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Magazine Section
i -
fl - Sporting News :
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When I'm For Anything,
I'm For It ALL OVER!
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SlllillliltlliS' WsMteS
BILLY SUNDAY never Indorsed anytbliig -r.nt tiven Trombonist Rodey'i hooks-untll he heard the itory
if the nifferlng Armenian and Syrians tu Turkey." fcr whom Ficsiileut Wilson has proclaimed Oct 21
md 22 as days on which relle'. Is to be given by America.
"Jee-nmalem!" said Billy. "Is It as bad as that? Say wait a mlmito." And Billy sat down at his
desk and dictated his first letter of recommendation. He recommended these victims of famine and deportation
to the sympathies and pocketbooks of lie people of America.
"There," be aaid, "deliver that to the O. S. U. And no . you fellows, net busy and come across."
Baseball Evangelist to Hold Special
Service for Armenians. Will Con
. . tribute to Fund.
Detroit, Mich-, () t. 21. Billy Sunday
u us tired. Anyone w ho has ever seen
him gyrate through two hours of base
liall evHiim'lisni knows Hint it iihihI take
ij;lit hours sleep, a good rub-down and
a Hear conscience to get away Iroui tne
I'ntigue that comes tn him every night.'
But he agreed to listen.
He did, and either the talker was a
Ucm1 one, or Billy's mind is one of those
1 but takes words and nickes pictures of
them, because, tired as he was he began
to do more than listen. Unconsciously
be went through a tew nf those fervent
gestures that he uses when he dares the
devil to come out and fight, and the
lines in his lean face set.
' Billy already knew the Armenians
nere in need almost everybody knows
that. But he bad not realized just how
badly in need they were until after he
Itnd finished his sermon in the Detroit
Inbernacle and was resting at the pa
latial home of 8. K. Kresge, a man came
to see him with the fresh story of their
sufferings and necessities.
"I get you," he interrupted. "It
never struck me so strong before- The
Armenians are in outlaw, company,
that "sit."
The big leagues have shirk their ap
plication a pigenhule.
' Let me see the records erorrs, as
sists, and exerythiug," he commanded.
Out of the interviewer's pocket came
letters from Armenia, from Lord Bryce
ml other investigators, figures telling
of the death of almost a million Chris
tians, massacred or deported, and fig
ures showing the contributions of more
than a million dollars by Americans for'
the relief of the million or more desti
tute Armeniuns who survive in the Ara
bian desert.
Billy looked at them all briefly. Ma
Sunday, wifely soul, was on his trail.
Billy had only one alternative.
"I can't read the whole official
score," he said, thrusting the letters
and pamphlets and figures back to his
interviewer, "You go through it, all of
it, for me, quick. Write me oTut a state
ment of the hits and plays and fouls and
all, and I'll sign it in a hurry. 'I'll put
Billy Sunday's assist somewhere in the
game before it's over. We've gotto
win this double header with Old Man
So the interviewer went through all
the material hastily he knew it well al
ready and pounded out on a. borrowed
typewriter a statement for Billy to
sign, as nearly in the words he thought
Billy would like to use as he could get
Back he tramped to Billy's room, across
the thick Persian carpets covered with
the muddy prints of feet that had
trumped up the steps to get Billy 's mes
sage of salvation, across the spacious
reception rooms, where the same per
sons before him had left their track.
Billy was waiting. "Let me lamp
it," he said, and then he took a pencil
and made so' many alterations that lit
tle was left.
"No slang and baseball lingo in
this," said Billy. "I want every one,
high or low, rich and poor, to read this,
ami 1 don 't want them tu think it
came from me in any spirit of levity.
It 's got to be in parlor Knglish, as
good as nny Dr. Johnson ever spilled,
you understand f It's got to be the
gilt edged variety or none at all "
So out went all the slang and vivid
phrases a la Sunday. What he finally
wrote is being printed all over the
country today. What's more, Billy
is taking a collection in the tabernacle
in Detroit, the proceeds to go to Ar
menian and Syrian Belief.
"I never endorse anything that's
my rule" said Billy in conclusion. "But
once in a while I break mv rule anil
when 1 do say, I break it RIC.HT."
Most Tragic in History.
Nothing more tragic, in modern his
tory has occurred, according to Lord
Bryce, ruinous Knglish statesman, and
former Ambassador to the I'nited States
than the killing off of the Armeniuns.
Most of the story of butchery and out
rage has reached the public through let
ters from missionaries nnd survivors,
and cables to the state depnrtment from
Armenian consuls.
Less than two weeks ago the Turkish
governmeut opened up th interior dis
tricts where the destitute Armenians
are quartered to the relief work of Am
ericans. The American committee Yor
Armenian and Syrian relief commissions
organized and on the ground for months
and these will now be able to carry on
their work without hindrance. They
have fed thousands of numeu and child-
U. of 0. and California Both
in Pink of Condition
for Scrap
That n lhe wondetlul tribute
(Mid to Sweet Caporal cigarettes
ty the London Lmctt. the recog-
tiied medical authority of the
orld This decision was the re
sult of an official test ol Sweet
ICaporal by medical experts No
pther citarette ever received such
k remarkable endorsement
Sweet Caporal purity is now be-
leg shown to smokery
interesting demonstration. The
demonstrator burns a piece of or
dinary paper, which leaves black
ash. Thet bums a piece of the
niKn-graue. imported rreiicn cig
arette paper used on Sweet Cap-
oral, and calls smokers attention
to the pure, white ash Thus1 is
ithe pure tobacco in Sweet Caporal
protected hv
Wherever tobacco is known
throughout the world. Sweet Cap-
oral cigarettes are smoked Amer
icans who travel over Europe;
Asia, Africa and South America
can always obtain Sweet Caporal
cigarettes as easily as in the United
Mates, sweet laporal is the only
cigarette that has this world-wide,
sale and popularity
pure, . i.l
Berkeley, Cal., Pit. 21. The annual
football clush between Oregon and
California on California field this nft
eriuKxi will be a contest between two
elevens neither of which has a chance
to win, if the statements of the rival
coaches are to be believed.
"I don't see how we have a show,"
said head Coach Andy Smith, of Cali
fornia, today and Coach Hugo Be.dek,
of Oregon, varied this remark only
slightly when he said, "I don't see haw
wo can win."
But despite the gobs of gloom which
both couches let loose, it was notice
able (lint enthusiastic students from
both schools seemed perfectly willing to
take a chance and risk a little coin of
the realm on the result.
Both teams were ileclnred to be in
perfect physical condition early today
although both showed considerable nerv
ous eagerness to have the game under
way. This afternoon's contest will be
tho first interstate game in which either
eleven has engagejl this year. The con
test is expected tojlicgin at 2:itn p. m.
Big Crowd Eioected
to See the Kickers
Portland, Ore.-, ()ct. 21. An Eleventh
hour shift in the Nebraska university
line-up was reported today, on the eve
of the corn buskers gunie with tho Ore
gon Aggies. Corey was switched to end
and Otouhalik from end to the back
field, according to alleged "inside
dope" but Conch, Stewart imitated the
Twenty-seven men arrived from Cor
vallis this morning to fight for the Ag
gies' cause. Coach ,Ioe l'ipal declared
his team had deteriorated considerably
since playing Washington Ptute mid
that he feared defeat this afternoon.
Stewart, it is known, in rearranging
his line-up, is "principally doing it for
the purpose of choking off Oeorge, alias
"Tutfy" I onn, the I'asailena drop
kicker, who gambols around right half
for the Aggies- Conn has been hiding
his dropkicking light under u bushel
lltid annumi hilt if thf AlTiriCH COIIIP With-
........ ........ ..... t...... .i.- : I ....
ill range of the scarlet ami cream goal ""J """"-, ");'""""" -
posts this afternoon it will be up to propriation was made for the purticipa
"Tuffv." j 1 1 on of eivilinn teams each state to
One of the biggest football crowds ev-!'" rcpresnmmve t i, wiin ox
er assembled in Portland is expected at peases pai.l l.y tne war department.
Multnomah field. I ' "K national team match carries with
i ! i ii inrce iropuics, inucu soiignr hirer tiy
' mnrksmen. The first In desirability
Ml I
- 1 " " .sT Wfm .
I n. nilLfB! IUIH In I
1 I hAKUnsSi - II I
l I ( u y-v 1 - . . rr ni
wtl r .3 V X L!-k tftDdtWW III
beenon.1 H r V HfTX .l Irt UT U . II I
decades, i N I T7tr ,vW IM " Uafi J It I
i,v . ,1 ii . m. ii w sx ix . v "-v 1 1
L .h.l l jr v .1 l B ' l Ur,T,t!i e:-a ' 'Z wfi- -cf
fcJH a At;-. ., ' LjjiaW -e!
3 J . V-N5I M I I 1.1
UU-u a more
eriiijralion of cigarette
tumoral oaperuovel burnine tests
best in the world insures tne
urv, natural tobacco flavor of
weet Cajioral cigarettes, which
ai made Sweet Caporal famous
carried their love for
Aid Caporal to all parts of the
world and introduced "Sweets" toj
smokers of other. nations. '
Nearly every man has started
smoking with famous old Sweet
laporal, (be original (igamtc.
ii tlie United
xl Caporal is the only
rficite that has this world-wide
sale and popularity. (
Sweet Caporal the original
cifrarctic that popularized cigarette
smoking over forty ytfars ago It
is tire LTcat-trrand hither of ull the
billions of cigarettes made today
and outstrips them all m popular
ity The best-loved of all ciga
rvttcj ly $wect Capuial,
Many things have been mn .
proved tn 40 years Candle-light i
has given way to electricity, Urn
stage-coach has vanished before1 ,'
1 nc express train, but good ol :
Sweet Caporal, the original cig-1 i
arctte, remains the same because ;
in tour accaoes the world has been)
unaoie to produce a better ciga- !
rette More trooular todav iluii
r the per.
cet Capo-t
r cigarette
pure 101
hat is whvl
back id
r cigarette
lie interest-
some or
11, which
hen bunx
used en
leaves a).
s orieinal
s srfiokert
iginal cie
s die same because
11 decades the world has br
unable to produce a belter ciga
rette Mote popular today than
ever is Sweet Caporal,"
The lower grades resemble oM .
Iinary paiier. which burns wills
black, soot-like ash Sweet Cap-j
oral cigarettes are oiled in the
highest grade, imported French.,
paper the purest and best m the
wot id which burns with a pure,
hue ash..
ren reunited families, and even enab
led a few of the men left to begin plant
ing. Tho commissions are composed of
American consuls and American teach-
Latest cablegrams revived from au
thentic sources say that the Armenian
survivors are eating grass and dying at
the rate of thousands daily. Those who
escaped to Russian Armenia have been
distributed among the Armenian villag
ers there have sufficient food to live.
A few also escaped to Egypt, and a few
thousand hillmen resisted the Turks
and Kurds until they were removed
from the coast near .Smyrna by French
According to Lord Bryce an American
The deportation continued from April
until November last year. Kince then
tha survivors have rapidly decreased
by starvation and disease.
Men were led outside their villages
and shot or killed with axes.
The consul of a Kuropeun nation re
ported to his government thut 10,OOU
Armenian men had been takeu out in
boats and shot or drowned when bat
teries of artillery trained their gnus
on the ernft.
Schools and churches were destroyed
and the goods of Armenian families
I stolen or taken for small sums at forc
ed sale.
Girls and women were killed outright
or taken to harems in Constantinople,
or turned over to the wild tribes.
Of one caravan of IjOIJ Armenians
500 were killed outright by the Turks.
Of 450 Armeniuns from one village
there ix today only one woman survivor.
She was carried away by a Kurdish
tribe, escaped without clothing and af
ter days of starvation and nakedness
chanced upon a refuge party.
According to former Ambassador
Morgnitliau to Turkey, who knows liv
ing conditions throughout the Ottoman
Flower of American
Marksmen to Compete
For Honors with Rifle
State Camp, Hlnck Point Reservation,
Jacksonville, Kin., Oct. 21. The flower
of American mnrUsiueii tomorrow' will
take the firing line for the national in
dividual riflek championship, which
murks the opening of the annual na
tional rifle matches, here.
This event will be followed by the na
tional pistol matches, which, in turn
will be followed by the event of su
preme interest to rifle enthusiasts the
national team matches.
This year, for the first time in his
Pennant Winning
Pacific Coast League Standings.
I.os Angeles 115
Vernon i'u
Snn Francisco !!'
Portland 00
Salt l.ako 2
Oakland "0 VM
yesterday's Results.
since it goes to tne team witn the higli-
IIT 1 1 ii- C t J ' 1 wnrr IH ,MP national tropiiv, n
Watching tne ocoreooard ii!..e plaque depicting m holding
3 ije!'" ','ns'1 t'K' dogs of war. This won in
1!,l!5 eonipetitinns bv the I'nited
y y V. y v (Stn(l!1 jnfnntry t,,nnl) nmj il( ,.xl,ii,i.
tioa at the war ileparlmeut. It mens-
Pet urr" -7 '' inches,
yjlji The second winning team is awarded
V)(j2 the Hilton trophy, one of the oldest
'jjujj trophies in competition today. It is the
',,5 most expensive of the three, being vul
'4j,2jued at .!,000. It was first competed
U'for in 1S7S, at the old Creedmore, New
( York, range. It was presuted to the
I I'nited StutOH government in IPOIt at
. l... -..: e ,1 : ,
A 1 1 .1 u ln.tl.....l 1 Inu 1 c iiimiKiiimioo 01 uic lilliiouai
ii 1 ' 'matches, by the National Hifle associa-
Angele-s, 1. tion
At Sua Francisco Onklund, II; Ver-; ,. . . . ... . .
n i The third trophy is the noted "Sol-
"?'. J. t 1 t- - u. 1. 1 lli,,r of Marathon " bronze trophy, first
At Salt I.ake-Snn Francisco, ,; Salt ihi(.M n ,0IBH,titiu1 , 1875 ,', ,,,
1'UKl Sen (iirt days.
T , ,, . 1 1 :,-. i.. 1 i,..( I The order of fire and conditions gov-
,iucn nvaii lino onions on tiini 1 i 1- . t. , . .--
land beat I.os Angeles 3 to 1, garnering " , 3 . '7 "t " ' T
1 200 yards; second, slow lire, liOO yards;
. 'lliiid, slow fire, 1,000 yards. Number
rwo 1 . ...
...11- - ...:ii ..;-,.. 1 i.: vu,.ii: " hiioii hut, sii-iugs, in
."'',' ' ' '.1.:.. ' ...... ""ots each; slow fire, 20 shots ut each
I range, No sighting shots are allowed.
1 Positions, for rapid fire, kneeling: slow
i'fire, prone with head toward target at
oiiu ami 1.111111; pronu without sundliug
! lest at 000 vards.
'Vernon continued tobogganing, drop-' T1!" an" . wi," ' 'i'e Y"'1
ni,.w the fourth straight to Oakland. "V"V ri " ,,B ')' the
I t7 0. For 20 eonsecntive innings the 1 ".r"""',' "Trtmet Hpecul ammiin,.
erstwhile blood thirsty Bengals have not ",n. '"'V" '""'""re.l by the de
don, anvthing save make goose eggs. ; I""1' t for the n.iitches.
Three effors contributed to their latest j NELSON BEAT HOUCK
Orr maintained his circus work for 1'"' Hand, Ore Oct. 21.-Billy Nelson
Halt Lake, helping San Francisco bent ,f, N'"'"'". he .1 a six round decision
'the Saints with a big league catch.
Score, 7 to 4. " ,
nine swats off the Angelic bowler.
In the second Hvnn allowed
! in lindgers nnd Williams making two
Beaver runs.
Losing this game kept I.os Angele
from cinching the pennant.
players were Ty Cobb's this wouldn't
be necessary. Such players are a luw
Pact nnrl Procortt ""'"i,'lv,,s- ''"hey take during
1 Oil allll 1 ICoClll ; chances mid get away with it, but tiie
I average nlnver enn 't do flint Cl.t,
How the Old Orioles Would Size Up ' gets away with it seven chances out cf
row.. An interview with John 1 ten, ami it pnys. Other phi vera get
McGraw in Baseball Magazine. (away with it about three- times out of
Men, nnd it doesn't pay. That's tho
When w e annexed seventeen straight dil fen e. And the reaillt is' 11 ten-
games early in the season many people j deney to plnv everything safe and cli-
uml that the tuants would win the pen-pinnate the chances.
nitnt. But that merely showed how 1 have often speculated as lo I he out
uiuuy people litem .lire w ho know little j come of nil encounter between the r.'d
of bnsclmll. It is true that we made a Orioles inul a strong inodinu club. No
great spurt, but it una also tine that we doubt 1 am prejudiced in favor nf that
won most ot our games nv scoring tne j taiuous olil team, lint uiv prejudice is
or six, runs. Our batters were going j founded on fact. They were 11 great
great, but our pitchers were only so-so. bunch those players. All born slug"e:s.
.as tne season nilvauccil the opposing Why 1 remember one year our weakest
pitchers tightened up. We 110 longer , hitler led the leiigue i'u tlnee base hits
Gregory and Hall yielded 12 walks.
Jerry Downs helped the Seals conquer
with a smashing homer.
New Today ads in the Journal
will be read In all live Marion
it county homes.
toiluy over l.eo Houck of Senttlc, thiinks
to his good straight left, it played
havoc with Houck 's 'features and the
crowd cheered the verdict of Referee
Tommy Burns, former heavyweight
champion. The boys fought at 125
In the maia go Valley Trambitns of
Portland, nnd Steve Reynolds nf Seattle,
15S pounders, buttled for a six round
druw. Kd Kennedy, former Northwest
ern league ball player, refereed four
preliminary bouts. Kd didn't like the
F.iimiri- since the wnr was started, one way the prelim lads stalled so he kicked
dollar will keep an Armenian survivor all four pairs of pugilists out of the
for a month, unless a fatal disease islring before their bouts were completed.
contracted. Jweiity-five dollars will es
tablish an Armenian family in tempor
ary comfort in their new sections al
lotted. The American committee for Armen
ian ami Syrian relief hopes to increase
the Bin nunts already given tn 45,000,
000 by the gifts made October 22. It's
'treasurer is t harles K. ( rune, o. ,0
j Fifth avenue, New York city. Such
1 prominent persons as Bishop (freer
j ('annul Gibbons, Rabbi Wise, Norman
llapgood, Hamilton Holt, Oscar S.
Straus ind Mr. Morgenthnu are among
its members.
Phone 81 Prompt Service
Phone 81 , Prompt Service
scored five or six runs nnd we lost
They say that the (limits have the
strongest team in the league outside of
pitchers. Hint is a good ileal like sav
ing they are the strongest club in the
league outside of u few other clubs. In
other words, it is equivalent to saying
nothing ut ull. At b'tist, one-hall' the
effectiveness of a club is in pitching
strength nlono.
V011 see a great deal about the weak
hitting of the Boston Braves and their
inferior base running, but you also -see
that they win -a good many games on a
one-run margin and are right up there
in the race. Close pitching is pretty
near the whole story in the latter part,
nf a race. And not only Boston, but
Philiidelphin and Brooklyn have close
It is getting to bo about the most dif
ficult job in the world to w in a pennant.
Not. that it was ever easy, but it gets
hnrder all the time. Tlie competition is
keener and the manager is under a hea
vier strain. .
In the old days a club had only one ol
two extra players, and an outfieldet
might be on first huae und a pitcher in
the outfield when not otherwise occu
pied. But nowadays with tho abund
ance of substitutes it is a close prob
lem to win gunies. Pitchers urn't knock
ed out of the box uny more. Let u mau
start to show signs of distress and he is
promptly yanked for another. It takes
pretty nearly perfect pitching to get
by in the major leagues nowadays.
Why, I remember a game wheu 1 was
playing oil the Baltimore Orioles when
the-opposing club scored thirteen runs
off our pitcher in the first inning. We
wit nt eel to take him out, but ho suid
110, that he would settle down all right
ami we left him in. And he did settle
down. They didn't score any more
runs uud we finally won tho game by
a score of fourteen to thirteen. But
what chance would n pitcher have now-n-duys
to "settle down " ii they started
and scored thirteen runs ill the first in
ning I
It is simply on account of the keen
ness of competition and the iibuiidaiice
of playing material compared with the
standards of the old dins, that pennant
winning hns become hiii-Ij a tusk at pres
ent. Individually, 1 don't think the
players of the present day are any bel
ter than they were when I was 011 the
Orioles, If there is any difference I
would prefer the old timers. , 1 ilmil
think there is any pitcher at the pres
11I111 was any better than Clarkson or
Cy Young or Husie uud you would have
to argue to convince me there are any
as good. But of course in those duys
there wns but one big league.
They don't have the free swinging
hitters that they used tu have in .llie
obi days. And there were just as good
hunters then us now. Butting hasn't
improved nay in my o(nion, and nei
ther has quick thinking. There used
to be many grent iudividuul players on
the clubs of those days, but there are
few players with initiative now. Per
haps the innnager is pnrtinHy respon
sible for this. Baseball bus tended to
become a machine proposition, but the
mrnnger has hud little choice. In order
to get the best results he has hud tn do
the thinking for his club, if all the
What they couldn't' do in one unv thv
made up for in another.
In fuct if the old Orioles hud had pit
chers us good as the Athletics and hud
been able to meet them 1 don't thi.-ik
there would huve been nnv confci
The Orioles would have ilrowned them in
runs. As things were, 1 wouldn't niitko
nny such prediction. Our pitchers v.( io
always ineffective. Some way or other
tiiongh we hud u wonderful ' club, our
pitchers didn't pnn out. 1 remember
we got Pitcher (ileason after everv oth
er club thought he wu.t through and he
won something like twenty-three out o
twenty-five gunies. But I can't remem
ber all the contests that we had to
score twelve or fourteen runs to pill
him through.
No, with the pitchers that we hud
1 don't lliink that even the old Orioles
could have beaten the Athletices w til
Plank and Bender and Bush in foim
we woiihl huve given them a roval bat
tle and we would have scored more rrns
against them than any other club e.-r
scored, but our weak pitching wmld
have been a vulnerable point for tip ir
attack. The juggling of pitchers U tho
main thing iiowiiiIuvk and pitchers die
old Orioles lacked both in quantity n.l
quality. When a mini was mi the riioin ,
he took whnt wns coming to him .
less he got too bad, but nowadavs it
isn't anything unusual tu see three
four pitchers in succession oceupv t'-c
slab in a single encounter.
Baseball has become largely a seiie.iu
of pitching and machine methods, 'lie
grand old free-swinging, quick-tliinki :
sluggers arc gone. They had their d.iv
1 suppose, und baseball is iihdimhte..v
advancing. But I sometimes wish m;t
heartily for the return of a few players
like the old Orioles.
Stomach Bitters
Phone 81
Prompt Service