Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 14, 1916, Page NINE, Image 9

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Sunday Is The Last Day of
Pheasant Hunting
Take one more hunt be
fore the season closes.
126 South
Commercial Street
Salem, Ore.
Court House News t
,, iy X .1. Ll tjs .J.
The following have been granted
mnrrinjse lecense? by the county olerk
to George Harry Lenox anil Delia Ade
laide Hack, both of Wmnlburn, and to
Troy Oak' Myers of Portland, and Kin
ma I'. Simpson, of Salem.
Hunter's licenses have been issued to
the following residents of Sulem: It.
A. f'uhbin, J. L. Moore. S. A. Koser and
Fred'H. Pnulus. .1. V. Morrow, of Mar
ion, has also taken out a license.
Answers have been filed by the statp
in the il'vereo mses of Bessie H. Ben
nett vs. (ilium vii A. Bennett, Louis J.
Buyes vs. Kiln Bnyes. and Sigmimd H.
Ilersi-hback vs. Magdnlena Herschback.
A bill for costs has been filed by
the I'laintiff in the case of Daniel Web
ster vs. I'. II. Hover. The amount is
lfi. : .
AvTony P.roers, wCo alleges that li is
wife. John una Jtroers, has ileserted li'nn,
has begun action for a divorce. There
are no children or property interests
The juvenile court has granted a
mother ' pension of $s0 a month to A.
Keumina Sisiliu. of Siil..n. ,i, ......
of four minor children. '
Arthur YT. Holmes and B. F. Swope
have been appointed administrators of
the estate of the late Mary A. Bentley.
Whether it is coincidental, or wheth
er it is just our luck, it seems to bp a
fact that no soouer do we get a helper
in the Mail office she or be immediate
ly makes plans to get married.
The latest one to be hit by the small
god is Chas. P. Clark, when he hied
himself to Portlund Monday morning
and was united in marriage to Miss
Margaret McKeiiaey of near Salem,
Charlie expects to be back on the
Mail force again the latter part of the
week. The young couple will live in
the A. Vf. Cornish house in the north
part of town. Here "g - wishing them
many years of happiness and prosper
ity, and mav they never pi form.
Classified Ads
Phone 81 Prompt Service
Portland to Chicago
is the running time of
... ., union pacific system;
. Crack Western Train :
Leaves Portland Union Station 10 a. m. Daily
Via the famous Columbia River Route.
Joins West and East with a
Boulevard of Steel
Write Wm. McMurray, General
Passenger Agentt, Portland, for
Tickets, Reservations, Train
Schedules and other information.
Use the Night Service of the Q.-W.
R. R. & N., the Short Line between I
Portland and Spokane. It saves a
business day. ' -
Maxwell Company Adds
Four New Refinements
. Conforming' strictly 4o tho popular
demands of ' tho automobile buying
public ' the "Maxwell MoMtor company
has added four new refinements to
tho 1917 SiBxwcll which have al
ready "met with the approval of motor
ists all over tho country.-
A Gasoline Gauge and Dash Light
have, been added to - the instrument
board, .making the dash complete iu
every detuij. Wider and longer seats
with,, deeper cushions ere . also a fea
ture of the new car..'., .
r A new departure iiv -windshields is
shown on the new Maxwell. . The up
per half of the windshield overlaps the
lower half, making it absolutely rain
tight. In addition to this the glass is
fitted with shock, absorbers, eliminat
ing - all vjibration and possible chance
of breakage. . .. .. .. ,
: The most important-feature is., the
new rear Spring construction. - The
three quarter elliptic principle is still
adhered to, but the scroll has been
lengthened 4 1-2 inches, while the low
er half has been lengthened to 40
inches. - The material used in these
springs is much . more flexible . and
adds greatly to the riding qualities.
Everything has been done to satisfy
the ever-increasing demands of the
public for a low-priced car completely
equipped in every detail combined with
quality and " good-workmanship.
With the exception of a few minor
improvements, the design and mechan
ical construction of the 1917 Marfwell
has not been changed. 'As far- atf pos
sible the car has been manufactured
strictly as a standardized product and
purchases are assured that no radical
changes will be made for several years
to come, or at least until such time as"!
popular opinion nialces it necessary to
alter the construction of the car.
Maxwell Service Makes Hit with
g. i , . Owners.
''Since establishing our branch in
Portland, we hflve put a new and real
meaning into the word 'Service'.
There is nothing so exasperating to a
motorist as to find that he cannot
secure parts for his car when he wants
them," stated W. J. LaCasse, North
west supervisor of the Maxwell Motor
Soles Corporation, while in this city
'Realizing this fact, also that a car
is absolutely worthless to a person un
less he is able to replace damaged or
worn parts at once, without waiting
several weeks for parts to be shipped
from the factory, we have required
all Maxwell dealers to carry a full sup
ply of parts' in order to give Maxwell
owners everywhere the kind of service
they are entitled to. Any Maxwell
dealer can furnish owners with parts
immediately. If he couldn't he
wouldn't be a Maxwell dealer," said
Mr. LaCasse. "This is our idea of the
meaning of the word 'Service',' and is
going to be the chief factor in the
purchase of motor cars by men who
want their money's worth."
"Maxwell Service is a vital part of
the Maxwell Organization and we are
daily 'Impi-oving It by establishing
Maxwell -dealers in every city, town
and- Allaire, iu other words, spiaAng
a web of Maxwell Service Stations
throughout the Northwest, so that
eventually Maxwell Service Stations
will be as common and numerous as
grocery stores. It's the kind of
Service that really serves."
Han Francisco. Oct. 14. Date for the
trial of S. A. D. Puter, V. L. Mur
rav, H. D. Puter, F. P- Bull, W. 8. Puter,
A." L. Baker and J. L. VanWormer for
alleged Oregon land frauds, will bo set
today, it is believed, following the over
ruling of the defendants' demurrer. By
Federal Judge Dooling. Some are de
fendants iu the retrial of other Oregon
land fraud cases to begin Tuesday.
The Journal Do Job Printing.
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V; 1 MhS 1 tWl I b il H K l ft f 1 vl a H I
SEl I J ' JtfJ 'V fj A t.J 1 V72-
If -1 H 1 .'2f' b :: V V al i V . am T..-:.r-js- v k,a
tell y.
c ..v mil tm.v j,-. .. .mat.
pill mill ss
ill mM i
i f i
Salem Albany Eugene
VttaXWell SerViee
Maxwell has put a real "meaning "fhto the word
Simply by requiring everylWaxweH dealer to carnr ft
full supply of Maxwell parts so that he can replace
any damaged or worn part at once, without waiting for
parts to be shipped from the factory. '
f If you are a Maxwell owner your car will always be
in running order because our dealer any Maxwell
dealer can give you real and immediate service. If he
couldn't, he wouldn't be a Maxwell dealer.
' Not more than one or two automobile builders in the
...country can give you servicethat compares with
V. Maxwell Service. t " ,
' This is a vital points Investigate it luuy oetore
. '. .. t buying your car,
' ' : JtoodiMT SSIO: 1Wf Ctr SSOS: CatriolM 5: Town : .
. -A """ Car flSi H4tm SVmS. full mqyitft. tncltuUnt y fi
j BflK3. ; 'i- y i -t . :'.
r jJrwTa. 1 I
7m rr iTi TXTm Ti ' I Tlifni i I
TWENTY years ago, when the harnessing of elee.
tricity was still much of a novelty, when automo
biles were three parts joke and one part hope deferred,
a man with a vision dreamed of carrying a pocketful of
electric light into the dark, ready for instant use.
Out of this dream grew the first flashlight : an
EVEREADY with a battery the size of a watch and
an electric bulb no larger than the end of your finger.
When, for a second or so, it flashed its tiny stream of
light,-people cried: "Wonderful! But what's it for?"'
Its novelty appealed. Its future world-wide usefulness ,
was unrealized.
Even after people began buying these new lights to
carry around in the dark, EVEREADYS were still
literally "flashers" or flashlights, and years of ceaseless
effort were necessary to the development of a battery
capable of giving hours of continuous light. Also in
hose early days there were no miniature electric lighj
bulbs on the market and the man with the vision
had to create them. So, finally, came the perfected
EVEREADY, with its long-lived Tungsten battery and
brilliant Mazda bulb an EVEREADY that has out
grown the old term flashlight.
And now the AMERICAN EVEREADY WORKS has offered a
. big reward for a name to take the place of flashlight. This must
. be a new. word, a coined word, something that the manufacturers
. of EVEREADY lights may protect, and that will indicate the
service of these lights.
This corporation will pay $3,000 for the best suggestion. This U
your opportunity. ,
So we, the undersigned EVEREADY dealers of your city, your
fellow townsmen, urge you to enter this contest. We. want this
$3,000 to come to this city, we want you to have this money.
This contest is free to all. It is open from October 7 to Novem-'
bcr 7. In case of tic the full amount of the prise will be awarded
to each of the contestants tied for that prize.
' You must send in your suggestions on regular contest blanks
and these blanks are obtainable (beginning October 7) from
EVEREADY DEALER We are here to help you call on any
of us -and call soon. !
Wc arc Eveready Experts, carry a large stock, know the proper Batteries and
Bulbs to give you. ' j
HAUSER BROS. Salem - Albany - Eugene
Model 85-4 f.o.b.ToUdo
Model 85-4 f.o.b.ToUdo
$795 jfijjt $795
Think of It 112 Inch Wheelbase!
It has the famous Overland 35 horsepower
motor .
Now at the height of its development
More than a quarter of a million in use
Driving more ' automobiles than any other
motor of its power ever designed.
And never before has anyone anywhere ever
built so big, fine and comfortable a car
to sell for anywhere near so low a price.
The wheelbase is 112 inches.
It has cantilever springs and four inch tires.
And the price is $795.
See us at once they are selling faster than
we can get them.
Model 85-6, six cylinder 35-40 horsepower,
116-inch wheelbase $925..
D. MISNER, Agent, 245 South Commercial Street, Phone 97
The Willys-Overland Company, Toledo, Ohio
"M.d. In V. S. A."
No Matter What You Would Sell-
The Capital Journal Will Do It For You
Halvorsen & Burns
Corner High and Ferry Sts.
Phone 959