Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 28, 1916, Page THREE, Image 3

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Just Arrived Big Shipment
II - . - . -
l ot Trunks, Bags, butt Cases ot every de-
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. OneDackaore
j J , proves it 25c at all druggists.
jj scription the largest line of
Accessories in Salem.
Trunks of all sizes
arid makes to suit
each individual re
quirement at: fiiod
erate prices. : r
Capital Journal Special .. rSveice)
Dallas, Or., Oct. 27. Quito a large
crowd of democrats attended the rally
at Falls City last night leaving this
citv about' seven o'clock in autonio-.
1 1 j biles. Senator Ham-Lane was one of
the principal speakers, of, tho evening.
The Dallas band was engaged to furn
ish .music, for the occasion; " ',". . .
' ' Citizenship'' Papers Filed
' Homer liliberty, a native of-Can-aida,
has wade 'Application to the i'otk
County circuit- court for cttiwnship pa
pors'Mr.'. Laliberty is a resident of Iii-,
dcpcnil6n'e.- The case will-come up tit
the April terra of circuit court.
Two Diverce Suits Filed
- Two 'divorce- suits- -were filed -this
week- 'with ' County Clerk -Robinson.
Mrs..'OnaT." SteBgVll seeks separation
front her husband Hubert Stengcll and
Joseph Mnjcska asks for a .divorce
fronr Mrs.'." Jessie. Ma,joska The' The
Mnjeskaa have' one child, n little girl
about eight years old. '.
Hand Bags and Suit Cases in the quality and style you
want at the price you wish to pay. See our display in
i west window. Get our prices on Trunks, Bags and 11
Suit Cases and buy now while -11
stock is complete and prices right
1 1
Kill the Chill
Boad Convention this Week
A big road convention will be held
in the court honsc in this city on Sat
urday afternoon October 28th' at which
time delegates from each district in
the county will be present." The object
of the meeting is to form definite plans
for road, work tor the coming year und
to talk over the general subject of
road improvement. The financial needs
of each district' will also be ascertain
ed at this meeting and will be present
ed to the county court ot the December
meeting when the budget for the com
ing year is ninde up. The convention
is called together by Roadmnstcr Wal
do Finn, who is desirous of having the
co-operutioirof all sections' of the coun
tv. in the future road work.
with one of our Heaters. . Many
patterns and styles to choose !! i Th."":? t" kKR""t
from. Prices to suit every purse j
' . ." Dallas Men Honored
Oscar llayter of this city has been
appointed one of the twenty vice pres
idents of." the West Side Highway as
sociation which was formed in this city
several weeks ngo. Among the honorary
lAewuerg is presment ol iiio associa
tion. . ' '
iiiiii i rm x r H
Tn a head on collision between a
couple of hand cars, on the railroad I
track, near the Kingwood depot Friday, I
Harold Smith was somewhat bruised!
and shaken up, one thumb being so j
badly cut that it required twelve
stitches to close the wound.?..
Mrs.' K; Lnhtz of Tillamook and Mrs.
F. A. Thompson of Salem Heights were
recent guests. at thc'D. Cade home.
..There was a " reception Friday, even
ing at the Methodist parsonage for
Rev. end Mrs.-W.. ,1. JVrtrrcn and -fam-l
ily. Air.. Warren is minister, of, West '
Salem circuit this year. The Ladies-Aid
watt reorganized and officers elected as
follows: Pres.,, M rs,' Warren, vice prtjsi- j
dent Mrs., James,, secretary, Mrs. ,Bed-j
t'ord, treasurer, Mrs. Hunt.
. Delbert. Moara had the misfortune to
give the 'middle, fingernail his. Iff t hanil.l
a imi cur. win aa-axe raiuruay morn
ing, when (itteuijitilig to split kindling'
wood. lie worried more'nbout not being
able to play his beloved violin for a
while than for any pain the blow
caused 'him."" . . ... . . , ... .
Mrs.-V. McLaren of Highland was a
Wednesday guest ut the J, R. Bedford
home. '.. . ...... " . . . . v '. , .
The Ladies Aid met with' Mrs. Bed
ford Thursday p m. Soiiie routine busi
ness was transacted and plans laid' for
future work. Light refreshments were
served and meeting adjourned to nicet
with Mrs. D. K. Brminon on the second
Thursday in Xovember.
The Ladies Aid will serve 'n hot din
ner on election day at the J. T. Hunt
residence, it. being convenient to the
polling place. The ladies will appreci
ate patronage as they arc in need of'
funds. I
Dave Purviiie and family of King-j
wood have moved onfi a farm near Mc- i
Nary. , j
A family by the name of Oudirkirk
from Falls City have moved into the J.
T. Hunt house.' Mr. Oudirkirk wus call-!
ed to Canada some time since to set
tle up some money matters in connec
tion with n brother's death and has
not yet returned. !
The" Simpson tifmily hnve gbno to
Turner to live and Looneys have moved
to Molalla to live on a farm. '
(leo. Toliiu has been suffering from :
boils on his rifiht 'hand. Klood poison-!
ing set in but prompt attention and !
-treatment brought it under control and I
his hand is now 'much better.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Moore arrived'
home from Southern Oregon Friday for
n visit. with Jlr. . Moore's parents; on!
Monday they went to liiienn Vista for
a visit, with Mrs. Moore's people and
Thursday Mr. Moore went to J'artlnnd
on a business trip.
. (ieo. Frusairo is very ill at his home
on Front street.
Clinton Wood and family recently,
moved into the I'inckuev house. Mr.!
W. L. Soehren was a Capital city'vis
itor Wednesday afternoon.
0. It. Hundberg and F.lmer Matho
ney were Salem visitors Thursday
V V PulL.r r.tiiriin,1 TI,.,rU,l,,v
morning from Portland where he hadWu"1 W'H "ssist alioiit the dairy,
been for sever n I duvs attendiug a " '.
lumbermen's meeting. I Wnnflhlim NPWC
U. L. Starr, fi. nroininent flttornev of ,i vwmwmi.. iiviiv
;Portland, was a Dallas business visit
or Thursday.
Willis Snnontipn, democratic nominee
(Capital Journal Special Service. 1
Woodburn, Ore., Oct. 29. The. mem-
. A.
Willamette Valley News
MMMtt dnv
Central Howell Items
I Jliss May Moores and Frank Sim-
mons were Portland visitors last Sun-
(Capital Journal Special rSvcice) I day.
Central Howell, Oct. 2". Last Sun-j Mrs. Kmma McLugal of Portland was
day Mr. and Mrs. Amos Brnncli were!1 U1K V V.r- aI,u Jirs-cter oter-
in attendance at a birthday dinner at i
, fen's and family.
Ira Leighty was so excited last Sun-
Ailnm Burns', given m honor of Mrs. '.lay when he took his girl to church,
Adam Burns, mother of Mrs. Kthel . he' forgot to remove the tugs from his
," STOPIIffllll
VI " 1 II
If we all would spend our money
in Salem
Salem Merchants would have
more money to tempt manu
facturers to come here with
more pay rolls we will have
more Salem. Let everybody
help Salem" next week Salem
Week, and dress un week;Tv
J patronizing Salem Merchants.
new suit.
!) u M I U..
Miss fena .Meften is staymg with old Rj,l, and Miss Pearl Rich motored
Mrs. Fred Durbin.
Little Helen Zanders of Salem, daugh
ter of P. F. Zanders was visiting the
to fnlcm Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. K. D. Cosper is Visiting with
relatives in Salem this week.
M:.. v:n U......1. ..e D....I :..
nnut n.nAl '! M- . , , ..llj-B . 1 1 .1 llll II til tllll IS I !
r-n. .iBB urey uuggen. , itil,K , t, ,,, f inr,.llt8) M.
C IIUllllHI V I .---.- ., w., x..,. . " Hiviir
for county, treasurer, was a Falls City, "' of the Woman's club are giving
visitor Thursday afternoon. - j a Hallowe'en carnival at the armory
A. S. Campbell, the Main street mer- Tuesday evening, October 31.
chant, was a business visitor in Port- ' Walter C. Griesol, of Portland, spent
land Wednesday. j Monday and Tuesday in this city.
W. L. Barber, street, commissioner,' Mr. and Mrs. J. Ray McKinney were
has returned from a short visit with presented with a nine pound baby boy
relatives in Corvallia. . j Tuesday morning.
A. E. Thompson and D. C. Heistnnt' Mr. and Mrs. Dunnels, Mr. and Mrs. !
former Dallas residents now residing flnrrie ilnynes and daughter, Mrs.
at Corvallis were in the city Wcdnes-, Dwire of Silverton, motored to this
T city Friday to visit Mr. and Mrs- D. A. '
Smith, Miss Maude !McKee. j
.Lynn Fuller, who is attending Mt. !
Angel college, spent the week-end here, i
Mr. Karl Sims and Miss Ksther Herge !
of this city, were married nt Vancouver,
Wash., Wednesday. I
Mrs. Sadie iJimick returned Sunday j
Francis Sharpillos! is working, forjund Mrs. 11. Clay Burch in this citv. I brother. Hichmd Wri.rl.t nf v..ln.. i
Fred Durbin. Miss Buich is taking training in oj Aldon Ogle from Sun Francisco, who
uy uiu jra i.eignty iook so sail "re course in i oi-iinnii. tins lieen visiting relatives here, return-
nr. nnl -Vis. A. H. istnrbuek nccom-i,., home Saturday
panied by Dr. ami Mrs. II. II. Bender-1 MrSi j) A- (,w'iiiiif Los Angeles. Ciil.,
schott, of Portland, returned from was a guest of Mrs. Harold Austin Wed
severul ilays hunting trip on Salmon : .,.ki1iiv
river, Wednesduy night. MiM Alllin As)loc Bi(itl,r ,T, ,h n n nn .
Mrs. r. J. ( raven returned V ednes-: visite,, in nrtillll( Slln,ny ,, Moll.
day trom a short visit nt the home ut!(ny
her parents. Dr. and Mrs. Win. Tyler The dunce given bv the Woodburn
Smith at Sheridan. high scl .tliletic club in the armory
.Mr. and r.Ms. R. L I rati xhave re- Mturday night by p ,le from Silver
turned to heir home at Riverside, ( nl- tnll M Uonald, Portland, Mt. An
.torn,,,, at er a short visit at the home , , , , ; Every one enjoy
of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Sweeney on M.lljJ;,, gl)()1 tim() -1
street. i ii;., vi..,.. , ..... .. i,.....i ,
... .no nil,!,', . iini.l , ill l III l 111 nil,
spent the week-end with Cressentia
Mllntt ami iittended the dance.
I Mr. and .Mrs. K. 0. Syiou left for
j Oregon City Friday, where they expect
; to make their future home.
I Karl un, I Blnm-hc Waller, of Portland,
J s t the week-eml with Naomi Hicks.
.miss iieien rtcoimni visited in 1'ort-
Wednesday night. Ask Ed Schar he
can toll.
Last Sunday Abo Steffen and family
motored to Clackamas.
Mr. anil Mrs. Sinn Spitler are expect
ed home soon.
Last Friday night the boys gave Mr.
and Mrs. Jim . Luuderback" a tin pan
Last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy
RogerSt were visiting with triends.
The Cherry Bud band was surely fine
at the temperance meeting Wednesduy
eve. Mr. Reeves and Rev. Klvin were
me speakers of tne evening.
Every body glad to see 1 Burns at
the temperance meeting.
Amos Branch's moved on the Mc
Corkle place.
Fred Durbins have moved on their
Karl Rumsilens have moved on the
Walker place,
Mrs. Abe Stcffeii, Mrs. Albert .Ian,
and Miss Laurel .liuiz visited the I'en
trul Howell school Thursday.
Hayesville News
(Capital Journal Sscial Service)
For one week only we propose to sell perfectly good
Dining Room Furniture at an
Astonishing Discount
Listen to This:
; No, 492- Quartered Oak Pedistal . Extension Table,
nusn top 04-in. Dyb-it., regular $35.W, now.J25.20
; No.' 202" Quartered . Oak Pedestal Extension Table;
; plank top 52-in. by, 8-ft.r regular $45.00, now $29.70
I NO.-497 'Ouartered Oak 'Pedestal Extension Tablp: '
! 48-in. .by. j5-f t. top, -regular $25.00, now ' ; -. $18.45 -
1 AT.' "ii , A 1. . f-k V a 1 1- . 'm " ' t . JJ m ' V '" 1 J"
:.io. aw asu reaestai extension raDie,-42-in.; by b-
ft.; regular $i2.oo; now . r::iCv. . J7J5
, Also about ten other Tables reduced in proportion,
BUffETS ,.
! No. 25:3 Ash Buffet, top 42-in.x21-in., beveled French
; Mirror 10x2-in., regular $24, now . . ;T.jj2.00
No. 555 Fumed Oak Buffet, top 48-in.xl7-in.', French
beveled Mirror 8x44-in., regular $:5.00,.now $21.00
No. 180' Quartered Oak Buffet, top 48-in.x22-in.,
French beveled Mirror 10x:)8-in., reg. $:i5, $24.50
No. 080 Quartered Oak Buffet, top . 48-in.x22-in., .
French beveled Mirror 14x:8, regular $:50, $19.50
Other Buffets too numerous to mention, reduced in
same proportion.
No. 297 Fumed China Closet, mission pattern,
: height 56-in., width :$2-in., depth 16-in., regular
$27.50 ;...............;...;...........;. : $12.75
No. 50:5 Golden Quartered Oak, hight 64 inches,
width :)Q inches, depth 14 inches, regular $25, $16.25
No. 642 Golden Quartered Oak, colonial pattern,
: height 60 inches, width :6 inches, depth 15 inches,"
! regular $27.50 ...1 ........ $17.75
'. No.' :&) Fumed Oak, Mission pattern, height 6:
' inches,, width 46 inches, depth '16, inches, regular
m-oo..... .......................$18.85
No. 062 Ash Dining Chairs, per set of 6, regular
$10.00, . .................. ......:..:.v.v..$725-
No. 481 Golden Oak, dull finish mission pattern, per
' set of 6; regular $13.50; .'v ; . ; .; ; .... . -. , $0.75
No. 921 Oak Leather Seat Chairs, per set of 6, reg
ular $19.50 ...................... .... .... $1425
No. 721 Oak Leather Seat Chairs, per set of 6, reg
ular $30.00 p.80
These goods are up to date, stylish, well finished,
and the best bargains in Dining Room Furniture
ever offered here. Call and be convinced. Visit this
store frequently if you wish, to know the lowest
Prices. , , , . ;.
Max O. Buren
Chicago Store Block Commercial and Court
Frank (iillium, a prominent rancher
in the reiii'e country, was a Dnlius vis
itor this week on business.
St. Louis News
(Capital Journal Special Service)
St. Louis, Oct. 7. .Mrs. John I'Vr-
rhwciler ami sou, Lawrence, who went
10 . l 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 - last Siiuilay to attend the
funeral of Mike Fery returned home
yesterday. Mr. Fery was buried yes
terday. Mrs. Charley Leltruu ami two chil
dren who went to I'cnilleton lor a two
weeks stnv returned . home last Weil-
Prepare This for a Bad
Cough It's Fine
Ckraplr aad Easily Made, but
Uun the Work Quickly,
The finest cough syrup that money
ran uuy, costing only aiiuut onc-littu as
Hnvesville, Or., Oct. 27. J. Brume- nesdny uiulit.
ciu-cio. and family have moved to Su j Mr. Dene is visiting in I'ortliiud this
lein and are living on Front street. wees.
MlHfl Killill Titta I'liiiiii hiinin frmi. ' Most lit tllC l)lOlill in St. l.Ollis II fC
Monmouth on Friday evening to spend .ligng- their potatoes and are selling ; "' ISXl
the week end at home, returning to , them at HO eeiitj a luislie ; luk.j, j,,,,,, Bn, ,,, uiHtr,.eBinj
coiiL'iis, tnroat and chest colds will
really make you enthusiastic about it.
Any druggist can supply you with
21j ounces of l'illex (All rents wnrthl
tl .I'iMir this into a pint lxittle aid till the
I Imttle
i syrup.
With ids in irranulatcd
Shake thoroughly and
it is
her school duties Siindiiv evening. A local school fair will he held to-
Rev. Douglas of (irants I'ass spoke morrow iln the St. Louis'si hool.
at the church here on Tuesday even- Louin Dubois made a flying trip to Sa
ing and the Salvation Army conducteilj lem Wednesday, he will leave for I'ort
the servicex on Thursday evening. limit .""atiiriiay wnere he nileiius
Attorney F. II. Reeves snoke at the work all winter.
Hnvesville church on Sunday morning. Mr. and .Mrs. Al .Manning Hud their rcadv for use. The total cost, is aliout
The Hayesville' literary society met ! infant son baptized last Sunday, tlicy.M cents and gives' you a full pint a
on Friday evening, the 'first meeting named it Walter Joseph. ! family supply of a most effectual,
since last spring.. (I. K. McAfee was j Mrs. Kdinond doff in visited friends : phasant tasting remedy. Jt keeps per
elected preaidant. I'ompkiii iiio, dough-; here Wednesday. K'(,,,i ..i: 11 ,. , ,
nuts and cider were served. . Miss I'hil Fers. hweiler who '"i"'' J," SlS' 'lila PlT,
A dry rally was held at the church home for a few days visit returned 'passage of the throat and lungs loosens
on .Monday night, -P. II. Reeves and O. I'orilinul Wednesday evening. land raises the phlegm, smithes and heals
M. Klliott were the speakers. The Wil-! J ' jthe in Humid or swollen throat mem-
lamette quartet furnished the music, j INDEPENDENCE SCHOOLS hranes, and gradually but surely the
(Several persons from here attended MAX Itl USJiU BX WOKlJAi, , " . 1 V-ii "u o.reaoea
... i . 1 COIIvll 1 1 1 ili.nnnnu. ...... v.. I .. V,.iI.Ih..
. ,r .'.- a. ... .11.1,. ..uiiiiiik
the Baptist state convention, held
walem last week.
iii .. ... i. .:." " ;
Independence, Ore., Oct. 27.-A move- v, " , , ; ' ' TV " V-
Several in the coniiuunitv have folds: ment is on foot here and at Monmouth I 1'inex is a special and highly concen-
or la grippe. . 'to use the Independence grade school : Ira ten eomiMiund of genuine Norway
Audrey While is among the sick. i for a truiiuag "school for the state norm
Little Kruest Snvage is recovering nl anil much discussion, is henrd con
rrrom an attack or the measles.
: J'otato digging and apple picking is
the order of the day, both are a splen-
did crop.
She Are they very poorf
He l'oor, I s!:ould say they are
(They don't even own an automobile.
pine extract, combined with vuaiacol
mil is known the world over for ita
cemiug its advisability. On Tuesday I mVmi'ranes 16 lUr"
afternoon I'resideiit Ackerman, of the Avoid disappointment bv asking vour. 1
normal school, addressed the lndciend- iruggist for "2',i ounces of )'inex" with t
ence t.ivie league on the sulip'ct. hol iu" uireciions ana uont accept soy- I
lowing his tulk. Mrs. Civile Kcker reiid U,1'";.'l"e- A guarant. of absolute, sat- :
a paper on "Old Oregon Trails." The ",lXh "T,, m-'nprnmptlv refunded .
i i . i .ii-. loea with this preparation. The Puiex I
club is stuilyiiig the history of Ore-j .o., j-t. Wayne, Xud. '
laud lust week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Watson, of Cliaiu
pnign, III., arc guests at the home of
their daughter, Mrs. Oscar Lewis.
C. C. (ioudulu and family visited in
Brownsville Saturday.
-Mrs. Walter St. Clair, of Coipiille, was
a week-end guest of Mrs. K. V. Nicklen.
Mrs. J. L. Fit.putriclt uud duughter
visited with .Mrs. John Hunt Moudiiy.
Mrs. S. A, Kempt will spend the win
ter in Portland with her duugliter, Mrs.
C. K. Nebergult.
Mm. Vedders iilid Ida Bremen spent
the week-end at (Hailstone visiting 1'iof.
Mr. nud Mrs. O. (). Fresher, of Sun
Francisco, are visiting at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. fcduurd Boscoe.
The Necdlecrnft members were de
lightfully euterluiiied by Mrs. Fred Dose
lust Friday uf tei-noou,
Charles Tyler went to Newport Fri
I'uy to visit his grandparent-, .Mr. and
.Mrs. B. F. Hull.
Mrs. J. V. McAdoo, of Salem, spent
Thursduy with her sister, .Mrs. Fiord
The firemen 's bull is nil event to be
looked forward to. It will be given No
vember 20 and promises to be something
out of the ordjnary.
Mrs. R. B. Houston and sou Eugene,
of Salem, were guests of .Mr. uud Mrs.
10. (I. Kmnictt Sunday.
F. W. Settlemier inude a business trip
to Wasco county Saturday.
Miss Florence Htover visited relatives
in Salem Sut unlay.
Mrs. Alice Smith, of Portland, spent
the week end with relatives in this city.
Mr. nud Mrs. I'lius. Multcu, of St.
Paul, motored to Womlhurii Siiniiuy.
Hayesville Notes
(Cupitul Journal Special Service.)
Hayesville, Ore., Oct. 27. Hayesville
Ladies' Aid society met and elected the
fiillowillir board nf nf t'iceCj: Prctiiilcnt
.Mrs. thus. Reed; vice-president, Mrs.'
William Powers; secretary, Mrs. Wil- I
limn Fitts; treasurer. Mrs. Burr Teel.
The next meeting will be Wednesday,!
November 1, at the church parlors at
w hich time all members are earnestly j
requested to be present to attend to
final arrangements rcgui-iliug lluyi.
villo Chrysanthemum slum. The ho -r
of meeting is 2 o'clock slmrp.
Thursduy night's showers have lad
the dust uud freshened vegetation he e
to n wonderful extent. Much ) t u '
digging and apple picking ure In pio.
gress here, but everybody rejoices ovt
the mild shower.
Hayesville Literary society which
made such a hit lust year lins ngniii re
assembled for the winter sessions. Tie
first meeting wns Friday evening with
the following new officers: President,
U. LvMcAfee; vice-president, Mr. A. K.
Ximincrmun; secretnry, Mrs. X. I).
Heechler; treasurer, Miss Ruth Suiiey;
sergcunt-at-urius, Albei t Wiill'eine.vi r.
Meetings will be held first and third
Friday of each mouth. The next n t-
ing will be Friday, November J. Open
ing night was nhserteil by the follow
ing prngium: Rending, Miss MmIi'c
Starr; reading, Oscar Noren; anecdote,
Joseph Teal. The following young peo
ple each gave a one minute speech: Mi-s
Sturr spoke oil "What 1 Know About
Prunes. A Wulfeniever spoke on
" Fords, the Best Machine Made. " Je
Fitts gave a one minute tulk on "Music,
Mostly Chin-Music." .Miss Kduti Fitts
was ordered to discourse upon "The
Boys of Monmouth School.'' Tier n
muiks were clever and proved that the
young woman is a close ohxerver. Pump
kin pie, dough nuts and nppleju added to
the pleusure of those jirosent.
Dr. John Kvuns nud Mr. Samuel
Parks are expected home from their
Onkridge hunting trip on Tuesdnv, Octo.
ler .11.
Dr. Brewer was called Monday to si e
Alois I in per, owner of the Stnytin
cheese factory, who met with nn acci
dent while digging a well at his place.
It seems that Mr. Imper was in the well,
which was quite deep, when owing to
some cause unknown, he fell, cutting
a gash in the back of his head. H"
wus unconscious for about 2t hours, bet'
at last report was doing nicely and a
speedy recovery is expected. Stuytnii
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