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Juicy,Tender, Broiled Meats
At last it is possible to BROILsteaks,
chops, fowl, and fish, saving all the
juices and nourishment in the
meat, on your own range, in your
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Baking made a pleasure ith the
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The Double Capacity Ranee"
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Sole Agent
Court & Liberty Streets
Identified Man'As
Would Be Briber
Mrs. Kidwell, who is tlic mother of
Kstollo. Smith, the state's chief wit
ness, after looking for a moment at
Potrovich. this morning said:
"That 'a the. man. He came to me
niut a railroad ticket.
Sun Francisco, Oct. 11. Mr. Alice
Kidwell, a. prominent figure in the and offered 42
recent triul of Warren K. Rilling, to- advising me to leave the city. I re
day identified T'etor Petrovlch, a ! fused and lie said I would mysterious
water, as the man who threatened her i iy disappear and 'be silenced for
life unless sho agreod to louve the city. ever'."
Norman Hapgood Gets a Rise
and Hughes Denies the
Next Friday is Rubber Heel Day. To introduce our
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Bush Bank
Ey Perry Arnold
(I'nited Press stai correspondent)
Clarksburg, W. Va., Oct. 11. Candi
date iluulies today mado curt denial
of charges mado by Norman Hapgood
that there is an understanding between
himself and German propagandists. He
did not mention the charges specifical
ly, nor refer to Hapgood by name.
"I have no understanding, no agree
ments, no intrigues with anybody,"
Hughes said, "but I stand for tho in
terests of the L'uited .States and the
protection of American lives, American
property and American commerce
throughout the world."
Kepublicnn Nominee Hughes swung
westward through West irginia today
with his indictment of the democratic
policies. He was scheduled for four
speeches, at Clarksburg, l'arkersburg,
Huntington and Charleston, in ench of
these he planned to direct the fire of
his criticism mainly against tho demo
cratic, failure to live up to the pledges
of tho 1912 platform promising pro
tection of American lives abroad.
Speaking here early today he assail
ed tho administration for its handling
of the Mexican problem and solemnly
warned his auditors of the evil days
he said were bound to come, if after
pence among the warring Kuropenn na
tions had been arranged, tho United
States was forced to compete in world
commerce under the Underwood tariff
Hughes' voice was strong and clear
probably in the best shape it has
been since hu started to "come buck"
in August. Today for the first time
since he assumed the responsibility of
n nnrlv candidate he beuan to develop
real orator's gestures and pull little
tricks of speech of which meoiiore
Iiooscvelt would be proud. He hauled
out to view hern today a first class
uppercut swing in driving home his
pungent criticism of tho Adnmson eight
hour bill. He mixed in a little slung
about "coming back" and "what do
van know about that" in his speeches,
all of which struck his audience here
What was more to the point, the fi.
0. P. candidate has Vdeveloped a very
keen sense of uublicitv now. Until the
ers up, strike one, ball one, foul strike
two, ball two, bull three, ball four. Mey
ers walked. Marquard up. Marquard
out. Leonard to Hoblitzell. It was not
a sacrifice. Johnston up. Johnston out,
strike one, ball three, strike two. Cut
shaw flew to Lewis. No runs, two hits,
no errors.
Both hits in this inning were solid
smashes ana Leonard was worried as ue
Scott to Hoblitzell. No runs, no hits, no faced Cutshaw.
errors. Sixth Inning.
On Marquard 's smash to the Infield Boston: Gardner up, atrike one, ball
Hoblitzell protested that the Brooklyn I one, ball two, strike two. Gardner fan-
pitcher tried to interfere with Leon
nrd's throw, but the claim was not al
lowed. Third Inning'.
Boston: Janvrin up. Janvrin out,
Cutshaw to Merkle. . Cutshaw went far
nvpr fnwfll-fl first fn mnl0 tttn ntnn
Walker up, ball one, striko one, ball1 I'M against the temporary boxes,
two, strike one. Walker beat out an in-1 Leonard up, ball one, ball two, strike
ned, swinging hard at the third strike.
Scott up, strike one, ball one, ball two,
strike two. Scott fanned, swinging at
tho third strike. Cheney was usiug his
spitter with deadly effect. Carrigan up,
strike one. Carrigan singled to lett, the
drive being a hard smash down the foul
field hit. Walker's hit was a slow roll
er and it caught Mowrey flatfooted.
Hoblitzell up, ball one, strike one, foul
strike two, foul, ball two, ball three.
Hoblitzell flew to Myers. Lewis up,
ball one, ball two. Walker out stealing
Meyers to Cutshaw. No runs, one hit,
no errors.
Brdoklyn: Myers up, ball one. My
ers flew to Walker. Merkle up, foul
strike one. Merkle popped to Scott.
Scott went back into short left field
for the ball. Wheat up. Wheat flew to
Lowis. No runs, no hits, no errors.
Afrera' f 1 V in Wallrni. n-nn a Inner.
smash and tho crowd roared as the ceu-! Sc" hd t0 Plav deeP for A perfect
ter fielder raced back after it. Myers 1 peg was necessary. Meyers up, ball one,
one, foul strike two. Leonard fanned,
The change in the style of pitching
against the lied Sox was having a great
effect. Carrigan 's smash was the only
ball that was hit hard, although several
fouls were registered- Bobbie himself
took the coaching line and the fans be
gan to root for tho Dodgers to put some
thing over.
Brooklyn: Mowrey up, ball one, strike
one, foul strike two. Mowrey flew to
Lewis, who caught the ball after a long
run. Olson up, ball one, Olson out, Scott
to Hoblitzell. It was a bard hit hall and
is the only player except Gardner who
has hit a home run in the series. .
Fourth inning.
Boston: Lewis up, strike one, foul
strike two, ball one, ball two. Lewis
singled to left. It was a hard smash
down the foul lino. Gardner up. Gard
strike one, foul strike two. Meyers pop
ped to Hoblitzell. No runs, not hits no
Leonard was growing more effective.
Seventh Inning.
Boston: Hooper up. ball one, strike
one, foul strike two, ball two- Hooper
ner sacrificed, Mowrey to Merkle, Lewis ' singled to left. Jauvnu up. Janvrin
taking second. Scott up. Scott out, forced Hooper, Mowrey to Olson. He
Mowrey to Merkle. It was a nice play, tried to sacrifice. Walker up. Walk
Lowis darted toward third, but was er out, Olson to Merkle, Janvrin taking
chased back by Mowrey, who then second. Hoblitzell up, strike one. Hob
thicw out tho batter. Carrigan up, ball I Htzoll beat out an infield hit. Janvrin
one, ball two, strike one. Currignn sing- scoring. Cheney fielded the ball but
led to center, scoring Lewis. Carrigan 's niade a bad throw. He was given an er
hit was a long drive and Lewis had no ' ror. Hoblitzell gets a hit. Lewis up.
trouble in reaching home. Carrigan Lewis forced Hoblitzell.lowrey to Cut-
Slinw- uiiq run, iwo mis, uu ermia.
The piny by Mowrey when he got
Hooper was a beautiful piece of work.
Brooklyn: O'Mara batting for Chen
ey, strike one, strike two, ball one, ball
two, ball three. O'Mara fanned, swing
ing at the lust ball. Johnston up. ball
one. Johnston flew to Lewis, who niade
a nice catch after a fast run. Myers
up. Myers flew to Hooper. No ruus,
no hits, no errors.
Eighth Inning.
Boston: ltucker now pitching for
Brooklyn. The veteran southpaw was
governor has found nmo io mi-i.i-ahend
of time, the main points in his
principal addresses enabling the cor
respondents to get his "punchy stuff
into print earlier.
Mrs; Hughes was back with her hus
band after a brief visit to her homo in
Washington. She stood on tho stage
with him today, her hands full of pic
ture postcards and buttons and distrib
uted them in between hand shakes.
(Continued from page one.)
stopped at first. Leonard up, ball one
ball two, ball three, strike one. Leon
ard walked. Hooper uo- Carrigan on
second. Bull one. Leonard was out at
second, Meyers to Merkle to Cutshaw
when he tried to go down on a ball that
got away from Meyers. Carrigan would
not take tho chance and was on second
as Leonard dashed toward the same bag.
One run, two hits, no errors.
Tho play at second was a fine ex
ample of quick thinking and a poor
piece of work by Leonard.
Brooklyn: Cutshaw uo. ball one.
striko one. Cutshaw doubled to right. ' given a great baud as he trotted to tho
Hooper got his hands on the ball aft- j box. Gardner up, foul strike one, ball
er a hard run but was forced to drop I one, foul strike two, bull two. Gard
it. Mowrey up, ball one, ball two, ball 1 ner out, Cutshaw to Merkle. Cutshaw's
three. Mowrey walked, on four straight stop was a beautiful one. He was far
balls- The crowd roared. Leonard seem-; toward second and speared Gardner's
ed slightly nervous. Olson up, strike drive and throw him out by a foot,
one. It was a foul. Olson pooped to Scott up, ball one, bull two, foul strike
Hoblitzell on an attempted sacrifice. ' one. Merkle dropped Scott's high foul
error, rairmw iu,
, Olson to Merkle,
strike one, stnRe
ed. No runs, no
ting for Marquard, ball one, striko one, hits, one error.
ball two, J'oulstriko two. Pfeffcr fan-1 Brooklyn: Merkle up, ball one. Mer
ued, swinging at tho lust olio. No runs, ' kle out, Scott to Hoblitzell. Wheat up.
one hit, no errors. j Wheat flew to Walker on the first ball
Marquard hud been touched for four piach tao taoin, c,.'e etnoiu un unuuu
runs and five hits when he gave way pitched. Cutshaw up, strike one, foul
to Pfeffcr, who went in as a pinch hit- strike two, ball one. Cutshaw lined to
ter in the fourth. Chcnev took Mar- Hooper. JN0 runs, no mts, no errors.
t. n..A n.i ii.u tr.itn i-mniii
iichcui in im uj " - - -1 iueyers up, uau one, striKe one, Dnii two, ana was given uu
nake the nominee sec tho necessity ui i atriko twU( bll tirve f()ul) foul foul ball ,hree Scott out
preparing ----- severs popneu lo eotr. it was a men , carrigan up, uau one,
since he left New ork Monday, tni. y illto ahort loft fiel(, ptL,fror )jat. tw0. Carrigau fann
quard's place on the mound for Brook
lyn. The crowd started attcr Leonard
hard at tho beginning of the inning,
but he settled after a slight lloro-up.
1'irtu inning,
Ninth Inning.
Boston: Leonard up. Tho crowd be
gan to get on the field and Umpire
yuigley notified tho managers that a
hit mto it would be good ror ouiy tnree
one, ball one, ball two, ball three.
Janvrin funned. Walker up, ball one,
strike one, strike two, strike three, call
ed. No runs, no hits, no errors.
Walker funned on two fast ones, at
which ho swung and the third was a
wide sharp-breaking curve. Marquard
appears to be ia the best of form.
Itrnnklvn: Johnston UP. Johnston
tripled to center on the first ball pitch
ed. It was a hard line drive. The crowd
had Its first opportunity to yell right
oft' the bat and went to it strong. Myers
up, striko one, strike two. Myers sing
led to right scoring Johnston- It was a
lino drive pnst Janvrin. The Infield
was drawn in and there was not a
chance even to stop tho ball. Merkle
up, ball one, ball two, foul strike one,
bull three. Merkle walked. Myers on
second. Wheat up, striko one. Wheat
forced Merkle, Gardner to Janvrin, My
ers tukinc third. Cutshaw up, ball one.
Wheat went to second on n wild pitca.
Mvers held at third. Ball two, strike
one, foul strike two, bull three. Cut
shaw was sofe. Myers scoring when Juu
vriu fumbled Cutshaw's grounder and
was given an error. w heat stopped at
third. It was a sharp grounder. Mow
rey up, ball one, ball two, foul strike
one, strike two. un an nitempteu uuu
ble steal, Wheat was out at third, lur
riean to Janvrin to Garduer. Two and
two on Mowrey. Mowrey fanned, swing-j
ing at tho third strike. Two runs, two
hits, one error. -
Leonard was having lots of trouble.
Ho hnd no control of his curves nnd
was forced to use a fast ball at critical i
moments. Cleverness of the Boston in-r
field in breaking up n double steal had
much to do in preventing turtner scor
ing. '
Second Inning. I
Boston: Hoblitzell up, ball one, strike I
one, ball two .strike two, ball three.:
Hoblitsell walked. Lewis up, ball one. ,
, striko one, ball two... Lewis doubled to;
right, Hoblitzell going to third. The bail :
hit the fence on the fly. Johnston
made a great try for it but missed. I
Garduer up, bnll one, ball two, ball !
three, strike one, striko two, foul, foul, j
Gardner homed to centerd, scoring Hob-j
lit jell and l.owiu. The ball went clear'
to the fence iu deep ceuter, bo far that :
i 'fast fielding by Myers could not relay
it to tho infield until Gardner wuSj
sliding across the plate. If was his sec-;
ond home run of tho series. Scott up. j
Scott hit the first bnll pitched for a
double to deep left, to Wheat who drop-l
ped the ball. It was an error for Wheat.
Scott does not get a hit. Carrigan up.!
ball one, strike one. Carrigan sacrificed.
Marquard to Merkle) Scott taking third.
I.eouurd up, ball one, strike one, foul
strike two, strike three. Leonard fan
ned, swinging at tho Inst one. Hooper
up, bnll pne. Hooper out, Merklo un
assisted. Three runs, two hits, one er
ror. '
Marquard was in the same trouble a
Leonard. His curve was breaking too
wide for good control
I Brooklyn: Olson up, foul strike one.
Olson out, Gardner to Hoblitzell. Mey-
Boston: Hooper up. Tho game was bases. Leonard up, strike one, ball one,
delayed while Umpire Connolly rushed strike two. Leonard fanned. The third
in from riiht field and conferred with being called on him. Hooper up. Hooper
Quigley nnd Dineen. He pointed some-' singled to right and took second on
thing in tno pavilion, but the cause of Jonnsion s iumoic. jonusion was giv
the troublo was not divulged and play ' en an error . Janvrin up, strike onS;
was resumed. Hooper up, ball one, ball ball one, ball two. Hooper out, stealing,
two, strike one, ball . three. Hooper Meyers to Mowrey. Strike two. Jan
walked. Janvrin up, foul strike one, vrin fanned. Tho trird was called. No
bnll one, bnll two, ball three, strike ' runs, one hit, one error,
two. Janvrin fanned. Hooper stole sec- Brooklyn: Mowrey up, foul strike one.
ond- Meyers was given a passed bnl bv Mowrey flew to Lewis. Olson tip, ball
the scorers, but Hooper was credited one, ball two, ball three, strike one: 01
with a solen base. Walker up. The sou walked. Meyers up, ball one, ball
Dodgers had Hooper off second, but Cut- two, strike one. Meyers forced Olson,
shnw drooped the throw. It was not an Janvrin to Scott. Gctz batting for Buk-
erorr. Walker popped to Olson. Hob-r. niengoi running tor Meyers, i.eiz
ntzeii up. ilobiitzell singled to lett, "P. sinne oue, ioui shim mu, iuui.
scoring Hooper. Lewis op, strike one, Oet out, Gardner to Hoblitzell. No
bnll oue, strike two. Lewis fanned, ruus, no hits, no errors.
swinging at the last one. Oue run, one J 1 1
hit, no errors. I M.lM.h Im loll "
Tho count on Janvrin was three and HluaiUttU 111 jail
two when he swung at tho third strike
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gums amp amotion Salem, Ore.
Los Angeles, Cal., Oct. ll.-Silver
nnd Hooper hnd started for second with
the pitch. Meyers dropped the ball
consequentlv Hooper was iriven a credit
for a stolen base and Meyers charged . notes of Burcell's aria from the opera
with a passed ball. ''Dido and Aeneas" coming from a
Brooklyn: Johnston up, strike one, smnll barred window high up on the
bnll oue, strike two, foul. Johnston ' wnll of the east sido jail, brought a
flew to Lewis. Myers up, strike one, gingham aproned audience of neighbor
foul strike two, ball one. . Myers flew women beneath the small window .to
to Hooper. Merkle uu. ball one. Mer-'day listening to William D'Alfonso
kle singled to center. Wheat up. Wheat lighten a 180 days' sentence for bat
singled to left, Merkle stopping nt sec- tery.
ond. Cutshaw up, ball oae, ball two,- John Campiglia, member of the In-
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Bowling Score
An exci.ting.bowliug race between the
Printers and the Salem Alleys finished
last with the Printers scoriae 854 points
against the Halew Alleys' 810. The first
game was the best. The best individual
score was made by l'atton with 19-4
points while the high individual score
also went to l'atton, with 213 in the
first game. J
saiem Aiieys.
Phone 81
Prompt Service
12 3 To. Av.
Herrington . . 200 182 177 559 18tf
Swieuink . .. 125 1B9 121 418 139
Campbell . . 159 12S 144 431 144.
Kirk 1"7 14 1315 439 140
l'atton . ... 213 15S 211 5S2 194
Totals ... S54 7S3 792 2429 810
Team average 810.
, Printers.
1 2 3 To. Av.
Doolittle . .. !S 190 190 574 191
l'ilkenton . . 155 124 135 424 141
Hill Iti9 139 170 478 159
Frceland . .. 20S ISO 152 40 ISO
Vail 171 192 1S3 5 40 1S2
Totals... S91 931 S30 2552 854
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