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THAT THE nociiil.tBliiidur was not
especially interesting Hi in week
was perhaps due tu Die glorious
un'shino. Society la loath tii miss these
last few dnyn out of doors and mo, there
probably will bu a scarcity of tho larg
er functions;' iioi'ilif obligations being
forgotten while tho wonderful wen til
er llHtH.
Motor trips, dub gatherings and
prompt u nfrairs, arranged on the. Bptir
of ihu moment nun noiu inn smij'
ware the principal inversions 01
week, I
However, there art numerous smart
affairs pliinned for the neur future und 1
.1... ............ iv... v,,rv iiriiiniHii of
... ,- t U
plenty of social gnyoty.
i,..,nl .Int.. hiv. not vot been
0 several crop up beforo the firt
. ,1 1. Lm ,l..,.l.r n. to
will bo 1
f the year, there is some doubt as tu
, . .1 Ih. .nh.erii.lion dances
will 1)e resumed
The snuirt set is naturally on the (pit
vive for these parties, which were pre- A) q((
mier over anything that has ever been . H1(c mfmwn Mrs. West
given In Hale.11; and It Is hoped that J((in ,, M(..Nary ull,i
there will be some of the members who !f Himmgnrtncr.
arc energetic enough to assume the re-. . . .
sensibilities of these dances BKnin this Mf nn() Mr) Tnill K. ,,. pro
winter, 'sided at a charming dinner party Wed
Among the events of the week were, llpll,av a,iKht honoring .Mr, and Mrs.
Mra. Russell Cutlin and Mrs. Henry H. wilinin C. Knighton of I'ortlnnd. The
Thielsen 's Kensington, Thursday, tho afujr wj,i,.h was in celebration of both
bridge for which Mrs. Lenta Wcstn- (ho honor guests and the Pages wedding
eott was hostess Friday afternoon and anniversaries was most informal and
the Orange club tlanco honoring Com-
pany M, and the inaugural reception in
honor of Carl Gregg Doney, Friday.
Aa a fitting close to the week innio
the large and brilliant inaugural ru
eption given by the board of trustees
of the Willamette University Friday
sris-ht in the First Methodist church
tarlor. In honor of r. Carl Gregg
Jtoney, president of the
The function was preceded by a
banquet at the Hotel Marion, and
scores of distinguished guests and rep
resentatives of visiting institutions,
with tho alumni, faculty,
students and
ftnlrm society folk attended tho event.
fhr decorations which were unusually
effective and nrtisitie were in charge
f Mrs. John II. McNary and .Mrs.
KoJiert tHiauncey Hishop.
The parlors of the massive obi church
were beautifully itecKea wiiij vivui johl) )i Albert, Mrs. Henry Ii. Thiol
hned gnrden flowora and a profusion Kelli Mrs. A. N. Hush, Mrs. Fred S,
of autumnal foliage. Stewart, Mrs. John J. Sutherland, Mrs.
The guests were greeted at the door William II. Kldridge, Mrs. Hussell t at
br Mr. and Mra. A. A. Lee. In the
recrivinir lino were: Pr. Kichnrd N.
Avison, rhairmnfl of tho Inaugural
rnilttee, and Dr. and Mrs. Carl Oregg
IVinoy, Hishop Matt H. Hughes, Mrs. T.
. McDnniel, president of the bonrd
of trustees, Dr. Lyti IlnroM ltouvgh,'and
hie mother, Mrs. llougli, or tne uar-
tvtt Jtlbllcnl institution of Chicago;
Mr. aud Mra. Kobert A. Hooth of Ku-
geoo, Judge and Mra. Charles If. t lit-1
ti(t of Chicago, Dr. and Mrs. Henry J.
Taibott of Kimball College of Theology,
lresldent anil Mra. W. J. Kerr of tho Mrs. Sidney Henderson (Luein Cuuip
Oregn Agricultural tollege, President llt ,,, nut,,i Osborn, Wednes-
arles J. Hushnell of Pacific miiver- .i.v ;!,,
aity, Dr. Mackenzie Meldrum of Hpo-( Mr- U1 Mrs. Ileudersen's wedding
kaa and Henntor aud Mrs. O. 1'. Dish- ,, nuiomuired at the St. Mary's Kpis
oj. 'iiipnl church and wns the soclnl oveut
The university orchestra frunislied t, M.R!l,m ; Kugene. Thursday Mrs.
thn music for the affair aud the punch jver left Kugene for Hosoburg, where
bawla were presided over by the young ie wjn ), guest of friends and
women of tho Willamette university
senior class, .
A number of prominent matrons as-,
aisled about the rooms. Those being
immediately resHnsibln for the success
of the aftsir were Mewtnmea vtiinam r..
Kirk, M. C, Findley and It. L, Sleeves,
rar. an( sun. ueorge 1 miner 1 uiimiu pi 0f Vnl!eton, who also was nt tea
went to Portland rViday to meet Mrs. -i.i,, .. the nieetinir. is tassinu a few
I'Htnnra'a mother, Mrs. Kdwm lllnney, ,iIIV!) I'ortlnml, and will come to S
of New Vork, who arrived tiday night l,.ra onrv in the week to visit the C.
and will be their guest for a few days.
Tonay tne rutnania will taRe airs, will be aceompanied by her small chil
Kinney for a tour of tho Columbia oreii, Thomas Jlurmcster and Klinbeth
iiitnwsy, motoring to Maieiu tonignt.
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"ti v miriri t TrfTTtttttTfftttttftmttmttTT
A charming affair of Friday after
noou was the bridge party for which
Mrs. Lenta. Westacott wns hostess. TI18
guests win worn mostly t he mntronii
of tho Happy Hour ISriilgo club made
up four tables of bridgs, tho wore lion
on fulling to Mm, U. H. tloodwlu.
The residence wan aglow with yellow
garden f lower mill crimson berrios,
which made an effective foil for the
.... 1 . H, Ur..4n
prettily gowned pinyrrn. .r,
cott was assisted by Mrs. Joseph Buuin-
partner. ,111
The matrons Included in t ie cum
are: Mrs. J. N. Hmith, Mrs. ,101111 11.
Albert, Mm. David Ky re, Mm. John I)
Sutherland, Mm. TIioiiihh 1). Kay, Mm.
". M : 1
C. II. Robertson, Mm H. . Goodii ,
Mm. John Scott, Mr. Lenta WeHtacott,
a ,,f lvi, mn nml
,l(.ij,titf ill, only a few friends being
An arrav of crimson carnations deck
oil tho artistically appointed table.
About !!0 unit roiis of the Thursday
afternoon club guthereil lit the delight
ful Kensington fnr which Mrs. Henry
H. Thielsen mid Mrs. Hussell t'ntlin
were hostesses 011 Thursday afternoon.
Tim iil't'nir which wns uiven at the
cmi,, .,.Bi,lei was the premier gath
ering of 1h club this season. .Mrs. w.
A. ( usick wns elected president of the
club for the new season mid .Mrs. r red
8. Stewart secretary.
The residence was artistically adorn
ed with yellow iniirigolds, Small tubles
were arranged in the vuiious rooms for
refreshments and the hostesses were as
Hilltl,(1 )iy Mrl) pr(nk
II. Spears.
The ,.ji, ,.,p(IB,.,l 0f a group ot
'prominent matrons, includes: Mrs. ('.
. njh0n, Mrs. A. N. Moores, Mrs.
1:.. Mr i Wallace. Mrs. William
it,.,,...,, Mn Itnbert .1. Hendricks. Mrs.
(jeol(;n h. Uuinett, Mrs. lleury .1. Hcnn,
Mrs. It. It. Fleming, Mrs. Charles K.
pnl,rn,g, Mm. W. A. Cnaick, Mrs.
oeur,,, j. lVaree, Mrs. 11, 0. Miles,
Mjs M. M. Chapiari M rs. Terrv' Itav-
montt Mrs, -Alice H. IHnld and iris.
(eorK0 Dopp.
. . .
Mr. und Mrs. Charles II. Fisher went
Kngono Wednesdnr to attend the
frnmi wedding reception of Mr. uud
relatives for several days. Mr, Fisher
returned Fridnv morning.
Mrs. 0. I". Hishop returned Thursday
evening from Seaside, where she went
uttend the Federation of Women s
I Her daughter-ill law. Mrs. liny Itish-
, Robert Channcey Hishopa, She
Overshadowing all other social di
versions of the week was the Suloin
Orange club dance in honor of Com-
pnny M nt the armory on Friday night.
Tno committee liiur. piaunvu uu:
lance deserved the prnise it received.
Tho function was a decided success,
and never tins there been a more color
ful, a hnppier assemblage of merry
makers than assembled in the armory
to pny tribute to the soldier boys.
Informality was tno aeynoio or tne
evening, and everyone reveled in u.
1'ntriot.ic decorations mingled wim
the Oregon Agricultural College .col
ors, orange and black, were everywhere.
Streamers of orange and black and a
hune American flag formed a canopy
over the dancers, and also floated from
tho walls. Autumnal foliage was nsed
to encloso the orchestra aud to deco
rate the punch booth. '
the patrons and patronesses lor me
event were: l'resideiit and Mrs. W. .1.
Kerr of Oregon Agricultural college,
Uowruor and Mrs. Withyeombe, Mr.
and -Mrs. Hen W. Olcott, Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas H. Kay, Mr. and Mrs. H. O.
White, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Bishop, Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph 11. Albert, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Hynoii, Mrs. R. S. Wallace,
Mrs. H. (J. Dyer.
One of the delightful affnira of the
week was the "500" party for which
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Moore were
hosts, Friday evening, on the occasion
f their twentieth wedding anniversary.
tiuosts eirc ed six tables of "300'
mid the score honors were! awarded to
Mrs. Frank Howersox anil Charles Kl-
gin. The card rooms were artsiic wim
an nrrnv of colorful autumn leaves.
Assisting the hostess worn her two
laughters, thn Misses Helen and Ruth
Moore and Miss Maude McCoy.
Mr. and Mrs. Moore a guests were:
Mr. mid Mrs. K. H. (Joodin, Mr. and
Mrs. (1. A. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. F. K,
Shfer, Mr. and Mrs. George Lewis,
Mr. and Mrs. Kalph mover, Mr. and
Mrs. John 11. Craig, Mr. und Mrs. Hom
er H. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Kdward Oil-
linghnm, Mr. and Mrs. Frnnk Howersox
Mr. and Mrs. ( hnrles f.lgin, Mr. ana
Mrs. Kobert K. Downing, Mr. and Mrs.
F. A. Kndicott, Mm. Florence Irwin,
Mrs. Alfred Lovelace and Miss Calista
Mr. am) Mrs. Henry It. Thielsen will
entertain the " Merry (!o-Kound" club
at their resilience, on Tuesday even
. . .
Mr. and Mrs. George F. RodgerB have
had as their guest Mr. Rodgers' sis
ter, Mrs. Eva Jones or San rrnncisco.
Mrs. Jones who motored to Oregon with
a party of friends, has been visiting
in Fortlnnd, where sho returned ftuiuy
for a short stay beforo leaving for her
homo in tho sontir. , '
,W .'W, . "
One of the gay little affairs of the
week was tho chafing dish party at
which Mr. and Mrs. William 11. lbirg-
linr.lt, Jr., entertained a small group
oi friends Wednesday night. It was
very informal and the evening, was de
voted to music.
The guests were: Mr. and Mrs.
O.eurge Fn liner l'utnam, Mr. and Mrs.
Mack Hofer, .Miss .Mary I reed How-
aril and Tom Ordemnnn. , -
Honoring. Miss Vinnie Wilson, whose
marriage to Kenneth Itrown will be an
event of Wednesdny, October the eigh
teenth, the Misses Hess and Orctta
Richmond were hostesses for a delight
ful miscellaneous shower at their home
HITS High street, Wednesday evening.
The affair was n eompleto surprise to
the charming bride-elect, who was the
recipient ot many lovely gifts.
A uuiiHie mock wedding wan a fea
ture of the evening. Later tho tmrty
was closed with delightful refresh
ments. A huge basket of fragrant red
arnntions intermingled with ferns
entered tho nrettty table. '
Hcsides the honoree the guest list in-
luded Mrs. II. V. McClean, Mrs. -New
ton Del.oug, Mrs. Johu Itrner, Mrs.
Perry Jones, Mrs. I.eonia Peterson.
Mrs." (Inv Donn, Mrs. Marion B. Hen
Icrson, Mis. John Hilemnu, Mrs. Ami
Long, Mrs. Marie Stringer , and the
Misses Mnv Ward, Lean Suing, Kstel-
la Wilson and I.eiiali Hrunger.
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Craig and
laughter. Miss Hemic Craig, accom
panied by Mr. aud Mrs. Kobert K.
Downing an. I .Miss lliucl liowuiug mo
tored to Albany today to attend the
round up. They will return tonight.
Mr. and Mrs. W. ('. rhiliis entertain
n,l nn Y,t.liit.ttlii- eveninir with nil &t
tractive "JOU" party in celebration ofjed by their inemis.
ineir iwemn wemiuig miui ersary.
(iuests wen ke,l to make up four
table of the gnrue and the score hon
ors were awarded to Mrs. J. t). Xadon,
Frank Davey, Mrs. A. Mickels aud J.
! N'sdou.
At the clow of the card ffumM
dainty supper was served by the hostess
assisted by Mrs, A. J. Davidson.
The invited guests were: Mr. and
Mrs. Itav L. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Mickel, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Nadon, Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Nathman, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Davey. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Dav
idson, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. ladings and
Mrs. John Noud.
Mrs, William Council Dyor and Mrs.
Clyde C. Graham nave gone to Port
land for a short visit.
Mrs. Dyer is the guest of Mrs. Jacob
Kanini. and Mrs. Graham is visiting
her sister, Mrs. II. L. Barbour.
They will return Sunday evening, ae
compauiug Mr. Dyer and Mr. Graham,
who will motor to Portland for them
Sunday morning.
Mr. aud Mrs. William II. F.ldriJge
have as their hous guests, Mr. and
Mrs. Rudolph F. Prael and Dr. and
Mrs. Gustav E. Brurre of Portland,
who motored to Salem today. They will
remain over the week end.
11 ""'l lr- Thomas A. Livwdey
I left Wiilsv for a few dsvm snioors in
A delightful informal Kensington
was given recently -by Mrs. K. K. Bota
ford, who entnrtuined tho members of
tho Bamedi club at the premier meet
ing of the season, at her home on North
Church street. . "
Tho rooms were effectively adorned
with gay colored artificial butterflies
and fragrant roses.
During the afternoon the guests en
joyed two interesting papers on "The
Butterfly." The first was on "J'hc
Structure," of these beautiful crea
tures and was read by the hostess, the
second "The Transformation" was by
Miss Mary Rutherford.
Small tables prettily adorned with
butterfly place cards were arranged
for the refreshments and the hostess
was assisted in the serving by her
two daughters, Mrs. S. J. Hutler, and
Miss Irma Botsford, and Miss Violet
The club members include Mrs. Hen
ry Fawk, Miss Klene Fawk, Mrs. Dee
Oohlson, Miss May Hunt, Mm. L. U.
Josse, Mrs. B. L. Steeves, Miss Julia
A verso n, Miss Mary Rutherford, Mrs.
Fred Legg, Mrs. Mary A. l'utnam, Mrs.
William Rutherford, Mrs. George Sau
der, Mrs. Amos Vass and Mrs. K. E.
As additional guests the hostess ask
ed Mrs. Oeorge Davtes of Stockton,
Cal., Mrs. W. D. Mahoncy and Mrs.
Mooner of Clovis, New Mexico.
Accompanying his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. N. Bush, Asahel Bush and
small son motored to Newport today
to pass the week end.
' Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. McDougal,
accompanied by Dr. and Mrs. Harry K.
Clay, -motored to Portland this after
noon. They will return Sunday night.
The Sweet Briar elub composed of
iii.ont 20 matrons and maids who re
side oil the Wallace roud, was enter
tained on Wednesday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Glenn Adams on North
Capitol street. It was the first gath
ering of the club this season, and a
brief, business seBSiqii was held to elect
new officers. ' ' .-.
Those elected were: Mrs. Al Stciner,
president; Mrs. E. O. Moll,' vice president-
Mrs. W. C. Chaffee. socretr.ry.
Later the afternoon was pleasantly
whiled awnv with ,' ueedlework, for
which attractive, display, the elub was
honored with first prize nt tne siaic
fair this year.
Assisting Mrs. Adiuns in tho serving
were the Misses Esther and Gene Bai-
The rooms were prettily decked with
niiliimnnl fnliaop. '
Tbe club includes the following
Mrs V. C. Franklin. Mrs. H.
l. Webb, Mr. ,E.C Moll, Mm. Glenn
Ailnms, Mrs.-A. It Bunn, Mrs. John
Ferguson, Mrs. D. R. Adams, Mrs.
Jnmes Imlah, Mrs. Jennie Hobson, Mrs.'
J. B. Olingor, Mrs. Al H. Steiner, Mrs.
Charles Chaffee, Mrs. M. t'. i eny
Mrs. Karl Harriett,' Mra. S. V. Kimball,
m;.. Hlin Tnvlor. Mrs. Clyde Beckett
Mm. llenrv Isherwood. Mrs. Cltirabelle
Clark and Miss Belle Miller.
Mn lne Lee Patterson, state re
of. ,,f th Dnuirhters of the American
Revolution, in in Portland; for .week,
paving officinl visits to her chupters.
Mr. aud MrswJohu J. Roberts mo'J
tnrn.t to Albany today :to attend the
round up and will be the guests of Mr.
.i ir iwev Young. They will re
main until Sunday. Tonight the oungs.
and the Rockey .dasons, who are nlo
cntertnining guests during the testivt
tv. will bo hosts for an Informal dance.
' .
Miss Margery Marvin was a visitor
in Portland today.
Mrs. William H. Lytle returned Fri
day night from Portland, where she has
bein the guest of her sister, Mrs. A. h.
Blomquist, for thejast week.
Mrs. Donald Miles, who has been the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Hal urauy iur
IUB- y
riett Harlow) in Portland for several;
. i ri ii.. i.,lit florl
i" Mtr'uetV Miles,!
who aecomiauied her to Portland, will
remain for a day or so longer.
ii.. i ..k p.,;,,),? and her moth
Mr.' Kr.ld Erixon. are now in San
Frnneiseo, having left Salem the early
part of the week to join Mr. Remhart,
who has been in California for several
Tk inton.l to muke their home in
! the southland and will be greatly miss-
About 30 members of the W. R. ( .
were entertaincU nt an all dnys sewing
bee and quilting on Thursday afternoon
nt ba hum llf Mrs. Louisa Fomtner.
A delightful dinner was enjoyed and
tho hostess was assisted by Mrs. J. t.
Tvler and Mrs. C. Barbour.
Thursday night is the important date
vu.lr'i list of eniraceineuts next
aithe hostess was assi
week, as this is the date for the annual j
guild dam, given for the beneru oi
St. Paul a Episcopal enurcn ai me r,
niory. I
Interest increases as the day draws,
.uear. and the women of the guild arc
making strenuous efforts to have thei
dance- this season one of the gnyest aml
most successful iu the history of the-j
Au attractive feature of the affair
will be the exhibition dances by Mr.
and Mrs. Harold Grady, who have just
opened the popular "Harlow-Grady"
home of dancing in Portland.
The Grady are now the eraxe of
Portland and are ealled the Castles of
the west. They are members of the na
tional daucing masters association of
America aud have recently returned
from the east where they have been
doing professional dancing in Chicago
and other eastern cities. They former
ly were on the Pan:age circuit- and
will give an exhibition. Thursday night
of the dance that made them famous,
aud also the latest ball room danees as
accepted at the national dancing mas
ters convention.
The Booth string orchestra composed
of eight pieces will furnish the music
for the dance.
Among those who are nssisting to
make the event a success and arc sell
ing tickets are Mrs. A. Strong, Mrs.
Clifford Farmer, Mrs. Joseph Batim
gartner, Mrs. Russell Catlin, Mrs. Frank
Spears, Mrs. Homer Smith, Mrs. Mar
garet Lovelace, Mrs. Carlton Smith,
Mrs. William Lytle, Mrs. U. 0. Ship
ley, Mrs. Carey Martin,. Mrs. William
Kscn, Mrs. Hudd Bill, Mrs. .lames
Olinger, Mrs. George Post, Mrs. F. J.
Rupert, -Mrs. George Wood, Mrs. Ueorgc
Bingham, "Mrs. Kdward Weller, Mrs. L.
A. Westacott, Mrs. Arvin Steiner, Miss
Murjorie Marvin, Miss Ellen Thielsen,
Miss Priscilln Fleming, Miss Florence
Kseh, Miss Helen Wood, Miss Helen
Deckabach, Miss Eunanc Craig, Misa
Rleanor Rogers, Kugene Houston, Al
lan Jones, Russel Brooks, Archie Holt,
Frederick Deckabach.
w ft
The wonderful weather is prolonging
the golf season and the links continue
to be tho mecea for many society ioik
and devotees on Sundays. Golf was the
all popular sport this summer, not only
among the men, Dnt many -or tne wo
men also are ardent devotees or me
game. A club house is still necessary
however, to create the proper enthusi
asm among the players, ami it is hoped
that Sulem will be able to boast ot an
attractive building next year.
Among tho women goners wno are
fnst becoming good players and are
Been on the links many times during the
week are: Mrs. Johu J. Koberts, -mis.
Guy Sergeant, Mrs. Thomas A. Lives-
ley, -Mrs. ilomer siuiin and .urs. uu
ver Locke.
A merrv picnic, was enioved on
Thursday night by the freshmen of the
Willamette lUuversuy. a nuge nn.v
rack eonveved the happy party to an
attractive spot along the Willamette
where 'a nicnie lunch and various
sanies rounded out the evening's gay
eties. Pofessor Wallace MacMurray
chaperoned the P"y-
lln of thn deliehtfui events sched
uled in the calendar for next week is
the bridge party for which -Mrs. i,eorge
P. Fox will be hostess at her residence
on North Eighteenth street, Saturday
Mrs. A. N. Bush motored to Port-
In,,,! Thnrsilnv. and was accompanied
by her mother and aunt, Mrs. John
Hughes and Mrs. Young, who were re
turning home atter a tew weens vin
- xr t
Salem as the guests of Mrs. Busn
and the J. Frank Hughes,
Miss Winuifred Byrd, who- is now
in New York city, is nt the Hotel Mar
tha Washington and. will be there all
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Bruce Moores,
accompanied by Miss Janet Gray of
Seattle, motored to Eugene tho early
part of the week. They will return
Mrs. William Brown and grandson.
Master Chandler Brown, returned Wed
nesday after n several days delightful
visit in Portland.
Mr. and Mm. Geore Blower (Effie
Mversl who have been passing sev
eral weeks in Palem visiting relatives,
have returned to their home in Los Ail
geles. California.
Mrs. E. C. Cross and daughter, Miss
Veda Cross, accompanied by Mm.
Charles U Dick and daughter, Miss
Paulina Dick, motored to Portland
Thursday morning, returning late the
same e cuing,
Mrs.'E. Cooke Patton has had as her
irnests. her sister. Mrs. A. vt. Keyner,
and Mrs. A. E. Schneider of Portland,
sml Mrs. Hattie Cottrell of San Fran
cisco. The visitors motored to Salem
,.m ... l-A.l,.Ad.lR-
iucm.iv, ..-.u.u,.. ........ .
Mr,. M. A. Goff, who spends the
ffrester rtart of her time ill Salem with
her daughter. Mrs. Thomas C. Smith.
Jr., has gone to Portland to visit Mm.
T. Howard Drake, who is also her
j daughter.
L Q)i)K
i ii t
Mrs. Willis C. Hawley, wife of Con
gressman Hawley, who arrived in Sa
lem Thursday night from Washington,
D. (.'., is being welcomed by her many
friends. .
En route home Mrs. Hawley linger
ed for several days in Kansas City,
where she was the guest of her sister,
Mrs. John Davis. --
' j
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ilorton, who
have been visiting their Son at his
ranch near Albee, Oregon, for tho past
two months, returned to Salem Friday
night. They woro accompanied home by
their daughter, Mrs. William Cromlett
who joined them in Portland.
Mm. George Dnvies of Stockton, Cal. I
who has been visiting her sister, Mrs.
E. E. Botsford, left Thursday for
Shed, Oregon, where she will be the
guest of relatives.
Mrs. Davies will pass most of the
winter m Oregon, .visiting numerous
relatives and friends beforo returning
to her home in the south. She former
ly lived in Salem and her visit here
was made delightful by many little
Prominent Men of Salem
John Henry Albert has been in tho
banking business Jn Salem for nearly
fifty years. He was born in Wheeling
then Virginia, Feb. S, 1830, the family
moving to Cadiz, Ohio, when he was
six years old where ho studied law
amim ivw iu i uu unt . ... time v
Ore(?on with t. fan,iiv of orny in
was admitted to tho bar. Ho came to
LSlio and worked in the general store
conducted by Mr. Gray nt the corner
of Liberty and State streets, the pres
ent location of Brick Bros. His thrift
soon caused him to be admitted into
the ft'rin where he attracted the atten
tion of the late Asahel Hush who was
organizing the Lndd & Bush bouk
which opened business nt the present
site of this bank, being tho first bank
in Salem. Mr. Bush offered young Al
port the position of cashier in prefer
ence to a Portland man, no less a per
sonage than Mr. Geo. Steele, whom Mr.
Ladd had suggested tor tho place, tne
bank was scheduled to open on the
first of April, IHtiS, which fell on Fri
day. Superstition prevailed on Mr. Ladd
changing the date and the pioneer ven
ture was launched on Thursday the Inst
dav of March Si!8. Mr. Albert was
cashier of the Ladd & Bush hank for
seventeen venrs when in HSi he asso
ciated himself with the Inte R.-S. Wal
Absolutely Pur
No Alum No Phosphate
shoes .jim
Never before in all our experience selling v
and fittting has there been so much genuine
Beauty in Shoes. The new styles are really
artistic in modeling. Best of all the manufac
turers haVe kept comfort and nerfect fit
"Ask the woman who wears them."
Absolutely Removes
proves it 25c at all druggists. I
attentions front her friends,
Mrs. Henry B. Thielsen and daugh
ter, Miss Ellen Thielsen, went to Port
land this morning for the day. :
Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Bean of Tenino,
Washington, who are en route home
from attending the round up in Al-
jbanr, were the dinner guests Friday of
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Powers n
their country home, 4 miles north of
Salcra on the Pacific Highway. Before
returning to Tenino, Dr. and Mra. Bean
will visit their ranch near Scotts Mills.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bernard!" anil
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lace and on Oct. 30th of shut year
opened tho Capital National bank, of
which institution he is now president.
Mr. Albert has held many positions of
public trust und has done much phil
anthropic work for his chosen state
and city, but has avoided political of
fices. He has served Salem as presidcnti
of the board of .trade, as a. member. of
the. city council and trustee of the Vil- '
lumette University, and member of the
school board. He was a member of tho
Louis and Clark exposition commission
and is at present a member of the ad
visory board of the Oregon highway
commission. When Gilbert Bros.' bank
became insolvent und several hundred
school children, who were using this
bank as a school savings bank, had kst
their savings Mr. Allxrt voluntarily
took up the debts of a former rival
bank and paid them in full. He is a
Presbyterian but before thero was a
church of this denomination in Salem'
he served as secretary of the
Methodist Sunday school when it was1
the largest in Oregon. Ho donated tho
property to the Sulem hospital which
was the nucleus of that worthy in
stitution. Tho present Albert's Free)
Playground is made possible by Mr. Al
berts philanthropy.