Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 26, 1916, Page TEN, Image 10

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"W. B, Corsets" "Munsing Underwear"
Surprising Clearance Prices
on Women's Silk Suits and
Silk Dresses
We have collected for easy choosing a large number of
stylish Silk Suits and Silk Dresses-made in desirable
models of fine quality fabrics and popular colors. On ac
count of the season being late we have decided to take a
loss, so out they go at a sweeping price of
Formerly priced up to $39.85
Women's Stylish Boots
An excellent assortment of the season's favored kid top
Boots in button or lace. Shown in plain colors, also in.
color combinationsdark vamp with lighter top.
Priced-- $6.00 and up
We Sell Grover Comfort Shoes
Ask to see the new seamless, plain toe, lace Shoe with
rubber heels at $3 50
WANTED An experi-
enced Dress Goods Sales
Lady. Apply to Supt.
ilHUWMUlinWwHllUMHHlWIl Wit-
on the
Clearance Sale of
Groceries at
4 Jbs. Small White Beans or
Best Valley riour on CI m
sale $1.60
lt worth that wliolosulo now.
lbs. cuive Out Macaroni or
O" Mle 5(J
6 tolls Toilet Paper, Urge, or
on sale
Picnic Hams, on sale i r
Pound 1J)C
Best Creamery Butter, on J A
ale 4UC
Full Cream Cheese, on OA
sale, pound ZUC
Worth 20o wholesale now.
Canning Tomatoes, 85c bushel
box. Canning Tomatoes are go
ing to be high better can some.
35c Steel Cut
30c Steel Cut
3 lbs. nice Strained Honey
Bring a quart jar.
25c package Baking
Powder, on aale
Buy now at these low Prices.
We need $roo more and this sale
will end.
Damon & Son
' PHONE 68
xmL' JUL
W. L,
MeDougul was in Purtluud yes
F. K. F.bhnon was in the city yester
day from Tillamook,
C. K. Spauldhig was iu Portland rents
tercu in ut the Imperial.
Mr. mid Mr.. C. T.. H..litt m,.tr,l '
this morning to Portland. ,
Attorney lllen E. Unruh is attending
to legal affairs iu Albany.
Charles Cook, of Sheridan, registered
yesterday at the Capital hotel. i
Jcanotte Booth was a Portland visit-'
or yesterday, registered nt the Neward.
Walter Domes and Henry Bross, of!
McCoy, were registered at the Bligh
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Spencer left this
morning over the Oregon Electric for
Los Angeles for an indefinite stay
L. M. White and L. S. Barnes returned
yesterday from a deer hunt about 00
miles west otkhuuene. briiiirinir back a
big buck.
A. L. Wallace, who has been study-
ing optometry for the past six months' Funeral services were held this nftor
iu Los Angeles, is expected home about noon from the chapel of Webb & Clongh,
the first of next month. couuucieu oy uie Kev. ueo. i. Holt.
J. K. Scott, who has been attending Burial was iu .the Odd Fellows' cenio
to real estate affairs iu Colorado, Texas trJ,
and other eastern points for the past six
weeks, is expected home Saturday or
Mr, and Mrs.. George H. Stratham
and sou of Koxhurg, Idaho, left this
morning for California after a two
mouths' extended visit nt the
of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Sim, of Hazel
ureen. Airs, ntratliam and Jlrs. Sim aro
1 '
Journal Want Ada Get Results You
want Try one aaa fee.
PniiJint Amir 'uan Stcitty , Ti'ift
II death
should come
to you today,
would your
family be
practically or
entirely pen
niless? Would
your wife
nave to go to
work? Would
the diildren
have to quit
school before
they . had
enough to
earn a decent salary? What outlook
would they have for the future?
, These are the problems the widows
and children of the average man
have to meet and solve daily. These
are questions every nun should ask
I himself seriously .
1 It has been said that the difference
between rich man and a poor man
j is a few cents: A rich man spends
I a little less than he earns and a poor
I man a little more than he earns,
j The poor man looks at the rich man
and throws discretion to the winds.
j "I'm going to have those things, too,"
'he says. And he cuts down on his
I savintrs or ceases to save altotrcther.
t The Germans have always been
held up to us as models in the mat-
iter of economy and thrift; and now
wnen economy is more necessary
than ever before, their ingenuity and
resource! ulnen are notable. It is
jenorte d that Oerman troops when '
"Butterick Patterns"
.GRUNDY At her home, (i70 North
Summer wtreet, October 23, IllKi, .Mrs.
Mvn Grundy, in her 03, year, after
J a year's illness.
' She is survived by her husband, Rich-
aril uriindy, and a daughter, Jessie.
funeral services will be held Friday
afternmm at :;I0 o'clock at the chapel
V f, 1(v! ",mLwi." '""'1,"'t-
"! bntho, uv-. Vu' K11'"U of the
7 f,?, ,"x" chll,""h- Blirinl ,vi"
bo m 1,10 0lla 1?"""g cemetery.
M1RIJN At his home, 1108 North High
street, October 25... 1111(1, Frederic
Robert Ehrlin, in hi 71st year,
He is survived by a son, Charles F.hr-
Iin of L Angeles; a daughter, Mrs.
' oia uures, oi iircen
reenncres. Wash.: tour
sisters. Airs. C. Ling, of Salem; Mrs.
ftlina Brostcdt, of St. Paul, Minn.: Mrs.
'0 Johnson, of Wheatland, Minn-, and
A- rorsherg, of Sweden: a niece,
Mrs. A. C. Nelson, and u nephew, Ben
Ling, of Salem.
The High school football team will
leave tomorrow morning nt six o'clock
ny trucK for their trip to Tillamook
play the toothall team of that high
school - Friday afternoon. Sixteen of
the boys will make the. trip. Very lit
tie is known of tho playing of the
Tillamook team ns tins is their first
game with a team from the vallev.
On November 4 the Sulem team will
play on the Salem grounds with the
Salem high
working to the rear from the
trenches are extended in long lines'
so that they may hunt on the way
for bullets from French rifles. These'
are made from copper alloy and can
be used in the munitions factories
of Germany. For every two pounds
of bullets 2 cents is paid, and for
every French 75-millimeter shell S
cents is paid. More is paid for the
large English and French sheila with
the copper bands. And this is not
all. A well-known German doctor
ha suggested to the German govern
ment that experiments be made with
crows, with a view to using the tens
of thousands that follow the armies
as food. Dr. Schnee himself has
experimented and says that pickled
the flesh is edible and that from the
fat can be produced lard which the
Russian peasants use. It would seem
from these instances that there is no
end to the ways in which thrift can
be practiced when necessity demands. '
With all our reputed extrava
gances as a nation the report of the ,
postal savings just issued show that
the- habit of thrift is increasing in '
this country. In the month of July, ;
the mid-summer month when vaca-;
tions and holiday spending of
hoarded funds reach their height, it.
Is shown that all records in postal
savings were surpassed, with a net
gain of more than $3,700,000, against
one of f 32,940 In July, 1915. While ;
the gain is -reported from all parts!
of the country, it is noted that New,
1 nrk. (liit-ncrn. HAilnn rtotriMt
Pittsburgh. San Francisco, Portland
Ore., and Philadelphia hold about 42
per cent of all deposits.
All Around Town
Oirt. 26. Kdward F. Burns,
- Modern Woodman lecturer, at
McCornack's hall. '
Oct. 30. First annual meeting
of Salem Floral Society at
Commercial Club.
Oct. 30-Xov. 4. "Dress Up
Week" in Salem.
Oct. 31 Senator Goro of Okla
homa will speak at the
Nov(. 1. Senator Lane at
Opera House.
Nov. 1. United Artisan home
coming. November 6. City primary
November 7. Presidential elec
tion. Nov. 10. Victrola Grand Opera
Concert, II Trovatore, at Pub
lic Library.
Nov. 11. Football, Sulem high
school vs. Eugene high.
Nov. 18. Football, Willamette
University vs. Pacific- Uni
versity, Willamette Fjeld.
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glass
correctly. U. 8. Bank. Bld.
The Young People's League of the
Salvation Army will give an entertain
ment Friday evening at the army head-'
quarters on Court street. Everybody is
cordially invited to attend.
Frederick S. Lamport, lawyer, has
moved to No. 21213, Hubbard bldg. tf
A. T. Woolpert, of the Central Phar
macy, reported to the police this morn
ing that his bicycle had been stolen
from his home at 450 South Fourteenth
street. The poliyq are investigating
the matter.
Chas. B. Hodgkln,' general insurance.
301 Hubbard building. Phone 38B.
A small smudge fire
Brothers' welry store
of Liberty and Stale
afternoon at 3 o'clock
fire department. The
In Hartman
lit the corner
streets, this
ailed out the
auto pumper
and the chemical responded.
No da in-
age was done.
SUnk Cereo, the liquid food,
lealtb drink. Ask your grocer.
The sweet potato market is- in rather
an unusual condition. Just now it is
not so much the price ns the difficulty
of getting thenn iiom California and
commission men predict that unless the
car shortage situation improves, the
potato eaters will have to eonfino them
selves to the regulation Murphys.
Dr. R. Meuric Roberts, osteopathic
pliysician, 30 Masonic bldg. Phone 4U!I
A get-togetner meeung was nem
night at the First Christian church in 1
which 400 members met 311st to tulK
over the general situation in regard to
what should be done the coming winter.
hort tnllU were made by T. B. Kay,
Mrs. Flora Clark, Adorn Bums, Mrs. Eu
genia Gilliugham and Mrs. F. T. Porter.
Your gift with our imprint needs no
further recommendation. Set your
watch by our street clock. Gardner &
Keenc, Salem's most reliable jcwclors.
Walter W. Whiteson and J. G. Moore,
of Milwaukee, Wis., were in Sulem this
morning ou a tour of the state. They
are members of the Y. M. C. A. nnd
stopped at the Salem association to
greet Secretary Compton. JTliey will
visit all Y. M. C. A.'s along the line.
They lire on their way to Fresno, Calif.
Democratic headouarters room one
Knyne building. Those desiring pictures
of the president call there.
An appeal Is being made to the Am
erican people lor a noiiiiu soiun-rs
tobacco fund to be administered by the
Overseas club of New York. Letters
were received by several business men
this morniuir askinir for n small remit
tance, .setting forth the miseries of the
Belgian soldiers who are without the
comforts of tobacco.
Democratic headquarters room one
Bayne building. Those desiring pictures
of the president call there.
The story this morning at the Oregon
City Transportation company's weather
department is as follows: Tho temper
ature yesterday hud a range from 5!) to
34 r the river fell one-tenth of an inch
and the gungo now is 1.2 feet below
tero; there have been seven foggy days
so far this month and today marks the
47th day of the drought.
Hear Edward F. Burns tonight Mc
Comack bldg. (i o'clock sharp.
Bert L Jones of this city and Miss
Elizabeth M. Green, of Turner, were
married this morning by the Rev. F. T.
Porter at the church parsonage. The
ceremouy was witnessed by the parents
of the groom. Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Jones,
of 417 North Commercial street, and a
sister. Mr. and Mrs. Joues left for Port
land where they will spend the winter
and next spring,-. mnk their home in
eastern Oregon.
Hear Edward F. Burns tonight Mc-
Cornnck bldg. 8 o'clock sharp.
Harry E. Albert, national bank ex
aminer, writing to Joseph II. Albert
from St. Paul, relates that at a meet
ing of commercial travelers held last
week in St. lul two straw votes were
taken, both showing a. strong Wilson
sentiment. The polttirUns iu that part
of the country are placing Oregon in
the doubtful list, with a strong lean
ing towards Wilson, according to the
Best out of town dance Stayton Sat-1
iirday October 28. Salem orchestra, i
Fine floor.
Sergeant French of the TJ. S. recruit
ing office was in Staytuu, Sublimity
and Aumsville yesterday interviewing
postmasters and posting bills notifying
the young men of the country that re
cruits were wanted.
' Buy your range -07
Imperial Furniture
li and net set of
g. t set oi
Company this month
dishes free
., : ' '
Governor Withycomue will get Into huying the two pieces of real estate,
the campaign next week and will deliver- Wedel this morning bought an
cr addresses Tuesday evening at stay-'automobile in order that he might visit
ton and Wednesdav eveniue at Jeffe'r- i among his Mennonito friends iu the
son. Ha will be accompanied by men
who are deeply interested in the out
come of the November 7 election.
Friday evening at 7:45 o'clock an en
tertainment will be given by the Young
Peoples League ot the Salvation Army,
343 'a Court St.
County School Superintendent Smith
is. sending his bi ennial report to the
state superintendent ot public instruc-i
:.... ..,.1 ...:u i. : i '
nun luunt , nnicil mil ue mem puril
into that official's report to the state
legislature next January. He has gone
to St. Louis today uud will attend a
school fair at Scotts Mills Saturday.
$10.00 worth of dishes free with each
range sold this month at Imperial Fur
niture Co.
O. P. Hoff, state labor commissioner,
and his four field deputies V. B.
Chance, C. H. Cram, W. A. Dalziel and
Carl Caufield are attending the log-
crinrr I'otirrrnss find Vni'ifii. t'nrfst nnd
ennsprvatinn cnnfirini' in Portland. It
is probable they will go to the session
that will be lielid in Aberdeen, ash.,
ou Grays Harbor.
Music while youwalt-if you have!
a Sonera Talking Machine in vour home
Myrtle Knowlaud, 421 Court St.
Having heard two United States sen-
ators this week, the good people of Sa-
Ipm will iinvo n phntipp tn lunr two more
uistinguisuea speaaers from tne Liiiteu
States senate next week. tJciintors Gore
will speak Tuesday evening at the arm
ory and the announcement is made to
day that .Senator Lane will speak at the
opera house next Wednesday evening.
Four United States, senators within 10
days is Salem's political record.
Dr. Stone's Drug Store makes free
delivery. Phone 33.
Homer A. Robb, candidate for county
surveyor of Folk county on the republi
can ticket, was in Salem this morning.
He is campaigning in West Salem today
nnd is making his way among the elec
torate on foot, as he says iu this way
he can get closer in touch with the vot
ers. He was on the Mexican border last
summw with Company L, of Dallas. At
that time he was wearing a beard, so
that when he returned his friends did
not know him. For political reasons he
has shaved it off.
Can. tin On nil lnw .ha. ..no. a.
m ,.., jtl,re C"o.
The potato situation is about likeimittee of the Commercial club for the
this: There is the smallest crop iu the awards next Wednesday. The pupils will
country since l'.HL The condition fig-jail write on the same subjects, but the
ures 02 per cent of a normal crop. Thea : competition for the three five dollar
there is the car shortage that is prevent-1 prizes will be between pupils of the
ing shipments and very little steamer! same grades,
space to be had. Under these conditions I 0
commission men are offering extra high
prices for shipments to California where
the crop is under the average, all of
which figures in fa'or of the farmer.
Potato experts predict even higher
Smoke Hygrade cigars and boost for
Salein during Salein week..
The annual rally of the First Chris -
tian church to take place next Sunday
wui do more 111 me way ot securing
permanent pupils for the Sunday school,
rather thun in the number of new pupils
to be enrolled. Last year the enrollment
fos- the day was 1,015, against AOS two
years ago. Special music has been pro
pared, including a violin solo by Miss
Mary Schultz, singing by the ladies'
quartette of the church and readings
by Mrs. F. T. Porter- Music of a mili
tary nature will also be included as the
rally has been named "Mobilization
Wonderful laundry work Since Feb
ruruy the Salem Steam laundry has
been using the electric process in their
washroom. To demonstrate, see two
shirts nt Joe Haines' storo window.
305 State street. After sixty washings
they arc hardly distinguishable from
new shirts of the- same pattern. Why
not get the best laundry work to be
had. It costs no more. The Salem. Steam
laundry, oldest, lurgestK best. tf
Cornelius Lehaue, noted Irish labor
leader, told last night the graphic story
of the Irish movement known as "The
Irish Republic," in the Labor hall to
an audience estimated to be over 400.
He declared that because of the British
censorship the real truth of the affair I
was never made known and said that
the battle of Dublin, which ended con-
..,;.; i., T,ln,t .nv,i .), liv... ..f '
217,000 men although 217 were killed.
He said votes for the socialist candidate
Benson would be an endorsement of the
Irish cause under James Connolly. L.
E. Cannon introduced the speaker.
Tor the purpose of furthering the
interests of the music teachers of Sa
lem it is proposed to choose officers
next Monduy night at a meeting to be
called for that purpose, according to a
decision reached last night at a meeting
of musicians iu the college of music of
Willamette university. The meeting was
called b.v Dr. Chace, dean of the col
lege, aiid a large number of Salem
music teachers were present. At next
Monday 's meeting delegates to the state
eonveution of musicians at Portland
from November 30 to December 2. Dr.
Frank Chace is vice-president of the
atate association and Miss Minetta Mag
ers one of the managers at large.
Mr. Wedel and Family
Here to Open Hospital
F. B. Wedel, who will establish a
Meuuonite hospital in Salem, Accom
panied by his wife, daughter and two
' deaconess nurses arrived in the city
The first ear load of household furni
ture and hospital supplies arrived thief
morning from American Fulls, Idaho,
where Mr. Wedel has already estab
lished a hospital. -
The property at the corner of Win
ter and Oak streets had already been
purchased; by Mr. Wedel for hospitul
purposes and this morning, for a resi-
dente'"r "i""-'" """J t'1"'1"' ,he "er
wed b.v M. A- KUm- at the corner
l 0gk au(l Univcrsity .,,, become
the property of Mr. Wedel. Besides
the property
As soon ns other shipments of house
hold furniture and hospital supplies
are received, the hospital will be
opened to the public.
The meeting tonight at the First
Presbvterian church in charge of lr.
Hutchinson, will not begin until X:3)
o'clock in order to give those who de
sire time to attend prayer meeting.
The discussion toniuht will be, "Was
tho War inevitable.'
The funeral of Mrs. N. J. Moore, a
sis'.er of Mrs. John Bay lie, who died nt
Agute Bench Wednesday, will be held
from tlfc home of John linyne, 414
Bellevue street Saturday afternoon at
2 o'clock instead of from the chapel
of Webb and Clough ns first announc
ed. , The oldest grocers in the city, those
who have been in the business here for
a quarter of a century or more, arc hav
ing a hard time trviug to remember
nlicii flour was higher than yesterday
Also wondering how long ago it was
1 wnen sugar una m-mug ii
price today.
Pascal TragUo, who was sent from Sa-
lein to the naval training station nt
Coat Island, San Francisco, has re-
turned to Salein to have a growth re-
moved I'rom his arm. Ou arrival at the
naval training station it was found that
a oroivth in his left arm prevented his
iiiKEuitwr t hp PYRimnntlnii. lie win nave
it removed and then return. I
0 I
Those who wish to give children books 1
for Christmas but have doubts -e.s to ;
what is appropriate, will be greatly us-!
sistcd in making their selections by nt-!
tending the book exhibit to be held;
early in November at the public library
under the direction of the librarian,
Miss Anne D. Sweezey. The books to bo
shown will follow closely those suggest
ed by Miss Marvin, state libiariau, in
her list named "The Golden Staircase."
The books will include those for chil
dren of all ages and will be shown in
fine editions and also in the less ex
pensive, 0
Plans were completed last evening
whereby all the pupils of the public
schools from the seventh grade up will
be instructed to write essays ou Salem's
j dress-up week, under the direction of
-Miss Rigdon, of the Knglish depart-
nient of the high school- The teachers
. ..f a.i.li nine. ..'Apo iulnmf.J ... nnli.n
two of the best essays next Tuesdnv,
am, ,lirn tll(,m in s,)(M.i8l conl.
Because there is no statute in Ore
gon that permits soldiers while absent
on duty to vote at elections, Governor
Withycombe plans to bring before the
next legislature a bill remedying this
state of affairs. On this account the
members of Battery A and Troon A
who are now in service on the border,
jaro nbt allowed to vote- The governor
! believes that provisions should bo- made
, so they could vote as they, if any, are
j entitled to do so. According to tiie nt-
.torney general the remedying of tin
'condition is a simple matter nnd wil
be brought before the next legislature in
order that a repetition of this situation
will not be possible.
A series of addresses by tho heads
of the various state institutions will be
made during the winter Sundny even
ings at the First Christian church, be
ginning a week from next Sunday ev
ening, when the first talk of the series
will be given by Dr. Smith, superinten
dent of the Oregon Institute for the
Feebleminded. Next Sunday evening
at the Christian church, state treasurer
T. B. Kay will talk on several proposed
tax amendments and the Rev. F. T. Por
ter on the proposed liquor amendment.
Atter the two short addresses, thero
will be a general discussion in which all
will be invited to express opinions.
School districts of Marion county
will soon receive the books of refer
ence, and fiction which the county
school suerintendeuthns reeoivVd froiii
the J. K. Gill company ot Porflund ns
part of the allotment of books pur
chased each year with the special ten
cents per capita fund. The fund is
'nnca under tne direction of the
8,n,f 1'br" designated how
y'"V . 1 s,,uum " . ."'I.
tot "e schools aro purchased 111 this
way. much cheaper than ordinarily be
cause the .1. K. Kill company has a
contract for supplying the state with
books. Silverton's school library re
reived ifOS.SO; Woodbnm, iMti.OO; Stay
ton $2S, while the smaller rural dis
tricts average from $3 to
School Girls Will
Bake Their Own Bread
San Francisco, Oct. 20. San Fran
cisco school girls today declared war
on the increased price of bread.
At the Lux school of industrial train
ing, hundreds of girl students started
a bakery iu competition . with local
bread making concerns. Heretofore
the school cafeteria has been supplied
by bakeries. Now the girls will make
the bread in the cooking department
Candidate for the office of
(u) City Marshal
My record in this office is open
to the public.
Kqual justice to all. ,No favors.
A square deal for everybody.
Ytfur support is solicited. oct28
(I'd. Adv)
' "
Tuesday, October 31, at 10 a. m.,.
nt the Philip Roes farm a miles
south of Salem on Jefferson
Road. Sale will include Horses,
Cows, Young Stock. Harvesting
Machinery and all kinds of
Farming Implements. Terms of J
sale, cash.
I DAVIS REUS, Administrator. 4.
Auction Sale
Located at the J. W. Rankin
farm, 0110 and one-half miles
east of fair grounds, between
Silverton nnd Garden roads, or
one-quarter mile west of Holly
wood brick yard. Consisting of
horses, farm machinery, and
household furniture. See bills
for particulars.
J. W. Snarrah, Owner.
F. N. Woodry, Auctioneer
Phone 511... Salem, Or.
Auction Sale
Of (i-rooin modern bungalow
with fireplace and built-in ef
fects, on lot ."iOxlOO feet. Also
household furniture and piano,
nt 200 S. 20th street, on Mon
day, Oct. 30, 1910, at 1:30 p.
in." Chas. Rector, Owner.
F. N. Woodrv, Auctioneer.
Phone 511
Household Furniture. Woodry
the Auctioneer will .pay highest
cash price for same. Phone oil.
CAR5 op
Any kimd
Any time
First-chiss work. All kinds
of repairing. All work guar
anteed. Twenty-five years'
experience. Leave orders at
Wylie B. Allen Co., phono 1187.
Residence phone 1405.
915 Highland Avenue..
When you want to gn in
haste with a clean cur and
small fare nnd you must, get to
a place, Phone to me, I'll tnko
you there.
Phones: Day 13; Nights 882.
Oct.St Hubbard Bldg.
Notice is hereby given that on Sat
urday, October 2S. 1010. I will offer
for sale to the highest bidder, for caeli,
all counters show cases, stoves, cook
ing utensils, dishes and equipment be
longing or pertaining to the business
operated at 420 Court street, under the
name of the Jitney Coffeo Club, such
sale to be held at 420 Court street ot
the hour of ten o'clock n. ni.
W. II. TRIABLE, Assignee.
' oct27
of the school. Special classes in
bread making have been started in
other city schools where domestic
science is taught.
The simple mixture of buckthorn
bark, glvcerine .etc., known as Adlcr-i-ka,
astonishes Salein people. Becau'-e
Adler-i ka acts 011 BOTH lower Bud up
per bowl, ONE M'OONFl'L relieves al
most ANY CASE constipation, sour
stomach or gns. It removes such sur
prising foul matter that a few doses
often relieve or prevent appendicitis.
A short treatment helps chronic stom
ach trouble. The INSTANT, easy ac
tion of Adler-i-ka is astouishing. J. .'.
Perry, druggist.
Wedding Invitations, Announcements
tnd Calling Cards Printed at the Jour
nal Job Department.