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X T"" if '
They unpack without a wrinkle. No pressing necessary. And remember, this is possible only with
a Hartmann. In place of the usual bungling straps and tapes a simple adjustable device com
presses the clothes and prevents bulging. Hartmann unbreakable hangers provide for quick and
easy packing. Let us show you this and other Hartmann Trunks and you'll understand why Hart
mann irunks are
Special Price
Dress Trunks
Black Walrus Grain Leather Bag, divided pockets, brass lock and drop catches, ::
sPecial $3.25
Uther Uags lrom
This week we offer you a splendid value in an all fibre case, anchor handle, brass
lock and catches, inside straps, well sewed and riveted, special $1-20
Other cases from v ........................ Q $12.50
C. S.
340 Court St. Complete Housefurnisher
On Saturday afternoon from 3 to 8
o'clock, the Salem Woman's club will
give its annual President's Day reeop-
:... Un V l' A rm.A .ff,,!. Ill
lie.iu Lho nature of an orientul tea and
lunuaual attention is being given to de
tails which will make it one of the most
krtislio events of the early season. The
guests will include tho club members
New Coatings and
Dress Goods
Inef A?! A delayed shipment of Fall
JUbl arrive U Worsteds and Coatings,
comprised of handsome Plaids, Stripes and Solid
Shades. This lot was ordered months ago to be de
livered in August. Because of the increased demand
for these goods they were placed on back order. Since
ordering them the prices of dress goods and coatings
have advanced. This advance does not affect the price
of this shipment Therefore we offer them at a price
lower than the present market value.
To be found here are
Flaid Coatings, Plush
Coatings. A beautiful col
lection of the best goods
in the newest shades of
brown, black and green.
Don't fail to inspect them.
Worsted Fabrics
A mammoth stock of pop-'
mar worsted Fabrics
such as San Toy Poplins
Serees. French Nprtrps
Plaids, Shepard Checks,1
uroaacioths, 0 1 1 omans,
Gabardines, Batistes, at
; i . , , I
puces lower man can oe
found elsewhere. A good
many of these fabrics are
still priced on the old
tne choice ox experienced travelers
fotmltd htr and abroad .
This Week on all Wardrobe
and their iavited friends.
Mr. nml Mrs. A. N. Hush, accompan
ied by Dr. and Mrs. Harry K. Clay, mo
tored to Portland Tuesday, returning
tho snme evening.
Mrs. John J. Huberts and Mrs. Thom
as ('. Win i I h , Jr., motored to riilvorton
Worsted Suitings in pret
ty Plaids and Stripes. A
much wanted variety.
They represent the cream
of this line of merchan
dise and are increasing in
popularity. The assort
ment is unusually large.
Every Garment
Instantly Accessible
the wardrobe section of the Hart
mann &3sC Wardrobe Trunk
permits instant access to any-garment
You don't have to fumble through the
entire contents of your trunk to get what
you want.
Any article of clothing may be removed
without disturbing the others
Think of the time and annoyance this
saves. Better yet, in
the hinged top of the wardrobe section is
f added. This holds the clothes in a firm
ut cushioned eria immovable en route.
every wnere.
Trunks $21 to $35.00 f
, $5.00 to $15.00
$4.00 to $15.00
Phone 29
today to be guests at tho bridge party,
for which Mrs.' Claude P. Slndo wjas
hostess this afternoon.. .
They will return tonight accompany
ing Mr. Roberts and Dr. Smith who will
motor to Silverton this oVening to be
guest nt a birthday dinner to bo given
in honor of Mrs. Claude Hlnde and Mr.
William Hlude.
Mrs. O. A. Selhlrede of Mnrshfield,
Oregon, is visiting at the home nf her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. (leorge Down
ing, of 111) State street.
At tho studio of Miss Minnctta Ma
tters, an informal reception will be giv
Here Is The Reason
Why we have succeeded in building an enormous
trade in Children's Footwear. It is, convincingly
sufficient. ,
Shaping last Shoes
Make Shapely Feet
Ith child's
J foot U vary '
rf!tthr and
FiIwiIih, with
thick anklM. As
1 nil the fond mothr
uftft good judgment and
t th aho
r vcAnsillTfflw aaar.
I Tha alandcr
ll'lf Hnaa cama '
with not a aua
(ntion of pinch.
Tha ankla llnaa ara 1
I airtight and allm,
I Iniurlng a graeftful tape
aa aga add.
The heel-hugging principle of Baster Brown
Shaping Lasts continues through all sizes.
They intelligently anticipate the needs of the growing feet
and assure shapely, useful and graceful feet when the child
is grown. Buster Brown Shoes are broad when the foot is 1
broad, slim when the foot is long and thin, and neatly
tapered as the arch develops. Put your child in BUSTER
BROWN SHAPING LAST SHOES and stick to this last
San Francisco, Oct. 26. That
Chinese shipping men, operat-
ing under the American flag,
may become a factor in trans-
Pacifio trade is indicated today
by the placing of an order with
a British Columbia ship yard
for two liners by tho China -Mail
company. - The firm , contem-
plates purchasing two other
steamers later on.
en by the last year's faculty of the
talent high school in honor of the new
teachers. - . n
Mrs. Frank B. (Triton, ttho has been
visiting Mr. imiV Mrs. K. F; srleton,
for several days, left Tuesday for hijr
home in Haverhill, Mass.
About 50 members of the O. E. S.
club of Cbadwiek chapter, Order of- the
Eastern Htar,were entertained with an
informal sewing bee at the Masonic
Temple on Tuesday afternoon. i
The hostesses for the affair weri:
Mrs. Elizabeth 'lamb -Mrs. Clnra.Olson,
Miss Mary Cliadwlci-and Miss Edith
.Sherman. Late in the afternoon the
hostesses served a dainty collation.
ft ;
The Highland Union of the W. C. .T
IT. will hold a mother's meeting at the
residence of Mrs. ' Josephine ilockctt,
915 Highland avenue, on Friday after
noon at 2:30 o'clock. Mothers and
friends are cordially invited. ,
The first meeting of the season Of
the Highland Parent-Teachers' associa
tion was held In tho-school on Wednes
day. W. IV Hingh?, president of the
association, presided at the meeting and
interesting talks wcro given by Mr.
Lee, president of the Bi'hool board, Su
perintendent Todd, and Mrs. Lnmoine
Clark. Following the talks Miss Jsola
Smith sang a solo and Miss Uertrduc
Tucker gavo a reading.
Mr. and Mrs; John Gary of Coqnille,
Oregon, are receiving congratulations
upon the advent of a son born Sunday.
He will bo called John Everett, Jr. Mr.
and Mrs. Gary formerly lived in Salem,
i the former being a student of Willam
ette University. Airs. Uary was -Miss
Marie Thomasion before her marriage,
. .
The Unitarian Alliance will meet at
tho residence of Mrs. Clarence S. Ham
ilton on Friday afternoon.
' . : ft . , '
Tomorrow afternoon the Ladies Aid
society of the". First Presbyterian
church will meel) I In. the church par
lors at 2:30 o'clock.
The marriage of Bert L. Jones and
Miss Elizabeth M. Green pf Turner was
solemnized at the parsonage of the
First Christian church, this morning,
Rev. P. T. Porter officiating. Only the
immediate families were present. Fol
lowing the ceremony, . Mr. and Mrs.
Tones left for Portland, where they will
pass the winter. ' ''
Tho Jones family is an old one .in
Saloni and Mr. Jones has many friends
here. He is tho. soil of Mr. and Mis.
T. B. Jones and another of Miss Alta
Jones. ' -,Ln
. , w '.
The basket social which was to have
been given Fridny evening by tho parent-teachers
association of the, Moun
tain View school has been postponed
until a later date. On November the
tenth the association will hold a bud'
ness meeting. f
The Daughters of the American Rev
olution will hold their October meeting
Saturday afternoon, the 2Sth, in the
( omniereial club parlors. There will be
a brief business session at ' 2 o 'clock,
after which Dr.' CarVO. Doney, presi-
Th haall
has baan I
i .u.k.i. I
v M llftad. tha '
ankla lima
hiva feaaa
ducad, tha arch ffa
In avldcnca and thai
ahapaly to Hnaa now
begta ta'
appaar. ilH e VEARSII
'III An Ideal
adult foot. I
.dainty lo
(i f lo llnaa,
I V . .. .
arcnaa ana wnn
out a blamiah. At
a t a waa tha I
child conadoua of th j
ahaplog pro.'.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
(tout of (Willamette University, will
talk an Immigration. Kaeh member is
privileged to invite a gueet and a cor
ilial invitation is extended to the Sons
of the American Revolution and their
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Stevenson (Toy
I'liene Robinett) and small sou, Billy,
of Brownsville, who have been passing
a few days in Salem as the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Winicr, motored. to
Portland lodsy for a visit before ye
turning libme. ; .
Also Called Tetter, gait Rheum, Pruri
tus, Milk Crust, Water Poison,
Weeping Skin, etc.
- I believe eczema can be cured to stay.
I mean just what I say t'-U-R E p and
NOT merely patched, up to return a
gain. Remember, I make this statement
after handling nearly a half million
enses of eczema and devoting 12 years
of my life to its treatment. 1 don't
en re what all you have used nor how
many doctors have told you that you
could not be cured, all 1 ask is just a
chance to prove rav claims. If you write
nip TODAY, J will send you a FREE
TRIAL of mild, soothing, guaranteed
treatment that will surely convince you
as it has me. If you are disgusted and
discouraged, I dare yon to give me a
chance to prove my claims. By writ
ing mc today I believe you will enjoy
more real comfort than you really
thought this world held for you. Just
try. it, and I feel sure you will agree
with me.
Dr. J. E. CANNADAY, 335 Court
Blk., Sedalia Mo.
References: Third National Bank, Se
dalia, Mo. Send this notico to some
eczema sufferer.
Court Holds Jurisdiction of
Such Matters Is With Public
Service Commission
On account of the Oregon supreme
court holding that the circuit courts
had no jurisdiction oyer tho regulation
of public service corporations because
the power of regulation has been dele
gated to the public service commission
by tne voters ot the state, and because
the supreme court held that the, inter
position of tho court of equity to grant
an injunctive relief wits not warranted,
the case of the First National bank of
Albany against the Pacific Telephone
nnd Telegraph company and the Home
lelepnone and ielegraph company,
which was dismissed by the judge of
the circuit court at Albany, will come
before fhc public service commission
on November '2.1 in this city at 10:30
o clock.
According to the supreme court de
cision, the bank of Albany has a pri
vately owned and operated telephone
system in its building and that it dc-
sneil to nave this system connected
with the Pacific telephone system so
that communication could be had from
any office in the bank with any office
in the city. A connection was made by
the bnuk and the suit was brought in
the circuit court to permanently en
join the company from disconnecting.
I interfering with, or changing it. The
connection was made, it is asserted,
! without the knowledge or consent of
Ithe telephone company, with one of the
I trunk lines of the Pacific company
I which connected with a booth in the
jbank building.
When the suit was dismissed in the
circuit court at Albany it was appealed
to the supreme court, which, because of
the law which provides that the pub
lic service commission regulate public
: service corporations, ainrnieit ine ,)Uitg
ment of the lower court. The case is
I believed to be quite import nut as num
erous other institutions have like telo
i phone systems.
j Members of the public service com-
mission, who have been in Portland at
Ithe hearing concerning the reasonable
ness of Tates for salt in car load lots
i out of Portland into eastern Oregon,
jhave returned to Salem. The transiorta
jtion committee of the Portland chamber
; of commerce intervened to get cheap
;cr rates for salt out of Portland,
j Ojher hearings of the commission are
i scheduled as follows: Stayton, Novem
ber 1, at 10 o'clock a. in., on water
rights; Canyon City, November S, 4
'o'clock p. in,, electric question; La
'Grande, November 1(1, B:30 a. iu., on
express problem; Portland, November
14 and 17, at 10 o'clock on telephone
: troubles, and Salem, Nov, SI, 10 o'clock
a. m., telephone.
Sort Cream Applied In Noa trill
Relieve Head-Colds at Once.
! if your nostrils are clogged and your
head is stuffed and you can't breathe
i freely because of a cold or catarrh just
get a small bottle of Ely's Cream Balm
at any drug store. Apply a little- of
this fragrant, antiseptic cream into
your nostrils and let it penetrate
; through every air passage of your head,
soothing and healing the inflamed,
swollen mucous membrane and you got
instant relief.
th how good it feels. Your nos
trils ara open, your head is clear, no
more hawking, snuffling, blowing; no
more headache, dryness or struggling
for breath. Kly'a Cream Balm is just
what sufferers from head colds and ca-
Uarrb need. It's a delight.
Jonraal Want Ads sell the goods.
A little want ad will make big sales.
Carter's Knit Underwear
Display Week
" You Can" Stretch Carter's to 2 1-2 Times
: . Its Width
; And every time it wilt spring back instantly
to its original shape.
It-'is this ;;unequalled "give" of their "one-by-one
elastic rib"---product of the 'wonder
ful Carter Knitting Underwear so supreme
ly comfortable, perfect fitting, durable.
And this is but one of the features which . (
establish the supremacy, of :; : . h
U. G. Shipley Co.
145 N. Liberty St. . Salem, Oregon
Visiting Connecticut First
Will Go To Indiana, Mak
ing 34 Speeches
By Perry Arnold.
(United Press staff correspondent.)
New York, Oct. L'8. Charles K.
Hughes began his final drive of the
campaigu today. Ho left at 8 u. m. on
his fourth an dfiiuil stumping tour 11
strenuous eight day session, which will
carry him into Connecticut, Massachus
etts, New York, Ohio and Indiana for 34
separate addresses-
- The republican nomingO departed in
vigorous physical shape, ajid in splendid
enthusiasm, follow ing' the big 'demon
stration which Brooklyn gnve him lust
niglit4 4ii Academy wf Musitt. - ...
The Brooklyu speech was the first of
a series of "specialized" addresses
which the candidate plans to deliver on
his trip starting today. It was a plea
to "young America" and in it the
nominee summed up succinctly his entire
repertory of critical analysis .of the
campaign issues. Hughes "and his man
agers planned tho Brooklyn address as
the candidate's final "building"
speech of the campaign it w ill be cir
culated wholesale in the few days re
maining before election.
The portions of his speech evoking
the grentest enthusiasm from the Brook
lyn audience were relative to the pro
tection of American lives and property
at sen and abroad and preparedness. I'or
tho first time, he predicted his elec
tion. Market Is Active
and Prices
New York, Oct. 26. The New York
Evening Sun financial review todav
Irregular price movements with de
clines reported in many issues marked
tno course or trailing in tho greater
part of today's session in the stock ex
change. There were strong spots also,
particularly among the low priced rails
and the coppers, the latter moving up
under the lead of 1'tah Copper, which
advanced into new high ground on nn
active volume of business in it. To a
great extent the losses in various
groups were based upon renlizinir sales
and tho absence of ag(;cssivc new buy
ing, rattier man on active operations
by professional traders for lower pric
es, while tho demand came in great
part from Wall Street interests, both
pools and individuals, who apparently
were not alarmed over talk heard in
speculative quarters of au old fashion
ed election scare iu the financial dis
trict. There was more talk on polities as a
market factor and to a certain degree
it was effective iu restraining public
participation in the dealings.
.Last Hour trading was in active volume,-
with prices generally moving to
ward a better range, especial strength
being reported in the sugar shares,
American Can and United States Steel.
Every Home can have'
H IT ..
a musical . instrument Jj
Wonderful Values in Piano. Plcjfer Pianos a or
Talkini Mochin. Etc ' -"T.T 0,
Ve are known to carry only what
i Rood, vhat will endure and what
iafuOr worth the price aikrd. Our
easy payment terma place the beat
musical instruments within every
one' reach. Fill out the coupon
or write for catalogue.
Will pay
for the
to heal
After an experience of 25
years, during which time 50
million Americans have used
Kondon's Catarrhal Jelly, the
manufacturers of this remedy
feel so sure that it will relieve
catarrh that they offer to pay
. for a chance to prove its benefit
to any catarrhal sufferer. They
announce that any resident of
this community can go to almost
any drug store and get a com
plimentary trial can at the
expense of the manufacturers,
if the druggist has no gratuitous
packages, the person may buy a
25 cent tube with the unqualified
understanding that if that first
tube does not do that person
more than a dollar's worth of
good, he or she can Ret their
quarter back from either the
druggist, or the Kondon Com
pany at Minneapolis. Over
35,000 druggists know Kondon's
Catarrhal Jelly is effective,
harmless, clean and pleasant to
apply and they know the
Kondon people will gladly live
up to this offer "quarter back
if not worth a dollar." Address
Mrs. Sanger Arrested
Over Birth Control Clinic
New York, Oct. id. Mrs. Margaret;
K. Sanger was arrested this nfternoou
at her birth control clinic at 4d Am
boy street, Brownsville, a tenement fc
tion of Brooklyn.
Tho raiders, who took Mrs. Sanger to
tho Brownsville police station, were
led by Mrs. Margnret Whitehnrst, a ma
tron of the police department. She bud
visited tho clinic several times dis
guised as a poor Herman woman, push
ing a bnby carriage in which was an
infant she had borrowed for the pur
pose. She told the attendant in charge
that she had too many children anil
wanted to know what she could do to
stop the supply. She says she was giv
en information.
About 20 women were found in tho
clinic. Their iiimies were tnken, to be
used as witesscs when the case is called
for trial.
Why the Journal is popular
it print the world's news to-
. day.
g- Co.,
Mow--" 1an.iai - i-,
W" . aj M VII 1 t w -