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Willamette Valley News
HHtttOtlMIMmtltWt DUttt Mltltt
Woodburn News
(Capital Journal Kpec.inl Service) "
Woodburn", Ore., Oct.' 14. Miss Flor
ence Stoner was a Portland visitor Sat
urday. . . .
Mrs. Viletta Johnson was Tnjoyably
snrprised Monday evening by the l'hi
Inthea class of the I'resbyterian church
Aunt Vi was showered with handker
chiefs by the girls. A pleasant evening
was passed and dainty refreshments
were served by Ks.hcr Doud, Olive
Haskell and Ida Schermer. Those pres
ent were iMrs. H. Overton, Mrs. Jolm-j - v
son, .lessie Hicks, Xellie Brnnigar, Ofa (Capital Journal- Special Service)
Broylcs, Alice Roberts, (fertrude Brown,! t. ., 0 ... j,,
Ida .Sc.hermer. Father Doud and Olive Kost'dale,. Or., Ocvt. Jt.-The prune
Haskell. crop is harvested and some nre market-
Mrs. J. W. Gibson of Keedville is a
guest at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. J. W. Richards.
A. Vi, umyes was a wootlbiirn vis-
Dallas Local News
A.' Hoffard made a. business tri
i orrwuu r riaay. .
P. I). Settlemeir, Mr. and Mrs. I).
Webb returned from' Aetarts .Monday (Capital Journal Special Service)
ingot. ;, . .. I. Dallas. Ore.. Oct. 14. Walter Youna
Harvey Bowers- of Woodburn and! was a business visitor in SSheridnii the
Frances , Garrew of Hubbard, also C'.i first of the week.
J. Ekeen,. Woodburn and Alice Hoek-I .Mrs. J. M. Grant returned this week
ctt of Hubbard were granted licenses! from a short visit at the homo of her
at Hubbard last week, - . daughter. Mrs. Simon Uriiidheim, iu
Mrs. C. Goodall entertained thei Portland.
Priscilla club at her home last Friday C. B. Suiidberi' mminircr of the rii.l.
Rosedale News
iter from Monitor Montlny
T. P. Houlcs, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Soulos
and Mrs. M. L. Hendricks motored to
Albany Thursday to nttend the round
up. Mrs. Soulea will visit her mother
and Mrs. Hendricks her daughter, Mrs.
A. T. Humphreys.
Dr. Thomas Sims wus a Portland vis
itor Friday.
Miss Geraldine Purdy visited Mr.
and Mrs. A. R. Brink at Fargo Saturday
and Sunday.
Miss Carrie Christenson left Moudny
evening lor Chicago via San Francis
co. On October 4th a tin shower was giv
en J. W. Loonhan.lt, the bachelor pro
lessor, at the home of Mrs. Hrackmuu,
the occasion being his birthday. Jt was
given as a surprise to help Mr. Leou
liardt in his baching, also to give him
a hint to procure a housekeeper. The
evening whs spent quickly with games.
Refreshments of ice cream and cake
was served.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Rogers left for
Topcka, Kansas, Friday afternoon.
The seniors will give the freshics a
lnrije reception in the gymnasium Fri
day night.
Lloyd Fleenor and Geo. Phillips left
for Albany Thursday morning to at
tend the round up.
A farewell reception was -given Air.
and Mrs. L. C. Poor at the home of
Miss Carrie Waterbury Friday evening.
About 85 people attended. All express
ed sincere regret at the departure of
the pastor and wife.
The Woodburn foot ball team played
las Telephone company, was a Falls
I City visitor Wednesday afternoon.
I Mrs. Fred Hulmnn visited with rela
tives in .McMinnville Wednesday.
A. D. Brnun has gone to Raymond,
Wash., to look 'tor a business location.
Mr. Brnun was formerly proprietor of
the Dallas bakery.
Mrs. F.Ua J. Metzger returned., this
ween irom a visit with relatives and
ing the fruit; pickers returned home
with their wages, merchants are got-! friends in Lebanon.
ting their share of it. Smoke is still i Mr. and Mrs. M. I.. Thompson, of
seen at some of the driers vet. I Falls City, are Dallas visitors the first
till! M M M M M M
The patrons of the Rosedale school."1 '"B "f.eK- . , . ,
.. . ... . , Airs. . S. Cary will leave Saturday
held a social gathering at the school for llcl. ,,, iu j,()gle Kiv(,rj Qe
house Friday night at which the teach-j will be accompanied by her mother, Mrs.
er and county superintendent were S. S. Aldrich. Dr. Cary left for Rogue
present. A few short talks were given,
after which ' light refreshments were
served by the mothers.
Uleal weather still prevails to close
up the harvest of fruit and the gath
ering in of the winter stores, then
comes the showers of blessings upon
the earth again.
The Rosedale school opened Monday
morning with a brand new teacher, a
Miss Cook of New-berg. Twenty chil
dren 'put in their .appearance from the
surrounding hills.
Koedale-is coming to the front, we
can buy our groceries at home; a small
shuck has been erected for the present,
we hope they will erect a permanent
building and curry on the enterprise.
Walter Pemberton is out for a few
days again buying horses for war pur
poses. Fred Cro.er is kept busy with his
gns engine chopping corn for silos.
A verv quiet nnd impressive wed
ding was solemnized at the home of Air.
and Airs. J. W". Grassniaii Tuesday aft
ernoon, when their duughter, Pearl Ed
iin, was united in marriage to Walter
T. Schram, of Woodburn. Rev. Father
Mahr, of Woodburn, officiating- None
but imemdiate relatives were present.
The bride, wore a blue traveling
"Mt Anael nnd were defeated 7-0. This
was a good score considering the small slt. .. .
amount of practice oiir boys have had.i' .Atter a short visit to Port and they
m:. m., ., u v,ii.,i,..u.i .i nr,i,n i will mnke their home in Woodburn,
Whitehead were guests of Mrs. Dave "here the groom is a ealued employe, of
.lnekuon Inst t m iiostlnv i.iilllt-ii u. vyuiuiu.
Mrs. Bruce Beamaiti who hag
visiting her mother, Mrs. Welch
for her home in Butte, Montana
day. Thomas Kennedy, her son, accom
River the first of the week.
Mr. and Airs. H. C. Seymour, iff C'or-
vallis, were Dnllus visitors this week,
jur. tseymour attending the Polk couuty
teachers' institute. .Mr. Seymour was
tormcrly school superintendent of this
county und is now connected with the
Oregon Agricultural college.
Air. and .Mrs. Art .Meyers and family
have gone to Xeskov. in where they will
spend tho winter.
Aliss Marion Cooper who lias been vis
iting in this vicinity for the past sev
eral months left this week for her home
in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Ben Werner left Wednesday night for
an extended trip in parts of Southern
California. He was accompanied by
his mother, Mrs. A. M. Werner.
Homer Link, a progressive farmer
from the Airlie neighborhood was a
Dallas visitor this week.
O. C. Smith, proprietor of the Orphe
um theatre left Tuesday for a visit in
Seattle. He was accompanied by his
son, J. D. Smith.
Independence Items .
(Cnpital Journal Special Service.)
Independence, Ore., Oct. 1.1. Mrs.
Walter Gilbert, of. Kellogg, Idaho, is
visiting at the home of her parents,. Mr.
and Mrs. A. Sperling.
Mrs. Alpha Bascue was a Salem visit
or on Thursday afternoon.
Air. Walter Nelson motored to Al
bany to attend the Round -Up on Thurs
day, lie was accompanied by his mother,
-; , . , ,, . . , i .v, ne whs accompuiiieo uv ins iuiitii
The Star along with the many friends M A. Nelson, sister Hutli nnd Al
1(.It,of the young people wish them every ,stapi,ton.
' Fri-1 happiness. Gervais War. Mrs j D- Tl,,,in retarneii to ier ,,,
pnmed her.
Mm. Fred Dose visited in Portland
irom Thursday to Saturday.
Kllis Harper left for Butte, Monta
nn, Monday morning to go into the
mines. He hns been taking a mining anil
engineering course at O. A. C. and goes
to Butte for practical experience.
Clariel Ogle visited friends and rela
tives iu town last Friday. He camel
Born, to Mr. ad Airs. K. E. Good,
Friduy night, October (i, a 12 1-2 pound
Airs. Frank Fish and daughter, Amy,
are home from the hospitul. Amy went
home last Saturday and Airs. Fish on
Tuesday, the 10th, or just two months
after both received nroken limns in 1 lie
f rom Scapoose. From here he went to B!?iont of AuBust 10 011 ,he Nw Kra
j.ugene 10 see tne uregon-vt iiiaitiette
football game.
Walter Schramm- and Pearl Grussmnn
of- Gervais were married at the home
of the bride's parents. The ceremony
was performed by Father Maher of this
city. After a trip to Seattle and the
coast they will reside in Woodburn.
Miss Evangeline Kckhout returned
. Mrs. J. C. Aloomuk and Edna return
ed home Alondny from several weeks
spent with relatives at Myrtle Point.
They were accompanied by Air. and Airs.
W. "C. Bement and little girl who will
visit here a few days. The trip was
made by auto.
I.ee Fish arrived home last Monday
f.iun San Diego, where she has been;fter ni nrrow pe rn injury on
visaing friends.
lleryle Robinson was a week
his return from a hunting trip. It seems
pn(i Tiiar resi.nnn positive quiei at .uercy
(nest at the Fleenor home from Fort
la m). ' .
John Dinwoodii', David Clark and X.
The genuine old reliable Hood's
Paisnparilla comets the acid condi
tion of the blood and builds up the
whole system. It drives out rheuma
tism because it cleauses the blood.
It has been successfully used for
fully years in many thousands 'of
cases the world over.
There is no better remedy for skin
and blood diseases, for loss of appe
tite, rheumatism, stomach and kid
ney troubles, general debility and all
ills arising from impure, impover
ished, devitalized Hood.
It is unnecessary to suffer. Start
treatment at once. Get a bottle of
Hood's Snrsaparilla from your near
est druggist. You vill be pleased
witb the results.
hospital at Roseburg, brought him out
all right. He was accompanied on the
home trip by bis sister, Airs- Zoa Bald
win, and Miss Elliott. The party left
the train at. Woodburn and went home
from there by autq, ,.
At Vancouver last Saturday occurred
the marriage of Harvey A. Bowers, of
Woodburn, and Frances " A. Garern, of
Hubbard and C. J. Skeen, of Woodburu,
and Alice L. Hockett, of Hubbard. The
young people went to Vancouver on the
early morning train. The double wed
ding was a surprise to most of their
friends who wish them well. Air. nnd
Arrs. .Skeen left Thursday for a short
stay at Newport. ,
' Forest E. Mills shook hands with his
many friends in Hubbard Tuesday, be
fore going to his new location at Craw
fordsville, Linn county, to which place
the family went Tuesduy morning. Their
household goods were shipped Alonday.
His ranch there is a 247 acre stock
ranch, with 35 head of cattle, eight
horses, SO hogs, all farm implements,
water system, 90 tons of hay, l.fiOO
bushels of . grain, blacksmith outfit,
woodsaw attachment, loO chickens and
39 geese. The Ralph Aekley Land com
pany, a Portland 'firm, interested the
parties. News.
G. E. .Electric Irons advance 25c in price on
October 15. This is the LAST DAY. to buy these
Save a quarter by getting yours today. Phone
calls today for delivery next week will be accepted
Telephone 85 State and Commercial
in Portland on Wednesday after spend
ing a week here with her husband nnd
Airs. Charlie Smith returned home
this week from Seattle, Wash., where
she has been visiting her daughter for
some time.
Airs. Frank Whitenker and Airs. C. (1.
Skinner were Salem visitors on Wednes
day. Airs. E. J. Fowler returned home on
Tuesday from the Salem hospital, where
she hns been 'for the past week.
Airs. Opal Hunt, of Cordova, Alaska,
arrived her a few days ago and will
spend the winter here with her mother,
Mrs. Throne.
Mr. Rov DcArmond, Wm. Huff nnd
Guy Walker left a few days ago for
Yachnts, where they will upend a week
li u n tint und fishing.
Air. Buck Foster left for Albany on
Thursday to nttend the Round-lIp.
Mr. Herbert Hoyser, Bert Gwiun ami
Johnnie Becker left on Tuesday for a
couple of weeks' outing at Yachats.
Airs. Eley Fluke, who underwent an
operation at the Salem hospital some
time ago, is now able to be removed to
her home here.
Cold Nights
Are now here and you will need more and wanner Bedding.
We have anticipated your needs and are ready with an
assortment of new and splendid values in Bedding of all
kinds. Every piece is new and fresh and represents the
best value to be found in Salem. See our window display
for good
Warm Bedding-
ii An exceptionally nne line 01 waitresses arc awaiting your inspection, priced from $3 00 to $20 00 I
ft Viia UTOfll lira rtAFrtM i,am n A J T71l i. 11.11 1 1 , ,. i . ... . -
x vctn. wt unci jiuu a -iu-yimiiu wuitun rcti, iviauress, g0oa graae art ticking, roll edge, well stitched
vuntaiuD iiuming uuc guuu cuwuii, ieiLcu aim win give years oi sausiaction ana comiort, regular price
$10.00. Special ' $865
Come to this store and examine goods quoted in this ad and you will agree with us when we say they are
Cloverdale Items
(Capital Journal Special Service )
Turner, Ore., Oct. 14 Herman
reel a received word today that liin
brother, l.ou. of Indiana, died last nii;ht.
i.ou reetz has been Hick with typhoid
fever for about eight weeks. Hid' moth
er. Mrs. l'eetz, and Herman l'eetz. left
thin afternoon for the cant to attend the
fuuerul.. l.ou l'eetx was well known in
iiim viviuii.v uuu in ituieni ana leaves a
bout of frienda to mourn his loss. -
Mr. larrm haa finished the elover
hulling in these parts and has moved
his machine home.
Nearly all the ilos are filled around
here and Mr. Wood and Levi Kliflet are
exacted to be home soon with their ma
-Mr. and Mrs. Karris were in Salem
trading Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Whitehead were Salem
visitors Wednesday.
Mrs. F. A. Woods was in Salem Mon
day. Ray Farris motored to Salem today.
Bert Whitehead was in Salem on
I..' K. Hennis made a business trip to
ruicm Touuy.
1'rune drying is finished and the men
are hauling them to Salem.
Ed I'eeta and wife, of Salem, have
been visiting this week at his brother's,
Herman IVetx, but returned home today
on hearing of the death of their brother,
l.ou, of Indiana.
. Turner Chapter ofthe Kastern Star
entertained delegations from Salem,
Jefferson and Stay ton Chapters on
Wednesday evening of this week.
After the initiation of several new
members at which Mrs. Ellen Lambert
officiated as Worthy Matron, .ludirc
Moreland, as Worthy Patron, and Mrs.
Cotton Filled Comforts $1.50
72x78 Cotton Filled Comforts $2.00 to $3.00
72x84 Sateen covered Comforts ..... $3.00 to $4.00
72x84 Sateen covered, 9-in. satin border, $4 to $5.00
20x27 Mixed Feather Pillows $2.00 pair
22x27 Good Down Pillows $4.75 pair
64x76 Cotton Blankets ............. $1.00 to $1.75
66x80 Cotton and Wool Blankets ....... $4.00 pair
66x80 Light Wool Blankets $4.75 pair It
70x80 All Wool Blankets $6.75 pair it
22x27 Duck Feather Pillows
22x28 Extra Choice Down Pillows
.$j.!ju pair tj
$7.00 nair U
11 INI Willi Plllll. Ill Wll
This sounds extremely
cheap and it is, when we
can offer you high grade
rockers upholstered in
brown Spanish leather
(not imitation), spring
seats, well made, all per
fectly plain and above all
very comfortable. Come
and try one. Special
Here is a splendid value,
exactly as shown in illus
tration, in an all-oak
Library Table. The plank
top measures 24 x 42
inches, heavy posts,
roomy lower shelf, one
large drawer with wood
pulls, in wax, golden fin-
ish, .a pleasing design, ZZZ
very moderately priced, special
This Is Heater and Range Season
Satisfactory Stoves at satisfactory prices. The "Opal" Heaters and Ranges are made to satisfy. They are
not built for appearance alone. Remember when huvino- a rano-P nr hpatev that
it the outside appearance alone the parts you are paying for are not always visible. They are on the inside
TT onI ova nvmmn nfw fm'nl TUJ- i ,..1 i " .....
I , i'lu,,tI1 ailcl a "iai JLUctl' iS wy every woman wno owns an "upai ' recommends it to her
neighbor. Built of "Armco" iron, the great rust resister.
ii Opal Heaters from $12.00 to $16.50. Opal Ranges from $33 to $55.00. Other Heaters from $1.50 $7.50
4 f4444.4.,..4
Your Old Heater or Range Taken as Part Payment
"- --- 4
t 340 Court
Complete House Furnisher
Eola News Notes
(Cnpital Juurnul hifciHl Servire.)
K..la, Ore, Oc t. H. .Mr. ' Matlif
Davis ii iid I'liililmi, iiIko Mrs. (irovcr
Fanner and cliililrm npi-iit m'vornl clnyn
lartt week vivitniir relatives in faleui
Ali3 Julia liuedixlieiiner liun guno
to Her liouie near May tun tor a euuplc
yf woekn' viit.
Mr. I.ee Kenton wan in Kola Friday.
There will be n uiixinetm meeting of
the J-.ola rarent-Teaehers' aHsoeintion
Siitnrday eveiiinit, Jlr. T. 1.. I'littemon
will (rive a talk oa " l'nrliameiitui y
Cleorge Mitty liaM.gone to work for
Our aeuool m inn king u very K1""'
start. , .
Clifford Brunk ami Kutlicr l.urHa
were married at the Chrintian rhiireh in
Salem luesuny eveiuiir and came to
their home iu Kola the tmmu evcuinii.
A erowu of their friends Moon collected
ami treated them to an old utyle ehari
vcri with eireular naw, flow hells, etc..
The band was galled in by the yomiK
couple and treated to eiuurs, pie and
ottke, after whieh they hail mimic on
the piano, Hinging ami a good time
John MoHcr, who came to Oregon
with bin parents from Andrew county,
Missouri, during the year of Is.'i.l, pann
ed away at hi home in thin city Thurii
dny morning, October 11!, lull), ut the
ripe age of .19 yearn.
.Mr. .Moscr lian been a man of won-
lerful vitality and during hin long niege
Emma Wilbur an Klectn, a niimptiioiin j Df sickness has borne without
biViqnet wan provided by the Turner
Chnpter, with rover for l."0 members,
Judge .Morelanil acting an tonst master,
with res)oiise by nevernl prominent
Thone present from Rtnyton were:
Mm. Emma Wilbur, .Mr. and Mm. I,.
S. Lninhort and Minsen Inn and Delia
Harold. Ktayton Mail.
Journal Want Ads Oet Results.
plaint the pain which at times
mont,. severe.
On the occasion of hin MmIi birthday,
which took place August L'O, a four
generation picture was taken which in
cluded Mr. Moser.
The surviving jchildren are J. H.
Moner, Nilverton; 1. A. Moner, Wanh
i n at on ntnte; .Margaret Del.ore, Frans
ville; I.em Moser, I'alifornin; Mrs. Znk
Davenport, Mm. Henry Clru.cr, Mm.
II. A. Hartley, Ktnncwull Moser, Silver
Funeral servicen will be held from
the Christian church, Sunday afternoon
at I o'clock, conducted by Albyn Ks
miii, Hilverton Appeal.
The third nnuuiil xchool fair in over
and gone, and it in the consensus of
opinion that it wan the bent arranged
exhibit that hail been put up.
It in true that the hull did nut look
no crowded with exhibits as lust year,
but the arrangement wan much better,
(hunks to those who no kindly helped,
that mure wun put in a smaller space,
giving more uisle room,
III the poultry nnd live stock depart
nient there were fully 50 per cent more
entries than lust year, and many new
coopn hail to be built.
Kvervthing wan ill complete order bv
one o'clock Friday, ami the judging
commenced a half hour later.
Mr. I.nrnnn of O. A. C, M. Nchuff of
Stavtnn and Curtin Cole of lunn conn
tv judged the agricultural anil live
stock exhibits, while . Mm. .1. T. Hunt
of the Waldo Hills, Mm. Chan. Loose of
Went Ktayton anil Minn Anna Mullen
nf Htnytnn judged the cooking, canning
and needlework.
While the attendance wan good, it
wan not no large as last year, being
about three hundred adults Slid per
Imps twice that manv younger persons.
I Lewis liny returned home Snturdirv
I ' "Ml the mini lit n i iik with hin nlieen.
Mr. aud Mrs. Kov Hrenner nticnt Si a.
day at the I', II. Lambert homo.
Kd Smith, wife and iliiuuhtcrs.
and Maude, Fred Smith, 11. K. Slim.',,
wile und sou, Kuvmoiid, ISImlvn lud
Lulu Donning, Zm,a Kay and Willis
llulier niieut Sunday at the Mrs. Itnxie
J, Bui'sou, o'f Stayton, in nnwiiig wood
iu this vicinity this week.
Tom Fleming wan n Muytnii visitor
Itobt, Darby and wife were Sunday
guests at the l.lston llarliv home.
.luugnirth Bros., of Jnrdiin, hulled Slinnk hiiiiie.
clover at the Thus Archer place Mon- Mrs. W. H. Hay left Sunday for Lit-
!' , anon to be with' her mother, M in. Km
(i. F. Harold, ltaleigh Harold and Irvine, who in iuitc ill.
Juhii Sundiier, Jr., went to Indepeml- H. Sen, and noun hnve niircliased i It
J. Kimsey and Oen. Scott mnde a
business trip to Salem Tuesday,
N. Johunon and fannlv are moving tn
Hilverton .where they expect to live in
the future.
Mm. W. D. Hurt spent Thursday and
Friday at the Kd Tate home.
Geo. Scott and family nnd Will Car
ter and family spent Sunday at tho N
Johnson home.
A farewell party was given the John
ton family Tuesday night. All reported
a good time.
W. D. Hurt madn a bnninenn trip tn
Salem Saturday Stayton Mail.
cnee Tuesday to iittend the registered
.lerney cattle mile.
C. C. lleern, of Lyons, was a business
visitor at the Curtin Cole home Satur
day. Mr. Heern purchased a registered
Shorthorn bull from Mr. Cole,
School opened Monthly with Fi d'.
Hironn und Mrs. L. Walker an tenches.
C. V. I.iiiimc flint wife itntoi't ii i it... I
I'eter Rundt purchased a new Ford of p,lrty f frit.aiH llt their home Sunduv
O. M. Huker this week. evening.
Tho dairy inspector was nrountl Wen (ienliv, llarrv Vorter. tiliver F..-
through this part of the country this rette nnd Leonard Walker attended the;
,vi7'k; , ., Hound-Cp at McMiniiville last Thin-
Kalph Cole visited home folks iu Hil- day.
yen Den Sunday. Air. Couiicilninii and fnmilv "were tn.d-
Mike Hilyeil, of Jordan, ptirchnsed a jg Mj, stnvton ineichautn'siitiiiilav.
new Ford of ). M. linker Inst week. . Mr. Spoon'nnd fumily have moved to
Dudley Hntes in building a neiv house Colorado.
thin ftlll. . N,,.!, K,.,lllitx mill wife eiille.l ,t !..
nr. iieiiuciinuip, or sinyion, nan can-
John unKykeiu home Suiiduy ut'l.i
noon. .Mis. A. Wolf culled on Mm. A. V,r
rette Wednesday.
Andy Shaiib and family moved on the
Walter Shnt't't place lust week.
Hniee Honne cut ensilnca tho first "f
Staytoh (he week.
I Frank Wotf and family visited at the
"" Arthur Forrette home Sundav. Mail.
i Wigg "Funny thing about Piiniit-
W. If. Dyer ami wife, of Oreenview, tie. He' alwnvn lnnlcin.r t.,r ..I,"
Cal., are viniting at Mrn. Dyer's broth- 'ggit Yei! t'0 to be pre)1lr;,, t
er, John Huber. tlodtic it if it over conies his wav-."
e to the Curtis Cole home .Monday to
see little Howard, who is suffering with
an attack of bronchitis but in reported
Juke Xeibert, of Stayton, visited nl
the McKen.ic home Thursday where he
purchased two buck sheep.
Minn Nina Hoves. of A Minn v. is visit
ing with Mrs. ().' 11 Kay. ' I
Lou flerber, of I'intunu motored to
the I. If. Lumbert home ISuniluv.
Mr, nnd Mrn. W. R. Ruv and dniigh-
ters, and Mrn. Linn Lambert motored to
Albany Friday.
Frank Hiibberninn und wife nnd Mm.
Fred Maclntyre nnd daughter motoretl
to Salem Sundny.
Church nervicen were well attended
both morning and evening. i
Use tha Journal Want 1 Wf.
Dennis Eucalyptus Olntmtnt
Tubes 88c Jan Boc