Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 23, 1916, Page THREE, Image 3

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The reason is that
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tain It As
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tcrdny by the Hermans on a bluff.
Immediately upon the mustering mil
of the Third regiment Oregon Infantry
lit Cluckumas on September L'.i, and on
account of the peculiar situation in
which many members of M company
found themselves because they did not
tnko the new oath as required by the
new luw federalizing the national
guards, considerable discussion arose
among the men as to their exact status,
and whether or not they would be given
discharges showing their period of ser
vice, and as a result a letter was sent
through .Senator Chamberlain to the
war department asking for information.
The following letter, sent by H. I, Me
Clnin, adjutant general, to Senator
Chamberlain, and through him to 8a
lem, explains -what the war depart
ment thinks about the matter:
"With reference to the telegram
dated October 7, 1910, from Mr. Charles
V. Oalloway, director, Salem Conimer
Suits Hand Balls
Shoes Gloves
Basket Balls
Basketball Pants
" "' Jerseys
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Supreme Court Refused
:. to Review Indictments
Judrty Munsen, 'Purity" Star.
The favorite of American sculptors
and artiB's. .Noted tor the beauty ot her
figure and rare grace of pose9.
Posed Kit three-fifths of the outdoor
sculptor work seen at Panama Pacific
international exposition. Also for ninny
of the great murals.
The I'ricstess of Culture, by Herbert
Adams, is one of her most notable poses
Immortalized in the Metropolitan
Museum, New York.
As Lady (lodiva. her figure in sil
ver, done by Senrpctti, is installed for
life in the Fifth Avenue, New York,!
shuw windows of the Uorham company,
Posed tor the famous painting of Ga
latea, by the noted aritst Albin, giving
her poses free to that genius when he
was so poo he was unable to pay for
her services as a model.
.Model for the figures on the Pulit
zer Memorial, opposite the Plnza hotel
at the Fifth Avenue entrance to Cen
tral Park, New York.
Posed for the fiirures on the Man
hattan bridge. Firemen's Memorial and!
Music of (he Waters on Kiverside Drive
New York.
Model for Civic l'ride, the great
gilded statue which surmounts Manhut-i
tan s huge Municipal building. I BaMOBaBaaMi
Three productions of her figure nrej -
seen on the Mc . Milium Memorial Foun-1 vnrd run.
tain, bv Ifcrberst Adams, in the I Hunter. Allmfiv center, bloke tun
grounds of the national capitol at Wash-1 pinics in his leg in the second plnv of
mgton. I the game.
Recently posed for the figure of; The outstanding features of the giuue
"Suttering lliiimimty on tne jiootn were the brilliant work of the Willnni- The fires in the engines of the Sil-
Monionul to be erected in London, lit ,.iu. fuckfiold. Hoot It's tackling, and I vertoii Lumber Cn's big mill were
ter the war as a tribute to the founder : ,,,SV1,(I, . i:htning ,.1111S. French 's I pulled Saturd.iv night with not a n,v
and leader ot the Salvation Army. ,:,; tnl. Anmnv ,.,, ,, cn.iuip,. of 1l(l)le in sjKjlt n to wh(n .,.
Audrey Munsou will be seen in ' Fur- The line-im- ii i i . . mi ',.
itv" a'stupendous art production in :-. w, , '"'"I'lc to .,, start. The mill w,,s
ev reels of tll ltli.,1. tl,o,ll,e I n.ln V , ... .......... mlr rllm.n OCcnilSC IIUSllieKS WHS allien
uu,,v v i eieison ....i iiiinrer
anu tomorrow.
Rumanian Army Crushed.
Sofia, Oct." 23. The Bulgarian right
winir has crushed the Kumanian defense
and arrived within less than six miles jeinl club, of Salem, Oregon, addressed
of the important Kumanian seaport of through you to the secretary of war,
Cnnstan.a, it was officially announced relative to the issuance of discharges
'The enemy's resistance nt the prin
cipal positions is definitely broken," it
wns officially announced. "The strong
ly fortified points of Kobndin and Top
Raiser are in our hands. The enemy has
suffered heavy losses and is in retreat,
our right wing having occupied Toking-
to members of Company M, Third Ore.
gon Infantry, which organization has
been mustered out of the United States
service, and in response to the requests
contained therein as to the present mi
litia status of these men; when they
will receive their final discharges, and
wuetner or not tney are now suDjeci
to orders of the war department, I
"Our trophies so far include eight!"" lne "onor lo ',,,orm ) " 101
guns, 20 machine guns and much other
Wa have captured 200 prisoners.
Rumanians Forced Back.
Petrograd. Oct. 23. The Kusso Eu
mnnians continue their retirement in
Pobrudja under enemy pressure, though
offering stubborn resistance, it was of-
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"The records of the war department
show that none of the members of this
company subscribed to the oath pre
scribed in the act of June 3, J'.HO, but
were mustered into federal service as
members of the organized militia, un
der the militia law of 1003 (Dick bill.)
"Upon their muster out of the fed
eral service, they wero returned to the
control of the state authorities. As they
are state troops, not t nited States vol
uuteers, they could not be discharged
statu authorities who may organize a
company of national guard from such
memners as consent to snoscrihe to the
onth and contract of enlistment pre
scribed by the act of June 3, l!llti( dis
charging such men as decline to sub
scribe to saiil oath and contract, or
may muster out or discharge the en
tire personnel of the company. It is
doubtful whether the state can legally
continue to maintain the company in
its present status, as it is believed that
the intention of Congress hi prescribing
(section Ul, act of June 3, JUlli) that
"uo state shall niniiituiii troops in time
of pence other than as authorized in ac
cordance with the organization pre
scribed under this act" was to prohibit
states from maintaining militia units
other than the nutionnl guard.
"Very respectfully,
"II. P. McClain, adjutant general"
Young People's Union
Elects Its Officers
The State Baptist Young Peoples'
union closed its annua! session Sunday
with the re-election of Mrs. Mabel
Stevens Hiirton of Corvallis as presi
dent and Hazel Todhunter of Salem as
secretary-treasurer. District vice pres
idents were ulso elected.
The present constitution of the union
was deemed inadequate ami by vote
bv the federal government upon the I "wn ,m"m"',, ' 81 ''0I
termination of their federal service as ,,,tlu." the following conmiiltee was
in the ease of volunteers. appointed: Harley llalgren Portland;
"The status of this company is now ,rn . ,A- 1Ma"v,llle'I .Jm,''T'; 'ir S?',"!1"'.r'
that of militia maintained fo'r purely I'ortln.M; Helen ( or, t orvalbs, C rissie
state purposes, and not recognized bv piramberg, Independence.
the federal government as part of the'.. iit.ii r
Jur3:Tnorr:u,:;1til,red,?oc '1 Wdl Represent
br; ' Polkln Bridge Matter
litia. The dispoitioa to be made of the . , ,, ' , . ,. ,
company is entirely in the bands of the T'.' Bet I'flk "onnty in all dm-
leussions with the Marion county court
fi.iallv announced today. fa,X x,ari"' l''l'lp ' J'- 1'attersou has
In the Trotus, Oatuz and Slanie val- i T" ""T . r,,Pre"',,,,lt've by,
levs in Transylvania the Kumaniuns at- T J T'1' The ""K IT "."n'
tacked the enemy and compelled a slight ' V " . " .
J . I R icnuntv court Mritwlnv I'flttprtiiin la tn
act as the "go between" of this county
court and Marion county. He will serve
Washington, Oct. 23. The supreme
court today refused to review indict
ments brought against .lames Ii. Smith
and other officials of the Western
Fuel company of Sail Francisco, for
conspiracy to defraud the t'nited States
by manipulating, scales ued for weigh
ing dutiable coal.
Must Serve Sentences
San Francisco, Oct. 23. The refusal
of the supreme court of the Fnited
States to review the Western Fuel com
pany cases menus that James HSmith,
secretary, will go to San tuentin for
18 months and will pay a fine of $5,'
110(1; F. C. Mills will serve IS. months
and K. II. Mayer will serve u year in
the Alumeda county jail.
The heads of tlio fuel company were
charged with conspiring to defraud
the government by tampering with
scales used in weighing dutiable coal.
The decision of the supreme court is
expected to cause the government Jo
drop the civil suits brought ugainst the
concern ami against the officers. He
ceutlv announcement was iiiaile that
the civil suits would not be pressed
should the officials be sent to prison.
A ballot box was improvised at the
store in the postoffice building and
for nearly a week people were casting
votes for their presidential choice. In
tho time, 104 votes were polled with
the following result:
Wilson, 110; Hughes, 41; llanley, 3;
Benson, 2; Hoosev'elt, 1, und Debits, 1.
From the best information we. can
glean from all sources, the vote is a
fairly good index of the sentiment of
this country. Hend, (Ore.) Hulletin.
Car Shortage Closes
Silverton Sawmill
Austro-tierman retirement. In western
Moldavia the Rumanians have been suc
cessful in stubborn 'fighting.
1 lie lighting on the (inliciaii- olhynia
Struggled with Sickness and Dis
couragement; How Relieved.
DayviIle, Killingly, Conn. "I uhal
be glad to have every woman knov
what I know now
after using Lydia I
Pinkbam's Vegc
table Compouni ,
Although I am on.'.
24 years old, I hav
suffered for the pa
eight years. I hute
the doctors, for
doctor told me t
give up the stag
where! was playir,
with my husbanf
I bad bearing down pains, my healt
failed me. and I could not work on th
stage, and wasn't able to tend my bab.
or even get around myself. I wa
always downhearted and discontented
with the world, and only lived for th
sake of my little girl. The doctor said
to move to soma quiet little town away
from the noisy city, and I might be able
to live and feel well, so I went to Day
ville in November. At that time I waa
so sick I could not walk around, and my
husband kept house and 1 stayed in bed
ttraliipp. .
Willamette Rests Albany lKx;;.r
By Score of 26 to
Comiitg back strong niter the recent Uexfurd..
slaughter from Hezdecli's huskies, lloiith
,.R. (1. I
..i.. ;. it.
H. T. I..
.1.. T. R.
..R. K. I..
..I.. H. .
Coach Mathews' warriors, trampled all ; (rosvenor. . . . K. If. J
over the Albany college feaiu Saturday i 1''"," I..Nl. K.
. . " ., 1 .. . i.inekson
I'.ucrnoou at tne nun cny 10 rue swains
without pav and will not have power to
front is slackening Austro tiermai. lllelltt,iln. win he seriously considered
attempts to cross the Boldurka, north of it : i,..;. e,i ,i,r v,n H1 h .M ,,.
Brody, were repelled by Russian troops. I ....i. ,i, ,iif,-..,-,.- , , One dav in January I read vour adver
; Icountv courts as to the kind of bridec; tisement in a newspaper, and I sent for
Anotaer Air Raid. ,allli ;ne ,,a,.e to erect the proposed j Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
I.oiiibui. Oct. 2.1. The Knglish water ! bridge. I pound, and started taking it Within
place of Margate, SO miles southeast of! The Marion county conr wants the1 two weeks time I was a different wo
I.ondon. was raided by German air 'new liridye nlcrit in the m, I man. could get around, and felt so good
Inrepa tliiu ninrniin, ntnl tlin.A ttnil.u .1.- l 1. 1 1 41a It nt m a a nlaoanr. rr mt, knilui.
ly a vegetable compound mixed with . droj.ped, it was officially announced officials have ob jected oecause this work. I felt contented and happy, and
olive oil ; yu w:ll know tltem by their j thiH afternoon. j would necessitate the establishment of now am the picture of health, and ar.i
olive color. Take one or two every, Th Cliftonville hotel was slightly : a ferrv while the bridge was being con-tempted to return to the stage. Wc
night for a week and note the effect dam!,Ke.l and a man and woman slightlv j .trueteil. The two courts have also dif-l appreciate my health as the most pre
10c and 23c per box. All druggists. 'injured. " f.-rd on plans. Observer cious thing on earth." Mrs. H. L
' 1 JOtNETT, 10X85, KilliBBly, Conn.
of 20 to 7.
Although the game was soggy with
fumbles, penalties and dust remaining
fiom the recent roundup, the pigskin
matinee was interesting from the open
ing canto until the shades of night fell.
Although the teams weighed in about
oven, the Albany bids were no mutch
for the luster Methodists. Thut the
score was not greater was due to the
execessive eagerness of the local col
legians to mix up the Albany defense
before French ' stellnr boots averaging
50 yards could be initiated. Despite the
170 yards of penalties the scrappy Vil
lumette cohort easily outplnyed their
opponents und at no time during the
battle failed to make yardage. On the
other hand F.d Huiley's protegees were
able to make yardage only once and
were forced to depend on French's turs
ty foot for advantage.
1 lie game snowed that stories eiue- j
lilting from the vicinity of Willamette
field this week were no idle rumors i
and that .Mathews has assembled a ma-j
chine the likes of which has not been
equalled on the local gridiron since
llll.'l. The snap and brainuork displayed
by the whole eleven speaks well for a '
low score next Saturday, if t'onch Pi-i
pal's agriculturists are met at Corvallis!
us now expected. 1
- Albany exposed the avoid to the Wil-1
laniette team by kicking uff to Dimich i
who passed to Teall, the latter returning!
20 yards. After a scramble over f urn- j
bles, (irosvenor recovered and sped 70
yards through the entire Albany tenm i
iiloiiir tlio sidelines for the first touch i
dow n in less than three minutes of I
I lav. Hex ford followed with a goal kick.!
Score 7 0. !
No further scores occurred during the i
first hulf which was characterized bv i
lepeatcd fumbles by Willamette's back
field who Mere unable to get footholds i
in the slippery dust nt crucial moments.
The bull was in Albany's territory prac-1
ticully the entire half, although at one
time Wiilamette wus forced' to punt!
from her own 5 yard line.
Albany Scores Once ;
Altering the style of play ill the sec
ond half, Willamette started things off1
by a relentless series of line plunge's- j
A series of two forward passes and line
bucks by (irosvenor brought the ball
within striking distance of Albany's de-'
fcusivM goal. Here, despite penalties,
Dimick of Willamette, after a series of
bucks, plowed through the line for the,
second touchdown. Flegel registered.!
Score: Willamette, 14; Albany, 0..
The Presbyterians awoke about this
time and, after Willamette had bucked;
them buck to their 20 yard line and Wil- :
lumette fumbling, Tolies, Albany tackle'
leeovered and ran 70 yards for a touch-!
dow n. Albany kicked goal. Score: Wil-j
lumette, 14; Albany, 7. I
The fourth quarter gave Willamette
continued opportunity to. present the
sterling stuff of the team and, ns the'
result of dynamic, line plunges and cross
bucks the ball soon v. rested behind Al-!
bnny's back door. Score: Willinnettc, ,
20; Albany, 7. j
With Ichs limn two minutes to play.'
Oroavciior circled end and through a!
broken field sprinted the necessary 03 '
yards for the fourth and final touch-'
down. Score. Willamette, 20; Albany.
7. Teall received a wrenched ankle in!
this period and was succeeded by Jack-1
sou who started things off with an Is'
Diinmick F. H. .
Referee, Schinitt, M.
pire, Pavey, O. A. C.
Wedding announcements, invitations
mid calling cards at The ('nihil Journal
Job Department.
A little want ad will make big sales.
Try Journal WANT ADS they pay.
or Viecnnso thev did not. hnva iroo.t
I lainptiin , help, or because they could not get
-''"l tl" I logs, or because they did not want to
- keep miming, but because thev ca;i-
"a '"' not get ears with which to ship the
, .'!' finished product to , those who n o
(,. i'V' " i scrambling, pleading and begging for
' ' ' Vui rf ii"- j Silverton made lumber. Four cars per
it i i i ! dav is what the Company needs to
, Jlabberte , ' ,, . , . '
French ''andle' their -shipments, one car per
! ('ny has been their average allotment,
for the past two mouths. The dil'fev
Mllll.rl euce in shipments between one c:.r
A.' .V C. I'm-'1""' ollr rtttH l,,,r ''".v Ht biniber awabs
Heud liiiesmuu, ' i""vemeiit in the ynrd und the cou
'(gestion becoming ucute there was i
alternative but close down. Appeal.'
Children Cry
Administratix Sale
of the estate of James I.. Foster, deceased, on Wednesday, October
.o, MHO, at. 1:30 p.m. 'Located at 2310 Hyde atreet, corner of
Twenty second street, which is one-quarter block from the Turner
road, consisting of 1 ( Buick tl) automobile, as good as new, nnd
household furniture. Also at snine time und place an odd lot con
sisting of one 3 14 inch wugoii nnd double box. one two section
lever harrow, one Oliver plow, one set of double harness, nil new
last spring.
, Also on Thursday
October 20. 1010, at 1 p. m. sharp, at the farm, which is located one
und one-hiilf miles smith of tlalei the Priugle road. Take 12th
street car. 1 will sell by public auction tne balance of Hie estate
consisting of telephone and stock in Hut tie Creek Telephone com
pany, 1 team work horses and harness, 1 I vy wagon, I 2-seated
spring wagon and lop, 1 mowing machine, 1 hayiake, 1 Oliver chill
plow, I steel harrow, 1 single shovel plow, 1 h'ugg.y harness, 1 hay
fork rope nnd pulleys, super and extra hives, fruit on 2-ucre tract,
7 hogs, 13 stands I s, 1 I'. ,S. cream separator, IK cords fir wood,
one half interest in hay crop. Hav is in barn and stacks. Fruit
on rented tract. 15 head of young dairy rows, 3 Jersey calves
five months old.
Administratrix. Auctioneer, Phone 511, Salem, Or.
The undersigned auctioneer has r 'ived instructions from the own
er, J. W. SHARKAII, to sell by public auction at the J. W. RAN
KIN farm which is located about 1 1-2 miles east of the fairground
between the Silverton and (Inrdeu roads, or 1-4 of a mile west of
the Hollywood brick yard, on
"ut 1 p. in. hnrp, consisting of HORSKS, FAH.U MACIIINKKY ,,
1 good work horse, weight 1250 lbs., age yenrs, well broken.
1 double set work harness; set. single buggy harness.
1 set single 1-horse wagon harness.
1 H inch Oliver chill plow wil 1 1 steel beam.
1 2-section spike tooth harrow. 1 2-horse reversible disc harrow.
1 Planet Junior huml seeder with cultivating attachment.
3tl sacks of corn anil Biirbnnk seed potatoes.
1 7-foot Crescent saw.
2 barrels ami some rider vinegar 4 years old.
Fl RNlTI'ttK. ,
1 dresser, 1 kitchen cabinet, 1 dining table, 3 shim! tables, ll
kitchen chairs, 2 rockers, i iron bedsteads, 2 bed springs, dishes nnd
kitchen utensils, I heater, canned fruit und many other article.
Owner. Auctioneer, Phone 51 1, Snlein, Or.
NOTK Don't forget the auction sales ut the yuick Kxchange auc
tion mnrket in Sulem every Saturday starting ut 10 o'clock a. in.
which is open to the public. Anything and everything sold on
commission. Farm sales ronducted uny where in the state. I guar
antee satisfaction. F. X. WOODRV, Phone 511, Snlein, Oregon.