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Raiwe 'and Heateir
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iwm jv w 1
ft 1 IJV1IL
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Portland, Or., Oct. 14. Dr.
Mnrio Kqui, local suffrage lend
er and Wilson partisan, was
thrown inio jail liore this after
noon for heckling the wonicn of
Hughes. sicciul trnin.
When the principal meeting
of the Hughes women's special
opened in a theatre at 3 o'clock
Dr. Kqui led the Wilson women
in a wild demonstration. Three
policemen seized her, dragged
her out of the seething crowd
and took her to jail. There they
said she would have to remain
until- the Hughes special leaves
Portland tonight.
the brakes.
' Uoyd Weeks, who works at the of
jfico of the Salem Sand and Gravel
1 company, said that as soon as he heard
(Continued from page one.) of the accident he hurried out and
found all gone but tho Chalmers pnrty.
the rear seat with Miss Dick, wasiHe said he observed that the tracks of
thrown out over tho Ford and that she I the Ford car were not visible on nc
was found under the running board of j count of the traffic that passed. He ob
the ear. . served that the Chalmers car started
In regard to the position of tUo car i to skid -'i feet from the south edge
before it struck the Ford, he said hejof the pavement, which is about 14
noted their tracks were in the center! feet wide, and that it skidded ubout 75
of the road, slightly to the left side if feet before it collided, and that when
any distance south of the center. lie j it collided the skid mark was about
said the tracks of the other cur show- feet south of the' center of the road,
cd it was also in the center when it I or nearly in the center. At this point
began to turn. i ho found the Chalmers turned abrupt-
as to the condition ot his car, he ly to the right.
corroborate Mrs. weeks
Jurymen Dnlryniple and Patton ques
tioned him concerning the position of
tho cars, nml his reply showed they
would hnve collided had they turned
either wav. He said the track of the
said the right front tire and rim were
torn otf and that the left front tirej
was lying between the car and the
fence. The rear wheels were not dis-
turbed. He snid he noted that tho left!
front wheel of the Ford was demoliBih-
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soon be upon us. Provide
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tomohiles outside the theatre waiting
for the meeting to adjourn.
.ed nnd the other badly bent. His own Chalmers dim nnr visible before it
radiator was smashed and steering gear started to skid, and that It was' struck!
i broken. 0n the radiator.
His testimony brought out the fact; j, M Brown, justice of the peace for,
that he had not observed his speed-K. . . . . ,, ... I
ometer, that 'he had drive,, a car for ,he "llvcrton ,ll8,r,t't' wl,h h,s son ,
two nml ono half vears. end!r,"cy I Brown, was coming to Sulcin .
i ptisscu uy me viikiiiicib iuu- f
c savs his machine was travel-!
was the first physician on the scene. Jing ubout eighteen miles per hour and
He said he thought tho cars struck j that he thought the Chalmers was go-!
obliquely and that when Mrs. Matlock ing about thirty miles. He said the
Kxtra detachments of police were
rustled to tne tneatre alter ir. r.qui s anout two nml ono ha r vears.
arrest when the Wilson women started! that after the collision he tried to help land was
a wild demonstration. The police final-! the injured women. He said Dr. Miles chine. Hi
ly quieted the crowd and the Hughes
speakers started their oratory. Strong
Wilson reinforcements remained in au-
jwiN (l
was found, sho was lying between thclchul
cars on her back with her head toward
the east. She was not on the crnund.
"Wilson! We Want Wilson." according to his belief.
Portland, Ore-, Oct. 14. Screaming After he had been dismissed, he was
"Wilson, we want Wilson!" nnd I '"" er aim questioned as to tne
,. , , ., . ., . . ... ; drive of his car and he said it was a
"whore's the casket! letch a coff.n, lpft haml drivc and (llat he hail nl.ver
a huge crowd of democratic women been admonished by any officer for vio-
grected campaigners for Hughes when hition of speed laws.
they left their special train at the un- Alms Tried to Stop
ion depot today and started for the i Vr. Miles was culled and he said that
i w u i . i ' on examination of tho woman found un-
Multnomah hotel , ,arg(, car ho fcW Rhe wM
The Multnomah Republican club had tlea an( flnt then lle g(lve his tten-
a brass band and a drill team on hand:tion to the wounded women. He said
to whoop things up when the delegates ; that Mrs. lvie's niin.l nnnenred n blank
began filing from their cars. Hundreds I1(, tnnt K0 assisted Mrs. Archie Mat
of women were massed around the tram. I lock nn.i ,lor into - ... nnd 8,nrtC(i
icrs struck the Ford just behind i Mr. Hangs is a Yankeo by birth, bo-
Iho right front wheel, broko it down, ing a decendent of Plymouth pilgrims.
whirled it ubout, and dragged it into He comes from a family of eft' ncnt
tho ditch. American citizen and since the day of
Percy Brown, manager of the Silver- his nativity has been more or loss In.
ton Telephone company, said his ma-, tho eyes of the public. In 1S94 Mr.
..l;..a bko ifofnliiiT nl,n,ir VII nttlna nnr ltnmrs whh tha camliilntA fnr ninvnr ilf
ihour and that the' Chalmers wag pro- IJlis home town, Yonkers, and, as ho
I As the first visitors stepped upon the J for the hospital. He said he did not
$1.50 to $20.00
.platform a cheer for Hughes went up lnB0 any observations concerning the
' melody,
and tho band began pumping out rapid tmcks or machines.
Kmil Swfln. n npnitimnf Af thn Plrnl-
I suddenly the snouts or welcome anain)Pr8 rnri gai(1 h;8 holne was ; Portland
the music were drowned in a gale of !, that ho was 22 years old, but that
shrill shrieks for Wilson. Police C8ti-hc had been working in Silverton for
mated that the Wilson women outnum-1 about five months. He declared it was
;bcred the Hughes supporters three to ,8 o'clock when ho ate breakfast and
one. It was a well plnnned ambuscade ; (hat the jmitv left Silverton at 8:30
and resulted in scenes of confusion. I o'clock. He snid he did not knew whnt
cccding at about 30 miles. He said the
Chalmers was about two feet from tho
south side of the road and that it skid
ded 100 feet before it made a turn.
Police Officer Varney testified as to
the exactness of the distances between
the machines, their position on the road,
and the tracks as he found thcin.
Althea lloldridge, who lives in the
neighborhood of the accident, told of
the time it happened and how she help
ed the victims to the hospitul. Edward
Func told of his knowledge of the case
as he saw it shortly after he arrived.
This afternoon Mrs. Arehio Matlock,
wfio was taken to the Snlem hospitul,
wos reported as being able to sit up.
The buby, whose lip was cut open, was,
also reported as doing well.
Mrs. Mnggie Ivic, who was cut and
bruised nnd who is now confined to hen
felicitously puts it, was by the gruco
of the electorate returned by a coin
fortuble majority "to the bosom of his
family unwept, unhonored and un
stung. " His humorous writings have
become famous and ho will be here on
the lyccuni course in his famous humor
ous lecture "Salubrities I Have Mot."
Report Submarine a
Chased Danish Liner
New York, Oct. 14. A westbound
submarine was sighted one mile astern
the Danish liner Hollig Olnv at 8:30 a
m. yesterday by the White Star liner
Bovic, which reached this port from
Manchester, England, today.
Some of the Bovic 's officers behoved
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(1 y ii (1 m
a - . " 111
bcred passing J. M. Hrown about three
quarters of a mile in the rear.
Was Going 30 Miles An Hour
Mrs. Florence Weeks, wife of Lloyd
Weeks, who was driving the 1'ord car.
land who lives in North Snlem, said she
was the only one in the car who saw
Death of Lewis Larsen
Quinaby, Or., Oct. 14. The funeral
f Lewis I.ursen was held Thursday tit
t o'clock, interment being made in
Cluggott cemetery. liev. Guy Stover,
pastor of the Hrouka Kvungclicnl
church conducted the services and n
quartett from the church snug. Mr.
Lursen who died Tuesday afternoon at
the home of his daughter, Mrs. William
Wiedner of Wheatland, wns 77 years of
go Jnuuary 1st. lle wns born in Fred
rickuhall, Norway and later removed
1o Christiana, where he was married to
ttaphia Thurston, who passed away at
this place ten years ago, From Norway
they removed to Wisconsin and after
ward to Iowa nnd from that place to
Washington, coming to what is now
Vuinaby sixteen years ago. Tho chil
dren surviving are Willinm Lnrsen,
fforvais; Mrs. i.iiura weidnier, w hent
lund; Thomas Lumen, (juinnby; Mrs.
Julia liedwine, 'Kentucky; Mrs. Anna
Krickson, Han Francisco, and Mrs.
Emma Boridu, Spokane.
liev. J. L. limns, pnstur of the Evan
gelical church at McMinuville, who foil
Jrom a tree forty feet in height at the
Quinaby enmp ground Inst week mid
who seemed to bo much improved has
suffered a relapse and been removed to
a Kalom hospitnl for treatment.
The marriage of Miss Paulina Hur
siek to Willnrd Miittlies was nil event
the bride's parents,
Adolph Hurnick, the
and Mrs.
(3 ii v Stover
for diseases of tho blood, scrofula,
riieumaiiHiii, enturrn, una low or run
officiating. Only the immediate rela-idowi, conditions of tho system. At this
time, when coughs nnd colds are so pre
valent, Hoods' Harsaporilln is an in
valunblo tonic, (let it toduy, rind be
gin to take it at once. Accept no substitute.
fives of tho young couplo were present.
Both young people aro popular, Miss
Hurnick having' been a teacher nnd Mr.
Mntthes n well known farmer.
Mr. and Mrs. Willinm Farrar of Ta
iiiiiiH are visiting at the home of the
August Hanicks, who have also ns their
guests Mrs. Gottlieb Hirsch and little
suns of Tnconiu.
A straw vote token by the Oregon
Electric people on their passenger
trains Tuesday showed Wilson leading
by many votes.
Frank Diem is erecting a cottage on
his hind near the Oregon Klectrie. track
where he has a hop yard.
liny Lick has leased tho Leonard Hur
nick hop yard, evidently believing that
luck will not always be against growers.
Sheriff's Sale of Heal Property on
Kotiee is horeby given, that by vir
tue of an execution duly issued out of
tho circuit court of the state of Ore
gon, for the county of Marion and to
nie directed on the 15th day of Sept.,
19111, upon a judgement nnd decreo duly
rendered, entered of lecord and dock
eted in and by snid court on tho "7th
dny of .Lilly, "llMtl, in a certain suit
then in snid court pending, wherein
Napoleon Legault was plaintiff and
William M. llcndershott and Libbie E.
Hendershott, his wife, were de
fendants in favor of plaintiff
and ngainst said defendants by
which execution I am command
ed to sell the property in suid ex
ecution and hereinafter described to
pay the sum due tho plaintiff of 7.rtU!3
with interest thereon nt tho rate of 8
per cent per annum from tho 21st duv
ucr inn, . ..... ,,., ...... ...... .. , ... . -
to perform their important work. The " "''''.' '"' ' ' "T
f,... i ., ;. ,, l,i ,,,.,re ,.. sum of 0o.00 attorneys fees with
sary in our physical economy than pure
blood the kind of blood that Hood's
Snrsuparilla makes. This inediciao is
Well Balanced Lungs Not Enough
Pure blood is indispensable to the
health and strength of tho lungs. The
delicate structure xif these organs
mukes it necessary. When the blood '
impure the lungs loso their tone, and
even if they are permitted to expand
freely, thev have not tho power fully
f Wednesday, Oct. 5th, nt tho homo of i the good old relinblo family romoily Jxecit
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first class condition.
1914 Saxon Roadster, in good condition.
1912 Maxwell, 4 cylinder, good condition.
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Garage .corner High and Ferry Sts.
Lloyd L Ryan, Agent
black letters: "Which goose laid the
Hughes special golden eggt Wns it
Mrs. Belmont or Mrs. Smelter Trust
Huggenheinif "
Another banner said: "Remember tho
Dnnbury hatters $250,000 decision."
In spite of the commotion the Hughes
delegation gained the street, police
pushing a pathway for them through the
crowd- The enemy, however, hung on
their flunks, m arching step fur step and
hurling caustic comment.
Led by the Multnomah band, tho
Hughes campaigners in automobiles rode; the Chalmers nnronchinir and declared
slowly for 10 blocks up Sixth street to j it Camo out of the fog so quickly and i
the Multnomah hotel, where breakfast was directly uCn her machine tliut her!
was to ue servcu. Mingling wnn xne; first instinct was to dodge. Sho stated
applause of the republicans ull along! that sho was running on the extreme
the line of march were the derisive right hand side and that in fact the
yells of the Wilson brigade. right wheel was off the pavement ns
Tho opposition trailed along beside ' alio had just pnssod a wood wagon n
tho slowly moving automobiles and kept few minutes before. She said she noted
up the heckling, until one by one they the Chalmers was on the extreme south
fell behind for lack of breath. .During side of the road nnd came directly
this ordeal the visitors maintained an for her. It seemed to her the crash was
attitude of composure and did not at-'head on.
tempt to answer the taunts. j When she was thrown out, it seemed
The Hughes crowd was in an over- a long time before she struck and
whelming majority at the Multnomah when she found herself it was in front
bed in the Cnpitul hotel, is reported as the submarine was pursuing the Danish
tettine ulomr nicely this afternoon nnd vessel. Others were not certain that
served the npronching car almost as' it is expected she will be about again the Hollig Olnv was being chaser' The
Mnvift 'a nantmll nrdarail full
soon as Aim did. Ho snid Aim put oniin a few dnvs.
i the emergency brakes nnd turned
! quickly to the extreino right. He was
not exactly sure where or how theyj
struck the Ford. After the crash, he!
said he got out and helped the women
as best he could. He says he remem-
hotel nnd as the automobile parade
arrived a big Hughes demonstration
stnrted. When it died down and as the
delegates wero walking into tho hotel
through a lane of hand clapping men
and women, n single shrill voice began
whooping "Wilson! Wilson! Wilsonl"
A crowd of men surrounded the wo
of tho radiator of their car. Sho was
not hurt much but bruised by the steer
ing gear. She saw the baby cut and
bleeding and picked it up.
In regard to the speed of the Chal
mers she said she believed it was trav
eling at a rato of forty mi'.es per hour.
She said sho did not see Aim start to
man, who gave the name of .Mrs. Metu;turn nnd did not have time to put on
M. L'thoff. One of them seized her! will be discharged on the spot."
arm. .
"Keep your hands off me," he Sa? Francisco, Too.
cried. "Hemember I nm a lady!" then, i San 1 rnncisco, Oct. 14. Hundreds of
wrenching away, she pointed at the man I h,ftl1 rancigco working women will meet
and shouted: "There's the Hughes''6 Hughes women s special train here
ai.irit ni-ai iiicMiuy io snout ior woonrow
1 ... . '. I UM... it ..1 r- -r .
While the delegates were inside the "V""" " amrgnret
hotel, it whs renorterl Iho Wilson wo- -'ohnnnson, wife of the head of the car
men were marshaling their forces f or ; l',l,,lU'r8. '"', '8 carried out. Today
interest at the rate of (i per cent from
July 21st, 1910, together with tho costB
and disbursements of said suit taxed at
$-3.50 and costs and expenses of suid
ion. I will on Saturday the 21st
dny of October, 1MB, at tho hour of
10 o'clock a. ni. of snid day at tho west
door of the county court house in Mar
ion county, Oregon, sell at public auc
tion to the highest bidder for cash in
hnnd on the day of sale, all tho right,
title, interest nnd estate which said
defendnnts and nil persons claiming un
der them subsequent to the date of the
mortgage, December 12th, 1010, in, of
and to snid premises hereinbefore men
tioned nnd described in snid execution
ns follows, to-wit:
An undivided half of government
lots known ns designated as lots num
bered one (1) two (2) three (31 ami
I iuur i ) in accunn iwciuy ono isi; oi
lownsnip inur (4) souin ot range ono
(1) west of tho Willamette meridian.
in Marion county, state of Oregon.
Said snlo being made subject to re
demption in the manner provided by
Dated this ISth day of Sept. 191(1.
Sheriff of Marion county Oregon.
My W. 1. Necdham, Peupty.
IMrst insertion Oct. 12.
Golden Special Ladies
to Speak at the Grand
I,ocnl republicans are in a ferment
of enthusiasm today or at least thev
should be if there is any virtue in the
spellbinding abilities of Judge Lowell,
i of Pendleton, or auy magic in the pros-
poets held out by the coming of the
millionaire "Golden Special." which
is due tonight at 7:30 o'clock.
The party of wealthy ladies will to
night be the center of a big demon
stration, it is announced, which demon-
1 st ration is to include torchlights nnd 'Phone 81
another big counter demonstration to be
staged when the Hughes party conducts
its biggest street meetings at noon.
Miss Ksther Lape of New York, aft
er she had gained tho seclusion of the
hotel ten room, declared that the cam
paigners strongly objected to the term
"golden special" as applied to their
"It is very silly," r.he snid. "Hut
we no longer pay much attention to it.
Of course it is uot justified."
Mrs. Henry Moskowitx, who is to
speak nt 11:30 at Noustndter Brothers' ;r
lactory, asked Police Chief Clark for a
body guard, after seeing tho work of the j if
ilson brigade. It was granted. Sho I
will enter the factory surrounded by a II
cordon of detectives nnd plainclothes li
Mrs. Raymond Robins also asked for; XX
a body guard to protect her during her
address at a. Mount Hood factory. Hr
request wns withdrawn however, after
tho manager of tho plant snid: "There
is no need for a body guard. We do J
nui wain iurs. nonius to enier inis inc
tory with an escort of police. If anv of
I our employes make a demonstration dur
ing Airs, iiouins spcecn, innr employe
she sent broadcast an npiieal to all wo
men workers of tho city to join in the
Advertised October 10, 1910:
Anderson, Mrs. C. J.
Barnes, S.
Bnrton, Mr. Pntton.
Bell, Miss Gertrude.
Bernard, Miss eZUa.
Box lflli, R. F. D.
Cook, Mrs. J. A.
Davis, N. L.
Ewing, Miss Mary A.
Ferguson, Miss Klma (2).
Fifteenth, & Ferry street.
Fisher, Mrs. W. A.
Holt, Mrs. C. E.
Howard, Mrs. A. E..B. v.
Howard, Mr. E. A. BJ
Humphy, Mr. Frank-
Her, Miss Mario.
Lane, Mrs. Edna.
Morris, Mrs. Annie.
McKeuzio, Mrs. Annie.
Noblitt, Mr. Jordan.
Powers, Mr. Burr.
Schiemnn, Mr. Snfred.
Hchmitz, Mr. Willie.
He h wary, .Miss Margaret.
Smith, Mr. Bernard F.
Thomson, Mr. J. D.
Welinn, Mrs. Corra.
Whittemore, Miss Margaret Fay.
Wright, Mr. J. F.
ahead and dashed westward at tho
greatest possible speed to avoid pos
sible attack.
The Hollig Olav left New York Thurs
day for Copenhagen and other Scandi
navian ports, carrying 71 cabin passen
: gcrs and other passengers in the stecr
I nire. She wns ubout 200 miles east of
New York when the Bovic saw the sub
marine near her yesterday. Shipping
men snw no reuson why she should bo
nttneked by a submarine and thought,
that possibly a German U-boat fell
I across her path, leading the Bovic 's of
ificers to believe she was being pursued.
I Captain Jones of the Bovie would not.
discuss the statements of the liner's
I officers. Captain John Hall, the Sandy
! Honk pilot who brought the Bovic in,
'snid that Captain Jones told him he saw
only a periscope and that that was a
mile away. Ho would have opened firo
on the submarine had it offered a larger
target, he said.
Chicago, Oct. 14. Dnrio Res
ta, driving his blue Peugeot,
won the 2"0 mile grand Ameri
can Automobile rnce meet at
the speedway park here this
afternoon. .1. Aitken, also in a
Peugeot, was second, and Rick
onbacher driving a Maxwell
was third. Resta's time wns
2:24:10.08, an average of 103.9
miles an hour.
Phone 81
Prompt Servica
red fire. The principal exercises will
taWe place at The Grand theatre.
At 7 o'clock, according to the pro
gram mnpped out, the various Hughes
organizations of the citv will meet at
the headquarters on High street and !
march to Trade nnd Commercial streets,
where tho visiting Indies will be wel
comed. Governor Withycombe will make a
speech of welcome nt ' the theatre,
which is to be decorated with the na
tional colors and flowers. Music is to
be provided by Dr. Epley's quartette
and the Cherrian band. Music for the
afternoon meeting was provided by a
fife and drum corps.
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