Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 23, 1916, Page NINE, Image 9

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lBfi8PA88 Notices for sale at Jour
nal office. tl
ETJBBEE Stamps made 165 8. Com')
HARRY Window cleaner.
rhone 70S.
. novll
WANTED Baler to bnlo same straw.
Phone C2F14. oet2:i
FOR SALE Horse. 13.-.0 lbs.,
25.00 Phono 4:F2.
Leghorn cockerels
cows, also Brown
Plume 30Fi:i. o23
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suitable for garage. 491 N. Cottage
WAITED Old sacks, rails and second
hand goods. Phone ."..)4M. oet23
WEi HAVE Baled hay and onts for!
sale. George Sweigle, Garden road, tfl
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ital Journal office. - tl
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-HO 8. 20th St. Cull nt house. oct24
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il bv
voung lailv.
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1'hone 1022, 201 Court St. ' oet.
GET PRICES On farm albills at
The Journal office.
OLD PAPERS For sale at Capital
Journal office 10 cents a bundle, tf
FOR RENT Modern five room house,
bath, lights, $10.00. fiSl S. 15th St.
Inquire 1001 1'iiioii St. tf
irivunn t t .,- .
WANTED A job cutting t rem 11.) to
:r cords of wood. Address R. 3, box
' 0:Uo
luiUSE Buggy and harness for sale
, trade tor good cow. Impure.
waller. o
rOK SALE-3 Jersey cows, one fresh,
one win l'reshen soon, at
S2 X.
.t. M. .1. Hunt.
FUR RENT Ten acre tract with ei
room house, on W'nliiue road. For fur
ther particulars, phone 30 F2. 0t't2C
l'Ol'ND Jersey heifer on Turner
road. Owner identify and pay expens
es. Phone 2oU!.ri." ' oet 23
WANTED (food young work horse,
blocky built, weight 1400, color dark
brown preferred." Phone SHF12. oil
FOR SALE Fresh cow und heifer calf,
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FOR SALE Cheap, new vit trola und
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quire 810 North 20th. oct2.'i
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office and paying for adv. oct23
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wage. Address i'.. care Journal. oct21
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it. i, Dox .sa. t'litine evenings Mr 21
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lar & Polinger, 4iHi Hiibbartl
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ments for about two weeks plowing,
by day or acre, state price. W 22 care
Journal. oct23
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change for home. Address A. (J. care
Journal. oct24
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Macy, Rrooks. Ore. oct2
$1000.00 REWARD I will pay $1000
reward for the arrest and conviction
of the person or persons who set fire
to and burned my barns on the Ball
ranch three miles and a half south
of . Salem. R. 3, Wednesdav night.
Oct. 4, lHlfi. ( has. D. Schmidt. oct2."
FOR SALK A fresh cow, or trade for
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ROOD ft passengorcFord for sale, 23
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:- call 220 N. Liberty. oct24
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bldg. . " r ' novlfl
WE HAVE No. 10 and No. 0 hop wire
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CORN' FOR SALE Corn in S or 10
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N. Cottage St. . ott23
FOR SALE Cheap, Manns green bone
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. bring boxes. 2720 Cherry Ave. oct24
I'DK SUV 1 fi .,,,o,, ..,:
ly Ford, 191") model. 8300.00 cash
uys same with auro
extras. Phone 1054.
robe and few
. run hA.J-.-l team of horses, and 10
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uieiu ice .o., pnone tat. oct-o
HORSE FOR RENT Do vou want a
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home desired. Address box 233
ur'K". oct-i
v niitu
iMarket Went Wild
and Wheat to $1.75
Chicago, Oct. 23. Opening of the
gruin pits today was marked by intense
excitement as speculators wildly bid for
wheat, confident that the long predicted
shortage was now n fact nud that the
leading grain would go to $2 before
long- The statement of seabourd ex
porters that the United .States has sold
as much wheat as it can comfortably
11 r""1 ttii-v iv-mit-u iu at iiji untie uutllltr.
December whwu. nt iinon wm - l.
nl)0V0 ,a8t Saturdnj.,8 dos(1( whil(1 M.,v
had risen four poiuts. December was
"l ?? svm' onu M"y up 1 te,,,s
Oat took strength from other erttins
, mid December was uu 1 I S cents at
.".! I .1 .,... M , o i
' vt-nirt uuu .tt.t tuj i o-n ucms ui
nn r u ........
. wti t -o i-t-uit.
Provisions were higher.
Husum, Washington,
Surrounded by Fire
w X, - .. ,. .,.4.
The Dalles, Or.. Oct. 23. Forest
fires completely surround the little
iiuttn ui uiiMim, asu., accoruing to
reports received here today. Every
man in the. danger zone is on the fight
ing line. It is believed tho town can
be saved.
Spreading with . lightning rapidity
along ground covered deep with dried
autumn leaves, the flames nre sweep
ing White Salmon forest. Ranchers
and government rangers nre battling
the niennce day and night. A huge
store of cordu'ood on the much of
(.leorge Larder wns destroyed.
Dozens of smaller fives arc racing
around the base of Mount Adams.
Many are reported in Trout Lake (lis
trict. Some have been blazing for
Second Trial of
Caplan Begun Today
, J Angles. Cal.. Oct 23.-T want
to win mr freedom solclv on the merits
of mv case and I would not
thing to win it any other way."
This was the declaration of David
Cnplan, accused of the murder of
Charles Ilnggcrty, employe of n Los
Angeles newspaper plant that was
dynamited, as he went to trial for the
second time today before Judge Willis.
The trial was postponed from last Mon
day because of the inability of Horace
Appel, newly retained counsel for the
defense, to fainilinri.e himself with
the case.
The jury at the first trial disagreed,
five standing for acquittal.
London,' Oct. 23. Speaking at .a
luncheon of foreign newspapermen,
Viscount Grey. British foreign secre
tary, reiterated this afternoon that
terms of peace must be formulated on
lv by the allies, acting together.
" The war will not end, lie said, until
there is a guarantee that future gener
ations will not be,subjttcd to such a
terrible ordeal.
Chicago, Oct. 23. Wheat sold for
n bushel here Saturday, it was
learned todav. A local miller, needing '
number one hard wheat badly, paid
$2 a bushel cash for 3,000 bushels.
Us Laura Cummings, second assist
ant city librarian, who left Salem last
Julv to take a position in tne r.veren,
Wash., librnrv. writes to -Mrs. nowaru
and Alma Ashby, of the Salem library,
tlit she i well ideased with her new
position. She has charge of the chip
. . . f . . t. .1. .V.
dren'.; aepartment for which work she
especially trained.
For Infants and Childrea
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Signature of
up two over today's opening nt $1.75,
or nud Mnv nn 7-! nt 1 f T.S
1900 Qora 's)lowe& g00j gans 0 uenvy
buying. December was up 2 8-8 cents
- , ........ .
Washington, Oct. 23. A four
hundred per cent increase ..in
the operating income of nine,
interstate express companies"
during tho fiscal yea of 1910,?
over the fiscal year 1915 was
reported by the interstate com
merce commission today. The
figures were $10,506,000 against
A total of 173,000,000 was
collected during the year as ex
press charges. - -. . .
. .-I- L, I
p p p p -p
Steamer Edward Hines .
Lost In Tropical Gale
New Orleans, La., Oet. 23-Tlie steam
er Edward Hi'nes, with captain and crew
of 17, was lost in the recent tropical
hurricane ,according to a statement by
owners today.
The ship was at Swan' Island when
the hurricane was at its height. The
boat 's cargo was valued at 8200.000. A
cable from Port Belize, Honduras, this
nP,A...n.. -I.!..- ; .1
mimuvuu sum me ciiR-i. engineer anu
two seamen of the Hines were picked
up in an open boat. They reported 17
P in an open boat,
others had perished. "
Bishop Arthur Lloyd
Re-Elected President
tn l J'.T10,"
to the re-election of Bishop Arthur Sel-
i ., . ......
I1 h'a as presiaent of the board of
,.'., . , ... . .. ... ,.
The deputies took, this action, how-' declaring that w,ho,lt war ll0 n8"
ever, only after a vote by dioceses, in 8ecur, al1 tho protection and bene
which considernble oppos'nion to both fil" thllt would have accrued from a
Llc-d developed. This opposition was successful war, and asserts that at
based on Bishop Lloyd's action in send- home the labor movement "has been
ing Episcopal church representatives to al' to secure recognition for the
a Pan-American missionary conference rights of human beings and opportuni
ty iion-rmiansiic Dodies m I'anama
I ity last year. The high church party
neitis innt uisnop L,ioyd exceeded his
It was learned the conference would
be adjourned next Friday evening and
with much business still on the calendar
of both houses of bishops and deputies,
the night sessions will begin tonight.
Chicago Grand Jury
Indicts Chief of Police
Chicago, . Oct. 21!. Tho October
grand jury, sitting in criminal court
lute today, returned indictments
against Chief of Police Charles Henlcv,
charciner him with mnlfiHani in V
.fice mid ennanirnpir tn ,.n
nl. I J t ,B'WUD
I WllllflT
William Luthardt, sccretarv to the
chief, was also indicted.
Charles Essig, secretary of the
Sportsmen's club, who was held in con
nection with the slot machine ex
posures, was also indicted.
Court House News
Three committments to the Oregon
stntc hospital for the insane were made
today, by County Judge Itushey. They
were Joseph Fritz, a Tailroad fireman
from of Dallas, Oregon, who had been
confined in the hospital in 1015 on ac
count of delusion; John Lnnden, a sales
man of Portland, who was confined ir
an asylum iu California for IS mouths,
and Daniel Whetstone, of Medford, who
its occu committed several tunes to
the Salem institution end who has been
in a Stockton, Calif., institution for
tnree years. Dr. L. t . Griffith was the
examining physician.
Edna DeMott is asking a separation
from William DeMott, according to a
complaint she filed this afternoon in
the circuit court. She stutes thev were
married October 3, 1908, und that they
men as nusnaiid anil wite until No
vember 3, lilOO, when he deserted her.
She alleged cruel and inhuman treat
ment ami says she was compelled to
sell her furniture and household goods
in order to keep herself alive. She
charges excessivxc intoxication. There
nre no children or property rights in
a tieiTce or ine court m the case
of Christian Engi acainst Ellen Chap-
until, ei hi, a sun to quiet title, declared
that the plaintitf is owner in fee flimjile
ui i lie jireniiBes in uispute.
An action asking, the court to set
aside a judgment of $100 as commission
for selling real estate granted to Geo.
.incons against O. if. Wilson, was com
menced this afternoon by ). H. Wilson
against Jacobs anil J. O. Ilelt.cl. Wil
son alleges that JrcoIis misrepresented
things falsely promised to kt!i the case
out of court so that wnen the case was
finally brought Wilson did not appear
to defend himself with the result that
judgment was entered for Jacobs. Now
Wilson asks the judgment set aside.
All Attacks Repulsed.
i Oct. 23. Kcimillinir vpater.
day afternoon and extending fn'r into
last night, the French and English at
tacked German positions north of the
Somme between Le. Sars and Ran
court, it was officially announced to
day. The Teutons repulsed all these at
tacks except northeast of Saillv, where
the French penetrated a small trench
Winnipeg, Oct. -.'(. Refusing to
grant the request of - the Canadian
Pacific railway for a hoard of concilia
tion under the industrial disputes act,
the Canadian government this after
noon took a step that seemed to mako
certain a general strike of Canadian
Pacific trainmen from, coast to coast
Children Cry
. Portland, Or., Oct. 23. Euro-
pean demand for raclClc north-
. western wheat forced prices up '
- four to five eents. oir. the Port-
land market today. '
Thirty thousand' bushels were
sold on a basis of $1.47 per
bushel for December Club. Spot
Bluestem was bid ot $1.50. In
- the country districts $1.55 was
,-. bid for liluestem, Portland.de-
- Flour jumped 20 cents to
, $7.60 a barrel. It was ono of '
. the most exciting days in the
. history of the northwestern
Gompers Urges Labor
1 to Support President
Washington, Oct. 23. Organized
labor's first official appeal to its mem
bership in behalf of President Wilson's
-re-election was made. public today at
tne American federation of Labor
headquarters. It is in the form of a
circular letter to all officers of oaean-
. . . ... . . -
ized labor, calling on them to hold
special meetings if necessary to consid
er the issues of the campaign and see
to it that wage earners go to the polls
to protect their interests against "Wall
The letter is signed by Samuel Gom
pers, president; James O'Connell, vice
president, and Frank Morrison, secre
sentation committee, and it has been
i .. . ..
tary, as the federation's labor ropre
cum iu Lilt, ut:uii ul uit Hiiiiinff.n fir-
anizations. In reviewing the record
president's course in foreign affairs.
ty tor an to participation in the af
fairs of the nation in a degree that
never before has been accomplished,
i m i
Big Fire Raging
in Los Angeles Harbor
Los Angeles Harbor, Oct. 23. A
fire furiously raging in the California
Fruit Products company's warehouses
at Terminal Island here this afternoon
threatened shipping iu the immediate
With the blaze still raging at 3 p.
in., it was estimated that damage ex
ceeding $250,000 had been done.
The conflagration was caused bv an
explosion of a lnrge gasoline container
which was quickly followed by a blast
of 20,000 gallons in another tank,
Herbert Mclntyro of Long Bench, nn
employe, was ' severely burned. He,
with two others, was rushed to a hos
pital hero.
Fire apparatus from Los Angeles and
Ijong lieuch was summoned, it was
feared that the blara'-wourd spread to
nearby ships, as it appeared to spread
beyond control of fire fighters. Docks
were reported burned at several places,
but tho fire there was not serious.
W. C. Harrier, who lives one mile
east of this city lost his barn and the
contents Fridny morning by fire. He
had gone to the barn to do the morn
ing chores and when ho commenced
milking set his lantern on the barn
floor. The cow kicked over the lantern
spilling the oil and the burn was soon
a seething mass of flames.
About ten tons of hayf-farming and
garden utensils which were stored in
the barn were destroyed. Ho" has de
cided to sell his cows and is offering
them at private sale. A small amount
of insurance was carried. Silvcrton
Portland, Or., Oct. 23. Campaigning
for Hughes, Clifford Piuchit, former
head of the forestry department nt
Washington, will speuk in Portland to
night. He is due to arrive from Chi
cago 13 minutes before tho republican
mass meeting starts- proceedings. Mrs.
William Kent, wife of Representative
Kent, California, is also to speak in be
half of the candidatae.
Portland, Or., Oct. 23. 'oUmel
James Jackson, V. S. A., retired, died
here last night, aged 74. He fought
throughout the Civil war and in subse
quent Indian wars, and in 1WH was ap
pointed inspector general of the Ore
gon national guard, which position he
filled actively until two years ago. His
illness was of several months' dur
Ill'RRII In the city, October in, HUH.
William Burril, in his 75th year.
He hail been in. the city but two
weeks, coming here from Drain. The
budv is at the undertaking parlors of
Webb k Cluiigh. Burial will be in the
Odil Fellows' cemetery. The time of
funeral services have not been an
nounced, awaiting won! from relatives-
WHEDBEE At the Salem hospitnl Sat
urday evening, October 21, 11! HI, from
anoH'ratiou for appendicitis, Edward
J. Whcdbee, in his 2!lth yenr.
He is survived by his wife, his moth
er, Mrs. 11. Wheel bee, ot l.enanon; two
children -and' four sinters, Mrs. Laura
Taylor of Bandon, Mrs. Jessie wands
of Siilcm, Mrs. Flo Russell of I'rineville,
and Mrs. I.ula Brown of Lebanon.
Mr. Whedbec was formcrliy in busi
ness in Salem anil for the past live
years has been living at Jefferson. He
had been ill but a few days.
The funeral services will be belli
Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock from the
chapel of Webb k Clough and will be
conducted bv the Aev. O. H. Lovell, of
the I'liiteil Evangelical church. Burial
will be iu the City View cemetery.
. The following prioea for fruit
and vegetables are those asked by
the wholesaler of the retailer, aid
not what is paid to the producer.
All other prices are those paid the
producer. . Corrections , are made
daily. ', ,
Several lots of potatoes were sold
Saturday for 75 cents a bushel but they
were of 'fair sire and selected. Wheat
went to $1.73 this morning on the Chi
cago exchange but locally this specula
tive market does not reflection the price
of valley wheat, simply because there
is no nicaus of transportation across the
continent with the continued car short-.
aSe'. '
Wheat ........
,..f.... $40.00
: $25.00
Oats, new
Rolled barley . . ,
8horts, por ton
tiay, clover
Hay, cheat
Hay, vetoh
Hay, timothy, ,
Creamery butter, per pound
Country buttor
: 80c
Eggs ana Poultry.
Eggs, caso conut, cash S8c
Eggs, trade 40c
Hens, pound i2Vi(g'13c
Boosters, old, per pound 8
Broilers, under 8 pounds 14V&C
Broilers. 1V4 lb. or less 16c
Turkeys . 21c
Fork, Veal and Matton.
Pork, dressed llV,13c
Pork, on foot 8 l-29c
Spring lambs, 1916 ...7V47M!C
Veal, according to quality 8(Sl6c
Steers 68
Cows 3 l-24c
Bulls 83 1-4
Ewes 4c
Wethers 5 l-2
Figs and Dates
Figs, 70 four oz
Figs, 36 12-oz.
Figs, 12 10-oz
Black figs
White figs
Dromedary dates
. $2.60
... 00c
... 10c
.. 11c
.. 3.75
Tomatoes, Oregou .......
.. 80c
. 40c
String garlis
Potatoes, sweet
2 l-2c
Potatoes, per 100 pounds $1.10(51.30
ureen onions 4Ch
Clreon peppers ; 6c
Carrots, dozen 40s
Muskmelons SOe
Peaches, Oregon 560c
Grapes $1.75
Apples 60c$1.00
Oranges, Valencies $4.73
Lemons, per box $6.50(5 7.00
Cassawas ; 2c
Ice cream melons 2Uc
Cantaloupes, per box . $1.00
bananas, pound B
California, grape fruit $3.50
Florida grape fruit .. $6.00
Pineapples 8c
Honey . $3.60
Cranberries $10.00
Retail prices,
Eggs, per dozen, fresh ranch 45c
Sugar, cane .... $S.60
Creamery butter 4oc
Sugar, beet $8.40
Flour, hard whoat $1.902.25
Flour, valley $1051.85
Portland, Ore., Oct. 23 Wheat:"
Club, $1.44.
Fortvfgld, $1.45.
Red Russian, $1.41.
Oats: No- 1 white feed, $31.50.
Barley: Feed, $37.
HogsT Best live, $0.35.
Prime steers, $6.85.
Fancy cows, $ti.
Calves, $i'.50.
Spring lambs, $8.75.
Butter: City creamery, 3!lc.
Eggs: Selected local ex., 42(T43c.
Hens, 15c. .
Broilers, lfic.
Geese, lltjill 12c.
Two wagon loads of red clover seed
marketed ia Eugene yesterday bronchi
$1087, or in the neighborhood of 15
cents a douikI.
The seed was raised on the Middle-
dule farm near Creswcll and was sold
to J. J. fjiglit, who conducts a feed
store on Ninth avenue east.
Tho raising of clover for seed is be
coming more popular in Lane count v
I him ever before. The farmers who
have tried it and have properly cared
for the crop have found it to lie very
profitable, as evidenced by the good
price received for the two wagon loads
sold in Eugene yesterday.
This has been a good season for tho
clover, say the farmers. The weather
was about right during the summer
and while a few showers in September
during threshing time, threatened to
dnmnge tho crop, there was not enough
rain to cause any grent worry. Eu
gene Register.
Itirniingham, Ala., Oct. 23. Eighteen
bodies huve been recovered from the
MarvW mines, wrecked by a gus ex
plosion Sunday. With the death of
fleorgo Jones, rescuer who fell from a
ladder, the death toll is made nineteen.
Tho mines cannot be reopened for
several weeks.
Children Cry
Classified Business
"Telephone Directory
A Quick, handy reference for busy peopla
Salem Electric Oo Maaonie-Temple,
T. M. Ban, 104 South Commercial street .............,,.., Kala 1ft
3alem True Dray Oo eorner State ana rroot streets fal M
No. 16 Drcfron Hxprees . .
No. 24 Coos Bay
No. lis Willamette Limited
No. 12 Shasta Limited ...
No. 18 Portland Passenger
No. 14 Portland Elnrmt .
. .5 :SS a. is.
..3:52 p.m.
..9:22 a.m.
.11 :CB a. m.
. . 1 :35 p. m.
No. 2L'2 Portland fust Freight 12:01a.m.
No. 220 Local way Freight... 10:20a.m.
No. ISLCallfornia Express ...11:05 a.m.
No. 17 Ashland 1 .iwenger. , . .8 :82 a. m.
So. 23 Coos Bay 10 :01a.m.
No. IB Cottage Drove Pass. . .4 :lfl p. m.
Make connection with N. T4 Oeer
No. 11 Hhnsta Limited 8:48 p. m.
No. 27 Willamette Limited ...6:20p.m.
No. IS Ssn KisnclBco Bxpress 10:00 p.m.
No. 221 Sun Francisco Fast
Freight 12:01a.m.
No. 226 Local waj Freight. .. .11 :40 a. m.
No. T.I Arrive at Salem 0:15 a.m.
No. 70 leaves Salem 0:COa.m.
No. 75 Ar. Hulem (mixed) ....2:OOp.m.
No. 71 Leave Salem ....... 8:0Sp. m.
No connection south ot Geer.
Baleu, Falls City and Waa-rann
No. 161 Lt. Salem, motor T :OOa.m.
No. IBS Lt. Salem, motor 9:45 a.m.
No. 105--Lv. Salem for Monmouth
and Alrlle 1 :40 p. m.
No, 167 Lt. Snlcfii, motor 4:0Op.m.
No. 10 Lt. Balem, mottr 6:1 Bp. m.
No. 230 Way Fr't It. Sslem. .. .6 :O0 a. m.
No. 1)12 Ar. Snlein 8 :30 a. m.
No. 1114 Ar. Salem , .. .11 :10 a. m.
No. 16 Ar. Salem 8 :16 p. m.
No. 1B8 Ar. Hulem 6:00 p.m.
No. 170 Ar. Balem 7:45 p.m.
No. 240 Way Fr't ar Sulm.... 2:30p.m.
Oregon City Trantportation Company.
The Grabamona leaves Salem for Port
land at 6 o'clock on mornings of Mon
day, Wednesday and Friday. No boat sooth
of SaJem. Boat Icara Portland Tuesday,
I'hnrsduy and Satuidaj morning until
T :oo p. a.
corner Commercial and Trade streets
For water service apply, at of fife.
cuut pay u oie mommy in advance.
nnr.RR i, vriTinir rn n n to.m.
A. IS. Clough morticians and funeral
directors. Latest modern methods
known to the profession employed.
490 Court Bt. Alain 120, Alain 9883.
director and undertakers, 252 North
High street. Day and night phone
FOR SALK 1 1-8 acres just outside
'cUv limits, good land, small bouse
and barn, small cash payment, bal
anco monthly instnllmeata if desired,
. Square Denl Realty Co., -02 U. S.
Hank Bldg.
Co., 220 X. Liberty
Phone 203. A com
plete line of Klectric
Supplies and fixtures
ijherbv enr wood saw we ht
and pay taxes in fialem, Let Salem
people saw your wood. Phone 209.
na ii. ist. T. L. Keister, Wm.
SALEM SCAVENGER C'-nrlea 8oos,
proprietor. Garbage and refuse of all
kinds removed on monthly contracts
at reasonable rates. Yard and cess
pools cleaned. Office phone Mais
247. Residence Main il-72.
FOR RENT Fine opening for room
renting or board and rooming busi
ness; seven to fourteen room, two
blocks from post office. Specially
favorable terms to suitable party
See William Homing, Bayne build
ing. nov2
Hanford, Cel., Oct. 23. A. X facta
no and his wife of Hanford were
dangerously injured today when their
automobile stalled on a Southern Pa
cific .railroad crossing and was struck
by a train, liotli sustuiued fractured
Caetano was pinned under the wreck
age of the ear, which was hurled 100
feet from the crossing.' The victims
are in a critical condition but have a
chance to survive.
Walla Walla. Wash., Oct. 23. Judge
Thomas II. Brents, well known Walla
Walla attorney, died today after an ill-
ness of six weeks. Funeral services will
be conducted Wednesday,
127 North High .
...... auim im
PTTTrwn A Km TIM Mi ma
Lt. ftalra
4 :ft a m.
T :1ft a. m.
B :45 a. m.
1 Vi'M . m.
1:60 p. m.
4 :0O p. m.
6 .30 p. m.
T :66 p. m
Train No. Ar. Portlanol
2 Owl
. . 6 :6B a. m.
. . 9:2oa.av
..11 :35 a. sa.
..11 :3Sp.Wi
.. 4:00 p. mw
. . 8 0 p. v
.. 7:40 p. sa,
..10:00 p. aw
.... 10 Limited..
I'.'.'.'H tanked '.
Portland to Balbm
Lt. Portland
8 :30 a. m. Balea 8 :88 Bugcn 10 :B8 a.
8:80a.m. ... 6 Limited 10:11a.m.
StS"" 7 ia:tp.sa.
- - ia . ... o t.i n i ta ,
6:05 p.m. 17 Local .
8:20p.m. IB ....
11:40 p.m. ll orl ..
Lt. Corrallla
4 :10 p. m to
Lt. Eugene.
. :40 p. ,
. 8:10 p.m.
.11:30 p.m.
. 1:68 p. SB.
Ar. Balea
. 6:80 p.m.
Ar. Balem
. :45 a.m.
. 4:00p.m.
. T :54 p.m.
. 4:36a. a
. 10 Limited .
. 18 Limited
22 ....
.. 1 Owl ...
1 :G5 p. m. ,
6 :2S p. m.
12 :05 p. m. I
Lt. Balem.
1 :ftS a. m. ,
10:15 a.m. .
Lt. Salem
12 :58 p. m.
Lt. Salem.
4 :18 p. m. ,
Ar. Rogeme
,..21 Owl 6:50 a.
,. 6 Limited ....12:26pm.
At. Albany
T 1 :B0 p. sa.
Stops at CorrAllla
Ar. Albaa
9 8 :10 p.m.
Ar. Albaa
.. 7:85 a.m.
Ar. Bugcaa
18 8 :50 d. Ml
Lt. Balem.
0:43 p.
Lt. Corral!).
Ar. Balea
8 :25 a. m.
10 ....
... :45a.m.
... 1:45 p.m.
... 4:00p.m. .
... 8:30p.m.
... 7:65p.m.
Ar. Certain
...11:38 a. sa, .
... B:36p. a
. . . 8 :20 p. sa.
... 8:00 p.
12:12 p. m.
2:41 p. m.
4 :IOp. m.
8:18 p.m.
Lt. Balem.
10:16 a. m.
4 :15 p. m.
12 :65 p. m.
8 :40 p. m.
, 14 ....
i 16 ....
20 ....
22 ....
..... 18 ....
DR. O. L. SCOTT Graduate of Chiro
; prac tic's Fountain Head, Davenport,
Iowa. If you' have tried everything
and got no relief, try Chiroprac
tic spinal adjustments and get wolL
Office 406-7-8 U. a National Bank.
Building. Phone Main 87. Besidenca
Main 828-R.
Inc., 423 Hubbard bldg., Salem. All
druglesa methods taught. Flora A.:
Brewster, M. D., dean, private pa
tients 1 to 3 p. m. Phone 2124R. tf
from all points, east, on all houshold
goods, pianos, etc. Consolidated car- :
load service. Capital City Transfer:
Company, agent for Pacific Coast.
Forwarding company, Ml South Com
nereial street. Phone Main 933. . .
Money to Loan
ON Good Real Estate Security.
Over Ladd ft Bush Bank, Salem, Oregoa
mount; low rates; promptly close,
attractive prepaying privileges. I
iave 6 Mi per cent insurance monoy
to loan on Salem business and resi
dence property. Thos. A. Roberta,
205 U. S. Nut'l Bank bldg.
HONEY TO LOAN I have made ar
rangement! for loaning eastern
money, will make very low rate of
Interest on highly improved farms.
Homer H. Smith, room 9 McCornack
Rldir.. Salem, Ore., Phone 98.
DR8. B. H. WHITK and B. W. WAIj.
TON Osteopathic physicians ana
nerve specialists. Graduate of Amer
ican echool of Osteopathy, Kirkrvilla,
Mo. Post graduate and specialised ia
serve diseases at Los Angeles eollega
Treat acute and chronic disease.
Consultation free. Lady attendant,
Office 505-500 U. S. National Bask
Building. Phone 8.19. Residence 341
North Capital street. Phone 4U
60 years experience,
Depot National and American fence
Size 26 to 68 in. high.
Paints, oil and varnish, etc.
Loganberry and hop hooks.
Salem Fence and Stove Works, 38
- 8t. Phone 124.
Yick So Ton?
nas medicine which will ear
Any known Disease
Open Sundays from 10:00 8. m.
txfltil 8:00 p. m.
1S3 South High 8tret
S-lam, Oregon. Pboue S33