Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 14, 1916, Magazine Section, Image 12

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Final Lists of
Oregon State Fair, 1916
Taxtiile Department, Hand Sewing
Inhibitors, Alius Plorenco Dayton,
I'ortlnnd; Mr. Clara John, Glendnte;
liillinn Roberts, Portland; Mm. L. ('.
Mii-kclsou, Portland; Alarie F. Knight,
Nnlemi Aim. Fred 11. Sdioiik, AleAIiiin-
ville; F.llcn L. Fawk, Snlem; Lora I'lot.l
Albany: Mrs. Kate Bngswell, Portland;
Mrs. Thos. K. Riley,' Alliuuy; Kniinni
treen, Turner; (irnce ('. Siecer, Sa
1cm; Airs. Jelferson -Myers, Portland;
Mrs. ,T. A. Asken, Oregon City; Airs.
Uvo. Neuner, lioscburg; Altu Jones,
Sulcm; Airs. II. K. llnrret, Forest Grove;
Mrs. C. C. Wnlker, Salem; Airs. It. II.
Criinstcd, Kosebnrg; Mrs. At. C. Pettvs,
Salem; Annie Wicdorhuldt, Portlnnd;
Myra F. Pack, llcppner; Fsthor Plank, I
Woodburn; Veda May Cross, Salem; '
Mrs. W. Brown, Salem; Airs. Wayne H.j
Henry, Salem; Mrs. Ray C. linker, Sa-
lem; Airs. (',. Gregory. Salem; Airs. II.
Kostenbonler, Salem; Delia llognn, Sa !
lem; .Mrs. V. L. Gibson, Salem; Minnie'
sen cock, rviicni; i.niian iciicock, ra-j
Hand Sewing
'Hemstitched tea cloth First, AInrie
1'. Knight.
Baby dress Mrs. Kay C. Tinker.
Fancy apron First .Minnie F. Knight
ci-ouil, Mrs. C. Gregory,
Set of bed linen First Veda May
Cross; second, Lorn Plot..
Set of table linen, 7 pieces First,
Mrs. If. II. (irimstcil. v
Any other garment First Anna Wie
dcrhuldt; second, Mrs. Kay C, linker.
Machine Sewing
Apron First, Elene L. Fawk.
Suit of underwent, 3 pieces First.
Mrs. li. 11. Griiustcd; second, .Marie F.
Night dress First, F.lene .L. Fawk.
Any inner garment snowing superior
VforKinaiu-inip hirst. Airs. V, I.,. Gil
Hon; second, Mrs. ii. II. Grimstcd.
Artistic Silk Embroidery
Centerpiece Kensington on linen
First, Airs. II. K. Ilarrct.
Kensington lung and short stitch
f irst, Delia Jlngnn; second, Mrs. Fred
II. Sehenk.
Lunch cloth Kensington on linen
l irst, .Mrs. Geo. N'euner.
Dn-st-cr scarf on linen First, Atrs,
Jefferson Myers; second, .Marie F.
Knight. ,
Sola pillow conventional First, El
ene L. Fawk.
Sola pillow long and short stitch
First, Airs. W. Grown; second, Airs. L.
C. Mickelson.
Sofa pilloy Kensington on solid
First, Marie F. Knight; second, Airs.
It. K. Ilarret t.
Sola pillow cross stitch First Marie
F. Knight.
.flniincl skirt First, Lillian Hub
eris. Display of fancy bags First, F.lene
li. Fawk; second, Airs. Kale Bngswell.
Display of sola pillows, not less than
!i First, Annie Wiederlioldt; second,
Mrs. J. A. Awl. en.
Special Frizes
Collection of needlework, by club not
less than IJ or more than 1.1 pieces
First, Sweet llrinr Club, Salem, It. F.
I. I, box -il; second I'riscilla Club, Sa
lem. Display of 3 or more pieces any kind
of work by women, over Su years of
age First, Airs. W. .1, Humphreys,
Chaw, Oregon.
Display of .", pieces of handicraft
must be iinnsuul such as rug or basket
work First Sara Latimer, Salem, Ore.;
nei'oud, Airs. A. Van Patten, Snlein.
White Embroidery
Seventy three exhibitors.
Centerpiece French and eyelet First
Mrs, Jesse W. Savage, Salem; second,
Grace Hubert son, Turner.
Centerpiece satin stitch First, So
n.ie C. Spears, Sulcm; second, Kmmn
iireen, Turner.
Centerpiece llciinho- First, Mrs. Ella
Toinlinson, Albany.
Centerpiece llnrdinger First, Mrs.
l. W, Wade, Dilley; second. Airs.
Wayne D. Henry, Snlein.
Centerpiece lioimvn rutwork First,
Airs. -I. W. ltenncy, Vancouver, Wn.;
wood, Mrs. Akin K. Lewis, Crabtree,
Lunch cloth French and eyelet First
Mrs. l.illie Wcseot, Albany; second.
Mrs. J. A. Aken, Oregon City.
l.unrh cloth, satin stitch First, Mm.
O. C, l.ocke, Salem; second, Airs. 11. W
hut Ion, Portland.
Lunch cloth, hnrdnuger First, Airs.
O. W. Wade, Portland; sccwml, Etta
White, Salem.
I.iiiic-li ciioth. Roman cutwork First,
Mrs. J. W. Renney, Vancouver, Wash-;
croud. Mrs. AI. A. Pettingell, Portland.
Trar cloth, French and eyelet First,
Mrs. Ray C. Baker, Liberty, Ore.; sec
ond, Afrs. Alary C. Vote, Albany.
Lunch set, T pieces First, Lillian
Huberts, Portland; second, Mrs. J. A.
Asken, Portland.
Sofa pillow, French and eyelet First,
F.lene L. Fawk, Salem.
Sideboard scarf, French and eyelet
First, Airs. J. A. Asken, Oregon City;
second, Anna Mealy, Pottlnnd.
Sideboard tcnrf, satin stitch First,
ITrs. Fred H. Sehenk, AlcAIinnvillu; sec
ond, Elene I Fawk, Salem.
Dresser set 3 piece" First, Mrs. IT. K.
Abel, Snlem.
Dresser scarf, French and eyelet
First, Mrs. Ray C, Baker, Salem; sec
ond, Airs. J. A.' Asken, Oregon City.
I'll! eushion, French and eyelet
First, Mrs- W. II. Abel, Sulcm; second,
Lillian Roberts, Portland.
Pair embroidered pillow slips First,
Teda AIny Cross, Salem; second, Flor
ence Hickox, Portland.
Pair embroidered towels First. Atrs.
J. A. Asken, Oregon City; second, Airs.
Are You Poorly?
Poor health and a run down condition
may be the outcome of a spell of stom
ach trouble;
but listen TRY
Stomach Bitters
A tva rds
Knte Bngswell, Portlnnd.
Sot of lied linen, 3 pieces Frist, Mrs.
Kdna SchiimHker, Jeffersou; second,
Mrs. Lorctla .May, Salem.
J'Set table linen, 3 pieces First, Mrs.
O. C. Locke, Salem; second, Mrs. Thos.
F. Rile, Albany.
Set rmliroidered underwear First.
Alfa Jones, Snlein.
Night gown, Frenrli embroidery
Mrs. Cornell, Grants Pass: second. Anna
Wioderhnld, Portlnnd.
Mght Kov.-ii, French and eyelet
First, Veda May Cross, Salem; second,
Airs. Lorettn .May Salem.
( orsot cover, French and eyelet
First, Mrs. Lorettn May, Salem;
second, Mrs. Fred H. Sehenk, AIcAIinn-
; ville.
Shirt waist, French and eyelet First,
and second, Mrs. I.oretta Alay, Salem.
Shirt waist, French embroidery
First, Lillian Roberts, Portlnnd; second,
Mrs. W. Roone, Snlem.
Set collars and cuffs First, Mrs Ray
C. Baker, Salem; second, F.nimn Green,
i urner,
Baby bonnet First, Airs. Ruv C. Bak
er, Salem; second, Klene L. Fawk, Sa
lem. Knby pillow First, Mrs. II. II. Fawk,
Snlein; second, Lillian Roberts, Portland-
Hit by coach robe First, Airs. Ray C.
Baker, Salem.
.Baby skirt First. Lillian Roberts.
Portlnnd: second. Airs. E. W. Peterson;
Slinw, Ore.
Bnby dress First. Airs. Ray 0. Buk
er, Salem; second, Sophia C. s'penrs, Sn
lem. Child's dress First, Airs. Ray C
Buker, Salem; second, Airs. E, W. Peter
son, Shaw, Ore.
Display of (i embroidered handker
chiefsFirst, Airs. Cornell, Grants
Pass; second. Airs. Kate Bagswcll,
Portia nd.
Display of 3 lingerie bags First, El
ene L. Fanks, Snlem.
Collection 3 fancy aprons First,
Airs. Ray C. Baker, Snlem; second, Airs
J. A. Askcii, Oregon City.
Display Swedish dnrning, 3 pieces
First, Airs. Ella Tomlins Albanv;
second. Airs. F. I.. Pnrvin. Snlein.
Embroidered tablecloth First. Afrs.
Mary E. Fox. Albany; second, Airs- L.
A. Creitz, Portlnnd.
Centerpiece, French kind First. Afrs.
Francis Newberry, Salem.
Pair towels, Swedish darning First.
Anna Wieilerhnld. Portland.
Alt. Alollii-k centerpiece First, Aire.
F. L. Hoskins. Talbot, Ore.
Oriental display First, I.eunpcarl
Wright. Salem.
Sjiecial wooluuilt First, .Mnttir John
son, Macleay, Ore.
Colored Cotton Embroidery
IK exhibitors.
Lunch cloth First. Lora Plot, Al
bany; second. Snrn Latimer, Salem.
Centerpiece First. Alorie F. Knight
Nalcni; second, Airs. C. Gregory, Sa-
Centerpiece French knot First, Afrs
Will Foster, Salem; second. Annis Wie
deihold, Portland.
Dresser scarf First. Alpha Potmen,
naiciii; seconu. .Mrs. limns I). Wait, Sa
lem, Collar and cuff set First. Airs. Ray
('. linker. Snlem.
Sofa pillow First., Airs Jefferson
Meyers,-Portland; second, Afrs. Rnv C.
linker, Salem.
Set of t! knuilhereliicPs First, Aloree
F. Knight, Salem.
Display of 3 fancy bags First, Elene
L. Fawk, Salem.
Pair of towels First, Mrs. Kate
liagswcll, Portland.
Set of bed linen 3 pices First, Alpha
Potmen, Salem; second, Airs. E. J.
Roth, Portland. '
Single apron First Afrs. Ray C.
linker, Snlem; second, Aliss Louisa Iloh-
bcrger, Po, Ore.
Night gown First, Airs. Geo. Xeun
er, Kosetiurg.
Cross stitch table cloth or runner
First, Airs. Af. AI. Hofer, SaJem; second
Elene I.. Fawk, Snlem.
Display of cross stitich 3 nieces
First, Airs. E. A. Colony, Salem; second
Airs. m. AlcCulluni, Snlem.
Table runner First, 'Airs. Jefferson
Myers, Portland.
I'illow slips First, Altn .Tones, Sn
lem; second, Air. Ennis P. Wait, Sa
lem. Cross stitch pillow First, Afrs. AI. Af.
Hot'er, Snlem; second Airs. Kate Bags
well, Portland.
Bungalow set not less than i pieces
First, Zoe F.. Olmsted, Salem; second
Airs. Ennis P. Wait, Salem.
Point Lace, Battenburg and Duchess
Duchess Ihco handkerchief First,
Mrs. AI. AI. Hofer, Salem; second. Airs.
A. T. Bird. Portland.
Pitches lace collar Firtt, Mrs. Ella
Tonilinsou, Albany; second, Mrs. P. A.
Kingsley, Snlem,
Duchess Inoo centerpiece First, Mrs.
AI. AI. Hofer, salem; second, Mrs. Geo.
N'euner, Roscburg.
Duchess lace display 4 pieces First.
Airs. Ella Tomlinson, Albany.
Point lace handkerchief First, Airs.
Geo. N'euner, Portland; second, Airs.
AI. M. Hofer, Snlem.
Point lace collar First, Louise Hoh-
bergor, Po, Oregon.
Point lace baby bonnet First, Airs.
Clara Af. Cheadie, Lebanon; second,
.Mrs. I.llu Tomlinson, Albany.
Point lace display 4 pieces First
and second, Mrs. H. O. nirkox. Tort
land. Bntenburc table scarf First, Airs.
0. W. Coolidge. Salem; second, Airs. A.
Edi. k. Scio. 1
liatenburg display 4 pieces iRifct,
Airs. D. A. Kiugsley, Salem; second,
Airs. F.Ua Tomlinson,' Albany.
Lace lunch cloth set First, Delia
Ilogiin, Snlem.
j . special i
Fern Bat unburn opera coat First,
Mr. J. A. Asken, Oregon City.
Drawn Work
T.nneh cloth First. Mrs. Cornell,
Grants Pass; second, Mrs. M. C. Pet
lev. Snlent.
Sofa pillow First, Airs. W. L. Skip
ton, snlem; second, Mrs, M. C. Pettey,
Centerpiece First, Afrs. Geo. Xeun
er, Host-burg; second, Annie vweuer
holJ, Portland.
Tair pillow slips First, Afrs. Geo.
N'euner, Roseburg; second, Mrs. Jose
phine Childers, Salem,
Pair of towcls Airs. Josephine Chil
ders, Salem.
Side board scarf First, Airs. A. S.
Hnsscy, Salem; second, Airs. Josephine
Childers, Saleut.
Handkerchief First, Airs. Clara AI.
Cheadie, Lebanon; second, Mrs. Belle
Cornforth, Salem.
Display of 3 pieces First, Airs. Geo.
tenner, Koscburg; secoiul, Airs. Jose
phine Childers, Salem.
4 Exhibitors.
Collar white standing First, Mrs.
Kate Bngswell, Portland; second, Mrs.
D. AIcLin, Portland.
Collar ecru, lay down First. Airs.
D. AlcLin, Portland; second, Airs. A.
Kdick, Scio.
Collar and cuff set First. Airs. D.
AlcLin, Portland; second, Anna Loniui
rous, Scotts Mills.
Handkerchief with wide edge First
Airs. D. AlcLin, Portland; second Annie
Wiederbobl, Portland.
liagFirst, Airs. P. AlcLin, Portland;
second, Airs. Fred H. Sehenk, AIcMinii-
Baby bonnet First, Anny Hughes,
Salem; second, Airs, Xelson ilursey,
Set of rt medallion First. Lncr Ash
ton, Tangent.
Set of 0 doilies First, Lucy Ash ton,
Centerpiece First, Anna Commrous,
Scotts Alills; second, Airs. Stella AI.
White, Snlem.
Pair of towels tatting, trimmed
First, Airs. A. E. W'helbeck, Hnlsey;
second, Airs. Alary A. Shaver, Salem.
Display of fating fi pieces First. Mrs.
D. McLin, Portland; second, Airs. A.
E. Whelbeck, Hulsey.
D orset cover First, Airs. D. AlcLin,
Portland; second, Rosamond Gilbert,
711 exhibitors, in this class largest
number ever entered.
Ladys shawl First, Airs. F. L. Tal
but; second, Elene L. Fnwk, Salem.
Childs sac(ue First, Airs. Kate Bags
well. Portland: second. Airs. Will fos
ter, Snlem.
Slippers First, Airs. E. C. Cross, Sa
lem; second, Aloree F. Knight, Salem.
Afghan First, Airs. H. W. Sitton
Portland; Airs. A. L. Creitz, Portland.
Bedspread First, Airs. Henry Scliroe
der, Pratiim; second, Grace C Spencer,
Bedspread fillet First, Airs. Fred
Berchtold. Corvallis: second. Airs. L.
A. Crietz, Portland.
Filet centerpiece First, Airs. Emma
Murphy, Portland; second, Airs. AI. AI.
Hofer, Snlem.
Filet collar and cuffs First. Olgn
Lyon, Scio.
Filet collar First, Airs. Will Foster,
Sulem; second, Prudence I'ardue, Grants
Filet bag First, Airs. Will Foster.
Salem; second, Louise Hohberger, Port
land. Pair of towels fillet First, Airs. Will
Foster, Salem.
Single towel filet trimmed First,
Grace C. Spencer, Salem; second, Airs.
Will Foster, Snlem.
Set crochet doilies First, Airs. E.
('. Cross, Salem; second, Airs. Kate
Bngswell, Portland.
Lunch set all crochet First, Jessie
C. Vendor, Salem; second, Olgn Lyon,
Xight gown or chemise yoke all
chochet First. Airs. O. L. Bird, Port
land: second, Grace C. Spencer.
Night gown or chemise yoke with
braid First. Airs. L. C. Aliekelson,
Portland; second, Airs. H. O. Hickox.
Irish collar and cuff set First, An
nie Wiederhobl, Portland
Irish collar First, Afrs. Cornell,
Grants Tass; second, Annie Wiederhobl
Irish bag First, Afrs. AI. AI. Hofer
Salem; second. Airs. D. A. Kiugsley, Sa
Xacrame bag First and second, Afrs.
AI. A. Pettingell, Portland.
Display of filet, 3 pieces First, Airs.
E. C. Cross, Salem; second, Airs. Fred
II. Scheuk. AIcAIinnville.
Display of Irish 5 pieces First, Airs.
L. A. Creitz. Portlnnd; second, Airs.
Kate llagswell, Portland.
Filet crochet corset cover First,
Prudence Pardue, Grants Pass; second
Airs. Edna Huusaker, Jefferson.
Filet crochet night gown First, Alo
ree F. Knight, Salem; second, Airs. M.
E. Gill, Portlnnd.
Warp crochet First, Airs. A. ,Ti Bark
hurst, Salem,
Lunch set IS pieces First, Airs. Win.
I to x in it a, Portland; second, Sophie C.
Spears, Salem.
Pillow First, Airs. Wayne Henry,
Snlem; second, H. O. Hickox, Portland.
Table ruuner Fvrst, Airs. AI. E. Gill,
Portland; second. .Margaret Afiinson,
Display of usefu I articles First,
Airs. Emma Alurphy, Portland; second,
ilattie E. Bnrtholomay. Portland.
Centerpiece First, Airs. P. A. Kings
ley, Salem.
Knitting, 42 Exhibitors.
Bedspread First, Mrs. C. J- Krueger,
Sulem; second, Airs. C, I., Holm, Sn
Slippers First, Airs. Kate Bagswcll,
Portland; second, Mr. Heary Fawk,
Shawl First, Airs. Emma Battel!. Sa
lem; second, Mrs. K- U. Griusted, Rose
burg. Display of 3 or more useful articles
First, Airs. R. I,, tllwood; secoud, Mrs.
Maggie Leff, Salem.
Hand Work, Women 0er 60 Years of
Age, 48 Exhibitors. .
Three Hemstitched handkerchiefs
First, Mrs. Mary A. Shaver, Salem.
Fancy apron First. Mrs- Clara Johns.
Olendale, Ore.; second. Airs. Sarah
Ware, Salem.
Centerpiece, silk embroidery First,
Anna Commrous, Scotts Alills, Ore.
Centerpiece, white embroidery Frist,
Mrs. D, Cade, West Salem: second. Mrs.
Jane William, Salem.
Lunch cloth, white embroidery First,
Atrs. Francis Newberry. Salem; second,
Airs. James Mitchell, Sulem.
Pair of embroidered pillow slips
First, Mrs. Margaret Mathers. Snlem:
ccond, Airs, James Mitchell, Salem.
Bed quilt, silk patchwork crazy
First, Airs. Amanda Carl. Salem; second.
Airs. S, J. Aleredith, Portland.
Bed quilt, eottou patch work (ot
rraiy) First, Mrs. AI- M. Small, Sil
verton; second, Mrs. S. A. Lewis, Rick
reall. Ore.
Shawl, crocheted First. Afrs. AI. At.
small, Silvertou; secoud, Airs. At. D
Kern, Gresham.
Shawl, knit First, Airs. F.rnestine
Krdinun, Medford; second, Mrs. P. I
Gier, Salem.
Bedspread, crocheted First. Afrs. J.
A. Page, Salem; second, Mrs. H. E. Hin-
ton, roriiauu.
Bedspread, knit First,-Anna Comm
rous, Scotts Mills, Ore.; second, Mrs.
Alary A. Shaver, Salem.
Two yards knit lace First, Airs. Ern
nstine Erdman, Aledford; secoud, Airs.
Clara Johns, Salem.
Two yards crocheted lnce First, Airs.
J- A. Page, Salem; second, Airs. Jane
Williams, Salem.
Display 3 pieces of erochet work
First, Airs. D. W. Afatthews, Salem;
second, Airs. A. J. Parkhurst, Snlem.
Needle-craft, for Oirhj Under 14 Years.
Display crocheting, 3 pieces First,
Thulma Alunima, Sulem; second, Doro
thy Copley, Snlem-
Display of tattinir First. Dorothy
Copley, Salem: secoud. Gladys Bussett.
uaiea, jre.
Pair of embroidered ' nillow alius
nrsi, Dcyn cooper, pulem.
Fancy apron First, Beyrl Cooper, Sa
lem; second, Bessie Mum'mn, Salem.
Xight gown First,. Tkulina. Mumma.
Salem. . .
Sofa pillow, silk, embroidered First,
Youise Wick, Sulem; secoud, Elsie
Wick, Salem.
Child's dress, hand made First,
Agnes Fuller, Lyons, Ore.
Display cross stitch, 3 pieces First,
Arneta Roberts, Salem; second, Lenta
Dressed doll First, Alarie Waggoner,
Turner, Ore.
Collection of doll hats First. AInrie
TV . T l . ..."
Waggoner, Turner.
Cereal Foods Domestic Baking.
Salt rising bread first Airs. O. P.
Hoff, Salem.
Potato yeast bread first Afrs. Af." L.
Barber, Salem; second Mrs. J. L. Alun
son, Salem.
Xut bread first Mrs. Alice Lane,
Salem; second Jessie C. Vender, Snlem.
Steamed brown bread first Cather
ine X'. Brown, Salem; second Airs. Roy
Kern, Gresham.
Baking powder biseuit-sjfirst Airs.
R. V. Ohiuart, Salem; second Airs. J.
L. Afunson, Sulem.
Half dozen doughnuts first Grace
C. Spencer, Salem; second Airs. E. F.
Wright, Salem.
One dozen cookies plain first Afrs.
E. F. Wright, Salem; second Jessie C.
Vender, Salem.
One dozen fruit cookies first Afrs.
Af. L. Barber, Salem; second Airs.
Charles AI. Eppley, Salem.
Coffee cake first Winifred Benison,
Salem ; second Jessie C. Vender, Sulem.
Layer cake first Airs. AI. L. Barber,
Salem; secoud Grace' Roberson, Turner.
Fruit cake first Mrs. V.. F. Wright,
Loaf cake first Afrs. AIny Gibson,
Salem; second Aliss Veda Alay Cross,
Augel cake first Airs. Gibson,
Salem; second Jessie C. Vender, Salem.
Assortment or 3 cakes first Jessie
V. Vender, Salem; second Airs. Chas.
AI. Eppley, Snlem.
Whole wheat bread first Airs. E. F.
Wright, Salem; second Airs. Atay Gib
son, Snlem.
One pound nougat first Winifred
Benison, Salem; second Airs. Alay Gib
son, Salem..
preserves, r tcxies, ttc.
Largest and best collection domestic
canned fruits in quart jars first Airs.
A. V. Oliver, Riekreall; second Mrs. F.
U Purvine, Salem.
Largest and best assortment of
cntsups and meat sauces in bottles
first Airs. Alay Gibson, Salem; second
Jessie ('. Vender, Snlem.
Largest and best assortment fruit
jellies, 10 or more in glasses first
Airs. A. V. Oliver, Rickh-eall; second
Mrs. A. G. Roberts, Riekreall; third
Airs. Roy Kern, Gresham.
Largest and best assortment pre
serves in preserve jars first Jessie C.
Vender, Sulem; second Airs. Aluy Gib
son, Salem.
Largest and hest assortment of
jams first Jessio C. Vender, Snlem;
second, Afrs. Alay Gibson, Salem.
Best assortment canned vegetables
not less than 0 first Jessie C. Vender,
Salem; second Airs. Alay Gibson,
Largest aud best assortment of
pickles first Airs. Roy Kern, Gres
ham; second Mrs. Jessie C. Vercler,
Largest and licst assortment of
sweet pickles, 5 or more in glass bot
tlesfirst Jessio C. Vender, Salem;
second Airs. AInv Gibson, Salem.
Cereal Foods Misses Under 14 Years.
Potato yeast bread first Clifford
Irwing, Salem. '
Baking powder biscuit first Vellida
Ohmart, Snlem.
Layer cake first Lent Baumgart
ner, Snlem; second Helen Marcus,
Salem. . .
Loaf cake first Ruth Tucker,
Sulem; second Selma Alathis, Salem.
Professional class.
Collection of" green houso plants on
100 square feet First, Henry Clemen
son, Newberg.
Collection of dunlins, shown flat
First, Gill Bros. Seed Co.
Semi-nrofessional. .
Collection of geraniums 6 pots First
Mrs. Alary E. Hass, Salem.
Collection of not plants other than
geraniums First Airs. Alary E. Haas,
Hanging basket First, Mm. Mary h.
l'orch box First. AI. E. Brooks, Sa
lem; second, Airs. Alary K. Haas, Sa
lem. Collection of cut flowers other than
dahlias First, Mrs. Alary E. Haas,
second, Airs. F. L. Purvine, Salem.
Collection or cut roses first, -Mrs.
F. I, Purviue, Salem.
Collection of astors In vases. 13 blos
soms to vase tint, Airs. -Mary r..
Haas, Salem.
Best specimen pot plant First, Mrs.
Mary K. Hast, Salem.
Begonia in pot First. Sirs. Mary E.
Haas, Salem; second, Mrs. F. L. Pur
vine, Salem.
Amateur class.
Collection of pot plants other than
geraniums, 8 pots First, Mrs. Wayne
B. Henry, Sulem; second, uleau 1'ur-
vine, Salem,
Collection of blooming geraniums 6
pots First, Airs. W. II. Parker, Salem.
Hanging basket First, Atrs. W. H.
Parker; second, Mrs. C. Spitibart, Sa
lem. Pon-h box with plants First, Mrs.
W. II. Parker, Salem.
Collection of cut flowers other than
dahlias First, Airs. W. H. Parker, Sa
lem; second, Mrs. W". Harvey Crawford
Salem. :
Collection of sweet peas 6 vases 5
blooms each First, Afrs. H. R. Presnall
Turner; second, Mrs. W. H. Parker, Sa
Collection of roses (1 rases 5 blooms
to vase First, Airs. Wayne D. Henry,
Collections of astors 6 vases 1j
blooms to vase First, Mrs. W. H. Par
ker, Salem; second, Mrs. H. R. Pres
nall, Turner.
Specimen pot plant First, Mrs. W.
II. Parker, Salem; second. Mrs. C.
Spitzbart, Salem: third. 8. E. Walton.
X'ovelties 1st Salem Floral society
Begonia in pot First. Ralpr W. Em
mons, Salem; second, Airs. Lizzie W
Smith, Salem; third, Airs. Wavne D.
Henry, Salom.
4 vases any cut flowers not mention
ed above First, Mrs. W. H. Parker,
Salem; second, Afrs. Wayne D. Henry,
Stiecial sweet peas First, V. Pvk-
stra, "Salem.
variety Alonday Firstj Mrs
F. LTurvine, Salem.
Decorative variety Tuesday First,
Mrs. t. li, Purvine, Salem.
Cactus variety Wednesday First,
-Mrs. t. u. Purvine, Salem.
General collection of all tvpes and
varieties Thursday First, Airs. F. L.
Purvine, Salem.,
Sweet peas for exhibition onlv First
V. Dykstra, Snlein.
Amateur dahlias (junior
Decorative variety Tuesday First,
liatpn w. r.mmoiis. Snlem.
Cactus variety Wednesday First,
Ralph W. Emmons, Salem.
General collection of all types and
varieties Thursday First, Ralph W.
Emmons, Salem.
Amateur dahlias (senior)
Cactus variety Wednesday First,
.Mrs. Anna Billings, Tillamook.
General collection of all types and
ivarieties rFirst, Airs. Annn Billings,
anil land
scapes j , .
Group (1 portraits must include 1
bust, 1 two thirds, and one- full size
First, C. Elmore Graver Portland.
Best collection of landscapes or ma
rines First, A. L. Thomas, Xewport.
Amateur photography
Photographic views, landscaies; col
lection to consist of not more than 24
First, J. R. Wharton, Koscburg; sec
ond, Glenn AI. Davidson, Gresham.
l'ortraits or geuco. best, collection
not more than 21 First, JAIis. F. W.
Chase, Salem.
Contact print First, Airs. F. W
Chaee, Salem; second, O. A. Xelson,
lentralia, n.
Oil paintings
Portrait from life, exhibited for first
time l-irst, S. Mizuero, Portland; sec
ond, Grace Hunt, Snlem.
Figure study life First, Airs. AI. F.
Woods, Salem; secoud, Aliss Grace L.
Hunt, Portland.
Landscnpe sketch from nature First
Clyde Leon Keller; second H. AI. (ill
bert, Salem.
Marine sketch frbm nature First,
Henry Lee, Sulem; second, D. E. Aley-
ers, Talbot.
Animal study from life First, R, AI.
Gilbert, Salem; second, Airs. S. AI. We
ber, Alilwaukie.
Flowers from nature First, Alargar
et Gill, Salem; second, Airs. Frederick
Berchtold, Corvallis.
Fruit from nature First, G. H. Fow
ler, Portland; second, Airs. Frederick
Berchtold, Corvallis.
Still life, original composition First
G. H. Fowler, Salem; second, Airs. G.
G. Shirley, Alc.Minnville.
Water color painting (open class)
Portrait from life First, Atargaret
Gill, Salem; second, AlnTgaret Legg,
Figure study from life First. Clyde
Leon Keller, Portland; second, Margar
et Gill, Salem.
Landscape from nature First, Hel
ena Oates, Fortlsnd; second, C. M. Epp
ley, Salem.
Flowers from nature First, Miss
Elenor Carr, Portland.
Fruit from nature First, Margaret
Gill, Salem; second, Poris Evans Pew
therer, Salem.
Still life original composition First
Alargaret Gill, Salem; second, Poris Ev
ans Pewtherer, Salem.
Marine from nature First, Aliss Eli
nor Carr, Portland; second, Clyde Leon
Keller, Portland.
Pastel (open class)
Portrait from life First, Aliss Eli
nor Carr, Portland.
Life study First, Eva M. Good
speed, Salem; second, Edith Morgan,
Flowers from nature First, Margar
et Gill, Salem.
Laudscaiie from nature First, P. E.
Movers, Talbot; second, Aliss Elinor
Carr, Portland.
Marine from nature First, 8. Mi
zuero, Portland; second, Miss Cora
Hundry, Salem.
Work iu monochromes
Figure full length from life exhibit
ed for first time First, Edith Morgan
Alilwaukie; second, Miss Grace L. Hunt
Head from life First, Miss Grace L.
Hunt, Portland; second, Renslta It
Swart, Salem.
Still life original composition First
Mrs. AI. F. Woods, Portland.
Charcoal sketch from nature or life
First, Doris Evans Pewtherer, Sa
lem; second, Miss Grace L. Hunt, Port
land. Pencil sketch from nature or life
First, Mararet Gill, Salem; second.
Miss Grace L. Hunt, Portland.
Amatenr under 16 years of age
Landscape or marine sketch from
nature in color First, Atargaret Far
rfngton, Portland; second, f Muriel
Steeves, Snlem.
Ijfe study First, ATurlel Steeves,
Salem; second, Atabel Claire West, Sa
lem. Still life study First, Afuriel Steev
es, Salem; second, Linnea .Nelson, Med
ford. Miscellaneous open to all
Tapestry painting open to all First
and second, Et M. Goodspeed, Salem.
Book cover, original design First,
Airs. M. G. Douglas, Eugene; second.
Mrs. S. AI. Webber, Wilwankie.
Magazine cover original design
First, Airs. J. E. Waggoner, Turner.
Leather tooled First, Afrs. M. G.
Douglas, Eugene; second, Mrs. M. F.
Woods, Portland.
Clay modeling First, Edith Morgan,
Alilwaukie; secoud, Mrs. M. F. Woods.
I'oster original (in color( First, Mrs
.1. v aggoner, 1 urner.
Cnrtoon First, Mrs. J. E. Waggoner
Turner; second, Dewey Auller, Latah,
Carved wood First, R. AI. Milter,
Salem. '
lvrniraiiliy Firr Ctive Af. Sniv.
Silhouettes First. M. S. Bellamy,
Tacoma, Wash.; second, Austin J. Aey-
lon, Portland.
Pen and ink perspectin First, Le-
Roy Hewlitt, Salem.
Silk and yarn First, E. V. Jensen,
Bee and Honey Department.
Best display of honey producing
plants of Oregon pressed and mounted
bearing common and proper name, local
ity collected and date of blooming
First, L. C. Fones, Carleton, Ore.
Specimen of honey comb not less than
24 pounds First, Jack Hyud, Cecil,
Ore.; second, L. C. Fones, Carleton,
Speciman of honey extracted not less
thau 24 pounds first, u. C. rones,
Speciman of beeswax, not less than 10
pounds First, Frank il. Alley, Salem;
second, L, C. Fones, Carleton, Ore.
Honev vinegar, not less than 1 gal
lon, shown in glass First, L. C- Fones,
Carleton, Ore.
Single comb nucleous, three banded
Italian bees First, Frau AI. Alley, Sa
lem. Single comb nucleus Golden Italian
bees First, Fran AI. Alley, Salem.
Single comb nucleus, Caucasian bees
First, L. C. Fones, Carleton, Ore.
Best displny of Queen bees of dif
ferent strains First, L. C. Fones, Carle
ton, Ore.
Alost comple'tc and modern display of
hives, tools, accessories for use about
the apiary First, L. C. Fones, Carle
ton, Ore.
The best, most attractive, interesting,
instructive and varied exhibit in this
lepartment, all things considered
First, L. C. Foues, Carleton, Ore.
Dairy Creamery Butter..
Crenmery butter, not less than
pounds, iu cubes or squares in plain
wrappers First, Alarian Creamery &
Produce company, Salem; second, Xor
w ay Creamery company, Norway, Ore.
Dairy butter, not Icsb than 12 pounds,
in squares Frist, Carl Aliddlestead,
Crabtree, Ore.; -second, Mrs. Leonard
Gilkey, Thomas, Ore.
Display of dairy products First, T.
S. Townsend Creamery compnny, Port
lnnd; second, L'niou Aleat company,
Portland, Ore-
Amerienn cheese, not less than 20
pounds First, Hugh Barber, Tillamook;
second, H. AI. Bihertnn, Tillamook;
third, Chris. Nelson, Alyrtlc Point, Ore.;
fourth, A. J. Sehmelzer, Beaver, Ore.
Display of cheese other than the
nbove First, I'nion- Meat company,
Creamery and Dairy Butter Score.
Alarion Creamery company, Salem
nrst, ji;i.3 l j.
Norway Creamery company, Norwny
rteconct, yii-iKi 2-3.
A. A. Oswald, Portland Third, fi3.05.
Henry Belloin, Coquille Fourth,
Af. W. Rasmussen, Portlnud Fifth,
S. O. Rice, Alt. Angel Sixth, fll.
Carl Aliddlestadt, Crabtree First,
.1H t il.
Atrs, Leonard Gilkev, Thomas Sec
ond, 80 1-2. "
Hugh Barber, Tillamook First,
II. AI. Biberton, Tillamook Second,
93 1-2.
Chris. Nelson, Myrtle Point Third.
j i-i.
Steven Bauer, Ncskowin, Ore.
Fourth, 91.
Milking Contest.
First, H. W. Jones, Amity, Holsteia,
Johunua De Kol of B.". value fat
Second, Pickard Bros., Alarion, Jer
sey, "Ijidy Silken Glow," value of fat,
Third, Wm. Bishop, Chimicam, Hoi
stein, ''Jefferson Lilly Second," value
or tat, fl.Huyws-
Fourth, Frank Loughary, Atonmouth,
Jersey, "Octavias Duchess," value of
fat, L7S2252.
Fifth, T. T. Hewitt, Alonmouth, Jer
sey, "La Belles Girl," value of fat,
f 1.1 llti-HZ.
Individual Farm Exhibits,
Western Oregon District.
D. M. Lowe, Jackson county, Ashland,
Ore., first; Chester Alichelson, Multno
mah county, Portland, Ore, second.
Eastern Oregon District.
A. C. Alinor, Morrow county, Hepp
ner, Ore., first; Ivan Stewart, Wheeler
county, fossil, ore., second.
Oregon Raised Seeds.
Sample of white beans First, Clair
Donker, Aumsville, Ore.; second, Leon
ard Gilkey, Turner, Ore.
Sample of rape First, L. C. Fones,
Carleton; second, Paul Jaeger, Sher
wood. Sample of carrot First, Leonard Gil
key, Turner; second, L. C. Fones, Carle
ton. Sample of cabbage First, L. C.
Fones, Carleton.
Sample of sugar beets First, L. C.
Fones, Carleton.
Sample of mangel-wurzel First,
Leonard Gilkey, Turner; second, L, C.
Fones, Carleton.
Sample of reas First, L. C. Fones,
Carleton; second, Paul Jaeger, Sher
wood. Sample of flax seed First, Leonard.
Gilkey, Turner; second, L. C. Fones,
Sample of timothy First, L. C.
Fones, Carleton.
Sample of red clover First. C. J.
Ramsden, Macleay; second, V. V. Hic
kox, Ontario, Ore.
Sample of white clover First, L. C !
Fones, Carleton.
Sample of orehardrass First, L. C.
Foaes, Carletoa, Or.
Sample of Alsyke eloveT First, Leon
ard Giliker, Turner; second, L. C
Foaes, Carleton.
Sample of golden millet First, Leon-
Pottery, hand made First,
Alorgan, Alilwaukie.
ard Gilkey, Turner; second, L. C. Fonts,
Sample of alfalfa First, V,
V. Hio-
xox, Ontario.
Sample . of red top First, I C.
Fones, Carleton.
Sample of French rye First, L. C.
Fones, Carleton.
Sample of Italian rye First, L. C.
Fones, Carleton.
Sample of vetch First, L. C. Foues,
Displny onion sets, yellow Pavers
First, J- C. Leedy, Beaverton, Ore.
Sample of not less than 1-2 bushel
Bluestem wheat First, Paul Joeger.
Sherwood; second, L. C. Fones, Carle
ton. Sample of not less than 1-2 bushel
Phobi wheat First. C. J. Bamsdea.
Samples of not less than 1-2 bushel
Oregon Spring wheat first L.' C.
Foaes, Carlton.
Sample of 1-2 bushel Little Club
wheat first V. V, Hickox, Ontario:
sccona u. i:. f ones, Carlton.
Sample 1-2 bushel Fortyfold wheat
first L. C. Fones, Carlton.
Sample of not less than 12-bushel
White Velvet wheat first L. C. Fones,
Commercial Exhibit Apples. .
Display of 75 boxes. 3 varieties First
L. B. Skinner & Sous, Roseburg; second.
D. M. Lowe, Ashland.
Display of 3 boxes, 2 varieties First,
Geo. Armstrong, Corvallis; second, Ik
AI. Lowe, Ashland.
Display of 3 boxes, 2 varieties First,
D. AI. Lowe, Ashland.
Display of 3 crates 2 varieties First,
Airs. J. A. Rulifson, Salem.
Single Box Exhibits Apples.
Spitzcnberg First, D. M. Lowe, Ash
land. Yellow Newton First, D. M. Lone,
Baldwin First, Geo. Armstrong, Cor
vallis. Gravenstein First, Mrs. J. A. Rulif
son, Salem.
Jonothau First, Airs. J. A. Rulifson,
Salem; second, D. Af. Lowe. Ashland.
Winter Danaua First, D. M. Lowe,
Plate Exhibit Apples.
Baldwin First, Atrs. A. J. Rulifeoa,
Gravenstein First, Mrs. A. J. Rulif
son. Salem.
Graimea Golden First. Mrs A .T R
lifson, Salem; second, D. M. Lowe, Ask-
141 II U.
Jonothan First, D.' il. Lowe, Ash
laud. Northern Spy Airs. J. A. Bulifron.
Yellow Newton Pippins First, D. M.
Spitzcnberg First, A. J. Green,
Grants Pass; second. D. M. Lowe, Ash
land, n
AVinesap First, Adolph Skavbo, Her
miston. Winter Banana thirst, D. M. Lowe,
Ashland; second, A. J, Green, Grant-t
Yellow Bellflower First, D. AI. Lowe.
. Grains and Grasses.
Sample of 1 bushel Defiance wheat
first C. J. Ramsden, Maclenv.
Sample of 1-2 bushel Win'et Whit
nneai nrst c. ,1. Ramsden, Macleay:
second I,. C. Fones, Carleton.
Sample of 1-2 bushel Golden Chaff
wheat first L. C. Fones, Carleton.
Sample of 1-2 bushel Red Fife wheat
first L. C. Fones, Carleton.
Sample of 1 bushel any other var
ietyfirst Paul Jaeger," Sherwood:
second L. C. Fones, Carleton.
Sample of 1 bushel Winter Barley
first L. O. Fones, Carleton; seeoad
Paul Jaeger, Sherwood.
Sample of 1-2 bushel Surprise oats
first Mrs. Augusta Jaeger, Sherwood.
Sample 1-2 bushel White Side oats
first Mrs. Augusta Jaeger, Sherwood,
second L, C. Fones, Carleton.
Sample 1-2 bushel Tree or Banner
oats first Afrs. Augusta Jaeger, Sher
wood; second L. C. Fones, Carleton.
Sample 1-2 bushel Russian Whit
Winter oats first L. C. Fones, Carta
ton. Sample 1-2 bushel Oree-on (Ira
first Jaul Jaeger, Sherwood; Beeond
L. C Fones, Carleton.
Sample 1-2 bushel Swedish Select
oats first Mrs. Augusta Jaeeer: sm-
ond Geo. Schaaps, Pratum, Oregon.
carapie i-s ousnei snolled corn first
C. W. West, Oswego.
Sample 12 ears white field mm
first Clair Donker, Aumsville; second
C. W. West, Oswego.
Sample 1-2 bushel buckwheat first
L. C Fones, Carleton.
Display of Winter wheat. 3 varieties.
5 sheaves each first L. C. Fones,
Display of 3 varieties spring wheat,
sheaves each first L. C. Foaes.
Collection of trasses. 13 varieties
first L. C. Fones. Carletoa.
Hops, best display in eared state,
100 pounds first James Middletoa.
Dallas; second Romeo Gouley, Brooks.
Exhibit of clover. 5 samules first
Chester Alichaelson, Port bind; second
G. E. MeCrere. MeCor.
Exhibit of alfalfa. S samnles first
V. V. Hickox, Ontario,
Mangel-Wurzei, 6 snecimans first
C. D Nairn, Amity; second J. K.
Lantz, Cove.
Best display of cabbage first J. K.
(Continued on page three.)
Sixth and Everett streets, Port
land, Ore., 4 blocks from Union
Station. Under new manage
ment. All roams atwlr dece
rn ted.
Bates: 50e, 75o, 1, $1.50 per day
of lh
SnWbaanta asm
1 viM-y
WlWWiS'.' VriKMS-;