ual form. . ' 1
When I make your
suit you can rest as
sured you will get
style, fit and work
manship. John Sundin
The Tailor
347 State Street
one member can delny the passage of
any important legislation until the next
meeting of the council, thereby giving
one member tho power to block for two
weeks legislation that may require im
mediate action.
- Clus. B. Hodgkln, general Insurance,
3U1 Hubbard building. I'hone 38(1,
like single
These smooth.
Kruptok Invisible
T. JV : l
- Up Week?
New Fall Suits
In splendid styles; formerly priced up to $40.00.
Dress-Up Week Price V, . . $26.85
Entire stock at Special Dress-up Week Prices
Dress-up Week Sale Prices on our entire stock of
For Brother
A new Extragood Suit,
Hat, Tie, Shirt, Stock
ings, Shoes or Overcoat
aro bound to make him
look better for "Dress
Up Week"
sc sfc sc ac sjc sjc )c sc sc )( sc
I If T I i i T 4'
McDONALD At the home of her sis
ter, Mrs. 10. If. l.aFore, 340 North
High street, October 29, 1916, Mrs.
Nellie I. McDonald, in her 5.1a year.
Besides her sister, Mrs. LnFore, she
is survived by her mother, Mrs. Daniel
Delaney, of Salem, and a sister, Mrs.
Ora Brown, of Los Augclos.
1 lie body was taken today to Seio
where the funeral will be held from the
family residence. '
TKAGLIO At his home, 1031 North
Seventeenth street,, October 29, 1910,
l'ierre Truglio, in his 8tith year.
He is survived by four sons: rascal
and Paul Traglio, of Salem; Peter Trn-
gho, ot Portland, and the Kev. L. J.
Traglio, of Washington; also two daugh
ters, .Mrs. Adcl Sellers, of Baker City,
Ore., and Mrs. Dina Wilkening, of Hose
dale. Kighteen grnndchildren and two
great grandchildren also suvive.
Funeral services will be held Tuesday
afternoon at 1:.'10 o'clock from the par-
lorB of Hi I'd (i ii and Kichnrdson. Inter
ment will be in the City View cemetery.
l'ierre Trnirlio was born April 2, 1830,
anil was married to Pauline Nicholct,
November 15, 18110. Thev left Switzer
land in 1SS8 and arrived in Salem No
vember 12, 1SS9. They lived for n lime
on a farm in Folk countv.
Children's Eyes My 34 years of prac
tical experience Is nt vour service.
Some children inherit detective vision,
others have it thrust upon them by
study in schools whero the light is not
nil it should he. statistics show that
most children whose poor work is at
tributed to "dullness" suffer from
eyestrain rather than luck of intelli
gence. Correct any defect in vision and
you will at once notice au improvement
in school work. I have made the study
of children's eyes a, specialty and I
do not experiment with your children's
eyes. My scientific examination is a
guarantee to you that your children 's
eyes will be correctly fitted at my of
fice. Ir. M. 1". .Mendelsohn, rooms 209-
210-211 V, S. Nnfl Bank Uldg.
The Christmas season is now on and
that also means the sending of the sea
son's greetings, including the postul
card. For the benefit of those who pre
fer sending the card with tho pretty
tinsel, cards with anv tinsel whatever
on them are regarded as mimrilnble by
the postotfiee officials ami such cards
get no further than the waste basket.
The only way to send a card with tin
sel on it is to enclose in a sealed enve
onel and affix thereon a two cent stamp.
That's the only sure way.
We desire to express our thanks to
the neighbors and friends who so kind
ly assisted us with tiieir sympathy and
aid during the sickness and death of
our beloved wite and mother.
R. Urniidy,
Win. Grundy.
Jessie Cirundy.
Hear Gore at the armory Tuesday, 8
o'clock p. in.
. .
For Baby
A new Coat, Dress,
Hood, Sweater, Mittens,
Leggins, Bootees, Shoes
or Stockings will let the
baby in oh "Dress Up
Week" too.
3C. )c s(c sc jQc sft 3C 3c 5jC Sc 3( 3ft
A. S. Kaufman, otEugene, is register
ed at the Bligh.
C. R. l'arkston left for Seattle this
morning on the Oregon Electric.
Mrs. Alice Fore left for Portland this
afternoon to remaiu until the first of
the yenr.
Mrs. T. J. Edwards, of Portland, is
visiting Mrs. I. IV Clark, 144 North
Front street.
Boy Barker, who ' in attending the
University of Oregon, was visiting here
over Sunday.
Miss Edna Purdy, manager of the Al
bany nurseries, was a Sunduy visitor
here with relatives.
Judge C. A. Schlbrede is in the city
from Mnrshfield, having beeu called
here by serious illness of his father-in
law, Hon. Geo- A. Downing, as well as
lcgnl business in Portland which re
quires his attention. Mrs. Sclhbrede has
been lit her father s bedside tor some
time past.
You have swollen feet and hands!
Stiff, achy joints! Sharp shooting
rheumatic pains torture you. You have
aching back, pain in the lower abdomen,
difficulty when urinating! Look outl
These are danger Bignals. Trouble is
with your kidneys. Uric acid poisoning
in one form or another, has set. in. It
may lead to "dropsy or fatal Bright 's
disease if not checked.
Get some GOLD MEDAL Haarlem
Oil Capsules immediately. They aro
an old preparation, psed all over the
world for centuries,- combining natural
healing oil and herbs, well-known- to
physicians and used by thousands in
their daily practice. The Capsules are
not an experimental, make-shift " pat
ent medicine," or "salt", whose effect
is only temporary. They are a stand
ard remedy, and act naturally, gently
and quickly. But when you go to the
druggist, insist on getting the pure,
original Haarlem Oil in Capsules. Be
sure the name GOLD MEDAL is on
the box, and thus protect yourself
against counterfeits.
Once in a while when people in the
east want Oregon views and do not
know where to get them, they send to
the Woolworth stores. V- H. DeVore,
manager of the Salem store this morn
ing reecived a letter . from Columbus,
Ohio, enclosing .15 ceiits, with the re
quest that he send the most interesting
views of Salem and vicinity, showing
1 , i -i 1: ir .. T....M
IHIIUSCHpe H 11(1 LIUlUUllKS. I'l-mir
went one better and sent some literature
from the Commercial club, besides the
15 cents worth of view cards.
i Notice Spanish War Veterans You are
I commanded to be at the armory tonight
I at (t o'clock. Inspecting Officer tlreen
I will be there to inspect the camp. Mess
I call after inspection. If you are a Span
I ish War Veteran be oii hand and get
Journal Want AJi Get Results.
I ;
All Around Town
Oct. 30. First annual meeting
of Salem Floral Society at
Commercial Club.
Oct. 30-Nov. 4. "Dress t'p
Week" in Salem.
Oct. 31 Senator Gore of Okla
homa will speak at the
Oct. 31. Special membership
meeting at Commercial club.
Oct. 31. Christian Science Lec-
turc at Opera House. Free.
Novj. 1. Senator Lane at
Opera House.
Nov. 1. United Artisan home
coming. Nov. 3. Mark Weatherford,
democratic candidate for
congress, at armory.
November 6. City primary
November 7. Presidential elec
tion. .
Nov. 10. Victrola Grand Opera
Concert, II Trovatore, at Pub
lic Library.
Nov. 11. Football, Snlcm high
school vs. Eugene high.
Nov. 18. Football, Willamette
University vs. Tacific Uni
versity, AVillametto Field.
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, f its glasse-
eorrectly. U. 8. BanK.'Bltf.
Hear Lane at the opera house Wed
nesday 8 o'clock p. in.
Mavor Harley O. White is home from
a hunting trip of a few days at I.elund.
He snvs his party killed four bucks in
two days he was with them,
Drink Cereo, tue nquia food, the
iealtb drink. Ask your grocer. tf
Hear Gore at the armory Tuesday, 8
o'clock p. m.
The steamer Grahamona went to
Wheatland yesterdny for a load of bops.
It will require four feet above the low
water mark in Sulem before the boots
make the regular trii to Corvallis and
Frederick S. Lamport, lawyer, has
aioved to No. 212-13, Hubbard bldg. tf
Albany round up pictures at Ye Lib
erty today only.
The Elks are planning for big doings
of something quite different for next
Thursday eveniug. This is in line with
the policy of the entertainment commit
tee to give the members a special enter
tainment on alternate Thursday evenings-
Dr. F. H. Thompson of 416 Bank of
Commerce bldg., specializes iH Eye,
Ear, Nose and Throat. tf
Hear Lane at the opera house Wed
nesday 8 o'clock p. m.
: o
Judge Galloway will . deliver an ad
dress Tuesday evening at the Moose
hall, telliug of his trip to Tennessee.
After the address, there will be a Hal
lowe'en dance and refreshments. John
Holman is chairman of the entertain
ment committee.
Albany round up pictures at Ye Lib
erty today only.
Wonderful laundry work Since Feb
ruray tho Salem Steam laundry has
been using the electric process in their
washroom. To demonstrate, see two
shirts . at Joe Haines' storo window,
305 State street. After sixty washings
they nre hardly distinguishable from
new shirts of the same pattern. Why
not get the best laundry work to be
had. It costs no more. The Salem Steam
laundry, oldest, largest, test. tf
The first dental clinic of the public
schools was held Saturday morning at
Garfield school,, where an office has
been equipped with all the necessary
dental supplies and apparatus... Seven
pupils who had been recommended by
the school nurse, Miss Taylor, were giv
en free service.
Masquerade ball at Aumsville tomor
row evening. Good floor, fine music.
Everybody welcome.
For a good time attend the Hallow
e'en masquerade ball at Aumsville Fri
day night. Special music. Masques for
sale nt the hall.
Since the drought was broken Friday,
tnere has tieen a rainfall of 1:03 inches,
inent a gungo at rue w. j. i. uocn. i
river rose 2 1-2 inches Saturday and
1 12 inches yesterday and now is .0
of a foot below low w-nter mark. The.
teperature Sunday ranged from a maxi
mum of 04 to the minimum, 40.
Mark V. Weatherford, democratic
and prohibition candidate for congress,
will peak at the upera house Wednes
day Nov. 1 at - o'clock.
Mrs. S. E. Yantis, accompanied by
Miss Anna and Miss Birdeen Ynutis left ,
this afternoon on the 4 o'clock Oregon
Electric for Portland, on their way to
Fargo. N. D.. where thev will make
their home. D. R. Yantis,' formerly of
this citv, is located in that city. -Miss
.,., v.i.ii. will enter the emnlsv of
one of the largest dry gooifc houses in
Fargo. The Mantis tamiiy has liven m
Salem about 20 years and with the de
parture this afternoon of Mrs. Yantis.
nnd the two daughters, there will be on
lv one member of the family living here.
Mrs. L. C. Smith, 35(1 Union street.
Mark V. Weatherford, democratic bwe 'en party combined with a home
nii.l prohibition enndidate for congress, coming lrty. Rather an elaborate pro
will sneak at the opera house W ednes-, grnm has been prepared and lifter this
dav Nov. 1 at S o'clock.
sweep. Estb.
D. K. Brannon, of West Salem, report
ed yesterday to the police department
the loss of au overcoat, wmcn ue says
was stolen from n buggy near the Y. M.
C. A. building. It had the Barnes Cash
store label on the collar. - .
Friday November ...e 17th at the
Grand opera house Mrs. Maxwell pre
sented in recital by Dan F. Langen-
The Jitney Coffee club was sold at
bankrupt sale Saturday und brought in
the munificent sum of ifad. The pur
chase was made by Dnmon & Sons and
they got a gas range, a wood range, soda
fountain, counters, dishes, show cases
and chairs.
Mark V. Weatherford, democratic
and prohibition candidate fur congress,
will speak at the opera house Wednes
day Nov. 1 at 8 o'clock.
Mis. Paul Sims, who was committed
to the stnte hospital Thursday, hud been
an inmate of the institution before mid
her committment this time was consent
ed to by Mr. Silis and the best course to
lnirsue. vThe unfortunate woman has
for some time past showed evidence of
her returning malady in many ways.
Special meeting of Pacific
lodge No. 50, A. F. & A.'.M.,
this evening. Work in the K.
A. degree. Visiting brethren
3. C- Clark, who spent six years in
China, gave a talk yesterday in the
Congregational church under the aus
pices of the Salem Y. M. C. A. on the
subiect of "China." He was director
0f the bovs' department of the slmiur-
hai Y. M. C. A- and spoke from personn!
experiences. A sninll crown wns in at
tendance. Before the talk O. B. Ging
rich and Dr. B, T. Mclntyre sung n
Notice By reason of the mistake of
some else not myself, my name will nut
appear on the official ballot as a can
didate for constable of Salem district.
However, I am a candidate for con
stable and solicit your vote. 1 am an
out and out prohibitionist. To vote for
me it will be necessary to write my
name on the ballot and mark an X be
fore it. William .1. Pratt.
Chief of Police Welsh received a tele
phone cnll from Eugene yesterday ask
ing the Salem department to look out
for Ralph Barnes, aged 22, who is ac
cused of passing bad checks in Eugene.
The sheriff of I.nnc county says he
holds a warrant for Burnes, nnd de
scribes him as wearing a big checked
cap, gray suit, having brown eyes, nnd
being smooth shnven. ne said he was
accompanied by Ernest Evans.
That all may know the truth con
cerning Christian Science, the local
First Church of Christ, Scientist, cor
dially iuvitcB you to attend a lecture
on the subject, given under their di
rection by one who speaks from much
experience, Bliss' Knapp, C. S. B., of
Brookline, Mass. Mr. Knapp is an earn
est, student of Christian Science and n
member of tho Hoard of Lectureship
of The Mother Church, The First
Church of Christ, Scientist, ill Boston,
Mass. The lecture is free.
Voting places for the city primary
election on November 6 nre as follows:
Ward No. 1, Garfield school basement,
A. T. Motfitt, judgot; Wur.l No. 2,
Citv Hall, George P. Litchfield, judge;
Want No. 3, Masonic building, Walter
L. Spnulding, judge; Ward, No. 4, V.
C. T. IT. building. O. O. Oan judge;
Ward No. 5, Keddawny's store, Mrs.
Kate Pemberton, judge; Ward No. II,
Cameron's paint shop. North Twenty
first street, R. C. Hnlley. judge; Ward
No. 7, Poisal & Shaw 's store, Mrs. Daisy
Mclntpre, judge.
Joseph MacQneen, musical critic of
the Portland Oregoninn says of Jlurt
ride Whipp, "Mr. ...hipp's singing is
a real delight to hear. His splendid
voice is one of the most powerful and
resonant known in this city, even n
moug artists en tour and is preemi
nent among Pacific northwest singers.
He has been a success in professional
grand opera, concert and church ehorr
circles." Presbyterian church, Wednes
day, November 1. Tickets nt Pntton 's,
2.i cents.
fhnrlA Tinrno. who has been livinK
; snlnn, .vrnl veMrs at the Leonard
Salem chimney
Phone 19.
hotel, was found dead in his room Sun-! medicine for backache and kidney dis
duv noon. He had been called early in orders than Doan's Kidney Pills,
the morning and when he did not appear j Whenever my kidneys get out of fix,
by noon an attendant went to his room, they soon put them rig.it."
ii.o.K iluo ft narnlvsis. He is sur- I'riee 50c at all dealers. Don t
vived bv two brothers, J. P. Dumo, of siniplv ask for a kidney remedy get
I J . t-. -a I ii , ,1... ......... (Ur
I ShellDuril, nnu narry uurnu, oi i un- uuuii s iyiivicj una v
ii i. .a .i.id -ra T tVftMli. m.. p.ntfin tin twice ruibliclv rccom-
.1UIIU, Miau tnw B"ti""i ..a. - ..... . - .. 1 , " ..
. t,a
,hc1;1 J1'"! ft.ronh and burial
chapel of XrinSTrrT
" the Odd Fellows' cemetery.
George W. Flory, age 56, died this
morning nt 8:45 o'clock from nn attack
of apoplexy while working for Hurry
White on the Mark Siddall place. With
two other men he had been working ; indorsed Woodrow Wilson tor pros
th a wood saw and shortly before his! dent, passing practically the same res
death had remarked that the wind wns olution as adopted recently by tlo
quite disagreeable. Dr. E. E. Fisher ; Portland Central Labor Council. The
was enlled and pronounced the cause of ! first part of the resolution follows:
J'eain !"T"'- V ' , ,.' "
be held at 2 o'clock Tuesday ?ernooi
from the Hayesyille church, with burial
In the Hnyesv.lle cemetery Mr Flory
came from Illinois about six months ago
. and had no relatives living here.
Tonight at the Commercial club the
Salem Floral society will celebrate its
first birthdnv, as the society was orunn
ir.ed October' 30, 1915. Besides the first
birthday olervance the meeting to
night of those interested in a more
beautiful Salem "will make it a Hal-
program lias Oeen given, aiM
When In SALEM, OREGON, ftof at
Strictly Modern '
Tree and Private Baths
BATES: 76c, 1.00; 11.50 PES DAT
The only hotel in the business diitrie.
Nearest to all Depots, Theatres end
Capitol Buildings. W"
A Borne Away From Home,
T. O. BLIGH, Pro.
Both Phones. Free Auto Bu.
Household Furniture. Woodry
the Auctioneer will pay highest
cash price for same. Phone 511.
Candidate for th: office of
City Marshal
My record in this office is open
to the public.
Equal justice 1o all. No favors.
A square deal for everybody.
Your support is solicited, oct'28
(Pd. Adv)
CAR5 of
Any kimd
Any time
First-class work. All kinds
of repairing. All work guar-
anteed. Twenty-five years'
experience. Leave orders at
Wylie B. Allen Co., phono 1187.
Besidence phono 1405.
915 Highland Avenue.
When you want to go in
haste with a clean car nnd
small fare and you must get to
a place, Phone to me, I'll tako
you there.
Phones: Day 13; Nights 882.
Oct.3t Hubbard Bldg.
short talks made on the gcneial object
of the society, a lunch will bo served.
Everyone who is interested in flowers
nniTthe beautifying of Salem is invite 1.
Also those who are not so deeply in
terested. Election times means busy times at
the Salem pjostot'l'ice. In order that the
electors of the state may vote intelli
gently nnd post themselves on the va
rious' measures to be acted on one wee It
from tomorrow, 32(i.7a!t pamphlets have
been mailed at Sulem to all parts of the
state. The postngc on each offline
pamphlets is ocn cent, thereby swelling
the receipts of the local office th s
month to the extent of $3,027.08. Port
land received $2,348.84 postage for vi-.
litical pamphlet mailed from that point.
Every candidate is given the plensuie
of paying for his page or hnlf page tell
ing of his peisonal qualifications, and,
the amount so paid is fixed by law-,
There are 203,007. registered voters in.
Oregon. The last pumphlct was nmikd
at the Salem office Saturday evening.
If you suffer backache, sleeplo.-s
nights, tired, dull days nnd distressing
urinary disorders, don't experiment,
Read this twice-told testimony. ,lt's
Salem evidence doubly proven.
J. H. Pentoii 1405 Leo St., Salem,
says: "On several occasions a coll
settled in my back, across my kidney,
causing pain, that extended into my
loins. . 1 knew . from other disorders,
that my kidneys were to blame and
started using Dean's Kidney Pills. I
found them just the thing to rid rr.e
of the pain and disorders." (State
ment given December 11, 1912.)
Ou April 12, 1910, -Mr. ronton saw:
I" I have never found a more reliable
Astoria Unionists
Support President
The Astoria Central Labor Council
at its session last Tuesday eveniiu.
lie it resoiven, iiihi mc .cninti
Labor Council of Astoria dues hereby
advise and nrge all trade unionists and
nil unorganized workiiiginen and woni-
en together with their families and nd
progressive citizens to vote for the,
election of Woodrow Wilson for presi
dent." Oiegon Labor Press.
Dennis Eucalyptus Ointment
Tueca 26c Jans 60c