Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 04, 1916, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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' H
Oncers Elected Monday
n -Night-Will Try For Place
On Team
In the matter of the. poor rifles sent
to the. Snlcm Rifle Club by the ."War
l'opnitment. Captain Rosenberg said
; this morning that ho has leceived a
.'letter from -Major Phillips, at Wash
, ington, I. C.j' secretary of the National
Rifle Association, stating that more
; complafnts than from Salem have: been
received by him. lie expects to take
the matter "uu'wlfh the war department
and "assured Captain Rosenberg that he
would do everything he could to
remedy matters.
Tlie club is- still making inquiries
concerning the Reed Spot Shot Rifle
target and it is probable that this
indoor target will be purchased and
The cnptniii has been informed that
f2,(lli(l has been-appropriated by the
government for the purpose of defray
ing the expenses of the ten best shots
DB. 0. L. SCOTT Graduate of Chiro
practic 's Fountain Head, Davenport,
Iowa. If yon have tried everything
nd got no. relief, try Chiroprno-
tic spinal adjustments and get wclL
Office 400-7-8 V. S. National Bnuk
Building. Phone Vain 87. Residence
Main 828 R.
FOR' EXCITANT. F. SU acres 5 miles
out on good road. Seven room house,
woodshed, full bearing family orchard
Will exchange for good unencumber
ed property, city or eountrv. Square
Deal Realty Co.." 202 V. S. Bank bblg.
FOR RENT Fine oiening for room
tenting or board and rooming busi
i Vs: seven to fourteen rooms, two
blocks from post office. Specially
favorable terms to suitable party
See William Fleming. Huvne build
in?. " ' nov2
Inc., 42S Hubbard bldg.. Salem. All
drugless methods taught. Flora A.
Brewster, M. 1)., dean, private pa
tients 1 to o p. in. Thono 2124U.. tf
from all points, east, on all houshold
goods, pianos, etc. Consolidated car
load service. Capital .Citv Transfer
Company,, agents for Pacific Coast
Forwarding company, 1G1 South Com
mercial street. Phone Main WW.
Money to Loan
ON Good Beal Estate Security.
Over Ladd & Bush Bank, Salem, Oregon
mount; low rates; promptly closed
attractive pro-raying privileges. 1
iiave 5i per cent insurance money
to loan on Salem business and resi
dence property. Thos. A. Hob
205 U. 8. Nut'l Bank bldg
HONEY TO LOAN I have' made ar
rangements for loaning eastern
money, will make very low fate oi
interest on highly improved farms
Homer H. Smith, "room 9 McCornnck
Bldg., Salem, Ore., Phone 9(1.
VP. MOI.AV COMMAXnnltY, No. 5, K. T.
Itegulnr conclave fourth 1'rldnv In each
mouth at 8 o'clock p. m lii Masonic
Temple. ' Bojoiiruiug Sir Knights are
courteously Invited to meet with ill
I.ot I.. I'etlrce, K. C, Frank Turner
president; Mrs. I.ou Tillson. secretarw
All cases of cruelty or neglect of dumb
nlmnls should lie reported to tu
aeeretnry for Investigation.
tegular meeting every first and third
Tuesday at' 8 p. m. fn the Masonic Tem
ple. Minnie Moeller, W. M. ; Ida M
Ualicock. seeretsry. .
SAT. EM LODGE- No. 4. A. F. ft A. M.
(Stated communications nrst Friday In
each month at 7:.'!" p. m. In the Masonic
vvcniple. ciias. McCarter, V. M. ; 8. Z.
rielver, secretary.
1NITED ARTISANS Capital Assembly,
No. S4. meets everv Wednesday at Hp, n.
In Moose lull. C. O. Matlock. M. A.;
C. A. Yibbert, secretary, Crown Drug
toro, 338 State street'.
A. O. V. W. Protection Lodge Na. 2.
Meets every Monday evening ut 8 In the
alcCornuek ball, corner Court and Liberty
treets. A. E. Aui'inuee. M. W. : 8. A
McFadden. recorder : A. I.. Ilrown,
financier ; It. It. Duncan, treasurer.
L N. of A. "Oregon Ornpe- Onmp." No
Lido, meets every Thursday evening In
McCornnck tudlding. Court nnd Llliertj
treets: elevator. Mrs. S.vlvin Hcliuiipp.
tTtit Marker, orncle: Mr. Melissa IVr
smis. recorder, ljiid North Commercial,
fhoae ItStt-M.
WOODMeS OF TDK tVOIll.P Meet every
Friday night t 8 'o'clock In McCornncl
Mock. A. J. Swelnlnk. C '; L. 8. Ueer
clerk. Bol Court Street J'hone DOS.
4'omnek building. Tuesday evening of
eacn ween ar i :.h. i i-.. ii.irliour, l. c
W. B. Wilson. K. of It. and 8.
HODPON COrXCIL. No. 1. R. ft 8. M
8tated assembly first Monduy in eaeti
month. Masonic Temple. N. V. Itnsinua
nen. Thrice Illustrious Master; Glenn C
, viles, recorder.
SALEM COUNCIL NO. 2(122 Knights and
Ladles of Security Meets every 2nd and
4th Wednesday earh month at Hurst
Hall. Visiting members are Invited tr
attend. E. I". Waltvn, financier, 4 SO
14th Street.
PACIFIC I.OnOR Xo. 50. A. F. ft A. M
Ktnted communications third Friday
In each month at 1 :!w p. m. In th
Masonic Temple. Hal V. I U.I am, V. al. ;
i:rnet II. Choate. secretory.
in the state to an eastern shoot. The
ten best of the Salem association will
go to Clackamas in the spring and
tryout there for' places on this team.
The national shoot will probably be
held at Camp Perry.
At the meeting Monday night K. R
Moore, of tho Portland Rnilwuy. Light
&- Power company, who has had ex
perience In the Spanish American AVar.
was elected First Litutonant, Lester H.
Davis, also a Spanish American War
veteran, was chosen second lieutenant.
II. II. Lucas, formerly a first sergeant
in M company, -was appointed first
eergonnt; A. A. Froltind, first duty
sergeant, and C. 4. Rausch, sergeant.
The following corporals were named:
Miller llayden, Chester Fraser, M. (I.
Estes, P. R. Jones, J. D. Hartwell.
They will bo examined later.
Besources and deposits of the Oregon
bairns and irust companies broke all
records for increases between June ,W
and September 12, says State Bank Su
perintendent bargcaut
Resources Increased $11,00r.'i 11.20 i
and deposits including the amount due ;
to banks and bankers increased
Children Cry
000,000 in new wealth added in 1915.
Enormous crops and low taxation
make farmers rich. Wheat average,
:0.10 bushels per aero in Alberta,
28.75 bushcls'per ncre in Saskatche
wan, 2S.50 bushels por acre in Mani
toba. Taxes average $24 and will not
exceed 13 per quarter section, in
cludes all taxes; no taxes on improve
ments. Free schools and full religious
liberty, good climate. Get your farm
' homo from the Canadian Pacific Rail
way. 20 years to pay. Good land
from $11 to $30 per ncre; irrigated
lands from $35, and the government
guarantees your land and water
titles. Balance, after first payment,
extended over IK years, with interest
at 0 per cent; privileges of paying in
full any time. Before final payment
become due your farm should
have paid for itself. We will lend
yon up to $2,000 in improvements in
certain districts, with no security oth
er than the land itself. Particulars
on request. Ready-made farms for
sale. Special -easy terms. Ij1"- .
livestock. In defined districts, aftoi
one year's occupation, tinder certain
conditions, we advance cattle, sheep
and hogs to farmers up to a value of
$1,000. "We want you; we can afford
to help you. We on-u the land ; we want
the land'cultivated. Our interests are
mutual. Buv direct and get your farm
home from the CANADIAN PA
CIFIC RAILWAY. Send for free
book. J. S. Dennis, Assistnnt to the
President, Canndinu Pacific Railway,
77 Ninth avenue, Calgary, Alberta,
- Canada.
gon Cedar Caaip, No. r,240. meets every
Thursday evening at 8 .o'clock In Me
Cornaek hall, corner Court and Llherts
streets. Elevator service. Geo. Kelnohl
V. C: J. A. Wright. Clerk.
DRS. B. It. WHITE and R. W. WAL
TON Osteopathic physicians and
nerve specialists. Graduate of Amer
lean school of Osteopathy, Kirksville.
Mo. Post graduate and specialized in
nerve diseases at Los Angeles college
Treat acute and chronic diseases
Consultation free. Ladv attendant
Office 005-nOO U. S. National Bank
Building. Phone 8)9. Residence 346
North Capital street. Phone 4(39.
proprietor. Garbage and refuse of all
kinds removed on monthly contracts
at reasonable rates. Yard and cess
pools cleaned. Office phone Main
S247. Residence Main 2i!72.
WEBB & CLOfGH CO. C. B. Webb
A. M. Clongh morticians nnd funeral
directors. Latest modern )uethods
known to the profession employed
499 Court St. Mnin 120, Main 9S83,
R I ( l DON III C 1 1 A Rl'SO N ( 'O I'unenil
directors and undertakers, 2."2 North
High street. Day and night phone
Depot National and American fence
:0 years experience.
Pi7.es 20 to fS in. high.
Paints, oil and varnish, etc.
Loiranberrv and hoii hooks.
Salem Fence and Stove Works, 2-10
Court St. Phone 12.
corner Commercial and Trade streett
For water service apply at office.
Bill payable monthly in advance,
drSP-Sf C.-l'T WOOD SAW We live
nd rnv taxes in taliai. Let Salem
tieonle saw vour wood. Phone 209
1198 N. 21st. F. L. Keister, Wnv
Yick So Tong
medicine which will eure
Any known Disease
Open Sundays from 10:00 a. m.
xtLtil 8:00 p. m.
153 Bouth High Street
mmjim, Oregon. mono ZZZ
Carranza Officials Say State
ment Is False A Clash
with Bandits
Mexico City, Oct". 4. Reports publish-
ed in American newspapers iliat General
(.nrranza has demanded the immediate
withdrawal of American troops frOm
Mexico were declared "absolutely
false" by .high officials here today.
They also denied that General Carranza
had threatened to recall the Mexican
commissioners at Atlantic City unless
the troops are w ithdraw n at once.
Colonel .Tumi Bnrrnpnn. chief nf staff
to General Cnrrnnzn. will nccnmiin.iv
Ambassador Arredondo back to Wash-
ington on a 30 day leave of absence, it
was officially announced today. It is
generally believed that Barragan is
making more than a vacation trip and
that he will confer with United States
military officers over an arrangement
for a military patrol of the border.
Clash With Bandits. '
Kl Paso, Texas, Oct. 4. The arrival
early today in Juarez of two wounded
officers from the Casas (irandes gar
rison lent color to the reports that the
Carranzista garrison at the latter town
nnd a -small body of Villista bandits had
clashed near there. Casus (rrandes is lo
cated on the communication lines of
Pershing's expedition.
Many residents of Juarez stayed on
the American side of the border last
night, fearing an attuck on the town.
Current rumors had set the date for an
attack by Villistas as October 4.
The last report to the military auth
orities at Juarez pluced the bandit lead
ed in the Guerrero district west of Chi
hualiua City, where Villa is reported-encamped
and recruiting his forces. Al-
inougn mnuniiua city is swarming
with Carranzista reinforcements, tho
pursuit of the bandits is being delayed
Premier Okuma Owing to Op
position In Upper House,
Washington, Oct. 4. Persistent on
position ot the dapunese upper, non-
clecthie house of parliament to the
policies of Premier Okuma, is responsi-.
Die tor his resignation, news of which
was cabled from Tokjvo today. This is
the belief of the embassy here.
Okuma 's party controlled the nis-
jorily of the loner house, but a coali
tion of other parties in the tinner
house Svns formed against him. It was
said Okuma has for some weeks felt
unable tu continue the government and
face-tho upper house when it convenes
n December.
It is understood the premier has
been contemplating resigning for some
months and has been waiting for a
time when he thought he could arrange
a successor from nis own party. Vis
count Kuto, former minister of foreign
affairs under Okuma nnd now leader
of the letter's party in the lower house,
is said to be tho candidate o that body
and of Okuma for the premiership.
Okuma 's opponents in the upper house
are advocating the nppointment of
Count Mnrshul Teruuchi, now governor
of Korea.
Terauchi, with the title of Marshal,
has the highest rank in the Japanese
army. Marquis Okuma is 79 years old
and has been premier for two and a
half years. It is considered likely that
his advanced years have something to
do with his desire to retire.
Don't Wait "till It's Too Late Fol-
' low the Example of a Salem
Rescue the aching back.
If it keeps aching, troublo may come.
Often it indicates kidney weakness.
If you neglect tho kidney's worn
Look out for urinary disorders.
This Salem citizen will show you
how to go to tiie rescue.
Mrs. O. II. Deacon, I4SIS .Mission St.,
Salem, Says: "It has been a long
time since I have taken Doan's Kidney
Pills, but speaking from past experi
ence, I can say that they are a medi
cine of merit. I had a. dull pain aeross
my kidneys and at times it was very
severe. After. I had take'ii Doan's Kid
ney Tills a few days, that disagree
able ache disappeared. My back and
kidneys have caused me but very lit
tle trouble since."
Price 50c at all ' dealers. Don 't
simply ask for a kidney remedy got
Doan 's Kidney Pills the snme that
Mrs. Deacon had. Foster-Milbtirn Co.,
Props., Buffalo, N.Y.
Grange Wants Line
For Industrial Uses
A meeting is called for Saturday,
Oct. 7 at HI o'clock 4. tu. to be held
at the court house in t'orvallis, Ore.,
for the purpose of considering ways and
means of getting cheap lime for agri
cultural lauds in Oregon.
All phase of the question will be
discussed, including the need and val
ue of lime on land, how access to lime
stone deposit i may be acquired, em
plnymcnt of convict lulwr in preiiarn
tiou of lime stone, and the selection of
a committee to draft a bill to be in
troiluced at the legislature.
'ranges, furmers' unions, taxpayers'
leagues, and others who are iuti-rested
are invited to be present or send rep
resentatives. Kxecntivie committee, Oregon stale
grange, C. K. Spence, chairman.
The following prices for fruits
and vegetables are those asked by
the wholesaler of the retailer, atd
not vthat is paid -to the producer.
All other p.-iccs are those paid the
Sroducer. - Correctlcns axe made
No changes are reported in the mar
kets of the city today although the
demand for the various products is
steady and good. Quantities ot sweet
potatoes are appearing in thi
sale houses and will soon be
markets in quantities.
on the
, Orraxna.
Wheat .r.
Oats, new .'.
Rolled barley
Shorts, per ton
Hay, clover ..;
Hay, cheat
Hay, vetch
Hay, timothy,
,. $LOO1.0S
. $38.50
... $25.00
. $15$16
Butterfat 32c
Creamery butter, per pound 35c
Country' butter - 2527c
Eggs and Poultry.
Eggs, case count, cash 32c
"Kgga, trade 34c
Hens, pound H'nWlAY-e
Boosters, old, per pound 8
Broilers, under 2 pounds . 14
Broilers, lb, or less 16c
Turkeys 20(21c
Pork, Veal and Mutton.
Tomatoes, Oregon 40c
Pork, dressed 1112 l-2c
Pork, on foot 8 l-29c
fcprlng lambs, M16 77 l-4e
Steers 56
Cows 3 l-24c
Bull 33 1-4
Ewes 44 l-2c
Wethers S 1-2
Tomatoes, Oregon
String garlic
Potatoes, swcot
Green onions
Green peppers
Carrots, dozen
Peaches, Oregon ,
Grapes i
Apples i...
Oranges, Valencies
Lemons, per box
Cantaloupes, per box . . ,
Bananaa, pound
California, grape fruit
. . . 50c$LOO
. . $ll.50(a 7.00
.. $1.25ai.75
Florida grape fruit
Huckleberries 8c
Retail Prices.
Eggs, per doien, fresh mndi . . . ; .-i 40e
Sugar, cane $7.90
Sugar, beet $7.70
Creamery butter 40c
Hour, hard wheat $1.702.05
Flour, valley $1.45(al.65
Portland, Ore., Oct. 4. Wheat:
Club, $1.31. .
Bluesteni, $1.38 12. '
Fortyfold, $1.34.
Red Russian, $1.2S.
Oats: No. 1 white feed, $27.25.
Barley: Feed, $33.50.
Hogs: Best live, 0.75ff 9.85.
Prime steers, $7(f; 7.10.
Fancy cows, $5.75.
Calves, $7.50.
Spring lambs, $8.75.
Butter: City creamery, 35c.
F.ggs: Selected local ex., 40c.
Hens, 15c.
Broilers, 1ll(j717e.
Geese, 11 (fi 11 l-2c.
Business Increasing
and Outlook Is Bright
Kncournging reports from the mer
chants nnd business men of the city
show that there is increased activity
along practically till lines and that the
prospect for a good winter trade is
better than earlier prospects indicated.
Lven though the national election is
approaching and piditical fortunes are
in tho balance, business, according to
Salem merchants,, is taking a brighter
aspect. People, they state, are recover
ing from their Tianirky feelings of the
past two years and arc ncginmng to
loosen tin anil be a great -deal freer
with -their coin. This is evidenced by
the larger number of purchases i
praeticallv cvVrv line of drv good
clothing, and furniture-
.According to- a statement nt r.. T.
Barnes, business" is " decidedly better
this winter thah- last and hrt finds his
goods moving with gratifyius rapidity
He feels' that thrs is the find of the
waves of tlie returning ride-, or pros
perity that will soon sweep tlie North
west." In' his estimation, the new ac
tivity has a permanent look.
w" W. Moore, of the Moor.v Furni
ture comMtny, carries .an .optimistic
smile on his face and declares the up
ward trt;nd (if. bu'y'iiess-'JtowanWa .suc
cessful and prospermia year has ul-
ready begun to be felt in the city. He-j
says that- he is contiuent - tlie winier
will be remarkable for its return to
good and firm trade conditions. He
looks with satisfaction on a large in- j
crease in September s ousiness for this
year over the like peri-d Inst year. and
anticipates a general increase until the
first of the year.
Quite a larue number if new people
are arriving in Snlein choosing homes,
and bringing their household ' giuds
with them, according to the innnager
of the -Mlem Truck nnil Cray company.
This transfer eoinpanv is foel.i.g tl:?
touch of pro:iierity and is wd''iig ils
equipment to rapacity to accommodate
those who are wanting work done.
Their business they state has increased
three times over what it was at this
timo last vear and accordingly they
are more than pleased. With
Charley Bayes, -who hag been with
Company M on the Mexican border all
summer, has enlisted in the service of
the United States and will leavo for
Portland tomorrow morning, where he
will be assigned to either the navy or
the army. He expresses a preference
for the navy, and will enter that
branch of the service if possible. Six
other Salem boys have also entered the
government service, and are now await
ing examination. They are Clarence
liuyes, Crosbl; JRoyer, ' Milton (Pete)
Cox. Lin Flannagnn, Jo Carver and
Leonard Meyers.
.0. II. James, of Chicago, formerly
with Obis, Wortinau and King of Port
land but-now traveling for an under
taking house, is in Kalcm today. He
arrived this morning from the south
and reports snow in and about Medford.
He" says it was so cold it required two
blankets in the sleepers. He expects
to return to Portland sometime in the
future and make his home there as he
likes the Willamette valley well.
- Local republicans are in a condition
of enthusiasm over the announcement
received last night that Charles War
ren Fairbanks, candidate for vice pres
ident on the republican ticket, will ad
dress a meeting in Salem next Friday.
The vice presidential party is expect
ed to arrive in Salem over the Oregon
Klectric ,nt 1:50 Friday afternoon, and
will bo at once escorted to the Marion
hotel, where the republican war horses
of the community, with their lud'es,
will lunch with him at a cost of one
dollar per head. Mr. Fairbanks will
speak at the armory at 2:H0. He leaves
at 4:00. A gathering of the republican
county central committee is being held
this afternoon for the purpose of dis
cussing plans for the meeting, which
will be participated in by -both branch
es of the Hughes alliance of this city.
Thursday night is the limit for re
ceiving the last half of the 11)15 tax
assessments at the office of the coun
ty sheriff, and the usual rush is in
progress there. So fust has the tax
money been coming in that the clerical
force" in the tax department is now
about four days behind, and those who
have' failed to receive iirKnowledgement
of remittances by mail may attribute
tho delay to this fact. Taxes amounting
to $8200 were taken in yesterday, and
the flood of cash continues today and
will likely be atill continuing tomor
row. Rev. W. R. Jeffrey, Jr., who has been
pastor of the Methodist church at Rose
burg for the past two years, after be
ing appointed to the pastorate of the
Hose Ci tv 1'ark cliiircti in j-ortiami,
transferred to Sheldon, Illinois, which
is a nuiuireci nines souio oi i.imi-uku-
11c will leave for his new .eliarge as
soon us possible. His children, W. il.
Jeff rev. eninlovcd nt Barnes' ensh
store, and Dorothy Jeffrey and Merwin
Jeff rev, who are students at tlie uni
versity of Washington, will not go
east. . .
Wedding Follows Close
On First Wife's Death
Harden Citv. Kan.. Oct. 4. Fred H.
(liliuer and his second wife, Delia Oil
mer, are today held for investigation in
connection with the sudden death of bis
first wife, Mrs. Hanna S. Oilmer.
Four davs after the first wife's burial
the second wedding took place and was
celebrated with a dance, according to
good times are not coming but already
here, and in order to reap full benefits
they feel they will be compelled to en
largc their equipment, and purchase
auto tmesis.
These reports of business conditions
can be duplicated and indicate that
things are not ns had as calamity
howlers try to make out.
The "Come-back" man was really
never down-and-out. His weakened
condition because of over-work, lack
of exercise, improper eating and living
demands stimulation to satisty tne cry
for a health-giving appetite and the rc
fresliinff sleen essential to strength.
GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules,
the National Remedy of Holland, will
An th. work. Thev are wonderful !
Three of these capsules each day will
put a man on his feet beforo ho knows
it; whether his trouble conies from uric
acid poisoning, the kidneys, gravel or
tonn in the bladder, stomach derange
ment or other ailments that befall the
over-zealous American. Don't wait un
til you are entirely down-and-out, but
i tiipm tndnv. Your driicuist will
gladlv refund vour money if they do
not help von. 3")C, 00c and 1.00 per
l,.,v. Accent no substitutes., uou
for the name COLD MKDAL on every
box. Thev are the pure, originul, im
ported Haarlem Oil Capsules.
Hottest Days As
Shown by Records
Tir-.,. the oust fourteen vears Sa-
10111 has experienced cpiitT- a number of
exceptionally bot days, iiays mm
be likened to those prevalent in the Im
perial Vullev, California. Yet if Ore
gon 'h exceptionally warm days were
sent down to Calexico, wlicre Battery A
and Troop A of the urc2on nation,
.r.l. lointed. it Is probable they
would seem balmy ami cool. Take It
.i..... l..c, tho border line where the
.,,..... are the a vera if for the thor
mouieter is somewhere between I IS and
!.-, deirrees with an occasional jump
mi to LIU degrees, while in the past
fourteen years the thermometer, accord
I,,,, to tlie reuistrv book at the O. C
oinpany's dork, here has only gone
nil to 102 degrees.
ic following are the
hot davs as
Lm.t on reroril:
l..l.. id Hint S7: .Inlv 20. lilOt. IMi;
Ju'lv '8, li-.. '100; July" 12, 190H, 10
Wedding Invitations, Announcements
and Cal'ing Cards Friniea at tae jour-
nal Job Department.
a Classified Business
Telephone Directory
A Quick, handy reference for busy people
Salem Electrit Co., Masonis Temple,
T. V. Ban, 164 South Commercial afreet 1UU 1U
Salem Truck it Dray Go- corner State ana front street If aim T4
MetMtiMMtettee t
IB Oregon Kxpress . . . . . .5 :.V, a.-m.
'.'4 Coos bay 3 :52 p. m-
28 Willamette Limited . . . 9 :2a . m.
12 Hhasta Limited llibfia-m.
18 l'ortlund 1'aHHpngcr ...1 :110p.m.
14 l'ortlund Kxpress ....7:50 p.m.
No. 222 Portland last Freight 10:30 p. m.
No. 220 Local way Freight. . ..10:33 a. m.
No. l.r,I. California Kxpress ...11:05a.m.
No. 1 7 Ashland 1'assengor. ... 3 :32 a. tu.
So. 23 Coos Bay 10:01a.m.
No. 19 Cottaire Grove Pass. ..4:10p.m.
Makes connection with . 74 ueer
No. 11 Hhasta Limited 5:43 p.m.
No. 27 "-Willamette Limited ...0:20p.m.
No. 13 Saiv Ftancisco Express 10 :0o p. m.
No. 221 San Francisco Fast
Freliiht ..- 12:01 a.m.
No. 225 Local way Freight. .. .11 :40 a. m.
gAusu-GEaa Lisa.
No. T3 Arrives at 8alem 9:15 a.m.
No. 70 Leaves Salem.., 9:50a.m.
No. 75 Ar. Hulein (mixed) ....2:00 p.m.
No. 74 Leave Kaiem o :uo p. m.
No connection south ot Geer.
SiT.ESt, Falls Citt and Wkstebn
No. 101 Lt. fifllrm, motor T:Oa. m.
No. 103 Lt. Salem, motor 0:45 . m.
No. 100 Lt. Salem tut Monmouth
and Alrlle
. 1 :40 p. m.
Na 107 Lt. Salem, motor ...
No. 1110 Lt. Salem, motor ...
No. 231) Way Fr't It. Salem..
No. 102 Ar. Salem
Na 101 Ar. Salem
No. 100 Ar. Salem
No. 108 Ar. Salem
No. 170 Ar. Salem
No. 240 Way Fr't ar. Salem..
.4 :0O p. m.
.0:15 p. m.
, . 5 :00 a. m.
8 :40 a. m.
.11:10 a. m.
8:15 p. m.
, 0 :O0 p. m.
, 7 :40 p. m.
1 ;35 p. m.
Oregon City Traiutpvftatton Compani.
The rutiamona leaves Salem for' Fort
land at 6 o'clock on mornings of Mon
day, Wednesday and Friday. No boat south
of HoJcm. llout leavs Portland Tuesday,
Thursday and Satu'.day mornings until
fiirtW .uovi-jM. '
Confessed Wife Murderer
Given Life Sentence
Grand Knpids, Mich.,' Oct. 4. John
Williams, alias James Alertou, who con
fessed to having murdered his wife, Mrs.
Aiin St.' John, of MayYieldy N. Y was
sentenced to life imprisonment ut Jack
son this afternoon.
Police continued today their investi
gation of Alcrton's connection with wo
men in various parts of tho. country
with whom ho was in correspondence.
Among others, police learned Alerton
had received letters from women- in
Washington, California, Texas and
Maine. A note book in which Alerton
had jotted down a' synopsis of tho in
formation he had obtained from each of
the women with whom he was in corres
pondence was confiscated by the po
lice. Julv DO, 11107, 10L'; Julv HO, 1008, til;
August 2, 1WI0, 91 j duly 10, J010, "i;
Julv 10, 11HI, .-; July 10, 1912, 99;
Julv 18, WIS. 94; Julv IS, 1914, 9(1;
July 1, 1015, 94. and August 24, lOlti,
According to the above, it will be
seen that in fourteen years August, or
dinarily considered to be a hot month,
has bad the highest temperature only
twice, which leaves July bearing the
banner us the hot month.
"Path of Gold" Will
Be Opened Tonight
San Francisco, Oct. 4. San Francis
co's "path of gold" will bo formally
opened tonight with a pageant that
will rival in color tho gayest days of
tlio l'aiitinin l'acifie exposition.
New anil brilliant liRhls. recently set
tip on Market street to mark the "path
of gold" will turned on for the first
time, while the whole city celebrates.
It is expected that more than 100,000
San Franciscons Will pa''k tho down
town streets while the official parade
is passing through the lighted thor
onghfnrc. '
Snow Storm Rages in
Hills West of Lugene
Ore.. Oct. 4. One of the
earliest snow storms in the history of
western Oregon occurred m the moun
tains west of l-.ugene -Monday, neenrd
iiiLf to tinseni:ers who arrived on the
Coos Buy train in the afternoon, who
reported' thut the ground was white
with newly fallen snow ut Flugg station
24 miles west of Kugene, near tue west
end pf the Noli tunnel. - The snow did
not lie on the ground to any depth, and
soon disappeared, according to later ad
vices .from that region,
jThis streak of snow was about a
quarter of n mile wide. JUst west oi ;
that point the train ran into a very:
hard ruin storm, say the passengers,!
but a quarter of a mile further west,
there was no ruin and tho wagon
roads were dusty.
The elevation of Flngg station Is no
great, although in the midst of the
Coast mountnins. It is less than 200 feet
higher thnn Kugene. The weather in'
Kugene was cold all afternoon and storm I
clouds could be seen in the west. ' j
- Trv the Journal Classified Ads. (
Children Cry
Mala 1KM
127 North High
Lt. Salem Train No. Ar. PtrtUnfl
4 :S5 a. m 2 Owl 8 :65 a. as.
7:15. m 8 9 :2S a. M,
0 :4." a. m 10 Limited . . . . 11 :35 a. av
11:20 a. m 12 11:35 p.m.
1 :60 p. m 14 4 ;00 p. m,
4:OOp.m 10 Limited ... 5 :IW p. m.
6 :80 p. ro 20 7 :40 p. m.
7:05 p.m. 23 It) ;0Op..
south bound
Portland to Balbii
Lt. Portland
6 :30 a. m. Salem 8 :3S Eugene 10 :B6 a. m.
8 :30 a m.
S Limited
.12:55 p.m.
. 4:115 p.m.
. 0:40 p.m.
. 8:10 p. m.
.11:20 p.m.
. 1:55 p.m.
Ar. Balem
. B :30 p. m.
Ar. Balem
. 9 :4B a. av
t 4 . 00 p. m.
. 7 :5B p. m.
. 4:30 a.m.
10:45 a. m. .
2:05 p.m. .
4 At) p. m. .
6 :05 p. m. .
9 :20 p. m. .
11 :40 p. m, .
Lt. Corvallts
4 :10 p. m. .
Lt. Eugene.
7:35 a.m. .
1 :C5 p. m. .
5 :25 p. m. .
12:05 p.m. .
. 13 Limited .
...17 Local .
19 ....
... 21 Owl ..
. 10 Limited
. 16 Limited
.... 22 ....
.. 2 Owl
Lt. Salem. Ar. Engen
1:55 a. m 21 Owl 6:50 a.m.
10:10a. m 0 Limited ....12:26pm.
Lt. Salem Ar. Albany
12:05 p. m 7 1 :50p- a.
Stops at Corrallla
LT. Salem. ' - Ar, Albany
4 :13 p. m , t 6:10 p. m,
Ar. Albany
. . 7 :85 a. m.
Lt. Salem. Ar. Engn
6:45 p. m .ID 8:60p.m.
Lt. Corvsllls.
AC. Salem
... 9:45a.m.
... 1:45 p.m.
. . . 4 :00 p. m.
. . . 6 :30 p. m.
... 7:56p.m..
Ar. CarrallU
...11.33 a.m.
... 2 :20 p. m.
... 8:O0p. m.
8 :2fi a. m.
10 ....
14 ....
16 ..t.
20 ....
. 22 ....
9 .....
...... 7
12:12 p. m. ,
2:41 p. m.
4 :10 p. m.
0:18 p. m.
Lt. Salem.
10:15 a. m.
4 115 p. m.
12 :55 p. m.
6 :40 p. m.
To Blast Mile of Ditch in
Parkerville District
Work on tho construction of 6,2811
feet of ditch on the Pudding river ia
the l'nrkcrville district will begin Fri
day. The contract was awarded to I.oe
Achlnsou, who will do the digging by
use of blustiug powder, Dupont CO per
cent. This method bf digging ditches i '
becoming more popular as its effect
iveness becomes known, Watt Shipp
said this afternoon that this way 1b re.,
ceiving more attention from experts ist
construction and that the Dupont. plant
in Washington where this powder U
manufactured is becoming one of tho
grentest powder manufacturing spots an
the United States. He was in com
munication with Mr. Ibipont this morn
ing and was informed that the com
pany is sending 32,000 kegs of black
blasting powder .and 300,000 pounds of
dynamite to Alaska within the next five
Board Changes Contract
with Jason Moore
The cnntraef which Oie -date lamA
board has with Jason Moore of . New
York, covering the lease of Summer and
Abert lakes, in Lnkc county, wera
changed by the board yesterday after
noon so that Mr. Monro, or those 1
whom he assigns the contract, will pay
the state only $2,1,000, with whatever
royalties may be due In January, WH,
instead of $.10,000. The terms' of the.
original contract were somewhat am
biguous. It did not express dourly
whether tho state was to receive $2",,
000 nt the end of two years after de
velopment operations were started, or
$2.1,000 for each of the two years. Mr.
Moore, who appeared before the bourd
yesterday, said tliat he had always as
sumed tinit he was to pay the start
only $2,1,ot)0 ut the end of two years,
and this being in accord with the con
struction put upon the contract by At
torney (.ienernl Ilrown the board in
structed that the new contract ba
drawn up on these terms.
Children Cry
Why Have Your Capital tied
Up in an Empty House?
Ad at One Cent a Word will
Get You a Renter.
I , , .. .... ,. a