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8 We Make a
II Noise
Not by making .flattering ,offers to
people that we can not back: But by
really giving value received for
every dollar left with us. YOUR
DOLLAR will buy 100 CENTS
worth of quality Furniture at this
store, and credit will be extended to
responsible parties.
Free Methodist.
.. 1288 North Winter itreet.
tay scrvioes: Sabbath school
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:45
Prayer meeting v Thursday 7:45
W. J. Johnston, pastor.
9:45. p. m.
Salvation Army.
Sunday services as follows: Knee
drill, 9:30 a. m. Sunday school and
Bible elass, 10:30 a .m. Christian
praise meeting, 3 p. m. Y. P. L, 6:15
p. m. Salvation meeting, 7:45 p. m.
Week night services every night except
Monday and Thursday. Capt. and Mrs.
We wish to call your attention to the
Dining Sets on display. You need
not go without the comforts that
good furniture add to your life, with
the price of beautiful well made
furniture as low as we are pricing
it today. See our window display;
get our prices.
How about the Range or Heater?
Now is the time to buy that stove.
Keep comfortable. '
First Methodist Episcopal
Corner of State and Church Streets,
KichardTN. Avison, minister. 9:00 a.
a m. ciass meenng; :o a. m. .-uoouui
J I school, Messrs. Clark and Smith, super
intendents; 11:00 a. m. morning wor
ship; 6:30 p. m. Intermediate League,
Mrs. M. C. Findley, superintendent;
6:30 p. m. Epworth League, Miss Eva
Scott, president; 7:30 p. m. German
subject, "On the Threshold of an
Eventful' Career." Music by the
chorus chnir mnrninir nml evonincr nn.
! der the direction of Dr. Frank Wilbur
H m 0
i ti
D ffl J 11
See the Beaver Kitchen Cabinet, see all
the time saving conveniences; has an
adjustable table and many other fea
tures embodied only in the Beaver an
Oregon made product for Oregon peo
ple. Usually sold for $50.00 our
price for one week only
(Continued from page one.) . ,
at 2:0(i p. m. Myers fouled out to Cady.
Ho swung at the first ball pitched.
Daubert fanned on three pitched balls
He swung hard at the last two. Sten
gel up, strike one, foul, ball one- Stcn
gel out, Junvriu to Hoblitzel. No runs
uo hits, no errors. ' .
Second Inning.
Brooklyn Wheat beat out an infield
hit. Cutshaw up, ball one, bull two,
ball three, strike one, called. Cutshaw
ed. H. Myers flew to scott. No runs, litzel
one hit, no errors. rur.
Boston Hooper up, bull one, bull two,
strike one, called, strike two, called.
Hooper doubled to center. -Janvrin up.
.lanvrin sacrificed, Mowrey to Cutshaw.
Hooper on third. Walker up, ball one,
strike one, swung. Wulkor singled to
left, scoring Hooper, Hoblitzell up. I Wheat, If.
Hoblitzel foul, strike one. Carrigan Ciitsluiw, 2b
took exception to Marquard's motions ! -Mowrey, 3b
in his attempts to catch Walker off: Olson, ss. ..
first Ha n)an clnimffl hnlka hilt una - Mfvprx c
overruled by Umpire O 'Connolly. Ho).- Im nrqunid, p,
Four runs, throe hits, one er-
T'-u box score:
Myers, ef
Daubert, lb ....
Stengel, rf
a. mi. id. a. e.
. o
. o
. 2
. 1
. 1
. 1
. 0
0 1
litzell, strike two ,called. Hoblitzell i 'Johnston 0
out, Daubert unassisted. Walker stop
ping at second. Lewis up. V alker was
hit into a double play, Janvrin to Scott ; touched out on the line by Mowrey. One
to Hublitzel. Mowrey up, ball one,
strike one, called, ball two, foul, strike
two, ball three, ball four. Mowrey
walked. Olson up, strike one, called,
ball one, foul, strike two. Olson fan
ned, swinging hard at the third. No
runs, one hit, no errors,
run, two hits, no errors.
Sixth Inning.
Brooklyn Daubert up, ball one,
strike one. Daubert out, Gardner to
Hoblitzell. Stengel up, strike one,
swung, strike two, called, ball one, bull
two. Stengel fanned. Wheat up. Wheat
J'fefler, p.
"Morkle ..
Totiils 5 10 24 9
Untied for Mnrquurd iu eighth.
""Halted for I'fetr'or in ninth.
Wheat's single in this famine was .T ,.; ni,m.n. n,. ,,
lucky- Hoblitzel became tangled u,p in j hits no errors. '
attempting to handle it and could not, Boston Gardner up, ball ono, strike
get back to first but the chance was'om?i gwullg( atrjkc two, calleil. Gard
worth giving the batter a hit. . ,. afe on fjr9t , Gardner's roller went
Boston Lewis up, ball ono, foul, hetween Olson's legs. Scott up, strike
stnse one, au two, Dan tnree, smse on fou, 8trike tw Seott forced Gard-
Hooper, rf. .
Jnnvriu, L'l
Walker, cf.
It. Bit. ro. A. K.
two, called, ball four. Lewis walked.
ner at second. Mowrey to Cutshaw.
Leslie Methodist Episcopal.
Corner South Commercial and
Meyers Streets, Eev. Horace N. Aid
rich, pastor. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.;
morning worship 11:00 a. in., theme of
sermon, "Christianity and Personal
ity." Epworth League devotional
meeting li:30 p. m. Evening worship
with sermon 7:30, subject, "The Great
First Christian
I Comer High and Center, F. T. Por
iter, minister. Bible School 0:45 u- m.',
I Dr. II. C. .fcpley and C. Searff , directors.
I Auto truck leaves West Salem 9:10,
Highland 9:25. Orchestra and great
music. Worship and sermon 11:00 a.
m., subject, "The Greater Work."
Mary Schultz, violinist. C. E. at 6:30
p. m. Evening service 7:30, subject,
"Christ tho Shepherd." Chart sermon.!
Large chorus.
uardner up, BtriKe one, canea. uarunor , Cady u ,,nll 011. a,ott t0()k ,.,)
was sate at urst and i.ewis at second on pas8(d bali, Cady, ball two, liall
whenMeyers failed to handle Gard- t,lre0i Cadv walked for the third time.
ner!s bunt in front of the pinto. Gard-1 shore, 8frike onCj cnllc(1 imil 8trikc
ner was given a hit. Scott up, ball i two, bull one. Shore popped to Dnu
ono. Scott sacrificed, Meyers to Cut- bort- Both runners held safe. Hooper
slmw, putting Lewis on third and Gard-1 up Hooper flied to Olson. No runs,
ner on second. Cady up, ball one, ball uo njj8 no errors
two, baU three ball four. Cady walk-j ' Seventh Inning,
ed purposely filling th.0 bags. Shore up, Brooklyn-Cutshaw up, ball one. Cut
ball one, strike one, ca led, strike two, I h j rf , Hoblitzell. Mow-swung-
Shore fanned He wrung. rey . ow 8i lcd to ri ,lt. 01.
Hooper up ball one ball two. Hooper b h , ,
' Lewis,
Gardner, 3b
Scott, si. o
Cady, c. .
Shore, (. .
.Mays, p, .
Thomas, c-
Totals 0
2 1110
1 2 2 8 1
12 0 0 0
2 1 14 0 0
0 10 0 0
0 1 13 0
0 0 2 4 0
0 0 7 0 0
0 0 0 2 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 8 27 18 1
First Presbyterian.
Mrs- Davis, one of the leaders among
Presbyterian Women of the East will
speak at the morning service at 11
o'clock. She presents the subject of
Homo Missions as conducted and plan
ned by the Presbyterian church. The !
morning service is in charge of the I
local Woman's Missionary Society. In
the evening tho pastor will speak on
"Throwing on the Power." Music by
the quartet composed of Archie Smith,
Miss Cleveland, Mrs. Kahn and Mr.
Rural Chapel Congregational
H. C. Stover, minister. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Kally Day progrum
and address to children at 11 a. m.
Christian Endeavor at 7:30 p. m.
Central Congregational
Corner South 19th ami Ferry Streets.
Sunday school at 10 a. m- Kally Day
exercise following Sunday school ses
sion. Christian Endeavor at 0:45 n. m.
I Evening service at 7:30 o'clock. Pray
er aul aible study hour Thursday
at 7:30 p. m.
Statement of the Ownership, Manage
ment, Circulation, Etc., Required by
the Act of Congress of
Aug. 24, 1912,
Of The Daily Capital Journal, pub
lished daily at Salem, Oregon, for
October , 1910:
State of Oregon, County of Marion.
Before me, a notary public in and for
the State and county aforesaid, per
sonally appeared Chns. H. Fisher, who,
having been duly sworn according to
law, deposes and says that he is the
business manager of tho Daily Capital
.lournal, and that the following is, to
the best of his knowledgo and belief,
a true statement of the ownership,
management (and if a daily paper,
the circulation), etc., of the aforesaid
publication for the date shown in the
nbove caption, required by the Act of
August 24, 1912, embodied in section
443, I'ost;jl Laws and Regulations,
printed tho reverse of this form, to
vit: 1. That the names and addresses of
tne p'41 lisuer, cuuur, niHiiuiiig emiui,
to the circumstances and conditions
under which stockholders and security
holders who do not appear upon the
books of the company as trustees, hold
stock and securities in a capacity other
than that of a bona fide owner; and
this affiant has no reason to bolieve
that any other person, association, or
corporation has any interest direct or
indirect in the said stock, bonds, or
other securities than as so stated by
5. That the ' average number of
copies of each issue of this publica
tion sold or distributed, through the
mails or otherwise, to paid subscribers
during tho six months preceding the
date shown above is 4159.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 2nd dav of October, 1916.
(My commission expires Oct. 2, 1910)
and business maunders are
Publisher, Capital Joumul Ptg. Co.,
Pnlem, Oregon.
Editor, Chas. H. Fisher, Salem, Ore
gon. Managing Editor, Chas. H. Fisher,
ftilem, Oregon.
Business Manager, Chas. H. Fisher,
ha lain, Oregon.
2. That the owners are: (Give names
and addresses of indi5dual owners, or.
if a corporation, give its name and the
names and addresses of stockholders
owning or holding 1 per cent or more
of the total amount of stock.) Chas.
H. Fisher, Salem, Oregon; L. S. Barnes,
Silem. Oregon.
3. That the known bondholders,
mortgages, and other security holders
owning or holding 1 per cent or more
if total amount of bonds, mortgages,
or other securities are: (If there are
nne, so state.) none.
4. That the two paragraphs next
above, giving the names of tho own
ers, stockholders, and security holders,
if any, contain not only the list of
tnckhoir . and security holders as
they appear upon the books of the
companr but also, in cases where the
stockholder or security holder appears
unon the books of the company as trus
tee or in any other fiduciary Telation,
the name of the person or corporation
for whoin such trustee is acting, is
given; also that the said two para
graphs contain statements embracing
ffiant's full knowledge and belief as
Barnes, Mrs.
Mabel Barnes and Marie
This has been a busy week at the
association. Just wntch us grow.
The rally on Wednesday evening was
largely attended and tho cooking and
millinery classes were organized. These
classes will start next Wednesday at
7:30 p. m. Miss Xell Sykes will instruct
the millinery class, 0 lessons for $1.25.
Miss Edwards will have charge of the
cooking rlnsS, 12 lessons for $4.00. Any
one desiring to join these classes nml
the dress making elass are urged to be
present on Wednesday evening and reg
ister. Tho membership committee is very
pleased that the following new mem
bers and renewals were so spontaneous
in giving their membership dollar:
Mrs. Curtis B. Cross, Ethel Mi-Donald,
Dora Andresen, Sibbie Bcntty,
Bertha L. Clark, Mrs. Mary Wiest, Ber
tha Canoy, Maud McCoy, Mrs. S. Phil
lips, Ethel McDonald, Lucille Barton,
Marv Frances Phillips, -Mrs. Hoy Hur-.
ton, "Mrs. J. C. Perry, Mrs. W. O. Asseln.i
Mrs. E. Hartlcv, Lucille Taylor, Salome
Socolofskv, Mrs. C. E. Albin, Mrs. A.I
J. Wilcox, Mrs. W. L. Skipton, Mrs.'
T. A. Liveslev. Mrs. George Wm. Gray,
Mrs. W. H. Burghardt, Jr., Klzamorc i der of Portland.
Pcoon, Mrs. (i. P. Fox. Mary Piglcr, Treasurei- Mrs. Joseph F.
Agnes Bayne, Myrtle Pcrrizo, Ruth Portland.
The gymnasium and swimming class
es have started and those who have not
joined please call at the Y. W. C. A.
to pay your dues und register in your
As the accommodations for transient
guests are very limited the eleven wo
men asking for rooms on Saturday ev
ening taxed the V. W. C. A. to the ut
most. It took great planning and hur
ried work to make room for the visit
ors and we hope to have more beds iu
the near future. " v
During the noon hour on Thursday
87 lunches were served und on Friday
101 women were accommodated.
The following were registered at the
Y. W. C. A. during teachers institute.
Maybellc Wagner, McMinnville; Cath
erine Malo, Gervais; Bonnie F. Olson,
Waconda; Gladys Humphrey, Quinaby;
Kuth Humphrey, Mcivee; Mrs. Cober
ly; Unit; Ava J. Darby, Silverton; M.
soielstnd, Silverton; 11. Johnson, Sil
verton; Eleanor Sehanp, Pratura; Anna
Kingnes, St. Paul.
We want you,
We need you
In our classes.
First Baptist
Corner Marion and N. Liberty
Streets, Rev. . F- Holt, pastor. Sun
day school 9:45 a. m. Public worship
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Young Peo
ples' meeting 0:30 p. in. Topics: Morn
ing, "Are You Courageous or Coward
ly 1" evening, "Putting First Things
First Congregational
James Elvin, pastor. Sunday school
meets promptly at 10 o'clock, W. I.
Stalcy, superintendent. Regular morn
ing church service at 11 o'clock. Music
morning and evening by chorus choir,
director Wm. McGilchrist. Sr.. Sub
ject for sermon, "Life in its complete
ness." Christian bndenvor meeting at
0:30- Pleasant Sunday evening service
at 730. Song service by chorus and
congregation; special music by choir;
and famous Finley film on "Outdoor
lifo in Oregon." Motion pictures and
address by William L. Finley, state
biologist. Everybody invited and every
body welcome. The State Conference
of Congregational churches will hold
their OSth annual meeting at The Dalles
October 10 to 12. Thursday evening
meeting at 7:30. Hegular monthly
meeting and dinner, Pilgrim Club, at
the church Monday evening 0:15
prompt.' Dr. R. N. Avison will be the
spenkcr. Dr. Mclntire and Oscar B.
Gingrich will be heard in duett. Every
member is urged to be present.
East State and Eighteenth streets,
G. Kochlcr, pastor. German and Eng
lish Sunday school at 10 o'clock.
Preaching service at 10:30 a. m. Luther
League at 0:45 p. m. Evening service
in English at 7:30 p. m.
Third Inning.
Brooklyn Meyers up, strike one,. call
ed, ball one, ball two. Meyers out,
Shore to Hoblitzell. The chief's tap
was a feeble effort. Marqunrd up, foul
strike one, strike two, swung, ball one,
foul, ball two, foul, strike three, called.
The Rube was given a big hand when
he came to the plate. " H. Myers up,
strike one, tried to bunt, ball one, bull
two. Myers singled through short.
Daubert up, strike one, cnlled, strike
two, swung. Daubert fanned, swupng.
No runs, one hit, no errors.
It was Daubert's second strikeout of
the game and for the second time he
swung hard at the three pitched balls.
Shore had Daubert's number.
Boston Jnnvriu up, Htrike one, call
ed, foul strike two, bull one. Janvrin
funned and when Meyers dropped the
third strike was tossed out to Daubert.
Wulker up, ball one, ball two, foul,
strike one, strike two, swung. Wulkor
fanned, called. The third strike was
culled on him and he watched it float
by. Hoblitzell up, ball one, ball two,
ball three, strike ono, called, strike two,
called. Hoblitzell tripled to deep right.
Lewis up. Hoblitzell scored when Lewis
shot a double to left. Lewis hit the
first ball pitched and the crowd went
wild. Gnrdner up, strike one, swung,
ball one, strike two, swung- Lewis
ble play, Gardner to Janvrin to Uoblit
zell. JNo runs, one hit, no errors,
Runs und hits by innings:
Brooklyn 0 0 II I II o 0 0 4 5
Hits 0 112 1111 210
Boston 0 0 1 0 1 0 3 1 x 0
il'ls 1 1 2 0 3 0 1 1 x 8
Summary. '
Struck out, by Shore, 5; by Murquurd,
Ii. Bases on balls, off Shore, 3; off Mar
quurd, 4; off l'fcffor, 2. Two base hits,
Lewis, Hooper, Janvrin. Three baso
Tf nan a li itIi tti in(T ilnnKlintv nn il, hits, Walkor. Hoblitzell. Wheat. Mevern.
Brooklyn base runners. It hardly seem- oul 0 P'y. Janvrin to Scott to Hob
ed possible that Janvrin could get. his l'?"-'"! Hooper to Cady; Gardner to Jau
throw away but he made it by inches, vrlu to Hoblitzell; Scott to Jnnvriu to
Hoblitzell taking it with ono hund high Hoblitzell. Passed ball, Meyers. Hit by
and to the left. pitcher, Cutshaw.
Boston Janvrin up, foul, strike one. i
.Tunvrin doubled to left. Walker up, j
Walker was sure on first on Olson s e
ror. Janvrin took third. Hoblitzell up,
fltrfke mn enllpil. Hti-ikn (wn. .Iitiivriii
scored and Walker was safe at second "'" generally here, until this
when Cutshaw dropped Hoblitzell 's lilt- WL'''k- Growers were waiting moistor
er.' Hoblitzell safe on first. Lewis up. eiither to toughen tho hops. Thoso
Lewis sacrificed, Daubert to Cutshaw, "" wer "dly broken to
.. .. ' ... .: ..: u':.i. i... i l :.. ..n :
(Inly a lew samples havo gone oust
nun the Aurora, section. Bnliiiir did
i putting Wulker On third and Hublil.e
I on second. Gardner up, hall one, ball
two, ball three, strike one, culled
! Walker scored and Hoblitzell took third
on Gardner's rap to Cutshaw. Gardner
isnfo on first. Scott up, strike one,
i called, bull one, foul, strike two, ball
two, ball three. Scott flew to Stengel.
I Hoblitzell scored after the catch. Gurd-
ner held at first. Cady up, ball one.
! Cady out, Cutshaw to Duubert. Three
runs, ono hit, two errors. .
Eighth Inning.
Brooklyn Meyers up, Ball one. Mey
ers out, Scott to Hoblitzell. Johnston
batting for Miirquard, hall one, ball two,
strike ono, called. Johnston singled to
right. M. Myers up, foul, strike one, i
picccH. Viitli haling ill full swing sam
ples may bo excctod to bo secured
more rapidly and easily.
I'uiil Weidener bought tho J. D. Lof
grcn crop of 73 bales of hops lust week
ill 11 ccutH. That is the. top pil iu.
this sci-tiiui so Jar. The l.ol'grou bops
.wore of excellent qiiulitv.
The Heavy Hup i-ompnny, through A.
('. Smith, their representative, purchas
ed the Gooding & Denial lot of 21 bales
Tuesday ut II cents. Tho Wulf Hop
i pa n v through Felix Isnui-son bought
DM IihIch tVoiu 1 1 ii 'jo Keil ut tho sumo
figures. Observer.
caught off second, Meyers to Olson. One 'ball one. Myors hit into a double piny.
run, two hits, no errors. Siott to Janvrin to Hoblitzell. xso
The crowd had its tirst opportunity runs, oue nit, no errors.
to make a little noise. It has been
strangely quiet thus fur. Hoblitzell 's
hit was a terrific ono and Lewis also
stung the bull hard.
Fourth Inning.
Brooklyn Stengel up, singled down
left field foul line, on first ball pitch
ed. Wheat up,
scoring Stengel,
This play was probably one of tho
most remarkablo of any world 's series.
The ball struck Scott in the chest, but
bounced squarely into Junvriu 's hads.
Pfcffer now pitching for Brooklyn.
Boston Shore up, bull one, strike
one, called, strike two, called. Shore
(Continued from "page one.)
First Great Britain, through an iu
tervicvir given tho United l'resa by
Llo.vd-Gcorge, bus plainly said "hands
oft" (hat anv attempt by tho United
Wheat tripled to right flew to Wheat. Hooper up, ball ono,. States to inercedo in behalf of pcuuo
Cutshaw up. Cutshaw strike one, culled, bull two, hall three, woum ue regaruru wmi uosuiuy.
flow to Hooper and Wheat was doubled Hooper wulked." Janvrin up strike one, Second l'he political sittflition in tho
at the plate on Hooper's great throw called. Jnnvriu singled to right. Hooper country has aroused to a marked degroo
to Lndy, when Wheat attcmpteu to scoring, wnen meiigei threw wild ro mniimii in n iur niw r un uuior u
score after the catch. Mowrey up, third to head him off. Janvrin then took the warring sides. It has resulted iu
strike one, cnlled, ball one. Mowrey second.. Stengel got an error. Walker stirring up a Jceling abroad that tho
out, Lewis to Hoblitzell. One run', two up, bull one, ball two, ball three, ball United Slates is not "strictly neutral."
hits, no errors. I four. Walker walked. . Hoblitzell up. And as President Wilsou recently said
Hooper made a remarkable catch and ' Hoblitzell flew to Wheat. Knnncrs held, in an address at Shadow Lawn, thia
threw in, doubling Wheat. j Lewis up, foul, strike one, strike two, feeling has reached u point where oveu
Boston Gardner up, strike one, call-1 swnnv. bull ene. Lewis forced Wulker, diplomatic intercourse between this
ed, foul, strike two, ball one, ball two. Olson to Cnlshaw. One run, one hit, one country and foreign milium) will bo so-.
Gardner fanned, swung hard at third. ; error. riously enilianacd until after Novem-
Scott up, -strike one, called. Rcott flewj Ninth Inning. ber 7, " becuuse foreign diplomats a.o
to Wheat. Caily up, ball one, Dull two, I Brnoklvn Daubert up. bull one, ball waning iu see vuui win ne uie uoicoino
bull three, strike one, called. Cady , tW0( ,) tirpe, Duubert walked. Sten
wnlked. His second pass of the game. 8i lnii trike one, called, strike two,
Shoro up, ball one, strike one, called, j swung, ful, ball one, bull two. Stengel
strike two, swung ,bull two. Shoro singled to right. Daubert stopping ut
No runs, no hits, no
fouled to Meyers,
Fifth Inning.
Brooklyn Olson up, slrike one
swung. Olson out, Gurdner to Hoblitzell
Meyers up. Meyers tripled to deep ecu
ter. Walker lost the hall in the sun
second. Wheat up. Wheut forced Dan
bert, Shore to Gnrdner. Cutshaw up,
strike one, cnlled. Cutshaw hit by
pitched ball, filling tho bases- Mowrey
up, ball one, strike ono, calleil, striko
two called. Stengel ami Wheat scored
on .Tanvrin's error. Janvrin muffed an
Walker made a quick recovery and tried j ellHy rier from Mowrey' bat. Cutshaw
to head the Chief off at third, but was -topped at second. Olson up, strike one,
too deep in the field. Mnrquard up. swung. Olson Binglod to short, again
Marquard out, Janvrin to Hoblitzell on ! filling the bags. It was an infield rap,
the first ball pitched. Meyers was heM'scott couldn't handle. Chief Meyers up,
at third. M. Myers up, Btriko one, call- strike one. called, foul, strike two. Mey
ers fouled out to Hohlitzell,
Portland, Or., Oct. 7.--The election
of jcrmauent officers -of the Oregon
State Hughes Alliance resulted as ful
Walter L. Tooze, Sr., of Salein, who
has been doing yeoman work in or
ganizing branch alliances through west
ern Oregon for the ist month, was
unanimously elected permanent presi
dent to succeed J. K. Gill, of Portland,
temporary president, after Mr. Gill had
explained that, though he wanted to
help in every way, it would not be pos
sible for him to devote tho time nec
essary to the office and would not be
a candidate.
. First vice president Mrs. E. B. Han
ley of Medford.
Second vice president Frank B.
Mitchell of Baker.
Third vice president Mrs. Harriet
L. Buford of Portland.
Secretary Mrs. Anna Ticrnev Schra-
Highland Friends.
Corner of Highlnnd and Kim streets.
Sabbath school 9:45 a .in-, Mrs. Myrtle
Kenworthy, superintendent. Meetings
for worship 11 a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
Junior in thurch annex 11 a. m. Chris
tian Endeavor (1:30 p. m. Prayer meet
ing Thursday, 7:45 p. m. Come and wor
ship with us- Joscphiue Hockett, pas
tor. Phone 1405.
Bungalow Christian.
Seventeenth and Court streets. Sun
day will be promotion day. A short
program will be given by the children
and the pastor will preach a short ser
mon to the children. Bible school
promptly at 10 a. m. Y. P. 8. C. E- at
6:30 p. m. Preaching at 7:30 p. m.
Swedish Tabernacle, M. E.
Corner South Fifteenth and Mill
streets, Rev. John Ovall, minister. Di
vine services at 3:3(1 p. m. anil 8 p. m.
Sunday school at 2:30 p. m. Ladies' Aid
I society "Dorkns.i' will meet at the
I . I ..... f ns.r.u . 1. .
Ilifiliv (ii i.iit-.njn, iw waft, nurrii
next Tuesday, October 10, at 2 p. m. All
are most cordially invited to attend.
"Tho Naturalness or Prayer," ami batting for Pfcffer, ball ono, striko ono,
there are nine chuplers to follow on as.npj )ju tWo, strike two, called, ball
many aspects of the subject. The auth- three, foul. Murklo walked, forcing in
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of the election."
End of War Far Off.
Perhaps no expression by the prosi-.
dent in recent months Iiuh aroused so
mm h coujei-turo here as that iu Oinuhu
Thursday night, when he said:
"When wo look forward to the years
to come I wish I could suy the mouths
to come und to tho cud of this war, wo
want to world to know we ure ready to
lend our loreo to tho preservation of
peace. ' '
This 1h regarded here as plninlvfudi
cutivo that the president feels tho cud
of tho war may bo far off und also
that he feels tho work of America will
bo to preserve tho pence u'f tho future,
not to intervene now.
From those close, to the president
comes the word that he knows noth
ing regarding a report Hint Ambassador
Gerard is bringing with him to this
country a request of the German govern
ment to intercede iu behalf of pcuco.
But. thero is n strong belief in official
circles here that tho president will con
sider mi further move either directly or
United Evangelical
Corner Cottage and Center streets,'
Rev. G. L. Lovcll, pastor. The newlj j
remodeled church will bo used for the ;
first time since tho fire. Rev. O. C.
oling, D- D., will preach at 11 a. m. and
at 3 p. m. Ho will officinte at the cor-j
nerstone laying. Sunday school at 10 a.
m. with S. C. Ralston, superintendent. '
Christian Endeavor at 0:30 p. m. Ethel 1
Casegcre will lend. Evening worship
and preaching at 7:30. Speciul music
during the day- Tho basement is com
fortably seated and warmed Itnd will be
used until the church is completed.
Get Another Hunt Before the Season Closes
W. C. T. U.
L. D. Ratliff, candidate for the legis
lature on the prohibition ticket, will
speuk at the Ramp Memorial hall Sun
day at 4 o'clock. You arc invited to attend.
Thursday night the Presbyterians
took up in their midweek" service n
course of study on "The Meaning of
Pravor." They are following the little
book on that subject by Dr. Harry Fos-
ordiek, a Baptist minister of New York
First Church of Christ, Scientist.
Sunday services held at 440 Chcmeko-
ta street, at 11 a- m. and 8 p. m. Sub-
ject of Bible lesson, "Arc Sin, Disease j
and Death Hi'nlt" Sunday school at
9:45 a. m., Wednesday evening testi-
monial meeting at 8 o'clock. Reading;
room in the Hubbard building, suite 303, )
and is open every day, except Sundays .
L. C. Smith
U. M. C.
126 South cr
Comist. staa DipmxJ
and holidavs from 11:45 a. m. to 4 . m.
All ... ..... ......
City. Tho first chapter is; entitled, vited to visit our reading room. ' UmmdhAMmttmmmammmmmmmmmmMimmimlUmtimmitm,