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A MAN'S foolish to Xsputa With hi
wife, f r she's jury an' judge, an'
the verdick's shore t be in her fnvori
Smoke a pipe of
waive a hearin'. -
ttHMt1MtnmtlltnmHiHnnm (mr
I Sport News
Watching the Scoreboard
Pacific Coast League Standings.
W. L. ret.
.n Anirelos 1 HI 78
,BHK !
m us
102 100
HI 0
72 i:w
Sun Francisco
Salt Luke ...
1'ortlnnd ....
Oakland -.
Yesterday's Results.
At Hun Francisco, 8; Fortlnutl, S
At Hult Lake, 7; Oakland, 1.
At I.m Angeles, 0; Veruon, fl.
Vernon continued the work of milking
flie Angels' nice new pinnnnt look rath
r shopworn, healing llorstinnnn 'A to 0.
That makes three striii(ht for the Tig
er. Dn ley, Cnllnhnn ami Mcdnff igan
bunched hits in the sixth for the runs
thnt lickeil l.os Angeles.
Hunny Brief broke the Coast league
home run record when he sailed one over
the .'fence. 'Twas his 31st quadruple, of
the season. ' Ping Bodlo got .10 home
runs in his palmiest year.
Also, it was Rrief 'a fourth round trip
per of the week, and he batted .1000 per
-ent yesterday, rapping out three sing
le besides the fat swat.
Sun Francisco smashed Hip Hngermnn
out of the box in the third, liinnl count
fnu Fftincisco, 8; Portland, 2.
Tana Were Not Noisy.
Vancouver, Wash., Oct. 27. lVnf and
dumb football warriors of the Wash
ington stale school fur mutes were fig
uring on challenging Harvard or Yale
today lifter their l.'l ty 0 defeat of the
Commerce high school eleven.
The deaf mules called signals on their
fingers mill hail the enemy going south
from alphu to omega, while up in the
bleachers a crowd of frenzied boys and
girls wildly spelled out "rah, rnli, nth,
lieuf school! It r-rith!" on their twink
ling digits.
League Has Law Bult.
Chicago, Oct. 27. The Chicago Nil
tiiiunl league club is today fighting a
Hun, hoi) damage unit brought in the cir
cuit court here by the Mctnl rpeeialty
company. The dispute is over rental
fees fur patent buck wuts used 111 the
Cub park. The seats were removed aft
er twu vears.
Willard May Scrap.
Sun Diego, Cnl., Oct. 27. That Josk
Willard will meet pit Iter Hnttling Levin
ky or Jnck Dillon at Tijuana, Mexico,
just across the line from here this win
ter was the belief of local fight bugs to
day. Tex Itiekard is said to be promot
ing the scrap- He is trying to get Welsh
mid Dundee down there for a prelimin
ary to the big bnttle.
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gets up in the morning to start the
day's work. . "Ohl how my back
aches. - GOLD MODAL Haarlem Oil
Capsules taken today eases the . back
ache of tomorrow taken every day
ends the backache for all time. Don't
delay. What's the use of stifferingl
Begin taking GOLD MF.DAI, Haarlem
Oil Capsules today nd be relieved to
morrow. Take three or fuur every day
nud be permanently free from wrench
ing, distressing bacK pain. Put lie sure
to get GOLD M F.DAL. Since 100(1 GOLD
Ml) DA I. Haarlem Oil has been tin
Rational Remedy of Holland, the Gov
ernment of the Netherlands having
granted a special charter authorizing
its preparation and sale. The housewife
of Holland would almost as soon be
without bread as she would without her
"Real Dutch Drops" as she quaintlv
calls GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Cap
sules. This is the one reason why you
will find the women and children of
Holland so sturdy and robust.
(K)LD MEDAL ore the pure, original
Haarlem Oil Capsules Imported direct
from the laboratories In Haarlem, Hol
land. But be sure to get GOLD
MEDAL. Look for the name on every
box. . Sold by reliable druggists in
senled packages at 25c, BOo and H.00.
Money refunded if they do not help vou.
Accept only the GOLD MEDAL. "All
others are imitations.
helps make- the
rough spots even.1
And two years
natural ageinz
makes VELVET,
Willamette to Play
, Columbia University
If comparative scores may be taken as
a unit of measure, 8nturdny's football
game between Wilinmetto und Columbia
universities' elevens Saturday after
noon on Siveetlund field promises to be
.507! an interesting struggle.
.500 ' Whereas the heavy Multnomah Ath
.500! letic. club warriors of l'ortliind trimmed
,4H;ti the Catholic lads by a IB to 0 score at
..'15l 'he same time AVillnmette was overcome
I at Kugcne, the signal victory of the
I Methodists over Albany college last
; Saturday shown the opposing forces will
weigh in about even when the whistle
j blows tomorrow afternoon at .') o'clock.
1 Two semi-serious necldonts of the
I week will have a tendency to weaken
.Mathews' bnttle array, lu a mixed
line-up Wednesday afternoon. Arnold
(irnlnpp received n badly cut eyebrow
which required t li roe stitches to stop the
gap. Luckily his sight will not bo im
paired, nltliough the doughty guard will
be unable to scrimmage for a Tew days
at least. Results of a similar line buck
got the best of Krrcil Proctor and he id
now hobbling mound on a enne owing totfoiy to the east warn; at uueuueoourv
a dislocated knee. Likewise uuenn is
still inrnpneitnted with his bug leg
which, while promising to mend, is
ii Hii i n in a relaxed state.
.fust whnt tile Columbia university
stnrs huve in the line up is not known,
but these interscholnstic lengue stars of
I'ortlnnd always have enjoyed the repu
tation of being serious contenders for
championship honors. Home of the
brightest stnrs of Northwcxt football
have been nurtured under the helters
of that institution, so vngue predictions
as to what the score or line up will be,
tire only a matter of guess, work.
Willamette's hopes were considerably
strengthened bv the appeiirnnce of Bra
y.ier Hnuill and Charles .Muck in suits
this week. Both are players of recog
nised intercollegiute ranking and they
bid fair to make applicants for steady
berths step lively to retain their posi
tions. Little change in the pot-sound
is expected, even though a few shifts
in the interests of general efficiency
hnvo marked Mnthevvs' determination
to continue the winning process.
The probable line-up for tomorrow V
giiine of the defenders of old Wllliiiuette
will be: Center, Peterson; guards, Muck,
Flegel ninl Guerin; tackles, Taylor and
Tobiej ends, Hntelit'fe iind Uexford. In
the buckficld will be Booth, quarter;
Tenll nud (Irosvenur, halfbacks; Dimick
or Bnrtlett, fullback.
Manager Arlie Walker is tanking ef
fort to laud another team for a local
game a week from Hutui-diiy, but as yet
has been unable to complete nrrnnge
tnenls. Pncifie university is the next
tidbit definitely scheduled for the local
field. Its defenders will meet Willam
ette on Koveniber 11.
)c )(( sc sjc ift sc )(t sc sc sc s(c sc sc
State House News
)t it )t s(t i(c )ft s)c ijc ift jc ie j(c
An application for the itiMiillation
of n railroad crossing in Portland on
East Washington street was filed with
niUsi.ii. ii.il
mission inis
tlie ptmhe service com
A communication from the Kin ninth
Kails Coininercinl club to the puldie
service commission asked Information
concerning the advisability of granting
a franchise to a second public utility
corporation in that city. The communi
cation states Hint the council of thnt
'city refuse to tuko tho responsibility
nnu in piiiiiug up i ue question 10 a voie
or the people. Heeently people of P.end
voted down nu application of a compet-ihip
nig utility as they believed thev had
complelu recourse from oppression bv
the monopolizing utility iu the public I
service commission, J lie rvlumntli appli-,
cation was for a
s.'cond electric light
and power plant.
Articles of incorporation filed with
the state corporation eomniisHioiier this
morning are Lniithers Mercantile com
pany of St. Johns, which increases its
capitalisation from '.'.",0(HI to ."0,000;
the Commonwealth Cleaning and Press
ing company, of Portland, with a capi
talization of 2,000; the Otto and llnrk
son Kcalty company of Portland, with
n cnpitali.nlion of 23,0(iO,
Governor Withvconibe went to Port
land todnv to attend the Portland horse
show, which is scheduled for this even
ing. Snturdnv he will pay a visit to
irelmm, where he will speak at a
Hughes meeting.
on Aur. 9.S . I ' iiPMWJ,, -
JULY I, OH SEPT. 2.1 j . A y"
F)q)(v"" ip-H ok I 2. 3 I
, , i I , Hill .
wyJarfjfcw v&atMmmc3uc3axwHrtmM aisawuwswiial
With the capture of Combles the gains
of the allies were made at three points
on the Homme front at Combles, where
the continued Frnnco-BritHli offense
swent over the village and gained terri-
which was carried by the British, and at
Thiepvnl, which had long becu an ob
stacle to the British advance nt the
point where the battle line makes a
sharp salient as it turns to the north
ward. A semiofficial ocooiint of the
buttle of the Homme from, its beginning
on July 1, appearing in the Bulletin des
Amice's, says the French-have captured
ISO square kilometers (about seventy
square miles) of territory, captured 30,
000 unwounded prisoners, removed 4,
r03 wounded and taken 144 cannon
Number of Suicides Just Half i
and Death Rate Cut Ten
Per Cent
Seattle, Wash., Oct. 27 Because there
me no saloons in Seattle, the commun
ity's already robust health is improv
ing, nud the local death rate, lowest in
the I'nited States, will be still lower
in UM0, according to Health Commis
sioner MeBride today.
There have tieen 70 fewer denths dur
ing the nine mouths of ISUll than there
were during the same period last year-
"One reason why we are ahead this
year," said M?Bride, "is the slump in
suicides, homicides and injuries, so far
this year. We know from the way vic
tims came to the city emergency hos
pital when the suloiins were running,
that there are fewer tragedies uoiv."
Ho pointed out that there have been
;itl suicides so fur this year as compared
with 72 in the nine months of 1015.
"Denths from external injuries," as
t result of homicides hnve dropped from
)u su lw exl),niml(,( ,.1(nd muruv,.s
total 17 instead or 21."
The total number of denths in Seat
tle from all causes, so far this year is
1,7(3. There were 1,81:1 deaths up to
this date lust year. .
Portland, Ore.. Oct. 27 Three five
masted auxiliary schooners will be built
here this winter by the new Oregon
Building company, it was learned
todnv. The corporation, organized by
Portlanders, is capitalised for t200,OOO,
and is the latest to enter the ship cou-
sirucuou neiii nere.
I I S et. ach, for SO on.
most of them of heavy calibre, 500 ma
chine guns and other material. Since
the opening of tho battle, the account
says, the Germans have thrown into bat
tle sixty-seven new divisions and seven
teen battalions, on the French front,
visions were on the English front and
thirty-three divisions, with the seven
teen bnttnions, on the French front:
Combles, just taken;, had 2000 popula
tion before the war- It had been of no
table value to the Germans because as
long as they clung to it the Granco
British freedom of action in pushing
their offensive movements toward Ba
paiime and Pennine on either side of it
was hampered. Turned ibto a strongly
fortified position by German defensive
Barrett Confesses Killing
But Some Think Him
Los Angeles. Cnl., Oct. 27. Whether
Benton L. Barrett, aged farmer, who
confessed slaying his wife and stepson,
is guilty oi murder or is the victim
of a hypnotist, is a mystery thut may
only be solved bv a jury trial, in ths
jipinion of District Attorney Woolwiue.
"We have sufficient evidence to go
to trial and convict Benton Barrett o.'
murder in the first degree," declared
Woolwine today. His statement was
backed up by the findings of Dr. I.ynink
B. Stookey, anatomist, who examined
ihe bones said to be those of Mrs. Bar
rett and Raymoud Wright, her 17-year-old
son- Dr. Stookey declared the bones
were "green" or those of a person who
recently died.
"There is no evidence to show that
Bentou I.. Barrett is guilty of murder.
We are iu a position to prove him in
nocent," dee In red Lewis D. Collings, at
torney for the defense. Collings' state
ment was supported by Captain H. R.
Ziuinier, an expert investigator, who de
clared the bones found in an outhouse
on the Barrett farm were those of a per
son who had been dead forji long time.
Collins declared he had information of
skeleton having been stolen receutly.
He declined to give details in this mat
ter. Doiv't fuss
arouivd half
i i
a 4 arenxixoa wiveix
pPl?fcfl$H BRAND
will koop yoi dry aid
OUR 80 ii YEAR
ingenuity, it persistently held fast like
a rock in the course of a turuuient
stream that had tb be blasted loose be
fore the channel was fully Opened up.
This process was accomplished .only by
long continued, severe and costly effort
on the part of the allies. Driving in
front the south, the French succesively
swept by Hardecourt, Maurepas, Le
Foret and finally reached Fregicourt, a
mile to the east of Combles. t More
slowly but none the less surely the Bri
tish pushed their advance on the north
of the German salient. Shaded portions
of map shows allies' advance after Com
bles fell. Sir Douglas Haig, commander
of the British forces, is given credit
for the fall of the stronghold.
J. W. Dawson, Coal Operator,
Disappointed; Fears Old
Guard Will Control
Xew York, Oct. 27. The New York
World publishes the following dispatch
rrom innriesion, w. va.:
"J. W. Dawson of Charleston, coal
operator, in a letter to State Chairman
Joseph H. (iaines of the republican
state committee, asked, that his name
as a Hughes elector at large be with
drawn from the republican ticket.
"I have been a great admirer of
Judge Hughes since the insurance in
vestigation in New York vears pnst.
says Mr. Dawson in his letter. 1' was
for him originally when Mr. Taft was
nominated ami elected president, and
at that time hoped to some dav see
Judge Hughes president of this coun
try. But 1 was at Chicago during the
republican convention in June; I have
been a student of public questions
since that time; I have read - Mr.
Hughes, public addresses with a great
deal of anxiety: 1 do not find m them
any good reason why we should change
administrations at Washington at this
critical time."
A. K. Matbesou, conservative repuhli
WMi, Tatt elector in 1912, and law part
ner of ex-Senator John M. Whitehead,
lu'.e candidate for the republican nom
ination tor United States senator in
Wisconsin, has announced thnt, from
motives of patriotism, he will support
President Wilson for re election, while
at the same time adhering to the re
publican state ticket in Wisconsin.
"There are several grounds for my
supKrt of Mr. Wilson. One is what
seems to be a real iuterest in the socinl
welfare of men and women; his human
itarian impulses and purposes. He is
trying to do something for the man who
is struggling whether' the man is in
America or Mexico. , "
"I think Wilson has handled foreign
affairs with large vision and looking
to the future as well as to the pres
ent. I commend Wilson for acting with
fine poise and balance in very trying
"I put my Americanism above my
partisanship, and in these critical times
I deem it my patriotic duty to stand
by President Wilson."
Louis Bamberger, one of the foremost
business men of Xew York, . sent a
check for 11000 to the democratic na-
Used Automobile
. Is better than a cheap new car. .
Complete Stock Guaranteed, Modern USED CARS,
with Electric Starters and Lights
Studebakers, Overlands, Maxwells, CadaUac,
Paige, Hupmobile,
WINTER PRICES $350 to $700 !v ": ;
. .. Liberal terms if desired. ' ' v -
Come and look oyer these Bargains. - Refund of
- railroad fare from any . point in Oregon or Wash
ington to Portland made to all purchasers of our
used cars. . . ; -
Oregon Motor Car Co.
tional committee yesterday with the
following comment:
"It might be of interest to you to
know that at the last presidential dec
tion I vote'd for Mr. Roosevelt, but ns
Wilson's administration, in the face of
perplexing conditions, has accomplished
in mv juugmen, all tnat any reasonable
citizen would expect, 1 shali take pleas
ure in casting my ballot for him."
C. F. Long, of 42 Brondwav. Xew
York, ynds a check for $100, enclosing
a cony oi a leiier renivine to n renucsr
tfor a contribution to the .New Vork re
publican committee.
"I will say that during my voting
years i nave voted tor republican pres
idential candidates," Mr. Long says,
"but my next, presidential ballot will
be cast for Woodrow' Wilson."'
Fred B. Lynch, chairman of tho club
organization bureau of the democratic
national committee, is receiving thous
ands of letters from independent voters
who pledge themselves to the support
of Wilson. Notable among them today
are indorsements from ,C. Brandleo
Hunt, architect, and Charles S. Brand,
attorney, both of New York and hot a
former republicans.
Jackson Josnson of St. Louis, chair
man of the board of directors of the
International Shoe company and one of
the biggest manufacturers in the world,
announced today that he will vote for
President Wilson.
"I have learned the great construc
tive measures of the! Wilson adminis
tration against the ill advised measures
of previous republican, rule anil I have
concluded to support Mr. Wilson for a
second term," says Mr. Johnson.
"Mr. Wilson has faced the most try
ing times of any president since Lin
coln, Through his leadership the in
adequate currency nienstiiji! known as
the aldrich law was amended by n
democratic congress to. prevent what
would have been the greatest panic this
country has ever known. In my judg
ment, the federal reserve act is one of
the greatest and inost beneficial pieces
of legislation ever placed upon the
statutes. It has served to advance the
business of this country and has done
more to bring property to the whole
population than all other thimrs com
Wedding Invitations, Announcements
and Cal'.ing Cards Printed at the Jour
nal Job Department.
facturers to come
lay rolls we
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The Mistake Is Made by Many Salem
Look for the cause of headache.
To be cured you must know the
If it's weak kidneys you must set
the kidneys working right.
A Salem resident tells you how.
M.-i. M. B. Churchill, 705 Bclmcnt
strcr, Salein, says: "Three years ags
I wis down in bed for a week with my
back. 1 couldn't get up or down with
out assistance and my back felt weak
and lame. I was sick all over. Hearing
so ninny recommend Doon's Kidney
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Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
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Doau's Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs. Churchill had. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Props., Buffalo, N.. Y.
Because of tho delay in completing,
the Corvallis bowling alleys the sched
ule of the Valley bowling league, which
was to have been opened soveral weeks
ago, will begin on November with Al
bany, Corvallis, Salem, and two teams
from Eugene playing. It is expected
the Salem team will play Kugeno oa
that date in the np-river city.
Tk attractive
want ad is vyondcrt ul
Children Cry
here with
will have