Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 14, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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cheap, Phone 70P11;' octlli
Bate per word New Today:
(Each insertion, per word..
One week (0 insertions), per word.-.Sc 1.TJ2J.
Ons month(28 insertions) per word 17a
. The Capital Journal will not be re
sponsible for more than one Insertion
for errors in Classified Advertismeots.
Bead your advertisement! the first day
It appears and. notify us immediately
1 ! ! -I 1 .
TRESPASS Notices for sale at Jour-
oal office. -
RUBBER Stamps made 165 8. Coml
.WANTED Ci hi Ifor general house
work, no washing. Phone 77 M. ocH
HARRY Window cleaner. Phono .7(18.
. . , - . ..... novl I
cull 220 N. Liberty. ootlO
WE HAVE Ruled hay and oats for
sale. C.eorgc Sweigle, Clanlen roiul. tf
VUU SALE Chester White sow with
several little pigs. Phone UTO. oclb
AV A NT ED Pasture for 3 young hors
es. Phone Gl. ''m
FOR SALE Fresh milch cow. Phone
'J07.M. l'-OU N.'Uitn street.
WANTED A fresh cow, also good
single top buggy. Phone Stil'4. octH
BEST Chinese dishes, noodle 10c. Bin
410 Ferry St.. " "
FOR RENT Furnished housekeeping
rooms, 0114 N. Corn 'I. Phone 24."4W.
. oetlO
FOR RENT 0 room house, modern.
Enquire at 10.10 North Winter St. or
2;t7 State. octl4
FOR SALE Edison diamond disc pho
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WANTED To trade' nursery stock for
liny, oats, potatoes or wood sawing.
Howard .Jones, phone 4111. octl4
EXCHANGE Finest inside resident
corner for outside lot or tract and
difference. J. W. care Journal. oetlO
The following prices for fruits
and vegetables are those asked by
the wholesaler of the retailer, Ld
not what ia paid to the producer.
All other p.-ices are those paid the
producer.- Corrections axe made
Lady finger grapes, the long white
variety as distinguished from the round
white nnd the round black, are in the
market now nnd are quoted at $1.75 per
box. There is practically no change in
the market situation otherwise-
Wheat .......
Oats, new :
Rolled barley
(Bran $25.00
WANTED Room with heat and light,
Ans. immediately 11. cure Journal.
WANTED WORK With dairy or on
much, or would rent on shares; ex
perienced. Address Sale in Route 2,
box 2. oetlO
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5Uc Iiii., extra funcy ,.c, good pota
toes lc lb. Phone evenings 04P21,
Mrs. O. Meyer. octlli
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cows. 20K2 I.ee St.
oct 14
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. T. A. Meade, 910 Shipping. oetlO
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co. one horn short. Finder phone
Oct I t
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utein preferred. Oeo. S. Cooper, phone
41F2:t. Oct 10
MAN With family wishes position on
ranch or will rent ranch on shares.
Phone 11 IM. octIT
CLOVER Prune and flax laud to
lease or sell, splendid proposition.
Cloll Harden, Salem, Oregon. oetlO
FOR RENT My furnished home of 7
rooms, bnth and toilet. Call at KttO
North Seventeenth street. S. F. White
FOR RENT A bodern sleeping room
with hot and cold water mid outside
entrance, close in. 2."0 S. College.
Phone 773R. Oct 14
WANTED Business woman or man
ami wife for established business.
Office work in connection. Takes two
people. Small investment. X Y Jour
nal office. octl4
cow came to my place l mi. east on
penitentiary road. Party may have
smue by calling to this office and
paving for this and feeding her. M.
Bu'lliillion. 11. 0, box 35. oct!4
Shorts, per ton
tiay, clover ..
Hay, cheat ...
Hay, vetch .
Hay, timothy.
Butterfat 37c
Creamery butter, per pound 40c
Country butter 2527c
Eggs and Poultry.
Eggs, case count, cash 32c
Eggs, trade 34c
Hens, pound 2'1!13Kc
Roosters, old, per pound 8c
Broilers, under 2 pounds .. ...... J 4', if
Broilers, 1 lb, or less 10c
Turkeys 2021c
Pork, Veal and Mutton.
Pork, dressed 1 1 '-.(fflllc
Pork, on foot l 8 l-29c
Spring lambs, 1910 77 l-4r
Veal, according to quality .... Grille
Steers fi6
Cows 3 l-24c
Bulls 33 1-4
Ewes 4(5)4 l-2c
6 1 2
ten ladies to travel, demonstrate and
sell well established Hue to our deal
ers. Previous experience not neces
sary. Oood pay. Railroad fate paid,
(ioodrich Drug Co., Dept. 515, Oma
ha, Nebr.
Tomatoes, Oregon
String garlic
Potatoes, sweet
Green onions
Green peppers
500 REWARD 1 will pay 500 reward
Cor the arrest nnd conviction of the
person or persons who set fire to
mid burned my barns on tho Hall
ranch, three miles and a half south
of Snlein , Rt. 3, Wednesday night,
Oct. 4. 111)5. Charles D. Sehmid. olS
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FOR SALE 1 Jersey cow, 8 shoats, 1
brood sow. first street east. 3d house
north of asylum. Oct 13
FHONE 200 When you have wood
sawing to ho done, all work guaran
teed. Jim Rogers, Salem, Or. octl4
FOR SALE Oood house and lot, fine
home cheap, must sell at once, ( all
or write E, 1.! C. 1130 Fnirmount Ave.
LOST A yearling steer from pasture
near church at Hayesville, reward
offered for information. Phono 2444.
1 Oi'tl4
.WANTED To buy, a good used Ford
auto, must be cheap for cash. Ad
dress P. A. Kvans at Snlcm hotel.
WANTED TO RENT 10 or more acres
; iu cultivation with buildings, eloso to
Salem. Shares or reasonable cash rent.
S. V. 1450 Mill Ct. Oct 14
Mrs. Fred Ilernnrdi motored out to the
Page ranch Wednesday and were the
dinner guests of Miss .Mabel Puge, who
passes much of her time in the coun
try. . Addison M. Pago necompauicd by
Scott I'nge and Stanley Culver, motored
to (lutes during the week for a deer
hunt. They will return the first of. the
During the Oregon state Baptist con?
vvntion to be held iu Salem next week,
Mrs. Mildred Brooks and Miss Mabel
Roberts will have nr. their guest, Mrs.
Corwin Slinnk of Seattle, who is presi
dent of the Columbia River division
of the Baptist Women's Missionary so
ciety. The Philotlorinn halls at the Willam
ette University were the scene of u de
lightfully informal jollvup of tho Wil
lamette sophomore clnss in celebration
of the detent of the freshmen in the
annual bng rush, A lively round of
' Mrginin Keels anil "Tucker' was
interspersed with college songs and
Inter the class enjoyed a bonfire behind
the university gymnasium, where a
In in t y picnic lunch was served bv the
clnss committee under the direction of
Miss Maud Maclean, vice president of
the clnss. loiter the clnss reassembled
in the hulls tor games and adjourned
Inter iu the evening to attend the fare
well address of Dr. Lynn Howard
Hough In Waller chapel, ;
FLUFF RUGS Rag rugs and rag ear-
iiets woven at reasonable prices, Mrs.
.illie lHBord, LSUS Currant Ave. olS
FURNISHED Rooms and noutekeep
iag apartments, rates reaionablt
close in, 190 Court V
MEN WANTED In mill, yards and
' logging- camp. Apply Hammond l.um
; bor Co., Mill City, Oregon. oet21
G1F1L8 AND WOMEN Wanted at the
glove factory, 1455 Onk St. Steady
work. " oot 14
SALEM Rug and Carpet Works re
moved from WO 8. 12th St. to 2075
Mill St. Blue ribbon at state fair. II.
K. Spencer. octl4
WANTED To buy 6 or 3 choice milk
cows, must be fresh now or soon, none
but parties owning choice cows need
call. Phone 1431 or 491. tf
THE HIGHLAND Coiifectiouery at
705 lliighland Ave. wilt open Satnr
lav. Oct, 14. A complete line of inn
i v home innde and noveltv randies
will be carried. Also cigars and to
baecos, octll
offers permanent position, salesman
to sell general trade in Oregon. New
merchandising plan. Commission eon
tract. Liberal weekly advance. Va
cancy now. O, R. Williams, Snlesmur
2(15 42 Continental 'Imilding, Cleve
land. Ohio. octU
. 40c
... 40c
2 l-2c
.. 40
Carrots, dozen 40
Muckmelons $1.00
Peaches, Oregon 25(5 00c
drapes, lady finger , $1.75
Grapes, ladyfingers $1.75
Apples S0c$1.00
Oranges, Valencies $4.75
Lemons, per box $(i.r(l(d 7.U0
C'nutnloupes, per box $1.25
Bananas, pound k
California, grape fruit $3.50
... 8c
Florida grape fruit ...
Pineapples ..........
Uoney ..
Retail Prices.
Eggs, per dozen, fresh ranch
Sugar, eime
Sugar, beet $8.05
Creamery butter : 45c
Hour, hard wheat $1.80(3)2.15
Flour, valley $1.55(iil.75
Portland, Or., Oct. 14
Wheat, club $1.30
Bluostem $1.38
Fortyfold $1.33
Red Russian $1.27 '
Oats, No. 1 white feed $28.75
Barley, feed $34
Hogs, best live $9.50
Prime steers $7
Fnacy cows $5.75
Calves $7.50
Spring lambs $8.75
Butter city creamery .We
F.ggs, selected local ex, 42e
Ileus 15(a I5t:jc
Broilers lOfifKc
Geese ll(ftMP:.c
frey, Miss Grace Babeock nnd Albert
Howell, J. P. Read, Donald W. Miles.
Takes Card With Him Show
ing He Belongs to One of
Railway Bortherhoods
, By J. P. Yoder,
1 (United Press Staff Correspondent.)
New York, Oct. 14. Colonel Roose
velt left New York today for his sec
ond quick thrust and return to base be
fore he starts his big offensive in the
interests, of Republican Candidate
Chnrles Evan Hughes next Tuesday.
He is to speak tonight nt Wilkesbarc,
Pa., to a gathering of miners. He re
turns here Sunday and leaves for his
big western swing Tuesday. The
colonel goes into the heart of the min
ing district ''loaded for the A'uanison
eight hour law bugbear," as he put it,
less than a week after President White
of the United Mine Workers declared
for President Wilson.
He intends to tell the miners ho be
lieves in an eight hour law, but 'that
ho doesn't believe the Adamson law is
one. And'hc will tell his audience nt
the start that he doesn't speak alto
gether as a former president of the
United States and as a stump speaker
for the present cnadidate for tl t of
fice, but as n brother member of the
miners union. He took, his honorary
membership card with him, along with
another printed paatboard which shows
he is a member o1&he of the railway
brotherhoods in good standing.
The present trip of the colonel is ad
mittedly to attempt a turning of the
lubor 4te tide. He was expected to
go deeply into detnil regarding the
labor records of President Wilson nnd
Hughes in his effort to provo the lat
ter a more solid friend of union labor
and of workers who do not belong to
ft is a coincidence that Roosevelt a
visit to Wilkesbar're today is his first
campaign trip in Pennsylvania since he
spoke there for Vance McComiiek two
years ago when the national democratic
chairman, as the. democratic guberna
torial nominee, had been endorsed by
the progressive party of Pennsylvania.
SALEM-JEI 1 liKBUXH jn.m.n
At the end of third qutirtcr
'tho football game between Sa
lem high and Jeffcfson high, of
Portland, was: Jefferson, 27;
Snltm, 7.
Electric torches and red fire will be a
fenrure of the campaign celebration this
evening when the women who nre cam
paigning for Charles E. Hughes will
speak nt the Orand opera house. The
electric torches will be carried by the
Willamette university Hughes club,
which will bo a feature of the parade
This club expects to effect a permnnent
organization next Tuesday evening at
a meeting to be held in the Masonic
temple. At that Hm? Ronnld Glover,
secretary of Representative W. C. Haw
ley, will talk on the subject: "Repub
licanism From n Young Man's Stand
point." Mayor White, of Salem; has been ask
ed to lielo locnto Wilbur Perry Clow.
He is the father of Mrs. E. A. Bowden,
of Macon, tin., nnd she hns not heard
from him in 2 years- The last she. heard
of him he wns in Senttlo, Wash. Sho
also wants tho addresses of any
"Clows" in Oregon. In her letter to
Mavor White, she says sho was reared
under the false impression that her
father died when she was 11 months old
Sho says she has learned since that he
did not dio nnd is now probably alive.
' She admits she ia 20 years old and mar-
Bundles of every size and description
are being gathered by the Commercial
club. They are coming from every part
of the city and tho couutry by tne nun
MMiss Minetta Magers
Invited to Marshfield
The members of Chndwiek Chapter
.l of the Order of Eastern Star motor
ed to Turner Wednesday to attend the
initiatory exercises of the Victoria
Chapter 07. The affair which was held
at the lodge rooms in the Masonic hall,
was also attended by several other vis
iting chapters.
Tim evening wns closed with nn club
orate banquet, nt which Judge .1. C
nlurelund of this city acted as tast-
ninster. '
Among those going from here to par
ticipate in the festivities were: Mr.
and Mrs. F, A. Reinliart, Mr. and Mrs.
George 11. Burnett, Mr.ud MrsC, F.
Elgin Mr. and Mrs. I., C. Cavannugh,
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. M. Smith, Mr. and
Mis. P. A. Turner. Mr. nnd Mrs. R. II
Cnmpbell, Mr. and Mrs. E. K, Ringojnt Tillamook
Mr. and Mrs. .1. C, Morelnnd, Mr. and
Mrs, R. O. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Jos
eph Bernard!, Mr. and Mrs. William
Guhlsdorf, Mr. and Mrs. Chns. McCar-
ter, Mr. and Mrs. .1. P. King, Mr, and
Mrs. D. A. Wright, Mrs. Elizabeth Shn
fer, Mrs. Eugenia Gilliiighnm, Mrs.
Eliv.nbelh Lamb. Mrs. .1. S. Austin,
Mrs. Florence Wise, Mrs, L. K. Page,
Mrs. Ida M. Babeock, Mrs. Cora Buyer,
Airs. Kin B. Godfrey, Mrs. Carrie 11.
1'jwle, Mis. Elir.abeth Read. Mrs. Ad
die Dunsford, Mrs. Louise Drunk, Mrs.
Agues Dinsmnre, Mrs. Margaret Witt
schen, Mrs. D. K. Ileuhler, Mrs. II. 11.
Cory, Mrs. O. P. Hoff, Mrs. B. J.
Miles, Mrs, G. Roseuquest, Miss Min
nie Mnellvr, Miss Mary Chndwiek, Miss
Joy Turner, Miss Ethel Thomas, Miss
Hanoi Bishop, Miss Mary Morrison,
Mis Teresa Fowle, Miss Emmn God-
The ladies of the First Christian
church were entertained at a delightful
informal afternoon in the church on
Thursday, The hostesses for the nffuir
wero Mrs. Ida Godfrey, Mrs. H. O.lried,
White, Mrs. D. A. White and Mrs. V.
E, Loose.
During the afternoon nn interesting
talk ou children was given by Mrs. L.
L. Rodgers and Miss Clnrn Ahlgren of
the Feeble Minded school. Later re
freshments closed the meeting.
Those gathering for the afternoon
were: Mesdames Alico Wenger, J. E.
Watson, Jl. E. Eppley, A. C. King, W.
E. Thompson, L. N. White, C. E. Know-'
land. C. W. Elgin. A. E. King, E. L.
Tow nsend. Win. Goodrich, (.'. C. Wetzel, 'Signal honor has come to Miss Minet-
('. J, Miles, A. Aim, D. D. Olmsted, C. tn Magers, Salem music teacher in tho
F. linker, W. A. Fenney, Thomas B. ! invitation sho hns received to give a
Kay, Thomas Brunk, E. W. Powers, J.I series of talks on music at tho Coos
F. McDonald, C. C. Simeral. County Teachers' Institute, which is to
I be held In Marshfield the 18, 19, 20 of
!0l,0.ber;r ... .
Miss Magers, who has been promineut
j, tr m n a MATCC 'n Suloin's musical circles for a nam
I lit V OA ilUlCu ,er ' .vort, feels highly eomplinient-
j, ed to receive the invitation as it is
' 'cognition of the quality of her musi-
leal work as a teacher in the Salem pub
Miss Liu H. James general 8mre- 'ie K-liool and nlno a private Wruc-
l,., v f lh. Portland Y W. C. A., will 1'-. At. ,b Coos c0'"!y ' llt
5olr Graf onola
Outfit now-$82.80
For this large GRAFONOLA
OUTFIT, including 24 Selec
tions (12 10-in. D. D. Records)
This machine is the Columbia
. Graf onola No. 75, finished in
mahogany, golden oak, fumed
oak or walnut. It has the new
No. 6 reproducer, tone control
shutters, ' etc., in fact, all the
qualities found in the $200
models. , . i ' !. -'li
Let Us Demonstrate
It for You.
Sold On Easy Terms
Salem, Oregon
Rub Pain Right Out
Small Trial Bottle of Old
"St. Jacob's Oil"
Stop "'dosing" liheunmtlsm.
It's pain only; not one enso in fifty
requires internal treatment. Rub
soothing, penetrating "St. Jacob's
Oil ' right ou tho tender spot, ' and
by the time you sny Jack Robinson
out comes the rheumatic pain nnd dis
tress. "St. Jacob's Oil" is a harm
less rheumatism liniment which never
disappoints and doesn't burn tho skin.
It tukes pain, soreness and stiffuess
from aching joints, muscles and bones;
stops sciatica, lumbago, line Hue-lie and
Limber upt Oct a smnll trial bottle
of .old-time, honest ''St. Jacob's Oil"
from any drug store, nod in a mo
ment you'll be free from pains, aches
and stiffuess. Don't Buffer! Rub
rheumatism nwny.
Leaders Talk One Way But
Congressman Vote Against
principal reason for asking Miss Mag
ers to lecture at the institute is that
the Coos county ieople wish to stir up
enthusiasm for more nnd better music in
their schools.
While in Marshfield Miss Magers
will be tho guest of Miss Bess Elliott
and the teachers who live at "The
Teachers' Bungalow." She leaves next
Tuesdny for Marshfield.
Lieutenant C. W. Nlemeyer, of the
Canadian expeditionary forces on . the
Kuroiienn continent, who hns been in
Salem for several, months recuperating,
from hardships endured on the battle
front -in France, left Snlem yesterday
to rejoin the Cnnndinn forces. He goes
with higher rnul( us he hns been made
captain and adjutant of a new cavalry
unit that is to leave for overseas duty
shortly. Mrs. Blancho Liston Niemeyer,
his wife, is expected to accompanv him
across the Atlantiic as soon as he re
ceives definito orders. Lieutenant Kie
meycr has become quite well known in
this city since his return to recover
from being gassed and if ho returns!
after the war is over plnns on making
his homo here. - !
A Christian is a man who believes
in eternal punishment for those who
don 't believe as he does.
(Tinted Press Staff Correspondent.)
By Robert J. Bender,
Shadow Lawn, X. J., Oct. 14.
'"America is always ready to fight for
things that are American."
Speaking to several thousand Penn
sylvaninns this afternoon at the
uutunm white house, President Wilson
thus answered those who ho declared,
hnve said hat "the people of this
country don't want to fight fbr any
thing." "liut America," the president con
tinued, ''must fight for the elements of
justice and peace. When once she is
challenged there is no man so mean
or so forgetful of the history of this
nation who would not give everything,
even his life, to stand by the honor of
this country."
The president warned ngainst control
of the government by men '' who won 't
tell you what thev are going to do,"
and ripped into the republican party. I
tie declared that his opponents don't
know what they want and are not say
ing what they would do.
He said that progressives have been
shamefully deceived and betrayed by
those "who merely wanted to gain con
trol of the republican party."
''Now we see standiug out tho fam
iliar old guard," he continued. "Re
member the things done by the govern
ment are not done by the president, but
by congress and I want to bear witness
to the kind of control the republican
machine has tried to wield incongress."
Thereupon, he scathingly called atten
tion to the big- vote of republicans in
congress favoring warning Americans
not to travel on armed ships.
"If the republican lenders are so
Work On Front Street
Stopped by Injunction
The work) of excavating on Front
street, between Court and State, for
the purposo of building a spur railway
track for commercial use has been
brought to a stop by the filing of an
application for an injunction.
Walter Morley, whose home rs in
California, owns the property on the
east sido of FTOnt street at this point,
and it. was his attorney, Walter E.
Keyes, who yesterday afternoon filed
the petition asking the court to re
strain the Southern Pacific company
from continuing operations there. The
contention is made that the building of
the spur truck wil 1 depreciate the
value of the Morley property, on which
there are three dwellings and a store
building, the last named of which is
used as a fence factory.
Authority to construct the spur has
been granted the railway company by
the city council.
Moiiey estimates the damage to his
property from the work already done
at $2000 and asks judgment in that
sum. .
Y. M. C. A. Campaign Has
Secured Oyer $2,600
During the past week the financial
campaign now being waged by the
Salem V. M. C. A. has resulted iu ov"e
$2600 being securad for tie coming
year. About four thousand dollars ia
necessary to run the institution during
the year and it is expected this sum
will be contributed within a few days.
The campaign will begin with a big
rush next Monday, and an endeavor to
close it up quickly will be made.
There was no meeting of the cam-'
paign committee today but the mem
bers worked on lists already in hand.
It is expected a big aount of money
will be turned in Monday.
keen for American rights," he said,
"why don't their representatives in
congress follow themf If they are so
stiff for full privileges on the high sea
why don't they instruct thcjjr party
members in congress."
durinK.he Baptist church conference. JX andse0."
Miss Kuthryn Jone, of Independence ior .,,i"sh m'ho01 m,,,ho,,!, ot ,0";h",R
Miss Magers received her invitation
from Superintendent Raymond F.. Bak
er, head of the Coos county schools. The
lius returned to Snlem after a sojourn
Miss Bertha Ooldthnrpe will leave for
her home iu Plymouth, Iowa, on Mon
elected: Miss Kuby Wilson, president:;
Miss Ethel McDoiiuld, secretary: Miss:
Miss Klixsltetli Fox, dean of women at'Audrev Ha-ks, treasurer. The members:
the t'niversity of Oregon, has been iu present were: (iruce llidwell, Clnrai
Rroupi Mealy. I.ida Bell, Angeline MeCulloch,;
the citv today arranging for a
of her students to visit the state insti
tutions, the later par of nex week. Miss
Fox was formerly student secretary of
the northwest field of the V. W. C. A.
and wns much interested in seeing the
progress which hns been made in the
Snlem association since her Inst visit
The Woman's ChoraJ club held an
enthusiastic meeting Inst night at the
Y. . C. A. A short business meeting
Dora Andresen, Ainv Martin, Marg-uct
Crahnm, Lorena Vltoa, Mae Pierce,
Bertha f'onnoy, Ethel McDonald. Mary
Tolman, Marion Tolinnr, Mrs. Myrtle
C.ilbert, Lillie Winkler, Mrs. Carrie
Chase. Ruth Hnusbro, Mrs. Elsie Sim
eral, Esther Billings. Silitiie Beatty,
Ruby Bilker, Audrey llicks, and Ruby
Wilson. The next meeting will be held
Monday night. October 23dr. at 7:30.
and the club will meet regularly on
Monday evening thereafter. Those in-
was held, tho following officers being terosted are invited to join.
, Journal
ad will do the job. It
only co$ts lc a word,
and you can't worry
for that amount---
Just Phone 81
We can make that old car like new; add all the latest
equipments and make your old car give you as much
pleasure as a brand new one.
Repairs quickly and well done. Full line of accessories
Opposite Court House.
C C SIMERAL, Proprietor