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    - TWO
SOCIETY lias been kept, nwhirl with
lunclioons, teas, bridge parties and
dances the past wuck. Mrs. Elmer
T. Ludden has been the center of at
traction almost the entire week; many
charming farewell attentions making
the remainder of her stay in 8a lorn de
lightful and especially ay
Mrs. Ludden is one of tho most popu
lar matrons in the younger married set
and. her departure next week is the
ouree of much regret among her muny
friend 8..
Among the delightful affairs given
in her honor were the bridge party, for
which Mrs. Clyde C. Graham was host-
J. Roberta, Mrs. Thomas A. Livcsley, ' the punch table was placed. Presiding pointed table. Luncheon was followed blossoms also decking the supper ta-
ess Monday afternoon; tho largo tea' Mrs. John Harbison, Mrs. A. Marvin
for which Mrs. Curtis B. Cross was! ('abler, Miss Mabel Robertson, Mrs. Kd
kostess Tuesday; the luncheon presided gar Hartley, Mrs. Milton L. Meyers,
over by Mrs. Frank If. Hpears, Vcdne- Mrs. Frank Griffith, Mrs. Floyd Kdg
day, and the informal movie party andierton (Claudine Hose, Mrs. George Rose
.Mrs. John D. Kutlierlanrt, airs, w. lwi
tnn Hmith, Mrs. Joseph iiaumgartner,
Mrs. Hen W. Oleott, Mrs. William It.
Lytic, Mrs. Zadoc J. Riggs, Mrs. George
H. Burnett, MrB. Honey of Kugene, Mrs.
Rollin K. Page, Mrs. Homer Ooulet,
Wednesday night. I Miss Rita Steiner, Mrs. H. K. Lee IStcin-
A gala event of tho latter part of the or, Mrs. Romeo Goulet, Misses Mao and
Mrs. Asahel Hush. Mrs. George F, Rod- at the table which was adorned with an
gers, Mrs. Fred S. Stewart, Mrs. Sher-. artistic basket of the samo golden bios
man W. Thompson, Mrs. Thomas C. some and candles, were Mrs. Zadoc J.
Smith, Jr., Mrs. Robert Chauncey Bish- Riggs, Miss Mabel Robertson, Miss
op, Mrs. William Henry Burghardt, Jr., 1 Jane Fry, Mrs. Tillson and Miss Mae
Mrs. James N ithycombe, Miss Munei isteuslon.
Witliyeonibc, Mrs. Robert Kinney or
Astoria, Mrs. George William Gray,
Mrs. Harry E. Clay, Mrs. Frank H.
Hpenrs, Mrs. Frederic D. Thilesen, Mrs.
Guy Sargent, Mrs. Henry B. Thielsen,
Mrs. Harry H. Oliugcr, Mrs. George 0.
Brown, Mrs. A. Nr. Moores, Mrs. ChnrleB
L. Dick, Mrs. L. C. Cavanangli, .Mrs
Mack Hofer, Mrs. E. Cooke Patton
supper given by Mrs. George William
Gray and Mrs, Merrill Bruce Moores,
Wednesday night."
Another mid-week affair was the de
lightful supper and "500" party fur
which the J. N. Smiths were hosts,
week was the premier dinner dance of
the season at the Hotel Marion.
Kveryone is delighted that the man
agement has resumed these parties a
gain this winter, and a throng of mcr
tj makers participated in tho opening
Looking ahead into the social calen
dar for a few woeks, there are many
interesting functions to claim tho at
tention of society folk. First of all the
affairs ia tho Orango club daneo for
Company M, on Friday night October
-the thirteenth at tho armory and the
next affair of import is the annual
guild dance for tho Episcopnl church
also at the armory on Thursday night
October the nineteenth,
A charming event of Tuesday and
one of the smartest of the week was
Ihe large tea for which Mrs. Curtis H.
Cross was hostess to honor MrB. Elmer
T. Ludden, who leaves Monday to make
her home in Grants Pass, Oregon.
The Cross residence decked with yel
low and lavendnr garden flowers, ef
fectively arranged in the various rooms,
waa thronged with prettily gowned ma
Irons and maids.
In the dining room a huge bowl of
lovely Is vends r asters aud tulle adorn
ed the artistically appointed tea table
over which Mrs. Henry B. Thielsen,
Mrs. Kusscll Catlin, Mrs. Ben ().
Bchucking and Mrs. Clifford Brown
Assisting in tho dining and reception
rooms were: Mrs. E. C. Cross, Mrs.
Krank ' Purbiu. Mrs. George -41. Brown,
Mrs. William Council Dyer, Mrs. Civile
O. Graham, Miss Ellen Thielsen, Miss
Veda Cross, Miss 11 awl Downing and
Miss Barbara Steiner.
Calling during the hours of .1 to 0
o'clock were: Mrs. Charles L. McNary,
Mrs. Willim II. Eldridgo, Mrs. R. 8.
Wallace, Mrs. Merrill Bruce Moores,
Mrs. Henry V. Meyers, Mrs. A. N.
Bush, Mrs. John II. McNary, Mrs. John
Dorothy Steusloff, Mrs. Ada Strong
Mis. C. M. Walker, Mrs. David W.
Eyre, Miss Ellen Thielsen, Mrs. George
J. l'earce, Misses Helen and Dorothy
1'earce, Mrs. E. C. Small, Mrs. Oliver
Locke, Mrs. Walch, Mrs. Charles Reyn
olds (Francis Adams), Mrs. Willinm
Council lyer, Mrs. (Mho Rngan, Mrs.
Ernest Hofer, Miss Florence McKinnie,
Mrs. Carey Martin, Mrs. Robert E.
Downing, Miss Hazel Downing, Mrs.
Frank Tulkingtou, Miss Corn Talking
ton, Mrs. Henry R. Conoryer, Airs.
Clyde C. Graham, Mrs. George E. Wat
ers, Mrs. S. C. Dyer, Miss Margery Mar
vin, Mrs. Mnx O. Utiren, Mrs. Asa Eol'f,
Mrs. L. A. Westacott, Mrs. Russell Cat
lin, Miss Bertha Byrd, Miss Margaret
Coscr, Mrs. Fred Steus'.off, Miss Aline
Thompson, Miss Janet Gray, Mrs. C. I.
Bishop, Mrs. William Brown, Mrs. John
A, Carson, Misses Esther and Cathar
ine Carson, Mrs. C. I). Gabriclseii, Mrs.
J. C. Morelnnd, Mrs. Frank Spencer,
Miss Gertrude Cunningham and Mra.
William Steusloff.
The reception committee composed
of Mrs. LaMoinc Clark, Mrs. William
Fleming, Mrs. Anna Fischer and Miss
Emily I'ulmer assisted about tho rooms.
One of the delightful features of the I
affair was the musical programme ar
ranged by Miss Minnettii Magers. .The
lprogiBrnmc included piano soio, mis"
("Jessie Miller, supervisor of music in
the grades; vocal solos, "Look Up O
Heart,':' and "Nothln' But Love,"
Miss Ermine Bushnell; vocal solos,
"The Awakening of Spring" and
"Jest Her Way," Miss Greta Phillips;
whistling solo, Mrs. LaMoine Clark.
Mr. Todd also favored the guests
with two charming solos, "My Little
Gray Home in the West," (Bond) and
"Where Caravan Has Rested."
Mrs. Ruben P. Boise motored to Port
laud Friday for tho duy, taking as her
gueBts, her mother and sisters, Mrs. M.
E. BreyniK'j, Mrs.'charles L. McNary
and Mrs. F. S. Hnede. or. of Birming
ham, Alabama, and Mrs. Henry V.
Meyers and Airs. William II. Eldridge.
Mrs. William Brown and small grand
son, Master Chandler Brown, left Fri
day for Portland to visit for a few
.Twelve tables were arranged for
"f)00", the card honors falling to Mrs.
Russell Catlin and Thomas B. Kay.
Dr. and Mrs. Smith's guests includ
ing the club members and a few ad
ditional friends, were: Mr. and Mrs.
Ruben P. Boise, Mr. and Mrs. William
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. John D. Suther
land, Mr. and .Mrs. Henry B. Thielsen,
Mr, and Mrs. Rollin K. Pago, Mr. nud
Mrs. A. N. Moores, Governor and Mrs.
Mrs. Roncy who has been the house J"4""9 Withycomho, Mr. and Mrs.
guest of Mrs. George 11. Burnett, for- Thomas B. Kay, Mr. and Mrs. John II.
mcrly lived in Salem and her visits .McNary, -Mr. aim Mrs. K. B. Fleming,
by an atternoon of sewing.
The guests included: Mis. Ludden,
Mrs. William Council Dyer, Mrs. Clyde
('. Graham, Mrs. Curtis B. Cross, Mrs.
Robert Chauncey Bishop, Mrs. George
William Gray, Mrs. Merrill Bruce
Moores, Mrs. Robert Kinnev of Astoria,
Miss Janet Gray of Seattle, Miss Veda
Cross and Miss Ellen Thielsen.
TUe visit of Mrs. Orvilla Baker Ro
ncy or fcugene hrougnt a nuniner or
her old friends together at small in
formal attairs.
here are always marked bv several de
ightful attentions. Wednesday Mrs. S.
Dyer asked a few old triends to
greet the visitor at a small informal
About 20 society matrons and maids
gathered as the guests of -Mrs. Clyde
C. Graham, on Monday afternoon to
pnrticiato in the charming bridge
party, which she planned as a farewell
attention to Mrs. Elmer T. Luddon.
Four tubles of bridge wore arranged
for the guests, card honors falling to
Mrs. Robert Chauncey Bishop.
The apartment was artistically adorn
ed -with yellow sun flowers. Assisting
the hostess were Mrs. William II. Lytic,
MrB. Curtis B. Cross and Mrs. William
Council Dyer.
Mrs, Graham asketl as her guests:
Mrs. Merrill Bruce Moores, Mrs. Rob-
Perlinna tlm Ifirupst find nnp nf the nrf Chniineev Itishflll. Mrs. Curtis B.
most attractive affairs of the week Cross, Mrs. William Connell Dyer, Mrs.
was the large reception given by the Frank 11. SpearB, Mrs. Charles Reyn-
teachers of the Salem public schools in old (Francis Adams), Mrs. David W.
honor of Superintendent John W. Todd, Eyre, Mrs. R..M. Hofer, Mrs. Fred Ful-
and Mrs. Todd, at the A. A. Lee. resi- ton of Stanfield, Mrs. George William
deuce on State street, Tuesday night. Gray, Mrs. A. Marvin ('abler, Mrs. Wil-
Close to 130 guests called to wcleoiuo liani If. Lytic, Mrs P. 8. Gannett, Mrs.
tho newcomers, tho receiving line in- George Mac-Lean of Astoria, Mrs. Hon-
clndinir the honor uuests. Mr. and Mrs. rv Cnnorver. Mrs. Robert Kinney (Al-
A. A. Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Max O. Buren, thea Moores) of Astoria, Miss Ellen
Mr. nnd Mrs. E. T. Barnes and Mr. aud Thielsen, Miss Veda Cross, Miss Mar
Mrs. Clark. gcry Marvin, Miss Esther Carson, Miss
Tho floral decorations which were Rita Steiner, Miss Marguerite Rankin
unusually effective were iu charge of Miss Catharine Carson aud Miss Aline
Miss Ethel Merriam and Mrs. Olivo Thompson. .
Hand. .
The residence was szlow with car- Another delightful and attractive nf
den flowers, artisitieally arranged in fair honoring Mrs. Elmer T. Ludden
huge baskets and bowls. Scarlet salvia was the luncheon for which Mrs. Frank
and wild clematis were used in the liv- II. Snears was hostess Wednesday.
ing room, dining room nnd hall, and A huge bowl of yellow marigolds
yellow marigolds in the library, where and candles adorned the artistically ap'
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Mrs. R. S. Jessui). who has been the
guest of Mrs. Fred S. Stewart and oth-
r tnends tor several weeks, ten
Thursday for her home in Boise, ladho.
Mrs. Jessup was the inspiration for a
number of social courtesies during her
isit here, having a wide circle of
friends, with whom she is very popu
Mrs. William H. Boot will have as
her house guest Miss Elsie Hamilton
of Portland. Miss Hamilton will ar
rive the middle of the week and will
visit in Salem for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Bruce Moores
and Miss Janet Gray of Seattle are
passing a few days at the John Steiwer
country place near Jefferson, as the
cuests of Miss Gray's fiance, Carl
Thcv motored to the country Thura-
lay and will return Sunday.
Mrs. R. F. Davis, who has been the
house gueBt of Mrs. Homer H. Smith,
has returned to Port land.
More thnn 40 of the dancing contin
sent made merrv last nignt at mo pre
mier dinner dance of the season at the
lintel Marion.
Brilliant hucd blossoms adorned the
tables, which were surrounded by gay
dinner partiCB.
Thoso making up tne largest part
were: nr. ana MrB. uarr.v ji. min:i,
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Smith, Mr. ana
Mrs. James Wilson, Jr. anil Mrs. E. O.
Seicke, Mrs. Charles Miller, Mr. and
Mrs. John Caughiil. Mr. aim .iirs. nam-
uel A. Kor.er, Miss Eleanor Rodgers,
Miss Bernico Craig and Frederick
Lamport. . r:..
Another (tinner parry iuciuuku:
Pllon Thiflsen. Missr Esther (arson,
Miss Veda Cross, Miss Jessie .Miner,
Miss Aline Thompson, Carl Gabrielsen,
Daniel J. Fry, Jr., James Young, James
Marr and Dr. Prince Byrd.
Cireliuir a smaller table were: miss
Rita. Steiner. Miss Margery -Marvin,
Ercel Kay and Ralph .Moores.
nn nf the delizhtful events of the
.i, ... tho nniMr snd "500" party
f... nt.i..h Dr m.d Mrs. J. X. Smith
were hosts Wednesday evening. Their
guests were mostly the members of the
"Merry-Go-Round" club and the af
fair marked the premier gathering of
the season for the club, which is one
of the few card clubs among me mar
.1... 1 unt
ni,nntit;a nf vivnl hued gnrucn iwn-
... .,o,l the card rooms, similar
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spencer, Dr. and
Mrs. Thomas C. Smith, Jr., Mr. aud
Mrs. Max O. Buren, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam H. Thielsen, Dr. and Mrs. Charles
II. Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Al
len, Mr. aud Mrs. Russell Catlin, - Mr.
and Mrs. John Watt, Miss Margaret
Rankin, -Miss Julian, Miss Terry and
Miss Lillian Dull. .
Mrs. Charles Keynolds "(lances Ad
ams) has had as her guest this week,
Miss Bess Cowdiu of Silverton, who
was here attending the teachers nisti
. Miss Esther Carson
toilay in Portland.
spent the day
One Fall Model
Takes a Fur Surplice
Mrs. John J. Roberts went to Port
laud Thursday, accompanying the Per
cy Youngs of Albany, who motored
down. They will return today.
James Young returned Thursday ev
ening from a several weeks trip east.
An informal and gay little affair of
the mid week was the movie party giv
en by Mrs. George William Grfy and
Mrs. Merrill Bruce Moores, on Wednes
day night. Mrs. Elmer T. Ludden was
again the honor guest and the evening
was rounded out with a supper at the
Tho guests included: Mrs. Curtis B.
Cross, Miss Janet Gray of Seattle, Mrs.
Frank II. Spears, Miss Rita Steiner,
Miss A'eda Cross Mrs. Clyde 0. Gra
ham, Miss Margery Marvin and Miss
An no Thompson.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Royal McKean
(Hazelle Erixon) have returned from
their wedding trip and are the guests
of Mrs. McKeau's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred A. Erixon. They will leave
for their home in Eugene the first of
the week, . .
As a pre-nuptial attention to Miss
Lucile Kuntz, whose wedding was a
simple event of Friday night, Mrs.
Charles E. Bates, was hostess for n de
lightful miscellaneous shower, Tuesday
Brilliant hued garden flowers were
effectively used about the rooms and
the evening was devoted to a musical
game and music. The attractive bride
elect was showered with pretty gifts,
which she received by spinning a wheel
of fortune. Mrs. Bates was assisted by
.MrB. h.lliott Colony, -Mrs. E. K. Rosa and
Miss Sfargaret Graham.
The guest included: .Mrs. R. W. Wal
ton, Miss Irma Botsford, Miss Edith
Shaw, Miss Grace Smith, Mrs. Fred
Thompson, Miss Gertrude Aiken, Miss
Mnry Schultz, Misses Ruth and Mar
garet Hodge, Mrs. Elliott Colony, Mrs.
H. O. Ross, Miss Winifred Schramm,
Miss Magdalene Kuntz, Mrs. Charles
Sherman, Misses Nellie and Ethel
Casebere, Miss Grace Young, Miss
Mnry Fiudley, Sirs. La ban Steeves,
Miss Olivo Rosche, -Mrs. P. J. Kuntz,
Mrs. Guy Woods, Mrs. Ray Smith, Miss
Adclta Nyes, Misses llallie, LaVernc
and Nettie Gibson, Miss Carey Cooksey,
Miss Genevieve Arison, Miss Olive
Becklev, Miss Margaret Graham, Miss
Mary Piglcr, Mrs. Grover Bellinger,
Mrs.' Floyd Ctter and .Miss Violet McLean.
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C, Smith, Jr.,
ami sou, Master Malcolm Smith, ac
companied by Mrs. M. A. Goff and Dr.
D. Field motored to Portland today
for the week end.
Mr. and Mrs. Asnhel Bush will have
as their guest for a few days next
week, Norris Brcgg of Portland.
Simplicity Avas the keynote of chc
wedding of Miss Violet Geneva Cory
anil Fritz Robert Vance which was sol
emnized Tuesday night at S o'clock at
the home of the bride's parents, Mr.
and Ms. W. W. Cory, lo4(i Marion
street. Rev. H. ('. Stover' of the Con
gregational church officiated and the
young couple were unattended.
(July relatives and a few close friends
of the bride aud groom were asked for
the 'ceremony.
The house was redolent with blos
soms, a color scheme of white and green
being developed with Bweet peas, cle
matis ami greenery, effectively arrang
ed in the various rooms.
The bride wore a charming frock of
flesh pink crepe de chine, and carried
a bouquet of white roses. Mrs. C. C.
Cory, the bride's sister-in-law, played
Mendclsshuii 's wedding march. After
the ceremony a buffet supper was serv
ed. Assisting about tho rooms and in
the serving were Mrs. C. C. Cory, MiBS
Gertrude Cory and Miss Florence Cory.
-.Mr. and Mrs. Vance are at homo to
their friends on 1043 Mill street.
In celebration of the birthday anni
versary of L. W. Achcson, an enjoyable
surprise party vfiis given ut his home,
1223 Saginaw street Thursday even
ing. Fiive hundred formed the evening s
diversion and the card honors were
awarded to 5Irs.' Buinhart, Mr. Mat
lock, Mrs. John Ackcrman and MisB
Thomas Burelson.
The rooms were prettily adorned with
roses. Late in the ovcuiug the party
closed with refreshments.
Those participating in tho affair
were: Mr. ainT Mrs. John Ackcrman,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bach, Mr. and
Mrs. S. Swartz. Mr. and Mrs. Miller,
Mrs. Burnhart. Mr. nnd Mrs. II. D.
Helen, Mr. and Mrs. Matlock, Mr. and
Mrs. William Bennett, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Dav. Mr. and Mrs. Emile Au-
franco, Mr. ami Mrs. T. Burelson, Mr.
and Mrs. R. P. Hansen, Mr. and Mrs.
Floyd Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Shaw and
Mr." and Mrs. Robert Varlcy.
The marriage of Miss Lucile Kuntz
and Alfred A. Schramm took place Fri-
ilnv nvpniliff nt. S o'clock lit the KlllltZ
residence 2300 South Commercial street!
Rev. R. N. Avison officiating. It was an
impressive ceremony, and simplicity
characterized the entire function.
The young couple were unattended
and only relatives were asked for the
The bride wore a smart suit of mid
night blue serge, with a becoming hat
and accessories.
The residience was attractively deck
ed with blossoms, fragrant roses and
chrysanthemums being effectively ar
Mr. and Mrs. Schir.inm left lor a
short wedding trip and after Novembes
the first will be at home to their
friends nt the W. P. Lord resideuce
79(i South High street.
The bride, who is a very interesting
girl is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Philip J. Kuntz. She attended the Wil
lamette University und is very popular
in college circles.
Mr. Schramm is m tne Ladd ana
Bush bank.
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church nt the armory on' 1 lniisilii.v
night, October the nineteenth, 1
These parties, which have been ail
unniiul event of several years, tire al
ways looked forward to with miiih "de
light by the dancing contingent. '
Tho committees in charge of the: af
fair this season are already making ar
rangements for the event, which prom
ises to eclipse nil former parties in
merriment and detail Several attrac
tions arc being planned for the event,
one of which will come from Port taint.
A number of society matrons nild
maids are lending their assistance' t'
make the festivity a success aud will
aid in selling the tickets next week.
Complimenting Mrs. W. O. A'srfeln,
who leaves Sunday to join Dr. Asseln
in St. Paul, where they will make then
home, Mrs. Charles Brant and Mrs. I.e
roy Hewlett entertained at the home of
the former on Friday evening.
The rooms were gaily adorned with
(Continued on page three.) '
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Mrs. R. S. Wallaco has as her house,
guest Mrs. Guy S. Davis of New York.
Charming Mrs. Elmer T. Ludden, who
has been much feted during the past
week, was again honorce for the charm
ing Kensington for which Miss Ellen
Thielsen was hostess today.
The affair, which was the closing ono
of the many that have been given to
bid adieu to the popular young ma
tron was most informal, ouly a tew
close friends being asked.
One of tho much anticipated events
of the early season is tho guild dance,
to be given for the St. Paul 's Episcopal
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