Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 28, 1916, Page NINE, Image 9

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FRIDAY, OCT. 3?, 1916.
Bate per word Now-Today:
Each insertion, per w6ra..lo
One week (8 insertions'!, oer wnrrt r
One J6anth(20 insertion) per word I7e
vauMi vuiuum win uut ue re
possible for more than one Insertion
for errors in Classified Advertisments.
Bead your advertisements the first day;
".?rP.fears 8nd '-otify us immediately
iuiuuiiuui cusrgtjj .lye.
TRESPASS Notices for Bale at Jour
nal' office. tt
BUBBEE Stamps made ICS 8. Com 'I
HARRY Window cleaner.
Phone "OS.
"'- - riovl 1
FURNISHED A cart ments, also ban
suitable for garage. 491 N. Cottage.
WE HAVE bale, lav and oats for
sale? George- Sweigle, Garden' road, tf
FOB RENT SIGNS For tale at Cap
ital Journal office. tf
DAY JYORK Wanted bv voting lady.
Phone lOjLL-W. . , , . .' oet.K
fSOOtfORTGAGB For sate" at n dis
uw. wen socur
ttre,l bv Orehnrd trncf.
Address L.
M. care Journal; oet8
BOARD Ainr; room at 2S0 -N.
home cooking.
call 220 X. Liberty.
State St. - '
hand cars .
nt 240
FOR SALE Ziun's candy
me an offer.
store, make
,- octUS
GET PRICES On farm sale bills at
The Journal office.
OLD PAPERS For sale at Capital
Journal office 10 cents a bundle, tf
FOR SALE A good top buggy and
harness. 2720 Cherry Ave. 'octol
WAXTED Men to work in logging
woods. Enquire at Spnuldiug Log.
Co., office Front & Ferrv St. oet2S
'FOR. K EXT !! well, furnished bouse
lieepitig rooms, (t4 X". Commercial.
Phone 24.14 V. nov2
FOR SALE A' light colored Reed baby
carriage. Address M 3d cnre Journal.
" ' . Oct2S
FOR REXT Small house and acre lot
cheap, 28(10 Brooks Ave. B. S. Leach.
. . .... , . pct31
PHOXE 200 When you have wood
sawing to! be done, bll Work' guaran
teed, Jim Rogers. nov.24
WILL TRADE" .Auto for good' milk
cow 'ant) $t50. 'Inqutro 1720 I.ee St.
.'.,,.' .... ..-'. 4,:.';:.qis!'
GET YOtTR Trespass ; Notices,' new
supply of cloth ones'at CatftaTouf-
--1 " " ". .; . V; ' . tf
FURNISHED Rooms and housekeep
ing apartments, rates "' reasonable
close in, 160 Court. ' '' O
$5. worth-more. Dr. May, Hubbard
b'dg. " - novlC
FOR SALE Or trade auto in good
.'n'.ig condition. Salem Garage, 000
A'. Capitol, l'hone 1010. novS
YOF.VG MAX" Would like steady
work in country or town. E. A. E.
caro Journal. oct2S
STCDEBAKEB 0 Lnto model to ex
change for mortgage on real estate.
Address B 21 Journal. oct2S
WAXTED TO RENT .1 or 0 room, liun
fialow, close in, occupy after Xov.
15. Adtrress B 0 care Journal. oet2S
WANTED To buy 6 or 8 choice milk
cows, must be fresh now or soon, none
but parties owning choice cows need
call. Phone 1431 or 491. tf
f FOR REXT Furnished 0 room house,
modern, close in, $15.00 per month,
rhono 1737W evenings or call nt 107
South Oom'l St. . oct2S
WAXTED TO RENT Wholly or part
ly furnished house, family' of three,
no children, give rent aiitl location.
H. K. Capital Journal. oct2S
POTATOES We are always in the
market for potatoes in small lots or
.car lots. Mangus Bros. Phono 717
Valem. Or. oct30
HAVE YOCR House reshlngled, tar
red or repaired by Kavs and Donald
bou, phone ti44H or 747 At. Work
guaranteed. Oct:!0
IFOR TRADE 1 10 acres good farm
land, I milovof Lebanon, for proper
ly in or near Salem. Address A i.
care Journal.
oct 30
FOR SALE Or trade fur cows, or what
hare you, balance $1.1 per mo. int.
on principal, my 0 room new modern
house. Address C W. C. care Journal.
Nov I
MONEY TO LOAN On second hand
men's clothing, .jewelry, musical in
struments, tools, guns, etc. Also
bought, sold and traded. Capital Ex
change, 337 Court St. Phone 403. nol7
FOR SALE .fodern .1 room bungalow,
completely furnished, all onk furni
ture, lot 4.1x137'-... Price 1 .100. $000
cash balance 1 years at ,1 per vent.
Inquire 133.1 X.'lSth St. oi-t2$
NEEDY WOMAN" With three small
children, wishes place as housekeep
er, no wages, country preferred. Ad
Wrcss Mrs. jr. K. Downev, Corvallis.
Ore. " " oc 1 28
WAXTED Elderly couple to do light
work r farm, home accommodations
nro4 - pay for services (German
people prcj-rrcd) Apply at 40.'! South
Cow.-wl- jtrwt for' particulars.
FI K WOOD For sale.
Phone 53F3.
apple butter, a.t 305. N. .Higlv
FARM FOR RENT MiO '"acres, 120
acres plow laud, Phono 11F33. octSO
FOR SALE A double disc drill nenilv
new, at half price. I'honp ,334. oct28
FFRXlAu ED' 'Housekeeping
The Gem, 100 I'nion St.
cr for sale cheap. Phone 41.'!.
oct2S iilR'l.S OR -WOMEN Wanted
glove factory, 14-1.1 Oak St.
, work. ,- .' . -
nt the
COAT MEAT For sale, first class on
ly .1c per lb. nt O. K. Grocery shire,
delivered in city. -. . nov 4
FOR IS EXT Modem - 7- room - house
with fire place and garage. 1227 ( lie
nieketa. oct2S
l'l'MI'KIXS For sale bv load, also in
small lts-for Hallowe'en. I'Iiohc
i!F13. Don -Reynolds. o.t2S
HE CAME. BACK If -.you-have. any
old carpets vou wish woven notifv
S. A. Dobner, Phone 1207M. tf
WANTED An experienced cook nt
401 North High, call after: 4 j,. ,.
Sunday. oet-S
WILLING Young man wants .work of
any kind. Phil Sturim, Capital Hotel.
. - -.octal
WANTED Farm hand for ' general
farm work. Phone 53F12. Address C.
P. Rotlgers, Turner, Or. oct31
BALDWIN Apples for sale.
tree troiii worms, cnretully
10c bu. delivered. Phone IF
14. oct30
FOR SALE Cheap, JlOO lb. mare, also
top. spring wagon, or trade for cow.
0O0 Tratle St. - - octal
SPrrZENitCRl! And Baldwin. tipples.
"i0c bit., extra fancy 7rc. Pboue even:
ings 04F21. Mrs. O. Mever. oct2.S
FOR SALE J in .roved Oregon straw-ber-y
idnnts. order now. 2.:10 Der
thousantl. Phone 2;102W2, writo C. A. !
tintclitf, Rt. .1, box 42, 0t;t28
LOST Setter dog, white with brown
ears and spots. An, to name of Febx.
rviniliy plume information
FOR RENT For cash, 320 acres, in
Polk Co., 110 acres farm land, bal
ance pasture. Inquire of Ceo. II. Stod
dard, 2233 Fair grounds lir. Snleni.
SHOE REPAIRING Old shoes made
. like new. All leather used in repair
- ing. Eair prices to all. Modern Shoe
. Rc'uiir-t,-o., 404 Court St. Salem. no2S
NOTICE l..lierebv aiven that I, will
.-iM-,ur iesj.niioui-ior nny-uiiisr.ex
vvi , riiuse.'-coiitracieu ,iw myselt in
perspu. J.-H.- Dunliip. i, ; ' oct2S
. well furnished .rooms, gas, electric
lights, bath, use plioiie. 07 XT. Front
street." ' - ' oct-
WANTED One to five acres" of land
with, house, must be near school mid
Salem. Address box'
..lo Ltmts, Ore.
WANTED Experienced girl or woman
' for cooking and kitchen work. No
washing, no cleaning, applv after
noons, -Mrs. .Max O. Huren, 74.1 Court.
04 ACRES About half in bearing
prunes, drier, house, barn, etc., well
watered, rock road, telephone, school
store, two miles electric cars. Box
3Sii Portland, Or. oct2N
teacher, will begin her lessons on
French-grammar and conversation
the first of November, lillfl, at her
home. Il.lo North 1,1th -street.
CIDER By the barrel or in any quan
tity nt 1 0c a gallon at the mill. Cus
tom work at 2c n gallon. Commercial
Cider work. Phone 2104. 1010 N.
Commercial St. uov2S
FARM TO KENT Half mile of Wa
puto station, Yamhill Co.,' hops, 2S
acres; orchard 0 acres; farm ami
pasture 1( ncres. Address Win. H.
Egan, Gervais, Route 2. Phone 3F11.
FOR SALE Or trade, good new ami
second hand store in good valley town
Which will increase i's population
next year. Write or call one of owners
F. II. Vnnl.yncgref, SSS N. Cottage
ten ladies to travel, demonstrate and
sell well established line to our deal
ers. Previous experience not neces
sary, (loud pay. Railroad fare paid,
(iosdrich Drug Co., Dept. 51-i, Oma
ha, Nebr.
sell general trade in .Oregon. Vacan
cy now. A new merchandising plan.
Commission contract. $.'1,1.00 weekly
for expenses. Established in 1900.
Coutineiitul Jewelry Co.. 20.1-4:1 Con
tinental Bltlg.. Cleveland, Ohio. oct2S
salesmen in the advertising business.
Best and "lost complete line of nd-
verlising signs, calendars and novel
; ties on the market. Can begin imme
diately or will close territory for
1017. Experience and references re
quired. Liberal commissions. Splen
did money for hustlers. Write for
particulars today. The Seioto Sign
.Company, Kentou, Ohio. oct2S
Logging Congress
Visits Grays Harbor
Hoquiam, Wash., Oct. 25 Grays Har
bor logging plants were inspected to
day by delegates to the Pacific Logging
congress, who just closed their Fort-
The following prices for fruits
and vegetables are those asked by
tke wholesaler of the retailer, aid
not what is paid to the producer.
All other p.-icos are those paid the
producer. Corrections are made
Iii; the poultry, market, ducks, geese
and' turkeys are claiming some atten
tion as tue tnaiiKsgivmg- season is ap-
proacning. -uncus are--quoted at lz to
14 oents and geeso at 10 cents;
Cantalobpoo and niuskmeloiis "will
noti.be quoted us they are- Tirnctic ally
out rot' the market. - - - -
Swgan is now retailed at $10 a barrel
as f;iyc cents was tacked on each sack,
to become effective next Monday.
Wheat ........
Oatii, new '..
Rolled barley . .
Shorts, por ton
Hay, clover ....
Hayt cheat . . . .
Hay, vetch .'...
Hajy timothy,
'$1.25 1.30
...;:..; ;. $40.00
..'. $28.00
i :.. 9$io
..: :. $11$12
;.. i5$ie
Creamery butter, per pouud . ,
Country butter
y. Eggs and Poultry.
Eggs, ease count, cash . :;;..;..: 38c
Eggs, trade . 40c
Hens, pound ; 1213c
Koostcrs, old, per pound ; 9c
Broilers, under. 2 pounds 14c
Turkeys 19(S)20c
Ducks 12((fl4c
Geese .-. 10c
Pork, Teal and Mutton.
Pork, dressed ;' 12 1-2(5 13c
Pork, on foot 8 l-29e
Spring lambs, 1916 77VjC
eal, according to quality !)c
Steers 6(36
Cows 3 l-2(a)4c
Bulls ...
33 1-4
.. 5 l - 2s
Figs and Dates
Figs, 70 four oz.
Figs, 36 12-oz
Figs, 12 10-oz .'....;........
. $2.60
... 90c
Black figs
White f ies
,. 10c
Dromedary dates
.. 3.75
..' 80c
Tomatoes, Oregon
Cabbage v
Cucumbers .....:;...'.: ;;.
... 40c
... 20c
- 15c
String garlio
Potatoes, sweet 2 3-4c
Potatoes, per 100 pounds $1.101.30
Green onions 40
Green peppers .' 7c
Carrots, dozen 40s
Peaches, Oregon' ..'
Apples' . . ....... ,, .
Oranges, Valencies ....-
v. l
'ILemoust per bor ; .r;. . !-. i .
ice cream melons u
Bananas, pound
California grape fruit . . ,
Pineapples ...............
1- a fi
..... 4.oo
Cranberries ....
Belall Prices.
Kggs. per dozen, fresh ranch.... 45c
Sugar, cane $8.70
sugar, beet : $8.50
nugui; uvti ipu.u'
creamery butter .. ..: :.. 45
I Flour, hard wheat $2.2,l(?ij2.r)l
Flour, valley 1.90S.10
Portland, Or., Oct. 28.
Wheat, club $l."i
Bluestem $1.03
Fortyfold $l..lx
Red Russian $1.11
Oats, No. 1 white feed $34
Barley, feed $37
Hogs, best live $9.40
Prime steers $0.71
Fnncv cows $.1.10
Calves $7."0(i .8.00
Spring lambs $8.75 ...
Butter, city creamery 37'ijc ,
Efcgs, selected local ex. 4.1c
Hens HM.fti 1.1c
Broilers 14(d 10c
Geese 1 l(b 1 1 V-jc
Willamette 7,. Columbia 0, (first
At Cambridge: Harvard 23, Cornell 0.
At Princeton: Princeton 7, Dart
mouth 3.
At . New York: Columbia 0; Wil
liams 0. "
At State College: Penn State 48,
Gettysburg 2.
At New Haven: Yale 30, Washing
ton and Jefferson 14.
At Annapolis: Navy 27, Georgia 3.
At Lafayette: Purdue 7, Illinois 14.
At Springfield, Mass.: Y. M. C. A.
14, Colgate 27.
At Brunswick: "Bowdoin 13, Bates 3.
At Enston, Pa.; Lebanon Valley 14,
Lafayette 27. -
At Ann Arbor: Michigan 14, Syra
cuse 13.
At Madison: Wisconsin 30; Chica
go 7.
At Evanston: . Northwestern 40, j
Drake 0.
Washington, Oct. 2S.-rThe interstate
commerce commission today instituted
a nation-wide investigation into the car
shortage situation, issuing a call to all
carriers to furnish complete informa
tion as to the conditions ukiii their
land sessions.
TJie delegates arrived on a speciul
trajn at 7 a. m. and after breakfast
at a local hotel, motored 12 miles to
the Pobiou Logging company camp.
Trains were on hand there to carry
them over the logging railroads.
This afternoon all visitors, plan to
inspect the Grays Harbor mills. Their
special train leaves for Centralia to
night, where it will divide ill two sec
tions, one continuing north and one
heading south.
. . j'eeo, of r.urcKa, lal., was
j named president of the congress at the
Inst session in Portland.
Government Gets Figures
: ; Bandit Cuts Railroad
' Connections "i
El Paso Texas, Oct' 2R. From every
available source I'uited States govern
ment agents have been gathering '
formation bearing upon the number 'of
men nud armament now under the' com
mand of Pnncho Villa. Today -these
agents reported his forces at nearly
4,000 men," split into several bands, with
about thrtje-fourths of them well armed
since the rout of General Ozuna at Pa
lohias and "the capturo of his supply
train. Villa has several machine guns.
The investigation was made upon orders
form the war department at Washing
ton, it is understood. The report was
transmitted to the war department to
day. ;
Going to Santa liosaiia;
El Paso, Texas, Oct. 28. Panclio Vil
la with a. large part of his forces to
day is marching upon Santa Rosalia,
about 80 miles southwest ef-Chilmahua
City, after cutting the Mexican Central
railway liito near Ortiz yesterday, hin
dering pursuit.
City is Cut Off.
El Paso.-.Texas, Oct. .28-i-The' Import
ant railway town of Santa Rosalia, 8(1
miles south of Chihuahua City, has been
cut off from railway communication
with the south. While the main bandit
army was -approaching from the north 8
detachment of Villistas circled the town
and cut the railroad lines to the south
burning bridges nnd tearing up the rail
way tracks.
Four Killed on Train.
El Paso, Texas, Oct. 28. Four passen
gers were killed and many wounded
when Villista bandit fired ou a train
near Monterey, arrivals at Juarez-today
stated. The engineer of the1 train speed
ed up when ,. he' saw. "tile.1 1'limiilita .ap
proaching and .the firing fplloweil.- Ths
train ahead had ljeeii stopped and the
passengers robbed, it was declared.
State House News
With the view. of eliminating as many
dangerous grade crossings: ou highways
and railroads in Oregon es possible, a
tentative dnte of November 23 has been
set by the Oregon publitj' ervicc com
mission for a hearing in .Portland be
tween the county courts,' commercial
clubs, automobile as-iociutJous and the
railroads. Notice of ' this-shearing has
not yet been sent out but tlic. above date
is the -earliest one open. ,?It Is proposed
to remedy the dangerous xciossings. of
highway and railroad - bydednstrurting
separate grades wherever pisilte. This
menus that the' railroad Will either go
over or under 'the highwayv ' There has
been considerable pressure' brought, to
bear to remedy tho present state of af
fairs on account of tho loss- Of life from
accidents happening on -tllese crossings-
At the meeting of the Ansociated Amer
ican Railway commission at San Fran
cisco last November a committee, of '
which Commissioner 'MiHtf i''a mem-1
her, was appointed to investigate grade
Articles of incorporation were filed
this morning by The Typewriter Appli-j
ance company of Portland, which pro-'
poses to do a business of rebuilding and
repairing typewriters. The-capital is
given at $1,000. .-.-.
- ' U
Dr. Lytle, state-veterinarian, who lias
returned from Heppner, where he was
called to investigate the mortality
among sheep flocks, reports that death
was due partly to alkali ami lupine pois
oning. The wet springs and the dry
fnll. which cnnieH ubniit nnce nverv snv
en years, has made everything dry and '
dusty so that when the sheep were
brought down from the mountains by
the old trail, the first to come down got
the green forago and stuffed them
selves. This was also one of the causes
of the unusually heavy mortality. Al
together about 1,000 head of sheep were
lost, according to Dr. Lytic s estimate.
George Palmer Putnam, secretary to
the governor, is in Portland today.
Carl Smith, formerly assistant secre
tary of the public seitlce commission,
who js now in Washington, D. C, repre- j
sentative of the Portland Journal,'
writes to Ed Ostrander, secretary of the
commission, saying: "I am becoming
acclimatized here, but not easternized.
Oregon yet sounds good to me and the I
rolling west is tho home of my henrt-ta-
la." I
Three hundred accidents, none of
which were fatal, were reported to the
state industrial accident commission
during the past week. Of this number, j
237 come under the provisions of the1
compensation act, 31 were from firms
and corporations which havo rejected
the act, and 22 were from public util
ities. W. E.' Mendenhall, district fire ward
en for Yamhill county, was a visitor in
State Forester Elliott's office this morn
ing. He brought in his report of the
lute fires and closed up the season's
"Even we, who are producing as
good potatoes as can be grown anywhere
in America, find ourselves up against
the unfair reputation which the cure
lessueas of Willamette valley growers
has made for us in markets outside the
state," said one of the best potato grow
ers of this district to Dr. Hector Mac
pherson of the Oregon Agricultural col
lege. Conferences held With growers in
one of the best potato districts reveal
ed the fact that the great handicap in
the work of Oregon potatoes lies in the
lack of standardization of varieties
and types. Reports of various Oregon
potato districts indicate a better crop
than was at first anticipated.
Says Democrats Have Be
trayed Principles and
. . Broken Promises-;
' V.-f
'. ';:: By Perry Arnold .
(I'uited Press staff correspondent '
' "cwark, N. Y., Oct. 2s".-: "AVo ih.ll
have no peace nor ecuntj; unless-wc
maintain our self respect. Somlnce
Hughes told an audience of 900, packed
in the opera house here today.
His hearers hail tome miles from the
surrounding country ami had waited aa
hour or more in the theatre.
'C The .republican candidate reiterated
kis, previous views on Americanism, the
.tariff fld?tlenidvrajii,vjii.cpsperit.v argu-
Uients.llis vtiice, was' very trayed. i
' Sometime, M he said, " tlte ' Ameri
can comutunity anil particularly those
who arc interested in agriculture will
awitke to the necessity of a business
like administration so that in expan
ding activities of government wc shall
not be overwhelmed by the burden of
taxation. There is no prosperit.v for
the I'nifed States "if" we ;go about our'
great international business in haphaz
ard fashion."
The democrats, Hughes " declared,
have betrayed the principle of the nient
system and their performances have
not matched up with' their prdiniaes.
They promised to reduce the cost of liv
ing) but on the-contrsry inaugurated a
policy greatly reducing the' chances of
making a living.
The schedule of the presidential cam
paign special today carried- Hughes
northward through New York. He ica
tine for speeches here, at Oswego, Wat
crtown anil at night at Ogdensburg.
Tonight ho will rest in Ogdensburg, re
maining over there until late Sunday
afternoon, when lie starts for Ohio.
By J. P. Yoder
(United -Press staff correspondent)
'X'ew.'-York, Get. .28. Colonel Roqse
velf will answer th president 's Wilson
Day address in his speech in Brooklyn
tonight, be announced on his arrival
here today from his 0,500 mile cam
paign trip", during 'which he spoke for
Jiitshos in fon'ifeeii wi'slem'satei. '
- After four speeches next week, he
said, he will endeavor to become
"merely a grandfather and a. man of
domestic habits' again. Roosevelt will
speak at the Broadway Academy of
Music tonight at a Hughes' Alliance
meeting. He will then rest at Oyster
Bay until -Wednesday night,, when he
will start west for speeches in Cleve
land and Toledo, Ohio. He will return
to New -York Friday morning anil will
speak at n big meeting at Cooper Union
Friday night. . .
On Saturday of next woik he will
fire his final "shot of the campaign at
Baltimore, then retire to Oyster Hay
to awaif returns. . " ", . .
Market Irregular
But Prices Move Up
New York, Oct. 28. The New York
Evening . Sua , fintincittl review today
says: ;. -. - . ...
Although many shnrp upward price
movements were recorded in the course
of 'today's, stock market trading, wtth
new high records for more than one is
sue;' great - irstrgularity prevailed ut
times, with substantial recessions from
the high points on end of the week prof
it taking.
Selling in the advance came from
rather good sources, especially in the
shares which recently had been prime
market favorites. This was particu
larly in evidence in the steel nnd copper
issues with large offerings of I'tah cop
per on its advance which carried it into
new high ground.
In the early trading Central leather
moved to a new high while decided
strength was reported in International
Paper, Atlantic Gulf and West Indies,
Inspiration, Anaconda, Kennecott, Am
erican Locomotive and American Sugar-
High Cost of Living
Hits Lunch Counters
Portland, Ore Oct. 28. Those dusty
oltl placards saying: "Stack o' wheats
10 cents" and "Doughnuts with cof
fee, 5 cents" which for muay niooiis
adorned tho walls of our favorite bean
cries, are doomed today.
The catorcrs of Portland have so or
dained. The historic slogan will be re
placed by signs reading: "Owing to
the high cost of lard, hot cukes up to
15 cents for two," also "coffee nntl
sinkers 10 cents, ou account of the
Recently, we used to get three dough
nuts and a mug of coffee for a nickel.
Now we get two doughnuts and the mug
for a dime- The new raises will go into
effect within a few duys. They'll hit
the dairy lunches especially hard.
Bread will cost extra in all restaurants.
Carson Brothers at
Grand on Sunday
Anion; the bright spots ou the big
popular price Hippodrome vaudeville
road show coming to the (irand tomor
row, matinee ami night, are Carson
llrothers, Sweden's champion athletes,
in an exceptionally well stagetl and do
er exhibition of difficult feats, and E.
T. Alexander k Co. ill a novel offering
featuring landscape painting, singing
anil comedy. Others on the bill Leever
ami Leroy. comedy singing, talking,
dancing ami yodeling; the Two Stan
nanls in a comedy skit; Mctgrthy's
Minstrels -DeLuxe; William Cabill Til
his latest laughing hit, "The Man from
Ireland;" and feature photoplays, j
Democrats $25,6-16.00.
Washington, Oct. 28. The. democra
tic congressional campaign ' committee
today reported to the clerk of the bouse
of rcpresentatives'expeiiditurfs and" ob
ligations' of $41,383.31, und contribu
tions of $25,040 4 2.
Try Journal WANT ADS they pay.
Getting Our Pictures "Took"
By Ella
Now that a warrant has been issued
for the arrst of one, E. L. Chapel,
charged with defrauding one Roth of
livery hire, and another man of $4 cash
and some one else of his room rent, I
am going to tell .what I know about a
frisky, gent, who' by a strange coinci
dence is named- E- I Chapel, 437 South
Commercial street, and who has called
oil u's'tlire'e times during the past month.
But Jo get agodd. start J 'II have io
go-back a ways and say thaf I don't
care much' for peddlers,'' agents or any
orbei-krud-.'i-footiiails,-1 always- keen
a kettle at bolliirg -turpentine ready to
pour upon them it they shouli need it.
However, thero isn't much of them left
after Bounce gets through with them,
but when there is, I just make a small
hole in tho lettuce patch where the dirt
is soft, or I hang their tough hide over
the fence, same as any other rattlesnake,
so as to see if it won't make it rain,
anil-. I lay awake nights . thinking up:
mean rhiiigsitd say to-theni. irwea-se they,
get" past Bouiiee alive, hud into the lieu
1 could have bought a solid gold nose
ring with a diamond set in it as big as
a hen egg if I had all the money I have
squandered on gopher traps, cott'ee pots,
false teeth, nursing bottles, horne lini
ment aud lightening rods in the past ten
years, and we have all had our pictures,
enlarged seven times until the attic
won't hold any more. So now I take a
spell of hydrophobia whenever I see an
agent of any kind, nod my mother takes
puins that I shouldn't see anything that
excites mo for fear that I might chaw
the hind leg off of the diuing room tab
le and damage its usefulness, if I just
let myself go.
However, an ageut got past her about
three weeks ago and as I came down
stairs sharpening my teeth with a file
I inquired if it wo'uid be ull right with
her if I'ejected the person occupying a
prominent position on our best sofa in
the front room. She said, no, that this
was a nico young man with a sick wife,
and that- if he were a fraud that she
woultl uever beg for the life of another
agent, and as 1 dearly love nice young
men with sick wives, very, very sick
wivesy.l let him live,
He professsd to be a, photographer,
and carried, about with him what had
the-appearance of t camera, but I am
no judge of such .matters, and for all. I
know it may have been a can of axle
grease done up in a black rag. Ho also
carried a' sack in which he put his
plunder, being perfectly willing to take
Mahee'Ciub to
Have Club House
Judging from the enthusiasm shown
by the members of the lllulice club at
the meeting held last evening at the
Commercial club arid their determina
tion to carry out their plans at the
I golf links', the long looked for club
house for Snlein will be a .reality with
in the next few months.' t
Those in attendance were hot only
in favor of building, but showed their
interest in a tjlub hoiisc by subscribing'
to tho cntent of $1250., It is tho in
K'tntion of the directors to secure 30
mora members., who will, subscribe $100
each' in order thit the construction of
tho house may begin this winter. The
logs have already"1 been cuf'and the
site sqlec.ted. ..... t ,
Tho. officers elected for the coming
year are as follows: Asahel Bush,
president; Carl Gubrielsou,. secretary;
V. O. Shipley,; directosj for five yeurs.
Those acting with Mr. Shipley ns
directors are Fred Steusloff, Chauncey
Bishop, T. A. Livesley and A.
Sargent.. . - - .
Among those present nt the meeting
Inst night .were, . Asahel Bush, T.. A.
Livesley, R. C. Bishop, W. H. Burg
hardt. jr., 'Ma, O. Burtni.. T. B. Kay,
V. C. Shipley, John J. Roberts, Carl 1).
(inbrielsou, John Harbison. Ralph
Moores, F. I). Thielsen, Hal D. Patton,
Guv Sargent, Dave Eyre nnd Dr. 11.
E. Clay. ' ' ''
Women of Woodcraft
Elect Their Officers
At the meeting Inst evening of the
Women of Woodcraft tHc following of
ficers were elected:
Guardian Neighbor Mrs. Rose Davis.
Captain Mrs. Nina Olmsted.
Adviser Mrs. May Fleming.
Clerk Mrs. Julia Lytle.
Past Guardian Neighbor Mrs. Mary
Magician Mrs. Mary Smith.
Musician Mrs. Mary Campbell.
Sfanngers, Julius Worcester, Mrs.
Eliza Darling and Mrs. Caroline Hush
nell. Outer Guard Abe Frnzier.
Inner Guard Mrs. Mary Case.
Grand Banker Mrs. Bertha Sumner
Attendant Mrs. Mary Gook.
l-.,Unn-:,.. tliu uTiw.lliin thorn wrts ft
I ,.t tU V..,p,i nf Wnnrl-
jmiil int. i; 1 1 ii K vl l"' ., .....v
craft and the Woodmen of the World
in u-hw-h it llnllowe 'en lunch wis
served consisting of cider, doughnuts
and pumpkin pic.
All Hands Point
to Our Want Adj a
the Result Producer
Ereryto-j watche them
Utj fcri Utly:rmIti
his pay which he collected in advance ,:
in eggs, butter and the like. At first .
I protested against having our pictures
taken, but he said how sweet the moth- "
er would look in the old aritt chair, with, '
her dear hands folded, across her bow- .
els, and that when she was. laid away to
rest down whero the grasses would sigii
oyer. her grave I'd be glad to have the.
picture, -and of Course that got me to'
drooling nver my chin like a cat that'
has broken a 'front teotu, so 1 told him
to go ahead. .. ? "v.,
k then wq went out into the yard and-,
he took"-'tSe house, with his can of.
axie grease wrapped in a black rag, then '
he '..'relieved" us bf $1.25, which was
half his bill and said he would come
back in three days with the finished
pictures. He camo back, all right
enough, but without the pictures. Said'
he stubbed hi-s toe or something and:
couldnjt finish them up. This time he
4j")tooM' the cow, after wo had spenti
ftjiid hoar swedndling around ia tho pas-:
lure to; bring her up to the house nud
wasted a bucket of uran trying to lure't
her up to his old can . of axle grease,
w rapped in a black rag. He took two:
dozen eggs at 40 ccats per dozen, a;
small chunk of butter and his dinner
"ou account." It was rather a gootli
dinner, too, but I didn't eat much be-1,
cause I had just -received a letter V
wanted to be miserable about so I spent'
the time praying that sometime in the
afternoon he would ease off converea:
tion. so I could read the letter seven;
times more. But he stayed three hours
and told us all about his dog, his grand-;
mother, his great uncle's toe nails, and;
what a fine, large, elegant reputation
he bud ns a photographer and so on "ad.
nauseam. ' '
The third time he came without the'
pictures we had the woodsaw, and it 's
my motto never to bear but one kind,
of trouble at a time, so we let him sort,
of fade away, without much in the way'
of greeting or farewell. But I'll tell
you right now that if another perambu-1
lating fraud gets into this house again
he will first have to -show me his license,
to fish and hunt, his marriage certifi-:
cate, his naturalization papers, his dis
charge from the army and a receipted
bill from his corn doctor. Then if he
successfully passes this test I shall put
him head first in the vinegar barrel for
an hour and a half, after which I shall
run him through the sausage grinder,
boots and all, and then, if it seems that
some of his natural crookedness has
beeu eliminated, we will talk business.
Stocks. Breadstuffs
and Soap Take Wings
New York, Oct. 28. Utah Copper
furnished the excitement of early trad
ing ' on ' the stock exchange today,
jumping 2 718 to 108 Vi, following yea-,
terduy's 414 point advance. The new
quotntion is a. high record.
American Locomotive was up 3-8 at
83 7-8 and Bethlehem Steel continued
its reeord -climb, making a new high at
$055 a share, up $5, on the fiist sale,.
The. 'general list was Irregular, with,
moderate strength' In rails. '
Soap On the Ladder Too.
Portland, Or., A)ct. 28. Its going t
cost more to be .clean hereafter. Port
land dealers were informed by wire to
day that, the price of standurd soaps
has been advanced ten to 20 cents per
hundred pounds. Nickel a cake cleans
ers must go to, ten cents to meet the
Minneapolis Prices.
Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 28. First
grade flour reached $10.0.1 a barrel on
the local market today. This price was
for a barrel of flour in wood. December
wheat sold up to $1.07 1-2 and closed
nt $1.00 l-2.- " '"
Were Seen Alive After
Tune They Were KM
I.os Angeles, ' Cul., Oct. 28. That
Mrs. B. L. Barrett and her son, Ray
mond Wright,, who Benton I Barrett
confessed to murdering more than a
week ago, were seen several hours
after the alleged double murder, was
tho claim today of lawyers retained
to defend the aged confessed slayer.
Ve havo found a man who will'
swear that ho saw Mrs. Barrett and
her son, Raymond Wright, alive mors
than three hours after the time Barrett
says ho killed them," declared Cap
tain Zinimcr, who is retained by Bar
rett's attorneys as aa investigator.
Captain Ziminer says his man saw
the two 011 Santa Monica bouleird
with a suitcase, waiting for a street
He refused to give the name of this
Portland Horse Show
Was Also Style Show
TV,iln,l rii-i. Oct 28. Chnmnion-
ships in several classes will be decided
this afternoon nnd tonight at the horse
show which is being staged here by the
Portland Hunt club.
The opening evening was given over
principally to a display of stylo, the
famous exhibitions of Madison Square
Garden being rivalled by several acres
of solid Portland society, banked in
galleries and boxes.
During the polo pony event the crowd
got a thrill when one of the horses
stuiimbletl and threw his rider. The man
wns uninjured.
Credential, the jumper of Vancouver,
B. C, got over tho bar at fl feet, 8
inches, considerably under the world
record. Thu Jenkins stables of l'ort
luntl won most of the blue ribbons lust
London, Oct. 28. A wireless
dispatch from Zurich toduy
said that the kaiser recently
narrowly escaped death when an
aeroplane bombarded his train
The engineer, the dispatch said,
was killed.