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Willamette Valley News
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Sublimity Items
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Sublimity, Ore., Sept. 30. Mm. Jos
eph Schrewe and (laughter, Philnmene,
returned from u trip to Portland Saturday.
Beck addressed the hcair and after ex
pressing his appreciation for the hid
submitted, moved that it be rejected as
it was beyond the reach of the property
owners. The motion prevailed.
Mrs. Sarah H inkle entertained the
Merry Twelve Five Hundred club of
Portland. Inst Saturday at the home of
Henry Susbauer of Portland visited i her brother. F. W. Frv. The ladies nr-
home folks and attended the wedding' rived on the 10:30 a. m. train. Dinner
of his brother,
" Win. Mosher of Portland is visiting
at the Joseph Schrewe home.
'Mr. and Mrs. (ilea Smith of Jeffer
son and Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland of
Sttlem attended the Hnshauer-Kints
Miss Marie Odenthul of Portland af
ter taking in the state fair, spent sev
eral days here visiting home folks.
The Schmitt wood saw is busy sawing
wood around town these days.
Among those who visited the state
fair at Salem this week were: Kev.
Father l.ainek, Arnold Van Handel and
wife, Miss Kose and John Susbauer,
Mrs. Theo Kipp, Joseph Hipp, John
Hi nberger, M. J. Dittcr, Frank Wolf,
wife and three children and Al Hass
ler and wife.
Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock, Mr.
Adam Susbauer and Miss Kosa Kintz
wme united in wedlock at St. Boniface
church, Rev. Father l.ainek performing
the ceremony. The bridesmaids were
Miss Kose Susbauer and Miss Angcliue
Kiutz, while the groom was attended
by Joseph Susbauer, Jr., and Daniel
Klutz. After the wedding ceremony a
bounteous dinner was served at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Kint., to which justice was
done by the many relatives and friends
ot the young couple, who had gnthor
ed tor the occasion. In the evening
and Mrs. Susbauer gave
dance at the ('. r. hall which was great-1 census
ly enjoyed. The newly weds will inuke
their home on tho Joseph Susbauer
farm northeast of Sublimity and they
are accompanied by the best wishes of
their many friends on their life's journey.
was served at 12 after which the game
of five hundred was played. Those
present: Mesdanies Newell, . Hood,
Pritchard, Green, McBride, Kami, Stipe, I
vteimiicK, Aliss ureen, .miss lunger;
Mrs. Fry and Mrs. Ncholl, of Hubbard.
Prizes were won by Mrs. Kami and Mrs.
Hood. I.unch was served before the la
dies returned to their homes ou the
5:55 train having spent a very pleasant
clay in Hubburd. F.nterprise.
University Notes
The big university pipe organ was
formally played for the first time in
Waller chapel this morning when Dr.
Frank Wilbur Chace played the big
manual trocker to the great inspira
tional delight of the assembled student
body and faculty members. It is plan
ned to dedicate the organ with an ap
propriate program at an early date.
According to a custom established in
11113 by the present senior class of Wil
lamette university, the pea green post
age stump caps appeared on the manly
domes of some 50 odd freshmen this
morning to furnish a pleasing contrast
with the seer autumnal hues of early
fall. All male members of Willamette's
19'JO class are required to wear the lur-
Sunday Feature Not a Suc-
cess Only About 1500
Passing the Gates
The experiment of continuing the
state fair on. Sunday did not prove n j
The Oregon conference preachers are
pleased with their new bishop. Matthew
Simpson Hughes.
tsouna rasxore May Come Here
It is reiorted -about the conference
corridors that Kev. (ieorge F. Hopkins
will be transferred to Kayinond, Wash.
Kev. H. W. llunnnell will jjo to the
Helliniiham. Wash., district. nu,1 Rev.
guttering success. linrely i.itiu passed j w. c. Stewart is predicted for Bend,
through tho gates yesterday, and this 'in the Columbia Uiver conference, la
in the face of the ttict that no admis-1 his place Rev. Mr. Kocgy will be ad
sion was eh urged after 3 o'clock. mitted to this conference from the Co
This failure of the Sunday experi-1 lumbin River conference and it is also
ment is attributed to several causes. I said Kev. K. (1. Decker of the Pmet
Saturday's Session Was Last
Bnsiness Day of Conference
Lebanon, Or., Sept. 30. The last bus-1 the auspices of the Home Missionary
mess day of the Oregon Methodist con- society, at First and druthers streets,!
ference opened this morning with a ! Portland.
love feast, "j The report further says that there!
This was the busy day of the confer- have been organized during the last six'
once. The cabinet of superiiidendenlsjyeai-s five new charges on the district;!
was still closeted with tho bishop six new buildings have been dedicated
milking final arrangements tor the ap-jat a cost of 13u,l00, two news parson-1
pointineiits to be announced Monday , ages erected worth .w00: the Portland
II ..
principal among which was the failure
to appear of the Portland people, at
whose request the show was continued.
At two o'clock this afternoon tho
fair grounds were practically deserted.
The tented city outside the gates is
gone, with the exception of a few ten is,
and these are going fast.
Few of the officers ore to be seen.
The strain over, they arc taking a
much needed rest preparatory to mak
ing up the final reports and giving at
tention to the tag ends of what has
been the greatest lair in the history of
the state.
Attendance 82,000.
The attendance for the seven davs
veiling Mr. I id sky piece for a period of npproxi- ''"''"'If 'ns u,JSn' according to estimates
a wedding! mntelv seven months as it is "the con- "f. A-, H- - secretary ot the state
was great- census of opinion that this is wise and; f,"r ,,m,rJ WMa 82-0t,u I'"'. '!
desirable action in that it is a good 1 110 money iuici in rrom tin sources
means of advertising the university in "8 approximately 50,000, or $10,000
the citv of Salem, in that it tends tolm.'re 'an "as taken in during the 11)13
create 'a proper respect for tipperclnss-l 'r. whl1'11 held the record hitherto, nnd
men, and in creating a spirit of unityi 2'.,",J0 ","1rB ,lia" .yr- e "
and lovnltv among the freshmen them-l tendance this year was double that ot
selves " " "" i"le previous state fair.
The rules for the wearing of the! Admissions About $35,000. .
caps provide that the evergreen class T'" books ot the state fair had not
must coniform to the rules established'1" balanced last night, but Secretary
class of 1017 which are that: '-ea saiu no estimate,! inar paid a,t-
1. All freshmen bovs shall don green ; " "r mi- m nuuio mini n..u,-
caps not later than the third Mondavi I ne graiiiistami receipts, lie said,
after the opening of the uuiveisity '' '" 4,000, concessions $5,000,
v(,lir and receipts from race and exhibit en-
' 2." (ireen caps shall be worn exclns-l"0 a,lJ . miscellaneous sources npproxi
ivelv riv all freshmen bovs, except onj"",,'1' ''-otHJ-
Sundavs and vacations, from the third Jvstimiitcs ot the attendance for each
Monday of the school vear to the be- v ot the fair are ns follows: Mon
ginning of Thanksgiving recess, and I ''".v, 2,000; luesduy, 2,000; Wednesday,
from Washington's birthday until May P'.'IOO; Thursday, 20.000; Friday, 12,
the first, during the day from suurisoj,"m: Saturday, 5,000; Sunday, 2,000. To
to seven p. in., and to all student rallies! tnl. S2.000
mid athletic affairs. I , V"l"esduy, hnlem day, and Thurs-
3. The freshmen shall discard their' 'ln.V. Portland day, were the big days
.... . . ! ,,f llin ftii On U'niliinulaiT Iia n;,,tu
green enps puoliclv nt tne .May nay ' .......
Festival, making it the subject of
original stunt.
-Mrs. J. M. Robertson and daughter.
Miss Florestine, of Portland, spent the by the class of 1017 which are that:
weeK-end tne guests or the juctey
Kev. and Mrs. F. C. Butler spent last
Friday in Portland and were accom
panied on the return trip by Mrs. But
ler's sister, Mrs. B. S. Durkec, who
spent a few davs with them. .
.Mrs. S. O. Clawson, of Seattle, the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Me Key,
the past few weeks, spent the week in
ortlund with relatives.
Mr. and .Mrs. liutford and Mrs. Rig
don, of St. Johns, visited Mr. and -Jrs.
K. C Painter while eii route to the
fair at Salem Wednesday.
Bishop A. P. Troyer left for Kansas
City, Mo., Wednesday morning and
from there will go to Millford, Neb.,
to attend a conference of the Menno
!n,ite church.
! Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Shafer, of Polk,
4. A permanent committee shall be
established, consisting of the president
of the student body, ami a representa
tive from each of the two upper class-
.Xcb., on their wnv homo from visiting ' es: to whom nil violations of the rules
k daughter at Koseburg, stopped in Hub
1111. 1 1,1,11 (wl n"ii,i:t-n nvit? .71 .,, ni, mm III!
Ihursdnv $l,.i!iO was taken in.
Premiums Total $26,000.
The premium (ist this year was much
larger than ever before, amounting to
20,000. urses offered in the different
races at Lone Oak track brought the
bard Wednesday morning between
trains to visit I.. A. Beckinau, cashier
of the State bank of Hubburd.
Kev. J. Kinmert, of Avn, Mo., or
concerning the wearing of the caps "'' a warns up to ni,tiiu). lneprizes
shall' he reported, and who shall hnvotl vnr were increased-by the uddi
power to grant exemptions to individu- torn of the horse show, which proved
als whose health shall be endangered, I e ot tliu most attractive features of
,. ..-I,,.., ,.r(',.ii,nul ,lnti. shall be 'the entire week. Awards amounting
iiived Friday to spend some time in nnd 1 seriously interfered with bv the wear-1 to 3,000 were made in this event, which
. I . . . .. .1 .. III l.rt w..,,nt.,.l ....II.,
near iniiiburu visiting tlen f.mniert andiing ot said caps, or tor anv oilier rea-; " "i,llllMl ""'
the Andrews and Mishler families. Mr. I sons that the committee see's to be just j So gr,,tt was the success of the fair
Kinmert and Jim Mishler were bovs ' and reasonable. : that members of the board already are
together in Middloburv, lud., 27 years j ' planning for a larger exhibition next
,iy, ' II 1 T year. Kvery member of the board said
Mrs. S. B. Pratt and son, Cudir. A., mrS. Alexander 1 hOITIDSOIl !,!"lll.v f1'" ""'' "wr'b'd the success of
from several miles northeast of Hub- ' n 1 r J r 1 '"' K weather, which
bard, were in town shopping Monday. 10 ODeaK fridaY tYCmnff 1 "","-rt the crowds, and the harmony
The family came to Oregon from No- r 1 , which prevailed among the members of
biuska five years ago, bought 35 acres I - -ir., Alexander Thomnsoii candidate!""' b""r'1 "l0 "hihitnrs. They all
of land and are well satisfied with ! , ff'"t To.lif to Mr. l.ea for his
: ..'fl.i.,. .!. ..I. l.u - .. 1
Sound conference, will come to Ore-'on
Dr. Kdgar Blake of Chicugo who has
maile daily addresses, is the authority
for the statement that tho Methodist
church bus made a greater percentage
ot growth from 101 to llti than dur
Industrial Center, worth $12,000, and a
Deaconess' home, worth $12,000, all
making a total church property added:
during the six years of inoYe than:
I $100,000. This does not include large!
sums expended for repairs and addi-;
tious. j
Salaries Show Big Gains I
In 1010 the salaries paid the pastors!
of the district, exclusive of rents, were:
$27,.S74, and in lllltl they received 35,
122, a net gain in salaries paid of $7,
S4S. There were in 10(10 5530 members!
of the church in the, district, anil 1015
shows a membership of 7001, n guin of
2155, and this year will probably show
a further increase of at least 500 more
which would make a net gain of 21155.
In ItllO there were 5(i!U Huudny school;
scholars in the district, nnd in llllfli
there are II20S, n gain of 3007. !
1 he total disciplinary benevolences j
ing the 12 years from ISOli to 1008. and in linn w,.,e iH7u mid ; mis iin!
that those who say that the world iswero 11,500, and other benevolences
growing w orse and more worldly speak in JillO were $21,035, mid those in 1015
of what they know not. j , 27,332, an increase in all benev
The conference has bad a competent olences of $0400.
hoard of secretaries who have kept the The report further says that "rarely!
work of the session up to date, uud no,in the history of the Northwest country!
delays have been occasioned on their was there such a stagnation, such uttor!
account. loss in trade and commerce, deeper un-j
Church Women Provide Meals rest among wage earners or more mcn
The women of the local churches nut. nf einnlnviiiciit tloin .liuiinr llinl
'ce years. !
Sunday School Expert Tafcs
The afternoon program of the confer
ence was one of tho most interesting
of the session. The session was pre
sided over by Key. A. H. McLean, with
the speaker on
This was followed
wards the erection of a new brick bv tho hist of the mldresseu bv Dr.
church in thut city, was a ronsnicunus Kdirnr Wake of rliicnim on "Sninluv
have come to the relief of the hotels. past thr
by giving dinners for the visitors. The j Su:
Methodists had charge on two days and
the Presbyterians ami Christians each
one day. The preachers have been loud
in praise of the hospitality of I.ebiuion. I
-Miss -Morris ol Springtield, who hus Rev. (1. Tufts
given more than $20,noo this fear to- World Sabhulh.
Imrcli in thut city, was a conspicuous Kdgnr liluke of Chicago on "S
lember of the laymen's session. I School Kvnngelism. "
ihe ministers' wives' association Dr. Blake is at the head of the Sun
held its annual banquet and session in day school extension work of the Moth
Hotel Lebanon today nnd elected offi-odist church in the I'nitcd States uud
cers for the ensiling year. The meeting is accredited with being the best in
was presided over by Mrs. K. C. Rich-J iorined man on Methodism in the Sut.
ards, of Klamath Falls, president. The dav school work
retiring officers are: Mrs.' M. O. Heed The official program gave the 4
of Ashland, vice president; Airs. (1. II. j o'rflock hour us recreation, but Dr.
Bennett of Dallas, secretary, and Mis.! Joseph Smith of Kedhimls, Oil., who
After ninny toasts and responses were is a visitor at the conference, was Hi
made by the women, they closed their, vited to speak and gave one of the big
session by electing the following off i-! addresses of th uference.
cers for next year: Honorary presi- Japanese Missionary Heard
dent, Mrs. M. S. Hughes, wife of Hish-i The first of the evening program wus
op Hughes, u new office created Jiy a in behalf of the board of conferi e
resolntion at this session; president.' cliiimuuts with Dr. W. T. Kerr iiYcsi.t.
Mrs. I). Lester Fields; vice president, iMg mid Key, (Ieorge P, Hopkins as the
Be sure and purchase your
needs in
In fact all kinds of Wearing
Apparel for Men and Boys at
Brick Brothers
The Store that guarantees every purchase.
Corner State and Liberty Streets.
Mrs., I). II. Leech; secretary, Mrs. Dun-
lop; treasurer, Mrs. W, S. (lordon
New Churches Erected
Dr. .T. W. McDougnll, who retires us
I he rest ot the evening was given
over to the board of foreign missions,!
with an address bv Professor II. H.
conference, ave Ins tarewell report to, lege at Sail Jose, Oil. Professor
the conference this week. He says that' Schwartz spent years us u inisionnry to
one of the successful institutions of Japan and he docs not apprehend anv
Methodism which is worthy of liourty1 danger to America from the yol'ow .pcr
support is the Industrial Center, under, il. , '
superintendent ot.the Portland district I Schwartz, of Japan, who is at presen
of the Methodist church of the Oregon n member of the faculty of Pacific Col
Fluted Slates commissioner of media
tion, and conciliation, and Henry- M.
White, Failed States commissioner of
immigration, who also is a mediiitor in
the strike. - "
''The only question which the long
shoremen are now considering is
whether they cull the strike off and
return to work under the wages ami
conditions now in existence, and after
ten working days the question of
wages can be arbitrated by the men
"The question of fifty five cents per
hour straight time nnd H2 1-2 cents per
hour overtime, is not considered."
ot lariu ana are wen satisrieu wiiuif,,. ,,,,.,,;. (,, ,. nml " mi. i.-u mr
their investment and their Oregon home. ' a e o unties is o sne k It ti e fort"' vhirh "" in mo,e
A building is being erected by MissHo"d f "nti'V t0 "I"'" at '"'better exhibits from all parts of
Mary lioudy on the lot east of the tele "VT . e)'C"!!!f " It ! "J ",',ni"" variety
phone office to be occupied by the Hub- " . i t Z ,hl .. V: llt''tll"ls ' I'nw fair visitors,
bard Knterprise. The building is to bloman candidate named for the leg.s Want More Bul,dlngS-
one story, 20 foot trout and 40 foot l,',u,e 1v ;h," emocrats and is on, of, Thp HU(.(lp(l) of ic hors() nm
deep, with concrete foundation and re-l'"!5 mo l'.'''''l and brilliant Hiti-; the neM o( a Kllitable place to hold it
inforced floor to accommodate heavier cl'. "I"'"-? , ,'V J nl,d 0,l,,,,r K",'I'K during the fair
machinery that mnv be installed. Vc!w,u,be NU,y w HI'ould Support Wil-.have caused u general demand for the
appreciate the lova'l support given the!80"- Those who have heard her sa (erection of a coliseum next year.
Knterprise and will continue to be un-l,ie is 0I1C of ,llp mmt I'0,'('ef"1 1,11,1 j More bums also are needed to care
tiring in our efforts to give Hubburd ' convincing spenkers that ever took , for the stock exhibits. There are now
the best -paper possible. I P"rt ill a political campaign in thei:t stock .barns. These nil were filled
The s-pecin! session of the city council j state. Her insight into, and analyzing this year, and additional tents w ere
held Tuesday uiirht attracted consider- of the political situation is the most i erected to house stock which could not
able attention as on this uiuht bids were conclusive answer to that class who , be accommodated in the bums.
to be opened for the nronosed street I think women should not enter into . bo-
piuing for Hubbard. The only bid sub- causo thev do not understand politics,
mitted was made by V. R. Dennis com
pany, of Portland, for .'!l,(l(HI. After
lliis bid was read, Councilnian O. S.
KJerv woman in Salem who believes
ill women taking part in politics should
hear her for the inspiration she will
.... ,sUd;fm!,& . t?m
t "J I
"It's Blille,,
You can't blame the children for disputing
about it.
For it's wholesome, delicious Pan-Dandy Bread, made
with pure, tested milk.
The older members of the family like it just as well.
"ST Pan-Dandy Bread 81 JS
Yet though Pan-Dandy is bread that the
most careful housewife could not better, it costs no more
than ordinary kinds.
Get your grocer to send out a loaf today, and note
the difference for yourself.
Pan-Dandv rerular size 5c. Eir-r)urH?v
xmmm. ' - r j
fSjXf.pt tne economical tamily loat 10c.
Be sure it bears the label.
240 South Commercial Street
Art and Women's Building Wanted.
A building to house the arc depart
ment uud women's exhibits also is de
sired, us well as the repair of some of
the present structures which were built
years ago. The Salem Woman's club
has decided to present the ouestioii of
.' t lie erection of a fireproof building Yor
(the art department to the state federa
tion of women's clubs, which will meet
at Seaside October It to 12. .
It is the desire to have the state!
federation udvociito legislative urn-J
vision for a new structure. Pnder t'upital is piUting up a more -serious
nresent conditions many artists w ill not i attempt than ever to combat the pow er
exhibit at the state lair because of theif tllc lll,,"r organization. The fight to
tire hazard. declare unconstitutional the eight hour
The fair board will meet in the neni iBW which congress passed for Ihe
future to discuss tho needs of the fair i brotherhoods lias alreuily been started
and decide what financial aid from the ' by K- Kiploy, president of the Jttchi
legislature will be necessary if the de-jl,on- Topel.a and Santu Fe railroad. He
sired improvements urc mtule. ! believes the grow ing strength of labor
The J1I15 legislative appropriation " 1,1 eventually demand everything in
for the state fair was if:ts,l:l Tor two, ''' ""'i' 11 ",,,'i"1 revolution will re
years. The appropriation wa-s designed 1 ""'l- 1" ,li9 defiance of the eight hour
to provide $13,000 each year for prizes, '' he says: "Congress, hastily acting
and the remainder was for improve-1 under a Ihreat of four leaders of organ
meats and to make up a deficiency. izntious, enacted a so called eight hour
'",,',"'" law, which is nothing more nor less than
impart, and if there are any who do! an advance of 20 to 25 per cent in the
not so believe they should hear heri wages of the best paid men in the rail
nnd be convinced. There will be way service. Jt is only fair to the pub
music and probably a song or two but j lie and to our employees to suy that
the details of. the program have not j Atchison, Topcku nnd Suiita Fe Kailwny
yet'been completed. IJo not overlook company does not intend to comply with
this for it promises to be a memorable the law until ordered to do so by the
occasion. court of Inst resort." On the other
' i hand William It. Fitzgerald, labor or
EAHROAD SHOP MEN : gauizer who tied up the traction sys
HAVE VOTED TO STRIKE i terns of New Vork tw ice, says capital
I throughout the country is using every
Kansas t'itv, Mo., Oct. 2. More than effort to crush labor organizations. In
N."i per cent of the :i2,0(O union shop- a statement he says: "Mr. Shouts and
men have voted to strike following re-1 Mr. Hedley of ihe Interboroiigh traction
tusal of 22 western railroads to meet
the demands for n five cent ail hour
wage increase and an eight hour day.
This was announced today by Presi
dent Wharton of the railway depart
ment of the American- Federation of
fr Vv YT?
' if' 1 '0'
rA.j Iff. I &
ilk j
Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 2 Fire
$ - men this afternoon j;nve lip
hope of saving the Cuioii stock
! Yards here from a fire that
started shortly luit'ore noon.
It is believed that Hie fire sjc
was sturteil by incendiaries,
who tired several bales of straw
near the loading chutes in the
Jf. hog pens. .More than l.ltMl hogs sje
in cars nearby were hniiled a-
way safely, but several carloads Jje
sc of cattle were turned loose froiii if.
the pens uud ran wild ubout the
Wedding Invitations, Announcement!
snd Cal'ing Cards Printed at the Jour
nal Job Department.
THOMAS At her home three miics;
southwest of Snleni Sn'turdny, s,.pt,
'10, 1111(1, at :i:.l(l p. in., Mrs. R. I
Mrs. Thonins was a mi i .,:
county, Oregon, having 1 I .
Silverlon in ISoS. She v
her husband, K. I). Tlion. r. '
bert, of this community .;.! ,
ter, Mrs. Amanda .Mct'lii . , i ,
eisco, Cal.
She will be buried in I
elerv near Silvert (' ,
day, Oct. -1, lit
Wheat Still Higher On V
News From Argentine
Chicago, Oct. 2. Wheat took mi no
ward turn today on reports of unfa
ornble weather in Argentine, tiond buy
ing was in evidence from the stm'.
Dei-ember up Pa at l.'iit, May up I ;:-1
at l.".'i I1-4. " i
Corn opened easy on byht offerings,
but rallied later. December was up -S
at T.'l 7-H anil May up ', at 7(1'....
Oats hail a fair sale, displaying ti
firm undertone. December up l-.S and
-tsi.., May up I S at ."1 j.
Pro-isious were lower at the open
ing but became steady later. '
Journal Want Ads Get Eesults leu
v nnt lrr one and see.
- . J
Wedding Invitations, Announeementi
tnd CaUing Cards Printed at the Jour
nal Joo Department.
system of New York have acted like 1
overlords to us. They bclil-ve nrro- J
gance and bulldozing will su d where J
other tactics have fuilcd. Tho New
York railways company's men Struck)
because the company has brazenly, op
enly uud defiantly broken an agreement !
which was solemnly made during the1
strike in August. The Intel borough
meii struck because the company is us
ing every means in its power In crush
their organization, to intimidate and :
frighten them." , j
rHILE the prices of raw wools and dyes have
Deen soaring at a ternlic rate going
straight up in the air during the past year
or more our . prices on made-to-order
suits REMAIN THE SAME, and we continue to
give you the same high quality of woolens, . the
same excellence in workmanship, style and fit.
Many people have the impression that made-to-order
clothes cost more than ready-madei THIS
IS A MISTAKE. Our prices are the very essence
of reasonableness. The cost is no more, while the
degree of satisfaction is trebled. Come to us for
your next suit. Our service is dependable. Our
prices what you can afford to pay
$15 and $20
Seattle's Long Strike
In Way of Settlement
tuiu toduy. j
The vote was taken on a propwitiii j
to return to work ntu the present wugc
schedule, and after 10 davs, the quo
Scuttle, Wash., Oct. 2. Only await- tion of wages is to be arbitrated. It is
iiij the final count of a vote taken by said that from 75 to HO per cent of the
striking lougstoremen Sunday,' a set- strikers have accepted this plan,
tli-meiit of the long drawn out strike The following statement was issued
on Seattle's water front seemed cer-'at noon today by William Iliac liinun,
Y it